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As Aly and Oliver grew closer, Maya and Carter debated about Oliver's true intentions. Liam put his love for Hope on the line by telling her to show up for dinner with him, or he'd move on for good. Thorne and Taylor rendezvoused in Paris.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 21, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, April 21, 2014

In Rick's office, Wyatt was still disconcerted about the pregnancy scare, but Quinn said an unplanned pregnancy could be the start of something wonderful. She added that some girls never recovered from it, but she'd been lucky to have money and a passion to make beautiful things. Quinn stated that Wyatt was the most beautiful thing she'd ever made.

Wyatt had been terrified to hear about a pregnancy and then disappointed to hear that it wasn't true. He said it was something he'd had no idea he could want so much, "but now I do."

Quinn asked if he and Hope had been on the same page about what would happen if Hope had been pregnant. Wyatt skeptically replied that he thought so. Quinn asked if he'd proposed to Hope. Wyatt became defensive and said one didn't ask that question without being sure of the answer.

Quinn wanted to do detective work to find out how Hope felt, but Wyatt was adamant that they wouldn't do that. Quinn then revealed that she'd visited Liam's beach house, and she "may have" physically assaulted him. Wyatt asked why in the world his mother would do that.

Just then, Liam entered, saying he'd like the answer to that, too. Quinn said he'd deserved it for kidnapping Hope, and Liam asked if Wyatt was okay with Quinn assaulting Liam on Wyatt's behalf. Wyatt told Quinn that he'd do the assaulting from then on.

Quinn wondered why Liam was there in a place where he had no friends, and Liam asked why she liked breaking into his house. Liam and Quinn bickered with each other until Wyatt decided to give his mother a break by speaking to Liam alone. Quinn reluctantly exited.

Wyatt said that Liam was free to look for Hope, who hadn't taken kindly to being kidnapped. Liam retorted that she'd liked the thought of being tied to Wyatt for life even less. Wyatt claimed that it wasn't what she'd said, but Liam quipped that Wyatt only heard what he wanted to hear.

Liam said that Wyatt thought the stories in his head were true and that Liam was a clown who no one could love. "Well, guess what, Wyatt? Hope does, and you just scared her into remembering that," Liam asserted. Wyatt preferred to believe that Hope was just too nice to Liam, but Liam decided that Wyatt was just scared and whistling in the dark.

Liam insisted that Hope didn't want to lose him, and she'd find what it would take to not lose him. Wyatt called Liam year-old gum that was stuck to Hope's shoe and said she'd given up on trying to scrape him off. Wyatt asked if Liam planned to issue a list of demands to Hope. Liam revealed that he had just one demand -- equal time with Hope.

Wyatt scoffed, asking if Liam thought Wyatt was seriously going to share Hope. Liam asked if Wyatt really thought it was up to him. Liam declared that Wyatt had tried to take as much as he could take, but it had turned out to be too much.

In the Forrester CEO office, Hope sought out her mother to reveal that she'd been a little freaked out earlier. Brooke put away the papers with Katie's signature on them, and Hope stated that she'd thought she'd been pregnant. Hope told her mother that she was sure that it had been a false alarm, and she'd never thought something like that could happen to her.

Brooke said that Hope had to be very careful about contraception unless she was absolutely sure that she wanted to be a parent. Hope knew that and said it had gotten her to thinking.

Hope told Brooke about what had happened with the camper, and Brooke was upset because it sounded dangerous. Hope stated that Liam had been responding to another kind of danger. "Mom, I could have lost him for good," Hope said. Though Hope wasn't committed to Liam or even ready for a big commitment, Hope also wasn't ready to think of a future without Liam in it.

Brooke asked how Wyatt had responded to the false pregnancy. Hope replied that he'd said the right things. Hope felt that a baby didn't fit what she and Wyatt were together, and to have one, they'd have to change. Hope said they had adventures, and Brooke replied that a baby was a big adventure.

Hope admitted that she did want a baby, but not right then. Brooke observed that Hope was happy and carefree in the unpredictable love with Wyatt, and with Liam, she was careful and cautious. Hope figured that a lot of it had been her, and if she'd been more open about life, Liam might not have turned to Steffy. "Or maybe that wouldn't have made any difference at all," Hope reasoned.

In the corridor, Quinn was checking messages at Pam's desk when she overheard Hope in the CEO's office, telling Brooke that Hope had to do things differently and that all "three of us" did. Hope had to accept facts and feelings, like that she loved Wyatt. Brooke asked if Hope was really in love with Wyatt, and Hope said she didn't know the distinction anymore.

To Hope, Wyatt was sexy and impulsive in good and bad ways, and she'd had some of the most romantic moments of her life with him. However, there was always an element of fantasy with Wyatt, due to being on adventures away from everyone, and Hope questioned if it was actually real.

Quinn grimaced outside the door as Hope said that a possible pregnancy had been very real. When Hope thought of marriage and children, she thought about Liam, and it was how Liam thought of her, too. Hope didn't know what do to, but she doubted Liam would put up with it much longer. She didn't think she could ask him to, either. Brooke asked if Hope thought she'd break up with Wyatt.

In the studio, Carter didn't necessarily think that Oliver had "come off well" in the recording, but Carter didn't think Maya had, either, for recording it. Maya asked if it was okay with Carter that Oliver was taking advantage of a na´ve, young girl, but Carter asked what advantage Oliver was taking.

Maya said that the Forrester's wealth was obviously the main attraction. Carter said that what was obvious to him was that Oliver was willing to let Maya think so. Carter suspected that Oliver was doing that because he was attracted to Maya.

Carter couldn't blame Oliver for being attracted to Maya, and Carter reasoned that a man couldn't let a woman that he was attracted to know that he thought any other woman in the world might also be attractive. Maya didn't believe it, and Carter asked how she'd feel if he said he worked out in the sky lounge just to watch Madison do yoga.

Maya frowned as if she was hurt, and Carter said no man of intelligence would risk making a woman feel what he'd just made Maya feel. Carter claimed that it was chivalry, and it had been all that Oliver was doing when Maya had recording him talking about Aly. Carter said that when a man was attracted to a woman, everything that the man said had to be filtered through that lens.

By the Forrester's pool, Oliver wanted to know where he could change clothes for their underwater shoot, but he said that he'd go if it felt weird to Aly to be alone with him. Aly welcomed him to stay and change in the pool house. Oliver remarked upon how wonderful the estate was, but she was embarrassed by her blessings because other people had so little.

Oliver didn't think she should feel that way because Eric had worked for everything that the Forresters had. Oliver said that Aly was beautiful and at home there. Aly shied away from the compliment, and he guessed that she didn't want him to say such things. Aly replied that he could say whatever he really meant.

Oliver showed Aly how to work his camera, but Aly frowned at the picture he took of them. "Oh, come on," he said and quickly kissed her. Oliver asked if she was ready to take a swim.

A song played as Aly and Oliver swam around the pool, taking video and photos of themselves playing underwater. They kissed beneath the water, and when they surfaced, they kissed again.

Afterward, Oliver and Aly rested on the pool steps, and he exclaimed that he was going to "kill" the cruise and swimwear shoot. He doubted that Forrester had ever done anything like an underwater shoot before, and Ridge had to become impressed. Aly insisted that Ridge wasn't going to fire Oliver. He kissed her again, and they stared at each other.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke and Hope discussed that Hope had experienced a pregnancy scare, and Hope had realized that she wasn't ready to lose Liam or Wyatt forever. Hope recalled that when Steffy had been pregnant, Hope had felt she had lost Liam forever.

Brooke asked Hope what she wanted to do. "Honestly, Mom, I have no idea," Hope answered. Rick interrupted and mentioned that he had seen Quinn outside the office, and Quinn had looked unhappy. Rick asked about Liam kidnapping Hope, and Hope told him to forget about it.

Hope thanked her mother for listening, and Hope left. Rick asked Brooke about Ridge. Rick was happy that he had not seen Ridge since Ridge's recent attempts to take over the presidency at Forrester.

Rick added that he'd heard Katie was angry about Eric's decision to name Ridge and Brooke co-vice presidents. Brooke said that Katie had demanded that Eric change his mind about Brooke and Ridge. Rick said it had been unlike Katie, but Brooke disagreed. Brooke reminded Rick that Katie had been on a power trip after she'd taken over at Bill's company.

Brooke added that she might be able to return Bill's company to him. But Rick noted that hurting Katie again could be the end of their relationship. Brooke said that Katie had stolen Ridge, and Brooke had stolen Bill.

Rick noted that Bill had cared for Brooke in ways that Ridge never had, and Rick understood that Brooke and Bill had a special bond. Brooke maintained that someone had to stop Katie. "It can't go on like this. It has to end," Brooke said. Brooke looked toward her purse where she had the legal papers that Katie had signed. The papers gave Bill equal custody of Will and returned his company to him. Bill and Katie thought the papers had been destroyed.

In another office at Forrester, Wyatt and Liam argued about Hope. Liam noted that the pregnancy scare had been an eyeopener for Hope. "Hope is your past, and you're only fooling yourself," Wyatt told Liam. Liam disagreed, and he left.

Liam stopped at Pam's desk, where Pam was playing with a puppy from a shelter where she volunteered. Pam and Liam took turns holding the puppy named Joy. Liam said that he'd planned to write a piece for his magazine on shelter dogs, and Liam offered to join Pam at the shelter. Pam thanked him.

Pam added that she knew Hope would be in the photo studio after her meeting. Pam said that she would always be on Liam's side. Liam thanked her and left.

In the studio, Hope picked up photos and proof sheets. Liam entered. He said he liked to believe that she had been at home, packing to move in with him. Hope reminded Liam that he'd stolen a truck and kidnapped her. Liam joked that the next time he'd be more careful, but he thought she'd liked the spontaneity. Hope advised there would not be a next time.

Liam countered that they had almost lost each other forever. Liam encouraged Hope to walk away from Wyatt because he knew that Hope did not see herself raising a family and spending her future with Wyatt. "We know who you really see yourself with -- it's me," Liam said. Hope looked thoughtful but said nothing.

Hope said that she needed Liam to back off, but Liam refused. He said he would no longer wait on the sidelines while she was with Wyatt. "I can't do this anymore. I want equal time. Consider dating us both," Liam said.

Hope refused. She said that her mom had dated Thorne and Ridge, and it was not something she wanted for her own life. Liam said he planned to make dinner for Hope the following evening, and if she didn't show up, he would move on forever. "Tomorrow night can be a new beginning for us, or it can be the end," he said. Hope looked confused.

At the Forrester mansion, Oliver and Aly made out at the pool. Oliver said that he felt lucky to be at the mansion with her. Oliver and Aly went to Aly's room to review the underwater photos they had taken. Oliver said he respected Aly and her values. Aly was self-conscious when she saw her photos. Oliver told her she looked fantastic.

Oliver and Aly discussed Aly's mother, and Aly said that she had been four years old when her mother had died. Aly added that Taylor had been drinking and driving when she'd hit Aly's mom. Aly said that she never had closure.

Aly explained that Taylor had almost become her stepmom. Aly said she had torn up Taylor's wedding gown. Aly believed that Taylor had targeted her father while he had been grieving. "She was taking advantage," Aly said.

Oliver sympathized and told Aly that she could talk to him about her mom and anything. "I'm just happy to be here for you," Oliver said. Aly said Oliver made her feel like a woman, and they kissed.

In Wyatt's office at Forrester, Quinn freaked out that she had overheard Hope tell her mother that Liam's stunt of kidnapping Hope had worked. Hope was rethinking her relationship with Wyatt. Quinn worried that Wyatt would lose Hope, and they would lose their position at Forrester.

Wyatt told Quinn to stop her rant, but she advised him not to think his relationship with Hope was safe. Wyatt told his mother to stay out of his relationship. "Stop worrying," he said. Both Wyatt and Quinn looked worried.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

by Pam

At Liam's, Liam called Hope at Forrester to remind her that he would prepare dinner for her that night. Hope seemed despondent, but Liam added that if she didn't show up, he would move on. After Liam had hung up, Bill sprinted into the house and said that he had run the beach as part of his training. Liam wondered if Brooke had already kicked Bill out of her house, but Bill said that he and Brooke were doing well.

Bill noted that Liam appeared to be prepared for a date. Liam told his dad that he had a date with Hope. Liam admitted that he had decided Hope could date both Liam and Wyatt. Bill wondered if Liam should be offering ultimatums. Bill advised that Liam should wait until Hope tired of Wyatt, but Liam said he wasn't going to wait. If Hope chose Wyatt, Liam planned to move on permanently.

Bill said that he was out of the meddling business. Liam teased that Bill had better speak to Wyatt about contraception because Wyatt had almost gotten Hope pregnant. Bill worried that they were all too young to become parents.

Liam noted that he knew Hope found Wyatt charming, but Liam was confident that Hope knew she wanted to end up with Liam, not Wyatt. Liam believed that if Hope showed up, they would reunite. Bill suggested that Liam had to blow Hope out of the water to get her to dump Wyatt. Liam agreed.

At Forrester, Aly entered Oliver's office and found Hope. Aly and Hope agreed they were glad that Ridge hadn't gotten his way in firing Oliver. Oliver entered, and they all headed to a meeting. Oliver promised a surprise for Aly.

In Eric's office, Eric, Rick, and Brooke discussed that things were going well. Rick said that Ridge was not attending the upcoming meeting. Brooke said it was fine, and she said that Brooke's Bedroom was on the agenda. She said that there would be no new photographer. "Oliver is staying," Brooke said.

Quinn and Wyatt entered, and Wyatt worried that if Aly attended the meeting about the bedroom line, it could get out of control again. Wyatt wondered if Aly should be there. "It's not your call, Wyatt," Eric said. Quinn tried to support Wyatt and stated that Aly was too immature, but Eric supported Aly.

Aly, Hope, and Oliver entered. During the meeting, Rick suggested they discuss a new spokesmodel for Brooke's Bedroom line. Caroline encouraged Brooke to remain the spokesmodel, but Brooke declined. Brooke said she was flattered and would like to stay behind the scenes. Alexa, a Forrester model, had been suggested, and Pam and Maya agreed Alexa was a strong candidate. Everyone agreed it had to be someone from inside the organization who knew and understood the line.

Wyatt looked at Hope, and Hope again refused. Oliver suggested Aly, who was in shock, and everyone else was too. "Aly?" questioned Caroline. Wyatt shook his head. Hope incredulously wondered if Aly was truly considering it. Caroline reminded Aly it was lingerie, not jammies. Oliver pointed out it could be tasteful, artsy, and imaginative. Eric had some reservations.

Aly acknowledged that she had been too strong and judgmental the last time they had discussed the bedroom line. Aly admitted she had gone overboard on Hope and Wyatt. Aly noted that Oliver had worked with many talented models including Hope and Maya.

Aly said that it meant a lot to her that Oliver believed in her. She was flattered and wouldn't let anyone down. She felt she could do it, but decided not to. She thanked Oliver for his confidence in her. Everyone was relieved, and Aly and Oliver smiled at each other. Later in Oliver's office, Oliver told Aly that she was fascinating, complex, and stunningly beautiful. Aly kissed him passionately.

Wyatt and Hope met in Wyatt's office. Wyatt asked if Aly was on meds or something. Hope admitted she was also surprised by Aly. Hope seemed distracted. She apologized to Wyatt. Wyatt and Hope agreed they'd had a stressful few days. Hope advised Wyatt that Liam had invited her to dinner -- on a date.

Wyatt discouraged Hope from going to Liam's house. Wyatt wanted her to send Liam a text message and tell him it was over. Wyatt reminded Hope that they had something special and were building a future together. Hope listened and nodded but made no commitment.

At Liam's house, he prepared his dinner table with flowers, candles, and wine. He waited for Hope.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In the CEO's office, the staff continued talking about the bedroom line, and Caroline teased Aly about Oliver's suggestion that she model. Brooke said that Aly was a beautiful girl and needed to learn to take a compliment. Aly replied that she was working on it.

The meeting adjourned, and Caroline remained behind to get Aly to reveal why she seemed to be bursting at the seams. Observing Aly's flushed features, Caroline guessed that it was about a guy. Aly admitted that there was someone, but she swore Caroline to secrecy about it.

Aly beamed that she'd had her first kiss, and Caroline asked if Aly had a boyfriend. Aly thought so. She described him as a little older and attractive, but she didn't want anyone else to know because he worked at Forrester. Caroline was surprised to hear that, and Aly revealed that it was Oliver.

Aly was unsure of herself because guys never found her attractive. Caroline replied that it wasn't possible because Aly was stunning. Grinning, Aly said that Oliver made her feel pretty and desirable. Aly asked if Caroline thought Aly was reading too much into it. Caroline believed that was up to Aly, who then decided that she knew Oliver liked her.

Caroline was happy for Aly but wanted to offer advice from painful experience. Carole advised Aly not to give everything to a guy and to hold back some love for herself. In Caroline's view, Aly was experiencing something beautiful and should enjoy it. The women hugged.

In the corridor, Carter assumed that Maya was still upset about Oliver and Aly. Carter reminded Maya that taping someone without their knowledge was illegal. Maya decided to go to the studio to scope out Oliver's true intentions toward Aly.

In the studio, when Maya entered, Oliver was reviewing the pool footage he'd taken. She observed the footage and noted that Aly had seemed to be having fun. Oliver said that Aly had been doing so after he'd loosened her up a little. Maya suspected that Oliver had been steadily easing Aly past her comfort zone, and he asked Maya what she needed to say to him.

Maya was surprised that Oliver had nominated Aly for the bedroom line. Maya didn't see Aly as the model type, but he replied that Aly was smoking hot. Maya assumed Oliver wanted to get Aly into some lingerie, and he murmured that he could think of worse things. Concerned about the casual way Oliver talked about Aly, Maya asked him not to take advantage of Aly.

Oliver asked what he'd done to make Maya suspect that he was taking advantage. Maya noted that he talked as if dating Aly was a career move. Oliver admitted that he had wanted to be a part of Forrester for a long time, and dating Aly strengthened his position.

Oliver added that he genuinely liked Aly, who was refreshing. Maya added that Aly was inexperienced and vulnerable, and Maya asked him to remember that as he went forward. "Of course," he bit out, darting his eyes away.

Maya left, and Aly arrived. Oliver had asked her there to show her the underwater footage. She said it was great. He stated that he'd sent her a copy to remember it by. Aly grew bashful, and he asked what was on her mind. She didn't want to say at first, but at his prodding, she revealed that she couldn't stop thinking of him. He said it was just what he wanted to hear, and they kissed.

Later, Maya met Carter in Rick's office to discuss her nagging doubts about Oliver. Oliver had said the right things to Maya, and though she wanted to believe him, she couldn't forget what he'd said on the tape and how disrespectful he'd been. Maya could relate to Aly's innocence and said Aly was the perfect target for a smooth guy like Oliver. Maya didn't have a good feeling about it.

In Rick's office, Wyatt thought Liam was losing it. Hope explained that Liam had realized that if Wyatt and Hope had a baby, then Liam and she wouldn't ever reunite. Wyatt replied that he'd already thought it was that way. Hope stated that Liam was still invested. Wyatt asked if Hope was, too.

Wyatt decided to pretend he hadn't asked that question because he knew that, for some inexplicable reason, Hope had feelings for Liam. Wyatt was frustrated that Liam wouldn't leave her alone, but Hope said Liam saw it as fighting for what had been originally his. Wyatt asked what she'd do, and sighing, she said that she didn't know.

Wyatt asked if Hope would hear his take on it, and she nodded. He told her that if she kept looking back, she'd miss the future that was there before her. He suggested that she go to Liam's house and let Liam know with finality that she was committed to Wyatt. Wyatt kissed and hugged her.

Wyatt left, and Brooke arrived in the room. Hope discussed Liam's ultimatum with Brooke. Hope said that Wyatt had left it up to her to decide, and though she hadn't done that yet, something inside her opposed dating two brothers. Brooke suggested that Hope call it off with Wyatt.

Hope didn't want to do that, and she felt that Liam knew it. She said it was the reason Liam had said she could date both men. If she didn't choose to do that, Liam would be gone for good, and Hope wasn't sure she was ready for that. Brooke said that being caught between two men could be flattering, but in truth, someone would get his heart broken.

Brooke offered to tell Liam to back off, but Hope asked her mother not to get involved. Brooke advised Hope to follow her instincts, and at the right time, they would tell her where to be.

Later, Wyatt was at the sky lounge when Quinn strode up to talk about Oliver's suggestion about Aly. Wyatt was preoccupied in thought, and Quinn coaxed him to tell her the problem. "Liam," Wyatt replied and explained Liam's ultimatum for Hope to date both brothers or lose Liam. Quinn hoped that Hope had put a stop to the stupidity, but Wyatt said he didn't know what she planned to do.

Quinn wanted to have a chat with Liam, but Wyatt ordered her to stay put. Wyatt said he could handle his own life. Quinn asked if Wyatt understood that Hope would walk into a candlelight dinner with flowers, and Liam would try to romance the pants off Hope. Quinn said that Wyatt might be okay with being left in the cold, but she wasn't. She asked if he wanted to go set Liam straight, "or shall I?"

At the cliff house, Liam chopped onions and looked hopefully at the door. He checked to make sure the living room was tidy and then smelled some flowers he'd bought. Again, he looked at the door. Liam flashed back to his time in Italy with Hope and looked up when he heard a knock at the door.

Friday, April 25, 2014

In Rick's office, Carter liked that Maya was protective, but he didn't seriously believe that Oliver would hurt Aly. Maya again played the recorded bit about dating the redhead and asked if it sounded like Oliver had honorable intentions. Carter noted that Aly seemed very different from the angry girl she'd been a few weeks back, so Oliver's influence had to be a change for the better.

Carter didn't think that what Oliver had said on the recording had been cool, but it was guy talk. "That's all," Carter insisted, cupping Maya's face in his hands. She agreed that Aly's demeanor had improved, and it was probably because of Oliver. Still, Maya worried that something might go wrong. Carter said it was probably Aly's first boyfriend, but loved ones would rally around Aly if she got hurt.

Maya predicted that Aly wouldn't just act hurt. Maya recalled that they'd seen Aly when she'd been in a bad place. Carter wondered where Aly's rage emanated from. Maya stated that they didn't know Aly's full story, but there was stuff inside Aly that they didn't know about.

In the studio, Oliver and Aly kissed, and she asked if it was okay that she couldn't stop thinking about him. Oliver replied that he felt the same way, and they kissed again. Aly seemed disturbed by something, and he said he was there for her to talk about whatever was on her mind.

Aly murmured that she didn't like talking about herself to just anyone. Oliver reminded her that he wasn't just anyone. He assumed that Aly's sadness had to do with her mother. Aly revealed that she wanted to feel her mother's arms around her, but she couldn't because of "that woman."

"Taylor," Aly seethed. Aly hated to say the name, but Taylor had been the start of everything bad in Aly's life. Oliver convinced Aly to talk about it and promised that he'd keep her confidence.

Aly explained that after her mother's death, she'd had to go to therapy. She'd only been four years old, but she'd been an angry mess. She'd stayed in therapy for years, she'd been bullied in school, and she hadn't been able to make any friends. "They all thought I was different, and they were right," Aly concluded. Oliver told her that she was different, but in a good way.

Aly recalled that her father had said that to her. She stated that her father was the best -- as long as he stayed away from that woman. Aly scoffed at the notion that Taylor had been a mental health expert. Aly explained that Taylor had killed Darla while driving drunk, and then Taylor had gone after Thorne. Aly hadn't been able to allow that, and she'd torn Taylor's wedding dress to shreds.

Aly called Taylor a hypocrite who claimed to be so good. "I hate her..." Aly uttered. She felt like a baby, but Oliver said that Aly didn't need to stress about Taylor, who was no longer in Aly's life. Aly agreed and said her father was over Taylor, "thank God."

Oliver assured Aly that he was in her corner. Knowing that felt good to Aly, who stated that only her father had supported her. She added that her mother had, too, "until that -- " Oliver cut in, refusing to let Aly return to thoughts of Taylor. He hugged Aly, who said that everything would be okay as long as that woman stayed away from her and her father.

In a candlelit setting behind a curtain, two people made love to the tune of accordion music. The couple in bed rolled over, revealing themselves to be Thorne and Taylor.

In the Forrester's CEO office, Quinn walked in, and Wyatt was glad to see that she was there and not at the cliff house. Quinn was anxious to know if Hope had gone there, but he didn't know. When Quinn pressed upon him how serious the evening was, the defensive Wyatt asked if he was supposed to get insecure and jealous. He felt that he had to trust Hope.

Quinn asked if Wyatt was okay with Hope going there. Wyatt rasped that he'd told Hope not to go, and Quinn noted that Hope had gone despite that. Quinn knew that it was bothering him. He said that it did; however, Hope knew what they had, and whatever Liam offered wouldn't compare to it.

Quinn left, and Wyatt stared at pictures from the camper trip. He recalled being with Hope in the tent on the beach and looked anxiously at the ceiling.

At Liam's house, Liam opened the door for Hope. She smiled, and he handed her a bouquet of pink roses. Observing the romantic, candlelit room, Hope said it really looked as if he'd expected her. He replied that he'd had booze ready in case she hadn't shown up.

Hope remarked that she didn't like ultimatums, but Liam reasoned that an ultimatum would have been demanding that she leave Wyatt for Liam. Liam saw it as a choice; Hope could have him or not have him. She was surprised that he hadn't asked for something like that sooner, and he asked if she was disappointed that he hadn't. Liam felt that it was a big night for them, a new beginning.

Liam and Hope wanted to toast, but they didn't know what to toast to. Hope asked if he really thought she wouldn't show up. "Maybe," he replied. He said they'd needed it, and it had been too long. Hope joked that he hadn't had to kidnap her to get her there. Liam called it progress, and they toasted.

The two sat at the table, and Liam set a plate before Hope. She said it looked yummy, and he replied that she'd said the same thing in Italy. He explained that he'd bribed the recipe out of the owner of a restaurant they'd visited in Italy. He refused to tell her what the secret ingredient in it was, and he said he'd had to promise the restaurateur that they'd return someday. "And we will," Liam added.

Hope tasted the meal and said it was delicious. Liam wanted her to coo that he was so talented and amazing. "You are!" she said, chuckling. More seriously, she repeated, "You are." Liam said that she'd opened his eyes. He'd been sleepwalking, expecting her to return to him. He was glad for the close-call pregnancy because it had awakened him and given him a sense of urgency.

"And now, here you are. Here we are. And how I know you feel the same way I do. Tonight, we start over," Liam said, cupping her hand in his.

Hope admitted that she hadn't been sure that she'd actually show up until she'd been in the driveway. Liam thought it said a lot that she had arrived. It told him that she hadn't wanted to lose him. Hope quipped that she loved the Spencer confidence, but Liam said she knew what it would mean if she hadn't shown up. "Only if I believed you!" Hope replied.

Liam pretended to be surprised but said she'd believed him that a no-show would mean that they were done, and a show would mean that they were dating. "But not exclusively," Hope added. It didn't matter to Liam if it was exclusively, inclusively, or reclusively -- as long as he was back in the game. She admitted that she hadn't wanted to lose him, and he added that she didn't want him dating other women, either.

Hope stammered that she couldn't hold Liam to that. Liam started to whip out his phone to make a call. "What, No! Don't! Don't! Don't! I hate it! Stop! No! I don't want you to see other women," Hope said. She didn't know all the answers, but she didn't want him out of her life. He said he wouldn't be, but the ground rules would be equal time and dating only to avoid more pregnancy scares.

Hope hopped from her seat to contemplate what Liam had said. She asked if he was really okay with that. Liam said he was okay with anything, as long as they had moments "like this." He wanted there to be no pressure or hard sell, and she could date anyone she wanted.

Liam wanted the future they'd almost had, but he knew that "almost" wasn't good enough anymore. It had taken a scare to put them together again, but being together felt really good to him. Hope giggled, and Liam kissed her.

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