The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 14, 2014 on B&B

Katie battled fires on her personal and business fronts. Bill and Brooke failed in their appeal to Karen to get Bill's job back, but Brooke had plan B in her purse. Liam absconded with Hope in Wyatt's camper and implored her to return to him. Hope admitted that she was torn between Liam and Wyatt.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 14, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, April 14, 2014

At Brooke's house, Bill and Brooke held each other and basked in the joy of their rejuvenated relationship. Bill asked if Brooke was sure about it, and she asked if she looked like she had any doubts. She thanked him for being patient, and he revealed that he'd had his moments of doubt.

Bill said that what he'd done to Katie with the papers had been wrong, and he understood that Brooke had needed to take the opportunity to see where things stood with Ridge. Bill needed to know that his reunion with Brooke wasn't just her reacting to Ridge being with Katie. Brooke asked how Bill could ask her such a question. Smiling, she kissed him, and they began making out on the bed.

After Brooke and Bill had sex, they held each other and felt happy to be reunited. Brooke wished she could stay in bed all day, but she was happy that she could return home to him after work. Bill said he didn't need much in life, just her, his kids, and the ability to provide for his family.

Bill wanted his youngest son back and hoped that Katie, who was with Ridge, wouldn't fight Bill about joint custody. He also wanted his company back, but his sister wouldn't even return his calls. He was still bitter that his sister had turned on him after he'd made her a lot of money. Brooke understood his need to change things, but she cited that it might be out of his control.

At Forrester, Katie arrived in the CEO's office to see Eric. She figured that he could guess why she was there, and she asked if making Brooke and Ridge co-vice presidents was wise. Eric replied that they were all adults, and Katie agreed, saying that Ridge was capable of choosing his own woman. She asked what Eric was hoping to accomplish.

Eric claimed that he was looking out for his company, and Brooke and Ridge worked well together. Katie asked if it was really about business or if Eric was hoping to spark something between Ridge and Brooke. Katie also wondered how Eric felt about her relationship with Ridge.

Eric admitted that the new relationship had taken him by surprise. Though he thought Katie was terrific, he felt that Brooke and Ridge belonged together. Katie was surprised that Eric would think that after all the lies and deceptions over the years. Eric affirmed that he did, and in his view, Ridge was the only man for Brooke.

Eric warned Katie about what she was up against with Brooke and Ridge's past, but Katie asked if Eric could just accept that Brooke and Ridge had run their course and that Ridge had outgrown Brooke. Eric frankly replied that he was afraid that Katie was going to get hurt. Katie revealed that she knew all about Eric's CEO offer, and to her, Ridge's rejection of it had said a lot about his feelings for her.

Eric insisted that he knew his son, and he didn't think Ridge had given the offer enough thought. Katie thought it was obvious what Eric was up to. She said he thought it would be "BeLieF 2.0," and Ridge and Brooke would wind up together on the lab room floor with their clothes off. Katie declared that destiny had run its course. She said she was with Ridge, and Brooke was with Bill. Katie really wanted Eric to accept it.

Eric stated that Ridge and Brooke had a strong connection, and he feared that Ridge would hurt Katie. Katie believed that people changed, and she didn't think Ridge would hurt her. She said that she and Ridge were happy and in a good place, but Eric noted that Ridge had a way of making a woman feel as if she was the most special in the world.

Katie wondered if Eric was trying to say that it was all an act. Katie thought it was okay for Eric not to believe in the relationship, and she admitted that she'd had a hard time believing that it could happen. She hadn't been able to deny her feelings, and she refused to apologize to anyone for them. She said there was beauty in the unexpected, and Eric just needed to open his eyes and see it.

While Katie was imploring Eric not to make a special effort to sabotage her relationship with Ridge, Brooke stepped into the doorway. Brooke darted to the side of the open door to listen as Eric asserted his beliefs that Ridge and Brooke were the future of his company and his family. Brooke's mouth dropped open as she heard Katie say that Brooke had interfered in Katie's life enough, and Katie begged Eric not to force Ridge to work side-by-side with Brooke.

Eric claimed that it was nothing personal. Katie insisted that it was and that Eric knew it. She declared that she and Ridge were in love and committed to each other. Eric felt that feelings could be fleeting and deceptive. "Not this time," Katie countered, but Eric theorized that Ridge could be using "this" to get back at Brooke. Katie yelled that Ridge was over Brooke, and it wasn't about revenge.

"Ridge and Brooke are over!" Katie exclaimed. Eric told Katie that he had a meeting to get to, but he only wished the best for her. Eric strode out, and Katie grabbed her phone. She heard the door slam and Brooke saying, "How dare you tell Eric you don't want me working with Ridge!" Katie grimaced and asked Brooke what she had expected to happen.

In Rick's office, Liam and Wyatt were anxious to hear the results of Hope's pregnancy test. Hope told them that a lot had happened in the last couple of months, and she and Wyatt had gotten really close. She said they were in a relationship, but they weren't having a baby. Relief washed over Liam, and Wyatt looked a little disconcerted.

Wyatt asked if Hope was okay, and she asked if he was. They both agreed that they were, and Hope said it was probably for the best. Deciding to leave, Liam remarked that it was the best news he'd ever heard. Wyatt lashed out at Liam, but Liam declared, "I love this woman, okay?" Liam loved Hope's values, and he said that Wyatt was ridiculous to think that Liam wouldn't rejoice that she wasn't carrying the child of a guy that she wasn't even engaged to.

Wyatt yelled that it wasn't even about Liam. Liam expressed that he was just relieved because a pregnancy would have changed everything. Wyatt asked if he and Hope could talk about it when they were alone on their road trip, and Liam decided to leave to let Wyatt and Hope talk.

After Liam had left, Hope let out a deep breath, and Wyatt expressed shock that Liam had just left so easily. The reticent and tearful Hope shrugged as Wyatt guessed that Liam had wised up.

Hope expressed relief that she wasn't pregnant, and she said she wasn't ready for a baby. Wyatt was glad because he wasn't ready either. They decided to be more careful with using protection, but he said that he wanted her to know that he would have supported her no matter what.

Hope thanked Wyatt, and he said that there was no other woman in the world he'd rather have a child with. He knew, though, that they weren't ready for children or marriage. To him, they were young and had their whole lives to have a ton of kids. Hope replied that they'd start with two or three, but it was a "long, long" way off.

Wyatt and Hope kissed, and Wyatt decided that they should get on with their trip, where they could talk more about things. He didn't care what they'd do or where they'd wind up; he just couldn't wait to get away with her. Hope nodded, and they kissed. When they hugged, Hope still looked sad.

Wyatt and Hope strolled out to the trailer, and as they prepared to board it, Wyatt got a call that he needed to sign some things inside the building before they left. He took off to do that, and Hope entered the trailer to check the supplies. As she did so, the truck hitched to the trailer started up, and the truck and trailer roared out of the Forrester parking lot.

The trailer jolted forward, and supplies fell all around her. As Hope tried to regain her balance, she asked herself what Wyatt was doing. Her phone rang, and when she answered it, Liam told her not to worry; it was just him.

Hope tried to hold steady as they went over bumps, and she asked what Liam thought he was doing. Liam explained that she'd almost been pregnant with Wyatt's child. "It's drastic, I know. But I'm all out of options,'re coming with me," The determined Liam told her as he steered the truck ahead.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

by Pam

Liam had kidnapped Hope, who was in the retro Silver Bullet trailer. Liam drove the truck attached to the trailer. Liam called Hope to tell her he was driving. "What are you doing?" she screamed. Liam said they needed to talk.

Wyatt walked out of Forrester and helplessly watched the trailer head off the Forrester property. Wyatt chased after it. Hope called Wyatt and told him that Liam had kidnapped her. Wyatt was furious and said that he planned to call the police, but Hope told him to calm down. She said that Liam needed to talk, and she would call Wyatt later. Wyatt promised to pick up Hope, no matter where Liam had taken her.

Liam pulled the trailer into his driveway at home. Liam opened the trailer door and sat down with Hope. Liam admitted that he had been extreme. Hope reminded Liam that he had stolen Wyatt's truck, and Wyatt had been worried sick. Liam said that they needed time together. "Want to come inside -- we have a lot to figure out," Liam suggested. Hope agreed.

Hope called Wyatt and advised him that she was at Liam's house. Wyatt promised to drive up and rescue her, but Hope advised him to stay away. She told him that Liam had locked the gate, but Wyatt furiously said that nothing could stop him from getting Hope away from Liam.

Hope repeated that she wanted Wyatt to stay away from Liam's house. "I don't like what Liam did, but he needs this time. And honestly, so do I," she confessed. Hope begged Wyatt to understand. Wyatt agreed.

At Forrester, Wyatt sat in a daze, and Quinn entered. Quinn told Wyatt that she had ordered amethyst from Brazil for some new pieces. Quinn wanted to get Wyatt's opinion on a few things before Wyatt and Hope took off on a trip.

Wyatt told his mother that Liam had stolen Wyatt's truck and kidnapped Hope. Wyatt confessed that he was worried. Quinn said it was bizarre behavior, even for Liam. Wyatt agreed, but he admitted that Liam was not a psychopath. Quinn shouted that Wyatt had to get out to Liam's house immediately, even though Hope had asked Wyatt to stay away.

Inside at Liam's house, Liam confessed to Hope that he had freaked out. "Can you blame me," he asked. Liam reminded Hope that things would have changed permanently if she had been pregnant with Wyatt's child. "I almost lost you today. We almost lost each other forever. I hope that scared you as much as it scared me," Liam said.

Hope admitted she had been scared. She tearfully agreed that the thought of losing Liam forever was something she couldn't do, but she couldn't imagine losing Wyatt either. "I know how you feel," Liam said.

Liam told Hope that he knew she didn't love Wyatt the way they had loved each other. He told her that she was home. "Look at the memories here. We should be married now. We should be planning a future," Liam said. Hope tearfully looked at Liam. "This is your home, and you belong with me. Come home to me," Liam said. Hope and Liam kissed passionately.

At Forrester, Brooke and Katie sparred over Katie's conversation with Eric. Brooke advised Katie that it had been Eric's decision to make Brooke and Ridge co-vice presidents.

Katie doubted that Brooke was telling the truth, but Brooke assured Katie that Eric had always seen Brooke and Ridge as the future of Forrester. Brooke accused Katie of being insecure. Katie asked Brooke if Eric knew that Brooke and Bill had been sharing a bed.

Brooke warned that Forrester was a place of business, and Brooke's romance should have no impact on her work. Katie scoffed that Brooke had suddenly taken a renewed interest in Forrester after having little to do with the company for a long time. Brooke said she had to protect her interest in the company and that of her children.

Katie reminded Brooke that Taylor had said the exact same things when Taylor had started working at Forrester. Brooke said that Taylor had been a psychiatrist, while Brooke had been a chemist who had created BeLief, and she had helped with the Men's Line and with Brooke's Bedroom -- one of the most successful lines at Forrester.

Brooke refused to defend herself to Katie. "Who are you, Katie?" Brooke asked. "Not your shy wallflower sister," Katie responded. Brooke recalled that she didn't recognize Ridge anymore, and she felt the same about Katie.

Brooke surmised that Katie had been waiting her whole life to get the best of Brooke. Katie looked determined. Brooke accused Katie of looking for payback. Katie snarked that she didn't need payback. Katie professed that she was happy with Ridge.

Katie reminded Brooke that Katie was a mother and a CEO, running a company. Brooke noted that Katie had manipulated Bill out of his position and stolen his company.

Katie accused Brooke of having selective memory because Brooke had conveniently forgotten what Bill had done when he had tricked Katie into signing the company over to him. "You and Ridge are so hypocritical," Brooke said. Brooke added that she and Bill had made mistakes. Brooke said that everyone should be forgiven.

Katie said that she had supported Brooke through all of her sordid relationships, but Katie was done. "I stopped defending you and started defending myself," she said. Katie looked confident. "Enjoy my husband," Katie said, "you're two of a kind."

Brooke looked pensive, but Brooke recalled that Katie had married Bill. "He's not the same man I married. I haven't seen that man in a long time," Katie said. Katie added that she and Ridge wanted a life with less drama.

At lunch at an outdoor cafe, Bill flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Katie -- when he had told her that she and Karen had stolen his business from him. Bill remembered Katie's confidence and her response that she had learned from the best. Justin interrupted and promised good news.

Justin reported that the Spencer quarterlies had been flat, at best. Justin believed the board would reinstate Bill because the company couldn't continue on that same path. Bill professed that he would soon have his company back. Justin was glad because Ridge had seemed totally at home in Katie's office. Bill looked determined.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

by Pam

At Liam's house, Liam told Hope they had a second chance together. "Let me prove to you that we love each other enough to make this work," Liam said. They kissed again, but Hope pulled away.

Hope reminded Liam that he had stolen Wyatt's truck to talk to her. "What is this supposed to accomplish?" Hope asked. She wondered if Liam had intended to talk some sense into her. Liam laughed and said that he did. "Enough. There has to be a line. I'm dating Wyatt. I'm in a relationship with Wyatt," Hope said. Liam countered, "You're not ready to marry him, and you're sure as hell not ready to have his kids."

At Forrester, Wyatt confided in Quinn that he felt Liam had stolen his truck and his girlfriend. Quinn advised Wyatt to hurry to Liam's house. Wyatt and Quinn drove to Liam's house, and Quinn insisted she wanted to get her hands on Liam. Wyatt advised his mother to stay out of his confrontation with Liam and remain in the car after she dropped Wyatt off. Quinn warned Wyatt not to underestimate Liam's bond with Hope.

At Liam's, Hope recalled good times in Italy with Liam. "This is your home, it's our home. Come back to me," Liam said. He reminded Hope that her pregnancy scare had scared him to his core. "We would have lost each other forever," Liam said.

Hope admitted she had been scared. She tearfully agreed that she was not ready to give up on Liam, but she was taking things really slowly with Wyatt. Liam countered that she had to think about what marriage and children with Wyatt would have meant to Hope. "We would be married right now if it weren't for Wyatt and Quinn," Liam said.

Liam reminded Hope to focus on the good and how they made each other laugh. Liam recalled how they had met when Liam was a computer geek that Hope had reunited with his dad. "Don't close the book on us when we have so much more story to tell," Liam said.

Liam tried to kiss Hope again, but Wyatt barged in and told Liam to get his hands off Hope. Wyatt called Liam pathetic and insisted that Hope had to leave with him. "I'm sorry, Liam," Hope said. Hope left with Wyatt.

Later, Quinn barged into Liam's house and pushed Liam. Quinn threatened Liam never to pull something like his recent stunt where he had stolen Wyatt's truck. "Wyatt will never end up with Hope. Never," Liam said. Quinn prepared to slap Liam, but he angrily stopped her.

At Forrester, Donna entered Brooke's office, and Brooke shared that she and Bill had reunited and were living together. Brooke added that Katie and Ridge were together as well. Brooke said that Katie had been on a major power trip. Donna noted that Brooke and Katie had to work things out. Brooke left.

At Spencer, Justin, Karen, Katie, and Katie's assistant met about the company's quarterly report. Karen was displeased with the numbers and said they had flattened out. "What are we going to do about it?" Karen asked. Katie replied that the company was in transition. Justin suggested that the company had gone from profit to loss. Karen said that the numbers were unacceptable, but Katie countered that the numbers would improve after two more quarters in projections.

Justin worried that the company had to lower expectations. Katie said the company had been shortsighted under Bill's presidency. Katie added that morale around Spencer had been low when Bill had been in charge. Katie advised that the company would be back on track earnings-wise. Karen smiled. Karen agreed with Katie.

The meeting concluded, and Karen met alone with Katie. They discussed that Bill was again with Brooke, and Katie had united with Ridge. Karen noted that Katie seemed happy. Karen wished she could be closer to Bill, but they had a lot to work on. Katie said that Karen's support meant everything to her. Katie had to leave for a meeting.

Later, Brooke called Karen and requested a luncheon meeting but asked Karen not to tell anyone about it. Brooke and Karen met at an outdoor café. Brooke complained that Katie's power had become a problem. Karen said that she hadn't seen power as a problem. Karen had seen two sisters butting heads.

"From what I hear, you're both in love," Karen said. Brooke wanted to talk about Bill and his company. Karen listened but warned that Bill had gotten what he had deserved.

Brooke pressured Karen to admit that Katie had not done as well as Bill had as company president. Karen acknowledged there had been hiccups in Katie's administration. Brooke advised Karen to fire Katie and rehire Bill as CEO.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

At the cliff house, Liam told Quinn that she'd get out, or he'd throw her out. He knew why she was there, but he asserted that nothing would make him give up on Hope. Quinn told Liam that Hope didn't need a whiny little boy. Quinn felt that Bill had spoiled Liam and that Liam should be grateful for what he had instead of trying to hold on to what wasn't his.

Quinn was frustrated because Liam thought the worst of her and Wyatt, but she insisted that they weren't evil. She said she and Wyatt weren't squeaky clean, but they'd had to claw, hustle, and scratch to get to the top. Quinn wouldn't apologize for it or let Liam judge her and Wyatt for it, either.

Quinn told Liam that he'd gone too far, but Liam scoffed at Quinn for lecturing him about that topic. He said that Hope was just an ambition to Quinn, a connection to one of the most prestigious companies in the world. Quinn corrected that Forrester worked with her because she made an exceptional product. She said that she and Wyatt had gotten acceptance from everyone -- except Liam.

Quinn revealed that she'd wanted Wyatt and Liam to have a relationship; however, she knew that it wasn't always possible and that sometimes circumstances made things difficult. Liam replied that some circumstances made it impossible, and he and Wyatt would never get along because they were nothing alike -- and that was why, in the end, Hope would choose Liam.

Quinn quipped that Hope had already turned Liam down. Liam said that decency and goodness would win out in the end, and he didn't have to do anything to lure Hope back -- except just be himself. Liam suggested that Quinn and Wyatt be themselves, and then they'd see whom Hope would choose. Quinn said it was already obvious that the man for Hope was Wyatt.

At Forrester, Hope seemed to still be preoccupied with the pregnancy scare. Wyatt, preoccupied with what had just happened with Liam, said Hope wasn't pregnant and never had been. Wyatt complained that Liam didn't even know how to tow a camper, and Liam could have hurt Hope. Wyatt thought Liam was the crazy one, not Wyatt and Quinn.

Hope wished everyone could get along, and she wasn't just talking about Liam and Wyatt. She noted that their families were a mess. She said that when she had a baby, she wanted to give it a nurturing family, and as she'd taken the pregnancy test, she'd realized that all the tension between the families wasn't healthy. Wyatt thought it sounded like a message for Liam, not Wyatt.

Hope said that Liam had never done anything like "that," but Wyatt insisted that Liam had been dogging them ever since they'd gotten together. Wyatt remarked that he'd never run so quickly in his life. Hope guessed that he'd really loved his truck. He replied that since their first meeting, he'd learned what he had to lose, and so he'd run as quickly as he could to get to her. He stated that he'd always be by her side no matter what they had to go through.

At Spencer, Katie was swamped with work and too busy to take a lunch with Donna. Donna said that Katie was dealing with everything -- except Brooke. Katie claimed that she didn't have time to put up with Brooke's vendetta. Donna informed Katie that Brooke and Bill were living together. Katie knew it, but she wanted to be left out of it. Katie asserted that all she and Bill shared together was a son.

While the sisters talked, some of the staff entered to discuss a commission statement. Katie said she wanted to run it by legal before they used it in the "dailies." After the staff had left, Donna asked what "that" had been about. Katie said she was being cautious, something Bill had never done as CEO.

Donna tried to reason with Katie about Brooke. Katie claimed not to know who Brooke was anymore, but Donna replied that Brooke had said the same about Katie. Katie claimed to want to have a normal conversation with Brooke, but Brooke's words dripped with contempt. Donna recalled that Katie had asked Eric to demote Brooke and asked if Brooke had a right to be angry about that. Katie suggested that they make a list to decide who got to be angrier. Donna didn't understand why the in-love Katie would be angry.

Katie affirmed that it was true that she was in love, and she refused to apologize for it. Katie guessed that Donna was upset that Katie had gone to Eric. Donna was, and she didn't understand what there was to worry about if Brooke was with Bill. Katie seethed that Brooke got to chance to have her cake and eat it, too, by being with Bill at home and with Ridge at work.

Donna said Katie was reading too much into it. Katie recalled that she'd been "reading too much into it" when she'd questioned Brooke's feelings for Bill. Katie didn't want to put Donna in the middle of things, but she asked Donna to reveal whenever she heard that Brooke was up to something.

At Brooke's house, Bill and Justin boxed together on the terrace until Justin said he had to get back to work. Bill was jealous, and Justin said Bill had better find a way to get his job back before Spencer got into worse shape.

Bill complained about Katie's style of CEO. He noted that gossip sites had popped up everywhere, and he asked why Spencer hadn't covered Forrester's last showing. Justin urged Bill to set up a meeting with his sister while she was in town. Bill said Karen was ignoring him. "Let me tell you something. Eventually, she's gonna pay for that," Bill added.

Justin said Karen should hear Bill's ideas. Bill declared that Karen wouldn't hear even one idea from him until he got his job back. Justin told Bill to find his mojo so that their next workout could be at the Spencer gym.

At Il Giardino, Karen said that Brooke wanted Karen to fire Katie. Brooke replied that she wanted what was best for both families and for Spencer Publications. Brooke knew that it sounded harsh, but she wanted to make her case as to why Katie shouldn't be running Karen's family business.

Brooke noted that Karen hadn't been answering Bill's calls. Karen replied that it was because Bill wanted his job back. Brooke suggested that Karen give it to him because he was the best person for it. Brooke added that Karen knew he'd find a way to get to be in charge with or without Karen's help.

Karen stepped away from the table, and Brooke called Bill to invite him to Il Giardino. Bill said he'd already been there that day, but Brooke said, "Please..." and Bill agreed to return there.

Karen returned, and Brooke recalled that Karen had unseated Bill to punish him for being with Brooke. Karen said she'd lost trust in his judgment. Brooke asked Karen to see what the choice had done to the company and if Karen could trust Katie's judgment, since Katie had become involved with Ridge.

Karen cited that Katie had done good things and that the employees liked her. Brooke suggested that Katie head human resources, but Karen doubted Katie would remain if Karen gave Katie's job to Bill. Brooke said it was because Spencer wasn't Katie's passion in life; however, it was Bill's passion.

Brooke believed it took fire and intensity to run a business, but Katie just wanted to prove that she was right and that everyone else was wrong. Brooke asked if Karen really wanted that in a CEO.

Just then, Bill arrived at the table, and looking at Brooke and his sister, he doubted that they'd just happened to run into each other. Karen and Bill told each other than Brooke had invited them to lunch, and as the siblings snipped at each other, Brooke asked them to just enjoy some time together. Karen tried to leave, but Brooke asked her to hear Bill out.

Bill asked Karen what had happened and why she'd turned on him. He knew that they'd had their problems, but he had supported her, been there for her and her family, and made her money. He said that, in return, she'd taken the company, which was akin to kidnapping his child.

Bill felt that Karen had taught him the lesson she'd intended to teach, and he'd been wrong in his past treatment of Karen and Katie. He said he couldn't take that back, but he could learn from it.

Brooke, who'd gotten close to Caroline senior upon her death, stated that family had meant everything to Caroline. Brooke was sure that Caroline would want her siblings to work together. Karen asked about the turmoil between Brooke and Katie.

Brooke replied that Spencer Publications was Bill and Karen's family business, not Katie's. Bill asked if Brooke had called Karen and Bill together to convince Karen to reinstate him as the CEO, and Brooke replied that she had. Bill and Brooke smiled at each other.

Friday, April 18, 2014

At Spencer, Justin arrived early for an appointment with Katie. Katie had gotten an email from Justin earlier, and she hadn't understood what he'd been implying in it. Justin felt that he hadn't been coy. He wanted to do the best job he could for her, but it was difficult to do so with restricted access. Katie hadn't allowed him into her inner circle, and that had caused him problems.

Katie decided that there was no problem because she was satisfied with Justin's work. Justin claimed that he could do much more. "For me or for Bill?" Katie asked. Katie told Justin not to pretend that his loyalty wasn't to Bill. Justin saw nothing wrong with sharing information with Bill, who, as a major shareholder in the business, deserved to be in the game.

Katie didn't think that Justin should speak to her about what Bill deserved. Justin said that Bill had been ousted from his company, and not being there was killing him. "Have a heart. I know yours is borrowed, but you can still use it," Justin quipped. The offended Katie scoffed at his audacity to speak to her that way. She said he was lucky to have a job, and he shouldn't push it.

Justin noted that he and Katie had been friends, and he was her nephew's father. He asked if they could get over the animosity. Katie called it a character flaw of hers to be loyal to people who were not loyal to her. She was certain that Justin was no more than Bill's right hand. Katie asserted that she'd be insane to give Justin more responsibility after he'd drawn up those papers for Bill.

Justin felt that it had been worth a shot at Bill's last chance to get the company back. Katie asked what would happen if there was another shot, and she advised Justin to look elsewhere for career growth, because after what Justin and Bill had done, she'd never trust Justin.

Justin asked if Katie could forgive him for just helping a friend. Katie declared that he'd tried to con her. Justin said it had been about getting Bill what he'd deserved. "My job? My son? No. Signing those papers was the worst mistake I've ever made. Thank God Brooke destroyed them," she stated.

At Il Giardino, Brooke reasoned that Karen and Bill's father had wanted his children to work together. Brooke said that Bill had worked in Los Angeles while Karen had worked in New York. It was no longer like that, but Karen could fix it by removing Katie and giving Bill back his job.

Karen had thought that Bill and Brooke were just a fling, but Brooke going to bat for Bill made Karen realize that Brooke cared for him. Brooke was determined to fight for what she thought was right. Brooke felt that Bill had fought for her, and she was willing to fight for him. She said that the first step in making things right with Bill had been to reunite with him. The second step was getting his job back.

Brooke conveyed that divorce could be hard with the splitting of custody and assets. Katie already had one percent of the business, and Brooke asked why Katie also needed his job. Brooke believed that Karen had had the right intentions and had been trying to support Katie, but Brooke wondered if it had been fair to Bill.

Bill chimed in to say that the time had arrived for Karen to support him -- the same as he'd done for her. He reminded Karen of how accepting he'd been when she'd been petrified of "coming out" to him. Karen appreciated it but didn't see what it had to do with business. He questioned why, if Karen really felt that personal feelings shouldn't affect business, he was sitting there and not in his office.

Bill asked if Karen could support him the same way he'd supported her. Karen relayed that she supported Brooke and Bill's relationship and appreciated Bill's acceptance. Karen was glad she'd been wrong in thinking Bill would react to her homosexuality the same way their father had. She didn't want to be wrong in choosing a leader for the company. Bill asked if she'd made it, and Karen said she had.

Karen decided that she was going to stay with Katie. Brooke's mouth dropped open, but Karen stated that her decision was final and that there was nothing more Brooke could do about it. "Are you sure about that?" Brooke pointedly asked. Karen apologized and hoped Bill wouldn't hold it against her.

Bill snarled but said nothing, and Karen exited the restaurant. Bill thanked Brooke and quipped that Karen hadn't bothered to pay the bill with the money he'd made her. "Typical," he grumbled.

Bill took off to pay for the lunch. Brooke flashed back to Bill showing her the papers that he'd tricked Katie into signing and about telling Katie that she'd replaced the documents with the Aspen leaves. Brooke then recalled Bill asking if she'd shredded or burned the papers.

Brooke quietly reached into her purse and pulled out the papers that Katie had signed.

In the studio, Maya and Carter were discussing her worry about Oliver and Aly. As Oliver entered, full of worry that Ridge wouldn't like the newest photo shoot. Oliver was determined to impress Ridge before Ridge fired him for real.

Before taking off, Carter stated that the pictures were great. Maya remarked that Ridge couldn't do anything to Oliver with so many people in his corner. Oliver stated that anything could happen as long as he wasn't a Forrester or Logan. He added that Maya was lucky to be engaged to Carter, whose brother was a Forrester and a Logan. "You're set for life. Wish I could say the same," he said.

Maya secretly started recording the conversation with her cell phone and turned the topic to Aly. Oliver relayed that Aly was a nice girl, and he enjoyed hanging out with her. Maya added that Aly being a Forrester was just a happy coincidence. Oliver said he needed to hold on to his job, and he was willing to date the redhead at Forrester if it would help.

Oliver switched the subject to reshooting a dress because the pictures of it seemed too wholesome. Maya replied that "wholesome" wasn't far off target for HFTF, whose audience was girls like Aly. He replied that girls like Aly were innocent, but they still wanted to be kissed. He wanted to portray that in the photos and really show the Forresters what he could do for them.

Maya assumed that Oliver wasn't just talking about behind the camera. Oliver replied that the Forresters were extraordinary, and if he could be a part of it, then he'd put up with Aly. He said Aly was nice enough and pretty enough. Maya warned that it would end badly if he was just using Aly. Oliver stated that Maya knew him, and he wasn't looking to hurt anyone. He said that if he benefited from Aly liking to hang out with him, "then what's the harm?"

Later, Carter returned and noted that Maya was in a pensive move. He asked if Oliver had said anything. Maya told Carter to close the door and hear for himself.

Carter listened to a clip from the recording but said it was taken out of context. Maya asked him to stop being a lawyer, and she played more clips. "Put up with her?'" Maya repeated from the recording. She declared that the recording was proof that Oliver was using Aly.

In her room, Aly smiled and wrote in her journal. She flashed back to kissing Oliver. The Darla vision appeared, and Aly excitedly discussed the kiss with Oliver. The vision said that Oliver really liked Aly. Aly wished Darla could meet Oliver, and Aly was nervous about having a guy liking her. Aly hoped that Darla would be watching over the couple. Darla said that Oliver saw how special Aly was, and with a guy like that, Aly didn't need Darla's help.

Later, Oliver arrived at the Forrester mansion, but no one answered the front door. He wandered through the gardens until he discovered Aly by the pool. He drank in the sight of her long legs as she lounged in a chair. When he got her attention, she skipped over to him. Embarrassed to be hardly dressed in her one-piece swimsuit, Aly wanted to change her clothes.

Oliver told Aly that she was beautiful and shouldn't change a thing. He decided that she'd be more comfortable if he took off his shirt. Aly stammered and tried not to stare at him as she asked why he was there. She was sure it wasn't for a swim, because he lived by the ocean.

Oliver said that Aly wasn't located at the ocean, and he also needed her help with a project. Oliver wanted to change up some of the ways that he shot photographs. Aly was willing to help but reminded him that he was safe because her grandfather had put his foot down.

Oliver stared at Aly. He apologized and said he couldn't help it. Aly confided that she felt like a girl who, after finally being approached by the hottest guy in school, had no idea of what to say. Chuckling, Oliver noted that she wasn't a kid anymore. "You're a woman now," he uttered, nearing her. Batting her eyes, she replied that no one had ever called her that. Oliver kissed her.

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