The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 7, 2014 on B&B

Oliver gave Aly her first kiss. Ridge rejected Eric's ultimatum to reunite with Brooke. When Bill reunited with Brooke, Quinn asked for a favor in exchange for her silence about her and Bill's affair. Liam and Wyatt were on edge as they awaited the results of Hope's pregnancy test.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 7, 2014 on B&B
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Monday, April 7, 2014

At the Bikini Bar, Carter and Maya watched Oliver kiss Aly's burned hand. Her heart seemed to be fluttering as she told him that it was all better, and the ice had been nice. Oliver noticed that Aly looked a little pale. She said she was fine, but she suddenly decided that she needed to go.

At Maya's table, Carter decided that he needed to go by the office. As soon as Carter kissed Maya goodbye, Maya strode over to Oliver's table to find out what was up with him kissing the hand of Aly, the Forrester. Oliver said that Aly was a nice girl. "A nice Forrester girl," Maya emphasized.

Maya and Oliver discussed how unique Aly was, and he said that she was innocent like Hope. Maya added that Aly was like Hope -- with issues. Maya assessed that Aly and Oliver were both pretty vulnerable and wondered what his intentions were. Oliver was surprised by the question, and Maya asked if he liked Aly. Oliver countered by asking if Maya was jealous. Maya giggled.

Maya warned Oliver to be careful. She said that he was an attractive guy, but he shouldn't use it. "Don't hurt her," Maya added and left. Oliver spotted Aly's sunglasses on the table, and he smiled.

In Aly's room, Aly giggled to herself and touched her hand to her face. A vision of her mother's head appeared and hovered near the ceiling. Aly told the vision that Oliver had kissed her hand, and no other guy had done that. The Darla vision believed that Oliver really liked Aly.

Aly said she'd had to get out of the bar, and Oliver probably thought she was very weird. "The others? The kids at school? The bullies?" the Darla vision asked. Aly asserted that Oliver wasn't like them; he'd kissed her hand, and that had to mean something.

As Aly stroked her hand, someone knocked on her door. She answered it to find Oliver on the other side. He said the maid had let him in, and she'd left her sunglasses at the bar. Aly stated that he could have taken them to the office, but Oliver replied that he'd wanted to see if Aly was okay after the way she'd rushed out of the restaurant earlier.

Aly claimed to be fine, and she invited Oliver into her room. "Wow," he said, looking at the Hope fan memorabilia on the wall. Aly admitted that she was a fan, and Hope's message had helped her through some tough times in high school.

Aly recalled that Oliver had believed in it, too, and Oliver showed Aly the "hope" Chinese symbol tattooed on his ankle. Oliver guessed it was weird, but Aly called it beautiful.

Aly murmured that she hadn't had a guy in her room before -- except her father. Oliver said he liked the décor. It showed that she was loyal and committed. Aly joked that some people thought she should be committed. Oliver disagreed. He said that he owed her, and she was a really good person.

Aly bashfully said that Oliver didn't owe her, but Oliver replied that she'd been there for him when no one else had. Oliver said she'd gotten his job back, but she corrected that Brooke and Eric had done that. Oliver believed that Aly had been a part of it, and he told her not to sell herself short. In his view, she'd bought him time, but Ridge always got what he wanted.

Aly assumed Oliver thought Ridge would try again. Oliver was sure Ridge would find some excuse to get rid of Oliver. Aly declared that she wouldn't let that happen. Oliver smiled, asking from where she got her "take no prisoners thing." Aly replied that she was a Forrester, but he said she wasn't like any of them, whose egos were their strong suits.

Oliver noted that Aly stood up for her beliefs, even if they weren't popular. Aly grew quiet, and he asked if she didn't like him to talk about her that way. Aly claimed she wasn't used to it, but he told her to get used to it because she was incredible.

Oliver noted the impact that Aly had made upon Hope by telling Hope what she'd needed to hear. Aly was glad that Hope had listened because Hope shouldn't have been modeling underwear. Oliver stated that the Forresters needed Aly, and she was good for them. "Good for me, too," he added.

Aly thanked Oliver for collecting her sunglasses for her. Oliver realized that she wasn't good at taking compliments. Aly started to murmur that she wasn't used to them, but he finished the sentence for her. Aly awkwardly said that she guessed she'd see him the following day. Oliver swooped in and kissed her. Aly looked amazed, and Oliver did it again.

In the CEO's office, Ridge figured that Brooke had really done a number on Eric. Eric replied that Brooke didn't know anything about it, and he was doing it for Ridge's own good. Eric felt that Ridge was angry and taking his feelings out on Brooke. Ridge said that his feelings for Katie had nothing to do with Brooke. Eric believed that Ridge's feelings were a direct result of Brooke's affair with Bill.

Eric declared that Ridge had loved Brooke for his whole life, and Eric wasn't about to believe that it was no longer true. Ridge laid out his choices: he could be co-vice-president with Brooke forever, or he could leave Katie, be with Brooke, and "and all this -- this chair -- is mine."

Eric asked if there was really any choice. Ridge declared that he loved Katie, and he wouldn't leave her. "Not even for all of this," Ridge added and walked out the door.

In Rick's office, Katie said that Brooke could have turned down her new position out of respect for Katie and her new relationship with Ridge. Brooke countered that Katie could have turned down Ridge out of Katie's respect for Brooke and Brooke's family. Katie claimed that she'd tried it, and it hadn't worked because Ridge didn't want Brooke anymore.

Katie figured that was probably hard for Brooke to believe, and Brooke agreed that it was. Katie said she was sorry, but Brooke told her not to be because it wasn't over. Katie insisted that she and Ridge were in love. Brooke guessed Katie had arrived there to remind Brooke of that.

Katie insisted that Brooke had somehow gotten Eric to make the decision to have co-vice-presidents. Brooke said that Katie hadn't been at the meeting; therefore, Katie had no idea how much Brooke and Ridge were not on the same page. "About whom he's spending his life with?" Katie asked.

"About anything!" Brooke asserted. She said that Ridge had tried to demote her son, he'd marginalized Hope, and he'd fired Oliver. Brooke had fought Ridge on those things, and she was determined to keep fighting him. "I'm not flirting with Ridge! I'm fighting him!" Brooke exclaimed.

Brooke claimed that Bill and Ridge weren't on her radar, but what was happening at the company was. Katie said that Ridge knew what he was doing, but Brooke disagreed, citing that he was shoving Hope to the sidelines. Katie asked what the problem was if Eric hadn't agreed with it.

Brooke stated that Katie knew Ridge, and he always got what he wanted. Disbelieving that Brooke was there for her children, Katie said that she hated seeing Brooke that way. Brooke looked confused, and Katie told Brooke to accept that Ridge was with Katie. Katie knew Brooke wouldn't be able to accept it, but Katie said it was done and over. Katie strode out of the office.

Later, Brooke was in the CEO's office with Eric, who wanted her and Ridge to work together and work out their differences. Brooke said she wasn't there to work out her differences, but Eric insisted that it was exactly what she'd do. They agreed that Ridge could be as stubborn as a mule, and Eric revealed that he'd made Ridge an offer that he couldn't refuse. "And he'd refused it," Eric added.

Brooke asked what the offer had been, and Eric said he'd offered Ridge the CEO's position. She wondered why Ridge would turn it down, and Eric replied that the stipulation had been a reunion with her. Brooke's mouth dropped open. She couldn't believe Eric had put Ridge ahead of Rick for the seat.

Eric insisted that the future of the company was Brooke and Ridge, and Eric wanted them back together. Brooke stated that Ridge didn't want that, but Eric was sure that Ridge would see the light. Eric felt that Katie was wonderful, but she wasn't the woman for Ridge. Eric believed that Ridge knew that deep down.

Later, Ridge arrived in Katie's bedroom. It was lit with candles, and she strode out in her lingerie to greet him. They remarked that their talks with Eric and Brooke hadn't gone well, and as Katie massaged and undressed Ridge, she said she'd like to believe that Ridge's new position had been all Eric's idea. Ridge figured that the motive was the same, so there was no difference. Katie guessed that the motive was a reunion of Brooke and Ridge. She asked how Ridge would handle it. He said he'd man up and deal with it. Kissing him, Katie stated that Eric would "come around." Ridge explained that Eric had offered the CEO position to Ridge if Ridge would get back with Brooke.

Katie smoldered in anger and said Eric's offer was "just awesome." Katie guessed that it was everything Ridge wanted. Ridge replied that he had everything he wanted. Ridge loved Katie, but she might have to support him if he lost his job. She laughed, and he promised that he wouldn't leave her.

Katie said it had been a good opportunity, but Ridge called it a bribe. To him, the bribe hadn't been good enough because he had Katie, and that was all he wanted. They kissed and made out on the bed.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

by Pam

At Katie's house, Ridge and Katie were in bed, and Ridge told her that no one could touch what they had together. Katie said that time alone with him was the best part of the day. Ridge and Katie toasted with glasses of wine. Katie couldn't imagine things getting any better. "You ain't seen nothing yet," Ridge said.

Katie was miffed that Eric had pushed Ridge and Brooke to work together as a result of Brooke's manipulations. Katie worried that Eric disliked Katie, but Ridge said that his father had used them as a bargaining chip. Ridge warned that the media would soon zero in on them as well. Katie claimed she could handle anything as long as she had Ridge. "I got scandal chops," Katie said.

Katie advised that Brooke would try anything to get back together with Ridge. Ridge professed that he didn't care because he belonged to Katie. "Do with me what you wish," he said. Katie playfully went after Ridge, and more lovemaking ensued.

Later, Katie and Ridge talked about being strong in stressful times. Ridge said he didn't doubt Katie for a minute.

At Brooke's house, Bill barged into Brooke's bedroom and declared he wanted her back. He brushed her hair, and Brooke dished on her day at Forrester Creations. Brooke told Bill that Ridge had made a play for the presidency at Forrester. Brooke shared that Ridge had fired Oliver and insulted her kids and their work. Brooke added that Eric had reinstated Oliver and made another announcement. Brooke said that Eric had appointed Ridge and Brooke as co-vice presidents.

Bill angrily denounced the decision and ranted about how he had accommodated Brooke when she had needed it. He had given her space and backed off when she had wanted to marry Ridge. He had watched while Ridge had kicked Brooke to the curb again. Bill couldn't imagine why Brooke would want to work with Ridge again.

Bill questioned if Ridge and Brooke would be meeting in the steam room. Bill refused to accept the arrangement. "I'm not putting up with this crap any longer," Bill said. Brooke calmed him down and said that she needed to remain at Forrester to protect her children. Bill wondered if that was an excuse to be around Ridge.

Bill said he wasn't getting anything he needed from Brooke. Brooke insisted that she had never lied about loving Bill. Bill taunted her to act like it. "I do love you," she said. Bill encouraged Brooke to take a shot at life with him. He was tired of waiting. Bill threatened he would never return if she didn't act immediately.

"I want you," Brooke said, "Now." She and Bill kissed passionately and fell into bed. After lovemaking, Brooke promised she would never back out on him again. Brooke promised she would tell the whole world about their relationship. Brooke called Katie to inform her that she and Bill were a couple -- permanently.

Katie wondered what Brooke wanted Katie to say. "Congratulations, I figured you'd end up together," Katie said. Brooke hung up and smiled. She cuddled with Bill and looked like she had a plan.

At Katie's house, Ridge couldn't believe Brooke had returned to Bill. Ridge didn't want Bill around RJ. Katie promised they'd get through it together. Katie claimed that Bill was not a monster when it involved kids. Ridge looked pensive.

In Aly's bedroom at the Forrester mansion, Aly seemed stressed after Oliver had kissed her. Aly called Oliver's kisses breathtaking. Aly admitted that Oliver had been her first real kiss. "First kiss, and you chose me...I'm honored, Miss F," Oliver said. Oliver advised that Aly had a lot of catching up to do, and he kissed her again.

Oliver told Aly that she was a breath of fresh air compared to all the models he worked with. Pam interrupted the kissing when she knocked on Aly's door. Aly persuaded Oliver to hide in the closet. Aly opened the door and found Pam in a medieval costume.

Pam said they had to hurry to Medieval Night. Aly looked surprised and said she had forgotten. Pam headed toward Aly's closet to help her find something to wear. Aly stopped Pam and said she would meet her downstairs.

After Pam left, Aly invited Oliver to return another time. They said they liked each other. Oliver kissed her goodbye, and Aly was elated.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

by Pam

At Liam's, Liam searched for information on Quinn Fuller on the Internet when Hope interrupted. Hope worried that Bill had spent the previous night with Brooke. Liam said he was surprised. Liam almost slipped and told Hope that Brooke had almost walked in on Quinn and Bill at Liam's house, but he stopped himself. Hope said she didn't want to live in the same place with Bill, but she didn't want to let R.J. fend for himself. Liam said she should move in with him.

Liam went to the kitchen to make tea for Hope, and Hope noticed that Liam had been searching for dirt on Quinn on his laptop. Liam returned, and Hope asked about his search for Quinn's arrest record. Liam said he didn't trust her, but he admitted that his search hadn't turned up anything. He added that he was not being a poor sport or sore loser because of Wyatt. Liam said he was trying to look out for Hope from afar.

Liam and Hope figured that Bill would move in with Brooke. Liam believed that Wyatt would want Hope to move in with him. Hope said she wasn't moving in with Wyatt. Hope advised that her relationship with Wyatt had nothing to do with Liam, but Liam disagreed. Liam pointed out that Wyatt and his mother had staged a reunion for Liam with Steffy in order to disrupt Hope and Liam's last wedding.

Liam added that he had discovered that Quinn and Wyatt had been criminals, but Liam had tried to be respectful to Hope's wishes, and he had remained quiet. "I think that you read that as I'm not trying hard enough," Liam said.

Liam used his dad as an example. "He never gave up on Brooke," Liam said, and he noted that his dad had been relentless in his pursuit and had been successful. Liam said that he would not be the nice guy who finished last. Liam kissed Hope, and Hope reminded Liam that he had resented it when Wyatt had kissed her when she had been with Liam. Liam countered that they had been engaged and committed to one another.

Hope shared that she would never forget what they had meant to each other. She said their choices had taken them in different directions. Liam said Hope had made choices that had taken her away from him, based on bad information. Liam said he'd chosen her, and that was what kept him going. He had faith they would be together someday.

At Brooke's, Brooke and Bill made love in her bedroom, and afterward, Bill made stallion noises, and they laughed. "That's right, girl, the stallion is back," Bill said.

Later, Brooke delivered coffee to Bill in bed, and she teased that she didn't want him to spill coffee on her Egyptian sheets. Bill joked they could live in Egypt as long as they kept a base in Los Angeles for when he regained control of his company. They seriously discussed their future living arrangements, and Bill suggested they could live anywhere in the world -- anywhere Brooke wanted to live.

Brooke wanted Bill to move into her home. They kissed. Bill said he wanted to be anywhere Brooke was because the best things in life began with Brooke. Brooke kissed him.

At Katie's house, Ridge and Katie had coffee, and she noted that he had been up in the night. Ridge said he had checked on Will. Ridge admitted that Brooke had upset him with her late-night call. Ridge said he knew that she had made the call in order to upset him.

Katie worried that Brooke had power over Ridge, but he said that Katie had a greater power over him than Brooke ever had. He kissed her. Ridge angrily said that he didn't want Bill around R.J. Katie suggested that Ridge and R.J. move into her home. "I'm kind of crazy in love with you," Katie said. They kissed.

Later, Katie arrived at Brooke's house and asked if Brooke had been drunk when she had called the previous night. They argued about who had stolen whose husband. Brooke dished that Katie had been hurt, depressed, and sick and had made Brooke feel guilty for a year. But a year later, Katie had stolen Ridge the exact same way.

"You can't ever believe that you were wrong," Brooke said, "just like Ridge." Brooke wondered what would happen when Ridge and Katie had their first argument. Katie laughed and predicted that Brooke would throw herself at Ridge in a hurry.

Katie added that Brooke and Bill were very much alike as cheaters. Katie wondered who would stray first -- Brooke or Bill. "If you have everything you want, why are you so angry?" Brooke countered.

At Forrester, Bill barged in on Ridge while Ridge was pinning a dress on a mannequin. "I am in your debt for the guilt trip you had put Brooke through," Bill said. Bill badmouthed Katie and said that Ridge had traded Brooke for Katie, "a model that had some assembly required."

Ridge reminded Bill that he was talking about the mother of Bill's son. Ridge ignored Bill's insults and reminded Bill that they had no deal or swap. Bill told Ridge to enjoy his life with Katie because it was exactly what he deserved.

Ridge snarked that if Ridge had decided to return to Brooke the previous night, Brooke would have kicked Bill out of bed "so fast, that cute little sword would still be spinning."

Bill warned that if Ridge ever displeased Katie, she would be gone like a shot. Bill noted that Katie was smarter than any three people he knew, but she had her quirks. Bill warned Ridge that Katie had lectured on drinking, cigars, and gambling.

Bill countered that no one knew Katie the way that Bill did. She had been his wife, ex-wife, and mother to his son. "It makes no difference. Somehow, she will always be my Katie," Bill said.

"You make my skin crawl," Ridge said. Bill advised Ridge to proceed with caution because the third Logan sister had downfalls. "There's a sucker born every minute," Bill said of Ridge. Ridge shook his head.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

At the cliff house, Hope didn't respond to Liam declaring that he wouldn't give up on her. He laughed it off and noted that she seemed distracted. He wondered if something had happened between her and Wyatt. She hesitated, and Liam asked if he were being too hopeful.

Bill breezed through the front door, saying that there was nothing wrong with being hopeful. Bill was there to grab a few things, and Liam asked if his father was moving back in with Brooke. Hope mentioned that she'd seen Bill's car at Brooke's house the previous night, and Liam gleefully hugged and congratulated his father. Bill asked if Hope was there to share Bill's good news with Liam -- or if something else was going on that Bill should know about.

Hope seemed somber, and she changed the subject to her mother. Bill assumed that Brooke was sharing her good news with Donna. Hope asked about Katie, and Bill replied that it was the first call Brooke had made. Hope guessed that Brooke actually wanted Katie to know how happy Brooke was.

Bill corrected that he and Brooke were happy, which they had always been until outside forces like Katie's anger, Ridge's whining, and Hope's judgment had gotten in their way. "But I don't have to explain that to the two of you, do I?" he knowingly asked.

Bill said that though Brooke had fought her feelings for him, she'd never denied them, and his feelings for her had never wavered. He knew he wasn't Hope's favorite person, but he hoped that standing by Brooke counted for something. Hope quietly stated that it did. Smiling, Bill said it wasn't congratulations, but he'd take it.

Hope decided to take off, and Liam walked her out and onto the porch, where she apologized for not being more positive. Hope said that while she'd agreed with Bill that standing by a person meant something, doing so didn't always change things. "But it means a lot," she added.

Liam returned inside and noted to Bill that Hope hadn't been acting like herself. Agreeing, Bill replied that Hope hadn't exactly been throwing confetti. Liam was sure that if Bill continued to make Brooke happy then Hope would be happy for Brooke and Bill.

The topic turned to Quinn being in Bill's room when Brooke had shown up the other night. Bill murmured that he'd shoved Quinn into the closet to hide her from Brooke. Liam wondered what Bill had been thinking to discuss his relationship with Brooke while Quinn had been in the room.

Bill said that Quinn could have blown the whole thing for him, but she hadn't. Liam was certain that if Quinn had kept quiet, it was due to her own agenda. Liam advised his father to be honest with Brooke about Quinn, and Bill asked why he'd do that. Liam said that Ridge had lied about his feelings for Katie, and Liam was sure that Brooke had trust issues stemming from it.

Bill argued that Quinn had been hiding in his room, and he hadn't even known that she'd been there. To Bill, it hadn't been the same as what Ridge had done. Liam explained that Quinn had dirt on Bill. Bill insisted that Quinn wouldn't out him, and Liam was making a problem out of nothing.

Liam advised Bill not be alone when Bill told Quinn about Bill and Brooke. Picking up the phone to call Quinn, Bill replied that he wouldn't be because Liam would also be there.

In Rick's office, Quinn and Wyatt worked, and Quinn guessed Wyatt was thinking of Hope. Wyatt said Quinn could mark his happiness off her list of things she wanted in the world. She replied that two out of three things wasn't bad, and she might have underestimated Bill's desire for Brooke.

Quinn said that Wyatt had warned her about Bill and Brooke, and Bill wasn't ready to let go. Wyatt remarked that letting go wasn't her style either. Quinn replied that unlike Bill, she had other things on her mind -- like running her company, making jewelry, and being there for her son.

Quinn claimed she was too busy to pine for Bill. She hadn't gotten where she was by wasting her time, and she didn't need a man to be excited about her life. Wyatt asked if his mother wanted to share her life with someone. Quinn readily replied that she was sharing it with him, but he stated that he meant someone other than her son. Quinn reasoned that Bill would just get in her way, and she'd never fawn all over Bill the way Katie and Brooke did.

Quinn received a phone call from Bill, who asked her to meet him at the cliff house. After the call, Wyatt wondered if she'd underestimated Bill's feelings for her. As Quinn took off to meet Bill, she said she'd stick with not getting her hopes up.

After Quinn had left, Hope arrived. Wyatt asked if Hope had passed his mother in the corridor, and Hope absently stated that she hadn't seen Quinn.

Back at the cliff house, Bill put all of his bags on the sofa and told Liam that he was wrong about Quinn, who worked for Brooke's son. Bill figured that Quinn wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the business relationship at Forrester. Liam replied that they were discussing the woman who'd stabbed Bill in the neck with his sword necklace, hacked Liam's email, and sabotaged Liam's wedding.

Quinn waltzed into the house and said she hadn't known Liam would be there. Liam quipped that he lived there. Quinn offered to talk to Bill in the bedroom, and Liam took that as his cue to retreat to his own bedroom. Quinn saw Bill's bags and assumed that Liam was taking a trip. Bill replied that the bags were his, and he'd wanted Quinn to hear it from him that he'd reconciled with Brooke.

Bill announced that he was moving back in with Brooke, and Quinn guessed that Brooke sharing the vice presidency at Forrester with Ridge had spurred Bill's impatience. He replied that he hadn't asked Quinn there for her opinion; he'd just wanted to inform her of what was happening. He'd also wanted to remind her of their deal for her to keep quiet about what had happened between them.

Liam exited his bedroom and announced that he was headed to work. Bill replied that Liam had said he'd hang around, and Liam asked if Bill really needed that. Bill decided that he didn't, and as he left, Liam stated that he'd check on his father later.

The moment Liam was out the door, Quinn suspected that Bill had wanted Liam there because Bill had thought she'd behave like a jilted lover. She said that she was a mature woman and a business owner. While Quinn wasn't thrilled that she could no longer have fun with Bill, she had no plans to reveal to Brooke what Quinn and Bill had done.

Bill thanked Quinn, but she said he could do better than that. She wanted two things in return for the big favor she was doing for him. First, she wanted one last kiss. She kissed him, and he endured it until she was done. She said that Brooke never had to know about Quinn and Bill if he granted Quinn the second thing she wanted.

Out on the porch, Liam searched for his keys. He saw a receipt in the bushes and recalled that something that had fallen out of Hope's purse earlier. He read the receipt, and his face darkened.

Back at Forrester, Wyatt wanted to get out of the office because Hope looked like she could use the surprise that he had in store for her. "Not really, no," Hope responded. He said the trailer was packed up, and they could leave right then. Hope seemed unenthused.

Wyatt noted that Hope was overwhelmed and tried to sell her on the idea of getting away. Hope said that there was something else happening. She reminded him that she'd wanted to take things slowly in their relationship, and she hadn't even wanted to move in with him. "But now I'm late," she said.

Wyatt asked what Hope was late for, and Hope repeated that she was late. "Oh..." he knowingly responded. Hope told him that she thought she might be pregnant.

Friday, April 11, 2014

On his porch, Liam was stunned to see a receipt for a two-pack of pregnancy tests. He called Hope, and when she didn't answer, he left a message saying that he needed to see her right away. To himself, Liam murmured that Hope couldn't be pregnant -- not by him.

Liam called Forrester and said Donna's name. Pam got offended and decided that he needed to buy her roses for that one. Liam asked if Hope was there. Pam said that Hope was there, but Pam was serious about the roses. Pam scoffed upon realizing that Liam had hung up the line on her.

In Rick's office, Wyatt asked if Hope thought she was "pregnant late." The bewildered Hope wasn't sure, but she'd bought a test to take. Wyatt and Hope were confounded. He said he'd never leave her with a baby, and she replied that he'd surely be the father that neither of them had ever had.

Suddenly, Hope became worried about her HFTF message. She asked how her fans would feel about her presenting her next line in maternity clothes, and she was sure Aly would flip out. Wyatt said the message was about right choices, not abstinence. Hope asked if pregnancy was her right choice, and Wyatt grimaced.

Hope said that she wanted a family someday, but she hadn't thought it would be when her career was taking off and when she'd just gotten out of a relationship with Liam. Hope liked Wyatt, but she noted that they didn't have a commitment. She'd always envisioned being married first and then spending a few years alone with her husband before having children.

Hope hadn't expected to have "this" thrust upon her. Wyatt's face darkened, and Hope said she didn't want him to misunderstand. Though she'd love the child and a life with him, it wasn't what she'd planned. Wyatt tried to reassure Hope, and he told her not to worry about her line. Hope replied that he hadn't been around to witness the damage her personal life could do to the line.

Wyatt figured that a pregnancy was only a disaster if one was ashamed of it. He suggested that they show Hope's fans the happiness and excitement they had for the adventure together. Hope fought back tears, but he said it didn't change her line or her message. In Wyatt's view, the only thing in question was whether they were having a baby. Hope asked if he was ready to find out, and he replied that he was and that he loved her.

As Hope retrieved her purse, Liam barged in. Wyatt told Liam that Wyatt and Hope were in the middle of something. Ignoring Wyatt, Liam asked what the pregnancy test had revealed. Wyatt told Liam to get out, and Hope quietly said that it was between her and Wyatt.

Liam declared that he cared about Hope more than anything in the world. Liam said that it affected him, and she knew that. Liam implored her to tell him, but she said that she didn't know. Wyatt stated that Hope was about to take the test, and Liam needed to leave. "No," Liam said.

Wyatt asked what Hope wanted. Hope decided to let both men stay, and after she left with the test, Wyatt asked why Liam was there. The frazzled Liam conveyed that he'd found the pregnancy test receipt, and Wyatt guessed that it had been meant to be. "Shut up," Liam responded.

Liam suspected that Wyatt had tricked or somehow trapped Hope. Wyatt asserted that he didn't have to trick or trap Hope, and he loved Hope, for whom he felt he'd be a much better husband.

Just then, the pale Hope returned to the room, and the men asked what the test had shown.

At the cliff house, Bill suspected that Quinn was trying to blackmail him to keep quiet about their tryst. Quinn denied it. Arms folded, he replied, "Well, I'm not a genie, and I don't grant wishes." Quinn was certain he'd grant her particular wish.

Bill asked what Quinn wanted. Quinn began to explain how important their son was to her, and Bill asserted that if she thought he'd agree to stay out of Wyatt's life, she was wrong. Quinn interrupted Bill to request that he give Wyatt Bill's name. "Make him a Spencer," Quinn said.

Quinn said she'd kept Bill from Wyatt, but it was time for Wyatt to take his rightful name. She'd been bitter in the past, and the sight of Spencer billboards and magazines had made her even more so. At Thanksgiving, Bill had told Quinn that he'd wanted her to know the father he'd be "now" versus the one he would have been then. Quinn had witnessed that Bill did care about his sons.

Bill replied that he would have cared about Wyatt back then, too, regardless of Bill's initial reaction to the pregnancy. Quinn felt that she'd been unfair to deny Wyatt his father, and she wanted to give him the chance to be a Spencer -- if Wyatt wanted it. Embarrassed, Quinn couldn't believe she'd approached Bill with the request. "Well, I can't believe you came to me with a whip," Bill quipped.

Quinn recalled that Wyatt's face had lit up when someone had called him "Mr. Spencer," and she wanted to make it true for Wyatt. Bill decided that he liked getting along with Quinn, whom he'd never imagined that he could trust or forgive after she'd kept his son from him. He believed that her offer was sincere, and he was willing to consider making it official with Wyatt.

Preparing to leave, Quinn admitted that she'd started to like spending time with Bill. Bill reasoned that they'd do that from time to time as co-parents. She told him that he knew what she meant. "Uhm...yeah...that was fun," he murmured.

Quinn happened to have some handcuffs in her purse and figured that one more time wouldn't hurt. "Pass," Bill tonelessly replied. Shrugging, she said she'd miss him -- and his "little sword."

In Brooke's bedroom, Rick arrived, talking about a conference call he had to do for the Jabot fashion show. Brooke, who was in her robe as she prepared herself for the day, guessed that Caroline was excited to feature her designs in Genoa City. Rick said that they were excited about the "synergy between the two lines," even though Ridge wasn't a fan of thinking outside the box.

Rick asked why Brooke had wanted to speak to him. Brooke hesitantly revealed that she was back with Bill. Rick took in a deep breath and asked if Brooke was sure about it. He didn't want her doing it if it was a ploy to get Ridge back. She assured Rick that it wasn't. In her view, Ridge was with someone else, and there always seemed to be a "someone else" who'd tell Ridge how horrible she was.

Brooke had done that dance for too long with Taylor and refused to do it with her little sister. Brooke was content to have a man that she didn't have to share with someone else. Rick had had his issues with Bill; however, Bill was Caroline's uncle, and in Rick's view, Bill had treated Brooke better than Ridge ever had. Rick felt as if Brooke was making the right choice.

Later, Brooke was still in her robe when some bags flew into her room. Bill wasn't far behind them. She hugged him, and he announced that Liam was happy for them. Bill was surprised that Hope had been mature about it. Brooke said the same about Rick, and Bill announced that everyone was aboard the "B and B Train." He asked if she was ready.

"To tame the wild stallion?" Brooke asked. Bill neighed, and she said, "Yee haw." He savored the way that she was looking at him. He'd been waiting a long time for her to believe in them again. He'd known that it would take a while for her to give him another chance, but he hadn't wanted a life without the one woman who accepted him for himself.

Bill wished he'd just trusted that it would work out, but he hadn't done that. He said that, in business, he manipulated outcomes, but with Brooke, he just had to trust. "I'm home," he uttered, and they kissed.

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