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Jill and Colin had sex, and he made a call to report that he'd soon have her money. Lauren told Michael that she was pregnant, and she almost fainted. Leslie told Neil that she had gotten married. Neil kissed Hilary. Chloe and Chelsea got into a catfight.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 7, 2014 on Y&R
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Monday, April 7, 2014

At Jabot, Abby sounded off to Jack after she overheard him confirming with Kelly a time to have dinner together. Abby said, "I know what you're up to -- letting Kelly think you're interested, so she'll leave Billy alone and let him focus on putting his marriage back together." Jack explained that his previous attempt to separate Billy and Kelly had failed. Jack said he hoped to prove to Kelly that members of the Abbott family were kind and compassionate. Jack added that his job would be easier if Abby stopped referring to Kelly as a "gold-digger." Jack added that he was engaged to Phyllis and still awaited her return. Abby tenderly embraced her uncle.

At Crimson Lights, Tyler sought Kelly's advice about the engagement ring he'd bought to slip on Abby's finger. Before Kelly could share her thoughts, Stitch approached, addressed Tyler, and said, "You're asking the wrong person, my friend. With other people's marriages -- Kelly couldn't possibly care less." Kelly sprang from her seat and reminded Stitch that someone had needed to inform Jenna about the man she'd married. Stitch replied, "And you cared about Jenna's right so much that you felt morally compelled to enlighten her?" Tyler interrupted Kelly and Stitch. Kelly turned to Tyler and assured him that the ring he'd chosen would make his lady very happy.

After Tyler left, Stitch told Kelly that Jenna had decided to take his son, Max, to Australia. Stitch advised Kelly to keep her distance from Billy. Stitch added, "How many marriages will you destroy before you get bored and switch hobbies?" Kelly defused the anger and assured Stitch that he'd be able to keep in touch with Max because his little boy was still "on the planet." Kelly added, "Guess how much I'd give to be able to say that about Sam?"

Stitch apologized to Kelly and admitted that he'd pitied himself too much to consider her circumstances. Abby arrived and approached Kelly and Stitch. Abby thanked Stitch for escorting Victoria safely home from the Underground. Kelly immediately read between the lines, especially after Abby noted that Victoria had told her all about how the evening had unfolded. After Abby walked away, Kelly berated Stitch for having slept with Victoria. Before Kelly left, she said, "Poor Victoria. Out of the frying pan and into the fire."

A nervous Tyler ran into Noah at the coffeehouse's patio and solicited his impression of the engagement ring. Noah admired the ring and assured Tyler that Abby would love it. Tyler explained that he planned to restage his proposal because he felt more confident after Victor had given his blessing.

Abby met up with Tyler, and they joined Noah and Courtney. Abby noted that she and Tyler planned to find a house of their own because the house on Cottage Grove Road belonged to Traci. Tyler added that Traci's house was actually a mansion. Abby explained that Tyler was a stickler for living within his means. After Abby and Tyler left, Noah asked Courtney to move in with him, and Courtney happily accepted the key Noah gave her.

At Chancellor Park, Billy questioned Victoria about what had taken place between her and Stitch the night they had left the Underground together. Victoria admitted that she'd slept with Ben. Billy noted that Victoria had referred to Stitch by his given name, Ben. Victoria recalled that she'd innocently invited Ben to stay for dinner after he'd stopped by to check on Billy's hand the night Billy and Adam had been involved in the car crash. Billy acknowledged that he'd stupidly engaged in a one-night affair with Kelly.

Victoria admitted to Billy that in a knee-jerk reaction, she'd had papers drawn up for a legal separation. Billy seemed encouraged when Victoria told him that she hadn't immediately signed the papers because she hadn't been able to give up on a man that she loved so much. In order to clear her head, Victoria added, she'd gone for a walk in the park. Billy said, "Oh, my God! You saw me with Kelly?" Tears welled in Victoria eyes, and she replied, "My head just cleared right up. No more questions, confusion, or hope. I was just done."

Billy asked Victoria if she'd slept with Ben to even the score. Victoria explained that she'd signed the separation papers before she and Ben had slept together. Victoria added, "So -- no cheating, no lies, not one damn thing to apologize for." Billy cried that he'd regret that one night with Kelly for the rest of his life. Victoria admitted that she understood Billy more than she had before she'd slept with Ben. Billy pleaded with Victoria to take him back, but Victoria said that she could no longer live in fear of being hurt again. Victoria told Billy that she'd have Avery file the papers.

Billy accompanied Victoria home to pack his belongings. Victoria agreed to let Billy spend some time with Johnny, and she promised to not shut Billy out of Johnny's life. Victoria waited downstairs. Billy later returned with his belongings packed into suitcases. Billy set down the suitcases and picked up a framed photo of Johnny. Victoria opened the front door.

Billy tucked the photo of his son under his arm, picked up his suitcases, and walked out the door. Victoria closed the door behind Billy. She slumped against the door and sobbed. On the front porch, Billy, emotionally drained, leaned against the doorframe.

At Avery's apartment, Dylan shared his concerns about the rift between Chloe and Chelsea and the marital discord between Billy and Victoria. Dylan added, "This whole fallout with Delia, and the whole thing with Adam, just keeps ruining a lot of good peoples' lives. It doesn't seem like anything can be done to make things right again." Avery replied that Dylan's remark had validated a decision she'd made just before he'd arrived. She added, "Unfortunately, I don't think you're going to like it."

Avery first announced to Dylan that she'd agreed to act as a consultant on a couple of cases the Innocence Foundation was handling. Dylan recalled that someone had tampered with Avery's brakes when she had worked on the Wheeler case. Dylan agreed that Avery should fight injustices because the cases were important to her. Avery replied, "Good, but that's not the decision I thought you wouldn't like." Dylan seemed puzzled by Avery's cryptic response.

Avery explained that she'd decided not to proceed with the cooking show even though the show's producers had been impressed with her culinary skills. Avery said that defending innocent clients appealed to her more than sharing a recipe with television viewers. Dylan encouraged Avery to give the cooking show a try in addition to becoming a consultant for the Innocence Foundation. Avery grinned and announced that the producer wanted to film the test segment at the apartment. After the discussion ended, the couple relaxed on the sofa and began kissing.

In Victor's office at Newman Enterprises, Chelsea refused to believe the grim news Victor shared about authorities having discovered a corpse that was identified as Adam through a match with Adam's dental records. Chelsea breathlessly recalled that she'd received a hang-up phone call from New Orleans. Victor explained that an elderly New Orleans woman had simply misdialed when she'd attempted to contact her sister in Pennsylvania. Chelsea seemed to give up hope and sobbed. She cried, "It's true? Adam's really gone?" Victor consoled Chelsea and said, "He's gone."

Jack stopped by Victor's office and was stunned when he learned about the discovery of Adam's remains. Jack asked if the information was credible. Victor replied, "If we'd left it up to the police, we'd never have known what happened to Adam. My private investigator matched Adam's dental records to a John Doe found in a morgue two counties away." Chelsea, sobbing, told Jack she'd been certain that a phone call she'd recently received from New Orleans had been from Adam.

Victor noted that he'd held out hope, like Chelsea, but had later learned that the phone call had been made by an elderly woman. Chelsea cried, "At the very least, Billy and Chloe will get some satisfaction from knowing that Adam died cold and alone." Jack, stunned, shook his head in disbelief. Chelsea said, "At least now we can bring him home and say goodbye." Victor said he'd handle the arrangements to have Adam's body transported to Genoa City. Jack offered additional support however it was needed. Chelsea left.

Jack told Victor that he intended to honor Adam's wish and would ensure that Connor would never be taken away from Chelsea. Victor replied, "For once, in our long, hostile acquaintance, you and I are on the same page." Jack mentioned that if not for Victor's actions, Adam might still be alive. Jack said he knew something had been weighing on Adam's mind during the last days of his life. Victor noted that he'd been the only one who'd persuaded Adam to unburden himself.

Victor suggested that Jack be realistic and place himself in Victor's situation. Victor explained that had he alerted the authorities about Adam's accidental involvement in Delia's death, it would have also destroyed Chelsea and Connor's lives. Victor asked Jack to consider what he truly would have done in the same situation. After Jack left, Victor's demeanor expressed his pain and grief. He opened a drawer in his desk and picked up Adam's nameplate.

At Chancellor Park, Chelsea told Connor that though she'd made him a promise, she would have to break it. Chelsea sat on a bench with Connor perched on her lap. Chelsea said, "I promised you that Daddy would be coming back to us, but I was wrong. He won't be, but not because he doesn't want to. He can't." Chelsea cradled her child and told him that it hurt her because Connor would grow up with no memory of his father. Chelsea noted that she could never take the place of Connor's father, but she promised her baby that there was nothing she wouldn't do for him.

Alone in one area of Chancellor Park, Tyler called Abby's attention to her star in the sky. Abby said she admired her star every night because it made her smile. Tyler said the star was the only thing he could think of that she didn't already have. He added that he'd been wrong as he bent down on one knee. Tyler opened a ring box and asked Abby to marry him.

Abby gasped and told Tyler that the ring was the most beautiful one she'd ever seen. Abby accepted Tyler's do-over proposal as he slipped the sparkly ring on her finger. The couple kissed. Chelsea walked down the steps to the lower level of the park and spotted the newly engaged couple. Chelsea gazed at her own sparkly engagement ring and seemed saddened.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A knock at the door awakened Nick, who had been asleep on Sharon's couch. Sharon descended the stairs and wished him a good morning, and she opened the door to Chelsea, who said that she had news. After Chelsea informed Nick and Sharon about the confirmation of Adam's death, Sharon became emotional, and Chelsea remembered the day she'd overreacted when Sharon had insisted that Adam was dead. Sharon apologized for being insensitive, but Chelsea pointed out that they had proof that it was true.

Nick declared his surprise that Adam had been found at all after the explosion, and Sharon turned away in tears. Chelsea said that she was sorry for upsetting Sharon, and Sharon replied that it was hard to hear, but she recognized that it was even harder on Chelsea. Sharon thanked Chelsea for letting her know, and she offered her condolences and a hug. Nick asked how Chelsea was holding up, and Chelsea said that she was taking care of her baby and going to work to try to move on with her life. Sharon admired Chelsea's strength after suffering a terrible loss.

After Chelsea left, a shaken Sharon told Nick that she'd never had any doubts that Adam was dead, but it seemed more real, and she felt as if she were mourning Adam all over again. Nick said that he hated seeing Sharon that affected after Adam had hurt her many times, but Sharon pointed out that Adam had helped her in many ways, too. She recounted that Adam had been the first person who'd realized that she hadn't been acting like herself, and he'd made sure that she'd gotten treatment. Nick asserted that Sharon would have sought help on her own, and he contended that Adam hadn't had anything to do with Sharon's recovery. Sharon accepted that Nick had never liked Adam, but she wanted to remember the good things and not just the bad ones.

Sharon tried to relax by taking a bubble bath, and she looked surprised when Nick entered. He apologized for crashing her private time, but he knew of something that would enhance the process, and he presented her with a scented candle. Nick lit it, and Sharon recalled that he'd always been skeptical about aromatherapy. He said that he still was, and she remembered an evening that they'd spent lighting different candles to see if they'd have the desired effect. He told her to enjoy her bath and started to head out, but she called after him.

Sharon reached out her hand, and Nick took it. She thanked him for being kind and understanding, and he said that he wanted her to keep making progress. She admitted that sometimes it wasn't easy, and he urged her to ask for what she wanted. She requested that he pass her the shampoo and then open it for her, and she added that sometimes it was more satisfying not to have to ask. He pulled up a chair behind her and lovingly washed her hair. Afterward, he reached for a towel, and he and Sharon kissed passionately.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe griped to Kevin that her supposed business partner had called her psycho and had gone behind Chloe's back to submit new designs. Chloe ranted that Jabot wouldn't have even known about Chelsea if it hadn't been for Chloe, yet Chelsea wanted to cut Chloe out of her life and business. Kevin said that no one could blame Chelsea, and he told Chloe to pull it together, but Chloe snapped that she was together. Kevin asked how she could say that when they'd gotten married to keep her from going to the psychiatric ward because she'd kidnapped a baby.

Chloe reminded Kevin that he'd said that he'd understood why she'd taken Connor and that he believed in her, and she questioned whether it had been a bunch of bull to get her to agree to marriage. Kevin declared that he loved her and that he believed that they belonged together, but she countered that although they were sleeping under the same roof, they weren't really together. Kevin maintained that he would honor her request for time to heal, but their conversation had been about keeping her from being locked up and not about them not sharing a bed.

Kevin warned Chloe that losing it in public would be a huge mistake, and someone other than Dylan might have called the cops during her earlier argument with Chelsea. Chloe reasoned that everyone knew that she was a loud person and that she'd seen many equally intense moments at the coffeehouse, but Kevin cautioned that an outsider could think that she was crazy, and she might not be as lucky next time. He worried that Chloe could end up in jail or an institution, and she conceded that she'd been going about her issues with Chelsea the wrong way.

At the Chancellor mansion, Nikki fretted to Jill that the gap between Victoria and Billy had widened, since the couple had formally separated, and she and Jill had to act fast before things deteriorated further. Jill asked if Nikki expected them to work as a duo, and she reminded Nikki that they didn't play well together, but Nikki thought that they could set aside their issues to help their children. Jill reported that Billy and Jack had already warned Jill not to interfere, but Nikki argued that Jack didn't know what it was like to be a mom who only wanted her children to be happy. Jill worried that Billy would resent her, but Nikki pointed out that he'd resented having a broken home as a child, and she questioned what would happen to Johnny if she and Jill didn't act quickly.

Jill conceded that she didn't want Billy and Victoria to make the same mistakes she and Nikki had, and she contemplated how to get through to them. Nikki mentioned that it was Johnny's birthday that day, and Jill suggested that they throw an impromptu party, but Nikki said that Victoria was concerned that Johnny would sense the tension. The women agreed that they could go back to annoying one another once they'd accomplished their mission, and Colin walked in as Jill and Nikki shook hands. Nikki promised that she would contact Jill with any ideas, and she left. Colin asked how the adversaries had become chummy, and Jill explained that their children needed them.

Jill groaned that her second pass through the archived records had been more frustrating than the first, and Colin picked up a picture of a French girl. He dreamed of being with Jill at a cottage in the Mediterranean, and he imagined a yacht in the harbor, waiting to take them wherever they wanted to go. Colin gazed at Jill and murmured that the possibilities were endless, and he leaned in to kiss her, but she pulled away and vowed to unravel the mystery and get her inheritance. Jill started to go through the records a third time, but Colin tried to get her to forget about the puzzle. She incredulously asked if he was willing to abandon the fortune that awaited them, and he proclaimed that he already had his treasure -- her.

Jill suspected that Colin was pushing her to quit because he'd already found what he'd been after, and he pointedly stated that he thought he was pretty close to getting what he wanted. He clarified that he wanted her to take down her walls and stop wasting time by admitting that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. In a scramble to get away from Colin, Jill bumped her shin on the table. He rubbed her leg, and she conceded that it felt good.

Jill thanked Colin for tending to her injured leg, but she insisted that she was fine. He teased her for faking it, and he recalled that she'd shown that she cared when he'd faked being ill. He kissed her passionately, and he started to toss everything off the desk, but she led him to the couch instead.

At the police station, Victor handed Paul proof of Adam's death, and he explained that dental records had proven that the remains of a John Doe that had been found several counties away had been Adam's. Paul empathized that it was difficult to get confirmation of the death of one's child, and Victor said that he'd known that there had been no chance of Adam's survival after the car crash, but he'd investigated so that Chelsea could have closure. Paul understood the pain of losing a son, and he thanked Victor for the information. The men shook hands, and Victor departed. Paul made a call to the sheriff's office that had discovered the body.

Kevin returned to work, and Paul asked if everything was okay. Kevin confided that he'd taken a step back to give Chloe space to grieve, but things hadn't worked out like he'd planned, since he felt like he had become her legal caretaker instead of building a life together. Paul assured Kevin that anything Kevin said would be off the record, and Kevin revealed that Chloe had freaked out on Chelsea in public. Paul asked if Kevin had expected the wedding to change things, and Kevin admitted that he'd hoped that his love for Chloe would help to get her back, but he worried that she wasn't as under control as she thought she was.

Paul commented that Kevin and Chloe had entered into marriage with different expectations, and Kevin declared that he was willing to wait. Paul pointed out that Chloe was in a different space than she had been when she and Kevin had been together the first time, since losing a daughter had broken something inside her. Kevin said that he knew that, but Paul recognized that Kevin also wanted things to return to the way they had been. Kevin swore that he would do anything for Chloe, and Paul related to what it was like to try to heal a loved one who had emotional problems, but he advised that after a certain point, things would be out of Kevin's hands.

Victor found Chelsea waiting for him in his office, and they hugged. She said that she'd been thinking about Victor leaving the decision for Adam's funeral arrangements in her hands, and she wanted a private burial, but she wasn't sure where. Victor advised against Paris, since the city had bad memories of Connor's kidnapping, and he suggested that she bury Adam in Genoa City, so that she and Connor could visit his grave. Chelsea realized that Victor wanted Adam buried close by, and she said that she missed Adam. She added that despite Adam's faults and misdeeds, both she and Victor had loved him and understood him better than anyone other than perhaps Sharon.

After Nikki arrived, Chelsea pointed out that Sharon and Adam had loved one another at one time, and she insisted upon including Sharon in Adam's memorial service. Victor left all of the details up to Chelsea, and Nikki said that she thought that having a memorial was a lovely idea. Nikki offered help plan it, and Chelsea called the gesture kind and unexpected. Chelsea expressed her appreciation for both Victor and Nikki's support, and she left. Nikki noted that Victor had shown great restraint regarding Sharon, and she wondered why.

Victor said that he thought that Chelsea should be able to honor Adam however she pleased, and he thanked Nikki for helping to repair his strained relationships with Victoria and Nick. Nikki reported that Victoria wasn't doing well since Victoria and Billy had formally separated, and Victor opined that it wasn't a bad thing. Nikki urged him to consider Johnny and Reed, and she recalled how difficult her breakups with Victor had been on their kids. Nikki announced that she and Jill were devising a plan to reunite Billy and Victoria, and Victor was shocked that Jill and Nikki were willingly working together. Nikki applauded Victor for not making a big issue out of Sharon, and Victor credited Nikki with giving him good advice regarding their children.

Victor repeated Nikki's words that he needed to show and not just tell his children that he loved them, and he revealed that he'd gone to Nick's bar to wish Sharon a full recovery. A stunned Nikki thought that it had probably just about killed Victor to do that, and she stated that while she was no fan of Sharon's, she commended Sharon's efforts to take the difficult steps to reclaim her life and sanity. Victor worried that Sharon still could and would hurt Nick, and Nikki asked if Victor knew something. Victor replied that he knew Sharon.

Michael greeted Lauren at the Athletic Club, and he apologetically stated that he'd been bogged down with double his usual caseload. He asked if she'd taken the home pregnancy test, and she replied that she had. Lauren recognized that they hadn't thought about the possibility of having another child, and she asked how he felt about it. He inquired whether the test had been positive, and she revealed that it had indicated she was pregnant.

Lauren sympathized that the empty-nest lifestyle that Michael had been anticipating wouldn't happen, and Michael pointed out that she'd had plans, too. She recalled that Michael had been shocked when he'd found out she'd been pregnant with Fen, but she pointed out that Michael had also been excited. Michael half-heartedly stated that he was excited again, but she concluded that it wasn't a good kind of excitement. Michael admitted that he was also reeling from the news, and he explained that when he'd talked about leaving the problems of child rearing behind, it had been because Fen had just gotten past his troubles. Lauren understood that Michael had just been being honest, and she asked him to tell her exactly how he was feeling. He replied that he couldn't tell her that he wanted another child.

Michael contended that another child hadn't been part of his and Lauren's plan, but her pregnancy and everything it entailed had become part of their lives, and he promised that they were in it together. She surmised that he was still trying to wrap his head around it, and she said that she was, too. She marveled that they were going to have a baby, and they laughed in disbelief. Michael wanted Lauren to see a doctor to confirm the pregnancy, and they agreed not to tell anyone until they knew how far along she was. They kissed, and Chloe approached and said that she needed to talk to Michael about her partnership with Chelsea.

Chloe thanked Michael for answering her questions, and Lauren hoped that everything worked out. Michael remarked that a lot was riding on the fashion show, and Chloe gushed that it could really help brand Chelsea's line. Chelsea approached, and Lauren asked if Chelsea had the reworked designs. Chloe pointedly said that she would love to see her partner's sketches.

Chloe praised what Chelsea had done with the waistline on a certain sketch, and Chelsea hoped that Lauren would use the frock in Fenmore's ads. Chloe repeatedly insinuated herself into the conversation, and Lauren hoped that both of them would be at the next photo shoot. Chelsea said that she had to go back to the office, and Chloe insisted on joining her. Lauren said that she needed to see how things were going at the boutique, and Michael held her close before she left. Lauren worriedly glanced back at Michael as he buried himself in work.

Chelsea said that it wasn't necessary for Chloe to follow her to the office, but Chloe reiterated that they were partners. Chloe informed Chelsea that she'd just talked to Michael about Chelsea trying to push her out of the business, and she threatened to sue if Chelsea tried to do it again.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sharon and Nick shared a romantic interlude as Nick, shirtless, but dressed in jeans, slipped into the tub and began kissing Sharon. As they became more passionate, Nick pulled away, got out of the tub, and told Sharon that they had to stop. Nick told Sharon to finish her bath and left to get dressed. As Nick stood in the living room, buttoning up his shirt, Sharon joined him after she, too, had gotten dressed.

Sharon wondered what was wrong. Nick told Sharon to put on a jacket so that they could take a walk. As Nick and Sharon entered the square at Chancellor Park, Sharon asked Nick if the reason that they needed to talk outdoors was that Nick did not want to touch her. Nick said that the opposite was true -- that he wanted to touch her so much that he had to be outdoors to avoid temptation.

Nick admitted that he was afraid to make love to her because the last time he had, Sharon had begun having hallucinations about Cassie. Sharon remembered but treated it matter-of-factly. Sharon remembered the incident of the word "phantasm" and making love to Nick. Sharon realized that her memory was returning.

Sharon told Nick that she remembered making love to him and had only good memories associated with it. Nick was relieved. He told Sharon how much he loved her and that he did not want to hurt her in any way ever again. Sharon told Nick that she loved him, also, and that everything between them was perfect in every way. Sharon held out her hand to Nick, and he took it lovingly into his own.

Summer went to see Jack in his office at Jabot in response to Jack's call. Summer and Jack talked about Adam's death and how Jack was taking it. They also talked about Phyllis. Jack asked Summer if she wanted to take a job while she waited for her college classes to begin in September. Jack suggested that she work for him during that time so that they could spend some time together, and she could learn the fashion business. Summer agreed. Summer's first assignment was to help out behind the scenes at the fashion show in the Athletic Club.

As Kelly crossed the square in Chancellor Park, she heard Stitch talking to Jenna on the phone, begging Jenna to let him see his son, Max, before Jenna took Max out of the country. Jenna would not relent. Stitch said he would fight for Max as Jenna hung up. Kelly told Stitch that Max was better off not being around Stitch because Stitch was a murderer, and it would hurt Max when Max found out what Stitch had done.

Billy visited Victoria, prepared to celebrate Johnny's birthday. He was surprised when Victoria said that she had not planned a party because she had thought it would be confusing for Johnny to see them together. Billy thought that the reason was that Victoria did not want Billy around. Victoria said that she was trying to make sure that Johnny did have a good birthday, so she was taking Johnny to dinner at her folks' house. Billy was not happy about it but accepted Victoria's decision, and they shared a brief laugh about the party that Nikki and Jill had tried to foist on them.

Victoria told Billy that she had a children's party planned for Saturday so that Johnny would have a big celebration with his friends. Billy was relieved to know that he was invited. Billy, Victoria, and Johnny had a small party together as Johnny opened the present from Billy. Then father and son blew the whistles, wore the hats, and ate cake. As Billy prepared to depart, he told Victoria that he had sold the restaurant and gone to work for Jabot. When Victoria asked why, he told her that the business had lost its appeal after Delia's death. Victoria watched through the curtains as Billy drove away.

Devon approached Lily at the Athletic Club to talk about Lily's plans to use real people in the fashion show. Lily wanted to know why Devon cared. He said that Esmerelda had threatened to quit if she had to work with amateurs. Lily shot back that Devon's diva girlfriend better shape up, or Lily would fire her. Hilary overheard and told Lily that she did not have that authority. Lily and Hilary started trading insults, but Devon eventually stopped them. Lily sent Hilary to Lily's office to find and try on the dress that Hilary would wear in the fashion show.

Devon tried to reason with Lily and make her understand that it was time for her to drop her vendetta against Hilary. Devon threatened to replace Lily if she did not. Lily promised that she could work with Hilary. After Devon left, Lily called Cane for support as Summer walked up to the bar and overheard Lily mention that Cane was helping Victor with Bonaventure.

Summer told Lily that she was there to help with the fashion show and asked if Summer should check in with Hilary. Lily let her dislike of Hilary spill over as she told Summer that Lily would not let anyone she loved work with Hilary.

Esther entered the Chancellor living room and started dusting the mantel. Colin and Jill, who were laying prone on the couch kissing, did not notice Esther, nor she them. When Esther turned around and noticed, she screamed and put her duster in front of her face. Jill and Colin were startled and breathless as they, too, noticed Esther. Esther hurriedly left the room as she mumbled an apology.

Jill said that she was glad that Esther had interrupted because she had been about to make a big mistake. Colin was frustrated, but he realized how much he had hurt Jill and apologized for it. Colin gathered up all the papers that they had been researching and threw them into a trashcan and threatened to set them on fire to prove to Jill that he loved her more than the money. Jill stopped him.

Colin recognized that Jill trusted him and said that he loved Jill and that Jill loved him. Jill crumbled. They kissed tenderly. Colin held Jill and said laughingly that there was nothing wrong with being in love and having a rich wife at the same time. Jill led Colin upstairs.

When Jill and Colin returned to the living room after making love, both were giggling like teenagers. Both were happy and satisfied. Jill was ready to get back to work on the mystery, but Colin had other plans and took her in his arms as Esther walked in. Esther again put up her duster to block her view of the duo as she took her leave, but Colin stopped her as he stepped out to leave Esther to talk to Jill privately.

Esther asked if Jill had decided to be sensible. Jill said that she had. Jill told Esther that Colin had been trying for months to get her to trust him, and on that day, Jill had.

In the hall, Colin made a call. He held a Bonaventure business card in his hand as he told the person on the other end that he had Jill's trust and would have Jill's money very soon.

Billy met with Jack at Jabot. Jack asked about Billy and Victoria. Billy said that it had been a rough night because Victoria had signed the separation papers. Billy talked as if he was a loser and his marriage was over. Jack encouraged Billy to fight for his marriage, but Billy told Jack that Victoria had acknowledged sleeping with Stitch.

Billy said that Victoria had seen Billy accidentally run into Kelly in the park and had assumed the worst. Victoria had then signed the separation papers and gone to a bar and started drinking. It was the same bar where Stitch had been drinking in to dull his own pain.

Billy was not sure his marriage could be saved or if he even wanted to try to save it. Billy said that Victoria did not consider that she had cheated because she had signed the separation papers first. Billy said that it did not so much bother him that Victoria had made love to someone else, but that it had been Stitch.

Billy said that he had a gut feeling that Stitch had done something bad in his past that had caused the rift with his wife. Jack countered that both Jack and Billy had things in their pasts that they were not proud of. Billy said that there was something shifty about Stitch because he never looked anyone in the eyes. He told Jack that he did not intend to let Stitch hurt Victoria.

Billy told Jack that he was sure that Kelly knew Stitch's secret, because Kelly called him Ben instead of Stitch. Jack advised Billy to steer clear of Kelly if Billy wanted to save his marriage. Jack then asked Billy if he still wanted to save his marriage. Billy said that he did, but he also thought that their separation would be good for Victoria. Billy said that he just wished that Stitch did not swoop in.

Billy said that Kelly got tense every time she was around Stitch, and despite what Jack thought, Billy believed that Kelly was very trustworthy. Jack said that Billy would get no argument from him and that, in fact, Jack was taking Kelly out to dinner that very evening. Billy went ballistic.

Victoria took Johnny to Crimson Lights. They made wishes and blew out the candles on their cupcake. They laughed as Victoria said that bowing out the flame meant that their wishes would become true, although Victoria murmured that she did not think hers would. Stitch walked up to their table. Victoria said that they were celebrating Johnny's second birthday and invited Stitch to stay. He said that he did not want to cause trouble with Billy.

Victoria told Stitch that Billy knew, so it was not an issue anymore. She told Stitch that she was moving forward with the separation and was taking things a day at a time. Victoria smiled when Stitch asked her out to dinner that evening.

Devon walked into Lily's office and stood stunned and speechless when he caught Hilary in her underwear. Hilary had a few choice words for Devon, but Lily walked in and accused Hilary of being a tramp who was deliberately baiting Devon. Hilary had words for Lily as she hurriedly covered herself, stepped behind a clothing rack, and got dressed. Devon tried to defend Hilary, but Lily was having none of it. Hilary dressed and left.

Lily accused Devon of having feeling for Hilary, which Devon denied. As soon as Devon left Lily's office, Lily called Esmerelda. In her most sugary voice, Lily told Esmerelda that she would be the star of the show, and all eyes would be on Esmerelda, especially Devon's.

Summer was assigned to help Kelly with the details for the fashion show. As they divided the chores, Kelly told Summer that she liked a go-getter. Summer said that she got that from her family. They chatted about how persuasive Jack could be and about both of their fathers. Kelly asked about what had happened to Phyllis, and Summer told her that Phyllis' fall down the stairs had been a freak accident. Kelly was surprised that no one knew exactly what had happened.

Later Kelly found Summer looking at a picture of Phyllis. She apologized for making Summer sad. Summer said that she was not sad, only thoughtful. Kelly said that she kind of knew what Summer was going through because the bond between mother and child was precious and should never be broken. Kelly told Summer that she was there for her if Summer ever needed a sounding board for about anything.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

In the Athletic Club office, Neil conducted a meeting to ensure that everything was on track for the fashion show the next day. Kelly bubbled with excitement that Forrester Creations would be there, and Hilary gushed that Rick and Caroline Forrester couldn't have been nicer when she and Neil had met with them. Neil stressed that everyone needed to work together to make sure that the show and the reception went smoothly, since they'd be getting national exposure. Kelly and Cane rattled off the details they'd each taken care of, and Hilary reported that she had the models under control.

Cane griped that he hadn't received the final schedule that Hilary was supposed to have sent hours earlier, and Hilary explained that she'd been delayed due to her fitting. Cane snapped that he'd heard that Hilary had been busy arguing with Lily, and Neil asked if there was a problem. Hilary explained that the lead model had been having a moment, and she and Lily had disagreed about how to handle it, but everything had turned out fine once Hilary had spoken to Esmerelda. Neil warned that he didn't want a repeat performance of the argument.

Hilary contended that both she and Lily wanted the show to be a success, and she vowed to do everything in her power to make sure it was. Neil told Hilary to email Jack with an update, but Kelly mentioned that she was meeting Jack for dinner, so she could give it to him in person. Kelly noticed the looks that the group exchanged, and she reiterated that everyone had to try to get along if they intended to work together. Neil received a text message from Leslie, saying that it was important that she meet with him to talk.

Hilary speculated that perhaps Leslie had had a change of heart about marriage, and Neil couldn't imagine that happening, but Hilary pointed out that he'd never know unless he talked to Leslie. Neil said that he'd see everyone in the morning, and Kelly walked out with him. Hilary told Cane that she'd wrap up the agenda, and she sarcastically thanked him for embarrassing her during the meeting. Cane contended that he'd just been making sure that everyone's hard work paid off, but Hilary accused him of making it personal. Cane snapped that she had to make everything about her, and she asked if he and Lily intended to punish Hilary forever.

Hilary defended that she'd kept her promise not to cause trouble for Cane and his family, and she'd become friends with Neil and Devon, but Cane and Lily had continued to be cold and spiteful. Hilary declared that she was tired of being a punching bag, and Cane asked if she expected him to forget what she'd done. Hilary asserted that she was entitled to a little respect, and she'd worked hard to prove that she wasn't the same person she had been. She requested that Cane acknowledge that much, but Cane answered a phone call and said that he had to go.

Later, Hilary informed Cane that she'd sent out the schedule, and Cane admitted that he hadn't always been an upstanding guy. He continued that he'd felt horrible after he'd lied to the people he loved, so he'd tried to make it up to them, and they'd forgiven him. Hilary asked if Cane could forgive her, and he recognized her efforts to turn her life around, so he could forgive her for what she'd done to him but not for being cruel to his wife. Cane agreed not to go out of his way to make things difficult for Hilary, and he conceded that since he'd gotten a second chance, maybe Hilary deserved one, too.

Hilary thanked Cane for meeting her halfway, and she recalled that they'd gotten along well when she'd first arrived in town. She said that she might be pushing her luck, but she requested that he ask Lily to dial down the attitude a bit. Cane replied that he couldn't make any promises, but he wanted to make sure things went smoothly at the fashion show. Hilary swore to be on her best behavior, since the show was too important to risk anything going wrong.

Neil wrote back to Leslie to inform her that he could meet right away, and she flashed back to their argument about not being able to remain friends. She had stated that it had been hurtful of him to kick her out of his life, and he had questioned whether it had hurt her enough to reconsider marriage. Neil appeared, and Leslie thanked him for meeting her. He confessed that although he'd let her believe that he had been going on a romantic getaway with another woman, he'd actually gone on a business trip with Hilary. Neil admitted that he should have told Leslie the truth rather than let her think the wrong thing, and he added that the truth was that he'd thought about Leslie every day.

Neil thought that he and Leslie should be able to have an honest conversation, and Leslie was glad he felt that way, since she had a lot to say to him. With great difficulty, Leslie revealed that after Neil had broken things off, she had started to date again to keep her mind off of how things had ended. Neil said that he couldn't blame her, and he agreed that it had been hard to think of her because he'd missed her. Leslie stammered that she hadn't expected to meet anyone special, and he incredulously asked if she had. Leslie dropped the bombshell that she had gotten married.

Neil nervously laughed and thought that Leslie couldn't be serious, and he grabbed her hand, which sported a wedding ring. She insisted that she'd never meant for it to happen, and he pointed out that they'd just split up a few weeks before. She explained that she'd met a doctor online, and things had just clicked between them. She continued that they'd gone on a romantic weekend in Las Vegas, and she and her husband had ended up in a chapel. Neil thought that it had just been an emotional, reckless reaction to his and Leslie's breakup, but she insisted that it hadn't been.

Neil couldn't believe what Leslie had done after all the times she'd proclaimed that she hadn't believed in marriage. Leslie said that she'd thought that she'd known herself and how she'd felt, but she hadn't. Neil concluded that her hang-ups hadn't been about marriage but about him. Leslie swore that she'd truly loved Neil, and she said that she was sorry. Neil replied that he was sorry, too, but she'd have to forgive him if he couldn't wish her and her new husband the best in life.

In Jack's office, Billy objected to Jack going on a date with Kelly, but Jack downplayed it as just a friendly dinner. Jack questioned whether Billy cared more about Kelly than Billy was willing to admit, but Billy maintained that Victoria was the only woman who mattered to him. Jack thought that Billy was overreacting, but Billy argued that he intended to keep his promise to stay away from Kelly, and it wouldn't help if Jack got closer to the one person Billy didn't want near his family.

Jack reasoned that Kelly's new job had made her the Athletic Club's liaison to Jabot regarding the fashion show, so he wanted to make an awkward situation less difficult. Jack maintained that it was only one dinner, and he pointed out that Billy had called Kelly a good person. Billy reluctantly allowed Jack to extend an olive branch, but he noted that it seemed like the situation was getting out of hand by the second, since Victoria had taken up with Stitch, who had a connection to Kelly. Billy groused that he didn't need any more surprises, and Jack said that there was one more thing Billy needed to know.

Jack reported that Adam's body had been found, and he hoped that Billy could find some closure. Billy was relieved not to have any more questions or doubts, and Jack said that although he'd expected the news, it had still been difficult to hear. Billy pointed out that it could have been Billy who'd been killed, and Jack recognized that Billy considered the world a better place without Adam in it. Billy said that he'd had a long day and wanted to leave, and Jack asked where Billy planned to go, but Billy didn't know, since his wife had another guy to commiserate with. Jack asserted that Stitch had just been someone who Victoria had turned to in her time of need, but Billy looked unconvinced.

At Crimson Lights, Dylan tried to calm down an anxious Avery, who was trying to decide on a recipe to make for her test shoot. She fretted that she didn't know whether to recreate the same vibe in her original video or to "amp it up," and Dylan told her to trust her instincts. She continued to worry about what to make and what to wear, and she complained that she didn't have any clothing that was appropriate for a cooking show. Dylan suspected that Avery wasn't freaking out over a recipe or an outfit, and he asked what was really going on.

Avery was nervous that she'd made a big mistake by agreeing to do the show, and Dylan recognized that she didn't know what to expect, but he asserted that it could be a great surprise. She envisioned herself dropping pans and spilling flour, but Dylan assured her that she was a natural at talking to people. She referred to the negative comments that some people had left about her on the cooking site, but Dylan countered that 99 percent of them had been complimentary. Dylan insisted that she was made to do that kind of thing, but he realized that she was afraid of failing.

Dylan thought that Avery was putting too much pressure on herself, and he pointed out that the camera people could edit or reshoot if they encountered any problems. Avery said that she wanted to be great, and Dylan asserted that even Martha Stewart hadn't done things perfectly the first time, but Avery looked skeptical. Dylan implored Avery to dive in and have fun to show how much she loved cooking, and he was sure that she'd nail the audition. She psyched herself up to throw herself into it, and she kissed and hugged Dylan.

On the patio, Victoria was stunned by Stitch's dinner invitation, and he clarified that they could do it anytime, since he didn't want to impose on Johnny's birthday. She revealed that she was about to drop Johnny off with her parents for a private celebration before the big party that weekend, and Stitch pointed out that she was free that evening. She wondered if it was a trick to get her to go to Burger Beat or to eat hot dogs in the park, and Stitch agreed that those options sounded good, but he suggested that they sit down with real silverware and cloth napkins. She accepted.

Later, Billy entered the coffeehouse and said that he needed to find Stitch, and Dylan replied that Stitch wasn't there and that he didn't know where Stitch was. Billy recounted that Dylan had blathered on about how Stitch was a standup guy who wouldn't interfere in a marriage, and he'd believed it until Stitch had slept with his wife. Billy demanded to know where Stitch was. Dylan revealed that Stitch had worked a double shift at the hospital, and Avery advised Billy not to confront Stitch in Billy's frame of mind.

Billy spat that Dylan and Avery only cared about protecting Stitch, but Dylan countered that he cared about everyone involved, and he refused to take sides. Dylan said that he was sorry that Billy was hurting, and he sympathized that Billy had been through more pain than a person should have to bear. Dylan encouraged Billy not to give up hope or to lose sight of the fact that Billy loved Victoria. Billy explained that it had been a hard day, and he pulled out a small birthday gift that he'd forgotten to give Johnny. Billy wondered if he should drop it off, and Avery pointed out that Victoria might ask him to stay and talk. Billy departed.

Dylan suggested that Avery remind herself of how amazing she was by reading the comments people had posted about her initial video. She read one from a poster that had written that they'd heard the good news, and the person looked forward to seeing more of her. Dylan wondered what the person was hoping to see, since no one else knew about the cooking show. Avery thought that it was just a nice comment, but Dylan looked concerned.

Stitch dropped by Victoria's house with a gift for Johnny and flowers for Victoria. He assured her that they were both simple gestures of friendship because no matter what happened between them, they would be friends. He tried to hide a yawn, and he said that he'd worked a double shift at the hospital. She asked if he was sure that he wanted to go out, and he declared that it would be the best part of his day. He recognized that it wouldn't be a normal date, since they both had a lot going on, and he suggested that they relax and not have any expectations. She replied that it sounded good to her.

In the Athletic Club dining room, Jack apologized to Kelly for being late, and she presented him with the notes about the fashion show. He asked her to send them in an email later because he just wanted to relax after a long day. She agreed that she was burned out, and she informed him that she'd already ordered some appetizers. Cane approached and apologetically stated that the kitchen was running behind because of the fashion show preparations, so everything would be on the house.

Jack noted that he and Kelly couldn't talk about work or food, and he suggested that they discuss religion or politics. She asked if he'd told Billy about their dinner plans, and Jack replied that he had, since he hadn't wanted to keep them a secret from Billy. Meanwhile, Stitch shared a funny work story with Victoria as they entered the club, but Victoria's smile faded when she spotted Kelly and Jack together. Kelly and Jack stared back at Victoria and Stitch.

Kelly urged Jack not to make a scene, and she stopped him from standing up. Victoria testily questioned why Jack would be having dinner with a woman she couldn't stand the sight of, and Stitch suggested that they leave. Victoria and Stitch took off, and Kelly apologized. Kelly hoped that one day, she and Victoria would be able to be in the same room together, but she didn't blame Victoria, since people could never get over some things.

Kelly called it ironic that Jack had tried to treat her to dinner, but they still had no food. She said that at least they'd avoided disaster when Stitch and Victoria had left, and Jack stated that he wasn't superstitious. Kelly recognized that it probably hadn't been easy for Jack to see Victoria with another man, and Jack said that he hadn't jumped to any conclusions, especially since he didn't know Stitch. Jack mentioned that Billy had said that Kelly knew Stitch, and she hesitantly revealed that there had been a time when she and Stitch had been close, but they weren't anymore.

Later, Kelly complained that her meal was cold, and Jack griped that his was overcooked. She good-naturedly asked if things could have gone worse, and Jack recalled that he'd once been there when the place had almost blown up. She said that they should count their blessings because it felt like the universe was telling them to go home and rest up for the next day. Jack asked for a do-over on another evening, and she agreed.

Stitch and Victoria returned to her house with burgers, and she offered to get out the silverware and cloth napkins. He apologized that the evening hadn't gone as planned, and she was sorry that she hadn't wanted to stay at the club after seeing Kelly there. Stitch pointed out that Jack and Kelly could have been discussing business, but Victoria imagined that Kelly was sinking her claws into another Abbott man. Victoria suggested that they talk about happier things, like shoving her face full of junk food. She indicated that he had some ketchup on his face, and she dabbed it off for him. They looked at one another for a long moment, and he softly stated that it was her place with Billy, so he'd just spend time with her and then leave after they ate.

Victoria returned from the kitchen with more iced tea, and she found Stitch snoozing on the couch. She sat down next to him, and his head fell onto her shoulder. Billy peered through the window at them.

Friday, April 11, 2014

At the police station, Jack offered to get Chelsea something to drink, and she dazedly remarked that she'd never thought that she'd actually get the call about Adam. Jack vowed to be there for her and Connor, and Paul apologized for keeping Chelsea waiting. Paul said that he had some paperwork for her to sign before he could release Adam's remains to the funeral home, but Chelsea declared that she wasn't signing anything until she saw her husband with her own eyes. Paul explained that Adam's body had been in the river for weeks after being trapped in a burning car, so his remains were unrecognizable.

Jack warned that Chelsea wouldn't be able to erase the sight from her memory and that Adam wouldn't have wanted that for her, but Chelsea demanded to see Adam. Victor entered, and Chelsea questioned whether perhaps the remains weren't Adam's. Victor reminded her that the dental records had matched, and he gently stressed that Adam was gone. Chelsea cried that she wasn't holding out any false hope, but she wanted to have one last moment with her husband.

Chelsea wailed that she'd believed what the homeless man had said, even though it had sounded irrational, and she had thought Adam had been out there. She sobbed that Adam had always felt alone and unloved, and she couldn't let things end like that. Jack reasoned that Adam wouldn't be able to sense her presence or hear her voice, but Adam had known that she'd loved him. Jack understood that Chelsea wanted to say goodbye, but he maintained that viewing the remains wasn't the way to do it. Victor added that they could all say a proper goodbye at the memorial.

A man wearing a wedding band opened a newspaper and saw an article about Chelsea taking her fashion line to the runway in spite of her recent loss. The man lovingly touched the photo of Chelsea.

In his office, Victor stared at Adam's nameplate, and he flashed back to a young Adam marveling that he and Victor had the same name. Victor threw the nameplate in the trash, and Jack appeared in the doorway and called the gesture symbolic. Jack commented that Victor always moved forward, and Adam had inherited the trait. Jack added that Adam had been determined to get Victor's respect, and the nameplate and title had meant everything to Adam at one time, but in the end, all Adam had really cared about was being a father.

Jack said that Adam had been close to getting everything he'd wanted -- to give and receive love. Victor barked not to tell him what his son had wanted, and Jack conceded that Victor had loved Adam. Jack urged Victor to say a real goodbye at the memorial and not to throw Adam's memory in the trash. Victor grumbled that Jack had overstayed his welcome, and Jack left. Victor removed Adam's nameplate from the trash, and he placed it back into the drawer. He made a call and asked if someone had made sure that Cassie's look-alike had left town. Victor was irate to learn that the person had lost track of her.

Preparations were underway for the fashion show, and Lily rushed around backstage to tend to details. Cane playfully grabbed her headset, and she protested that she needed it. Lily babbled that buyers and critics would be there, and everything had to be right for the various fashion houses. She hoped that the event would erase the nightmare of the Delia Project's gala, and she reached to get her headset back, but Cane kissed her instead.

Hilary looked for Summer to help zip up her dress, and Devon stepped in to assist. He asked how Hilary was holding up, and she replied that she had a lot going on between serving as a model and an executive assistant, but she would feel better if Neil were there to make sure things weren't falling through the cracks. Devon realized that Chelsea also hadn't arrived yet.

Cane insisted that Lily drink some water, and he suggested that they have some champagne upstairs. He amorously said that they could sneak away to relieve some stress and be back before anyone noticed they had been gone, but she replied that they'd have to wait until after the show. Lily complained about Hilary's hair, and she groused that they should have stuck with using professional models. Devon defended that Hilary had worked just as hard as Lily had, and Hilary huffed that she could work the runway and still get her job done. Lily growled that Hilary didn't belong there, and she intended to remind everyone of it.

Kevin entered the Athletic Club office, where Chloe sat at the computer, and he remarked that it was a big day, so he was surprised that she wasn't in the middle of things. Chloe said that she was following Michael's legal advice to make sure that Chelsea couldn't cut her out of the company, and Kevin mentioned that people were freaking out about the fashion show and that someone needed to take charge of the event. Chloe questioned why she should have to take care of everything, and she commented that perhaps an explosion was exactly what Chelsea needed. Kevin couldn't believe that Chloe wanted the fashion show to fail, since she was a part of it, and tanking her career wouldn't change anything.

Chloe sarcastically asked if she needed her career to support her daughter, and Kevin countered that Chloe couldn't just hide out, planning her next move against Chelsea. He urged Chloe to make sure that the show was a success, but she snapped that he couldn't tell her what to do just because he was her legal babysitter. Chloe threatened that if Chelsea didn't step up, she would sue Chelsea's "ass into the next century." Kevin stated that he was Chloe's husband, and he loved her enough to tell her things even when he knew they'd tick her off. He asserted that if Chloe was stupid enough to let the company crash and burn then Chelsea was right, and Chloe had no business being part of it.

Michael greeted a clearly distracted Neil in the foyer, and he wished Neil luck at the fashion show. Michael found Lauren on the phone at the bar, and she promised someone seats in the front row. As she hung up, Michael startled her, and she explained that she had a lot riding on that day. He implored her to relax and tell him what she needed, but she assured him that she was only pregnant and not an invalid. He wanted to check to see if she could get an earlier doctor's appointment to run some tests, and she surmised that he thought that she had no business having a baby at her age.

Lauren acknowledged that she was older than when she'd given birth to her other children, and Michael recalled that she'd also wanted tests for Fen. Lauren pointed out that the tests had been abnormal, and she flashed back to demanding more tests, even though the doctor had assured her that the odds were in their favor. Michael pointed out that the doctor had been right, and Lauren and Fen had both turned out fine, but Lauren worried that they'd used up all their luck. Lauren questioned whether Michael would be okay if their baby wasn't perfect.

Michael pointed out that even though Fen had been happy and healthy as a baby, Fen's life hadn't been easy. Lauren blamed herself, but Michael contended that doing drugs and going to prison had been Fen's choices. Lauren felt that she didn't deserve Fen or another baby, and she wondered why she hadn't thought to prevent a pregnancy. Michael comforted her and said that there was no need to panic when nothing bad had happened, but Lauren was scared that they would find out something bad. Michael vowed that they would handle it just like they'd dealt with every other surprise in their lives, and he assured her that they were together and that no matter what, they'd be okay.

Michael said that getting tests done would be the first step, but Lauren hesitated to proceed. She suggested that she take some time to feel the baby grow and kick, so if anything happened, she would already be in love with the baby. Michael asked what she was afraid of, and she replied everything. Michael wondered if perhaps she was afraid that she was the one who wouldn't be able to love an imperfect child.

Later, Michael entered Paul's office and blurted out to a shocked Paul that Lauren was pregnant. Michael reported that physically she was fine so far, but she was all over the place mentally. Michael admitted that he hadn't shown a joyous reaction, and he was trying to keep Lauren from spinning out of control, since he could see her cataloging all the terrible things that could happen in her head. Michael added that she was worried that she wouldn't love the baby, and Paul said that she wasn't thinking straight.

Michael said that he wanted to run tests to be proactive about what he and Lauren might be up against, but Lauren wanted to wait until she felt connected with the baby. Michael recognized that loving the baby and planning for it were two different things, and Paul suspected that Lauren wasn't the only one spinning out of control. Paul assured Michael that there was plenty of time to figure everything out, and after all that Michael and Lauren had been through, maybe the gift of life was a beautiful reward. Paul congratulated Michael, and the men hugged.

Lily was relieved when Neil showed up, and she griped that she hadn't expected "real" models to be defiant and insulting like Hilary had been. Neil said that he had faith in Lily to deal with it, but Lily ranted that Hilary could blow the event by not getting ready on time. Cane calmly stated that everything would be fine, but Lily anticipated that Hilary would pull something to ruin the show. Cane contended that Hilary wasn't the same person she had been and that Hilary just wanted a fresh start, but Lily was convinced that Hilary hadn't changed.

Lily questioned whether Cane no longer cared about what Hilary had done to them, and Cane recognized that Hilary had put them "through hell," but he pointed out that he had done the same thing to Lily. Lily countered that he hadn't done it deliberately and that he wouldn't do again, but Cane argued that Hilary wouldn't, either. Cane urged Lily to let go of her anger and to accept that Hilary wanted to change.

Devon informed Hilary that Neil was there, and he urged her to stay put while he tracked down Neil for her. Esmerelda approached and asked Devon when her private photo session would be, but Devon rushed off to find Neil. Esmerelda grumbled that Hilary had Esmerelda's boyfriend running errands, and Hilary mentioned that there would be no individual photos taken. Esmerelda insulted Hilary's makeup, and Summer intervened to defuse the situation. Chloe entered and demanded an end to the bickering and the bad shoes, and she declared that since Chelsea wasn't there, Chloe was the goddess of everything, so everyone should do as she said. Kevin looked alarmed as Chloe shrilly barked orders.

Summer helped Esmerelda and Hilary get ready, and Hilary warned Summer not to let Esmerelda walk away with the jewelry. Lily greeted Chelsea and remarked that Chelsea had almost missed her own show, and Chloe yelled out to pick up the energy. Chelsea panicked that the models were wearing the wrong jewelry, and Chloe snarled that Chelsea had obviously had something more important to deal with. Chelsea revealed that the police had found Adam's body.

Devon found Neil in the office and asked where he had been. Neil abruptly changed the topic to the number of orders Jabot would need to recover the money spent on the fashion show, but Devon suspected that Neil hadn't been thinking about business. Neil confided that Leslie had met someone, fallen in love, and gotten married -- just not to Neil. Hilary arrived at the door as Neil divulged that Leslie had gotten married in a Las Vegas chapel, even though Leslie had always insisted that marriage would only end in disaster.

Devon theorized that Leslie had made the story up, but Neil said that she'd been wearing a ring, and Devon thought that something about it didn't sound right. Neil grumbled that Leslie believed in marriage, just not to him, and Hilary knocked on the door and reported that Chloe and Chelsea were going at it backstage. Devon left, and Neil assumed that Hilary had heard what he'd told Devon. Neil expected Hilary to tell him he'd been wrong to hope that Leslie would rethink marriage, but Hilary advised him to be grateful that he'd dodged a bullet.

Hilary thought that at some point, Neil would realize that he was a lucky man and that he deserved better than how Leslie had treated him. He said that it didn't matter what he wanted, since Leslie was in love with someone else, and Hilary speculated that perhaps Leslie's husband deserved her, which was nothing to brag about. Hilary pointed out that at least Neil wasn't in a doomed marriage, and he could start to move on. She added that eventually he'd see that he'd been set free, and both he and the rest of the world were lucky.

Neil grumbled that in three weeks, Leslie had met someone online and called it love. Hilary asked if it was possible that Leslie loved her husband, but Neil asserted that chemistry or infatuation could happen in three weeks, but not love. Hilary queried how love worked, and Neil rattled off various indicators, like being able to talk all night but knowing when to be silent. He said that it was about earning and giving trust and knowing what mattered most to the other person. He gazed intently at Hilary and said that love was the knowledge about what hurt someone and what made her smile. He continued that love wasn't rushed, but rather, it happened slowly. He leaned in and kissed her, and she responded.

Chloe followed Chelsea to the dining room and blasted Chelsea for not calling her to tell her that her daughter's killer's body had been found. Chelsea ordered Chloe to stop calling Adam that and to focus on work, and Chelsea spotted Lauren and said that she couldn't thank Lauren enough. Chloe clarified that they were appreciative, and Lauren hurried off to get dressed.

Lauren entered the backstage area, and Devon asked where he could find Chloe and Chelsea. Lauren said that they'd wanted some privacy in the dining room, and Kevin overheard and worriedly headed to find them. Lily fretted that they still had to lock down the details for three of the fashion houses, and she asked Cane to keep the models from wandering off. Lily wanted to find Hilary, but Cane thought it would be safer if he looked for her. Lily pledged to do everything possible to make sure the show went off without a hitch.

Lauren struggled to put on an earring, and Michael approached. He said that she looked beautiful and that she was glowing, and she replied that she was late. He caught her as she stumbled, and he insisted upon taking her home. She said that he was being ridiculous, but he thought that the event would be too much for her. She swore that she was fine, but she almost fainted. Michael scooped her into his arms and yelled for everyone to get out of the way as he carried her out to take her to the hospital.

Chelsea angrily asked why Chloe had made last-minute changes, but Chloe demanded to know about Adam's body. Chelsea questioned whether Chloe was happy that Chelsea hadn't gotten to say goodbye, and Chloe recalled that she hadn't been able to say goodbye to Delia or to hold her child's hand when Delia had been in pain. Chloe spat that at least she could hold on to the fact that Adam had died the same way Delia had -- frightened and alone. Chelsea noted that even if Chloe had hated Adam, Chloe had said that she loved Chelsea, so she didn't understand how Chloe could disregard her feelings. Chloe spat that Adam had been an evil person who had taken Delia's life and then the girl's corneas.

Chloe raged that Adam hadn't confessed or begged for forgiveness, and all Adam had wanted had been for Chloe to be out of his face so he could forget what he'd done. Chloe declared that she was glad the "bastard" was dead, and Chelsea defended that Adam had cried and said that he was sorry, but it had been an accident. Chelsea contended that Adam's actions hadn't been vicious or evil, but she thought that Chloe was just looking for a reason to remain pitiful. Chelsea accused Chloe of using Delia to be a "spiteful little bitch," and Kevin walked in as Chloe slapped Chelsea.

Chelsea yelled that Chloe was out of her mind, and Chloe retorted that she wasn't the one who'd fallen in love with a killer. Kevin cautioned Chloe that they needed to keep her out of a cell, but Chloe taunted Chelsea for pining after a sociopath who had killed a little girl and for turning to Victor. Chelsea countered that Victor cared about Connor's best interests, unlike Chloe, who had only wanted to steal the baby. Jack tried to reason that the women needed to pull it together for the show, but Chloe questioned who would buy dresses from a baby-killer's wife. Chloe and Chelsea began to shove one another, and a catfight ensued.

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