The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 20, 2017 on Y&R

Sharon decided to manage Crimson Lights. Noah and Marisa broke up. Devon kissed Hilary. Reed sneaked out to perform at open mic night, and he was a hit. Jill told Colin that they were through. Lauren received a call demanding ten million dollars in exchange for Scott's life.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 20, 2017 on Y&R
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Lauren Learns about Scott's Fate Lauren Learns about Scott's Fate

Monday, February 20, 2017

At Lauren and Michael's home, Lauren became increasingly worried about Scott because she hadn't heard from him in some time. Lauren received a phone call she believed was from her son, but she became angry when she realized the caller was a solicitor. Michael comforted Lauren. Lauren said she yearned to know for sure that Scott was okay, even if he could only contact her via a text message or an email.

Lauren expressed pride in Scott's work, though she was aware that he was exposed to danger. Lauren added, "What he's doing is so important. Showing people what's really going on. He sees so much fear and violence." Michael assured Lauren that worrying about her son was normal.

Lauren told Michael she couldn't forget that Scott had been taken from her when he'd been a baby. Michael assured Lauren that she would soon hear from Scott. Paul stopped by and informed Lauren and Michael that he'd received information from the state department indicating that Scott might be missing. Paul added that Scott's news agency had lost contact with him. Michael admitted that he'd contacted Paul about Scott and had hoped to share good news.

Lauren gasped in horror after Paul said that both Scott and his driver had gone missing after Scott had met with a source for a story. Lauren noted that Scott was an American journalist working for a British news organization, so someone should be able to provide information. Lauren cried that Scott could have been kidnapped. Lauren made plans to find her son. Michael insisted that Lauren couldn't hop on a plane and fly to the Middle East.

Paul told Lauren that he knew it would be difficult to just sit and wait for information, and he reminded Lauren that Scott was resourceful. Lauren cried that Scott was in danger. Paul received an update from the state department. Paul said he'd learned that Scott was alive and was likely being held against his will. Lauren received a phone call from overseas and said Scott's name after she answered. Lauren heard Scott call out to her, but she seemed to lose contact and heard nothing but static.

At the hospital, Victoria asked Billy about Jill's condition. Billy expressed gratitude for Victoria's support. Billy said that Jill was resting after a surgeon had needed to reposition a stent. Billy explained that Jill had shown unconventional signs related to her heart attack. Billy mentioned neck pain and intolerance to heat as two of the symptoms Jill had manifested before she'd suddenly fallen ill.

Billy seemed to feel guilty about not recognizing his mother's illness. Billy told Victoria about learning that jaw pain and nausea frequently indicated an impending heart attack. Billy told Victoria that he intended help Jill make changes to improve her health. Billy added that he would change his lifestyle, too. Billy recalled that Jill's biological father had died after suffering a heart attack. Before Victoria left, Billy thanked her for stopping by.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah encouraged Sharon to accompany her on a night out. Sharon agreed to join Mariah at the Underground after learning that Noah had expressed concern about his mother. Sharon changed the subject and said she was uncertain about her future plans for Crimson Lights. Mariah insisted that Sharon shouldn't sell the coffee shop. Sharon said she wouldn't sell because she had made cherished memories tied to the coffeehouse. After Mariah stepped away, Sharon remembered when she and Nick had playfully consulted with a young Cassie about business plans for Crimson Lights.

At Victoria's house, Reed was sullen when Victoria returned home. Victoria asked what had happened at Victor and Nikki's house after she'd been called away. Reed said he'd learned from Victor that Victoria had purchased Brash & Sassy. Reed asked if Victoria might fire Billy. Victoria insisted that Billy would remain at the company. Reed asked if Victoria would be away from home even more than usual. Victoria related her feelings about her company by explaining to Reed that he should also find something to make himself feel fulfilled and happy.

Billy stopped by to visit Victoria and the children. Reed was startled to learn that Jill had suffered a heart attack. Billy asked Reed to keep quiet about Jill's condition. After Billy went upstairs, Reed apologized to his mom after he realized that she'd left her parents' dinner party to check on Jill and not to attend to business. Reed expressed his concern for Billy. Victoria told Reed that because life was uncertain and fragile, everyone should find their happiness when and where they could. After Victoria went upstairs to join Billy and their children, Reed took his guitar from a closet and left. Later, Billy and Victoria returned downstairs and vowed to treat each other with more respect. They ended their discussion with a warm embrace.

At the Underground, Noah and Abby discussed the big night planned for the club. Nick and Chelsea arrived. Noah stood on the stage and welcomed guests to Open Mic Night. Abby spoke privately to Nick about working for Victor. Abby said that when the time was right for her to take over for Victor, she feared that Victoria might not step aside. Nick told Abby to consider that Victoria was head of Brash & Sassy while Abby was holding a position at Newman Enterprises. Abby said she would stop second-guessing herself.

After Abby walked away, Chelsea told Nick that he'd given Abby good advice. Sharon and Mariah arrived before Noah introduced the first act. Mariah spotted Nick and Chelsea together and asked Sharon if she minded. Sharon and Mariah approached Nick and Chelsea. Sharon told Nick and Chelsea that they were allowed to be happy together.

Later, Nick and Sharon spoke privately about Crimson Lights. They recalled how excited Cassie had been about the venture. Nick admitted to Sharon that owning a business could be a headache. Nick added that solving problems related to running a business was rewarding and fulfilling. Sharon seemed encouraged.

Reed showed up at the Underground. Abby was elated to see him. Reed said his mother had encouraged him to step out and take a chance. Reed met Mariah just before he was set to perform. Standing alone near the stage, Reed seemed nervous and stared at a tray of drinks. From the other side of the room, Mariah noticed Reed's behavior.

Mariah approached Reed and explained that she'd picked up on his cues because she'd once been a wayward teen. Mariah encouraged Reed to believe in himself and not rely on alcohol. Noah called Reed to the stage. Reed began performing a song he'd written. Reed's stellar performance impressed the crowd. Mariah smiled and began recording Reed on her cell phone.

Jill demands to see Colin

Jill demands to see Colin

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

At Crimson Lights, Lily presented Cane with breakfast, and he thanked her for letting his father stay at their house. She assumed that Colin had no idea how long he wanted to stay, and Cane hoped that his dad slithered off their sofa and back into Jill's good graces soon. Lily sympathized with Jill, but she was determined to make sure Colin didn't take advantage of her and Cane. Cane joked that he cared way too much about their sofa to let that happen.

Cane was sure that Lily's day would get better from there, since she was about to make her debut on GC Buzz. Lily pledged not to let Hilary get to her. Cane marveled at the positive reaction from the press and the retailers since Lily had become the new face of Brash & Sassy, and he believed that sales had been double their projections because of her. Lily assured Cane that he was important to the company, and it would be Victoria's loss if she didn't value him.

At the Athletic Club, Jack left his fourth message for Jill, and he warned that his interest in selling his Fenmore's shares would drop to zero if she kept dodging his calls. Hilary approached and inquired whether he was staying there, since she'd seen him exiting a guest room. Jack insisted that was impossible, and Hilary suspiciously chalked it up to seeing someone who looked like him. He wondered what was going on with Devon, and she filled him in about Michael pressuring her to sign a document promising to keep her claws off Devon's money. Hilary considered it insulting, but Jack sensed that she was after something.

Jack pointed out that Devon had watched Hilary shred a $250 million check while swearing that she had no designs on his bank account, yet she'd refused to sign a piece of paper to put her money where her mouth was. Jack cited lack of trust as the reason Devon wanted a divorce, and Hilary wished that she could go back and avoid the whole thing. Jack thought she sounded like Phyllis, but he lectured that she couldn't ask people to forgive and forget. Hilary proposed a hypothetical scenario in which she hadn't seen Jack creeping out of the hotel room of a "flat-broke jetsetter" who'd almost slandered his name on a popular TV show, and she cautioned that it was a dangerous game to play. Jack replied that sometimes he liked a little danger, just like Hilary did, and he walked off.

Devon arrived at GC Buzz, and Mariah called out that they had a "Code D," so everyone needed to look like they knew what they were doing. Devon chuckled, and Mariah surmised that he was there for the Brash & Sassy interview with Victoria and Lily. Devon figured that Lily could use some brotherly support, and he mentioned that he wanted to be more hands-on. Mariah warned that it would be hard for him to avoid Hilary, and Devon replied that he'd have to deal with it like the rest of them.

Mariah doubted that it was a good idea for Devon to put himself into intense contact with the person he'd just divorced, but Devon reported that he and Hilary weren't divorced yet. Mariah worried that it would be hard for Devon to focus on the show with Hilary in the same room. Hilary entered and awkwardly noted that she hadn't expected to see Devon there, and he reminded her that he owned the place. Mariah went to set up for the interview, and Hilary explained that she'd been surprised to see Devon because he hadn't been around that much. He stated that things were about to change.

Devon announced that he'd fully recovered, and he was looking forward to what was next. Hilary remarked that work had been a welcome distraction for her, since it was better than sitting around waiting to get divorced. He confirmed that he hadn't signed the divorce papers yet, and she asked if he still believed that she'd take a swipe at his bank account. He countered that she could always sign the document to indicate that she wouldn't, but she argued that she wouldn't have torn up the check if that had been her plan.

Devon didn't feel right leaving Hilary penniless, but she contended that she'd survived on the bare minimum for most of her life, and she'd worked harder because the only person she'd been able to rely on had been herself. She recognized that many people would look at a giant settlement as a golden parachute, but she didn't need it because she had wings. Devon expected her to be successful at anything she wanted to do. Lily arrived and was taken aback when Hilary warmly greeted her. Hilary left to prepare for the segment, and Lily refused to let Devon have second thoughts about divorcing Hilary. Lily encouraged him to sign the papers and walk away, but he replied that it wasn't that simple.

Hilary belatedly congratulated Lily on becoming Brash & Sassy's brand ambassador, and Lily remarked that she'd been in the right place at the right time. Hilary commented that Lily had the right mother-in-law and that it hadn't hurt to have Cane's support. Lily defended that Victoria and Billy had also made the decision, and Hilary insisted that she hadn't been implying that nepotism had gotten Lily the job. Hilary referred to the unfair scrutiny she'd faced when Devon had bought GC Buzz. Devon interrupted and suggested that they resume the conversation after the show.

Devon urged Lily to relax and enjoy herself on the show, and he asked if Cane was on his way. She confided that things had been weird since Cane had become obsessed with buying Brash & Sassy, and she'd never seen him that desperate and cutthroat. Devon said he would have given Cane the money, but Lily replied that she wouldn't have felt comfortable borrowing that much cash. Lily hoped that Cane would calm down and accept it, and Devon asked how Cane had accepted her new role. Lily unconvincingly responded that they were solid.

Jordan introduced himself to Hilary, and he informed her that Victoria had asked him to stop by to take some behind-the-scenes shots. Hilary complimented his portfolio, and Jordan credited Lily with making his job easy. He gazed at Lily's photos and remarked that she had "it," and Hilary mumbled that Lily definitely had something. Lily joined them, and Hilary said she'd been gushing about his digital artistry. Jordan added that he'd been gushing about Lily being his muse, and Lily pulled him aside to join her while she had her makeup done. Mariah informed Hilary that Victoria was on her way, and a smirking Hilary observed that Jordan and Lily seemed cozier than colleagues.

Esther and Billy packed up Colin's belongings at the Chancellor mansion, and he declared that their operation to purge Colin had been a major success. Billy handed her a new set of keys, and she blessed him for changing the locks. Billy vowed that Colin would never hurt Jill again. Esther shuddered at how scary it was that they hadn't known Jill had been having a heart attack, and she thought she'd been no help by thinking it had been acid reflux or the flu. Billy assured her that no one had known because they hadn't had the information. Esther whimpered that she didn't want to lose Jill like she had lost "Mrs. C."

Billy swore that nothing would happen to his mother, and the doorbell rang. Esther grabbed a fireplace poker and steeled herself to confront Colin, but she found Jack at the door. A flustered Esther hurriedly left, and Billy coolly asked what Jack wanted. Jack announced that he was there to see Jill, and he'd seen her car outside. Jack observed the packed boxes and inquired whether they were for a garage sale, and Billy disclosed that Jill had suffered a heart attack.

Billy explained that Jill had chalked her symptoms up to stress and indigestion, but he and Esther had forced Jill to get to the emergency room just in time to have stents placed in her heart. A stunned Jack recalled that he'd just seen Jill and that she'd been eager to close a deal to buy his shares in Fenmore's at any cost, but she hadn't responded to his counteroffer. Billy stated that the deal wouldn't happen anytime soon, and Jack stressed that the important thing was for Jill to make a fast, peaceful recovery.

Phyllis greeted Ravi in his office at Jabot, and she said she'd had a nice time the night before. He joked that he was glad his escort services were in high demand, but he quickly became nervous and stammered that he'd had fun. She asked where he'd run off to, and he informed her that he'd returned to work. Phyllis admired his work ethic, but she implored him to take a night away from the office every once in a while. Ashley walked in and looked displeased to find Ravi and Phyllis together.

Phyllis contended that Ravi worked hard and deserved to take time off, even if it was to listen to his horrible electronic dance music. Ashley curtly asked Ravi for a report, and he was surprised that she needed it right away. Ashley snapped that it was why they paid him, and he apologized and rushed off to get it. Phyllis clucked that Ashley had traumatized him, and Ashley haughtily stated that people at her family company actually worked rather than treating their jobs like a game to stay close to Jack. Phyllis compared Ashley to a fourth-grader who was throwing a tantrum because Ravi had spent recess with Phyllis. Ashley confirmed that she didn't like it at all.

Phyllis chided Ashley for seeing Ravi as the exclusive property of Jabot, but Ashley called Ravi a kind, compassionate, intelligent kid who hadn't yet been jaded by working with people like Phyllis. Phyllis clarified that Ravi was a man, and Ashley stressed that she cared about him and didn't want to see him get hurt. Phyllis pointed out that Ashley had just reamed Ravi like a dominatrix hall monitor. Ashley accused Phyllis of causing maximum destruction to as many people as possible.

Later, Ravi privately handed Ashley the updated report and apologized for it being late, and Ashley acknowledged that she shouldn't have overreacted. Ashley asked him to forgive her for being mean, and she explained that she'd acted that way because she'd seen him with Phyllis. Ashley recalled that she'd talked to him a lot about Phyllis, and he promised that he would never repeat anything Ashley had said. He offered not to socialize with Phyllis outside of work, but Ashley recognized that she couldn't tell him what to do with his life, and he didn't have to take sides. Ravi noted that he didn't have a lot of friends, and Ashley worried that a kind and trusting person like him could get hurt.

After Ashley left, Phyllis popped into Ravi's office and asked how he was doing, since Ashley had been out of line earlier. Ravi pointed out that Ashley had given him a raise and an office, but Phyllis countered that Ashley hadn't had any right to speak to him disrespectfully, and she thought he deserved better. Ravi thanked Phyllis, and she headed out. Ravi flashed back to comforting an upset Ashley on Valentine's Day.

Colin lurked at the hospital in a hat and sunglasses. He crept into the ICU and closed the curtains around Jill's bed. He sat at her bedside and expressed his regret over hurting her. He insisted that he didn't deserve her and that she didn't have to forgive him, but he begged her to make herself well again. Colin admitted that he never should have touched her money or hurt her pride or her heart, and he pledged his love. He promised to spend the rest of his life trying to make things right, whether it was with or without her, but he hoped it was with her.

Colin swore that what he and Jill had was real, and he pleaded with her to forgive him. Jill began to stir, and Esther whipped open the curtains and was appalled to find Colin there. He asserted that he had a right to be there, but Esther threatened to get a police officer to read him the rest of his rights. Esther left to have a nurse call security, and Colin slipped out.

Colin burst into Jack's office, and Jack asked if Colin was there to apologize for trying to blackmail him. Jack revealed that he knew about Jill's heart attack, and he hoped she recovered quickly. Colin claimed that he was there on Jill's behalf to ask for more time to close the Fenmore's deal, and Jack questioned whether Colin had Jill's power of attorney and access to her personal accounts. Colin stated that he was just there to ask for more time, but Jack suspected that Jill had no idea that Colin was there.

Jack surmised that Colin didn't have the money to close the deal, and Colin admitted that he didn't at that moment, but he was about to make a killing in the market and needed time for his investment to pay off. Jack mentioned that he'd seen Colin's things near the door of the Chancellor mansion, and he assumed that Jill had thrown Colin out. Jack asked what Colin had done, and Colin confessed that he'd borrowed a substantial amount of money to make an investment. Jack surmised that Colin had done it behind Jill's back and that she'd had a heart attack when she'd found out, and Colin blamed himself for her condition.

Jack figured that Colin wanted the deal to happen to keep his gravy train on the tracks, but Colin thought Jack understood that it wasn't easy to find a woman to share a life of passion and excitement with. Colin explained that he'd found himself taking risks to make sure things were never dull, and Jack mused that any bump in the road could be fatal when someone was going that fast. Colin recounted how difficult it had been to see Jill in such a fragile state, and he pledged to do everything possible to make the deal work.

Jack pointed out that a deal might no longer be on the table, but Colin argued that Jill was willing to pay top dollar, so it was the perfect way out for Jack. Colin appealed to Jack to give him time, and he stepped out as Ashley entered. Jack explained that Colin had been there in a desperate attempt to save his marriage. Jack revealed that Colin wanted more time to raise money to buy Jack's stake in Fenmore's, and Ashley supported unloading the shares by any means possible.

Colin met with Cane at the Athletic Club. Colin griped that Esther and Billy didn't realize that Colin and Jill shared something deep, so the rift between them would pass. Cane reported that Billy had called him to check up on Colin, and he sensed that Billy would do whatever it took to keep Colin away from Jill, including having Colin arrested for draining her accounts.

Billy arrived at the hospital and asked how Jill was doing. Esther reported that she'd kicked Colin out while Jill had been asleep, but Jill was awake. Billy entered the ICU and marveled that Jill looked great, but she imagined that she looked like she'd been hit by a bus. She complained that she was tired even though she'd been sleeping the whole time, and she thought she'd feel better at home. Dr. Lang entered, and Jill begged her to tell Billy and Esther that it had only been a routine procedure. The doctor thought Jill's loved ones had a right to be concerned, since Jill's heart had suffered significant damage that couldn't be ignored.

Jill wondered what she had to do to get on with her life, and the doctor advised that Jill had to be ready to make major lifestyle changes in order to stay healthy and alive. Dr. Lang recommended a Mediterranean diet, and Billy reported that Esther was already hunting through cookbooks. The doctor assigned Jill to a supervised exercise program, and she prescribed three medications to help Jill's heart stay healthy. Billy firmly stated that Jill would take them, and Jill grumbled that Billy thought he was the parent. Dr. Lang advised that it would be easier to stick to the changes with family support, and she added that Jill had to stop drinking.

Jill assumed that she could still drink occasionally, but the doctor said Jill couldn't mix alcohol with the meds. Dr. Lang continued that Jill had to cut back on work because stress was dangerous, and she encouraged Jill to let her family take care of her, since she would recover if she followed the program. The doctor stepped out, and Jill swore that she'd heard Colin earlier. Billy announced that he'd already checked Colin off the stress reduction list by kicking him to the curb. An incensed Jill barked that Billy hadn't had any right.

Billy reiterated that Jill needed to avoid stress, but she ordered him to stop treating her like an invalid. Billy argued that Colin had practically bankrupted her, and she retorted that she was aware of what Colin had done. Jill proclaimed that she'd do what she wanted to do until a judge declared her incompetent, and she demanded to see her husband immediately.

Jill Tells Colin They are Done

Jill Tells Colin They are Done

> Jill Tells Colin They are Done

Jill Tells Colin They are Done

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

by Nel

At GC Buzz, Victoria was getting ready for the interview when Lily arrived. Nerves were running high. Victoria and Mariah positioned the products, since Cane hadn't arrived yet. Victoria wondered where the rest of her team was.

Elsewhere, Lily told Devon that she was concerned that Hilary would blow up the interview. Devon advised Lily to stop stressing because Hilary wouldn't destroy the interview. Lily wondered where Cane was. Devon assured her Cane would arrive shortly. Lily admitted that Cane was very proud of the men's line.

Hilary commented to Jordan she hadn't realized that he and Lily had known each other. Jordan explained that he'd met Lily when she'd been a model at Jabot. Hilary asked Jordan if he and Lily had kept in touch. Jordan stated that before the Brash & Sassy gig, he hadn't seen Lily in ten years. He stated it was good to work with her again, and he walked away. With a sly look, Hilary stated, "Yup, I'm sure it is."

Hilary had made some changes to the script and asked Devon to either make changes or sign off on it. Devon asked when Hilary had begun to care what he thought about her show. Hilary replied that Devon was her boss, and there wouldn't be any more going behind his back or surprises. She stated that once the divorce was final, he had no further obligations to her. She liked her job and wanted to stay on. Devon confirmed he had no intention of firing her.

In Jill's hospital room, Jill asked Billy to go to GC Buzz to help Victoria with the interview. Billy wanted Jill to stop focusing on his love life -- or lack of it. Jill stated that she wanted Billy to stop pretending that he was there because of some misguided attempt to nurse her.

Billy stated he was sticking around for the same reason Jill wanted Billy out of there -- Colin. Billy was aware that Jill wanted to call Colin. Billy reminded her that that con artist had repeatedly lied to her and had emptied her personal bank accounts. Jill assured Billy there had been no need to remind her of what Colin had done. Billy asked if Jill would tell that scam artist that he'd been forgiven. Jill advised Billy that just because she'd had a heart attack didn't meant she couldn't see whom she wanted, and it didn't give Billy a reason. She'd stated that Billy couldn't control her life.

Billy assured Jill that he'd only been trying to protect her. He stated that Colin was a stress generator, and the doctors had been very clear that Jill didn't need more stress. Jill promised she'd stay very calm. Billy said the only way Jill would be discharged from the hospital and recover was if she faced the facts and saw Colin for what he was -- a con man. Colin had seen Jill as his meal ticket and had married her for her money. Jill asked Billy if it was inconceivable that for one moment Colin might have actually loved her. Billy said Colin would have been a fool to have not given her a second look. Colin hadn't been smart enough to realize that Jill's love was worth more than the millions he'd stolen from her.

Jill lamented that she no longer had Brash & Sassy -- she didn't have enough money to buy Fenmore's from Jack, and the doctors had ordered her to cut back her hours at Chancellor. She asked if Billy knew how much time that left her to miss.... and she turned her head away. Billy assured her that taking Colin back wasn't the answer. Jill advised Billy that there were things she needed to discuss with Colin. Billy wanted her to wait until she got home and was stronger.

Jill asked if Billy had told the nurses to keep Colin out. Billy admitted he'd also alerted security, doctors, and hospital staff. Jill yelled that that had not been his decision. Billy advised her to wait until she was home, then she could have whatever she wanted. Billy told Jill he loved her, and he left. Jill began to cry.

Jill fell into a fitful sleep and dreamed about the argument she'd had with Colin over her drained bank accounts. Jill had a flash image of Katherine catching her and Colin in bed. Katherine had advised that she'd known the type of person Colin was. Colin had stated that all businessmen had had slip-ups. Katherine had pointed out that Colin's slip-ups had been a little less than innocent.

In her dream, Jill flashed back to being in the living room with Colin and Katherine. Jill had advised Katherine that Jill could love Cane and Colin at the same time -- after all, Katherine had managed to do that with Murphy. Incensed, Katherine had warned Jill never to compare Colin to Murphy. Jill had taunted Katherine that her soon-to-be husband, Colin, hadn't had a bait shop, and he wasn't marrying Jill to move out of his trailer. Katherine had slapped Jill and advised Jill to wake up.

Jill had another flash image of her and Katherine at the Athletic Club. Jill had advised that Katherine could dismiss Tucker and Jill, but Katherine couldn't dismiss her doctor's opinion or that Katherine's blood pressure would go sky high. Katherine had asked if that was what Jill had wanted. Jill had admitted that she'd been trying to save Katherine's life. Jill had accused Katherine of driving Jill crazy, but she'd wanted Katherine to keep driving her crazy for many years to come. Katherine had assured Jill she wasn't going anywhere.

Jill woke up and called Colin.

At the Athletic Club, Colin advised Cane that Billy had no reason to have Colin arrested. Cane stated that Billy could charge Colin with grand larceny. Colin stated he and Jill were married; therefore, what was hers was his. Cane warned Colin to stay away from Jill, or Billy would have him arrested. Colin stated that he was concerned about Jill, and he had to make things right. Colin intended to pay back the millions he'd taken from Jill's accounts. Cane wondered how Colin intended to do that. Colin was absolutely sure he could -- with Cane's help.

Cane asked if Colin thought that he'd use Cane to get the money Colin owed Jill. Cane advised that he didn't have the money, and even if he had the money, he wouldn't give it to Colin. Colin asked Cane to go to Devon and convince him it would be a loan. Cane stated that Devon wouldn't loan Colin the money because Colin had tried to blackmail Devon. Cane asked how Colin intended to pay Devon back. Colin assured Cane that his investments would pay off. Cane asked when that would happen -- the next year, next decade, or next century. Cane stated that Devon wasn't a bank, and Cane wouldn't go to Devon on Colin's behalf. Cane warned Colin not to go to Devon either.

Colin insisted that getting the money back for Jill would straighten things out. Cane asked if Colin recalled Cane advising him that the way to Jill's heart wasn't with money. Before Cane left, he told Colin that it was a huge day for him and Lily because they were appearing on GC Buzz, and they'd showcase a product that Cane had helped develop. He said it would have been wonderful if Colin had stopped trying to get money out of Cane and just said, "Good luck, son." Cane left.

Back at GC Buzz, Victoria gave Jordan instructions on what she wanted photographed. Cane arrived and asked Victoria why Jordan was there. Victoria advised Cane that she'd hired Jordan to take pictures of her and Lily for the website. Cane asked why Victoria hadn't run that by him first, since he'd lined up the interview to showcase the new line. Victoria assured him she'd been impressed with his work, but she owned Brash & Sassy and didn't need to run anything by him. She also advised that she'd decided to hire Jordan exclusively for Brash & Sassy. Hilary watched the exchange and smiled.

Later, Cane instructed that they needed chairs for him and Billy, but Victoria quashed the idea and stated there were enough chairs. She felt the scene would be cleaner with only her and Lily. Cane asked if that was how things were going to be. Billy advised Cane that he was no longer co-CEO. Hilary watched that exchange as well.

Devon told Cane he was sorry that Victoria had bought Brash & Sassy out from under Cane. Devon took Cane aside and said he'd heard about Jill's heart attack and mentioned he'd tried to reach out but hadn't been able to get through. Cane suggested that Devon go through Billy.

Devon mentioned that he'd heard that Colin had been responsible for Jill's heart attack because Colin had drained Jill's accounts. Cane advised that Jill hadn't seen a doctor in some time and had neglected her health. Colin was looking for a way to pay the money back. Cane assured Devon he'd warned Colin to stay away from Devon. Devon thanked him because Colin wasn't reliable. Cane defended Colin and advised Devon that Colin had made a lot of money for Jill. Collin loved Jill, and he'd find a way to return the money.

Lily returned from wardrobe and makeup, and Cane complimented her on her look. Lily and Cane hugged while Hilary watched.

Hilary and Mariah began the interview by introducing Victoria. Victoria introduced Lily as Brash & Sassy's brand ambassador. Lily began to describe the products when Hilary interrupted and pointed out that a handsome man had been following Lily around. Hilary understood that Lily had some history with Jordan. Lily agreed she'd met Jordan ten years before. Hilary stated that it had to be wonderful to be followed by someone who seemed to be entranced with Lily's every move.

Hilary mentioned that Lily was married to the former co-CEO of Brash & Sassy and introduced Cane. She invited Cane and Jordan onto the set. Victoria, Lily, Devon, and Billy appeared uncomfortable. Cane and Jordan proceeded to take off their shirts -- Lily sprayed Cane with the men's cologne while Hilary and Mariah did the same to Jordan. Hilary completely shut Victoria out of the interview and put the focus on Cane and Jordan. The interview ended with Mariah and Hilary on either side of Jordan, and Hilary stating that Brash & Sassy was in good hands with Victoria at the helm.

When the segment was over, Billy asked Cane what he'd thought he'd been doing. Cane said he'd been selling the product, and he hadn't seen Billy joining him and taking his shirt off for the cause. Later, Billy advised Victoria that Cane had deliberately stolen the spotlight from her. Victoria said she was pleased because it had been successful.

Devon was very happy with the way the interview had gone and advised that the media had gone crazy. Hilary stated that Jordan's abs had a lot to do with it, and she walked away. Devon appeared jealous.

Later, Hilary flirted with Jordan and invited him back to take some pictures of Hilary and Mariah. Hilary hugged him, and Jordan left. Devon told Hilary that she'd done a good job. He admitted he'd been nervous at the beginning of the show, but she'd turned it around. He also admitted that sometimes she could be a class act. Devon said he'd seen Hilary flirt with Jordan. He stated she could flirt with anyone she liked once the divorce became final, but he didn't like the idea of her moving on. He stated that as difficult as it had been to be together, he was miserable without her. He kissed her.

At the Athletic Club, Neil saw Colin at the bar and asked why he was there. Neil stated he'd been advised about Jill's heart attack and asked why Colin wasn't with Jill. Neil stated that he knew that Colin had stolen all of Jill's money. Colin advised that he planned on repaying every penny. Neil asked how Colin intended to do that. Colin's face lit up, and he suggested that perhaps Neil could put in a good word for him with Devon. Neil refused. Neil asked if Colin had ever loved Jill and asked why Colin had married her. Neil stated that Colin had been broke when he'd met Jill. Neil wanted to know why Colin was still in town, since Jill was broke.

Colin stated that he'd find a way to get the money back for Jill. Neil told Colin that when love was real, there wasn't a power in the universe that could tear them apart. Money wasn't the glue that had held Colin's marriage together -- it had been love. Neil stated that Colin needed to prove his love -- not with money, but by being the man that Jill had fallen in love with. Neil left.

At Crimson Lights, Billy advised Victoria that the segment was trending, but he was angry with Cane. Victoria stated she'd wanted to be the star as CEO, but the spontaneity of what had happened had made the show a hit. Billy stated that if Victoria continued to allow Cane to get away with things like what he'd done at GC Buzz, Cane would become a problem, and he'd be very difficult to get rid of. That gave Victoria pause for thought.

Billy believed Cane would continue doing whatever he wanted, just like Colin. Victoria felt she'd be able to handle Cane's ego because he was a model of humility compared to Victor. Billy pointed out that Victor had never done anything to Victoria that had almost killed her. Colin, on the other hand -- if Billy hadn't gotten to Jill in time, things would've turned out very different.

Cane carried Lily over the threshold of their home while they kissed. Lily asked how Cane had managed to react so quickly when Hilary had blindsided him. Lily felt that Victoria would see Cane's worth, but Cane felt it could go the other way. Lily asked if Cane intended to quit, but Cane wouldn't give them the satisfaction of quitting. Cane advised her that Victoria and Billy wouldn't be happy until Cane's life was awash in complete misery. They started to undress, and Cane carried Lily to the bedroom.

Colin arrived at the hospital with flowers and went straight to Jill's room. Jill said it was time they had a discussion about their future. Jill looked at the end of her bed and imagined that Katherine was sitting there. Jill looked heartbroken.

Nikki and Sharon call a truce

Nikki and Sharon call a truce

Thursday, February 23, 2017

At the hospital, Colin placed a bouquet of flowers at Jill's side. She snapped that the blooms were as dead as their marriage, but he contended that they just needed a little water, just like their love. He recognized that he'd messed things up, but he thought they could start again with a clean slate. "And an empty bank account," Jill grumbled, and Colin offered to nurse her and her finances back to health. She swore that he would never lay a finger on her money or her body again, and she told him they were through.

Colin refused to believe that he and Jill were over. He reasoned that a near-death experience put things in perspective, and he considered Jill's heart attack to be a blessing in disguise, since they'd discovered the problem before any real damage had been done. Jill sarcastically thanked him for stealing her money and giving her a heart attack. He pledged to pay back every penny, even if he had to get a job of his own. Jill barked that when he'd stolen her money, he'd proven to her that money was his true love. She added that he'd made his choice, so she was making hers.

Colin declared that there was an infinite supply of money but only one Jill Foster Atkinson, and they'd been meant for one another since the day they'd met. Jill snapped that he'd used her from the day they'd met, and Katherine had known it, based on her experience with men like Cash and Rex. Jill contended that Katherine had learned from her mistakes and had ended up with a decent man who hadn't been after her money, and she wished she'd followed Katherine's example. Colin argued that Jill had portrayed Katherine as a drunk and a floozy, but Jill demanded that he not talk about Katherine that way.

Colin ranted that Katherine had done far worse to Jill than he ever had, and he proclaimed that Katherine had been an albatross around Jill's neck. Colin continued that Jill should be dancing on Katherine's grave, and Jill gasped for breath as her monitors sounded an alarm. Jill hissed that Colin was literally making her sick, but he argued that she'd been fine until they'd talked about Katherine. A nurse entered and ordered him to leave, and he hovered outside the ICU as Jill complained that she couldn't breathe.

The nurse informed Colin that Jill had elevated blood pressure and needed to rest, but she allowed him a few minutes with his wife as long as Jill didn't get upset. Colin stepped back into the ICU, and he said Jill had scared him. She rolled her eyes at the thought of him suffering when she was the one with a heart condition, and he promised to make up for the pain he'd caused her. She spat that only a dry martini would make her feel better, but she had to be a teetotaler for the rest of her life because of him. Colin acknowledged that he'd been selfish to go on about how much he needed her when it was more important that she needed him, even if she didn't want to admit it.

Colin repositioned Jill's pillow, but she put it back where it had been. She asserted that the stents had repaired her broken heart, and it would go on beating without him. Colin insisted that she couldn't get through it alone and that he was the only one she could count on. He rattled off reasons why she couldn't rely on Esther, Billy, Lauren, and Cane, and he swore that he'd meant every word of their wedding vows.

Jill said she'd wanted to believe that Colin was a good man underneath it all and that he would scam other people but never hurt her, but she'd been wrong. She realized that "good Colin" was just a fictional character she'd created, and she deserved better than another con. Jill ordered him to leave, and Colin numbly stood up and walked out. He peered in at her as she stared forlornly at the flowers he'd given her.

Sharon stopped by the Newman ranch and was surprised when Nikki didn't slam the door in her face. Sharon apologized for pouring milk on Nikki's head, and she wished she could make it up to Nikki. Nikki lectured that Sharon would only stop feeling sorry for herself if she got out of her own head, and she noted that Sharon had a nice home, beautiful children, and a good job. Nikki announced that she wanted to start a shelter for women who were truly in dire straits as a way to honor Dylan, and she wanted Sharon to get involved, since Sharon could relate to broken, insecure women.

Nikki explained that Sharon's ability to empathize would make donors open their checkbooks to help people rebuild their lives, but Sharon questioned how she could do that when she didn't even know how to rebuild her own. Nikki recognized that both she and Sharon missed Dylan, and she acknowledged that it had been hard on Sharon to have to tell everyone that her husband had left her. Sharon admitted that she'd been having trouble sleeping and concentrating, and she bemoaned that she couldn't take care of Faith.

Nikki praised Sharon for always being there for her children, and she recounted that Sharon had been a rock when Noah had been born prematurely. Sharon figured that she'd had no choice but to be strong for Nick and Noah, and Nikki urged her to be strong for Dylan. Nikki pointed out that Dylan had been willing to give up everything to keep Sharon safe, and she implored Sharon to live a life that warranted that sacrifice. Sharon realized that Dylan had given her everything she needed to begin the next chapter of her life, and she owed it to him to get started.

At Crimson Lights, Billy was worried that Colin would do anything to get back in Jill's good graces. Victoria placed her hand on his and assured him that Jill wouldn't let a heart attack or Colin defeat her. Nick approached and inquired about Jill, and Billy reported that his mother had been complaining about everything. Billy informed Nick that Victoria had been fantastic on GC Buzz, and Nick remarked that star quality ran in the family, since Reed had killed it at open mic night. Victoria was floored.

Victoria said Reed was studying at the library, and she started to call him, but Billy reminded her that she'd taken Reed's phone away. Nick swore that he never would have let Reed perform if he'd known the teen had been grounded, and Victoria revealed that her son wasn't even halfway through his punishment yet. Nick thought it sounded harsh, but Victoria argued that too many parents let their kids do whatever they wanted. Nick believed that she would have been proud if she'd seen Reed perform, but Victoria contended that Reed had lied and broken the rules. She added that if Reed thought he was in prison, he was about to experience solitary confinement.

Billy warned that locking Reed up would only teach him how to escape, and Nick cautioned that Reed would end up resenting Victoria the way they'd resented their dad. Billy added that performing music was a positive outlet that was hardly the same as watching porn, and he encouraged her to use it as motivation. Billy suggested that Victoria treat Reed like an adult and ask him why he liked music. Nick advised her to try to improve her relationship with her son rather than just showing him that she was the boss.

Later, Chelsea startled Nick, who appeared to be deep in thought. She wondered if he'd called her because he'd been contemplating the mysteries of the universe, but he replied that he'd missed her. He revealed that he'd been thinking about how lucky they were that their kids were still at an age when parenting was a pure joy. He mentioned that Victoria had been struggling with Reed, and he vowed to squeeze every ounce of happiness out of their kids' toddler years, since they'd blink and that time would be over.

Chelsea showed Nick a photo of Connor "improving" her designs with his crayons, and Nick recounted that Christian had helped him shovel snow with a pail and shovel intended for the beach. Nick marveled at how different Christian's personality was from Noah's, since Christian was serious about everything, but Noah had always been easygoing like Nick. Chelsea squirmed, and Nick figured that perhaps it was because Christian didn't have a mom. Chelsea assured Nick that Christian was lucky to have Nick as a dad.

Sharon approached, and Nick observed her upbeat demeanor. Sharon credited Nikki with helping her snap out of her funk, and she resolved to focus on the people who were still there, like her kids. Chelsea reminded her about a marketing meeting the next day, but Sharon said she wouldn't be there -- she was quitting. Nick questioned whether it was the best time for Sharon to make major life decisions, and Chelsea inquired whether Sharon had another job lined up. Sharon announced that she owned the coffeehouse and planned to be its new manager, and she looked forward to being her own boss.

Nick recognized that Sharon knew the history of the place, and Sharon envisioned giving the Underground a run for its money. Nick wondered what had inspired her plan, and Sharon mentioned that she'd been thinking about Noah's premature birth. She recalled that every breath might have been Noah's last, but her love had given him the strength to survive. Sharon marveled that Noah had become everything she'd wanted him to be, and she wanted to do what she'd done for Noah for herself to prove that she could overcome anything.

Sharon presented Nick and Chelsea with coffee on the house, and she pledged to be a good boss and a great role model for Faith. Chelsea empathized with the struggle to find purpose and joy after losing the man she loved. Sharon asked Chelsea's secret for dealing with feeling alone in an empty house, and Chelsea replied that she had eventually gotten to the point where memories of Adam made her happy. Chelsea indicated that the penthouse was her home, not just the place where she and Adam had lived together. Sharon thanked her for the excellent wisdom, and she left to go to her own home.

At the Underground, Mariah ordered a glass of Champagne from Noah, who told her it was on the house in honor of her successful interview. He called her a superstar, and she considered it high praise from the guy who'd discovered Reed Hellstrom. Mariah raved that Reed had an amazing voice and looked like every girl's fantasy boyfriend, and she displayed a video of Reed's performance on her phone. She mentioned that she'd posted the video on GC Buzz's website, and it had been the site's second-highest feed of the day with overwhelmingly positive comments. Reed entered, and Noah called him the teen of the hour. Reed immediately wondered what he'd done wrong.

Mariah showed Reed the video she'd filmed, and he marveled that people had stopped talking when he'd started singing. Mariah reported that the video had been viewed over a thousand times on GC Buzz's website, and Reed panicked because he was sure his mom would find out that he'd been singing at a bar when he was supposed to be grounded. Mariah was sure that Reed would have heard from Victoria if she'd seen the video, and Noah offered to have Reed's back.

A young woman approached and recognized Reed, and she gushed that he'd totally slayed the song in the video. Reed grinned and thanked her, and Noah informed the woman that Reed would be regularly performing there, so she should tell her friends. The woman asserted that she'd seen Reed first, and Mariah congratulated Reed on getting his first groupie. Reed contended that he didn't want to be a rock star, but he'd love to perform his songs and go on tour. Noah thought it could happen, but Reed lamented that graduation was still a couple of years away.

Later, Nikki stopped by to tell Noah about her conversation with Sharon, and she informed him that they'd called a truce after bonding over their memories of Noah being born prematurely. Nikki added that Dylan's departure had made them put down their weapons and realize that they were on the same side. Noah was glad Nikki and Sharon had worked things out, and he griped that Dylan had messed with Sharon's head. Nikki clucked that Noah was being judgmental without knowing all the facts, and Noah asked what he was missing. Nikki swore that Dylan loved Sharon and had wanted to work things out, but Noah argued that Dylan had completely disappeared as if their marriage had never happened. Nikki blurted out that Dylan hadn't had any other choice.

Noah asked what Nikki meant, and Nikki claimed that Dylan had needed to make a clean break for his own well-being. Noah recalled that Sharon and Dylan's marriage had seemed solid until he'd taken the undercover job, and he demanded to know what Nikki knew. He assured her that she could trust him not to tell anyone, including his mother. Nikki called him a good son to fight for his mom, just like Sharon had fought for him when he'd been born. Nikki headed out, and Mariah asked if Noah was okay. Noah responded that he was fine, but he doubted that Sharon and Nikki were.

Reed found Victoria and Billy waiting for him at home, and he reminded her that she'd given him permission to go to the library. She explained that she'd been concerned because the library had closed over an hour earlier, and Reed testily questioned whether she'd implant a GPS device under his skin. Victoria swore that she wasn't enjoying punishing him, but she admitted that she was upset because he'd sneaked out to perform at open mic night. Reed assumed that she'd seen the video, but Billy revealed that Nick had filled Victoria in.

Victoria chided Reed for disregarding the rules, and he whined that she wouldn't let him do anything. She reiterated that she didn't want him going out on school nights, but he defended that it had been his only chance to perform. Victoria asserted that he had to put school first, but Reed scoffed at the idea that playing the guitar was a distraction from stuff he'd never use, like geometry. Reed declared that Mariah and Noah understood, and Mariah had posted a video of his performance on GC Buzz's website. Victoria wondered how he could have known that with no access to his phone or the Internet, and she realized that he'd been with Mariah and Noah that night.

Victoria accused Reed of lying to her about going to the library, and Reed griped that she interrogated him like he was a murder suspect. Reed insisted that he had gone to the library, but he'd stopped by the Underground on his way home, and he didn't regret it. Reed bellowed that Noah and Mariah had done more to support him in the past week than Victoria had done since he'd moved there. Reed pulled out the books from his backpack that he needed for his research paper, and he handed his math homework to Victoria, expecting her to ground him another day for each answer he'd gotten wrong.

Billy pointed out that Reed hadn't been honest with his mom, so Reed couldn't blame her for being upset. Victoria understood why Reed had wanted to go to open mic, but she wondered why he'd gone to the bar that night. Reed explained that he'd been cold on his way home, so he'd stopped in to warm up and say hi to his cousin. Reed proudly revealed that Mariah's video already had thousands of hits, and a stranger had told him that she'd liked his song. Reed mentioned that Noah had invited him to play again, and he asked if he could perform the following week or if he had to tell Noah that his mommy wouldn't let him.

Reed turned to Billy for support, but Billy prepared to leave. Both Victoria and Reed asked Billy to stay, and Billy agreed to mediate. Reed explained that he didn't enjoy sneaking around and lying, but it was the only way to be able to do what he loved. Victoria indicated that she was thrilled that Reed was willing to put in hours of practice at something he loved, but she refused to negotiate letting him go out on a school night. Reed contemplated convincing Nick and Noah to host an open mic night on the weekend, but Victoria huffed that it was inappropriate for Reed to spend time at a bar.

Reed asserted that he needed feedback to find out if his songs were any good, and he compared it to Victoria testing Brash & Sassy products to know whether or not people liked them. Reed questioned why she wouldn't let him try, and he dared her to watch the video if she doubted that people had liked him. She refused to look at it, and she contended that a lot of people thought they were destined to become artists, but it didn't always work out.

Reed yelled that he'd rather dig ditches than push papers and end up being as stressed out and mean as Victoria was. He added that everyone else thought he had what it took, and he wondered why she didn't. Reed bolted upstairs, and Billy pulled up the video on his phone and showed Victoria that the crowd had loved Reed.

Lauren receives a ransom demand

Lauren receives a ransom demand

Friday, February 24, 2017

Noah stopped by Crimson Lights to see if Sharon needed an extra hand, and she insisted that she had everything under control. He questioned whether she had really wanted to change careers, and she pointed out that the place needed a full-time manager, especially since Dylan had neglected the coffeehouse when he'd become a cop. Noah griped that Dylan had left her to clean up the mess, and he wondered why she treated Dylan like a saint. Sharon groaned that she was tired of dissecting the end of her marriage, but Noah remarked that it was hard to move on when one was keeping a secret. Sharon swore that she wasn't hiding anything, and Noah informed her that he was. He revealed that he and Marisa had broken up.

Noah explained that the adoptive parents of Marisa's daughter had agreed to let Marisa have regular visits with the girl, so Marisa had needed to move to Spain, but he hadn't been willing to uproot his life. Sharon hoped he hadn't felt obligated to stick around because of her, and he indicated that he actually liked being a Newman since he was no longer being sucked into the family business. Sharon pointed out that some couples made long-distance relationships work, but Noah confided that he'd felt like he'd been missing out when he'd seen single people mingling at the Underground. Sharon wondered if part of the reason her relationships had failed had been because she'd never casually dated anyone, and she'd never learned to be happy on her own.

Noah noted that it wasn't too late, and Sharon credited Dylan for giving her a chance to experience the singles scene. Noah didn't understand why she wouldn't admit that Dylan had abandoned her, and Sharon questioned what that would change. Noah mentioned Nikki's statement that Dylan hadn't had any choice but to leave, and he asked what Nikki had meant by it. Noah said bartenders were very good at keeping secrets, and Sharon admitted that Nikki, Paul, and Victor were the only other people who knew that Dylan hadn't abandoned her -- he'd left to protect her and everyone she loved.

Sharon reasoned that if Dylan had stayed, it would have only been a matter of time before the drug cartel found him, so he'd gone into the Witness Protection Program. Noah condemned Paul for concocting such a cruel cover story, but Sharon recognized that no one had doubted that her lies had driven Dylan away. Noah argued that Dylan had taken a dangerous undercover job to get his mind off of Christian, but there had been a thousand other ways Dylan could have handled his grief. Noah blasted Dylan for not thinking about how his decisions would impact Sharon, but she understood that Dylan was a soldier at heart, and he would always put his mission first.

Noah wondered why Sharon hadn't told Mariah and Faith the truth, and Sharon figured that she'd be tempting fate to tell the story to the host of a gossip show. Noah thought that Faith would have a change in attitude if she knew Dylan's departure hadn't been Sharon's fault, but Sharon anticipated that Faith would see the story she'd spun as another lie. Sharon worried that it would be too much pressure for someone Faith's age, and things had gotten much better between her and Faith. Sharon insisted that Nick also couldn't know, so Noah had to keep her secret.

Sharon proposed a toast to telling the truth and moving on, and Noah commented that their lives were strangely similar, since they were both suddenly single and selling drinks to people. Sharon drew the line at going on double dates, but Noah offered to vet Sharon's dates if she took them to the Underground. Sharon wanted to meet his dates at the coffeehouse, and Noah found it nice to look into the future. She was grateful to have someone to talk to who knew the truth, and he was glad that he'd opened up about Marisa. Sharon said he'd had to take care of her for too long, but they could take care of one another from then on. They hugged.

Jack arrived at the Chancellor mansion, and he informed Esther that he had a surprise for Jill that would only help her heart. Esther advised him not to mention the "C" word -- Colin. Jill called out that she could hear every word, and she complained that everyone was treating her like she was at death's door. Jack expected Jill to outlive all of them, since only the good died young. He handed her a gift and said it was a good way to keep him around so he could pop up whenever she needed him. Jill discovered a jack-in-the-box inside, and she planned to keep it on the couch with her during her recovery.

Jill looked forward to finalizing the deal to buy Jack's shares, but he said she didn't have to keep up the act, since he knew that Colin had stolen her money. Jill became outraged that word of her money problems had spread, but Jack assured her that it wasn't public knowledge. Jack revealed that Colin had requested an extension of time to raise the money and that he'd admitted to plundering her bank accounts and causing her heart attack. Jill couldn't believe that she'd gone from men like Phillip and John to Colin, but Jack believed that Colin truly wanted to set things right. Jill announced that she'd kicked Colin to the curb, and she intended to hold Jack to his offer.

Jack insisted that Jill needed time to recover, but she refused to let him renege. He implored her to follow her doctor's orders, and he got her settled on the couch. Jill hated feeling weak, and Jack said her body was recovering from "Colin-induced trauma." Jack considered Colin to be a dangerous addiction for her, and he advised her to quit cold turkey. Jill vowed not to let Colin break her, and she intended to march into Jack's office with a big check to buy his Fenmore's stake from him. Jack said he looked forward to it. He kissed her forehead and left. She played with the jack-in-the-box, and she smiled when it popped open.

Jill checked out the stock market, but Esther lectured that Jill wasn't supposed to be working. Jill realized that she had some stocks that Colin hadn't gotten his hands on, and she contemplated moving the funds to higher-growth companies to try to recoup her losses. Esther huffed that the funds hadn't been lost but stolen, and she informed Jill that she'd been busy making a healthy minestrone soup recipe. Jill barked that she wasn't hungry, and she freaked out because her biggest holding was trending downward. Esther urged her to focus on her long-term return, and she mentioned that Katherine had set up a retirement plan for her.

Jill ranted that it had taken decades to earn her money, and she bemoaned that she'd be lucky to shop at Fenmore's, much less buy a stake in it. Esther snapped that "Mrs. C" would have been disappointed to see Jill giving up on herself, and Jill begrudgingly agreed to eat the soup. The doorbell rang, and Esther was unable to prevent Colin from entering. He announced that he was there to pick up his stuff while Jill was still at the hospital, but he walked in and saw Jill on the couch. Jill complained about his lousy timing.

Esther scolded Colin for pretending that he hadn't known that Jill was home, and he said he'd always admired Jill's resilience. Jill growled that she'd always despised his shamelessness, and she haughtily asked where he was staying. He replied that Lily and Cane had taken him in, and Jill surmised there would be enough room for his stuff. Jill instructed Esther to pack his clothes, but Esther reported that Billy had donated Colin's belongings to charity. Jill bellowed that it had been her decision to make, and Colin lamented that his clothes had been all he'd had left.

Esther hurried off to check on the soup, and Colin remarked that at least he didn't have to deal with her anymore. Jill defended that Esther had just been trying to take care of her, and Colin contended that it was what he was trying to do, too. Jill barked that stealing her money had been a strange way to do it, and he relayed his fantasy of being a successful investor. She reiterated that it had never bothered her that she'd made more money than him, but he replied that it had bothered him, since everyone saw him as the resident gold digger who always wanted more.

Jill pointed out that Colin had had her love, but he also wanted her respect, and he recognized that he'd lost it along with her fortune. Esther returned with the soup, and Colin told Jill to look after herself as he headed out. Jill asked how Esther could have let Billy move all of Colin's clothes out, and Esther defended that she'd thought it had been what Jill had wanted. Jill huffed that she wanted to be alone, and Esther exited. Jill looked up at Katherine's portrait and asked, "What are you looking at?"

Jill recognized that Katherine had been right not to trust Colin, but she thought Katherine had also been a fool for love until she'd found Murphy. Jill figured that maybe she just had to kiss a lot of frogs or keep kissing the same frog over and over again until she realized that she'd rather be with him than with a prince. Jill told Katherine not to worry, since she wouldn't take Colin back. Jill vowed to get back on her feet and finish what she'd started.

Colin encountered a homeless man in the park, and he realized that the coat the man was wearing had been his own. Colin recalled that his wife had bought it for him, but the man insisted that he'd gotten it at the men's center. Colin contended that it had been donated by mistake, and it was a reminder of the life he'd once had. Colin grumbled that it didn't belong on a homeless person with nothing to live for, but the man defended that he had dreams, too. Colin realized that the man was no different from him, since Colin was also homeless. Colin told the man to keep the coat, noting that it looked better on the man than it had on him.

Gloria took a phone message for Jack at Jabot, and she blindly welcomed someone who entered the office. Michael prompted her to say hello to her son, and she said it would be unprofessional to give him a hug. She declared that her job was a steppingstone, but her name would eventually be on the door of an executive office. Michael requested that Gloria tell Jack that he was there, but Gloria reported that Jack wasn't in yet, and it wasn't her responsibility to keep track of his schedule. Michael questioned what official responsibilities she had.

Gloria explained that it was her job to greet guests, answer phones, and provide additional assistance as needed. She wondered if she could help with whatever Michael needed, and he informed her that he needed to go over the Fenmore's purchase agreement with Jack. Gloria was surprised that Lauren wasn't handling it, and Michael lectured that Gloria had yet to earn her way back into Lauren's good graces. Gloria asserted that she was still family, and it hurt deeply that Michael was shutting her out. Michael countered that he was equally chagrined that she was still pretending that her job there was legitimate.

Gloria admitted that Jack had hired her after she'd helped him acquire Fenmore's, but Michael clarified that she'd helped Jack conspire to undermine Lauren. Michael pointed out that Jack hadn't obtained controlling interest in the company, so there had been no reason for Jack to work with Gloria. Michael guessed that Gloria had blackmailed Jack into giving her a job, and she claimed that she had X-rated photos of Jack. Michael suspected that if she had blackmail material, she'd hold out for a bigger payday than a receptionist job.

Jack arrived and greeted Michael, and he declined Gloria's offer to take notes. The men stepped into Jack's office, and Michael thanked Jack for keeping Gloria at bay. Michael said he would be filling in for Lauren, since she might not be in the office for some time because Scott was missing. Jack agreed that Lauren had to put her family first, and he assured Michael that Jill was no longer a thorn in the merger's side. Michael was stunned to hear that Jill had suffered a heart attack, and Jack reported that she was recovering at home. Michael wondered what it had to do with the merger, and Jack realized that Michael hadn't known that Jill had been trying to get Jack to sell his shares.

Michael contended that the last thing Lauren needed was a corporate crisis, and he was glad that she didn't have to deal with any interference from Jill. Jack promised that he wouldn't use the opportunity to make unilateral decisions about Fenmore's, and Michael suggested that they go over the contract later. Jack asked him to tell Lauren that Scott was in his thoughts and prayers, and Michael stepped out as Gloria scurried away from the door. Michael advised her to use a glass against the door if she wanted to hear more, and he left. Gloria entered Jack's office and demanded that he level with her about what was going on between Michael and Lauren.

Jack indicated that Michael was worried about Lauren, but Michael had asked him not to say anything. Gloria noted that Michael had been curious about why Jack had hired her, and her son had the crazy notion that she was blackmailing Jack. Jack agreed to tell her what he knew if it didn't leave the office, and she said it would be just like their hotel room. Jack ordered her to stop acting like their one-night stand was an ongoing affair, but she pointed out that in addition to their first drunken night, they'd also spent Valentine's Day together, so they were colleagues with benefits.

Jack disclosed that Scott had disappeared while doing press work overseas and that he could be in danger. Gloria was offended that Michael hadn't told her, and she questioned who would support Jack while he ran both Jabot and Fenmore's during the crisis. He insisted that he could handle it, but she warned that it would be more stress and pressure. She crept up behind him and began to rub his shoulders, and he protested at first, calling it inappropriate and unprofessional. He groaned in pleasure when she began to knead a sore spot, and Michael returned and overheard them from outside the door.

At the Baldwin home, Lauren spoke with Scott's employer over the phone and was irate when they told her that they couldn't do anything else. She ordered them to try harder, and Phyllis arrived and remarked that she wouldn't want to be on Lauren's bad side. Lauren griped that Scott had risked his life for his job, but his bosses hadn't bothered to keep in touch with him. Lauren said he'd been all over Asia and the Middle East, and she hadn't been able to determine a location from his last dropped call. Phyllis speculated that he had gone off the grid, but Lauren's gut told her that he was being held against his will or worse. Lauren cried that she didn't even know if her son was alive.

Phyllis ordered Lauren to take the day off, and she offered to handle any work emergencies. Phyllis suggested that they have a working lunch at the Athletic Club, but Lauren refused to leave because she couldn't risk missing a call on the landline. Phyllis agreed to order in food, and she volunteered to monitor the phone while Lauren showered. Later, Lauren raced to the door when the doorbell rang, but she was disappointed to find a delivery driver dropping off food. Lauren gazed at a photo of Scott and realized that she had to be as brave as he was to get through it.

Phyllis assured Lauren that someone would get in touch with her, and Lauren encouraged Phyllis to go to the office to work with Ravi. Phyllis insisted that they needed Lauren as a fresh set of eyes to spot the bugs, but Lauren was preoccupied with finding clues that would lead her to Scott. Phyllis thought Lauren would think of ideas once she stopped putting pressure on herself, and Lauren agreed to take a look at the app. Lauren was concerned that the links to Jabot would drive customers to Jabot Go instead of Fenmore's app, and Phyllis proposed that they set it up so customers had to try on the outfits in the virtual dressing room before clicking through to Jabot. Phyllis thought she and Ravi could make the changes by the next day, and Lauren insisted that Phyllis didn't have to stay to babysit her.

Phyllis told Lauren to call her with any news, and Lauren thanked her. The women hugged, and Phyllis departed. The phone rang, and Lauren rushed over to grab it. She saw that the call was from an unknown caller, and she nervously answered it. A male voice informed her that they had her son, and he demanded ten million dollars or Scott would die. Lauren dropped the phone and gasped in horror.

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