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Greenlee and Leo nearly made love, but agreed that they would not be getting back together. Leo and Laura consummated their marriage. Erica's investigation into Chris's past got him fired from his janitorial job, and Myrtle pressured Erica into taking Chris on as her personal assistant. Mateo and Tad were suspicious of Chris and set up to ambush him. Gillian inhabited Opal's body, and Ryan realized that he was really talking to Gillian. Gabriel and Bianca kissed. Shannon lied for Marcus and said that her dad had beaten her up.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on AMC
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Monday, July 30, 2001

Leo walked onto the beach and sat down on a rock. His thoughts took him back to the day of his wedding reception when Jake grabbed Greenlee and kissed her. Leo looked up as Greenlee arrived. They stared at each other as Greenlee approached him. Leo asked if she was alone. She nodded yes and asked if he was. She told him she had a question, and then asked if she was ever going to have him. Leo asked Greenlee if that was why she came looking for him. She said it was just a question she asked herself every morning when she woke up. She wondered if there might be an answer she might like to hear some day soon. Leo wanted to know if it was because of Jake. Greenlee told him it wasn't. She couldn't move on if he stood in front of her blocking her way. Leo said he wasn't blocking her and Greenlee replied, "Aren't you?" He said he didn't know, but he married Laura. Greenlee didn't want to go there. Leo knelt in front of her and said it was impossible not to. Greenlee looked at him and told him she wanted to talk to him, but not about Jake or Laura. She said she was confused and Leo admitted he was, too. Greenlee had let him go and it just wasn't working. Everything she did made her think of him. He was in her heart and it wasn't over for her. She said she was being honest with him because it felt worse trying to pretend than it did to look at the truth. Leo asked what she wanted from him. Greenlee told him if there was no chance for them to ever get back together again, she needed to know right now. She wasn't going to spend her life waiting for Leo to decide what the right thing was to do. Leo agreed when she said it wasn't fair. Greenlee asked him to give her an answer. Leo told Greenlee he couldn't give her an answer to something that couldn't be answered. Greenlee said that was a copout. She said she asked herself if they could clean the slate and start over again. She wanted to know if she was an idiot for thinking that way. She said only an idiot would pine for someone she couldn't really have. Leo said he married Laura, and probably not for the right reasons, but he did. He noticed Jake and Greenlee were staring right down the barrel of something, too. Leo wanted to know how they could pretend Jake and Laura didn't exist - "that they wouldn't impact what we do about us." Greenlee asked if there was an "us." Leo shouted, "I don't know!" Greenlee angrily replied that she could let him go. She could get what she wanted and needed. She didn't want to spend the best years of her life waiting for him to make up his mind. If there was any chance that they could be something great, how could she walk away without giving it one last shot? How could she walk away from the best love she'd ever know - and how could he? Leo looked at her and they passionately kissed. As they laid in the sand kissing, Greenlee pulled away. She looked at Leo and said it would be so easy to make love, but she couldn't and wouldn't do that to herself. Leo and Greenlee were very distraught. Leo wanted to know what they were doing to each other. Greenlee said it hurt so much. She asked Leo not to let her stay stuck on him if there was no chance. She wanted to know if he could walk away from what he'd already done. Could he walk away from Laura? Leo looked away. Seeing this, Greenlee said Jake wanted her and he could give her the life she wanted. Leo said no. He knew Greenlee and felt she and Jake couldn't make it. Greenlee wanted to know if he felt he'd make it with Laura. Leo replied that it wasn't the same thing. He wanted to know what Greenlee was feeling inside when he kissed her. She said she felt she had already lost him. Then she asked him to tell her what he felt - and she wanted the absolute truth. Leo said he felt like he was home. She asked him what he felt when with Laura and he replied, "Lost." He wanted to know what she felt with Jake. She answered, "I didn't marry Jake - yet." Leo said, "Excuse me?" Greenlee responded she didn't know what would happen tomorrow or even in a year. She had asked Leo to marry her a couple of months ago and if he would have told her then they'd be having this conversation, she'd have never believed him. Leo wanted to know what they should do. Greenlee told him they had to make a choice. Leo asked what if there was no choice. Greenlee told Leo he should go home and tell Laura it's over. She'd go home and tell Jake she was committed to Leo. They could be together. But if she didn't go to Jake and Leo didn't go to Laura, she would have to say goodbye. If Leo wanted to take a chance on the love she knew they could have, it mattered what he did right now. Greenlee told Leo to go home and tell Laura and they could have everything they wanted. Leo was very distressed. He wanted to know how he could walk away from Laura now. He loved Greenlee more than anything, but how could he take away from Laura the one thing that helped her live. What kind of a man would that make him? Greenlee asked him what kind of a man settles for what he really doesn't want. He pleaded with Greenlee to tell him what to do. She replied, "Nothing." She told him she came so close to making love to him. Leo started to tell Greenlee how much she meant to him, but she stopped him. She told Leo she loved him and always would. She wouldn't live alone, wouldn't be in misery over him and wouldn't wait. Greenlee said she would become someone else - someone she hadn't become yet. By now she was crying as she added, "someone who doesn't love you." Then she said goodbye. She turned, picked up her things and left. Alone on the beach, Leo fell to his knees and pounded the ground in a fit of rage and agony.

At SOS Mateo was upset that his cappuccino machine was broken. Gabriel apologized and told Mateo he had been busy with other things and forgot to watch the pressure. Mateo told Gabriel he was fired. As Gabriel pushed the cappuccino machine to the side, he told Mateo he didn't blame him for firing [Gabriel]. He asked if he cleaned up the mess and fixed the machine could he keep his job. Mateo explained that the machine ran like an Italian sports car and was temperamental. After Gabriel apologized for a second time, Mateo told him to go ahead and fix it. As he walked away, Mateo nodded towards Rosa and told Gabriel not to let her near it because she didn't even know what a screwdriver looked like. Rosa looked at Gabriel and asked if he really knew how to fix the machine. Gabriel responded that he didn't know how to fix it, but he'd try. If he didn't, Mateo would fire him. Rosa asked why he had covered for her. He said he knew she needed the money to pay for her dress and it was a good job - he didn't want her to lose it. Rosa wanted to know if he listened to all her conversations. He said he didn't listen to all of them. Then he asked her to get him a toothpick so he could fix the clogged jet. Rosa asked how Gabriel knew how to fix stuff. He told her a lady on staff at the hospital he was at gave him mechanical engineering magazines and he had memorized the drawings. He could draw any of the pictures by heart. He told Rosa if they had known he had the magazines, he'd have been killed. The lady also gave him travel magazines. He wanted to know if Rosa had ever been to Egypt. He felt there was something about being in the middle of the desert with nothing in front of you but the horizon. It was like the whole world was waiting for you. Then he turned his attention back to repairing the coffee machine. They smiled at each other as they put it back together. Rosa told Mateo how great Gabriel was with fixing the cappuccino machine. Mateo reminded them how expensive the machine was. Gabriel said his sister wanted to talk to him and asked if he could leave early. Mateo told him to go ahead. As he left, Mateo thanked him. Gabriel thanked Mateo for not firing him. After Gabriel was gone, Rosa started to confess that it was her fault the cappuccino machine broke, but Mateo interrupted her and asked what her penance was for letting Gabriel take the heat for her. She was surprised that Mateo knew all along. Mateo told Rosa that it was obvious Gabriel was crazy about her. She said Gabriel scared her - kind of. Rosa added that Gabriel was really deep. Mateo laughed and said Marcus is about as deep as a puddle. Mateo agreed to give Rosa a ride home and they joked as they walked out of the building.

At the Valley Inn, Liza knocked on the door of the room she believed Adam had reserved. She shouted for him to open the door. Inside, hearing Liza's voice, Adam jumped from the bed. Liza knocked again when the door opened and Kaye Campobello was standing there. Liza demanded to know what was going on. She explained that her husband, Adam Chandler, was registered in room 13. Kaye said she had heard of Adam, but the room was registered to her. She said she was not in the habit of being registered in a room with someone else's husband. Liza was somewhat flustered and agreed that the registration clerk must have made a mistake. She apologized and Kaye answered, "That's quite alright. I was done - with my shower." Liza told her to enjoy her stay. Kaye replied, "I haven't been disappointed - yet." She stepped back into her room and closed the door. Liza turned to leave just as Adam came around the corner. He acted very surprised to see her and asked her what she was doing there. She in turn wanted to know what was going on. Adam told Liza that the reservation clerk had double-booked the room. This was supposed to have been a surprise. Liza felt bad that she had hounded the woman in the room. Just then the door opened and Kaye looked out. Liza turned and said she had found her husband. Kaye answered, "Oh! The ubiquitous Adam Chandler. I've heard so much about you!" Adam smiled and told her not to believe a word of it. She replied that she preferred to get a read on people in the flesh - eye to eye. Adam agreed and apologized for disturbing her. He said it was a night full of mistakes in judgment. Liza suggested they have a bottle of champagne sent up to her. It was the least they could do. "The least?!" was Kaye's astonished response. Then she said she was just kidding. After she had gone back into her room, Liza told Adam he must still have it. The woman was obviously flirting with him. Liza felt sorry for her because she sounded so desperate. Apologizing to Adam, Liza told him it meant so much to her that he planned to surprise her and put her first. She asked how he had planned to get her there. He wanted to know how she got there. Liza told him she had called his driver. Adam said his driver had been in on the surprise. He hugged her and told her he would do anything in the world to keep her safe. They left, agreeing to start the night over again.

At home in their bedroom, Adam told Liza he felt at peace when he watched Colby sleep. Liza talked about family trust and honesty. As she talked, it was obvious something was bothering Adam. Liza noticed and asked if anything was wrong. He told her they both had so much on their plates lately. Liza agreed and said the whole JR thing upset them, too. She was glad he didn't go through with the David Hayward thing. It would have made things worse for everybody. Adam agreed. Liza said she appreciated what Adam did. They kissed and he swore he would never take her for granted. She noticed he was tired and asked if he'd like a brandy. As she left the room to get the brandy, the phone rang. Adam answered and was very angry to find it was David Hayward. Adam told David the judge was going to reconsider David's case. David obviously made a snide remark about Adam and the judge. Adam called David a filthy pig and told him it was none of his business. He told David if he ever called there again he wouldn't live long enough to regret it. Just as he hung up, Liza came into the back into the room. Noticing that Adam seemed upset, she asked if it was bad news. He told her no, it was a "very wrong" number. Adam grew more uncomfortable as Liza continued their conversation. She told him as long as they were honest with each other, she didn't need anything else. Adam said he would do anything to make her happy. She responded that she already was. She wished he would let her in, share with her his heart and secrets. She kissed him and asked him what was wrong. He replied that he loved her.

Ryan couldn't believe what he was hearing from Opal. First she had kissed him and now she said she saw Gillian. As Ryan questioned Opal, Gillian told her to explain it to Ryan because he wasn't getting it. Opal turned to talk to Gillian. Ryan watched all this in disbelief. Gillian told Opal Ryan wasn't getting it because she didn't follow the rules. She wasn't prepared. Opal tried to talk to Gillian while Ryan kept asking her if she was ok. Frustrated, she turned to Ryan and said, "No! Definitely no!" Ryan asked if she saw Gillian in a dream. Opal turned to him and stammered that was it. As she tried to talk to Ryan, Gillian kept trying to tell Opal what to say. Opal told Ryan she didn't want to upset him. Ryan replied that it was good she had a nice dream about Gillian, but to do him a favor and if she had another, he didn't want her to tell him. After Ryan had walked away, Opal turned to Gillian and in exasperation said, "I'm not cut out for this!" Gillian asked Opal if she gave her specific instructions, could she follow them. Opal was upset with herself for messing things up. She agreed to give it one more try. Ryan returned, out of breath from exercising. Opal apologized for messing with his Zen (his workout mood, his vibe). She told him she wanted to say one more thing. If it was about Gillian, Ryan did not want to hear it. Opal ignored him and kept on talking. She asked Ryan if he could ask Gillian one question through [Opal], what would it be. Ryan told Opal she was making it worse. She replied that she was trying to make it better. In exasperation he finally told Opal to ask Gillian what she was doing at Wildwind the night she was murdered. A despondent Gillian said she was so sorry as she watched Ryan walk away. Later Opal shouted, "The dress!" as Ryan walked by. He stopped and asked what dress. Opal didn't know. Gillian prompted her to say "the gown", so Opal repeated that to Ryan. Ryan wanted to know what gown. Opal said the gown was a family heirloom that Eugenia had worn when she presented her husband, Alexei. It was an antique. That was why Gillian wanted it. She wanted to wear it to present her prince so they could live happily ever after. Ryan was stunned and backed away from Opal. Opal was upset, also, and assured him she would never play with his feelings. Ryan wanted to know whom she had talked to about the gown. Opal hesitated, but Gillian urged her to tell Ryan the truth. Opal told him the person he loved more than himself told her so she could tell him. Opal stared at Ryan as he shook his head and told Opal what she was doing was wrong. His wife was dead and as much as he didn't want to, he needed to accept that. He couldn't play the game she was trying to play. Opal insisted it was real. Angrily, Ryan said, "It's over!" and walked away. Opal felt so sorry. Gillian was sure they got through to him and was certain they would next time. Opal got very upset with that. She told Gillian it was killing her and it damn near killed her man tonight. She told Gillian if she loved Ryan she had to let him go. Gillian said no. As Opal walked away, Gillian called after her.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

At S.O.S. Mateo was cleaning up and Rosa was doing her prep work for the bar. She was in a hurry because Marcus was picking her up to go to the beach. Mateo suggested she slow down or she might chop off a finger. Rosa cried out, pretending she had cut herself and Mateo ran over. When he realized she was only kidding he told her he was taking her name off the list of baby names he and Hayley had. He then asked her what she thought of the name Maria for the baby. She thought it was nice but added that Edmund might be sad. Mateo threw out a couple of other names but they didn't go over well. Rosa had a good idea; have a 'baby name' contest. Mateo jumped at the idea and they ran in the back to work out the plan. They reappeared moments later with a sign that said "Hayley/Mateo Challenge Name Our Baby Contest" and a large jar. Mateo was excited about the contest because he was sure they would get a huge response. Chris entered and asked Mateo if he could check out the wiring he had done in the kitchen. Mateo motioned him to the back. Marcus then entered and Rosa told him she would be a few minutes because she still had work to finish. Mateo told her that she could leave now because she had given him the great contest idea; he would finish her work. Marcus asked her wear her bathing suit was and she partially unzipped her top to show him the suit underneath. He grabbed her close and told her that he couldn't wait to see the rest. They left. Chris was rummaging around in the office looking for something. He kicked something, bent down to pick whatever it was up and saw that it was a button. He stared at it for a moment when Mateo walked and asked him what he was doing in the back room. Chris explained that he had checked the wiring and wondered if there was any damage in the office, so he decided to poke around. Mateo was suspicious and asked Chris if he received his knowledge about wiring in the army. Chris told him he was not in the army and had actually learned everything from his father. Mateo replied that he was under the impression that Chris had been in the army. Chris told him he was mistaken and excused himself leaving Mateo standing there wondering. Chris was outside S.O.S making a phone call. He told the party on the other end that he had found a button which looked like it had come off of a cop's uniform. He was pretty sure that Tad had been there. He added that he had bugged Mateo's office so if Mateo was helping Tad, they would soon know. He ended the call and walked off.

Gabriel arrived at Erica's to pick Bianca up for their day at the beach. Erica and Gabriel exchanged pleasantries and she told him that she had put a picnic basket together for them. Bianca appeared and told her mom that they would just grab hotdogs for lunch. Erica suggested that they peek in the basket as she had packed some of her favorites. Gabriel opened the basket, leapt to his feet and shouted to Erica, "would you like me to beg for this, do you think I'm some kind of joke?" Erica was stunned. Bianca checked the basket and pulled out what looked like dog food. Gabriel continued to yell at Erica, accusing her of knowing how he spent time in a cage when he grew up and also how kids in Pine Valley were calling him names. Bianca told Gabriel that even though it did look like dog food, it wasn't, it was pate. She added that Erica had no idea what Gabriel had been through years ago and Bianca also had no idea that kids were teasing him about it. She asked him if Marcus had started the name-calling. Gabriel told her that it didn't matter and turned to apologize to Erica for his bad behavior. She accepted his apology and questioned him about being in a cage. Before Gabriel had a chance to respond, Bianca jumped in and explained that it was a long story, but the kids at school had found out about it and were teasing him. Erica felt sad and told Gabriel that people could be so cruel. Bianca thanked Erica for the picnic basket and they hurried off. Erica's phone rang, she answered it and then ran off.

Outside Erica's, Gabriel was staring off into space. Bianca told him that if he didn't want to go to the beach they could just stay at Erica's. He didn't respond and she asked him what was going on. He explained that he was mad about all the kids laughing at him and calling him names. Bianca suggested he simply ignore them and they would stop. He could ignore them but they were calling him names in front of Rosa, especially Marcus. Bianca told him that Marcus was just a troublemaker and than at some point Rosa would see through him. She suggested that they forget about everything and head off to the beach.

Dixie was sitting alone on the beach and wondered aloud where Tad was. A person wearing a hooded sweatshirt appeared behind her. He was muttering to himself and holding a metal detector pretending to search for something. Dixie realized it was Tad. Dixie lept to her feet and gave him a big hug. They chatted briefly about how he was doing and how the boys were handling the situation. Dixie told him that she couldn't stand not knowing where he was. He explained that it was better this way; if she didn't know where he was then she wouldn't have to lie if asked. She told him that she had met with Fiedler and he had some information on who could have killed Sweeney; he said that it was someone new in town. Tad had questions about the guy but Dixie did not have any answers, but she did tell him that the drugs were coming from China. He then told her to stay away from Fiedler. She told him that she felt helpless; that she needed to do something. She pulled out the necklace he had given her and said she wore it all the time. It helped her feel closer to him. They heard some kids laughing so Tad ran off.

Rosa, Marcus stayed on dry land as Ken and Heather ran into the water. Rosa looked over and noticed Dixie standing alone with tears streaming down her face. She went over to her and told her that things would work out; she knew that Tad wasn't guilty. Dixie left. Marcus began applying suntan lotion to Rosa's back and asked if she had made Dixie feel better. He added that she was good at making people feel better; that every time he saw her, she made him feel better. He leaned over and kissed her. Feeling a little uncomfortable, Rosa pulled away. Marcus noticed how she was feeling and told her that he wasn't who everything thought he was. All his friends thought he was this Big Stud and he really wasn't; he had made up a whole bunch of stories to get people to think of him that way, but the reality of it, he told Rosa, was that he had actually never made love. She seemed surprised and wondered why he had never slept with Shannon. He told her that Shannon wasn't 'the one.' She thanked him for being so honest with him and told him she had something to confess also. She also had never made love. He suggested they start a club and then handed her the lotion. He laid down and she began applying the lotion to his back. The 2 friends came out of the water and the guy friend opened the cooler and asked where the beers were. Marcus replied that it was a public beach and no booze was allowed. Rosa smiled. Bianca and Gabriel arrived at the beach. Bianca turned to Gabriel and said, "great, the jerk and his court." She suggested they leave. Gabriel told her that it was a public beach and they had every right to be there. They put their stuff down on the sand and Gabriel peeled off his shirt. He stood there and stared at Rosa and she she stared back. Bianca grabbed Gabriel and dragged him towards the water. Marcus stood up and yelled at Gabriel because he had apparently kicked sand in his face. They exchanged words and Rosa stepped in. Bianca pulled Gabriel away and they went in to water. Marcus was still fuming and Rosa told him to leave Gabriel alone; Gabriel had a hard life and wasn't such a bad guy. Marcus couldn't believe what he was hearing and reminded Rosa about how Gabriel went nuts at Laura and Leo's reception. The female friend jumped in and told Marcus he should just 'chill out.' She and Rosa then went in search of some food for all of them. Marcus and the remaining friend stood there and watched Bianca and Gabriel swim. Marcus made a joke that maybe there were sharks out there and 'dogboy' would be their favorite food.

Back at S.O.S., Mateo was in the office talking with Hayley on the phone; he was explaining the contest to her. Someone walked into the office carrying large bag of fruit to hide their face. It was Tad. Mateo ended his conversation with Hayley and hurried Tad out of the office into the back lane. Mateo told Tad that he didn't think S.O.S. was safe for Tad and wondered if he found anything out from Dixie. Tad explained what he knew and Mateo told him that he thought he knew who they were looking for. Mateo told Tad about Chris and how Mateo and tried to trip him up before about his past. He added that he would find out everything he could about Chris, but in the meantime, Tad should lay low. Tad left.

Back at the beach, Rosa, Marcus and their friends were lying on the sand when Gabriel and Bianca came out of the water. Gabriel laid down on the sand and Marcus walked over and dropped a handful of sand on him. Gabriel jumped up and asked what was going on. He replied that he just wanted the 'loser' off the beach. Marcus pointed to a buoy in the water and told Gabriel that they would have a race to the buoy; if Marcus won, Gabriel would have to clear out and if Gabriel won, Marcus would leave. Bianca jumped in and told Gabriel that it was too dangerous but Gabriel replied that anything Marcus could do, he could do better. Bianca pointed out that Marcus was on the swim team and was just trying to show off. Marcus jumped in and said, "if you don't race, the beach is mine." They both ran towards the water. Rosa, Bianca and the 2 friends stood on the beach and watched them swim. They both had made it out to the buoy but then Bianca noticed only one person. "Someone went under," she said. Rosa began yelling that someone had to help them.

Erica was over at Myrtle's. Myrtle had called her because she wasn't feeling well. Erica insisted that Myrtle had some sort of bug and she should go home with Erica so she could take care of her. She also hoped that Myrtle could meet Gabriel and then tell Erica what she thought of him. Myrtle was confused and asked Erica why she was interfering in Bianca's private life. Erica said she wasn't interfering; she just thought Gabriel was a bit odd and wondered if Myrtle would share her opinion. Myrtle avoided discussing Gabriel any further and thanked Erica for her invitation; she would have to decline as she did have someone who could take care of her. Just then Chris walked in and asked Myrtle how she was feeling. She told him she was feeling a little shaky and he replied that he had just the thing to make her feel better and he pointed to a bag of groceries. He told her he would take the special brew that was guaranteed to get her back on her feel in no time at all, to the kitchen. Erica stood up and said in a snotty tone, "oh I see, not only are you a bartender, an electrician, and a janitor, you're also a doctor?" She added that how did he know if the home brew was what Myrtle needed anyways. She also told him she wanted Myrtle to come and stay with her until she was feeling better. He replied back that she wasn't a doctor either, and maybe she shouldn't be making decisions that Myrtle was capable of making. Myrtle stepped in and told Erica that Chris was perfectly capable of taking care of her and asked him to get her a cup of his home brew. He excused himself and Erica whispered to Myrtle that she couldn't believe that Myrtle trusted him. Myrtle asked if Erica had run a background check on him and Erica replied that she had. She didn't know much yet, but she was sure he had done something horrible. Chris returned with the brew and excused himself again as he had to go to work. Erica's phone rang; it was the private detective she had hired to find out information about Chris. Outside Myrtle's, Chris's phone rang and he said, "Erica Kane did what?" to the party of the other end.

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Erica's investigation into Chris' past resulted in Chris' employer -- the janitorial service -- firing him. Chris blasted Erica for having him fired, and he asked a guilty Erica to get him his job back. She failed to succeed in doing so, and Myrtle insisted that Erica hire him as her personal assistant/bodyguard. Erica reluctantly complied, but warmed to the idea when he later extracted Greenlee from her office and even jokingly tasted Erica's lunch to rule out poisoning.

On the beach, Gabriel rescued Marcus, but then accused Marcus of trying to kill him. Gabriel warned a disbelieving Rosa that Marcus hit Shannon, but Shannon covered for Marcus, claiming that he actually saved her from her father's blows. To Gabriel's disappointment, Marcus followed Shannon's lead, and won Rosa's approval and affection. Marcus thanked Shannon, but she demanded that he return the favor.

At the condo, Leo surprised Laura with a special gold and diamond bracelet. Leo thanked Laura for all that she had done for him before they headed off to lunch. Judson came upon Greenlee at the Valley Inn Dining Room and questioned her as to Leo's whereabouts, still under the impression that she and Leo were getting married. Greenlee evaded Judson's inquiries as Leo arrived with Laura on his arm. Leo soon revealed to a surprised Judson that he had married Laura. Judson invited them to join him for an exotic adventure, but Laura's condition prevented them from accepting. Alone, Laura apologized to Leo for being a burden, but he insisted that she wasn't one. Worried that Leo secretly resented her, Laura insisted they make love.

Thursday, August 2, 2001

At Chandler Mansion, Adam and Liza made plans for dinner since Colby was with Marian and Stuart. Liza left the room for a moment and Adam turned on the TV just in time to see the beginnings of a press conference with Judge Campobello. He quickly turned off the set and ushered Liza out to the Valley Inn for a romantic dinner.

Opal met Ryan at the Valley Inn. He apologized for the way he acted yesterday, saying he gets to a place where he doesn't feel anything and he's glad but then he smells Gillian's perfume, or hears her voice and it's like he dies all over again. Gillian appeared and told Opal to comfort Ryan. Opal told Ryan she understood but he says he doesn't understand anything anymore. He said when Opal touched him yesterday and kissed him he felt such hope. Gillian told Opal to tell him it was her love he was feeling, but Opal couldn't do it. Ryan went to get a table and Gillian contented talking to Opal. Gillian said she's going to be Ryan's wife again. Opal got very nervous and said this didn't feel right to her, she didn't like being in the middle. Liza and Adam walk over and hear her talking but see no one standing near her. Liza asked Opal if she was ok, Opal said she was fine and ran off to find Ryan. Liza and Adam walked into the dining room and she saw Ryan and Opal at a table together. She commented to Adam that it was weird to see those two together, especially after witnessing the kiss between them yesterday.

Ryan told Opal he thinks he knows where the connection he feels with her is coming from. Gillian told Opal to say it was coming from her and placed her hand on her throat. Opal did the same gesture and told Ryan that "true love lives forever." She told him he would love again, that true love never dies, it just waits to be reborn. She talked like Gillian and Ryan was mesmerized. He leaned across the table and kissed Opal while Gillian watched. Ryan pulled back, breathless, and said he needed air. He went into the lobby and Liza followed him. He told it was weird, he has all these feelings that died with Gillian and Opal was making him feel them again. He said he wanted to be with Opal and Liza asked incredulously "WITH with her?" Ryan told her he didn't want to go to bed with Opal, he said he's never felt this way about anyone other than Gillian. Meanwhile at the table Opal talked to Gillian about her feelings for Ryan. Gillian said Ryan is an incredibly sensual man and told Opal she couldn't stop now, Ryan was almost ready to see her. Opal said Gillian must face the fact that she's dead and move on. Gillian got upset and said she won't stop until she has her Ryan back. Opal said she had to leave but Gillian stopped her.

Ryan went back to the dining room maitre-d' and said to tell Opal he had left on a business matter. The man delivered the message and Opal cried out "Why did he leave? Didn't he see me, his wife?." She sat down and said "I did it! I'm home! Ryan's love brought me back, I'll never leave him again!." Gillian had taken over Opal's body.

In the dining area of the Valley Inn, Liza and Adam saw Judge Campobello. They said hello to her and after some chitchat she moved on. Adam commented that it was a small world, running into a complete stranger twice. Liza agreed but was preoccupied with thoughts of Ryan and Opal. While Liza was in the lobby talking to Ryan Adam went to the judge's table and said it was funny to run into her there. She said she wasn't stalking him. He told Kaye that he didn't want Liza finding out she was presiding over David's hearing tomorrow and she said Liza wouldn't find out from her. She wondered what Adam would do if things didn't go his way in court and Adam said he had a back up plan and walked away.

David was alone on the beach when Mia joined him. She recognized him from the papers and told him it was an honor to meet him. He was surprised and suspicious. She said she'd been following his story, about saving the girl with a heart transplant. He told her not to raise him to sainthood yet but Mia said she knew he had a dark side too. Mia said if she could she'd defend him at the hearing because they were alot alike. David wondered at this and she told him they both know that love is the only thing worth living and dying for. She asked if he was nervous about the trial and he said he believed there would be a positive outcome. She asked if he'd really "loved her" and then realized she shouldn't have asked that question. She tried to leave but David stopped her. They talked about the trial and she told him she hoped it went his way. She tried to ask him about Dixie but he refused to talk about her. David looked at Mia and said "You're busted! This was no chance meeting was it?." He went on to say that God had sent her to cheer him up. Mia said she believes in David, it was as simple as that. David said he didn't think there was anything simple about her. Mia said she needed to leave and they both stood up. David took her hand and said maybe they'd run into each other again. She wished him good luck and walked away. David smiled and said he didn't need luck, "I have Adam Chandler in my back pocket."

At home Jake called Joe to see if there was any news about Tad. Greenlee was in the kitchen making all kinds of noise. When Jake hung up he asked her what was wrong. She said she everything and "I want out of my life now!." Jake said "You've been with Leo, haven't you?." She walked over to the couch where he was lying and noticed the brace on his leg. Jake told her he'd injured his knee playing basketball. Greenlee went on about losing control of her life, and that she was going to give her life a make over. She began with her clothes, throwing most of them in the trash. Jake tried to stop her but she told him to save his sweet talk, it was wasted on her. She bopped him on the injured leg and when he yelped in pain she sincerely apologized. She sat down next to him and said he was right, she did see Leo. Greenlee told him how she forced Leo to admit it was over so she could be free and move on to "other options." Jake realized she meant him and asked if she'd told Leo he was the other option. Greenlee admitted to telling Leo about Jake but said she did it because she cares about Jake and doesn't want to hurt him like Gillian did. She walked away and returned with a suitcase. Jake asked if she was going on a trip but she said no, she was moving into her penthouse. Jake told her it wasn't ready yet, it didn't even have a front door. Greenlee said she'll make do but Jake insisted that she stay with him. Greenlee said it had been fun but it was time to get out of his hair. Jake looked at her and said "You still love Leo." Greenlee sadly admitted that she always will, and then kissed Jake on the cheek goodbye.

At home, Liza and Adam discuss the rut he thinks they're in. He suggested she and Colby go to Maui for a few days on the beach. At first Liza refused but then accepted the offer, after getting Adam's promise to join them as soon as he can. She left to call Myrtle about some beach wear. Winifred came to announce a visitor, and before she turned around Mia had walked in the room. Mia told Adam she'd spent the afternoon with David and that he'll be an easy target. She told Adam that David believes he will walk after tomorrow's hearing. Adam said "If he does I'll cut him off at the knees and you're going to help me."

In their condo, Leo and Laura shared a kiss. She stopped him and confided that this would be her "first time." Leo was surprised and she said she tried to pretend she wasn't a virgin. She told him that the porn pictures of her on the web were all an act. The photographer had to tell her what to do. Laura said she wanted to give her virginity to someone she loved and that he's the only man she'd want to give herself to, heart and soul. Leo smiled at her and picked her up, carrying her to their bed. They kissed and undressed, then made love. Afterwards Leo asked Laura if she was ok. She told him she was better than great. They cuddled and she felt his heart beating with hers. She wondered where Gillian's love for Ryan went, and then said she thought it just got stronger and stronger, like her love for Leo. She told Leo he was perfect, but he denied it. Leo told her "Don't hang that label on me! I've made many mistakes and I'll make many more. Be prepared for that Laura.." But his wife told him he's too hard on himself, saying they've all done things they're not proud of. He said his mistakes were worse than most people's but Laura told him he's not the same person he once was. Leo told her he was exactly the same person he ever was and that he doesn't deserve her love. He said he's always been looking for the one true thing to give him reason to be on this planet. Laura said together they are that one true reason. "This is the rest of your life, here in my arms, believe in our love Leo!." He held her in his arms but looked skeptical. After Laura fell asleep Leo/s mind replayed Leo's last conversation with Greenlee on the beach. He covered his face with his hands in despair.

Friday, August 3, 2001

Somehow Dixie managed to elude the police escort that had been tailing her and sneaked into the backseat of Mateo's car. When Mateo slipped out to the boathouse for a secret meeting with Tad, Dixie crashed the get-together - and nearly got jumped when the two men thought she was someone else. Mateo and Tad were both concerned about Dixie's antics, but she swore that no one had seen her get into Mateo's car. "You know, you're a really bad singer," Dixie said wryly to Mateo, who probably would not have been singing along to the car radio had he known that Dixie was hiding in the back seat. Reunited, Tad and Dixie shared some passionate kissing. Mateo stepped away for a short time to give them some privacy. When he returned, Dixie insisted that she be part of a plan to capture Chris Stamp. The trio believed that Chris was somehow involved in Sweeney's death and the drug trafficking plaguing Pine Valley. Neither of the two men was thrilled with Dixie's desire to be part of the plan, but Dixie remained steadfast in her desires and eventually convinced them to let her be part of the plan. They put their heads together and came up with a plot to lure Chris to the boathouse and then jump him.

Anan returned to Pine Valley from a trip to New York with her daughter, Robin. Anna said that she and Robin had had a wonderful time and that Robin was now headed to Africa for the next stage of her medical training in AIDS research. Gabriel and Bianca arrived at the house and Anna asked to speak to Gabriel about his future plans. Gabriel was not at all pleased with the prospect of having to go to school, referring to it as "trading one cage for another." Gabriel apologized for his outburst and agreed to talk more about his plans with Anna in the morning.

Anna and Edmund headed to BJ's for a bit to eat. There, Anna told Edmund that Robin has quizzed her about her relationship with him. They tap-danced around the issue of exactly what their relationship was or how they planned to proceed. Edmund, however, claimed to have no expectations about his future love life.

Back at Wildwind, Gabriel poured himself a brandy, claiming that he was trying to be "civilized" like everyone else in town. Bianca discouraged him from drinking, but Gabriel insisted that he could handle his liquor. At the first sip, Gabriel choked and gasped for air. It was apparent that he really hadn't had any alcohol before. Gabriel told Bianca that he wanted to drink until he forgot all about his problems. Bianca knew that Gabriel was talking about his past, his troubles with Marcus and his crush on Rosa. Bianca lamented that having an unrequited love is not easy. Seemingly out of nowhere, Gabriel leaned over and gave Bianca a kiss.

Dixie and Mateo returned to Sounds of Salsa and staged an argument to rouse Chris' attention. Dixie repeatedly demanded that Mateo take her to see "him." Chris' ears perked up with the possibility that he could be led to Tad. Chris took the bait and tailed Mateo and Dixie when they left the club.

At the boathouse, Tad surprised Chris and tried to subdue him. Chris was able to overpower Tad. Luckily, Dixie and Mateo were there to land a hand. Chris tumbled to the ground. The trio announced that they were going to call the police. "I am the police," Chris shouted.

Opal followed Ryan to the beach. There, Ryan apologized to Opal for the way he's been behaving around her. Opal then revealed that she was actually Gillian; Gillian had taken over Opal's body. Ryan was outraged that Opal would say such a horrible thing. Opal told Ryan to ask her a series of questions - the answers to which only Gillian would know. Dubious of what Opal was saying, Ryan decided to play along. Amazingly, Opal knew the answer to each and every one of Ryan's questions. Ryan looked towards Opal and for a moment - a passing moment in time - he saw Gillian standing before him. Gillian announced that she had returned to Ryan and vowed to never leave him. Ryan took Opal by the hand and announced that he wanted to take her home.



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