One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on OLTL

Lindsay and Chad set up cameras in Cristian's apartment and created a website called Max accepted Blair's marriage proposal in order to protect their unborn child. Will rescued Jessica. Nora continued to dream and think about Colin.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, July 30, 2001

Seth and Jessica screen a film, but Jessica questions Seth's intentions when he begins rubbing her shoulders. Will, having left a book behind, enters the room and sees them together; after Seth leaves, Jessica and Will argue over her new "friendships."

At Dorian's, Viki disappoints Starr by telling her it is not a good time for her promised visit with Blair. Starr guesses that Blair is with Max, and Viki reassures her of her mother's devotion. Putting on a bright smile, Starr ushers her aunt out the door and sets about getting a ride to Asa's to see her mother.

Sam catches Todd reading his file on Blair, in which he had written personal observations about her feelings. Todd refuses to consider that Blair might actually love him; as Viki arrives, Sam leaves in frustration, and Viki attempts to reason with her brother. After she swears that Blair does love him, Todd finally seems swayed.

Nora gets a phone call from a reporter who she initially believes is Colin, then panics when the doorbell rings. It is Rae, who assures her that Colin's death was not her fault, and offers to call Sam for her. Nora explains that Sam has not returned her calls and that he does not want to see her, and is surprised as he arrives at the door. Unable to face him, she has Rae lie and send him away. Later, she has a terrifying flash of Colin falling when Matthew's baseball bounces down the stairs.

Blair tells Max that marriage is the only way to guarantee Todd won't try to take their baby out of revenge. Max is doubtful, but Blair adds that the union will surely anger Gabrielle, and asks about Max's feelings towards the new Mrs. Asa Buchanan. At the door, Gabrielle listens before entering and confronting Blair. Max is suspicious about her interest in his personal life, but she denies any and storms out. Blair predicts their marriage will force Gabrielle to admit her feelings for him. As Max accepts the proposal, Starr looks on, stunned.

Todd arrives home looking for Starr, and is surprised to find Gabrielle waiting for him.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Nora continues to have visions of Colin's death. When she sees Matthew's ball roll down the stairs, it sends her into a tailspin. She rushes to leave her house, but instead finds Bo at her door. He tries to reassure her, and suggests she call Sam. Meanwhile at Sam's, Lindsay begs her ex to let her stay there for a few nights. Sam knows she is up to something. Lindsay brings up Jen and Cristian's relationship and how dead-set she is against it. Sam is distracted because he worried about Nora. Lindsay informs Sam that Jen got birth control pills from Lanie, but Sam thinks she is grown up and acting responsibly. The phone rings, but Lindsay grabs it and hangs up immediately. Sam realizes it was Nora, and rushes off to find her. At Nora's, she is devastated and is sure Sam won't forgive her for what she has put his family through. Lanie shows up to be supportive as well, but Nora asks them both to leave. Alone, Bo and Lanie discuss their upcoming vows. Bo seems surprised when Lanie keeps referring to a late summer, early fall wedding.

Chad arrives at Sam's to find Lindsay there alone. He shows her the product of his work. He has set up a site called featuring the hidden webcams he has installed in Cris' apartment. The site is set up as a voyeurism membership site. Lindsay is pleased with her scheme, sure that it will tear Cris and Jen apart.

Starr is devastated when she hears that Max and Blair are getting married. After hearing where Starr was, Viki picks up Starr from Asa's. Starr won't tell Viki why she is so upset with Blair and never wants to see her again. Viki tells Starr how much Blair loves her. Meanwhile, Max and Blair continue to negotiate their "marriage." Blair slips and says the baby is due in late fall. Max questions the due date, but Blair covers and blows over the topic. Blair wants Max to admit that he wants to get married to drive Gabs crazy, but he says it is mainly to keep the baby safe from Todd and to make Todd miserable. At the same time Gabrielle is taunting Todd because she knows Blair is with Max. Todd demands she leave, but Viki and Starr show up. Starr blurts out that Max and Blair are getting married. Both Todd and Gabs are caught off guard by the announcement!

WEDNESDAY, August 1, 2001

At school, Seth puts up a flyer advertising a party at the Quarry, and invites Jessica. They meet Jen and Will, and Jessica agrees to go with Seth. Once there, though, she wonders why there are no other party-goers. Instead of other revellers, Will and Jen show up; Will says he saw no notice of a party. Jen and Jessica argue over the tension between Jessica and Will; when Will asks to speak to Jessica, Seth angrily attacks him.

Sam visits Nora and explains that it was Lindsay who hung up on her. Nora has a memory of Colin falling down the stairs, but says nothing, then asks Sam to take Matthew for a few days so she can catch up on work. Sam agrees. Readying Matthew to go, Nora has another flashback, alarming Sam, but again says nothing. Sam leaves with Matthew; Nora, alone, grips a baseball bat and prays Colin is really dead.

In an unknown location, a pair of hands slips a letter into an envelope addressed to Nora, with Colin's return address.

Blair asks Max who he wants the marriage to look authentic for, Todd or Gabrielle, and reassures him that she hates Todd. He demands joint custody of the baby, but Blair refuses. They agree they are marrying for the baby's sake, and Blair leaves.

At Dorian's, Starr insists she heard Blair and Max making marriage plans. Gabrielle tries to leave, but Viki confronts her about her relationship with Max and says she will not stand to see Asa made a fool of. They argue about their history; Viki tells Gabrielle that she will defend her family, and leaves. Todd, meanwhile, tells Starr to stay put while he goes to see Blair; as soon as he leaves, Starr slips out.

Todd slips into Asa's to see Max, and they argue over Blair. Todd says that Blair is in love with him, not Max; Max counters with mention of Todd and Blair's last wedding, then tells Todd that Blair despises him for taking Starr away. Todd vows to find out what is going on, and leaves. Gabrielle arrives and angrily asks Max if he is marrying Blair.

Starr goes to the millhouse to see Blair and tells her that she hates her for marrying Max, then reveals that she knows the baby is not Todd's. Blair tries desperately to convince Starr that she loves her, but Starr disowns her and runs away. Shortly after, Todd shows up at the door.

Thursday, August 2, 2001

Quarry-Seth steps in when Will wants to talk to Jess,but Jess then tells him she can handle it. Jess then tells Will they both have to move on, and Seth goes over to talk to Jenn. He and Jenn talk about Cris, then Jenn's cell phone rings. It is Cris telling her that Chad is covering for him at the bar and she tells him she's coming over. Will and Jenn then prepare to leave and Will tells her he'll cover for her with Lindsay. After they leave, Seth tells Jess to be careful around Will, and Jess blows it off. Seth then asks her out on a date and she accepts.

Break Bar-A bunch of girls are gathered around the computer watching Cris get dressed for work. When he arrives, Lindsay throws him a bogus apology for interfering in his relationship with Jenn. Chad then tells Cris he'll cover for him, and Cris leaves. Lindsay then reiterates to Chad how much she hates Cris and is going to get him. Will then comes in and asks Lindsay what she's doing there. She lies and says she's waiting for R.J., and then convinces Will to leave for Sam's with her. We then see Jenn arriving at Cris's via the computer screen.

Cris's apartment-Jenn arrives and Cris tells her about Lindsay's apology, to which Jenn is incredulous. Cris asks her to go to Philly with him but she insists on staying there. Cris then says he wants to make love to her.

Asa's house-Gabrielle bursts in, demanding to know if Max is really marrying Blair. Max confirms it and gloats so much at her reaction that she hits him in the jaw. Gabrielle is furious that he's abandoning their passion, and Max says he's doing it for his baby. They later begin to kiss passionately and Max rips Gabrielle's blouse, but then stops himself and leaves "for the baby." Gabrielle is alone and throwing things when Asa walks in. After she explains everything to him, he insists that she still find a way to seduce Max. He then tells her in a menacing way that life will be very unpleasant for her if he's not kept happy.Asa then leaves and Gabrielle cries.

Kelly's house-Blair and Todd discuss Blair's engagement to Max, and Todd doesn't at first believe it. Blair insists that it's not a game, that she really loves Max and wants to be with him forever. Todd is visibly shaken and starts to leave. Blair then tells him she will see him in court about Starr after she is married, and he says he'll see her in hell.

Nora's house-Nora dreams that Colin is alive and after her, and awakens to find Sam at the door. Sam sees the bag she has pulled from the closet, and quizzes her about where she's going. When Nora says she's leaving for a few days, he begs her not to go. Nora then says she can't get over her guilt and Sam tells her that if she runs it will go with her. We then see the same unknown person who put the letter addressed to Nora from Colin in a briefcase about to ring her doorbell.

Friday, August 3, 2001

Cristian and Jen start to make love, and a group of college cuties, apparently majoring in porn, are watching Cristian and Jen on the illegal web site that Lindsay has had Chad set up.

Blair tells Kelly that Todd told Starr who the baby's father was. Kelly asks Blair to calm down because getting upset is not doing she or the baby any good. Blair says she is not worried about the baby and vows to be with Starr no matter what.

Todd is putting black electrical tape over what is left of Blair's picture on the staircase landing when someone beats on the door. It is Gabrielle insisting that she must talk to him.

Sam tells Nora that he needs her and wants her to stay. Nora says she has put him through hell, but he tells her that not being able to comfort her is what hell is. He asks her to let him hold her and she steps into his arms. He asks to hold her forever and ever. Someone in a man's suit, carrying a briefcase walks up to Nora's door, pauses (apparently seeing Sam and Nora embrace), then puts the briefcase down and starts to open it.

Cristian and Jen continue to make love. Lindsay is back at the Break Bar telling Chad that Jen is out shopping but that the minute she goes to Cristian's apartment he is to call her. Chad agrees and tells Lindsay that he has added still shots to the web site. On her way out, Lindsay sees a group of girls watching the web site and tries to see what has captured their interest.

Gabrielle asks Todd what Max and Blair are up to. Why the sudden hurry to get married?

Blair explains to Kelly that she convinced Todd that she was in love with Max because she wanted Todd to hurt as badly as she did. She tells Kelly how broken-hearted Starr was and that she wants to make that hurt go away. Kelly says that what Starr wants is for Todd and Blair to get back together and Blair says that Starr also wants the baby to belong to Todd. Kelly warns her that she cannot tell Starr that the baby belongs to Todd.

Just as Lindsay is leaving the Break Bar, Chad calls her back and she sees Jen and Cristian on the web site. She runs out of the room and goes straight upstairs to Cristian's loft and starts beating on the door. When Cristian opens the door Lindsay starts babbling about something and pushes her way into the room only to see Jen putting her blouse back on. Jen asks her what she is doing there. Lindsay was truly falling all over herself trying to come up with some kind of lie about why she was there. She tries to tell Jen that she wanted to be there with Cristian when she returned from shopping so that she could make some kind of magnanimous gesture to show them how she felt about Cristian.

Jessica walks into the Break Bar and spots Natalie. She confesses to Natalie that she is meeting Seth for a date but that even though it is casual she is not sure she is ready. Natalie tells her to leave a message with the bartender and split before Seth gets there. Jessica doesn't look as if she approves of that idea either. Seth is getting ready for the date and we see pictures of Jessica taped to his dressing table.

Todd tells Gabrielle that Blair is marrying Max because he got her pregnant. Gabrielle reminds Todd that Blair has been pregnant for months and asks why the sudden hurry to get married. Todd says he doesn't know why Blair does anything, but that she still loves Max. Gabby asks if Max still loves Blair and Todd says, "She shot him. Now he wants to marry her. You tell me." As Todd is trying to throw Gabrielle out, Blair shows up and Gabby point blank asks her if she and Max love each other.

Sam tells Nora that it is time for both of them to start over but that he doesn't want to do that without her beside him. Nora agrees, but just as Sam starts to kiss her, Nora hears something at the front door. Sam opens the door and finds an envelope lying outside the door. Nora starts freaking out and says it's from Colin.

Lindsay says she wants to cook a big dinner for both Jen and Cristian's family and that she needs Jen to go shopping with her. Jen tells Cristian that she hates to leave and Cristian says, "Then don't go!" (makes sense to me), but Jen says she has to try to find out why Lindsay showed up there when she did. Cristian says she is more likely to find a cure for cancer than find out anything about Lindsay. (This boy is very, very bright.) Jen leaves with Lindsay and poor Cristian starts pumping iron to the delight of the moral dropouts watching.

Jessica and Natalie are still talking and Jess admits that she likes Seth and that he is cute and that she doesn't think he will push anything on her she is not ready for but she is obviously very nervous. Just as she has talked herself into leaving and not waiting for him, her cell phone rings. It is Seth saying he is late and asks if she will wait for him.

Sam tells Nora that the letter could not be from Colin because Colin is dead and he starts to tear up the letter left at Nora's door but Nora asks him not to. Sam swears that no one is going to put her through what Colin did again. Nora says that Colin is not dead and that she has seen him. She tells Sam about going to Colin's grave and hearing noises in the trees. When she looked up she saw Colin and he was as real to her as Sam was right then. Sam offers to read the letter, but Nora insists that she has to do it.

As Lindsay picks up the mail on the sidewalk outside Sam's house (don't these people have mailboxes?) there is a letter on top that looks like the one Nora received but Lindsay doesn't notice. Lindsay tells Jen that it will be fun cooking together for Cristian's family as they walk into Sam's house. Jen says she is not cooking dinner with her and that she is not inviting Cristian's mother and Antonio over. She tells Lindsay she does not believe her story for a minute and that she will not tell her when she is going to be with Cristian. Lindsay spurts out that Jen has to tell her when she is going to be with Cristian or everyone will know about it.

Seth picks up on the fact that Jessica is not into their date and tells her that is can be two acquaintances getting to know each other. Jessica agrees to wait for him.

Al accidentally rang for Nigel when trying to call his study partner and asks if he has seen Gabrielle. Nigel tells him he doesn't know where Gabrielle is but that she was very intent on her days activities.

Blair tells Gaby that she and Max love each other very, very much and asks if that wasn't the reason Gaby and Asa got married. Gabrielle agrees and excuses herself. Todd and Blair get into yet another argument when Todd tells Blair that Starr has gone away somewhere that she will be able to forget about Blair. Blair starts doubling over in pain and Todd starts to get a look of concern, but then starts to grin.

Jessica starts to walk over to see what all the panting co-eds are looking at on the computer but Seth walks up and puts his hands over her eyes and says "Guess who?"

Gabrielle is sobbing as she enters the mansion. Al calls out to her and she tries to get hold of herself but is unable to do so. Al immediately thinks that Max has done something to her, but Gaby assures him that she hasn't even seen Max. She tries to explain that the memories of having to leave him and go to prison sometimes catch her unawares. Al tells her that part of her life is all over and that Max is going to have another baby to abandon. He says someone should teach Max a lesson and Gabrielle says that maybe someone will.

Lindsay tells Jen she has to talk to her, but looks down and sees that there is a letter addressed to Jen from Colin.

Nora starts to open the letter from Colin.

Todd stands and does nothing while Blair slides to the floor in pain saying "Please, not my baby."

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