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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on GH
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Monday, July 30, 2001

The Docks
Helena's goons dumped Luke's body and placed a mickey of booze beside him.

Luke's club:
Felicia was waiting for Luke, who won't be showing up any too soon. Stavros, alias Lucien Kane, came in and said he wanted to buy drinks for everyone, on him. Felicia commented on his generosity and he said he didn't think she would accept one unless he offered to everyone. He wanted her to show him how to retrieve his messages on his cell phone. He thanked her and found his message from Gia. He met her over at the Port Charles Grill.
Angel came in and Roy kind of looked at her strangely, familiarly. He asked if she had a reservation and she said she wanted to have a drink at the bar. Felicia and Angel got talking about their men, although Sonny isn't really Angel's man. Later Roy remembered seeing Angel at Pentonville, visiting Don Ellis. She told him Don was her husband and she didn't really want to remember that part of her life. Melissa showed up after ditching the emergency surgery on Sorel. Tony had kept asking for a clamp and she couldn't move, she just stared at Sorel. She finally said he should die and left. Later Roy closed up Luke's early and played the piano and danced with Melissa.

Sonny's office:
Carly went and told Sonny that she was pregnant. They talked around and around about trust. Sonny told Carly how he had betrayed Lily's trust and she forgave him but he didn't know if he could forgive Carly for her betrayal. She asked if he at least knew that she didn't mean to betray him. He agreed but said she does things without thinking. She slipped and said she must be pregnant. Sonny caught it and asked what she meant. Hadn't she seen a Doctor? She said she knew her body, she was pregnant. He told her to take a test and she left and went and bought a test to take back to the Brownstone. Later Angel showed up with dinner.

The yacht:
Nikolas and Helena went to the yacht, his new home for now. They were talking when Liz showed up and almost gave the game away. She managed to catch herself. Helena didn't appear to notice anything amiss. She excused herself and Nikolas turned on the stereo to drown out himself and Liz talking. She said how worried she was about Lucky. They talked and she left. Nikolas told Helena she should program Liz to fall in love with him. She thought Liz could manage. He asked if she could program anyone. She asked why the interest in mind control, was he afraid she would try it on him. He asked if he would know if she had him under mind control? She told him not to be ridiculous, she wouldn't do that. He was back in the family where he belonged.

Port Charles Grill:
Lucky was having a drink. I didn't think he was twenty-one, old enough to drink. He turned to leave and saw Gia with a man. She was with the man she knows as Lucien Kane. She talked about her ex-boyfriend, Nikolas and his psychotic family. He got this look on his face. They were hugging when Lucky came over and ripped Gia out of his arms and was ready to punch him. Gia told Lucky to stop, he didn't even know the man. The bartender came over and made Lucky leave and not to come back or he would call the police.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Sonny accepted Angel's offer for dinner. Even though Sonny seemed all right Angel questioned him to see if something has happened. She told Sonny she was not trying to pry or intrude but he was important to her and she wanted to help if he would let her. Angel changed Sonny's desk into a table with a dinner for two. She pulled out a red and white checkered tablecloth, white candles, red wine, and Italian take out (wow, she is good). The two of them sat down to enjoy the dinner when Mike walked in on their dinner. Mike announced that he had just heard the great news that Sonny's wife was pregnant. Angel was surprised and Sonny was irritated with Mike. Mike tried to be uplifting about the news but Sonny was disinterested and asked Mike to leave. Angel then said, for the record I know you would never walk out on any child of yours. Sonny said, first of all Carly is not sure she is pregnant and I am trying to fix this. Angel asked, can you really fix this Sonny?

Stavros was making time with his son's girlfriend Gia. It was really odd that Stavros kissed Gia. Luckily she had the good sense to pull away. Stavros was way too debonair and convincing, he said all the right things and relieved Gia's fears while implanting himself that much further into her life. Stavros offered to walk her home to her room at the hotel and invited himself in the door. He again tried to romance her but Gia pulled back and told him the timing was not right for her. Then Stefan knocked on the door. Stavros hid while Stefan pleaded with Gia for her help with Nikolas. Stavros looked on furiously as Stefan berated him to Gia. Unfortunately Gia was not in a place to offer her help so Stefan left and moments later so did Stavros. He did not miss the opportunity to kiss Gia's hands good bye.

Carly returned to the Brownstone but this time Bobbie made an effort to support Carly in this pregnancy. Carly told her mom that Sonny was supportive of her pregnancy and painted a pretty picture about the whole situation (yes, she exaggerated greatly, but this is normal Carly). Also while she was out, Carly picked up an at-home pregnancy test. Bobbie suggested that she take the test immediately, but Carly wanted to wait until morning. Bobbie said okay and went to bed. Carly remained awake but dreamed three times. Her first dream was she and Sonny sitting on the sofa. Sonny was agreeing with Carly and had decided that they should get back together. The second dream was Carly fully pregnant (bursting out) with Bobbie opening gifts from a baby shower when Sonny walks in with a gift box in his hand. He tells Carly that the gift is just for her. It is a diamond and ruby teardrop necklace (gorgeous). Then the two of them start to kiss passionately. The final dream was Carly introducing Sonny to their new baby girl. She asked him does it matter that their child is a girl and Sonny replied no, he is so thrilled that she and her mom are healthy and that they all are a family now.

Alexis made another effort to rescue Nikolas from Helena. Unfortunately the surprise was on her when she showed up at the yacht and saw her mom's necklace. She told Helena she was taking it, but Helena threaten Alexis. She looked to Nikolas for support but he denied her and sided with Helena. Alexis pleaded with Nikolas to walk away now before it was too late. She told him that she knew that something must be up because this was not the Nikolas that she had grown to love. Nikolas kicked Alexis off the yacht. After that comment, Helena too became suspicious. Nikolas covered well and told her that he really did not care about Helena's feelings

Roy and Melissa were dancing at Luke's place. Melissa was starting to feel better now. She told Roy that this moment reminded her of her dream. In this dream she could not look away or she would lose everything. Roy told her that this is real and not your dream. Roy and Melissa softly kissed. As they were separating to start clean up of the club Felicia came running into the club. She was missing Luke and feared the worst. At first Roy was hesitant because he knew that Luke wanted to keep his privacy. Finally Roy gave in and the three of them broke up to cover more area in their search for Luke Spencer.

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

The Quartermaines:
Alan tells the family that Skye is staying "permanently." Lila tells the family that although what Skye did was wrong, they have all done equally terrible things. When Alan leaves the room, Ned and Grandfather tell Skye that she will never be a part of the family. After they leave, AJ and Skye strengthen their bond and go ahead with their plan to get Michael back.

General Hospital:
Bobbie thanks Zander for saving Carly's life, and Zander tells Bobbie that Carly saved his life too, and that she should be proud of her daughter. Later Zander tries to get out of bed to go into Sorel's room, but does not make it very far.

Melissa and Roy are caught over Sorel's bed by Tony, and are band from the room, and Melissa is told to meet Tony in Dr. Quartermaine's office to discuss her job. After Melissa leaves, Bobbie asks why Melissa walked out of the OR and Roy told her about what Sorel did to her brother Leo. About to get fired by Dr. Quartermaine, Bobbie steps in and tells both Allen and Tony that she was the one that miss placed the test results and let Melissa take the fall. Adding that Melissa has always been nothing but professional. When Melissa tries to thank Bobbie for stepping up, Bobbie told her that she did it for herself to clear her conscious. When Melissa told Roy what Bobbie had done, Roy told Bobbie that it was a nice thing that she did, and wished her a happy birthday.

The Yacht:
Alexis is caught by Helena holding her mother's necklace. After Helena torments Alexis about her mother's death, Alexis leaves the Yacht, but not before swearing to take her down personally.

The Penthouse:
Carly has still not taken the pregnancy test and Sonny makes her promise to take it tonight. Sonny lets on that he would love to have a child, but is still very reserved until he knows for sure.

Later Alexis asks him to help her steal back her mother's necklace, and Sonny refuses because there is too much at risk, like her license. After getting very emotional about her mother, Sonny and Alexis share a moment where they both understand one another. They share a very innocent hug, and Ned sees the whole thing and leaves without letting his presence known.

The Brownstone:
Carly is getting ready for Bobbie's birthday party when Skye walks in. Carly immediately gets suspicious of her because she is a Quartermaine, and Skye says that she thought that Carly might want to know what AJ is planning. Carly says that AJ cannot touch her because she is pregnant and she is getting back with her husband. AJ does not like the news.

Thursday, August 2, 2001

by M.A.

Felicia stopped at Luke's apartment but found Lucky there instead. It was Lucky's dazed state of mind and revelation that he had "taken the King to protect the Queen", that led Felicia to Helena. She left him in a crumpled heap, stunned by everything that had happened.

Both Liz and Felicia confronted Helena. First Liz paid a visit that was anything but friendly. She demanded to know where Lucky was and what Helena had done to him. Of course, Helena was anything but threatened, and advised Liz to forget about Lucky and concentrate on Nikolas. This, of course only infuriated Liz more. When the confrontation became physical, with Liz trying to grab Helena, "the visit" was over with Liz leaving the ship as Felicia was coming on board looking for her own Spencer man! Felicia told Liz that she had found Lucky at Luke's, and that she should go there right away. Of course Helena found this even more amusing and relished in riling Felicia up by referring to Luke in the past tense. When the games became boring, Helena actually gave up a clue that would lead everyone right to Luke.

Liz went to Luke's apartment and found Lucky. Unfortunately, her relief turned to despair when she realized that Helena's programming had Lucky totally twisted. He begged he to leave him and never come back because he couldn't protect her.

Alexis went off the deep end, broke into the area where the Cassadines treasures were stored for auction, and tried to steal the necklace that had belonged to her mother. The guards came in and tried to arrest her, but fortunately, Ned happened to be around to save the day. He lied to the guards to cover for Alexis and tried to get her to tell him what was wrong. She was too overcome with emotion to make sense, and Ned was more confused than ever.

In the mean time, Carly kept living out her delusion of pregnancy by decorating the brownstone for Bobbie's birthday with a big sign that said, "Happy Birthday, Grandma." When Bobbie pointed out to Carly that the pregnancy test box was still sealed and that she was refusing to face the truth about Sonny, Carly went ballistic, telling her mother that she was wrong.

After arguing with Bobbie, Carly then went to the hospital where she ran into both Angel and Sonny.

Friday, August 3, 2001

by M.A.

General Hospital
Sonny and Angel didn't let Carly in on the fact that they knew each other already. When Sonny took Carly aside and started grilling her about what she'd said to Angel, Carly became defensive and wanted to know if he was keeping something from her. He deflected the conversation back to Angel and dodged that bullet for now. When Carly went in to see the doctor, Sonny and Angel spoke briefly. She surprised him when she congratulated him on "the baby", and told him that the next contact would have to be initiated by him.
At that point they parted company. He went to look at babies in the nursery and she went to see Sorel. When Sorel saw her he motioned for a pad and pencil. A sad look crossed her face when he handed her back the pad with the word, "traitor" written on the page.
Meanwhile, Carly's world fell apart - again - when the doctor told her she was not pregnant. When told that there was no reason why her and her husband couldn't conceive later, Carly shouted back, "No! I have to be pregnant right now! Later is too late!" She stormed out of the office and found Sonny all gooey eyed, staring at the babies. He couldn't hide his joy from her, but he cut to the chase and asked her point blank if she was pregnant.

Helena's Auction
Alexis and Stefan showed up with Taggert and a court order trying to stop the sale of the necklace. The women's argument escalated to the point where Alexis lunged at Helena and the two of them had to be pulled apart. Taggert diffused the argument and told Helena he wanted to see it. While all of this cat fighting was going on in one room, there was a mysterious figure lowering himself into the other room where the jewels were. In a "TV'ed" version of the famous Tom Cruise scene from Mission Impossible, the thief was able to avoid the laser beam alarm, get the necklace and hoist himself back up and out of the room. Nikolas stormed out, Stefan smirked with glee, Helena pouted and Alexis smiled until Taggert announced that the necklace was missing.

Luke's Apartment
Liz felt her heart shatter as Lucky insisted that they could no longer marry. Although she tried to appeal to his sense of loyalty and commitment, he couldn't break out of the trance he was in. The more she pleaded, the more fixed he became. When he got loud and aggressive with her, she finally agreed to leave. He wept in anguish but she decided there was no time to waste on weeping. She tracked Sonny down at the hospital and begged him to help her save Lucky. He told her he would protect her, but he could not and would not step into the situation with Lucky and Luke because of Luke. As she left, she asked him to call if he changed his mind.

The Docks
Following Helena's tip, Felicia went down to the docks where she found an unconscious Luke in a heap by the garbage. Her relief turned to rage when he woke up a raging jerk. He pushed all the right buttons, telling her she was nothing more than a roll in the hay and a major distraction. He ridiculed her investigative skills and told her he was tired of cleaning up after her. She denied using him to get even with Mack and accused him of using her. While all of this was going on, Luke's "spirit" came out of his body (definitely one of his best stunts yet...) and began chastising him (Luke) for his behavior. "You don't deserve her, you ass! Tell her you're sorry, or I'll kill you!" he told himself. Although she began to suspect that Helena had administered mind-altering drugs to him, she let her ego and pride get the best of her in the end. She told him she was through with him and stormed away. After she left, he went home, dazed and confused, talking to himself about how he had to stick with wine and song, but leave the women alone. His lighthearted mood quickly changed when he opened the door and found his son sitting there.

The week closed with the mysterious thief sitting at a desk and admiring the necklace while he removed his ski mask. The camera panned up from the necklace to the face of Jax!

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