All My Children Recaps: The week of May 24, 2004 on AMC

Kendall threw a surprise party for Ryan and Greenlee, whose marriage shocked everyone. Babe regained her memory of the accident. Greenlee prevented Ryan from drinking poisoned scotch. JR revealed his dark side. Ryan kissed Greenlee while dreaming of Kendall.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 24, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, May24

Kendall pronounces herself the welcoming committee as she snaps pictures of Ryan carrying Greenlee across the threshold. Well, the committee is actually her and some friends and family waiting on the other side of the door. Not wanting to "steal their thunder," Kendall lets the new couple make the announcement. Greenlee tells the guests to give a "warm Pine Valley welcome to Mr. & Mrs. Ryan Lavery." The announcement is greeted by stunned stares and total silence. As they recover everyone thinks it's a joke until Simone vouches she was there. Jackson wants details. Ryan and Greenlee oblige. Ryan thanks Kendall for helping them spread the joy. Ryan tells the crowd he and Greenlee got married to make themselves happy and if anyone's not supportive of that, then "there's the door." Jack hugs Greenlee and tells her if this makes his daughter happy then he's happy. Kendall asks to be the first to kiss the groom. She plants a kiss on Ryan's cheek and wishes him and Greenlee all the best. Bianca pulls Ryan to the side and asks how he could marry Greenlee when he's in love with her sister. "This is not about me loving or me not loving Kendall," Ryan tells Bianca. It's about the stable life he wants and can not have with Kendall. David pulls Greenlee aside and offers to help her get out of the marriage. No sale. Greenlee tells David she's happy and for him not to make her choose, "'Cause you'll lose." Someone proposes a toast to the bride and groom. David stops it throwing his champagne flute to the floor and saying he'd rather drink crushed glass than toast this marriage. Furthermore, David starts a betting pool saying they'll be in divorce court within a year. Kendall has taken all she can and asks JR to get her out of there. Tad and Liza meet on the balcony and leave together to get coffee.

JR takes Kendall to the boathouse. Kendall thinks she's lost it but JR says she showed her true colors and took back the power. She showed she can take anything and keep smiling, JR says. They commiserate they've both had their hearts broken by someone they "thought they loved." Kendall asks JR what Babe did to him. JR eventually tells Kendall everything Babe did and his whole plan for revenge. He asks Kendall if she thinks he's heartless for marrying a woman he doesn't love. Kendall tells him no, not when he's fighting for his daughter. Kendall even offers to help JR if there's anything she can do.

At the restaurant, Liza asks Tad if they can start over. Tad doesn't buy that Liza had nothing to do with JR finding out about Babe's bigamy. Liza explains she was at the house to pick up Colby when JR came into the study because he'd found the annulment papers all by himself. Liza calls it karma. Tad calls it B.S.

The party continues breaking up. Bianca and Maggie take off together. Reggie tries to tail along but the girls leave him behind. Stuck there, Reggie resorts to harassing the bride and groom. He asks Greenlee when she is going to start spitting out little Ryans. Jack tells him he's out of place asking such a question, but Ryan tells him it's okay, they've discussed it. With that, Greenlee provides the answer saying they both want a big family but babies are on hold until they settle into married life. The balance of the guests leave so Ryan and Greenlee can get on with "honeymoon stuff." After everyone is gone, Greenlee wonders aloud to Ryan whether anyone bought them being a bonafied married couple. Ryan tells her some of them did and decides he needs a drink. Ryan pours a single malt for he and Greenlee and makes one more toast. "To team Lavery," Ryan says, and he and Greenlee click crystal.

Edmund has a good day in physical therapy. Aidan "races" him back to the room. Opal awards Edmund a bedpan as a trophy for winning the "chariot race." Anita joins the fun. She tells Aidan a nurse named Tory calls Aidan "the hot Brit" and that Tory would like to buy him dinner anytime. Some present aren't sure she's Aidan's type so they go down the list of what he looks for in a woman. Rich or poor, blonde or brunette . . . the list is so non-specific as to include all females. Well, evidently all except Tory. Aidan refuses Anita's fix-up offer. Opal, Anita, and Aidan leave the room. Alone, Maria and Edmund promise each other they'll never let anything get in the way of the amazing love they share.

Back at his house, David is extremely angry. He throws some stuff around then sits down taking a vial with a red cap in one hand and tapping it's cap with the other hand as his mind spins an undoubtedly evil scheme.

Babe finds Krystal holding a toy at the crash site and suspects something is wrong. Krystal makes the excuse that she's there mourning for Bianca's baby and to ask the baby's forgiveness for hardening her heart against Bianca and not wanting her to be Bess' godmother. Now, Krystal says, she accepts that Bianca being Bess' godmother is a blessing. At first Babe believes her mom but wonders why she tried to sneak off, why she didn't want her along. Krystal tells her she just didn't want to stir up memories because she's so near the crash site. As Babe accepts this and turns to leave memories overcome her. She remembers the crash and running through the woods the night before. Krystal tries to stop Babe from remembering more. Before Krystal can drag Babe away, Babe remembers Paul telling her after the crash it was her baby that went in the river. Then she remembers giving birth and Paul congratulating her on her new baby boy. Flashes of moments and things that did not make sense ever since the birth roll through Babe's mind confirming her worst fears. Babe turns to her mom with tears rolling down her cheeks and says, "It was mine." Krystal asks what she thinks was hers. Babe tells Krystal it was her baby boy that was lost. Babe realizes Paul's kidnapping comment at the hospital was aimed at her, not Bianca. Babe also realizes her mom already knew. Krystal swears she didn't but Babe thinks of all the toys that have gone missing from the toy box and realizes her mom was bringing them to the crash site for her lost baby. Babe nails her mom dead on about everything then begs Mom to tell her she's wrong. Krystal is speechless. On her knees, Babe rubs the ground and says, "I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy," before breaking down in her mom's arms. A little later and all cried out, Babe raises her head from her mom's chest and asks her what she's going to do.

Tuesday, May25

After preventing Ryan from drinking a scotch that she believes David poisoned, Greenlee confronts David, who admits that although he wanted to poison Ryan, he didn't.

Ryan pays Kendall a visit, saying he'd really like it if they and Greenlee could all make peace and move on. She systematically starts to strip in front of him, which generates absolutely no reaction in him... or so she thinks.

Bianca and Maggie head to the site of the helicopter crash, where they find Babe and Krystal. As tears stream down Babe's cheeks, Bianca assumes that she's grieving for Miranda. Once alone again with her mother, Babe asks why Paul would have switched the babies.

While out drinking at a bar with Jamie, JR makes eye contact with a beautiful girl named Susie and they leave together. When he later reconnects with Jamie, he assures his buddy that nothing happened between him and Susie. Jamie gives JR some brotherly words of advice -- don't marry Babe if you don't love her.

Wednesday, May26

Maria, Aidan and Anita brought Edmund home from the hospital. Sam and Maddie were thrilled to have Daddy home. Sam asked when he would get rid of the wheelchair and walk again. Edmund hung his head for a second then explained that even though the doctors did everything they could, his legs would never work again. Maddie hugged Edmund but Sam got upset and said "What about teaching me to ski next winter?" Edmund said they'd still do it but he'd have to find a different way to teach him. Maria took Edmund upstairs to get unpacked. Maddie punched Sam and told him he was a jerk. Anita told them it would take some time to get used to their dad in a wheelchair. Sam said he wanted his old dad back. Aidan talked to Sam and reminded him about when he had his arm in a cast, he was still "good ol' Sam." So Edmund in a wheelchair is still "good ol' Dad." He told the kids that the best thing they can do for their father is to behave normally and love him like always. They ran outside to play and Anita was touched by Aidan's ability to relate to the children.

In Las Vegas Bobby went to see Erica in her room. He was thrilled to tell her that his investment hit the jackpot and he made $100,000. Erica said he should call Anita and have her fly in to celebrate. Bobby said he couldn't do that because Anita might see Erica and blow her cover. Erica said she'd go out of town for 3 days if Anita agreed to come. Bobby finally agreed to call Anita and left Erica. She went to the casino and started to play the slot machines, where she won some money. Zach Slater joined her and tried to advise her to stop while she was ahead because "The odds are always with the house." Erica hit another jackpot and said she always defies the odds. He asked if she found a way to cheat the machine but Erica told him she didn't know him well enough to tell him her secrets. A woman came over and recognized Erica. She gushed over her and then asked how her daughter was doing. Erica looked around nervously.

Maria and Edmund rejoined Anita and Aidan. Edmund told Anita that Bobby was on the phone for her. She went into another room to take the call. Bobby told her about making $100,000. She was almost speechless. Bobby told her there was a first class plane ticket waiting at the airport for her to fly to Vegas to join him. Meanwhile Maria asked Aidan and Edmund to spill what they know about Bobby. Aidan told her that Erica is with Bobby in Las Vegas and that Bobby lied to Anita about it.

Bianca walked into the living room at Jack's to find Reggie packing a suitcase. He said he was going to Las Vegas to bring Erica home. He said when he got back he would find Ryan and Kendall and smack some sense into them. Then he told her if he could he'd find her baby for her. Bianca told him he couldn't go, that his strength was important to them all. "No matter what happens between Mom and Jack, you're my brother and I love you!" she told him. They hugged then Reggie answered a knock on the door. A man handed Reggie a subpoena and walked away. Danielle walked up and said she was suing his "sorry butt." Bianca had Danielle come in to explain and Danielle handed her a subpoena too. Danielle said that she had talked with her Aunt Livie and they decided to sue both Reggie and Fusion for a total of $14 million. Bianca looked over the papers and smiled. She said she'd call Livie and set up a meeting. Danielle got nervous and said her aunt was in court all day. Bianca grinned and said she was going to make an executive decision for Fusion and offer Danielle a real job with them in the office. Danielle was skeptical, especially when Bianca said there was one condition. That Danielle would have to drop the lawsuit because "Fusion's newest employee can't be suing us for 'Hair Embarrassment' on her first day!" Danielle sputtered and Bianca said she could think about it and let her know. Bianca left for Babe's and the wedding. Reggie told Danielle she owed him a thank you but Danielle snarled at him, saying "This is your nastiest trick yet!" Reggie said Bianca just offered her a job and she should get over herself. Danielle said she was already a star and wasn't about to be some office gopher. Reggie said she was too stuck on herself to see the opportunity in front of her and told her he was done with her. He said she knew the way out and he went to his room.

Babe woke up from a nightmare and looked over at Bess. She whispered "It wasn't a dream, I'm not really your mommy." Krystal came in and sat on the bed with Babe and Bess. She asked where JR was and Babe said he went out with Jamie the night before and probably didn't want to disturb her when he came in. Then Babe asked how she could christen the baby as Bess Chandler when she knows she's really Miranda Montgomery. "What should I do? Keep my mouth shut like you did?." Krystal said it was a living hell and didn't wish that on Babe. Babe asked if she should tell the truth and her mother said "If your love for Bianca is telling her this has to come out then I'm with you all the way." Babe said they could tell Bianca when she arrived. Krystal asked when she would tell JR. Babe said it would just kill him. Krystal said there was something else to consider. She said that when Bianca and Babe were missing and she and Erica were waiting to hear something, Erica had confided in her. She said Erica was concerned that because this baby's daddy was a monster she would be treated badly. Babe said Bianca had worried about that too. Krystal said that Miranda's daddy was a rapist but Bess's daddy loves her. "Is it possible that you're giving her a better life?" Babe wasn't sure about that and still wondered how she could tell JR. Krystal asked if she was worried that she'd lose JR. Babe said no, she knew that JR's love for her was solid. Bianca arrived to help get Babe ready for the wedding.In Adam's office Adam walked in to find JR asleep on the couch. JR admitted that he just came home 30 minutes prior because he'd hooked up with a sweet brunette the night before. Adam said the last thing he needed was to knock up another bimbo. JR said he made sure that wouldn't happen. Adam asked if he gave the girl his name and JR grinned. "Hi Susie, it's nice to meet you. I"m Tad Martin." Adam smiled but said JR's behavior from now on had to be above reproach. JR agreed to behave. Adam offered to get his lawyers started on custody papers so JR could cancel the wedding. JR refused saying he wanted revenge on Babe. He went to change clothes then returned to the office. Adam asked if Babe doesn't cheat on him what would happen then. JR said he was sure Babe would, and there was already someone waiting in the wings. In walked Jamie all dressed for the wedding and carrying a gift. Adam's eyes just twinkled. Jamie told JR he was honored to be his best man and asked where the rings were. JR handed his to Jamie and said he'd go get Babe's. As he opened the door Beverly, the new nanny, walked in. She came to tell him that Bianca had arrived and was with Bess and Babe. JR and Bev left. Jamie stood nervously with Adam who tried to make small talk with him. Adam said it was time for a fresh start and that JR wanted Jamie to be a part of the family. And because of that Jamie was more than welcome in the house any time and that he was glad the two of them had buried the hatchet. Jamie was very suspicious.

Bianca started working on Babe's hair and told her that she had a christening gift in the car. She told her it was a hope chest, something she herself had always wanted. Babe just stared straight ahead with tears rolling down her cheeks. She tried to explain it as just nerves. Bianca asked if she had something borrowed, something blue. Babe said she didn't have the borrowed thing so Bianca took off the necklace Greenlee had given to her when Miranda died. Babe said it wasn't right but Bianca told her it would be like Miranda was at the ceremony. JR and Bev walked in and he introduced them all to Bess's new nanny. Babe stood up and was not pleased. She said "You never even talked to me about this!" JR just smiled and Bev promised to take good care of the baby. She said she'd take Bess during the christening and wedding. Bianca said that she would be taking care of the baby then. JR just smirked then said of course Bianca would take Bess during the christening but Bev would take her during the wedding while they're doing other things. He brought out the christening gown and told Bev to get Bess ready. Bianca started to protest but JR said it looked like all three of them still had some work to do to get dressed. He headed out the door but Babe stopped him, saying "I have something I need to tell both of you."

Thursday, May27

Bobby talks to Anita and convinces her to come to Vegas to celebrate his successful venture. She tells him that she will check the hospital schedule, rearrange what she needs to and she will call him with her flight plans. Excited, the first person he tells is Erica. She is excited for him and promises to head for the hills before Anita arrives. Nothing, Erica says, should stop him from getting things back on track with his wife.

While Anita is on the phone, Aidan and Edmund confess to Maria that "Bobby is in Las Vegas with Erica" and that he lied to Anita about it. They all believe that Bobby and Erica are having an affair.

When Anita gets off the phone and returns to the living room, she is full of renewed hope that things can work out with Bobby. She says that she realizes she still loves him, and the fact that he tried so hard for so long means he isn't planning on giving up. She tells them about the success he had, and how she is going out to celebrate with him. Maria, hesitant to let her go without knowing the full picture, manages to stop Anita from charging off to pack. After a few knowing looks around the room, and trying to put them off by coming to Bobby's defense, she asks what's going on. Aidan finally tells her what he knows about Bobby, and Anita lashes out at him. She calls him a liar and a coward, and just like Bobby. Aidan, visibly hurt, tells her that he is sorry that he lied to her - but he isn't sorry for trying to protect her. Calming down a bit, Anita realizes that she has once again let her anger out at the wrong person and apologizes.

A little later, she calls Bobby and tells him that she won't be making the trip after all. He asks why, but she hangs up on him.

Back in Vegas, a woman has recognized Erica and can't stop talking about how excited she is that she got to meet Erica Kane! As Zach looks on, she talks about how she can't wait to tell all of her friends. She goes on to tell Erica just how sorry she is about all of the things that she had to go through back in Pine Valley.

After she leaves, Erica is tied in knots about being recognized and exposed. Zach says that Erica has his word that her privacy is protected, and goes off to find the woman. Introducing himself, he finds out that the woman's name is Gwen Miller. He tells her that Erica was so impressed with how nice she was that she wanted to offer her a treat. When he returns to Erica's side, he tells her that he gave Gwen a VIP package: a deluxe suite and 10 grand in chips), presumably in exchange for her silence. He tells Erica that she is in the clear, but Erica confesses that it's not completely true. Noting that her daughter recently lost her child, and that she herself had escaped to the big city and assumed a new persona, she says that Zach must be wondering what kind of parent she is. Not being able to relate to having a family or being close to one, Zach assures her that he isn't passing judgment on her. He tells her not to give up. Leaving her alone with her thoughts, Erica daydreams about a joyful reunion with her daughters.

At the Chandler mansion, the big day has arrived: JR and Babe are to be legally married and the baby is to be christened Elizabeth Miranda Chandler. But the joy escapes Babe as she struggles with her decision of whether to tell Bianca that Miranda is alive, and rip the baby JR loves from his arms...or if she should keep the secret, keep her husband happy and let her best friend continue to suffer.

It became harder for her as JR talked to his "daughter" and told her that she had angels watching out for her: his two sisters, and Dixie. He tells her that he felt empty for a long time because of all of the things he lost - but that she filled him with all of the love that he thought he'd never feel again.

Bianca shows up and is concerned that Babe isn't ready. JR starts to leave with the little one in tow, but Babe stops them and says that she has something to tell them. As Krystal looks on worriedly, Babe stumbles through something that has nothing to do with what she really wants to say. Assuming that she is just overwhelmed with the magnitude of the day, JR and Bianca swear that they understand and that they are here to support her. JR takes his leave with the baby and Bianca goes to check on her dress. Babe tells Krystal that she can't deal with this - she had both of them right there and had the perfect opportunity to tell them - and choked. She said, "My best friend is grieving the same baby that my husband loves more than life." She doesn't know how to deal with all that while she is doing some grieving of her own.

Krystal and Babe talk a bit and then Bianca returns, all dressed and ready, and Babe asks Krystal to leave them alone for a few moments so they can talk. When Krystal leaves, Bianca says that Babe can tell her anything. Babe says that she doesn't want to upset her, but Bianca will have none of it and wants to hear what is bothering her.

Babe asks Bianca, "How do you do it? How do you get over losing a child?" Bianca tells her that she never really will get over it, and will never forget. She says that she has found ways to cope, and has people (like Myrtle) helping her...telling her that there is a plan for Miranda, and believing in that helps her to deal, one day at a time.

Downstairs, Brooke and Adam talk in the study. Adam is unusually happy and Brooke wants to know why. Adam swears it's because he has forgiven Babe because she loves his son, and gave birth to his newest grandchild. Brooke calls his bluff. She says that she thinks he's plotting something and wants to know who the target is.

Adam refuses to admit to anything. After Brooke leaves, Adam has time to chat with JR. They commiserate about how stupid JR was for marrying Babe. JR admits that he did it mainly to stick it to Adam. Adam says that he is glad JR did that. Wanting to know why, Adam reveals that it's all because of "Bess." They agree that soon "Bess" will be all theirs and Babe will be out on the street.

Outside, Jamie confronts Tad about why he lied to him and to JR. Tad admits that he was wrong, but that he had everyone's best intentions at heart. He says that he had talked to JR a short while ago and had every intention of telling him the truth...but then he saw in his eyes how much he loved Babe and he couldn't do it. Jamie asks him if he would have kept the secret if the baby had turned out to be his - would he have let JR raise his child. Tad says, "Absolutely not." Satisfied with that, Jamie forgives Tad with a hug.

Back upstairs, with Bianca gone, Babe tells Krystal that she still hadn't told Bianca the truth. Krystal tries to take the blame for everything that happened since she switched the labels on the vials, but Babe won't let her. Babe says that she understands that Krystal made the choice she did because she was trying to protect her child. Babe really blames Paul.

Krystal says that she believes that if she follows her heart, Babe will make the right decision. Krystal tells her that she "has faith in her baby girl." Babe is suddenly inspired and says, "That's it - I know where to get my answer."

Babe heads downstairs and she has a talk with "Bess" in the study - she says that she loves her more than anything and would do anything for her, but needed for the baby to give a sign to tell her a sign to tell her what to do. Babe finally calls her Miranda, and Kendall, who just walked in, overhears her.

Friday, May28

Bobby introduces himself to Pearle, one of Erica's co-workers, but Erica quickly comes over and interrupts. Pearle assumes that Erica and Bobby are romantically involved and leaves them alone. Bobby jokes that Erica ruined his fun for the evening and then informs her that Anita isn't coming to visit him, thanks to Aidan. When Erica asks him if he thinks Aidan saw her, Bobby says it is not likely or else all of Pine Valley would be after her. When Bobby brings up who his wife is, Erica's face goes blank. She doesn't even notice Puggy interrupting, and tells Bobby he should catch a flight and go straight to hell! Erica rushes to her room and starts to pour herself a drink. Bobby bangs on the door and lets himself in with a master key. Erica calls him a liar for not admitting his relationship to Palmer and his father, Cliff Warner. She thinks he is after her, just like everyone else in Pine Valley, so now her cover will surely be blown. Bobby tells her there is no conspiracy and takes her drink from her. Erica asks like a child, throwing a temper tantrum because he took her drink, and then her entire bottle of alcohol. Bobby tells her that she can't drown her problems in booze and if he means nothing to her, then she should throw all of it away. Of course, Erica won't and her problem isn't alcohol, it's all the liars she keeps getting deceived by. Erica tells him to leave, but before Bobby goes, he reminds her that he is the only friend she has left who genuinely cares about her. Bobby walks out and when Erica turns around, she sees the shadowy figure she believes to be her father, standing by the dresser, shuffling a stack of cards in his hand. Erica tells him that if she gets the high card, he has to leave her alone forever. The figure hands the cards to Erica, she cuts the deck, and shows she has a queen of hearts. The figure shows her his card, a king of spades, making him the winner.

Anita, sporting an new sexy look, goes to see Aidan, where she barges in after he opens the door. Anita tells him that she wants to be more fun and stop being so dull. When she suggest Aidan take her to a club, Aidan says he would rather talk about what is on her mind. To avoid the subject, Anita starts asking Aidan a series of questions, with responses that include something you would expect to say to those survey folks who bother you at night, such as "agree" or "strongly agree" and so on. For her first question, Anita asks Aidan is he thinks she is pretty. Aidan says, "strongly agree." Her second question is if Anita would be a good lover in bed and Aidan says, "strongly agree." Anita kisses Aidan, but pulls away suddenly, feeling foolish and completely embarrassed. She begins ranting about how much Bobby has hurt her and that it's not fair he gets to cheat and deceive while her heart is breaking inside. Aidan gives her a hug and tells that she knows what she has to do. Anita thanks him for his kindness and goes to see Livia Frye, where she says she wants to file divorce papers.

Ryan is asleep on the couch, dreaming of Kendall's most recent striptease. When Greenlee leans over and says his name, he kisses her, thinking it is Kendall. When he wakes up and realizes he is kissing Greenlee, she walks away and asks him who he was dreaming about. Ryan pretends that he doesn't remember and Greenlee retorts that whoever it was might cause some problems in there relationship. Ryan thinks that Greenlee's "problem" has to do with the no sex clause in their pre-nup. Greenlee admits that she is nervous about their first public appearance together as Mr. and Mrs. Lavery at Babe and JR's wedding. After all, they have to act like a real couple, including showing some public affection. Ryan tells her she has nothing to worry about.

When Krystal walks over to join the others on the terrace, Derek Frye and his crew show up, asking to speak to Babe about a homicide. Dereks adds that he thinks Babe can provide some background information on the victim, who may have died in Atlantic City. When the crowd asks who the victim is, Derek tells them it is Paul Cramer, which brings total silence and shock to everyone. JR immediately rushes out to get Babe and they go back to the terrace. Derek tells Babe about Paul's disappearance and ask her why she called him that morning, asking to speak to him right away. Babe says that Paul always caused trouble for her and she wanted to make sure he didn't ruin her wedding day. She tells Derek about their brief marriage as well. JR and Adam admit they didn't like him either. Tad says no one liked him and blurts out that Paul threatened to take Bess from Babe. Bianca and JR are both surprised and Bianca assures Babe the she won't let anyone take her baby from her. Derek asks her why she thought Paul would kidnap her child. Babe admits that she was scared. When Derek asks if there is a chance the baby is Paul's, Babe quickly tells him no and she can prove it with her paternity test. As soon as Derek and his cop crew leave, JR demands to know why Babe didn't tell him about Paul's threats. Babe said that if JR had handled the situation, he would be in jail. Krystal takes Babe to go get dressed, JR calls Tad out on his second lie, and walks off. When JR and Bianca are alone, Bianca tells him that she wants to talk to him about Bess. Babe is frantic in her room and thinks that Bianca's behavior to protect her is a sign from God to tell the truth. Krystal twists it around and says with Paul's disappearance, maybe that is sign from God as well. Maybe it is a sign for her not to tell because her main threat, Paul, is gone. Babe doesn't know what to do, but realizes she has to do something.

Kendall asks Babe why she called Bess "Miranda" and Babe stutters that she sometimes call Bess by her middle name. She uses her name, Arabella, as an example, but Kendall still pressures her for more answers. Babe admits that she feels guilty her baby survived and that she would never call Bess, "Miranda" in front of Bianca. Kendall starts recanting the horrible night of the plane crash and how brave Babe must have been to deliver Miranda. When Kendall brings Babe getting help, she sputters out that Babe called her "ex-husband" for help and Paul is the only person who really knows the truth about that night. While Kendall continues to talk, Babe turns away, showing how nervous and scared she is. Kendall even admits to Babe that she knows about her first marriage to Paul. Babe is shocked, but Kendall assures her that JR is her friend and her secret is safe. JR comes in and tells Babe he needs her on the terrace. Kendall asks for more time with Babe, but JR dismisses it. Kendall offers to watch Bess until Babe comes back and they leave. Kendall walks over and looks closely at Bess. She recalls telling Ryan that when she first saw Bess, it was like looking into Miranda's eyes. Suddenly, it hits her and when Ryan and Greenlee walk in, she blurts out that Bess is really Miranda! Of course, Ryan thinks Kendall is pulling another stunt, but Kendall tells him this is not about their marriage. It is about Miranda. She explains that she heard Babe call Bess "Miranda" and when she asked her why, she just fumbled over her weak excuses. She brings up the fact that at the crash site, Paul first told JR his baby died, but when Adam and JR threatened him, he immediately said Bianca's baby is the one who died. Kendall says that Paul must have changed his story because he was scared. Greenlee begins to see Kendall's point and tells Ryan that Kendall isn't plotting this time, she really believes the baby is Miranda. Kendall also brings up that before Bianca truly accepted Miranda's death, she heard her baby crying and took Bess, thinking she was taking her own child home. Greenlee tells Ryan that the worst thing to happen is everyone hates their guts for being wrong -- nothing new for them. Kendall says she doesn't care whether they believe her or not, she is going to tell Bianca her baby is alive.

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