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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 24, 2004 on GL
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Monday, May 24, 2004

On Vinnie's orders, Danny detonates the bomb in the warehouse to kill Eden. What he doesn't realize is Michelle is also inside the building. Danny takes a photo of Eden as proof for Vinnie and on his way out, walks right by Michelle, hidden in the rubble.

Jeffrey and Frank coordinate the rescue teams outside the warehouse, but the Fire Chief holds them back due the fear of another explosion. Gus arrives to see Eden being pulled out of the debris. She is loaded into the ambulance where, to Gus' horror, they lose her. However, as the ambulance races away with Gus and Jeffrey inside, Eden sits up to reveal it's all been a set-up.

Back at the warehouse, Tony calls Vinnie to verify that Danny did the job. He nearly misses Michelle but he discovers her when her cell phone starts ringing. He lifts her from the wreckage and she opens her eyes to see her rescuer. Just then they are sent flying by another intense explosion.

Having prepared for a romantic evening, Bill waits for Eden to come home. He is happy and hopeful until Billy arrives, having been called by Frank. He breaks the news of the explosion, but doesn't yet have word on Eden's condition. Bill reacts with fear and denial.

Phillip rushes Emma to the emergency room. Rick meets him there and assures him she's just fine. The old friends commiserate about the pressures of leading a family. Rick admits he worries about Michelle. Olivia arrives and she and Phillip share a momentary truce over their child.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

At the devastated warehouse, Tony locates an unconscious Michelle. Just after he lifts her from the rubble and begins carrying her away, a second explosion rocks the building. Frank is outside directing firemen to work swiftly, yet cautiously in order to locate any additional victims. Before too long, Tony leaves the ruins carrying the injured Michelle, who is still unconscious. He is fiercely protective and insists on carrying her.

At his club, Vinnie congratulates Danny on a job well done, and says Eden was a lovely girl, but she made a fatal mistake. At his request, Danny makes a toast to Eden, saying he wishes she is in "a better place."

Harley, Gus, Jeffrey and Eden all arrive at Jeffrey's suite at The Beacon. Eden has disguised her appearance by wearing coveralls and a baseball cap. She is stunned when she learns she won't be able to say a final goodbye to Bill; he will truly have to believe she has perished in the bombing. Eden pleads with Jeffrey to let him in on the plan, but he says Bill, of all people, will have to be kept in the dark. He explains that telling Bill would be like signing his death warrant. Eden is crushed. Just then, Gus' cell phone rings and it is Bill calling, asking he if he knows where Eden is. Eden, aware Bill is calling, tries to shout something, but Harley clamps a hand over her mouth. Gus tells Bill he was just about to call him. When Bill begins asking questions, Gus says he is on his way to speak with him personally. Bill, not liking the sounds of it, asks him what is happening, but Gus doesn't say. After the call, Harley suggests going instead to tell Bill the "news" about Eden so Gus can spend a little more time with his sister.

Billy is still with Bill when Harley arrives. She tells Bill to sit down and, calmly, she tells him Eden has died. Bill asks Harley why Eden was at the warehouse and what caused the explosion. Harley says she doesn't know why Eden was there, but the cause of the explosion appears to be accidental. Bill doesn't buy it, saying he is sure Salerno is somehow behind it. He is about to rush out and confront Vinnie, but Harley and Billy stop him. Bill is distraught. He is all set to go and see Eden's body for himself. Harley covers, saying the explosion was powerful and Eden wouldn't want Bill to see her in such horrible condition. Suddenly, Bill prepares to leave and tells them he is going out to make arrangements for Eden's funeral. After Bill leaves, Harley tells Billy not to let him anywhere near Vinnie Salerno and he agrees, saying he wants his son to stay alive. After Billy leaves, Harley calls Gus on his phone and reports she's accomplished what had to be done.

When Tony and the ambulance crew bring Michelle to Cedars, Rick is shocked. Instantly, he and other medical personnel whisk her off to a treatment room, where they begin to work on her. Out in the corridor, a nurse tries to attend to Tony's injuries, but he rejects her concern.

Danny arrives at Jeffrey's suite where he is asked if Salerno seemed satisfied. He tells Jeffrey it appears Vinnie bought it---hook, line and sinker. Danny announces it has been a long day and now he is on his way to see Michelle, whom he believes to be working at the hospital. After he leaves, Gus and Eden spend time reminiscing about their childhood. She painfully tells him it's unbearable to know this will be the last time they'll ever see each other, and asks him to look out for Bill. Gus tells Eden to look at the bright side: she'll be starting out fresh with a new identity in a town where no one knows her history. She'll finally be able to escape her past. She tries to be positive, but expresses how wrenching it is to leave while Bill is grieving for her. Jeffrey pulls Gus aside and says he learned from the surveillance team that another shipment of Antimonius from San Cristobel is due to arrive at the docks in the near future. He wants Gus to stay on it. When he seems preoccupied by Eden's situation, Jeffrey states he needs a man who won't be distracted by other concerns. Gus bluntly tells him the drugs have cost him his sister, and yes, he'll definitely be attuned to the task.

Bill arrives at the destroyed warehouse, where Frank and the police are still present. He demands to see where Eden died, and eventually, Frank permits Bill to go inside. When he locates the office where Eden had been, he looks over the scene before him with numbed grief. Looking closer at the area, something catches his eye. When he bends over, he sees Eden's engagement ring lying there. He lifts it up and gazes at it.....Later, Bill returns home. He walks over to the bed, reaches under it and extracts a small wooden case. After opening it up, Bill looks down at the handgun which was inside. He mutters a threat towards Salerno...

At The Beacon, Ross runs into Alexandra and asks if she moved back to The Beacon, but Alex tells him she is actually happy to be back at the Spaulding mansion again. He sort of doubts this, commenting because both she and Olivia are living under the same roof, it would probably be dicey, to which Alex somewhat agrees. After she leaves, Ross gets a call about the warehouse explosion. Just as he is about to call him, Frank appears and tells him the news about Michelle being injured. Frank asks Ross how they can contact Ed.

At Cedars, when Danny arrives, a bitter Tony asks him if his "mission" was worth it. When he asks him who the intended target was Danny admits it was Eden and she's dead. Danny admits he knew Tony was fond of Eden, but says Salerno wanted the job done and he is loyal to Salerno. Tony suddenly asks Danny if the job went smoothly, whether or not any collateral damage was suffered. When he seems mystified by this, Tony drags him over to a window and forces Danny to look in: Doctors can be seen working over Michelle. Danny is stunned! He fights to enter the room, but Tony holds him back. Shortly, Michelle is wheeled out on a gurney, accompanied by Rick and a few nurses. Even though she is still unconscious, Danny shouts he is there and she'll be okay. The gurney is wheeled away, leaving a distressed Danny in its wake...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

At Cedars, Tony tells Danny he doesn't have sympathy for him because he chose to go through with the hit on Eden before making sure there was no one else in the warehouse. After Tony walks off, Danny is furious when Jeffrey arrives. He warns Jeffrey he'll be coming after him if Michelle doesn't survive. Danny reminds him it was he who didn't allow Michelle to be told about the warehouse plan. He asks Jeffrey if he is satisfied, if part of the plan involved having to lose Michelle. Jeffrey points out Danny's not totally blameless and if he'd kept his hands clean, they wouldn't be in this situation. When Danny says the facade is over and Salerno can be put away for ordering the hit on Eden, Jeffrey stresses the drug connection hadn't been figured out yet. Danny heatedly tells Jeffrey he's going to do things HIS way, and he's more than welcome to come along for the ride.

Elsewhere at Cedars, Buzz, Frank, Marina and Shayne are all keeping a vigil and waiting for word on Michelle's condition while she is in surgery. A distressed Mel comes by to report she's found out Ed is quarantined in the African village and unable to travel. She adds she has a friend with diplomatic ties who will try to notify Ed about Michelle's condition. Aside, Buzz asks Frank if he considers the explosion an act of foul play. All Frank will admit to is the explosion is deemed "suspicious" at the moment.

In Jeffrey's suite at The Beacon, as Gus and Eden are talking, she suddenly has second thoughts about the whole plan. But Gus talks her out of it. Harley arrives to report Eden's funeral will be tomorrow. Eden insists on going to the funeral herself, tearfully pleading to at least see Bill one last time, but Gus tells her she'll have to stay away from the event so she won't blow her cover. Gus' cell phone rings and he notices the call is from Alan. Eden comments the Spauldings are the only family Gus has left now. After saying Alan will probably be glad she's "dead", Eden reminds Gus there is a higher-up in Spaulding Enterprises connected to the Antimonius trade who could be Alan.

Back at Bill and Eden's, he studies the revolver, and holds it as though aiming it at someone. Olivia knocks and when Bill won't answer, she opens the door and sees him holding the gun. She asks him to put it down, and he does, slowly. Olivia extends her heartfelt condolences. Bill tells her Eden's death wasn't an accident and not only is Vinnie Salerno to blame, he is going to pay. Olivia tells Bill to cool down or else she'll be going to HIS funeral next. Bill is adamant, saying he is going to make Salerno suffer the same way Eden did. Olivia tells Bill instead, he's probably mad at Eden for dying, but Bill assures her he isn't - Eden didn't choose the way she died. Tony arrives and Bill aims the gun at him. Tony tries to tell him he would feel the same way if he were in Bill's shoes. Olivia whisks Tony outside, where she tells him not to tell Bill about what happened to Michelle; he has all he can handle right now. Tony comes back inside. Even though Bill is calmer, he accuses Tony of having some role in Eden's death. He reminds Tony of how he stood by and watched Salerno's men beat him to a pulp. Tony says a few kind words about Eden and how things were starting to look up for her, she had been about to make a fresh start.

At Olivia's, Gus and Harley arrive to speak with Alan, but before doing so, she makes sure he can still pull off the "act" regarding Eden. Gus assures her he can. When Alan gives him his condolences, it is hard for Gus to pretend to be grieving. Alan says although he'd always worried Eden would get Gus entangled in one of her messes one day, he admired her for the fact that she was loyal to her brother. Gus says it is hard because part of him is reacting like a brother, and the other part like a cop. When Alan asks if he means there is foul play involved, Alexandra arrives and gives Gus her condolences as well. He mentions Alex knew Eden as much as anyone in town, and asks if she knows of anyone who wanted her dead. Caught off guard, Alex intimates she doesn't know of any enemies Eden had. The foursome sits for a while at a table, but it is obvious Alexandra is a bit nervous and edgy about something. After Gus and Harley leave, he remarks on how nervously Alexandra had reacted to Eden's death. Back at the table, Alex announces she has to leave. When Alan asks where she is going, she says she is going to meet with Brad Green. Even though Eden's gone, the business world still has to revolve and she's meeting with Brad to prepare an announcement regarding the Bad Girl campaign.

Back at Jeffrey's suite, he tells Eden from now on, she'll be known as Alison Grey; from now on Eden August will only exist on a tombstone. He gives her a new passport, driver's license and other identification in the name of Alison Grey and tells her she'll be living in a small town in New Mexico. Alison will be a woman who's just gotten out of a bad relationship and wants to start fresh in a new town. When Eden asks if she has a say in it, Jeffrey says no, not if she wants to live. When Harley and Gus arrive, Jeffrey asks how it went. Gus and Harley say it appears Alexandra is hiding something. Eden asks Gus if he'll be able to make an arrest if it turns out a member of his family is involved. Gus states he'll take down half the town if necessary.

After she helps lay out some clothes for him to wear at the funeral, Bill asks Olivia to help him find something for Eden to wear in her casket. She says she'll find something colorful that will express who Eden was. After Olivia asks if there is anything more she can do, Bill thanks her for being there for him during this time.

Back at Cedars, Rick announces to everyone the surgery went well and Michelle is expected to live, BUT is in a coma. When Danny asks how long it will be until Michelle regains consciousness, Rick says he doesn't know. In a broken voice, Rick asks everyone to look in on Michelle from time to time and to speak to her, adding how the sound of familiar voices seems to help coma patients recover more quickly. After thanking all of them for being there, Rick walks away. He later tells Danny that Mel was able to get through to Ed by phone and had given him the news about Michelle. Rick says it is okay for Danny to look in on Michelle. When Danny sits by Michelle's side and holds her hand, he tells her she is his life; she always will be. He asks her to come back to him.

Later, Tony sits with Michelle while Danny makes a call to Mike Bauer. When Robbie gets on the phone, Danny tells him how much he loves him. But when Robbie asks to speak with his mommy, Danny tells the boy his mother is sleeping. After the call, a nurse approaches Danny with a flower arrangement. When Danny checks the card, he discovers the arrangement was sent by none other than Vinnie Salerno. He hands the arrangement back to the nurse and tells her to give the flowers to a patient who really needs them.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

The residents of Springfield gather to say a final good-bye to Eden when Vinnie Salerno shows up. Josh tells him he's not welcome, but Bill insists that Vinnie stay to see how much Eden was loved. Gus speaks first to wish his sister farewell. He talks about their childhood and explains how proud he is of the woman she became.

Harley can't bear to witness the pain Bill is in and tells Gus that she has to leave. As the assembled crowd each places a rose on Eden's casket, they depart. But Bill has trouble leaving and remains for his own personal goodbye. He recites the vows that he prepared for his and Eden's wedding day.

Back at the safe house with Jeffrey, Eden imagines the ceremony that she's missing. Harley and Gus arrive and plead with Jeffrey to reconsider his plan and let Bill and Eden have a chance to say goodbye, but he maintains that they can't take the risk. Frustrated, Eden heads to the bathroom and escapes through the window.

Danny sits by Michelle's bedside, agonizing over her comatose state. He goes to the hospital chapel and begs the Lord to punish him and heal Michelle. Cassie surprises him there and asks whether or not he's in the mob. His refusal to answer tells her what she needs to know.

Back in Michelle's room, Ross warns Danny that if he finds out this was anything other than an accident, Danny will pay. An angry Danny asks Ross to leave.

Tammy comes to the hospital to find Cassie and apologizes for letting a silly fight come between them. They reconcile and Cassie is thrilled. Danny continues to talk to Michelle in the hopes of reaching her.

Friday, May 28, 2004

The mourners are at Eden's funeral at the Beacon. Marina is distressed at how quiet and subdued everyone is, she thinks it does a disservice to the kind of woman Eden was. She then announces to the crowd that they're there to celebrate Eden's life, not mourn her. The crowd immediately understands, with Billy giving a toast to Eden and Tammy playing light music on the stereo. Now the crowd is talking more. Encouraged by Joey to speak with Edmund, Tammy apologizes to him for everything she did and everything she said. To her relief, he accepts her apology. A happy Tammy then tells Josh and Reva that she's moving back into the Beacon, something Joey's glad about. Meanwhile, Sandy has gone outside to get some air when she's spotted by Marina. Marina comments how he finds a reason to escape when he's around her and Shayne. She thinks it's because he feels like a third wheel and so she resolves to fix him up with someone. Later, Sandy surprises Reva and Josh by asking to stay at their place because his has flood damage. Reva happily says yes. Not long after Reva goes off to talk to Cassie, Josh, getting off the phone, relates to Sandy that he just spoke to his landlord (to offer to help repair the building) and learned that Sandy was lying. Sandy admits that he lied; he just wanted to do something to make Reva happy. Josh understands but warns Sandy to never lie to him again. Also, at the funeral, Darci asks Frank about what the authorities believed caused the warehouse explosion. Frank said the Fire Dept. is calling it an accident. Darci, though is sure this was a mob hit and implores Frank to keep the case open. Having some questions of his own, Frank assures Darci he will.

Danny is at Michelle's bedside at Cedars. He's doubtful that he being there and talking to her is doing any good, but Rick assures Danny that Michelle can hear him and hearing his voice will help her. Rick then leaves the room and runs into Bill, who's there to see Michelle. Realizing that Bill thinks Michelle is working, Rick tells Bill that Michelle's at ICU. Shocked, Bill rushes into the room, sees Danny and demands to know what he did to her. Rick intervenes and tells Bill to take it easy and he and Danny explain that Michelle was at the warehouse the night of the explosion. Bill's upset that no one told him Michelle had been injured and blames himself for what happened since he and Michelle argued about Eden and he figures that Michelle followed Eden. Danny reassures Bill that he's not to blame and encourages Bill to spend time with her. Bill suddenly asks if Salerno was involved in the explosion, but Danny denies it. When Danny leaves, Bill apologizes to Michelle for everything he said to her and encourages her to get better because she's needed.

Salerno is in his office burning Eden's obituary card when Tony comes in. Tony's upset about the hit Salerno put on Eden. Vinnie's a little annoyed at Tony's disrespectful tone and warns that he's letting his personal feelings about Danny cloud his judgment. While they're discussing Danny, Danny walks in. Salerno dismisses Tony. When Salerno tries to get Danny to go back to the hospital, Danny says that he needs a distraction. He offers to get the drugs back that Eden flushed; he just needs the name of the supplier in San Cristobel. However, a slightly suspicious Vinnie refuses to give the name and dismisses Danny. Upon leaving Salerno's office, Danny runs into Bill, who's there to confront Vinnie. Danny tries to warn Bill of the danger of confronting a man like Salerno, Bill is adamant, claiming that he has nothing left to lose. Seeing no other way, Danny gives Bill an address and tells him to go there now.

At the safehouse, Eden is struggling with Gus and Jeffrey. Jeffrey warns her again that she can't see Bill. He tells her that she has to remain "dead" not only for her protection but for the lives of everyone connected to her. Finally seeing the wisdom of Jeffrey's argument, a tearful Eden says goodbye to Gus and Harley and tells Gus that she wants one thing from him before she goes--a wedding date. Although she knows she can't attend his and Harley's wedding, she wants to know the exact date so she can be happy for him. Caught off guard, Gus is having trouble coming up with one, but Harley does--Gus and Eden's dad's birthday. Finally happy for Gus and Harley, a tearful Eden leaves with Jeffrey. Almost immediately after, Bill arrives at the room. Just then Eden, having forgotten something, rushes in, and she and Bill come face to face! Danny and Tony are back at the hospital with Michelle. Suddenly Michelle opens her eyes. She sees Tony, remembering he saved her, and then slips back into unconsciousness.

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