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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 24, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, May 24, 2004

At the police station, Tom and Margo Hughes discover that Henry Coleman has disappeared from Deerbrook Hospital. They immediately know that Henry must be up to something with Katie, so they rush over to the hospital. When they arrive, Nurse Rockwell informs them that Katie must have permission from Dr. Tanner to have visitors, even the visitor is her sister. Furthermore, Nurse Rockwell had to sedate Katie when Katie became agitated because the nurse would not permit Katie to see Henry. Margo and Tom demand to see Henry, threatening to come back in the morning with a court order otherwise. When Nurse Rockwell leaves the room, Katie finds Margo and Tom in the waiting room. Katie, obviously not sedated, hurriedly tells them that Henry was helping her prove Pilar's guilt, then Katie rushes away when she hears Nurse Rockwell approach with Henry. The nurse wheels in a drugged Henry, telling Margo and Tom that they may have fifteen minutes with Henry. Tom looks at Henry's chart and discovers that Henry is a voluntary patient, therefore Tom demands that the hospital release Henry immediately. When Nurse Rockwell goes to start the paperwork, Katie reappears and tells Margo and Tom that Pilar had come to Deerbrook to show Katie a picture of herself and Mike in bed together. Katie begs Margo and Tom to listen to Henry as soon as the drugs wear off and he is coherent again. Agreeing to pay attention to Henry, Margo and Tom take him home, and Wellington, the patient who calls himself "Sergeant P. Mitchell Musgrove," sadly tells Katie that a secret agent from Planet Zarcon has stolen his pith helmet, leaving him unprotected. Katie hugs him and reassures him that she won't let anything hurt him, but she does not see the helmeted silhouette in the background.

Mike's telephone rings, and Pilar answers to find Russ demanding that she get him out of jail immediately. Mike returns, and Pilar concocts a story that she is afraid that Russ' lawyers will be rough on her in court. Pilar suggests that she would like to make a deal with Russ, in which she will refuse to testify against him if he will promise to stay away from her. Mike objects, and Pilar announces, "I have to do what I feel is right for me. I'm sorry if you don't like it," and stalks out of the room. Mike continues to insist that Pilar do the right thing and testify, and Pilar turns away, rolling her eyes and not knowing what to do next. Russ calls again and threatens to tell the police the truth about Pilar, so she pretends that the call was from the manager of the Wagon Wheel Motel, and she leaves, telling Mike that she has to pick up a check.

Barbara asks Dr. Walker Daniels to take the bandages off her eyes in private, so that she can have time to put on a brave front for Jennifer and Paul if she is still blind. Walker removes the bandages, and she sees his face, at first blurry, but finally in perfect focus. She emotionally embraces him, and each thinks the other is beautiful. After Walker leaves, Barbara receives a large bouquet of red roses whit a card which reads, "Get well soon, honey. Love, James." Her face changes from happy to terrified in an instant.

In Rosanna's suite, Paul and Rosanna discuss the bombshell that James dropped on them, telling them that Jordan is Cabot's biological father. Paul suggests that Rosanna first determine, through a DNA test, that Jordan actually is Cabot's father. Next, Paul suggests that Rosanna contact a lawyer to have herself declared Cabot's legal guardian, and to have her marriage to Jordan annulled. He also suggests taking steps to have Jordan's parental rights taken away. Then Paul stuns Rosanna by suggesting that she take Cabot away "as far and as fast as you can." He adds, "This time, Rosanna, there will be no turning back." Paul quickly calls Dr. Daniels and leaves a message to set up a dna test to find out if Jordan actually is the biological father, then he leaves Rosanna after receiving a call from Jennifer. Paul tells Rosanna that, if she leaves town with Cabot, facing James Stenbeck's wrath will be easier for him than saying goodbye to Rosanna. Soon Dr. Daniels arrives at Rosanna's door, where she explains that Paul had called him on her behalf. She tells Walker that "someone" has claimed to be Cabot's biological father, and she asks the doctor, "I'd like to screen his DNA without his knowledge. Can you do that for me?" Rosanna offers to provide a hairbrush or toothbrush, and Walker agrees to do the test, although he warns Rosanna that any evidence they discover in this way cannot be used in court. Walker agrees to take Cabot's sample right away. Before leaving, Walker advises Rosanna to be open with her new husband. Just then Jordan walks in the door, and asks what it is that Rosanna should be telling him.

While Rosanna and Paul are talking in Rosanna's suite, at BRO, Jordan and Jennifer are kissing and declaring their love to each other. Jordan tells Jennifer the entire truth about his marriage to Rosanna, including the facts that he has signed Cabot's adoption papers, and that the documents require that he and Rosanna stay married for two years. When Jennifer suggests asking her father, Police Chief Hal Munson, to find out who is behind the adoption plan, Jordan asks her to wait to see if he and Rosanna can work it out for themselves within the two week deadline he has given Rosanna. Jennifer agrees and they kiss again. After Jordan leaves, Jennifer calls Paul and asks him to come meet her at BRO. When Paul arrives, he assures Jennifer that Rosanna plans to cut Jordan loose as soon as possible. Paul does not tell Jennifer that James Stenbeck is behind the adoption plan, but he does assure Jennifer that he wants her to be happy and is happy for her and Jordan, whom he admires for going to such great lengths to help Rosanna. Paul flatly tells Jennifer that Rosanna wants to get out of the marriage with Jordan as much as Jordan wants to get away from her.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Margo brings Henry to Mike's place. Margo tells Mike that Henry was babbling something in the car but she couldn't understand what he was saying. Henry blurts out, she is not crazy. Katie is not crazy. Mike looks stunned. As Henry is being fed coffee, he tells Mike that Pilar has been setting him up. Everything that Katie was saying was true. It couldn't be proven because Pilar always did these things when no one was around. Mike asks Henry if there is any proof. Henry says yes, when he broke out of his not too happy place, he went to see Russ and Russ told him that he and Pilar had been plotting against him and Katie from the beginning. Margo tells Mike that she checked and Pilar did go to see Katie at the hospital. Henry says that Pilar showed Katie a picture of the two of them in bed. Margo says she will check into the case again. Mike asks Henry and Margo to leave because Pilar is due to come back soon. Back at the police station, Margo and Henry are chatting. Henry tells Margo that he even put an ad in the paper saying, "Simon, come home, Katie needs you."

Pilar and Russ are arguing. Russ tells her to get him out in 24 hours or he going to start talking. Pilar says she's raising his bail money. Then when it's paid, he can jump bail and wait for the money from her. Pilar says he has to do it or he will end up with nothing. She will send him his share. That having him around is making it harder. He tells her she only has 24 hours or he starts singing "like Julio Iglesias and his kid."

Outside of the cell room, Pilar calls a friend, and asks if he would like to meet and have a drink. Pilar is waiting for her friend. He arrives and thinks that Pilar is coming on to him. After all, when a guy gets a call late at night, and is asked to come to a hotel, it means she wants him. Pilar tells him, he has the wrong impression. She needs to ask him a favor. She needs to borrow $5,000.00 from him for a month. She will then pay him back $10,000.00. He tells her definitely not. She needs to get a job or steal it. Pilar arrives back at Mike's place. She comes on to him but he puts her off. He is seeing her in a new way now.

Paul leaves his Mother's hospital room and sees Jennifer and Jordan in an embrace. He heads for Rosanna's. He tells her he saw Jordan and Jennifer embracing. Rosanna hopes that she can get him to sign away his rights to Cabot. If only he could possibly turn out not to be Cabot's Father. Paul tells her to remain strong because some tough times are coming. Rosanna tells him that he has been strong enough for the both of them.

Someone has taken Katie's friends helmet at the hospital and he telling Katie that whoever the unidentified person was, he was asking a lot of questions about Katie. Katie sees someone at the window and calls the doctor. Katie cannot get anyone including the doctor to believe that she isn't just imagining things. The doctor administers a sleeping pill for Katie, but she tries to hide it. When Katie doesn't obey, the doctor then gives her a shot. As Katie is being brought back to her room she sees Simon at the window, then he disappears and Katie wonders if she is really going insane.

Barbara wants to know why James is contacting her now. What does he want from her? Dr. Daniel's enters Barbara's room. He jokes with her and sees that she is feeling better. After he leaves, Barbara calls Paul and asks to see him. Paul arrives at Barbara's room and realizes that Barbara can see. He is thrilled but tells her he felt as though she wanted to tell him something. As she starts, Jennifer comes in. Barbara comments on how beautiful she is and Jennifer realizes that her Mother can see her. She is thrilled, and as the two of them talk, Dr. Daniel's comes in and Paul steps outside to speak with him. Walker tells Paul that the sample is being checked on now. Dr. Daniels says that he loves science, it's normally people that present the problems, and the problems always come back and haunt them. Paul says that if Rosanna wants something, it must be important. Jordan enters Barbara's room with press clippings of the show. It was definitely a hit and Barbara is very happy that everything went well. Jordan is leaving and asks Jennifer if she would like to walk him out. She does and outside Jordan tells Jennifer what Rosanna had to say. Jennifer says, that Paul had exactly the same thing to say. Jennifer comes back with, you know when things seem too good to be true, they normally are, so maybe we should find out what Rosanna and Paul are keeping from them. Later, Jennifer makes a call. She meets with Lucy. Lucy tells Jennifer that Craig got Cabot from Canada illegally, then the police found them and they lost him and the birth Mother took him back. Then Craig offered her money and she had him arrested. Rosanna now asks, so why is she giving him up now. Lucy and Rosanna agree that the only person that could answer those questions would be Craig himself.

Jordan enters his suite and wants to know what Dr. Daniels wants Rosanna to tell him. She hesitates and Walker intercedes with the good news about Barbara's operation. Walker says he can see her anytime. Rosanna and Jordan talk further. She tells him that she is doing everything to quicken the divorce and get his name off the adoption papers. All he will have to do is sign and it will soon be over. Rosanna knows that Jordan wants to be with Jennifer and she won't stop him one minute longer. She only asks that he be discreet. Jordan is having a hard time understanding what Rosanna is trying to do. He says that a few days before that, marriage was a matter of life and death. Now, it's no big deal, and she's practically pushing him out the door. Is their something that she's not telling him.

Barbara agrees to a date with Walker Daniels.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Mike is staring out the window when Pilar brings him a cup of coffee. He is rather cool with her, and claims he has a lot of work. Pilar asks him who visited him the night before. She found coffee and extra cups out. He gives her some excuse to change the subject. She says she wondered if the people were saying something negative about her.

Jennifer arrives at Craig's. She wants to know Cabot's history. She claims to know that Jordan and Rosanna's marriage is a high stakes game. She knows that Jordan, Rosanna and Cabot are all mixed up in it and she wants to know how Jordan figures in. Craig tells her that Cabot will belong to Rosanna alone and God help any man, woman or child that comes between them. Then Jennifer asks, why, did Rosanna ask Jordan to adopt Cabot. Craig gives Jennifer a business card with the name of Annabelle Feddle on it. She is the one responsible for getting Cabot in the first place. She is known as a baby broker. After seeing Jordan and speaking with Barbara, the strong willed Jennifer makes a call to Annabelle claiming it is Rosanna and she needs to meet with her to clear up a snag in the adoption papers.

Craig calls Rosanna and tells her that he is going to sue her for joint custody of Cabot Montgomery. Rosanna warns Craig not to interfere with what she is doing. Craig tells her that he thinks she is trying to hurt him, and by God, she is not going to get away with that. Rosanna listens to a phone conversation made by Craig in what was once their home. She starts throwing things at Craig and then shows him an eviction notice. He has 24 hours to vacate the premises. She tells him, be careful who you threaten. She leaves and then receives a call from Dr. Daniels stating that he sent a copy of the report she is waiting for to her home, and hope it is what she wants.

Barbara is gathering her things together to leave the hospital when Jordan arrives with flowers. Dr. Daniels says that he'll have to stand in line with all the admirers and flowers. Walker picks up James' note from off the floor and Walker makes a comment regarding the name James. Jordan says, "tell me those flowers aren't from your ex-husband." Barbara asks Jordan to please not say anything to the children.

Rosanna makes a phone call. She is making sure that the draft being sent to her is iron clad. She holds Cabot and tells him she is making sure that no one will ever take him away again. Carly arrives at Rosanna's. Carly wants to know what happened when she saw James. Rosanna tells her that James claims Jordan is Cabot's biological son. She is having papers drawn up removing Jordan's name in connection with the adoption Carly reminds Rosanna that she made a contract with James. She asks if she is going to run away again. She says she must do what she has to do to protect Cabot. At the house, Carly tells Rosanna a package came for her. Rosanna opens it up and lo and behold, Jordan Sinclair is Cabot's Father.

Katie is sitting and talking with her friend when he tells her that his helmet was returned by the man who took it. The man also left a message for Katie. He is coming for her, but, do not act as if you know who it is or recognize him. A doctor comes in saying that he is there to take Katie to another hospital. Katie looks at him, smiles, and says, "I'm not crazy. It's Simon." Simon says he's back and wouldn't have left if he knew this was going to happen. He's back and they can start over. He isn't running anymore. The whole thing is over. He made a deal and the guys are in jail. He is safe now.

Barbara sees Jordan and Jennifer in an embrace as she is leaving. She asks to speak with her daughter alone. Barbara tells her that she must be crazy. Jennifer tells her Mother the whole story. Rosanna has manipulated Jordan and the whole situation. Barbara warns her that this is Jordan's business, not hers and she should let Jordan handle the problems in his own life.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Rosanna tries to convince Carly that she's right not to tell Jordan the truth about being Cabot's father. Rosanna gets a call saying her lawyers have drawn up a new contract, which Jordan will sign and thereby give up custody of the boy. A thrilled Jordan heads to the courthouse.

Jennifer is unsuccessful in getting any info from Annabelle, but Fettle drops a hint about "biology" which alerts her. Jennifer then finds the DNA report and learns the truth. After briefly struggling with what to do next, she goes to the courthouse to stop Jordan from signing away his rights as a father until he knows the truth.

Meanwhile, Barbara visits James. He reveals that Jordan is Cabot's father and that he's been setting up a new family. He then sends her a package with an old photograph of a boy in the arms of a woman standing in front of an orphanage. Barbara wonders what Jordan Sinclair is to James Stenbeck.

Alison's attempt at pottery has resulted in a horrible plate to give to Kim and Bob for their anniversary. Unbeknownst to Alison, Nancy takes pity on her and goes out to get her a plate. Meanwhile, Aaron also shows up with another new plate. At the end, Bob and Kim and Chris are confused by the presence of three plates!

Doc brings Margo some dumbbells and suggests that they meet for a rendezvous in the Lakeview. Jessica arrives to talk to Margo about her fertility problems, but Margo keeps spacing out and having sexual fantasies about Doc. Jessica asks Margo to go with her to a fertility specialist, which Ben doesn't know about. Margo agrees, even though she knows that Doc is waiting for her.

Friday, May 28, 2004

Everyone is holding an anniversary plate Alison tells them all the truth, including Chris. She says that Nancy lied trying to help her, and so have other people. She didn't make the two plates that Kim and Bob are holding. Only the one they hate. Chris asks why she lied. She says she's not a potter, she's not anything. She's just her and that's not good enough. Kim starts to question Alison when Nancy says perhaps they should leave the room. She would fill them all in. Alison tells Chris that first it started with a fib and then it just exploded. Alison tells Chris, she is working at Metro. He says, I thought we discussed this, and we figured it wasn't the right place for you. She says no, you said it wasn't the right place, it was his decision, not hers. She didn't want to make him mad, so she lied. Just because he told her something, doesn't mean that it is how she feels. She says she should have told him, she was going to work there anyway. She also tells him about the money she owes Metro. She tells him, she feels she should move out. It's just not going to work. Alison and Chris continue to talk. Kim, Nancy and Bob come in. Kim says that it was a big misunderstanding and they can talk about it like a family. Alison says she knows they love Chris, but they are not her family. She thanks them and leaves. Kim asks what happened. Chris tells her that Alison was embarrassed and tells Kim that she is the one Alison was trying to get away from. Chris blames Kim for Alison leaving. I am not taking the blame for this, Kim says. Alison ends up at Aaron's door.

Lucy meets with Lucinda as they await Sierra's arrival. Lucy has told her Mom about Craig falling apart. Lucy says her Mom is always so comforting. Lucinda says she has mellowed. Lucy remembers her perfume, the same smile. She finds comfort in the fact that Mom is just Mom. Lucy receives a call from Aaron asking her not to hang up. He says to please come over to the club, your Dad is in a bad way. Lucy runs off to see what happened. Sierra comes down and she and Lucinda talk. She tells her Mother that she is not traveling alone. Dusty comes up to Aaron wanting to know about the inventory. Aaron tells him that he tried to do it but Craig was in the way. Aaron thinks that Craig has moved in. Dusty brings Craig out of the back. He runs into Lucy and Lucy tells him that after graduation she is going home with her Mother. Craig tells Lucy to spend the summer there. Lucy says, "And what, watch you self-destruct?" Craig asks her not to call her Mother. Sierra walks in. Lucy and she embrace. Sierra tells her that Lucinda filled her in on everything that is going on. Sierra reminds her that she gave her a ticket before she left last time and she will always be welcomed. Sierra tells Lucy that she didn't make the trip alone and she would like her to meet somebody. Lucy is introduced to Alan Drake. Lucy says I didn't know my Mother was bringing a friend. I'm more than a friend says Alan. Sierra tells her that she and Alan were married last Saturday.

Jack arrives at Rosanna's. Carly lets him in and bolts the door behind him. Carly tells Jack that she hasn't been entirely truthful with him. He tells her he figured that Rosanna probably swore her to secrecy. Carly tells Jack that Jordan is Cabot's real Father. She also tells him that she knows whose been pulling the strings behind this weird arrangement with Cabot. James Stenbeck. She also tells him that Rosanna is afraid of James, because he double-crossed her. Jack asks, do you think she'll grab Cabot and run? Carly gets a call from Rosanna, asking her to bring Cabot to the courthouse ASAP. Jack tells Carly, they will do just that.

In the Judge's courtroom, the Judge comes out and says that he will approve the papers pending Mr. Sinclair's signature. Rosanna looks at Jordan as he is looking over the papers. He is about to sign them when Jennifer bursts into the courtroom and tells him not to sign until he knows the truth. You don't know what you're signing. Jordan tells her that after he signs the papers, Rosanna will be the only parent. She's not the only parent, says Jennifer. She calls Rosanna a self-centered person who won't even trust the man who turned his life upside down to try to help her. You don't care about Jordan. You only cared about getting Cabot. You have no right to him. She shows Jordan the papers she found at Rosanna's. Jordan goes over them, saying they are lab reports of DNA tests, of Cabot and his Father. So, she knows who the Father is. Rosanna tells him that rumors started circulating and she had the test done. The man wasn't aware of it but he had made it clear that he wanted to move on with his life. Jennifer calls Rosanna selfish and unethical. Jennifer tells Jordan that he is Cabot's Father and she wasn't going to tell you. Rosanna tells Jennifer that she felt she knew his feelings on the subject. He wanted to be free so he could be with you. Paul tells Jennifer not to make it worse than it already is. Jennifer says, she was going to let him sign his rights away without knowing he has a living, breathing child. How much worse could it be? Jordan asks Rosanna, were you ever going to tell me Cabot was mine? Rosanna tells Jordan, that Cabot was his. Jordan asks who the Mother was? Rosanna gives him her name, but he doesn't recognize it. He says he was always careful because of being brought up in an orphanage, he didn't want anything to happen. Rosanna says, who knows why he wasn't notified? Maybe the Mother didn't want Cabot to be a burden, or she wanted Cabot to go to someone who would love him unconditionally. She asks Jordan to please give him to her. He will have a good life and she can take care of him, please just sign the papers. Jennifer says that whoever set this up knew the truth, why else would they want Jordan. Jordan is not thrilled. Jennifer tells him he grew up in an orphanage, he has someone he belongs to now. Jordan tells Rosanna, he will sign the papers. She is a good Mother. Jennifer is shocked. She talks Jordan out of it. You owe it to Cabot to realize that someday he will want to know his Father. Jordan tells Rosanna, he needs time to figure out what he wants. A piece of paper changes everything. Jordan, finally says that, as is Father, he has that right. Rosanna, who is ready to fall apart, tells Jordan they will start over, and, for Cabot's sake, will work everything out. She tells Jordan that perhaps he and Jennifer would like to come over and babysit that evening. She is sorry that she didn't tell him everything before, she should have. Rosanna, outside with Paul, tells him she has to leave town before James finds out. Carly arrives with Cabot and Jack enters saying the courts will have to decide this. Jordan and Jennifer come out of the room and Jordan realizes that Rosanna was going to leave town. He asks Jack to post a guard outside of her door.

Dusty gets a call. It is Starziak. Dusty says it's over. He was tossed out of the Rose Foundation, so find yourself another target. "Like Metro," says Molly, "'cause if those goons come around here, I'm calling the cops."


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