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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 17, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, May 17, 2004

Kim asks Margo to meet her at the diner, where she pleads with Margo to try to talk Doc into behaving more circumspectly. Margo eagerly agrees to "take care of the wild man." Doc comes to the diner to meet Margo and tells Margo that by making her the messenger, Kim has made him the happiest guy in town. Under the influence of his charm, Margo confides her worries about her niece, Katy, to Doc. He recommends push-ups to relieve her stress, and the two of them wind up collapsing in laughter on the floor of the diner. When Margo finally warns Doc that Kim might fire him, Doc just smiles in his smarmy manner, "Love that perfume."

After her eye-batting and sighs fail to work, Pilar finally gets Mike into bed by faking a sprained ankle and falling into his arms. When Mike looks in Pilar's purse for an aspirin for her "sprained" ankle, he finds a picture of himself and Pilar in bed together. Meanwhile, at the mental hospital, Katie and Henry hatch a plan for trying once more to get through to Pilar's accomplice, Ross Terry. With the help of a fellow inmate, Captain Musgrove, Henry obtains a doctor's outfit from the hospital laundry. Katie fakes a faint in order to snatch an ID badge from her nurse, Connie Shelcroft, and then she replaces Connie's photograph with a snapshot of Henry. Henry leaves, hoping that no one will notice that his name is "Connie." Nurse Connie, missing her badge, immediately suspects Katie and Henry, and goes to get Dr. Tanner to call the police. However, Henry does make it to the police station, where a jailer brings Ross to meet his "new public defender." Ross recognizes Henry and remembers Katie's baseball bat and turns to leave the room, but Henry stops him, saying, "Pilar is letting you rot, but I could change all that."

Dr. Walker Daniels tells Paul and Carly that Barbara's operation is successful, although they don't know if the tumor is malignant or whether the surgery has restored Barbara's vision. Down the hall, Jennifer confronts Jordan Sinclair about his marriage to Rosanna. Jordan, who still cares for Jennifer, is tempted to tell Jennifer the truth, but they are interrupted by Carly, who tells them that Barbara is out of surgery, then leaves the hospital. Paul and Jennifer, as family, are the only ones allowed to go in to Barbara's room, so Jordan leaves. Jennifer and Paul are reading the rave reviews of the BRO fashion show to Barbara when Walker comes in to tell them that the tumor was benign. Then he caps off the family's happiness when he announces that Will has been allowed to call Barbara. On speaker phone, they all tell Will that they are a happy family again.

In her suite, Rosanna is stunned to find that the adoption papers, which Annabel Fettle has brought, name Rosanna as Cabot's mother, but they also name Jordan as the father. Annabel tells her nastily that "that's the way the boss wants it." Rosanna tries to refuse to share Cabot with Jordan, but Annabel threatens to come back with Detective Snyder and a court order to remove Cabot. She warns, "Sign the papers or kiss your brat goodbye." Carly arrives at the door and Annabel leaves. Rosanna tearfully explains to her sister that she had agreed to marry Jordan in exchange for adoption papers, believing that she would be the only adoptive parent. Now the unnamed man who arranged the entire scheme has betrayed Rosanna by designating Jordan as Cabot's father. Carly reads the adoption papers and informs Rosanna that she and Jordan must stay married for two years for the adoption to be final. Rosanna, horrified, tells Carly that Jordan will never agree to stay married to her for two years. Rosanna refuses to tell Carly the identity of the mastermind behind the adoption plan, even though Carly warns Rosanna that the mastermind probably has no intention of letting Rosanna keep Cabot. Just then, Jordan arrives at the door, sees the adoption papers, and announces, "We can finally put an end to this insanity!"

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Henry sees Russ. He asks him questions that Russ doesn't want to answer. Don't you want to know the latest on Pilar. Henry pushes Russ, he's not going down for this crime. Pilar will save him. Henry tells him that he is foolish to believe that. Russ listens to what Henry has to say. Katie gives visitor at the mental hospital a message to please call Henry Coleman at the police station and have him get in touch with her immediately. A call is made to the police station and Henry is notified. Henry tells Russ to call Margo Hughes and tell her the truth, he will then post bail for him. Russ calls Pilar as soon as Henry leaves, and demands that she come down immediately. In the meantime Pilar is trying to explain to Mike why she took the picture of the two of them together. Pilar tells Mike another "tall-tale" about taking the picture because she wanted to have a reminder of how safe she felt. First their was Russ and then Katie breaking in and that night it was all replaced with Mike and how safe he made her feel. Using the excuse that she didn't have something for dinner she tells Mike she will be back soon. Pilar ends up at the jail with Russ. She asks who told him about what plans to go to the Caribbean. She says don't push her, because the police won't believe anything he has to say. He says that might be true, but his first call will be to her boyfriend, Mike. Henry is back at the mental hospital and put into solitary. The Dr. tells Katie that he will bring criminal charges against Katie if she doesn't level with him as to where Henry was. He then tells Katie that she is to have no contact with Henry at all.

Lucy tells Lucinda, she wants to go back to Montego. Craig comes in and overhears Lucy and tells her no. Lucinda tells Craig what does he expect, how could he do what he did, trying to make Lucy choose between the two people she loves, Rosanna and him. Lucy and Craig talk. She tells him that the way he acts, the things he does, and the way she feels about his always having to clean up his act. He has never changed, no matter what he has said, but she has. Lucy says she will give Craig another chance if he will just let her go. Craig tells her that he knows that the best thing he is, is her Father.

Carly asks Jennifer for news about Barbara. The news is good and the tumor is benign. Jennifer decides to change the subject and asks boldly about the so called relationship between Jordan and Rosanna.

Jennifer asks Carly about Rosanna and Jordan's marriage. Carly tells her that she thinks the subject should not be talked about between them. Jennifer tells her that Jordan gave her hope. She doesn't know the whole story but Jordan was sincere and she tends to believe what he has said. Carly tries to explain the best she can, that Jordan might have meant all of what he said before he married Rosanna, but when Rosanna married, it was for real, and she is not about to let go.

Jordan is thrilled for Rosanna. She tells Jordan that there were changes in the deal. Jordan has to sign papers and adopt Cabot also. He is amazed and doesn't know why this is happening to him. He tried to help her out. Rosanna says they changed the rules along the way. They argue about his having to sign the papers. She explains that they will come and take Cabot if both parents do not sign the papers. She then tells him that they must remain married for two years. She tells him what she has to have again and cannot give him any answers because she doesn't know them herself. She tells him she will find out something. He says he cannot wait and walks away from her. Rosanna says they will figure out something to do. Rosanna uses Cabot to get Jordan to sign the papers. She tells him that the same thing could happen to Cabot that happened to him, could he live with that? He signs the papers but gives her only two weeks to come up with something.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Susan runs into Alison at the hospital. She tells her she hasn't seen her in awhile and what's new? Alison says it's the same old thing, but she is taking a ceramic's class. Susan is dumbfounded. She says that she knows her daughter well, and there's one thing for sure, she has no artistic talent. Alison says that Chris and Kim think she does. They even bought her a potters wheel to further her creativity. They think she is really good. Susan tells her that she hopes she is not doing something that will upset or destroy the trust the Hughes have in her. Later, Aaron, brings Alison the gift she is to give to Bob and Kim. It is a plate with their names on it. Chris walks up and sees Alison hugging Aaron. She explains that he had some free time and he went to pick up her ceramic piece for her. She shows it to Chris. He is amazed and proud and starts to show it around. Susan sees the plate and changes her tune. She thinks it's really good. She and Chris are proud of what she has done and Aaron gets Alison to the side and tells her to get the plate because the artist signed it on the bottom, and, they will know everything. Chris is holding the plate and wants to give it to Kim and Bob right now. Alison and Chris get into a back and forth tug of war, and the plate falls and breaks into a bunch of pieces.

Holden and Lily are having a cup of coffee at Molly's place when Molly receives a phone call. It is from Dusty's associate. Dusty comes in and Molly tells him that the moron friend of his just called and is stalking Lily and Holden. He tells her not to be concerned, that he is taking care of it. Lily tells Dusty that the audit went fine and he need not be worried about anything. It is all straightened out. The Rose Foundation was set up to change people's lives. On the way out, Molly stops Lily and Holden. She tells them that Dusty's old pal Starsiak is not a thing of the past. Molly tells Holden and Lily that this guy busted in the place the other night and now he is watching them. Lily tells Dusty that she will never trust him again. Holden tells Dusty that just that morning Lily was telling her how much he had changed. Lily threw Dusty out of the foundation. At home, Lily and Holden and the family have a family day brought on by the recent events. They want to make sure their family is safe. Starsiak calls Dusty. Molly tells Dusty to keep her and Lily and Holden and their family out of his sorry life.

Rosanna tells Annabelle that she cannot have the signed papers until she can see Mr. Big. Jordan reminds Rosanna that she better solve the mystery and set him free. Carly tells Rosanna that Jennifer is not giving up on Jordan, not by a long shot. Rosanna tells Carly, Jennifer has to stay away from Jordan, he's a married man. She tells her that he did sign the papers but only gave her two weeks to come up with answers. Jordan's only sticking around because he wants to know about his part in all of this. Rosanna asks Jordan what he said to Jennifer and he tells her that he told Jenn not to lose faith in him. Paul enters the suite. Jordan leaves Paul standing there. Carly brings out Cabot but Rosanna won't let him touch or hold him. Minutes later,

Rosanna apologizes to Paul. She tells Paul, Jordan is afraid of losing his job. She asks Paul to make sure Jordan doesn't suffer any professional repercussions for his personal choices. He tells her he will do what he can. He will do anything to have her as a friend again. Carly asks what Rosanna is going to do, and she says I could go to the mountain. Carly says, what is this all about, she thinks she has the right to know. Rosanna gives her a piece of paper with a name on it, and Carly responds with, it's worse than I thought. Carly tries to phone Jack but Rosanna catches her and makes her promise that she will tell no one for twenty-four (24) hours. Annabelle arrives. Rosanna tells her again she wants to see her boss. Annabelle takes the papers, tells her to be happy with what she has, and, if she wants to see her boss, to do it on her own. After grabbing the papers, she leaves. Outside the door, Annabelle makes a call and tells the person the the other end, that they've got trouble.

In her hospital room Barbara asks Jordan to explain his sudden marriage to Rosanna after being asked to stay away from her. She keeps it up and Jordan tells Barbara that he respects her too much to lie to her about the reasons which are personal to him. Paul enters the room and asks to speak to his Mother alone. He tells his Mother that if she fires Jordan, Jennifer will freak out. She agrees and lets Paul handle Jordan. Outside, Paul tells Jordan that he still has his job. He smoothed things over for him.

Rosanna is making a request to see one of the prisoners. The one and only James Stenbeck.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Chris, Alison and Aaron were looking down at the broken plate. Chris apologized for dropping it and told Alison that she needed to make another one. Alison took the opportunity to tell Chris that she wanted to give up the sculpting but Chris wouldn't hear of it. After Chris was paged and left, Alison talked Aaron in to helping her once again. Later, at Emma's farm, Aaron was trying to teach Alison how to make a new plate but it was no use. Alison could not be trained so they started to play and joke around. Alison asked Aaron why he was so nice to her. Aaron said that he was impressed with what Alison would go through to please Chris. Chris showed up with flowers and told Alison that he was taking her out for an evening on the town.

Jordan told Paul how he would stay focused on the job and not let his personal life interfere. Jennifer walked up and Jordan left. Paul told he that Jordan was staying on at BRO. Jennifer became angry and asked Paul why he was wishy-washy about Jordan's employment with BRO. Paul said that Barbara had fired him because of Jennifer and Paul talked her out of it. Meanwhile at Rosanna's, Jordan came in and told her that Paul saved his job. Rosanna, who had been denied a visit with James Stenbeck, called Paul to thank him and asked him for a favor. She asked Paul to go visit his father but Paul refused. Paul wanted to know why. Rosanna said for Cabot and her. Paul said that if James was involved there was nothing he could do. Rosanna's silence told Paul that James was involved. Rosanna started talking and told Paul everything. Rosanna said that James was behind it and she had to find out why. She begged him to help her and promised him that she would never ask for another thing. Paul said she was opening Pandoras box but he would go see James. Back at BRO, Jordan was trying to talk with Jennifer but she was giving him the cold shoulder. Finally, Jennifer asked Jordan for the truth. Jordan couldn't explain and told Jennifer that if it made her feel better she should go ahead and hit him. Jordan was a little alarmed when Jennifer actually hit him. Jordan said it hurt and they both started to laugh.

Ben was working on a chart when Jessica came up behind him and told him it was time.

Ben said he was working but Jess convinced him that they needed to make love now! Afterwards, Jessica had to rush away to meet with Doc and Margo who were meeting with Doc's ex-wife Marilyn and her lawyer at Metro to discuss the lawsuit Marilyn brought against him. She asked Margo if she was Doc's new girlfriend. Margo quickly correctly her by saying she was a happily married woman. Marilyn said that was how Doc liked his girlfriends. It was more of a challenge when they were married. Margo flatly denied any involvement and told Marilyn that she was going to flatten her nose. When Margo got up, Marilyn said, "Not the Face!" Margo said, "Oh, you had a little cosmetic surgery." "Did you charge Doc for it?" Doc grabbed the folder and started looking at the receipts. Once they discovered that Marilyn was trying to scam Doc, Marilyn dropped the lawsuit and left. Jessica arrived and they told her the whole story. After Doc stepped away for a moment, Jessica told Margo to wipe that grin off her face. Jessica was concerned that Margo was getting in to deep.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Jessica asks Margo if she likes Doc more than she should. Margo says he's fun and makes her laugh. Jessica says, tell me you have never fantasized about sleeping with him. Margo tells Doc what Jessica said, and Doc asks her what she thinks. Margo says not a chance. Doc asks if Jessica and Margo have been friends for a long time. Margo says she loves her family. Doc says that's good, 'cause when you get through playing games, and it becomes serious, she will see to it that she doesn't get caught. Margo later says to Doc, "There will be no more innuendoes, no more come on's, smiles or winks or whatever else you got planned in that bag of yours, 'cause this little game isn't fun anymore, we're putting an end to it right now."

Alison tells Aaron, Chris has the night off and she has to work. What is she going to do. Aaron tells Alison to tell Chris the truth. He himself, would still have Lucy if he hadn't lied to her. At the restaurant where they are to have dinner, Alison comes over and takes the order for the table she is supposed to be sitting at. Chris asks what she's doing and she says that Molly was short a waitress, so she volunteered. Chris doesn't understand. Molly walks over and excuses Alison. Molly tells her she doesn't need her help after all.

Jennifer tells Barbara that she is getting over her hurt with Jordan. She says that she and Jordan will just have to work it out themselves. Jennifer gives Barbara the idea that she is still holding out hope for Jordan.

Jordan comes into his suite and finds Carly there watching Cabot. She tells him that Rosanna was out on a fact finding mission and that Paul was with her. She explains that Paul has a connection but is not connected to what is going on. Carly tells Jordan that Rosanna and Paul went to see James Stenbeck. Paul and Rosanna arrive at the suite where Carly and Jordan are waiting. Rosanna finds out Carly told Jordan about James. Rosanna tells him that James was uncooperative and told them nothing about Cabot or Jordan. Paul looks on surprised. Paul tells Jordan, when his Father doesn't want to do something he doesn't.

Paul gets Rosanna in to see James Stenbeck. She is angry. She wants to know why Jordan Sinclair's name had to be on the adoption papers. He reminds her that the only name that was not to be on them was Craig Montgomery's. Rosanna says she will always be grateful to James in getting Cabot back, but pleads with him to remove Jordan's name from the adoption papers. James says he would be crazy to do that. Paul asks why Jordan's name was chosen, why it has to be there, why Jordan has to be Cabot's Father. James tells them that Jordan is Cabot's Father. From a truly scientific perspective Jordan is more entitled to Cabot than she is. James tells Rosanna to go home and tell Jordan the truth. If the contract is cancelled, Cabot goes to the adoption agency.

Ben and Jessica talk about having a baby. Ben says they need to relax and the idea wouldn't seem so much like work. It is supposed to be a labor of love.

Jordan goes to work and runs into Jennifer. She says that one sock in the jaw for him was enough, and if he would like to help her with something she is working on, he can. He agrees. In doing so, they kiss and kiss again.



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