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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 10, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, May 10, 2004

Katie has a visitor in the psychiatric hospital; it is Henry. Henry is stunned at Katie's zombie-like behavior. He pleads with her to snap out of it, but Katie tells him that she has just realized that Mike does not want to be saved from Pilar, and there is nothing more she can do.

At the Wagon Wheel Motel, Mike turns down Pilar's invitation to stay with her, but Pilar wants to be friends and begs him not to leave. Mike lies down on the bed to rest while Pilar goes out for food. Mike dreams he is marrying Katie who is wearing a straight jacket as orderlies drag her away. He calls out Katie's name as Pilar returns. She continues to badger him into staying and tells him he needs to break the habit of worrying about Katie. Mike falls back to sleep.

Paul tells a hospitalized and blind Barbara how sorry he is that she is ill. Barbara reminds him that if he had asked her for control of BRO, she would have given it to him. Paul acknowledges that he realized she was hiding something and naturally assumed the worst. He confesses his entire plan to push Barbara out finally have his revenge for Barbara's treatment of Rose and Will.

Barbara offers to walk out of Paul's life. Instead, Paul helps Barbara tear up the legal papers that give Paul control of the company.

Jen cannot believe that Rosanna and Jordan are now husband and wife. Does Jordan love Rosanna, she asks? Yes, replies, Jordan. Jen tells them about Barbara's condition and realizes that Jordan already knew. After Jen leaves, Jordan tells Rosanna that he has to tell Jen the truth, but Rosanna pleads with him to wait at least until she has Cabot back.

At University Hospital, Walker Daniels tells Barbara that her surgery is scheduled in Oakdale tomorrow and that he will see that she is immediately discharged so that they can be on their way. Paul asks him if Barbara can delay her departure so that she can attend the fashion show, and Walker agrees and makes the arrangements. Paul and Barbara hug and make up.

Jordan finds Jen at the hotel and tries to explain without giving away Rosanna's secret. Jen is hurt and angry and disappointed in herself that she trusted him. Jen asks Jordan not to tell her mother about the marriage until after the fashion show.

Back on the psych ward, the charge nurse informs Henry that because Katie did not voluntarily commit herself, she must stay until a doctor decides she is ready to function in society again. Henry does one of his goofy routines and in no time convinces the nurse that he thinks he is "Captain Destiny" and gets himself admitted to the hospital so he can keep an eye on Katie.

At her hotel, Rosanna calls her mystery person and says she has married Jordan Sinclair and wants Cabot back as soon as possible. The mystery person promises to deliver the baby today.

When the knock comes on the door, Rosanna is anticipating seeing Cabot, but who should come in but Annabelle Feddle, the baby-seller. She tells Rosanna there is a "problem" with the baby; she no longer knows where he is!

Cabot is safe, however, and standing on the lap of Craig in the final scene.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Everyone has a surprise for Alison. She can't imagine what it could possibly be. Kim, Bob and Chris all chipped in to buy Alison a potter's wheel and clay. They thought she was very talented and that this gift would help her go forward with her talent. Alison is very surprised at the gift and is at a loss for words when trying to express how she feels about it. Kim tells Alison she is so gifted, she is sure to do wonderful things. Later Chris even suggests that perhaps as a thank you gift for Bob and Kim, she might make them something that she has created by herself. Nancy, once again, tells her that she must tell them the truth.

Margo and Tom are talking as they enter their home to find wonderful smells coming from the kitchen and they find that Doc has prepared ribs for them all. Jessica and Ben are about to share an intimate dinner and then a night alone when Curtis calls and disrupts the mood. Curtis is inviting them over to a party at Tom and Margo's where Doc has prepared ribs for everyone. Ben turns down the offer and then changes his mind, so they join the party at Tom and Margo's. As the evening progresses Doc massages Margo's neck and says that ribs and 10 hours in bed will cure all. Margo agrees that she could use the sleep. He says who said anything about sleep. Everyone has had a good time, and upon leaving, Margo plants a kiss on Doc's cheek. Jessica tells Margo that she is infatuated with Doc.

At the fashion show, Jordan slips it to Carly that he and Rosanna got married. Jack arrives at the fashion show for several reasons. One to surprise Carly and to find out about Rosanna. The fashion show itself goes off without a hitch. Barbara, Paul and Jennifer appear to the public at the end of the show, a united family. Barbara thanks everyone and brings Carly on stage. She thanks her and announces to all that she hopes Carly will stay to create again. Carly later calls Barbara an amazing woman.

Jack tells Carly that the baby and the baby's Mother have disappeared and are nowhere to be found. Does Rosanna know anything about it?

Rosanna is talking to Annabelle, trying to understand what happened. Annabelle tells her that whoever clunked her on the head stole her baby. Jack ends up at Jordan's. Rosanna tells Jack that her baby was kidnapped and asks for his help.

Paul earlier overheard Carly and Jack talking about Rosanna. He wants to know what's going on with her. Paul wants to know if he can make things up as far as Rosanna is concerned.

Rosanna receives a strange phone call. It's Craig and he wants her to meet him at the Palace of Happiness, a wedding chapel and re-marry him. He says they will all be a family again. She, Lucy, himself and Cabot.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Alison is reading beginner books on pottery. Kim wants to work along side Alison, learning how to make pottery. Alison claims to want to work in private and that is why she stays so late in class. Kim talks more about the pottery wheel but is interrupted when she gets an urgent call from the station. She rushes off to the station to see what all the hubbub is about.

Doc grabs the guy who is trying to serve him papers and an on air fight ensues. Jessica receives a call from Doc to come down to the station and help him out. Kim lays down the law to Doc. Doc explains to Jessica that his ex-wife sent the papers. Jessica thinks that things can be worked out but now Doc wants Jessica to help him keep his job. Jessica speaks with Kim, and she wants to know if Doc still has a job.

Jessica tells her that the server can be made some sort of offer and everything smoothed over. She then reports to Doc that he still has his job. Jessica's last comment to him was, stay away from Margo.

Margo asks Jessica what's wrong with a little flirting, nothing says Jessica, if you're not flirting with disaster. Jessica tells Margo that they have to be careful about who they let into their lives. The doorbell rings and flowers are delivered to Margo, from Doc.

Margo later has dreams of Doc.

Rosanna is going to meet Craig. She tells Jordan she will explain all when she returns. Rosanna finds Carly and tells her that she must go with her to meet Craig. Carly and Rosanna turn up at the chapel but the Justice of the Peace recognizes Rosanna. Jack talks with Jordan. Jordan tells Jack about Rosanna needing to marry him to get her baby back. In the meantime Paul heads out and Lucy looks for Rosanna, but finds Jordan instead. He tells her he is Rosanna's husband. He and Lucy head for the chapel. At the chapel the Minister tells Craig, Rosanna just married. Rosanna tells Craig she's not going to marry him again. Craig tells Rosanna that she doesn't ever need to see Cabot again. Paul previously had met up with Lucy who told him that Craig was in town. Paul puts two and two together and figures out that it must be Craig who has Cabot. Jack also arrives at the chapel checking on what he has found out. Paul arrives at Craig's place, only to be met by a stranger. He enters to see Cabot sleeping, but not soon enough to notice that he is about to get hit over the head and knocked unconscious. A fire starts, and when the sitter cannot contain the fire, runs out, leaving Paul unconscious and Cabot asleep amid a room full of smoke and flames. At the chapel Rosanna tells Lucy that Craig has her baby and please help her. Lucy tells Rosanna that she thinks she knows where.

In Craig's room, Paul is still unconscious and Cabot is still asleep amid all the flames and smoke.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Mike was laying bed wide awake. Pilar was on the floor. He got up and dressed, wanting to leave to check on Katie. Pilar told him not to leave and to lie down next to her. As Mike talked about Katie, Pilar reached up and started kissing him. Mike stopped her and Pilar got mad. She told him that he needed to get on with his life and the only way he was going to help Katie was to let her go. He stopped Pilar from leaving and they fell into a passionate embrace. Afterwards, Mike told Pilar not to read more into their lovemaking. Pilar pretended to understand. The phone rang but Mike wouldn't pick up the phone. Katie left a message for Mike but Pilar got to it first and deleted the message. Then she picked up the camera, set it on auto, and took a picture of her and Mike in bed.

At the hospital, Henry was wheeled into the sitting room. Katie was surprised when she saw that Henry was really out of it. She asked him if he recognized her. Henry said her name but slurred his words. Katie desperately tried to get him to come to and he told her calmly to bring it down a notch. Katie became angry and Henry told her he was just having a little fun. Henry then convinced Katie to call Mike before Pilar got her hooks into him. When Katie rejected the idea, Henry called Russell in jail and got the scoop on Pilar. Katie became emotional and told Henry that she couldn't believe how he stood by her through thick and thin. Henry just told her not to embarrass them both by getting all sentimental. Henry wanted to leave but was told he could not because of doctor's orders. The orderly took Henry away and Katie placed a call to Mike.

Two thugs walked into Metro looking for Dusty. When they asked Molly refused to tell them. As they started to get rough with her, Dusty walked in and stopped them. One of the thugs told Dusty that he wasn't about to end the deal. Dusty told him that the Feds were all over him and when they threatened to go after Lily, Dusty lost it. He grabbed one of the thugs, told him if he ever mentioned Lily's name again, Dusty would kill him. Molly pretended that she called the police. Dusty told them to get out and never come back. As they left, they gave Dusty a warning. Molly then told Dusty to come clean with the information or she WOULD go to the police. Dusty told her about the money laundering. Molly became angry and told Dusty that he better not hurt Lily. Dusty told her to mind her own business and walked away from her.

At the chapel, Rosanna continued to beg Craig to tell her where Cabot was. Craig kept refusing but Lucy told her that she thought the baby was at a motel. As everyone rushed out, Jack asked Craig what kind of ambush they were walking into. Craig didn't say much and Jack told Craig not to leave town. Rosanna told Craig that they would never be a family so just get over it. After Jack and Rosanna left, Carly told Craig he had really blown it this time and would never get another chance with Rosanna. Lucy asked Craig how he knew where Cabot was. He said he followed Anabelle Fettle. Then Craig wanted to know why Rosanna would all of a sudden marry this Jordan person. Carly received a call from Jordan that the baby was alright. Carly and Lucy left to join them. Craig caught up to them but was meant with resentment from both Carly and Lucy. Lucy wouldn't forgive him and left telling him not to follow her. Carly told him she was not interested in helping him and to get used to being alone.

Over at motel, Paul was unconscious with fire raging around him. He was dreaming of Cabot and Rosanna when he came to. He immediately grabbed Cabot and tried to get out but couldn't open the door or find another way out because of the bars on the window. Rosanna, Jordan, and Jack arrived at the motel and smelled smoke. Jordan went for help as Jack and Rosanna heard Cabot crying and tried to get in the room. They finally got into the room where Paul was holding Cabot. Both were okay. While Jack was questioning Paul, Rosanna comforted Cabot. Jack wanted them to go to the hospital but Rosanna refused saying she would have Cabot checked by a doctor at the hotel. Rosanna left leaving Paul standing all alone. Later, Paul came to see how Cabot was doing. As Rosanna and he were sharing a tender moment, Jordan walked in and told Paul he and Rosanna were married. Paul looked at them both and left the room looking back as he closed the door.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Mike wakes up at Pilar's, remembering the night before. Pilar later tells Mike that last night was just between two people comforting each other and that he need not worry that she would take it as something more. He tells her he understands.

Katie has a visitor at the hospital. It is Pilar and she has come to check on her. She tells Katie that Mike's cell phone malfunctioned, so he didn't get her message. Katie says it's all right. She will get one to him somehow. Pilar tells her that it really isn't necessary anymore, because last night she and Mike made love so Katie is out of the picture. She then shows Katie the picture that she took of the two of them. Katie says goodbye to Pilar and calls the nurse to get her out of there. Henry enters the room and after finding out what happened, comforts his Katie. They put their heads together and begin to wonder why Pilar came to see her at all. She must want something other than what she has said, because she has all ready bedded Mike.

Paul tells Barbara in her hotel room that Rosanna and Jordan were married in Las Vegas. Barbara cannot believe it. Dr. Daniels comes into the room and Paul and Jennifer help Barbara into the chair to bring her into surgery. Barbara speaks to Walker in private and tells him that she is scared. He reassures her that she is a strong woman and will come through it and everything else just fine. Paul runs into Carly. Paul tells Carly that he knows that no matter what he did for Cabot, Rosanna has probably not forgiven him for all that he had done before that, and he wants Carly to tell Rosanna that if ever she needs help of any kind to please call him, and he will be there for her.

Jack and Carly speak. Carly says it's a sure thing that everything is legal about Rosanna being Cabot's legal parent. Carly reassures Jack that Rosanna would never do anything that would take Cabot away from her again.

Jordan tells Rosanna he won't keep this charade up much longer, because, he is not a liar. Rosanna tells Jordan that as soon as her lawyer is contacted and the adoption is finalized, they will file for divorce. Jordan arrives at the hospital hoping to see Barbara before her surgery. He is too late but he runs into Jennifer. She has nothing to say to him and doesn't want to talk with him. Jordan tells Jennifer that their feelings for each other were true ones. Jordan again tells Jennifer that he does care for her and that the marriage is not what it seems.,

Jack arrives at Rosanna's. He wants to talk to her about Cabot's adoption. He says he needs to see the adoption papers or he will call children's services. Annabelle arrives and Jack questions how she is involved in all of this. She has been freed and cleared and everything is on the up and up. She shows Jack papers and it all legal and documented that Rosanna is Cabot's Mother.

Later, Annabelle shows Rosanna papers with a version she did not show Jack. It has a couple of additional clauses that Jack was not privy to. Rosanna is the legal mom, but there's a catch...


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