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Monday, May 10, 2004

Priscilla visits Samantha and asks her what she can do to make up to her what she did in the past. Samantha tells her how she suffered her whole life believing her daughter was dead. Priscilla tells her that she made a horrible mistake but she was doing it for her daughter so she could start a new life. Sam doesn't understand how her Mother could take her family away from her. She could have told her anytime. Priscilla tells her that she was afraid. Sam should understand that she left the life she had also. She left her life in L.A. and went clear across country to give her daughter a new life. Priscilla regrets what she has done and hopes she is a different person now. Sam tells her to stay out of her life from now on. Stephanie tells Priscilla that she doesn't think Samantha will ever forgive her for what she has done.

Hector looks in on Caitlin and enters her room to extinguish a light. She is awake and they speak a little about her birthday. Hector asks Caitlin to trust him. It will be her best birthday ever. After leaving Caitlin's room, Hector calls Samantha. He tells her they will start their future tomorrow.

Jackie and Deacon are talking about the baby. Deacon tells Jackie that they must get to the bottom of this mystery soon. Deacon has read on the internet that they will need a sample of hair and also the follicle to match samples of the Doctor's test results.

Massimo and Nick talk. Mass claims that Ridge will understand someday. Nick tells Mass that he is tired of being a "Payne."

Mass asks what he means. Nick says he would like to change his name to Marone and carry on the family tradition. Massimo has an even better idea. The baby's name should perhaps reflect his Father's name. Mass claims this child will make Nick stronger. As Nick later stands over his son's crib, he says quietly, Dominick Marone, Jr. It definitely has a nice ring to it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

At Marone Industries, Jackie called Deacon to tell him that she was uncertain that she could carry out their plan. Deacon advised her that she had the easy part of obtaining one of Nick's hair follicles. When Nick arrived Jackie managed to pull out one of his "grey hairs" for the new paternity test. Nick observed that Jackie had not been herself lately. Nick asked Jackie for an explanation about her behavior. Jackie minimized her behavior by telling Nick that she was feeling guilty for having such a wonderful life. Nick questioned Jackie further and asked her what her jitters are about. Jackie explained that away also by saying that she was worried about Brooke.

At home, Jimmy gave Caitlin a necklace for her birthday. Caitlin advised Jimmy that she does not believe in God. She explained her reasoning is that God took Jimmy's parents and her mother away. Caitlin questioned why God would do such a thing. Jimmy told Caitlin that he misses his parents but he is happy for the family he does have now. Caitlin agreed that they are lucky to have a great family.

Meanwhile, Hector arrived at Samantha's. Together they prepared for Caitlin to meet her mother-Samantha. Hector predicted that because Caitlin is very strong and resilient emotionally that everything would turn out okay. Hector reminded Samantha that they are all victims of Priscilla's lies. Samantha continued to worry that Caitlin would be angry with Hector for having lied that her mother was dead. Hector pointed out that Samantha and Caitlin already share a special bond. Today, Caitlin will understand what their bond is about. It is Caitlin's dream come true to have a mother.

Caitlin was surprised but happy when Hector brought Samantha to her birthday party. Samantha embraced Caitlin. Samantha could not control her emotions. Samantha cried "My baby."

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Priscilla sits on an airplane about to take off for New York. She wishes things had gone better with Samantha. She calls and leaves a message on Samantha's answering machine to tell her that she hopes Samantha can have a happy family with Hector and Caitlin.

At the Forrester press conference, Eric announces that Thorne is the new VP for Forrester Creations. Thorne gives a speech about the changes he is planning to make at Forrester, while Darla and his parents look on proudly. Up in Eric's office, Ridge is working on his designs when Megan comes in to remind him of the press conference. She tells him that Thorne would see his presence as a show of support if he came. Ridge goes down to the press conference and stands in the back. When members of the press see him, they lure Ridge to the stage. The press ask about Ridge returning to Forrester. Eric confirms that Ridge is back and hugs him, pushing Thorne out of the spotlight. As the press cheers for Ridge's return, Darla comforts Thorne.

Hector tries to explain to Caitlin that something wonderful has happened and that her mother is alive. At first Caitlin doesn't believe him. As he starts to explain what happened, Caitlin realizes that Samantha is her mother. Crying, Caitlin looks at Samantha and asks, "Momma?"

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Brooke visited her new doctor today for a routine checkup and then told Nick the news that all was well with the baby. They agreed on how lucky they were to have found Dr. Sobel after Dr. Paxon's sudden death. Nick told Brooke that they needed to start planning the wedding but after offering her his ideas on it, she suggested they just elope because the idea of a big wedding, with the whole family there -- was a bit daunting to her right now. She said that everything had been such a big production lately, and she just wanted to keep it as simple and stress-free as possible. Nick told her okay, there would be no fancy wedding, but explained that if they chopped the family out of it by eloping, his mother would kill him. He suggested Brooke would be a pretty young widow if Jackie wasn't involved. Brooke said at least Jackie was supportive of them. Nick suggested having it at the Marone Mansion, saying he knew they would love that. Brooke agreed and they talked about invitations and who to invite. Brooke told Nick she definitely did NOT want Stephanie there and explained that Stephanie had just taken advantage of Brooke's eagerness to be accepted. She said Stephanie had used dirty tricks to make sure she was kept out of the family and the tricks had worked because she had gotten rid of her for good. Nick told her to look at it another way; that Brooke had gotten rid of Stephanie, so Brooke had gotten the better end of that deal. Brooke said she just hated that Stephanie was doing a victory dance at Forrester but Nick pointed out that Brooke had so much more to look forward to than old "Stuffy Steffy." Brooke made Nick promise there would be no Stephanie or Ridge at the wedding. He agreed and said there would be a small ceremony, no frills, no half-siblings, no former monster-in-laws.

Ridge and Eric talked about how wonderful it was for Ridge to be back at Forrester Creations. Ridge said he felt bad about stealing Thorne's thunder but Eric said it didn't diminish Thorne's accomplishments. Stephanie suggested calling Darla and Thorne to join them at the Café Russe to have some champagne but Ridge declined, stating that all his mother really wanted was to celebrate Brooke being out of their lives and there was no turning back since Brooke and Nick would soon be married. He lashed out at Stephanie, blaming her for the love of his life being gone. Stephanie told Eric and Ridge to open their eyes and look what Brooke had done to the company. She asked them both had they so quickly forgotten that she removed Ridge as the president and the CEO, and that she trashed the reputation of the company with the lingerie line. Frustrated with them both, Stephanie asked if any of that mattered to them but more importantly, did she (Stephanie) matter anything at all to them. Telling them it was a fair question, considering everything that she had been through and had fought like a mother lion protecting her den and her cubs as Brooke stripped them of their dignity. Stephanie explained that she had spent years fighting with Brooke and didn't want to do it anymore, but that none of it would matter if they couldn't share in her joy at the moment. She told them to look at her. She was older, grayer, and hopefully wiser, but that she simply would not be able to handle the situation if they hated her for what she had done. She professed her deep love for them both and the need she felt to protect them because she loved them more than anything in the world, and she needed to know that they loved her.

On an emotional roller coaster, Caitlin asked Samantha how in the world she could be her Mom. Sam told her she was indeed her mother but Caitlin insisted that her mother was dead. Hector tried to calm the situation and began to explain how Samantha and he had just recently found each other but more importantly had just discovered the truth of the cruel lie Sam's mother, Priscilla had told the both of them. He told a confused and shattered Caitlin that on the day she was born, Samantha's mother offered him full custody of Caitlin, but only if he promised never to tell Caitlin or Sam about each other, nor try to make any contact at all. If he did, he would lose custody. He told his daughter that Samantha had been told their baby daughter had died during childbirth. Samantha cried to Caitlin and told how she had ached to hold her baby girl and how she still ached for her. Sam and Hector explained that they had come to Caitlin as soon as they discovered the truth from Priscilla. Hector said the news was the most amazing birthday present he could ever give her...her mother. Through sobs Samantha said that never, in her wildest dreams, did she imagine Caitlin was her daughter and that for all her life, she had just sort of wandered around, trying to fill a void. She had tried to find her place in the world but it wasn't until just at that moment, that she knew what that place was; right with Caitlin. She just so wished that she had known Caitlin all this time and that she had missed everything; her first steps, her entire childhood and had missed being there for her. She said that she knew she was a stranger but hoped that Caitlin would let Sam be a part of her life. Hector said that now they had a chance, all of them, to make up for that lost time, to create new memories together, as a family and what better day to start than on Caitlin's birthday. He said they should have been together from the very beginning and they had suffered more than any family every should. He told Caitlin that she had been given an amazing gift -- a mother who wanted her, and loved her more than anything. Now that they had each other, they would be able to have everything they ever wanted...and more. Tears pouring, Caitlin looked at Sam and said, "Mom?." Sam was sobbing and holding her daughter and said "Yeah. It's okay. It's all right now. It's all right.."

Friday, May 14, 2004

Brooke and Nick get the O.K. to have the wedding at Massimo and Jackie's home. Brooke tells Nick that there is one thing she must do. She is going to see Ridge and personally tell him about the wedding. Brooke arrives at Forrester Creations and congratulates Ridge on his return to Forrester, where he belongs. She tells Ridge that she and Nick will be married next week at the Marone home. Ridge walks out, leaving Eric to go after him. In the waiting area, Eric receives an urgent call from Massimo wanting to know if he knows Jackie's whereabouts. He tells him he doesn't, but remains curious.

Stephanie is very happy and relieved that Brooke is out of all the Forrester's lives, finally. Eric had told Stephanie that the love that Brooke had for them all was genuine and especially the love for Stephanie herself. However, in the office where Brooke and Stephanie are, they remain glaring at each other. Brooke cannot believe what Stephanie has done to her. Stephanie wants to know why Brooke had to deliver the message about her wedding plans to Ridge herself. Why couldn't she leave that to someone else to deliver? Then, turning to Brooke, Stephanie offers a wonderful toast to Brooke's wedding. She wishes her happiness with her new husband, a loving home and a happy child, followed by the very cryptic "I hope I never see you again."

Deacon has gotten a copy of Brooke's medical records and has told Jackie that soon her mind can be at peace. Deacon says he will stand by her so she won't have to be alone. Jackie says she is not alone, she has her husband. Jackie tells Deacon she thinks he is a very nice guy. She wants however, to know why, he had kissed her one time before, knowing that not only was she an older woman but a married one, at that. Deacon says, I don't know, what's so wrong about kissing someone to whom you are attracted, and besides he liked it. She admits that she liked it too. Jackie can barely stand and is in no shape to drive. Deacon puts Jackie to bed but then shares some passionate kisses with her.

At the lab, the samples are handed over and soon they will know who's the Daddy.

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