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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 3, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, May 3, 2004

Hector talks to Priscilla as Stephanie is standing in the doorway listening to the conversation between the two of them. She asks, not quite believing what she just heard, "Is Samantha, Caitlin's Mother?" Hector says yes, and vows to tell both Caitlin and Samantha the truth himself. Hector stares at Priscilla and says, "If you think I won't tell them you are wrong." Priscilla comes back with the fact that he has told Caitlin her Mother was dead. What will Caitlin think of her Father then? He vows to Priscilla that he is not going to lose another moment with them because of her. Samantha sits alone in her apartment focusing on a picture of Hector and herself. A knock at the door brings Samantha back to reality, as Hector barges in. Samantha tells Hector that he better not talk about the baby they lost because she has mourned over it everyday for years and years. He says that he has come to tell her something and that he will never let go or lose her again.

Ridge tells Eric that he wants to come back and be his partner again in the design industry. Eric tells him that he would like nothing better, but things have changed at Forrester Creations. He is not the President any longer. Ridge asks, "who is?" at which point Thorne enters and announces I am. At this point, a little surprised, but still the gentleman, Ridge congratulates his brother, and says that it is about time.

Brooke tells Nick that he is wonderful but she realizes that each step she takes closer to him is a step further away from Ridge. Nick asks one last thing of Brooke, to always be honest with him. Nick tells Brooke that the night spent at the Foundry was wrong and never should have happened. He was completely wrong, but tonight was right. He's just not sure that Brooke is ready to admit it, even to herself yet.

Brooke tells him that it was special for her too.

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Ridge was tortured by thoughts of the love he lost with Brooke. She telephoned him from the Marone jet on the way home from Hawaii. Ridge understood from what she had said that she had made love to Nick. Ridge was both hurt and angry. Meanwhile, Nick asked Brooke if she preferred that he change his last name from Payne to Marone.

At home, Jimmy and Caitlin discussed Caitlin's new job. Caitlin revealed just how much she admires her new boss, Samantha.

Stephanie advised Priscilla that Samantha is strong and can handle the news that Caitlin is her daughter. Priscilla rationalized to Stephanie why she had lied to both Samantha and Hector all these years. Stephanie cautioned that Samantha may never forgive her for all the time she has lost with Hector and Caitlin.

Hector continued a long conversation with Samantha. He came to understand that Samantha had grieved the death of their daughter all these years. He realized he had blamed Samantha for being heartless and uncaring toward their child, all along it was Priscilla who was heartless. Hector also pointed out that she never received his letters and vice versa because Priscilla purposely kept them apart. Hector realized also that Samantha would have never given up her child. Hector shocked Samantha with the news that her child is still alive. Hector revealed that Priscilla forced him to sign a paper that he would never contact Samantha again. He explained that no contact with her was the terms for Priscilla to give him custody of their child. He revealed he had raised their child. Hector also revealed that their daughter misses her mother and so does he. He promised Samantha she would never be alone again. Hector told Samantha that their daughter is a beautiful as she is. Samantha's tears turned from tears of sadness to tears of joy.

Wednesday, May 5, 2004


Stephanie comes by Eric's office to find Ridge sketching. He looks frustrated and has papers thrown on the floor. When he sees her, he tells her that he is not in the mood to talk to her. Stephanie mentions Brooke and Ridge once again blames Stephanie for Brooke's decision to marry Nick.

Brooke and Hope arrive home. Eric stops by Brooke's house to see them. After Hope goes to bed, Eric and Brooke discuss Brooke's engagement. Brooke admits that Ridge will always have a special place in her heart, but that she is doing the best thing for her children. Eric tells Brooke that Stephanie admitted to him that she only pretended to support Brooke to get her out of the Forrester family. Brooke is shocked to find out that Stephanie had been lying to her. She leaves to find Stephanie.

At Forrester, Brooke finds Stephanie in her office. Stephanie hugs Brooke and asks about the trip. Stephanie tells Brooke how excited she is about the wedding and offers to help with the wedding preparations. Brooke tells Stephanie to "cut the crap."

At Samantha's, Hector shocks Samantha with the news that their daughter is alive. He tells her that Caitlin was an intern at Forrester. Samantha realizes that it is the same Caitlin that she hired to work at Logan. Samantha asks why Hector told Caitlin that her mother had died in childbirth. Hector tries to explain how he thought it was better than Caitlin thinking her mother had abandoned her. Hector and Samantha talk about the love they shared as teenagers. They both admit that there hasn't been anyone else in their lives. They embrace.

Thursday, May 6, 2004

Brooke stormed into Stephanie's office, determined to confront her with new-found knowledge that Stephanie had been manipulating Brooke and pretending to be a friend. At first, Stephanie tried to convince her that Eric had no idea what Brooke had sacrificed and should not have told Brooke anything because he simply did not understand the situation. Brooke was angry and told Stephanie that she had been doing everything Stephanie wanted her to do and had been used. Stephanie held firm in explaining that she had just been supportive of Brooke and reminded her that every decision had been made by Brooke. After yelling that Ridge would always be a part of her life and that Nick knew it, Brooke told Stephanie she had talked to Ridge. Stephanie suddenly realized that Brooke had slept with Nick and was overjoyed. She told Brooke how happy she was that it was finally over and Brooke was part of the Marone family now and the Forrester Family had regained its dignity, its pride and its unity. Brooke cried that she had been taken advantage of, but Stephanie told her that only Brooke had made the decision to accept Nick's proposal, chosen her own path by her decision to sleep with Nick and then by telling Ridge about it. With tears streaming down her face, Brooke tried to explain that she had to tell Ridge the truth. Stephanie, confidant and proud, told Brooke she applauded her for that honesty because now with Nick's ring on her finger, his baby in her tummy, and by her consummating the relationship in Hawaii, Ridge wouldn't want anything else to do with her.

Not knowing that Brooke and Stephanie had already seen each other and said plenty, Eric and Ridge discussed all that had happened and decided it would be best to keep Brooke and Stephanie apart for awhile.

Jackie first visited her son to find out how things went in Hawaii. Thrilled with her conversation with Nick and feeling confidant that Brooke and Nick had slept together, she said her goodbyes and picked up a bottle of liquor on the way out the door. Instead of running home to Massimo to celebrate, she made her way over to Deacon's house, Root Beer in hand for Deacon and the liquor for herself. After asking for two glasses and expressing her happiness and desire to toast Nick and Brooke, Deacon tried to get her to realize that things may still not turn out the way she wants them too. Jackie would not consider that possibility, believing things were already perfect.

Friday, May 7, 2004

Ridge looks at a picture of Thorne and Darla's daughter cutting her first tooth. Ridge is more than pessimistic about the future but Darla comforts him with words that soothe. She feels that Brooke will make her way back to him someday.

Brooke and Stephanie continue their argument. Even though Brooke tells her there will always be something between Ridge and her. Stephanie claims that bond was broken, and it will never be the same again, says Stephanie as she walks out the door.

Stephanie enters her home and finds Samantha brooding. She feels Samantha's pain and tries to console her. She tells her, her Mother wants to talk with her and to apologize. As the conversation ends, Phyllis comes in and in her own style, tells Samantha, that when she calms down, she will forgive her.

Deacon and Jackie exchange words. He again tells her that what she is doing is wrong. She is drinking more and the guilt of keeping the truth to herself is eating her up. Jackie is afraid that if everyone finds out what she has been hiding, they all will abandon her. Deacon suggests they perform their own paternity test, and no one will be the wiser. If it turns out to be Nick's baby, it goes no further, than the two of them. If it turns out to be Ridge's baby, they will cross that bridge, when they get to it.

Brooke comes in to tell Eric she confronted Stephanie, but encounters Ridge instead. He hopes that Brooke has told Stephanie off and put her in her place. Brooke still finds it hard to believe that Stephanie wasn't telling her the truth. Ridge says anyone can be deluded when they want to be. Brooke notices the chains she gave Ridge are gone and so is his wedding ring. Brooke tells him he must keep the faith. He tells her she and everyone else will have to keep the faith, he can't anymore. Ridge wants to know when they are going to realize life isn't fair. Ridge concedes it's over now. It's ended because Brooke committed herself and gave herself to Nick. A dream is all that's left. Ridge and Brooke console each other with knowing what must be.

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