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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 10, 2004 on GH
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Monday, May 10, 2004

Skye is followed into the park by an unknown assailant with a knife. As she hears movement in the bushes, Skye turns and sees a blond woman holding the weapon. She demands to know what she wants, but the woman vanishes as Luke runs to Skye. Skye tells him about the woman, and he runs off to see if she's still around. Once he's gone, she calls Lucky and asks him to get to the park. Luke returns with nothing, and asks why she called the police when he can protect her. Skye tells him he can't protect her, because the woman after her is Laura. Luke asks if she actually saw Laura, but Skye admits she only saw that it was a woman with blond hair. Luke tells Skye that it couldn't possibly be Laura, because in order to stalk Skye, Laura would have to be upset at Skye's relationship with Luke, and Laura was no longer lucid enough to even remember Luke. Skye realizes that it must be someone else, until Lucky walks up to them holding a bracelet that Luke gave Laura. Luke recalls taking it to her the last time he visited, and he is stunned at the possibility that Laura might in fact be the one after Skye.

Jason and Courtney continue to struggle with their situation, and angrily go from arguing to kissing. Jason pulls back and says that it doesn't change anything, but Courtney doesn't understand why they can't get past their differences. Jason tells her that they have to start being able to get over each other, and says goodbye. Courtney tearfully returns the goodbye, and goes to unload her sorrows to her dad. Mike suggests that if she can find happiness with Jason, she work things out because she truly loves him.

Nikolas watches a sleeping Emily in the church, but doesn't allow the priest to wake her. After he leaves, she wakes up and recounts her wonderful dream of her wedding to Nikolas. As she drives home, she sees him on the side of the road and loses control of her car. Nikolas runs to her, and she briefly glimpses him through fuzzy eyes before she loses consciousness. Nikolas carries her back to the cabin, where Mary orders him to hide while she tends to Emily. Emily awakens and tells Mary that she saw Nikolas, although she knows it couldn't be him. She has Mary call Jason, who is arguing with Jax over Sam's pregnancy and disappearance. Jason rushes to the cabin to make sure Emily is alright. He confronts Mary on her ability to carry Emily back to the cabin alone, but Mary covers. After he helps Emily out of the cabin, he shows her Alcazar's business card that he found inside.

Sam leaves Sonny a note of goodbye, and gets on a plane to South America to get away from Port Charles. She sits next to a woman who is going to adopt a child from a convent that takes care of unwed mothers. Sam decides that this could be the best option for her situation, and prepares to get information from the woman.

Sonny returns from Sam's boat, and tells Carly that Sam left and that things with her are over. Carly asks him if he's going to go after her, and he says no, but he doesn't know how to feel. She tells him that he could have gotten rid of Sam when Carly moved back in, but he chose not to, and Sonny admits that Sam was his safety net against falling back in love with Carly. Carly counters that Sam was also her guard against allowing herself to go back to Sonny after he hurt her so much. They are able to briefly get past their anger, but soon return to being hurt by one another. Carly goes upstairs as Jax interrupts them to tell Sonny that Sam's baby belongs to Jax. Sonny is stunned by the news of Sam's pregnancy, and grows angry with Jax's threats. The two men almost come to blows, but Jax leaves. Sonny quickly calls his men to find Sam.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Ric is informed that Liz gave birth to a healthy boy, and he grows angry over the fact that he wasn't there to witness the birth. He takes his anger at his failed marriage and uses it in the trial to break down Alexis. As Alexis defends Faith, Ric parades witnesses up to the stand to wear her down. He calls Ned to the stand, but Alexis is able to destroy him. Afterward, Ned warns her to watch her behavior lest Sonny find out that Kristina is really his daughter. Finally, Ric calls Sonny to the stand to rattle Alexis. She's stunned to hear Ric bring up her past with Sonny in the open courtroom.

Sam goes to the convent in South America, and meets with the nun to discuss giving her baby up for adoption. The nun agrees to house Sam, and take her on as a mother who will give away her baby, but she first questions Sam to see if she really wants to go through with it. She senses conflict in Sam over who will parent the baby once it's born, and asks Sam to describe who she would like to see raise her child. Sam describes Sonny and Carly, along with Michael and Morgan, as the imaginary family that could adopt the baby. When the nun points out that Sam seems to be very specific in her descriptions, Sam remains silent. She is then stunned when the nun suggests that she call the family in question and ask them to adopt the baby.

Dillon attempts to break the news of Sage's new career to Georgie, but Alcazar arrives and tells her first. Georgie is aghast at the thought of having to work with Sage, but Alcazar demands that everyone remain professional if they want his money. Sage casually apologizes to Georgie for her misdeeds, but isn't so pleased when Georgie puts things behind her. Dillon tells Georgie he'll understand if she wants out, but Georgie remains on at L&B. Later, Dillon and Georgie assure each other that Sage can never again come between them, but Georgie is later sad to hear Sage's wonderful singing, as well as Dillon's happiness in finding talent.

After Jason warns her to be careful with Mary, Emily runs into Mary at the hospital. She hands Alcazar's card back to her, and Mary covers by saying he offered her a job when she met him at the Quartermaines'. Believing Mary's story, Emily warns her to stay away from Alcazar and tells her that he's an arms dealer and is not to be trusted. Meanwhile, Nikolas meets with Alcazar at the cabin to discuss their business arrangement. Nikolas, thinking he is Connor, tells Alcazar about being a deserter. Alcazar assures him that he's fine with it, an commends him on his honesty. As the two shake on the deal, Mary bursts into the house and tells Alcazar that "Connor" will not be working for him.

Sonny orders his men to look for Sam overseas, but keeps his arrangement from Carly. When Carly questions him on Sam, he tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her anymore, and hopes that they can be kind to each other. Carly agrees, and takes the boys to the park to play. Jason arrives at the penthouse, and Sonny asks why he didn't tell him about Sam's pregnancy. Jason explains that Sam was supposed to tell him herself, and Sonny let's Jason know that they have to find Sam in order to see if the baby is his. Jason begins working on the arrangements as Sonny is called to court to testify in Faith's trial. Carly returns from an encounter with Alcazar in the park, and wants to know if Jason is searching for Sam. Clearly uncomfortable, Jason attempts to explain that Sonny must speak to Sam, but Carly should not think the worst. Naturally, she does, and she pleads with Jason to please leave Sam alone and gone.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Jax meets Justus at the Court House and asks Justus to help Jax get a court order to determine the paternity of Samantha McCall's expected child. Meanwhile, at the convent in Costa Rica, as Sam describes the type of family she wants to adopt her child, the Mother Superior guesses that Sam is describing a family which Sam already knows. Rev. Mother suggests that Sam contact the family she described and offer them the opportunity to adopt her child. However, Samantha hastens to explain that she described the family of the father of her child and that, if Samantha's child were to enter that particular family, the mother of the father's other children would become so upset that she might take her own children and move far away from the children's father. At the same time, Jax explains to Justus that Jax wants sole custody of Sam's child because Jax is convinced that Jax is the father of Sam's child. When Justus objects to working as counsel for Jax at the same time that Justus serves as counsel for Sonny, Jax points out that getting at the truth about the paternity of Sam's child will protect Sonny as much as it will protect Jax. However, Courtney arrives at the court house and overhears the tail end of Jax's conversation with Justus. When Courtney demands to know what Jax and Justus are discussing, Jax avoids answering Courtney's questions about their pow-wow. Later, Jax meets with Edward at the Quartermaine Mansion. Edward offers to help Jax turn the tables on Tracy before the wedding IF Jax levels with Edward about the blackmail that Tracy is holding over Jax's head. However, Jax points out that Jax doesn't trust Edward any more than Jax trusts Tracy. Tracy overhears Edward's attempts to enlist Jax's assistance in overturning Tracy and Tracy gloats to Edward that Tracy and Jax are marrying because they are 'soul mates!' After Edward leaves, Tracy reminds Jax that she will be delighted to go to the police with what Tracy has learned about Skye and the missing police detective should Jax have a change of heart about their wedding plans. However, Jax abruptly warns Tracy that his life's priorities could soon be changing drastically. Later, as Jax orders some of his operatives to continue searching for Samantha, Courtney arrives at the Mansion and overhears Jax's orders for the search. Although Courtney again questions the reasons WHY Jax seems so interested in locating Sam, Jax changes the subject and soon gets Courtney to explain that Courtney is visiting Lila to try to convince Lila to serve on the board of Courtney's Foundation for underprivileged children. Tracy suddenly appears and, when she learns the reason for Courtney's visit, Tracy flatly refuses to allow Courtney speak use Lila or the Quartermaine name to raise funds for Courtney's Foundation. After Tracy leaves, Jax suggests that JAX would be willing to help Courtney get her Foundation up and flying. Just as Jax makes his offer, Tracy returns and overhears Jax's offer.

At the Penthouse, Carly is shocked when Jason refuses to drop the search for Samantha when Carly begs Jason to let Sam just stay gone. Later, Carly meets Courtney in the park and confides to Courtney that Sonny has ordered Jason to find Sam. Carly suggests that, perhaps, in a way, Sam's return would benefit Carly in the long run, since Sam's presence would make it easier for Carly to remember WHY her relationship with Sonny always ends up with a lot of hurt all around. However, Courtney observes that it appears to her that Carly has already lost her heart again to Sonny. Courtney urges Carly to level with Sonny about Carly's feelings for Sonny. Courtney goes on to suggest that Sonny might possibly be willing to admit that he, also, is still in love with Carly. But Carly reminds Courtney that all she and Sonny seem to do is bring out the worst in each other.

At Mary's cottage, just as Nikolas agrees to go to work for Lorenzo, Mary suddenly arrives and reveals to "Connor" that Lorenzo is an arms dealer with shady connections. However, Alcazar protests that Mary must have been speaking to Emily, who is prejudiced against Lorenzo because of Lorenzo's affair with the wife of Emily's hit-man brother's mobster boss -- Sonny Corinthos. "Connor" repeats his unwillingness to become involved in anything that might be illegal. But Lorenzo assures Nikolas that "Connor" would only be acting as a courier and urges Nikolas to talk it over with his "wife" before coming to a final decision -- then Lorenzo leaves. After Lorenzo has gone, Mary is shocked when Nikolas insists that he STILL wants to work for Alcazar in spite of knowing what Alcazar does for a living. Mary is shocked when Nikolas admits that staying cooped up in Mary's cabin and being afraid to interact with other people leaves him feeling agitated and stifled. Later, Mary arrives at the Hospital and runs into Emily. When Mary sees Alcazar arrive, she tries to head him off, suspecting that Lorenzo now plans to tell Emily the truth about Nikolas. As Alcazar tries to convince Mary that Lorenzo has NO sinister purpose for wanting to employ Nikolas, Emily spots the two with their heads together and interrupts. Alcazar reminds Emily that he has invested heavily in Ned's record business and should be given an opportunity to convince Emily that he does NOT have ulterior motives for everything that he does. When Emily coldly reminds Lorenzo that she is currently on duty, Lorenzo convinces Emily to meet with him following her shift. Later, when Mary returns home to her cottage, she finds a note from Nikolas, announcing that he has gone for a walk. At the same time, Lorenzo and Emily meet in the park. Lorenzo again appeals to Emily to drop the hostility between them for the sake of Ned's L&B, and suggests that Lorenzo might be in a position to help Emily. Just as Emily points out that the ONLY way Lorenzo could help Emily would be by bringing Nikolas back, Nikolas walks along the same path and overhears part of Emily's conversation with Lorenzo.

In court, Ric obtains permission from the Judge to treat Sonny as a hostile witness. Ric also points out Sonny's intimate knowledge of both Faith and Alexis. Ric manages to get Sonny to admit that he once hit the sheets with Faith's defense counsel. When Alexis tries to get Sonny dismissed as a witness because Sonny would know nothing about the workings on board The Haunted Star, Ric argues that Sonny can testify about Faith's history of criminal activity. The Judge rules in Ric's favor but orders Ric to get to the point. Ric declares that he is laying the foundation for the court to recognize that, in her cross examination of Sonny, the defense counsel MIGHT be pursuing a personal agenda to get even with Sonny because Sonny dumped Alexis following a one-night stand. When the Judge allows Ric to continue his questioning, Sonny declares that Faith told Sonny point blank that she was a partner in The Haunted Star for the purpose of laundering money -- but Faith never mentioned that Skye Quartermaine or Luke Spencer knew anything about Faith's illegal intentions. When the Judge orders a break, Faith takes Alexis aside and blasts her attorney for following her own agenda instead of trying to get Faith off the hook. However, Alexis assures Faith that everything will be fine. Later, Alexis gets Sonny alone and urges Sonny to let Alexis lead Sonny into a way to retract his statement. But Sonny is mildly amused by Alexis's suggestion that he recant his testimony. When Alexis warns Sonny that he is giving her no choice except to rip him apart on the stand, Sonny smugly advises Alexis that HER best bet would be to ask Sonny some harmless questions and then get him off the stand as soon as possible. After Alexis storms away, Jason arrives to report to Sonny that he tracked Samantha down at a convent in Costa Rica. Sonny explains that, since Sonny is tied up in court, Jason should fly to Costa Rica and get Sam. Jason confides that Carly has guessed that Jason is tracking Samantha down for Sonny. Jason reports that, although Carly doesn't yet know that Sam is pregnant, Sonny would be wise to let Carly know the facts NOW! When Faith's trial resumes, Alexis tries to push Sonny into an emotional outburst by hammering away about Sonny's hot temper and claustrophobia, but the Judge agrees with Ric that Alexis' line of questioning is irrelevant. When Alexis brings up Sonny's arrests on Rico charges, Sonny smugly points out that he was never convicted on any of those charges because his lawyer always got him acquitted because his lawyer believe that Sonny was a good and principled man. When Ric gets a chance at redirect, Ric gets Sonny to identify Alexis as the lawyer who believed that Sonny was innocent of the Rico charges. Meanwhile, Faith again blasts Alexis for following Alexis' own agenda rather than trying to get Faith off the hook. Later, after the Judge has adjourned for the day, Alexis gets Ric alone at the court house and blasts Ric for constantly bringing up Alexis' one-night stand with Sonny in court. However, Ric accuses Alexis of deliberately picking fights with Ric because Alexis is secretly attracted to Ric! Faith watches as Alexis accuses Ric of merely being defensive about his impotent legal skills, but Ric counters by declaring that IF Alexis wants to ask Ric out for a drink, she should just go ahead and ask! After Alexis declares that she would rather die of thirst than share a drink with Ric and storms away, Faith corners Ric and accuses Ric of openly flirting with Alexis because Ric wants Alexis to like him! Ric avoids Faith's questions and walks away. At the same time, Jason arrives at the convent in Costa Rico. As Jason makes inquiries about Samantha McCall, the Mother Superior leaps to the conclusion that Jason is the father of Sam's baby and advises Jason that, IF he were willing to take Sam's baby, Sam might be willing to give the baby to Jason. Meanwhile, Sonny arrives home at the Penthouse and Carly immediately confronts Sonny with the news that Carly KNOWS that Sonny ordered Jason to search for Samantha. Sonny begins to try to explain to Carly that things with Sam have gotten extremely complicated. At the same time, in Costa Rico, the Mother Superior announces to Sam that the father of her child is waiting to see her. Although Sam declares that her baby's father is the LAST person she would want to see, the Mother Superior encourages Samantha to at least consult with the baby's father about the child's future. When the Mother Superior goes to get Jason, Samantha tries to slip away by climbing through a window -- but Jason arrives before Samantha can make good her escape -- and orders Sam to stay where she is!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Emily questions Alcazar about his sudden interest in her life. He tries to assure her that he doesn't want to cause her any harm or wish her any ill will. Emily tells him she will not have a problem with him if he keeps away from her friends and family. Nikolas stays in the background and overhears their conversation. After Emily leaves, Nikolas makes a remark about how Emily doesn't seem to be a fan of his. Alcazar explains to Nikolas that Emily is loyal to her brother, who is a business rival of his. Nikolas and Alcazar were about to discuss business when Mary shows up and asks Alcazar if she could talk to "Connor" alone for a minute. Alcazar leaves for awhile. Mary apologizes to Nikolas for making him feel like a prisoner. Nikolas explains to her that he needs to explore more and that he doesn't mind spending a lot of time with her otherwise. Mary tells him she loves him very much and worries about him sometimes too much and they share an embrace. Meanwhile, at G.H. Emily asks Lucky to keep an eye out for Mary and explains that Alcazar has taken a sudden interest in her and that worries her because of his illegal background. Lucky tells her that Mary seems to be a very strong person and can probably take care of herself. He asks Emily if she is trying too hard to keep her mind off Nikolas by worrying too much about her friends and family. Emily admits that it helps to be very busy and help others to keep her mind off Nikolas. Mary shows up at work later at the hospital. Emily apologizes to Mary for being overprotective of her and that she can like someone like Alcazar if she wants. Mary tells Emily that she appreciates her concern and that she use to be that way a lot too with her friends and family and that the only thing you can do is let others make their own decisions and hope for the best. Nikolas is given a briefcase by Alcazar in the park. Nikolas notices that there isn't much in the briefcase for him to deliver and asks Alcazar if this is a test. Alcazar tells him that he has every confidence in him to do this job but that he is going to start out with small jobs to make sure he can handle them before giving him more important work.

Luke gets drunk and shows up at the casino. He orders more drinks while he is there. Skye worries about him and asks the bartender to stop serving him any more drinks. Luke sees the back of a blonde woman's head and thinks it may be Laura. He runs over and grabs the woman and spins her around after calling her Laura. The woman turns around in panic. Luke apologizes to her and tells her he thought she was someone else. Skye asks him to calm down and not to do anything he will regret. Luke refuses to listen to Skye and loses control. He grabs a glass and hurls it across the room and makes a big scene. The customers become startled by his outburst and move out of his way. Luke announces that he is closing the casino early and kicks everyone out. Everyone leaves except Skye who tries to calm him down and find out what is wrong. He refuses her help and tells her that he doesn't know what he is suppose to do, protect her or Laura. He takes off. Skye calls Lucky and informs him that Luke is drunk and took off and she is worried about him. She asks Lucky if he knows where Luke may have gone and asks for him to find him. Lucky agrees to go look for Luke and make sure he is alright. Luke goes to the park and runs into the gazebo, shouting for Laura. Nikolas is still at the park and hears him, unaware of his connection to Laura himself. He feels bad when he hears Luke calling out to Laura to come out of hiding and let him take care of her. He is about to go help Luke when he hears Lucky go over to him. Nikolas hides back in the trees when he spots that Lucky is a cop. Lucky asks him to stop what he is doing since getting drunk like this won't help Laura. Luke is resentful of Lucky's interference and refuses to go anywhere. He tells Lucky that he is the only person who Laura can come to and that he has always sheltered her from danger. Lucky persuades Luke to go with him to have some coffee at Kelly's and sober up. Luke goes with him. Later, Luke shows up at the casino to find Skye is still there cleaning up after his mess. He apologizes to her for getting drunk and scaring the customers away. She accepts his apology and asks him to tell her what is going on with him. She suggests that maybe they could draw Laura out of hiding and then he could help her then. Luke tells her that if Laura does come after her out of jealousy and tries to harm her then they may have to send her back into a catatonic state and maybe she would be sent to prison this time. He tells her that he doesn't know how he can protect the woman he loves. Skye assumes he is talking about Laura and can't help but be hurt by this.

Jax offers to help Courtney's new foundation for underprivileged children by putting his name in as a chairperson and to donate money. Tracy interferes and tells Courtney that Jax won't be helping her with her foundation and tries to get her to leave. Jax tells Tracy that she has no right to interfere with his business. Tracy tries to get him to change his mind about helping Courtney by pointing out that Courtney was once a stripper and has no experience running a business or a charitable foundation. Tracy accuses Courtney of using this foundation to launder Sonny and Jason's money through it. Courtney assures Jax that she is not involved in any of her brother's or ex-husband's businesses. Jax tells her to keep it that way and he will have no problem. He writes out a check to Courtney. Courtney is still reluctant to be associated with Jax but when she sees Tracy's reaction to her, she shakes his hand and tells him they have a deal. Courtney asks Jax what he gets out of doing this for her and what he expects her to do to return the favor. Jax tells her that he will come up with something later. Courtney decides to get Tracy upset by insinuating that she will return the favor in a possible sexual way. Jax goes along with her innuendo to spite Tracy as well. Courtney leaves. Tracy tries to secretly warn Jax that if he helps Courtney he will make sure that Skye goes to prison for murder. Jax tells her that she is pushing him too far and that she better watch out before she goes too far. He goes to see Skye and tells her that he can't help protect her for much longer and tells her that Sam is pregnant and that he could very well be the father. He tells Skye that he plans to raise his child on his own if it turns out he is the father. A messenger finds him and hands him a large envelope. Jax opens the envelope in front of Skye and tells her that he just received the court order for a paternity test.

Sam tries to sneak out the window when she is told that the father of her child is outside the room waiting to see her. As she is trying to climb out the window, Jason comes in the room and stops her. She tells Jason that Sonny isn't going to want this baby when he finds out she is pregnant. Jason tells her that Sonny already knows she is pregnant and that Jax told him. He tells her that Jax thinks he could very well be the father of her child. Sam worries that Sonny must think she is a slut for sleeping with Jax that time and tries to explain that she slept with Jax and had unprotected sex with him when they both thought they were going to die in the hotel fire. Jason tells her that he doesn't think she is a slut and doesn't care what happened either way. Sam insists that Sonny doesn't want this child and that he definitely won't want it if he thinks Jax could be the father. Jason tries to get through to her that Sonny will want to take care of her and the child if it is his. Sam doesn't believe it and insists that the best thing for the child is to be adopted and raised by a loving family. Jason tells her she isn't going to give the child away. Meanwhile, Sonny sits down with Carly to tell her that his relationship with Sam has become very complicated and that they have issues to resolve and that is why he wants to find her and talk to her. He upsets Carly further when he admits that Sam is important to him. Carly asks him to make his family a priority and not to go after Sam. She tells him that she should never have agreed to this new setup. Sonny gets a call from Jason informing him that he found Sam and where they are. Sonny tells Carly that he found out where Sam is and he must go to her. He asks Carly to keep things together at home and make up a reason for why he had to leave town for awhile. Carly refuses to make it right for him with Michael. Sonny apologizes to her but leaves anyway. Carly calls Courtney and asks her to come over. She tells Courtney that Sonny went off to be with Sam in Costa Rico. Courtney disagrees with what Sonny is doing but tries to keep Carly from doing something impulsive. Carly tells her that she can't deal with Sonny bringing Sam back with him and thinks she should just take the kids and leave town. Courtney advises her to not do something irrational and that she agreed to do this for Michael's sake. Carly leaves to get some air and Courtney stays with the children. Jax comes by and sees her with baby Morgan and tells her that she is good with children. She asks him what he is doing there. Meanwhile, Sam tries to run away from Jason again to avoid any more discussions about Sonny. She sees a nun handing a baby over to an adoptive couple and how happy they reacted to having a baby to raise. Jason tells Sam to stop running away and deal with what is going on. Later, Sonny shows up and tells her she should have told him she was pregnant. Carly heads out for a walk in the park. Alcazar notices she looks upset about something and calls out her name. She turns around and tells him she has to get going and can't talk now. He asks her why she is upset.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Dillon and Sage worked on her music video, which allowed her to manipulate a kiss between them. Georgie entered the studio, mid-kiss, and blamed Sage but not Dillon. Sage argued that she was "method acting." After Sage left, Georgie admitted that she was jealous.

Luke wondered what he should do if indeed Laura was the one terrorizing Skye. He assured Skye he would protect her, without turning his back on Laura. On the Haunted Star, Luke and Skye were being watched as Luke announced he was falling in love with Skye. Skye was shocked! Lucky arrived and believed he had proof that Laura was back in town; someone had broken into Luke's old club and trashed it. Also, the person left threats against Skye written in lipstick, and Rise (music full of bad memories for Luke and Laura) was playing on the sound system. Luke was furious that Lucky involved the police in the search for Laura. Luke returned to his office at the blues club and discovered a montage of photos, pictures of him and Laura, with the threat against Skye. Later, the mysterious person entered Skye's home, grabbed a candlestick and smashed a picture of Luke and Skye. After that, the person added something from a vial to a pitcher of water. Skye went home and sipped from a glass of the water. When Luke arrived there, nobody answered the door, so Luke peered through the window and saw Skye unconscious on the floor. Starting to bust down the door, Luke was hit from behind!

To Emily, Lucky blamed himself for Laura breaking out of the mental hospital. He admitted that he had visited his mother to inform her of the death of her oldest child, which had brought tears to her eyes, the first sign of any emotion or knowledge for almost two years.

Jax visited with Courtney, who was babysitting Morgan. After Jax held the baby, Courtney said she couldn't imagine Jax raising a child. Courtney also revealed she had been pregnant but miscarried. The two discussed her foundation.

Carly ran into Alcazar in the park. She told him that Sonny had left the country to look for Sam. When Carly left, Lorenzo (who recognized the name of the town where Sam had gone) phoned his new employee, Nikolas, and informed Nik of a change in destination for his first job. Nikolas arrived in Costa Rica a bit later and kept hidden, making a call back to Alcazar and revealing Sam's pregnancy with Sonny as the possible father. Alcazar found Carly and told her he knew why Sonny had gone after Samóbecause she was pregnant with his child!

Sonny found Sam, and she told him she was unsure of the baby's paternity. Sam confirmed that she did sleep with Jax during the hotel fire because they thought they were going to die. Sonny didn't care that she had been with Jax but wanted to know how long she had known about the pregnancy. He declared he would be part of the baby's life if he was the father and that he didn't want her to give up the child for adoption to strangers. Jax had learned from Carly of Sam's whereabouts, and he arrived, also questioning the paternity. He then informed Sam that he had a court order for her, demanding a paternity test. Sam told them the baby inside her was hers and that they could both go to hell. She ran off, tripped and fell down a stairway!

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