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Passions Recaps: The week of May 17, 2004 on PS
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Monday, May 17, 2004

Sam and Grace have a heart to heart. Ivy tells Sam that Luis could lose his mother and the love of his life based on his decision to give up Alistair's CDs. She feels terribly about the situation. Sam gets a text message from Grace. He tells Ivy that he has loved Grace, his family, and their life together. He tells her that the reason he moved to Boston all those years ago was to get over her. Ivy is sorry she let Alistair ruin their love, and Sam says he has learned not to go for the impossible, and to enjoy what he has in his life. Sam says that five years ago when they met again, he tucked away anything that made his feelings for Ivy show. Ivy says that she did just the opposite. Ivy and Sam agree that they aren't the two kids that they once were, and that they have both been through too much. Sam receives another text message from Grace. Ivy tells Sam that Grace loves him, and that she loves him. The question is, which one does he love? Ivy tells Sam that she feels Grace is using the text messages as a way to see where Sam's feelings are at. Ivy says, "We didn't have that back then." Ivy tells Sam that he needs to talk to Grace. Ivy says that she has had two chances with Sam and has failed both times.

Julian and Eve are in the hospital. Julian vows to Eve that even though his father could issue a shoot to kill order against him, he will do his best to find out the identity of their son. Eve and Julian believe that the mistake with his blood transfusion may lead them to the identity of their son, since Julian's blood type is so rare. Eve and Julian agree that everything has been done to save Pilar and that they hope they don't die before getting to see their son. Eve searches the computer for the blood donor of the rare blood. She confirms that the donor is male. Chad tells Whitney that he donates blood every few months at the hospital and that everyone should.

Sheridan tells Luis that his decision to trade the CDs to help Pilar makes her remember why she first fell in love with him. Luis is excited, thinking that Sheridan will want to be with him now, and begins kissing her. Sheridan's body language tells us that he misunderstood. At Pilar's bedside, Antonio and Miguel wonder where Sheridan is, suspecting she may be with Luis. Luis tells Sheridan he thought he lost her forever when he gave back the CDs. He tells her that they can finally be together in "this life." (This is making reference to the "past lives" they supposedly spent apart.) Sheridan tells him to slow down, as Antonio comes in, catching Luis embracing Sheridan. Luis tells Antonio that Sheridan remembers loving him. Antonio asked if this is true, and Sheridan admits that she told Luis that she loves him. Luis tells Antonio that he is sorry, but they are going to be together from now on. Antonio tells him, "Not if I can help it!" and punches Luis in the face. Sheridan breaks up the brothers, and tells them, I love my husband, but I was blown away by Luis trading the CDs for Pilar. She says she loves Luis as a brother-in-law.

TC wants proof of what happened the night of the accident. Liz wonders how she can reveal the details of the night of the accident to TC without him wanting to kill her.

Eve says that the experimental drug was Pilar's only hope, and now they must all try to make her comfortable. Father Lonigan gives Pilar the last rites and Pilar prays for her children's transgressions to be forgiven, and that they stick together. Theresa and Miguel stand at Pilar's bedside. They tell her that when they were children, they always felt they had more than other children. Miguel tells her that all the mistakes in his life happened when he was not following her life lessons. Miguel and Theresa tell Pilar that they will be sure that little Ethan and Maria know what kind of woman she was. Pilar's machine flatlines.

The mystery man and woman in Mexico discuss that Paloma should be home with her family, and wonder if being away from them will scar her for life. Paloma comes down the stairs and proclaims to her three friends that she's not doing homework, she's going clubbing. The mystery couple ask her where she is going dressed like that, and feel that she should call home.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Continuing their conversation from yesterday, Ivy still insists that Sam call Grace, but he refuses. She asks him, "Then what do you want?" He passionately kisses her. Ivy asks Sam, "What about Grace?" Sam tells Ivy that Grace is his past, and that he has feelings for Ivy and wants to see where they go. He says he wants to make love to her right now. They continue kissing. Ivy asks if Sam really meant that Grace is in the past, and he says that she is.

Tabitha watches the commotion at Pilar's bedside in her crystal bowl (her magical bowl of water), and makes reference to Paloma being away in Mexico. She talks about how hard is has been to keep all of the couples apart. Miguel and Charity, Sheridan and Luis, and the "aunt and uncle" in Mexico. Antonio and Sheridan discuss whether there was ever really proof of her being brainwashed. Antonio says that he doesn't believe Luis had any. Antonio decides to leave the hospital, and come back to visit Pilar when everyone else had gone. Back in their room, they discuss their plans to leave for St. Lisa's the next day. Sheridan goes to take a bath and Antonio continues packing. Tabitha watches this as well as Luis stating that he is still hopeful for a reunion with Sheridan, without the proof. She laughs, and says that will never happen. Tabitha wants to know which people she needs to focus her evil on first, Sheridan/Luis/Antonio or the aunt/uncle in Mexico. Dozens of black and white photos of Sheridan/Luis/Antonio appear floating in the air, her answer from the dark side. She snatches down one photo of each of them, and tells the rest to be gone, and they disappear. She vows to destroy Sheridan and Luis' love and to leave all three of their lives ruined at the end of this triangle. Tabitha draws a black cat on Antonio's photo and a blue ring around his head. Through Tabitha's magic, the cat comes to life, and with a splash, got through the magic bowl and into the room with Antonio. As this is happening, Tabitha burns Antonio's picture and continues saying a spell. Antonio is surprised, and follows the cat to Tabitha's house. Sheridan returns to her room, and there is no Antonio. Fearing that Antonio has gone to kill Luis, she goes to Luis, and bangs on the door. Luis lets her in. Antonio arrives at Tabitha's just in time to see Sheridan and Luis together, as Luis is kissing Sheridan, in Tabitha's magic water. Luis is telling Sheridan, "You still love me." Antonio is confused as to how he ended up there, but is angry about what he sees. Tabitha tells Antonio, "You came for help, and you came to the right place." She tells him that she will help him get rid of Luis.

In Mexico, the mystery woman, now identified to us as "Aunt Maria" listens to an angry Paloma vent about how angry she is at being sent away from her family as a baby. She states about that Salem Lopez-Fitzgeralds, "I don't even know those people." At the urging of Aunt Maria, she calls Pilar's home. She leaves a message on the answering machine, stating that their message has everyone freaked out. Aunt Maria and the gentleman we believe to be the uncle (they were addressed as 'tio' and 'tia'- Spanish for aunt and uncle) thank her. She then asks if she can go out, and is told that she must change her clothes first, and agrees. "Aunt" and "Uncle" fear that what they have done, and their true identity is may come out. They are concerned that their actions may have damaged Paloma, and are concerned she may find out who they really are. They agree that Paloma has always been such a good girl. They also discuss the phone call they got that told them never to return to Harmony. They state that even though they caused so much pain, they may have to face it, because Aunt Maria wants to return to Harmony. Just then Paloma overhears, and shoots back, "Why would you want to go back to Harmony?" Paloma thanks aunt and uncle for wanting to help, but she makes clear that she doesn't want to go to Harmony. They thank her for putting on more appropriate clothes, and she leaves to go out. Once outside, a man approaches Paloma and kisses her neck. She takes off her outfit. revealing the dress she originally had on, and leaves.

Eve rushed in as Pilar is flatlining in an attempt to resuscitate her. Julian apologizes to Luis for being a reminder about his having to give up the CDs to save his mother. Luis tells Julian that he has made the right decision. Julian tells Luis that he thinks that Luis is right about Alistair brainwashing Sheridan. Luis says that now he is losing his mother anyway, so he is losing both women that he loves the most. Eve continues working on Pilar. Eve emerges from the hospital room, and is asked by Theresa, "She is dead isn't she? Mama is dead." Eve happily announces that Pilar is alive. Pilar's family asks Eve about her condition, and Eve tells them, that her prognosis is good. The medicine seems to be working. The family is permitted to see Pilar. Pilar wants to know if Luis has spoken with Antonio yet. They are all asked to leave to let Pilar rest. Miguel and Theresa thank Luis for his choice to trade the CDs to save their mother.

Whitney asks Fox why Julian is there, and Fox tells her that Pilar was their maid for a long time. Whitney has a hard time believing that he isn't just there to see Eve. Fox asks Whitney if she is proud that Eve saved Pilar. Whitney says that she is, but that is the only reason she is proud of her mother.

Fox and a nurse discuss the mishap about Julian's blood transfusion. Fox puts two and two together, and figures out Julian must have a "bastard child," and fears that he may have to share the Crane fortune with this person. Fox tells Theresa about his concerns, and she assures him that Alistair would never allow a person who wasn't a full-blood Crane to inherit Crane money. Fox agrees.

Eve and Julian search in the database of blood donors. Julian asks Eve if there are privacy acts protecting their identities. Eve thinks that she will be able to find the identity, but that their medical record would be protected under a privacy act. It turns out that she is incorrect. Eve wants to find the identity of her son before something disastrous happens, like her son falling in love with one of her daughters. Julian tells Eve that he will still find out their son's identity.

Chad and Whitney discuss that Chad will soon donate blood again because he has a rare blood type, and it is needed. Whitney tells Chad that she wonders what other secrets her mother has, if she can lie about her and Julian. Chad and Whitney kiss.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

In their bed, Gwen and Ethan discuss Gwen missing her job interview. She tells Ethan that she changed her mind about the job and didn't reschedule because she'd rather be there with the new baby coming. Heather, their surrogate was implanted at the hospital today, and Gwen is excited that their lives might finally be turning around for the better. Ethan reminds Gwen that they have two babies coming. Gwen then tells Ethan that Theresa had no right getting herself implanted with their embryo. Ethan tells Gwen that he isn't sure that she can just ignore Theresa's baby. Gwen thinks she can. She tells Ethan that she is putting Theresa from her mind once and for all. Gwen beings sniffing the pillows, as she was the other day. She is smelling what is left of Ethan and Theresa's (disguised as Gwen) love making from earlier. (Ethan is still unaware that it took place.) Ethan playfully swears he is innocent. The phone rings and it's Eve calling from the hospital. Gwen inquires about Heather's condition. Eve informs them that the implantation went well. Gwen tells her it is like a dream come true. Eve crushes Gwen by telling her that Heather has been cramping, and is in danger of losing the baby. Gwen and Ethan rush to the hospital to be by Heather's side. Gwen and Ethan ask to go in with Heather and hold her hand. Eve tells them to be careful because if she starts spotting again, she could lose the baby. Ethan asks Eve what the baby's chances are and Eve says they are bad. Ethan tells Eve that he doesn't think Gwen can take losing another baby. Just as Ethan had gone to Pilar's room to check on her condition, a loud scream is heard. Ethan recognizes it as Gwen. Ethan and Theresa rush to see what is wrong. Heather has lost the baby. Gwen and Ethan say that they will keep trying, and Eve informs them that the problem was with Gwen's eggs, and that even trying through another surrogate would not be possible. Eve says that she is surprised that Theresa has been able to stay pregnant.

Theresa sits at Pilar's bedside. Eve tells them that Pilar is getting better by the hour. The best thing for her now would be no stress and lots of rest. Eve accredits Pilar's inner strength and the love of her family for her recovery. Eve tells Theresa that she should get some rest, the baby inside her needs it. Once Eve leaves the room, Pilar confronts Theresa about her not telling everyone that she has lost the baby. She begs Theresa to change her mind about trying to fool Ethan into sleeping with her in order to get pregnant. Theresa changes the subject by offering to call Paloma. Pilar tells her that the conversation is not over, and will continue after she calls Paloma. Once Theresa is off the phone, Pilar begs her not to deceive Ethan with her plan. She states that she has already and that she had to in order to get little Ethan back. Pilar adds that the new baby will be Theresa and Ethan's, not Gwen and Ethan's, and that the poor little baby would not know who its mommy is. Theresa says she will figure it all out once she has little Ethan back. Pilar tells Theresa that she is making a huge mistake. Theresa assures her that no one will find out what she has done. Pilar tells Theresa that she fears for her and doesn't understand her line of thinking. She warns that using this baby as a bargaining chip will be hurting people for years to come. She wonders if Theresa would have been better off if she had been raised away like Paloma. Perhaps then she would not be so thoughtless and selfish.

Paloma is dancing with her male friend at the club. Her friends watch and tell her how "caliente" she is on the dance floor. She tells them that she was invited to a party for a fashion magazine. Her friends ask to go along, and she shoots back that the magazine is just interested in her. Another woman with the aunt/uncle (that Paloma addresses as Tia meaning Aunt) calls her on her cell phone. She tells Paloma that she better not be at a club, and informs her that she received another call from her family in Harmony. Paloma ends the call and continues dancing, with a distressed look on her face. The aunt/uncle discuss Paloma and how she lives in her own private world, as teenagers do. They say she is caught between childhood and adulthood, wanting so much to be an adult, but resisting because she doesn't want to totally give up her childhood. They worry about her because she is so special, and it has been so hard on her being raised separate from her siblings. They think that Paloma not wanting to return the call from Harmony was normal. Then, Paloma is just outside the door of her home, saying that she needs to find out if Pilar is okay. She is worried that she may never see Pilar again. She is informed upon entering by this new "tia" Pilar had been given last rites, but that now she is recovering. Paloma is thankful, and says that now she won't have to go to Harmony after all. The aunt/uncle and other woman think that she should still, especially since she is on vacation from school.

Paloma says that she doesn't know her family in Harmony, and they don't know her. Paloma tells the aunt/uncle that she is not even related to them. (although she has been calling them tio/tia) Paloma asks that if she goes, will they go with her? They say that it is not a good time, but they can tell Pilar missed her. Paloma will think about it. Once alone the aunt/uncle say that they cannot return to Harmony because it would be too risky. The woman says she would give anything to see some of the people that they left behind.

Luis and Sheridan kiss as Antonio watches in Tabitha's magic water. He tells Tabitha that there is no way that the image is real. She assures him that it is real. She tells him that if he doesn't do something, he will have a ringside seat to his wife and brother making love. Tabitha eggs on Antonio to kill Luis by telling him that soon the scene will become X-rated. Antonio wonders how Sheridan can so this to him. Sheridan tells Luis to stop. Sheridan tells Luis that her reasoning for coming was really to stop Antonio from hurting him, because she thought Antonio was there. Luis tells her to listen to her heart, and that is was her feelings that brought her there. Sheridan is confused. Antonio tells Tabitha that what he is seeing is not happening, and she assures him that it is. Sheridan pressures Sheridan to tell him that she loves him, but Sheridan tells him that she is a married woman, and should not be there. Just then Sheridan senses that Antonio is watching them. Antonio says that he is going to put a stop to this once and for all, and leaves to go and confront them. Tabitha laughs, and says that her spell is working. "Luis won't be in this world long," she says. She tells Luis that she is drawn to him, but that is only because their relationship never had closure. Luis tells her that they would be married with children by now if people hadn't kept them apart. Sheridan says that she can't betray Antonio and their wedding vows this way. Tabitha watches them and waits for Antonio to arrive. Sheridan goes home. Shortly after Sheridan leaves, Antonio busts in and declares, "I warned you Luis. You have messed with my marriage for the last time!" Luis tells him that he is alone. Antonio tells Luis he is sick of Luis trying to manipulate his wife. Luis tells him that he is dreaming, and that he is just making wild accusations, and running all over town without his shirt. Luis tells Antonio to admit that Sheridan would rather be with him. At home, Sheridan is thankful that Antonio is not home yet. Upon seeing all of this, Tabitha says, "Rats!" She wanted Luis and Sheridan caught together and Luis killed. Tabitha looks at Sheridan's thoughts and see that Sheridan is thinking of Luis. Tabitha is upset at her failure at separating Luis and Sheridan. She tells Andorra that she doesn't even want to think about what will happen to them if Luis and Sheridan reunite. Tabitha sees the images of a happy Luis and Sheridan being married in her magical water and throws a cloth over it. She tells Andorra that if they fail this time, the boys in the basement will have them for lunch. Sheridan continues to be confused and wonders how feelings for her brother-in-law can continue to surface when she loves her husband. Back at Luis', the two brothers fight. Antonio tells Luis to stay away from his wife or die, and then leaves.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

The aunt and uncle read in the paper that Luis had information that is incriminating to Alistair. The water in Tabitha's bowl is boiling! She is put out by it, as she already has enough to do. In the pot are the aunt and uncle from Mexico discussing Luis when he was a boy. Paloma asks if the paper they are holding is the Harmony paper, and they say that they wanted to see if anything was in the paper about her mother. "I care as much about her health as she does about mine," snaps Paloma. The aunt and uncle defend Pilar's choices, and ask Paloma if she has given any more thought about going to Harmony. She says that she has thought about it, and she won't go. They tell Paloma that no matter what she thinks, a mother's best medicine is seeing her children. "My family can make all the noise they want about me. They know they don't want me," says Paloma. Paloma wonders why she was the only child in her family that was sent to Mexico to be raised. Tabitha calls the aunt and uncle idiots for trying to make Paloma come home. She says that if Paloma is to return, all hell will break loose, and she and Andorra would be the first to suffer. Paloma tells the aunt and uncle that she has a right to her feelings about her family, and there is no other side to the story. She storms off. The uncle says that if Paloma only knew, she would hate him, not Pilar.

Miguel and Luis are at Pilar's bedside in the hospital. Pilar asks Luis why he didn't go through with exposing Alistair. Miguel pipes up and tells Luis to tell her why, because she will find out anyway. Luis tells Pilar that he had to trade the information to help save her life, and that he couldn't have lived with himself if he hadn't done everything he could to save her. Pilar tells him not to give up on his love. Luis tells Pilar that Sheridan is going to St. Lisa's today. Pilar says that he must go to her today. She tells Luis, "You have saved my life. Now save your own!" She insists, pointing in his face, that he must go and stop Sheridan from going!!! Just out of Pilar's earshot, Miguel asks Luis what he's going to do. Luis says that as long as Sheridan is in Harmony, he has a shot. Miguel then says that from Antonio's standpoint, Luis just keeps messing with his wife, and if he continues, he risks losing his life. Miguel then asks for Luis' word to back off on this. Luis agrees and shakes. As Miguel leaves, Luis whispers that he's sorry he had to lie to Miguel. He doesn't intend to stop.

Antonio vows to Sheridan to protect her, and they discuss their plans to go to St. Lisa's. He asks her what is holding her back, is it Luis? Sheridan thinks about the kiss she exchanged with Luis earlier. She tells him that Luis is the reason she wants to leave Harmony. Antonio wants her to feel good about going, and tells her that they can even start the family they talked about. That sounds good to Sheridan, and they embrace. Just then, Gwen and Ethan knock at the door. Gwen begs Sheridan to stay, because "Theresa is at it again." Gwen tells Sheridan that her surrogate lost the baby, and that her eggs are not viable. Gwen wonders why everything she does keeps coming up "hell in a hand basket," and things keep going good for Theresa. Sheridan reminds her that it isn't all bad because she'll have her baby soon. Gwen asks Sheridan if she can wait a year before leaving. Antonio tells Gwen that he realized she wants Sheridan to stay, but they are leaving today. Gwen asks if they will visit, and Antonio says that depends on Luis. Sheridan wonders if Theresa's pregnancy test could have possibly been inaccurate, and her not really be pregnant. She also wonders if Theresa could be lying about being pregnant. Gwen says both of those could be true. Ethan and Gwen say good-bye to Antonio and Sheridan. As they are leaving, Gwen's phone rings. The call was the maid telling Gwen that Theresa is in the house. A visibly shaken Gwen says she has to go. Antonio says he is going to pack up the car. After he leaves, Sheridan says good-bye to the house, and all she is leaving behind. She also says good-bye to Luis' photo.

Fox sneaks Theresa into the Crane mansion to see little Ethan. While they are in his room, Fox tries to figure out what Theresa was up to the other day. He thinks she is hiding something, and it must be really big. Fox thought they were going to be honest with each other. She tells him to stop looking at her like he can see through her. She tries again to tell him there is nothing. Fox decides to let it go, and let Theresa enjoy the time with her son. Fox tells Theresa that it is amazing that she hasn't miscarried that baby if the eggs are not viable. Theresa tells him that it must be a miracle, God must want her to carry it, so she can get her son back. Gwen barges into the mansion and asks Fox where Theresa is. At that moment, she is in Ethan and Gwen's room, holding their pillow close, hoping that she is pregnant. Gwen says that she will find Theresa and she will start with her bedroom.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Gwen storms through the mansion with Ethan in toe, ranting that she is going to ring Theresa's neck when she catches her. She says that Theresa has ruined her life for long enough. Ethan tells her that Theresa may not even be there. Gwen says that Theresa has to be there because the maid called and said that she saw her. Gwen closes her bedroom door to reveal Theresa hiding behind it. Theresa apologizes for upsetting them, and says that she is just there to see little Ethan. Gwen is glad that she is there because it saves her time tracking her down. She wants Theresa to take a pregnancy test to prove that she is pregnant, because Gwen feels that it is very unlikely that Theresa would get pregnant through implantation the first time. She thinks it's hard to believe that she is pregnant so easily since her eggs are not viable. Theresa assures Gwen that she is pregnant, and tells her that she'll go to see Dr. Russell and take another test tomorrow. Gwen says that is not necessary because a nurse is on the way to the mansion to do the test. Theresa tries to get out of taking the test. Whitney arrives because Fox has called her and told her that Theresa may need her help. Theresa tells Whitney that Gwen is upset about the baby. Whitney asks how Theresa can blame her with what Theresa had done. Whitney tells Gwen that she understands her anger. Theresa still tries to get out of the test, citing her fear of needles. The nurse arrives and Gwen and Ethan go to let her in, and tell Theresa to stay there. Theresa tells Whitney that she can't take the test. Whitney doesn't understand why not, but says that Theresa is up to something, and she doesn't think she's going to like it. Theresa says she will tell her later, and tries to sneak out of the mansion. Gwen and Ethan catch her in the hallway, and bring her in to have her blood drawn.

Tabitha looks into her magic bowl at the aunt/uncle of Paloma in Mexico. She yells, "This has got to stop!" and wakes Andorra. Tabitha comforts her and tells her that she is glad that she isn't old enough to know what's going on in the world. She thought she had gotten rid of them years ago, but there they are. She says she'll have to get rid of them before it's too late. She hollers into the bowl for them to stay away from Harmony. She says that she won't be the only one furious if the couple returns. The "boys in the basement" respond. She says she knows that they will be furious, but that she is referring to Alistair.

Paloma's "aunt" and "uncle" in Mexico say that Paloma shouldn't be angry with Pilar because this was all their doing. The aunt agrees and wonders how people would view them, if they knew the truth about what they had done. They discuss how happy they have been all these years in Mexico, and that they have no regrets. They reminisce about their days in Harmony, and about a Founder's Day dance that they had both attended. The aunt is shown dancing with Alistair. Alistair tells the "aunt" that she should not be seen talking to the "uncle" because he is the hired help. He also says that he hates those dances because he has to be with the common folk. She says that she likes it, and likes talking to all kinds of people. Alistair tells her he will never understand her. The "uncle" is seen at the same dance dancing with Pilar. He asks her if she is having a good time, and she is annoyed that he keeps "getting lost." The aunt and uncle then discuss that Paloma must never find out who they are.

Alistair answers the phone. A man tells him that he has located, "the natives," as he stares at pictures of the aunt and uncle. Alistair says that it can't be after all these years, and wants to know if the man has confirmed their identity. The man says he has, and tells Alistair that they are restless and may return to Harmony. "Over my dead body!" he growls. He says that now that he's found them, they will pay for their betrayals. He orders the man to eliminate them.

Sheridan tells the photo of Luis that she has to leave, and she knows it's for the best. She believes that it's the only way she can be sure that Antonio and Luis won't kill each other. She says that she could never forgive herself if that happened. Antonio comes in and asks her what she has. She quickly tucks the picture into her bag, and says she is just packing a few last things that she wants to take to St. Lisa's. Antonio starts to take her bag, but Sheridan wants to carry it herself. Antonio tells her that he thinks she is hiding something. He accidentally drops her bag, and the picture of Luis drops out of it, and the glass in the frame shatters. He asks why it is so important to her, and he says that she still loves Luis. He thinks that she isn't going to be able to leave the past behind, and that he should stay and settle things once and for all with Luis. She insists that she loves Antonio. She admits she does still have feelings for Luis because of their history, but that's all. She wishes that all of them could get along. Antonio says that will never happen. Sheridan says they are leaving town now. They start to leave, and she asks Antonio if he has said good-bye to Pilar. Since he has not said a proper good-bye, he goes to the hospital to do so. Sheridan takes the picture of Luis from the trash, and tells him good-bye, and puts it back in the garbage.

Luis asks Dr. Ackland to reveal what he has done to Sheridan. Dr. Ackland says that he can't because Alistair would kill him. His medical license is the least of his worries. Luis threatens that he is even more dangerous to him than Alistair. Dr. Ackland says that he thought Luis already had the CDs to prove what was done, and why did he need to hear it. Luis says that he needs Sheridan to hear it. Luis offers to protect Dr. Ackland if he tells Luis everything. Dr. Ackland proceeds to tell Luis that he didn't want to do it, but his family was threatened. The first step of the plan was to convince Antonio that Sheridan needed to be hospitalized. He proceeds to tell Luis that Sheridan was given drugs to keep her confused and then shock therapy was administered to wipe her love for Luis out of her mind. Luis wants him to reverse what he did, and put the feelings back. Dr. Ackland says he can't. He is surprised that Sheridan made it through the first time, and that could cause a breakdown. The doctor goes on to tell Luis how much he hated doing it, and that he can't understand how Alistair could hate his own daughter so much. Dr. Ackland says that Alistair may fear Sheridan and Luis putting their heads together and revealing his secrets. Luis tells Dr. Ackland since he can't reverse what he has done, he has to tell Sheridan the truth. Dr. Ackland says that will be too dangerous because Alistair could find out. Luis says that he is more dangerous than Alistair. Luis goes to the cottage and tells Sheridan that he has proof about what was done to her. She insists that she loves Antonio. Luis kisses her.

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