One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 17, 2004 on OLTL

Jen, Jessica, and Marcie made plans to go to a strip club. Viki learned that she would need a heart transplant. Kevin made a trip to Pine Valley. Kelly followed Paul to Atlantic City. David followed Kelly and panicked, thinking he'd killed Paul. Kelly awoke and found Paul dead. Dr. Long went after Marcie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 17, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, May 17, 2004

Dorian talks in her sleep. She utters a combination to a lock. David listens in and tries to write it down. She wakes up before she finishes the combination. Adriana asks Dorian about El Toro. She asks her if he was her father. Dorian at first denies it, but Adriana threatens to find out from someone else. Adriana goes to Carlotta. David pretends to go take a shower, but listens in on Dorian's phone call to Carlotta. She urges Carlotta to not tell Adriana a word about her father. Dorian asks David about the note with the combination she was saying in her sleep. He tells her he wants to know the combination, but Dorian also doesn't have the entire combination.

Todd discusses with Paul the birth mother of Ace. Todd wants the whole story. Paul promises to tell Todd the truth if he gives him one hundred thousand dollars and he also promises to leave town for good. Todd accepts.

Kevin tells Kelly that all Paul wants is her money from their family. Kelly asks Paul about Bianca Montgomery, she asks him if Ace is Bianca's baby. He strongly denies it and then points out that Bianca had a baby girl, which rules out Ace being her child. Kelly buys his lies. Paul tells Kelly to keep Todd away from him. Kevin thinks Todd and Paul are up to something. Asa is having memory lapses. Asa tells Kevin, he has all the information that Kevin needs on Paul. Kevin gets a call from Adam Chandler in Pine Valley. Kevin asks Adam to tell him all he knows about Paul.

John notices a bracelet on the woman standing beside Dorian in a picture taken at El Toro's funeral. Antonio recognizes the bracelet as the same one Carlotta was wearing when she told him she was coming from a friend's funeral. Antonio doesn't tell John. John visits Natalie so they can finish what talking. He tells her that he is having feelings and he wish she would stick around while he resolves them. Natalie tells John she can't wait for something that would never happen. Antonio demands the truth from Carlotta. Antonio tells Carlotta that he knows she was the woman beside Dorian at El Toro's funeral. Carlotta insists she only knew him as Dorian's husband. Antonio doesn't buy it, but leaves her alone.

Antonio meets with Evangeline to discuss their plans. After Antonio leaves, Jessica confronts Evangeline. Jessica wants to know what is going on between Antonio and Evangeline.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Kelly follows Paul to Atlantic City, where she asks if there is any way that Kevin can find out that he stole Ace from Bianca for her.

David is also close behind and spies on them as they argue. Paul invites Natalie back to his hotel room and they set the wheels in motion to make love.

Michael and Marcie get another threatening phone call that leaves them shaken. Michael talks Marcie into going out with Jen for a fun night on the town. While she's away, Michael has a nightmare that Dr. Long breaks into their home then wonders if he was actually awake.

Unaware that Evangeline and Antonio are meeting at Hook Up, Jessica arranges to meet up with Jen and Marcie there. Antonio gets an undercover assignment from Evangeline as a male stripper at Hook Up! At the same time, Jessica, Jen and Marcie decide to head back to the club later to check out the exotic male dancers.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Viki reads her medical records; she has a blockage in her coronary arteries with much scarring. She is no longer a candidate for bypass surgery and they are out of options. As she flashes back to happier times with Ben, she begins to cry. A nightmare in a dream is forthcoming as she unexpectedly wakes up in Dorian's bedroom. She wanders downstairs and finds crying family members, even Clint and Joey are there. She tries to talk to all of them but they don't seem to see her. She opens the casket and sees herself! Is she dead?

Suddenly, she's back at home with Todd. It seems to be real but it still appears to be a dream at the same time. He hands her a box, telling her to follow the clues. It's a red heart which breaks open when she drops it. Finding a key, she hears Ben calling to her, "Follow your heart." From there, she's in heaven? At an empty Capricorn? Nat worriedly mixes her a huge martini and urges her to care about herself.

Awake again, Todd tells her it's not goodbye but she must follow the right path. Clint attempts to persuade her to quit worrying about following the wrong path. Dorian appears and takes her to a place where everyone is sitting around, lamenting the fact that they've all caused her to worry. They blame themselves for what's happened to her. Todd reminds her to follow the clues once again. Finding a group of nesting hearts and a picture drawn by Starr, Viki learns that Todd went crazy after she died, Blair became like Addie and went away. Starr is alone. Victor appears and tells his daughter that they can have a second chance to be together. Thankfully, Todd reappears and sends the old man back to hell, telling Viki she'll ruin her children's lives if she dies. Clint attempts to tell her what a difficult time her children will have without her. He hands her a too-small ring that will fit if she figures everything out. The dream flashes to Bo and Asa talking about her giving up and how after that, Ben let go too. Todd and Dorian come along to help with the clues and finally, the ring fits when Viki realizes that everyone needs her and to worry and take care of herself.

A near-hysterical Jess finally manages to wake Viki from her sleep after calling Kevin in a panic. Viki tells them she's off to bed but leaves to visit Ben instead. She whispers that she knows he was behind the dream and wants some of what he has, to help her hold on. She begs him to come back and keep her strong. On her way out of the room, she has a sharp, severe pain and falls.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

After Michael tells Marcie and Jen about the broken window, Marcie insists on going to the hospital while Dr. Long is being questioned by John. Not knowing that John has released the chief of staff, Marcie is caught in a cold room searching for organs. When she threatens Dr. Long, he locks her in, confident that she will be dead before she is found. Concerned for her safety, Michael struggles out of his wheelchair and makes his way to the hospital where he confronts Dr. Long who has an organ cooler in his hand.

Viki's family gathers, horrified as they watch the doctors try to stabilize her. Dorian attempts to keep her children informed as the doctors work on their mother. When Viki finally wakes up, she and her family are informed that her only chance is a heart transplant. Asking Todd to make her proud and go on with his life, he breaks down as he realizes his sister is saying goodbye to him. With her children at her side, Viki is told that now is the time to gather her family.

In Atlantic City, Natalie and Paul get close to making love but are interrupted by the telephone. When she answers it, Natalie is surprised to hear John asking her for another chance. She agrees, once again putting of Paul's advances. After she doses off to sleep, Paul gets a telephone call from Kelly asking him to meet her.

In her room, Kelly takes several more sleeping pills. When Paul arrives, the two argue and she pushes him, causing him to hit his head on the mantle. He gets her into bed, and David arrives in her room in time to see Paul standing over her with a pillow in his hand. Concerned that Paul has hurt Kelly, the two fight and Paul again hits his head after David punches him. David becomes concerned when Paul lays unconscious on the floor.

Friday, May 21, 2004

When David thinks that his punch killed Paul, he leaves, wiping his fingerprints off the door to Kelly's room. Kelly wakes from her drug induced sleep to find her brother lying on the floor and assumes she killed him. Desperate for help, she calls Todd, who has just surprised Blair with a room full of flowers to welcome her home. Arriving at her hotel room, Todd tries to calm a hysterical Kelly. Getting a laundry car from the hotel, Todd and Kelly remove Paul's body from the room. David comes back when he decides that he has to help Kelly. He finds the room bare. After dumping Paul's body into a landfill, Todd takes Kelly to Viki's cabin to clean up.

Finding the room information Paul had written down, Natalie shows up at Kelly's hotel room. With the room empty, she leaves a note for Paul. As she turns to leave, she trips and lands in a pool of blood. The police kick the door in, pointing their guns at her.

Dorian comes home to find Blair thrilled at the gesture that Todd made with the flowers. After Kevin tells Blair the news of his mother's ailing health, he asks her for help finding Kelly. David returns to Llanview and tells Dorian what happened in Atlantic City.

Dorian, Kevin, and Jessica try to talk to Viki into having a transplant. Once she agrees, Dorian explains how the donor process works. Dr. Gardner tells her family that she will need major surgery while she a waits a donor heart. After she sends her children home so she can rest, Viki leans on Dorian for emotional support. Writing a letter for her family in case of her death, Viki is interrupted by doctor with the news that there is a possible match for her transplant. Viki is happy when Clint shows up in her hospital room. As soon as she tells him that there is a possibility that she may be having surgery, Dr. Gardner comes in and informs them that the heart has disappeared.

Michael demands to know what Dr. Long did with Marcie. When Michael calls out for security, Dr. Long makes a deal with him that if he lets him go, he'll tell him where Marcie is. A nurse walks into the cold room where Dr. Long has locked Marcie, finding her even as Dr. Long leads Michael to the roof. Dr. Long trips Michael before he can go for help. When Michael fights back, the cooler containing the donor heart falls open, contaminating the organ. Marcie finds the men on the roof and struggles with Dr. Long.

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