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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 3, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, May 3, 2004

Dinosaur Jan and Nicole argue up on the hospital rooftop about escaping. Nicole tackles Jan hoping to steal her Dinosaur costume just as Brady arrives on the roof looking for Nicole. Jan pretends to leave but stays to eavesdrop on Brady and Nicole as they discuss Marlena's confession. When Nicole worries about Marlena implicating her in Victor's death, Brady asks whether Marlena knows anything. A nervous Nicole says Marlena hates her and would love to get even with her for dating Eric. A suspicious Brady goes to check on what else Marlena has confessed to and Jan pops out to inform Nicole of her plan to kill Marlena. And she says she got the idea from Marlena.

Sami, in disbelief, asks why Marlena killed Roman. Marlena tells everyone that unlike the others, Roman did not know a thing. She finally gets to her motive, which is her love for Roman. While jaws drop, Sami puts everyone's thoughts into words and says, "That doesn't make sense!" Marlena goes on to explain that just as Roman fell out of love with her and in love with Kate that Marlena fell back in love with him. She informs the room that "If I couldn't have him, I couldn't let someone else have him." She further explains that Abe was the first victim because he was actively trying to keep Marlena from getting back together with Roman. A giggly Marlena says it was "Fun while it lasted" which prompts Hope to call her a monster. Sami counters that the monsters are the people who wouldn't let her parents get back together. Instead of laughing at the absurdity of the statement, Kate tells Sami she is insane which causes Sami to attack. Sami calms down long enough to say that John and Kate deserve to die for keeping her mother from being happy and runs out of the room followed by a frantic Lucas.

Sami runs past Brady. A pursuing Lucas stops long enough to fill Brady in on the Roman murder confession and tells Brady that Sami is seriously in denial about it. He then runs into the chapel where Sami prays for justice against John and Kate. As Lucas tries to get her to accept the truth, Kate comes in screeching that Sami deserves to die. More girl fighting ensues and Philip drags Kate out of the chapel. Though Kate begs for Lucas to leave with her. Lucas stays with Sami long enough for Sami to beg him to leave her alone.

Julie arrives and Marlena starts to tell everyone that Doug's death was the most slow and painful. Julie calls Marlena a murdering bitch and then gives one of her patented strangling moves. When things calm down, Marlena laughs about pressing charges against Julie. She then goes on to thank Belle for lying about her alibi for Doug's killing but tells her that Doug and Julie are the ones responsible for Alice's death. She explains that because Julie told her about the pact she had with Doug to leave a message, Marlena knew to look for one. Feeling guilty, Julie listens to Marlena explain that thanks to the usual Salem P.D. work, Doug's note was left behind until Alice found it. Then Marlena tells John, Belle, and Brady that, "This is me. This is the real me." A stoic John tells Marlena that he still loves her and doesn't think she is capable of all this killing. Smirking, Marlena wounds John by telling him that she doesn't love John and that she is in fact the killer.

After a short break, Marlena tells the crowd that Tony's death was her "finest moment" and details the logistics. Jan, disguised as a nurse enters and tells the group she is there to administer more truth serum. Nicole has a helpful flashback where Jan explains her plan to inject an air bubble into Marlena's vein. Before Jan can execute this plan, John and Bo tell her that the truth serum isn't needed and sends Jan away.

Philip comforts Belle much to Shawn's dismay. Hope tells Shawn to go to her but he announces his intention to leave town as soon as possible. Belle overhears and Philip tells her she is better off without him.

Brady spots the Dinosaur in the hallway and stops it. When he notices the change of voice, he takes off the head to reveal a wide-eyed Nicole. She admits to trying to escape the hospital then watches from the doorway as Bo asks Marlena whether she killed Victor.

Tuesday, May 4, 2004

by Joan

At Sami's apartment, Will found his mother sinking into an uncharacteristic depression. While Lucas preferred giving her some space, Will convinced his father to help. Reading a sensational headline comparing Sami to her mother, Sami called herself a heartless monster who deserved to die. Tired of feeling sorry for her Lucas dealt out some tough love. Calling her a toxic influence on Will, Lucas said it might have been better if she had died in the death chamber. A stunned Sami listened to Lucas accuse her of getting back at Kate by hurting Austin and himself. Calling her selfish and heartless, Lucas said Sami was even worse than Nicole.

But when Lucas declared he would sue for sole custody of Will, Sami's anger surfaced. Provoking Sami, Lucas said she only loved herself. Fighting back to the point of threatening to kill Lucas rather than lose Will, Sami was stunned by Lucas' response. "Welcome back. We've missed you." Realizing what Lucas had done, Sami hugged Will when he returned. Speaking to her son, she looked at Lucas saying, "I don't know what I would do without you."

At University Hospital, Bo interrogated Marlena about Victor's death. When Marlena denied killing Victor, John recalled Victor's words to look no further than Nicole in the event of his death. Needing more evidence, Bo asked, "Marlena, can you tell me who killed my father?" As Lexie interrupted to check Marlena's vitals, citing the possibility of cardiac arrest. Bo angrily disregarded concern for a confessed murderer's health as Marlena began to gasp for breath.

Nicole nervously waited outside Marlena's room as Jen planned to slip out leaving her "holding the bag" if Marlena accused her. Summoning Nicole, Bo accused Brady of defending her. Asking Marlena for any information that could incriminate Nicole, Marlena recalled meeting Nicole and Jan outside Belle's. "Yes, I believe there was an accomplice to Victor's murder." While Nicole

Shawn refused Hope's advice to speak to Belle, announcing he was leaving Salem tonight. Following him to the Loft, Belle had the door slammed in her face. Mimi had just warned Rex that he could get hurt trying to help his sister, Sami. But Rex and Mimi tried to help a pessimistic Belle, sending her to the roof after Shawn. Saying he needed time to sort things out, Shawn told Belle he still loved her.

As Belle feared losing Shawn if he left Salem, Jan was preparing supplies for the prison she had built for him. And at University Hospital, Bo asked Marlena, "Are you saying you saw the person who murdered my father?" Facing a frightened Nicole, Marlena answered, "Yes, I know who it was."

Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Bonnie caught up on her reading today with a book entitled "How To Marry A Millionaire In 90 Days." She practiced writing what she planned to be her new name, Mrs. Mickey Horton, then fantasized about the wedding to Mickey with Julie tied up with rope and an apple stuck in her mouth. Patrick entered, stopping her fantasy and telling her she would never get a man like Mickey Horton. Bonnie, trying to take the focus off of her plans, told Patrick to go after Jen but he retorted that he would never do anything to hurt Jen or Abby as he caught a glimpse of some mathematical doodling Bonnie had been doing and realized it had to do with the Bearer Bonds left by Alice to Jennifer. He accused Bonnie of trying to steal them, since she had figured in the interest with her doodling. After telling her goodbye and that he was leaving Salem but there was one stop left he had to make, he left Alice's Bar and stopped to answer his phone, only saying the words, "No way! I'm leaving Salem tonight." to the mysterious caller. Inside, Bonnie thought about his goodbye and what that last stop would be, cut off the lights and dashed out the door saying, "Oh, No, he doesn't!."

At Alice and Tom Horton's home, Mickey met with Jen and Julie, saying he wanted Hope and Lucas there also, yet that was impossible. He explained that he thought there could be no better place than right there to say goodbye to their loved ones. After pouring apple juice for Jen and whiskey for him and Julie, they toasted to Jack, Maggie, Doug and Alice. Julie was overcome with grief and expressed her remorse about telling Marlena that Doug knew who the killer was. Alice appeared at her side, and Julie said she smelled Alice's scent. Jen remarked that it was lavender and Mickey said that Alice was all around them and always would be. Mickey said their loved ones may not have been born Hortons, but they would be so in their hearts and would always be with them. As they were leaving, Mickey asked Jen if she had put the bearer bonds in a safe place. Jen assured him the house was locked up. The scene shifted to a dark room as a gloved hand took the bonds. When Julie and Jen arrived back at Jennifer's house, they discovered the bonds were missing, while outside, Patrick stuffed something in a very large tote bag, zipped it up and hung it over his shoulder.

At the hospital, Marlena is really confused when Bo continuously pressures her about Victor's murder. She simply can not remember as the truth serum has begun to wear off. She repeats that she keeps seeing Nicole's face but there is nothing more she can tell them about why or who may be involved. Judge Fitzpatrick says since there is nothing more they can do, it was time to wrap things up and asked Marlena to sign the confessions as she had stated she would. Marlena replied that she had given her word and would sign them....just as soon as her husband told her what she had done and why. With no memory of what had transpired while she had been under the serum, John asked for a few minutes alone, which the Judge granted. John explained to Marlena that her reason for killing all of the victims was due to her love for Roman. Marlena could not believe that excuse and asked John why she would lie under truth serum. Outside in the hall, Nicole overheard Judge Fitzpatrick ask Lexie if Marlena could be given another dose at a later time and Lexie replied that in fact she could. This news made Nicole franticly leave the hospital with another plan to ensure Marlena would not tell anyone about her conversation with Jan and Nicole.

Kate and Philip had tea as they discussed Marlena's testimony. Kate encouraged Philip to pursue Belle since Shawn was leaving town. Philip insisted that he would not take advantage of Shawn being gone and would be a friend to Belle. On the hospital roof, Shawn said his goodbyes to Belle, explaining that he still loved her but needed some time alone. He promised he would be back, kissed her and left. Belle's phone rang and it was Philip asking if she was okay but she cried "No, and I need you Philip.."

Thursday, May 6, 2004

by Joan

At the Jail Visitors Window, Nicole was plotting with Crystal to kill Marlena when John and Brady arrived. Afraid of being seen Nicole hid from Brady as he recognized a friend, who was Assistant Warden of the Corrections Facility. Crystal created a diversion but Nicole was unable to leave with John nearby. Nicole listened as Brady told John he didn't trust the Salem PD but if Nicole killed Victor, he himself would administer the lethal injection.

Marlena was returned to the holding cell where she had been attacked before and falling prey to fellow inmates as a fight broke out. As Marlena defended herself, the Prison Guard called the shots, showing Marlena her wedding ring. Offering it as the prize to the winner of the fight, the Guard watched as Marlena fought off three inmates. But Crystal fought on Marlena's side in order to gain her confidence. Inspired by John's words of "I love you," Marlena won the fight, defiantly demanding, "Give me my ring!" As the Guard reluctantly handed it over, she told Marlena she wouldn't be allowed to see John waiting outside. Crystal told Marlena she didn't want her as an enemy, while she secretly planned to kill her.

At the Deveraux house, Jennifer and Julie searched frantically for the Bearer Bonds until Julie found Patrick was gone. Meanwhile, Bonnie was thanking Alice as she counted a large sum of cash. Mickey had Bonnie come to Jen's to ask some questions. While Julie accused Patrick or Bonnie as the thieves, Bonnie defended her son, saying she had no idea when he would return. Furious that Julie called the Police to find Patrick, Bonnie was unaware that Julie had looked inside her purse. "Look what we have here," brought shock to Jen and silence to Bonnie as Julie pulled out the large amount of cash. And as Patrick thought he was hitching a ride out of Salem, a Police car arrived.

At the Brady's Hope found Shawn in the garage ready to leave Salem. Hope tried to convince her son that leaving Salem was a mistake, begging him to at least wait for Bo to come home. Shawn told Hope that it was over with Belle. Asking Shawn to put himself in Belle's place, Hope told her son he had abandoned Belle when she needed him most.

At the Loft, Philip arrived followed by Kate. With an ulterior motive to match Philip and Belle, Kate brought supplies to prepare a meal for Belle. Appreciative of their support, Belle was told by Kate that no one should hold her responsible for Marlena's deeds. As Philip was consoling Belle, Kate answered the door to find Shawn asking what she was doing there.

As a favor to Brady, Asst. Warden Trish arranged for visiting time between John and Marlena. Separated by a glass panel, John noticed new bruises that Marlena wouldn't explain. The couple tearfully discussed what John called a nightmare, sure there was something they were missing. In disbelief, Marlena called the thought of killing friends out of love for Roman insane, but said she had to pay for the crimes. Surprised to see her ring John asked how she was allowed to keep it. Pushing it toward the glass, Marlena said, "I think it needs to stay with you. It will be safer with you." John realized her possession of the ring was connected with her bruises. Fighting tears, Marlena continued. "Give it to Belle, and tell her how much I love her, and I wish I could see her sweet little face one more time." As she broke down, John's encouragement no longer worked. "John, I'm not coming out of here alive." Choking back his tears, John answered, "I'm not going to lose you, Doc. Not now...not ever."

Friday, May 7, 2004

Due to news coverage of Donald Rumsfeld's testimony before Congress, today's episode of Days of our Lives was pre-empted. The episode originally scheduled for today will air on Monday, May 10th and no episodes will be lost.

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