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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 26, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, April 26, 2004

Knee deep in post-coital bliss, Sami and Lucas decide to give it another go. Unfortunately, a curious, casserole-carrying Kate can hear them out in the hallway. She goes into Sami's apartment and walks in on a giggling Sami and Lucas who are in the midst of making love. All are horrified and once clothed, Sami and Lucas meet up with a shocked Kate in the living room. Feeling faint, Lucas sits Kate on the couch and offers her some of the late night casserole that she brought by. Apparently not hungry, Kate decides to fling a spoonful of it into Sami's face instead. Lucas hurries to help Sami clean up while a still angry Kate warns Sami that Lucas doesn't love or even like her and that when the hormones wear off he will hate her more than ever. With that bull's-eye to Sami's greatest fear, Lucas tells Kate to leave when Sami tears up. Kate starts to give Lucas an ultimatum but Lucas cuts her off telling her not to make him choose between them. A devastated Kate leaves. A cautiously happy Lucas and Sami try to get their romantic evening back on track with a little slow dancing but their enjoyment is disrupted by a radio news report about the stabbing at the prison.

Philip, Mimi, and Shawn try to comfort Belle as she informs them that Marlena's body scan came back negative. With the new wave of tension, Philip and Mimi slink off and leave Belle and Shawn alone. Shawn says he is sorry but Belle thinks the thought of Marlena going to death row makes him happy. Continuing to stand up for herself, Belle refuses to be blamed for everything that goes wrong in their relationship. She complains that she is having the same argument with Shawn over and over instead of spending what could be her last moments with her mother. She lays it out for Shawn by telling him to accept that she is going to stand by her mother even if she is guilty or else she should both go their separate ways right now. Shawn protests that he still wants to marry her and that he didn't ask her to leave her mother's bedside but Belle points out that if they marry, her family will be his family so he needs to consider that.

Mimi chastises Philip for how it looks for him to be spending so much time with Belle. He rebuts that he spends just as much time with "sexy" Mimi. Mimi excuses herself as a teary-eyed Kate wanders in to the chapel and begs Philip to go after what he wants because it is her last chance at happiness. She tells him to snatch Belle away from Shawn but Philip tells her to zip it before someone overhears her.

Bo and Hope go over the case and discuss the ramifications of using the truth serum. Hope insists that Marlena seemed more desperate to know the truth than a criminal normally would and in addition is showing extreme remorse. Conflicted, Hope talks to Marlena alone. Hope posits that if after all this she can forgive Marlena that would really tick off Stefano. A weepy Marlena appreciates her support but believes that with no sign of a chip in her body and the fact that Stefano is most definitely dead, only the truth can heal. Though Hope tells her not to take the serum, Marlena says she has to.

John tries his hardest to talk Marlena out of taking the serum but Marlena shoots down all of his reasons not to do it. John worries that the questioning could be misleading and hurt her. Desperate, he seeks out Belle and Sami in the hospital hallway. He appeals to them to come together as a family and beg for Marlena not to sacrifice herself. Gently joking about being in agreement, Sami and John show a united front with Belle and ask Marlena not to take the serum and leave them.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

by Joan

At the Deveraux house, Abby unknowingly interrupted Patrick's private cell phone call. Patrick refused Abby's offer to use the house phone for his international calls. Choosing Patrick as the subject for her school project, Abby searched the Internet for information on him. A grateful Jen watched as Patrick retrieved her wedding ring, which had fallen into a kitchen drain. But Abby rushed in warning Jen that Patrick was not who he said he was after finding headlines that he was a con man. Patrick's explanation that someone had stolen his identity left Abby suspicious. But Jen's trust was still intact, while Patrick was inside deleting Abby's Internet findings saying, "too bad it's not that easy to erase your past."

At University Hospital, Lucas said he was there to support Kate if Marlena should reveal anything about Roman's murder. But Kate's resentment of Sami and fear of Marlena's guilt made her concerned that Lucas might end up dead, too. Lexie speculated with Hope. Realizing that Hattie, part of Stefano's initial plan, was no longer a suspect, Lexie believed the truth serum might be the only way to learn what, if any, connection there was to Stefano.

Fearing the questioning would convict her, Marlena's family tried to convince her not to agree to it. Desperate for Marlena to share in her daughters' futures, Sami's pleas were the strongest. Saying the past would be forgiven in exchange for his help, Sami begged John to aid in Marlena's escape. But John's rational explanation that a life on the run was no answer sent a resentful Sami out of the room and into Lucas' arms.

Assuring John of her need to learn and understand the truth, Marlena asked him to promise not to argue if she confessed. As she noted gray areas in the Law, John painfully fought Marlena's words. "I need that confession to be admissible in Court. Please, please, please respect my decision. It may be the last decision I get to make in my life. If I confess, I am just going to plead guilty. There'll be no need for a trial...It's just the most loving thing that I can do for my family. John, in your heart you know that I'm right. I hurt everybody so much. I need to do this now for me ...for all the people that I love." And with that, Marlena hugged John.

Offering one another support, Belle learned about Sami's new relationship with Lucas. Surprised to hear of Belle's difficulties with Shawn, Sami remained optimistic for their future. Together the sisters prayed in the Hospital Chapel. Shawn asked to join Belle who was glad to have him there. Sami prayed not only for Marlena's life but also for her own wedding in the future. As if a sign, she was surprised to find Lucas meeting her at the door as she left the Chapel.

Avoiding any loopholes, Bo arranged for Judge Fitzpatrick and a Court Stenographer to be present for Marlena's questioning. Marlena signed the consent form, telling John, and

"If it's good bye, please remember, I love you." As John still begged her to change her mind, Marlena addressed those in her room. "Whatever I say I want you to know that if I did those unspeakable things, I'm deeply sorry. As Shawn and Belle came in, Marlena added, "Whatever I say is going to impact all of our lives. I just pray that it's what you need to hear. And with that, Lexie prepared the sodium pentothal injection.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Celebrity Chef, Rocco DiSpirito prepared a very romantic dinner for Mimi and Rex today at Alice's. Spaghetti and Meatballs, with a huge flambé for dessert enticed hugs from Mims for Rocco. After dinner, things heated up even more for the two lovebirds on a makeshift rug. However, when Mimi told Rex about Marlena being given the truth serum, he seemed upset.

At Jennifer's house, Mickey, Julie and Bonnie showed up for the reading of Alice's will just as Patrick and Jennifer had a plumbing accident and wound up soaking wet. Patrick had retrieved Jen's wedding ring out of the kitchen drain as Jen apologized yet again for Abby calling Patrick a con man. Patrick and Bonnie gave "the family" privacy with each other as Mickey explained what each would get. Eavesdropping Bonnie was very interested in the bearer bonds Alice left Jennifer. Julie suspected Bonnie was listening to them and was knocked over as Bonnie burst out of the kitchen. Jennifer received the news from Hope about Marlena being given the truth serum and would be questioned by Bo. As they were leaving to go to the hospital, Julie caught Bonnie eyeing the bonds and snatched them up just before Bonnie grabbed them. Julie asked if "Finders Keepers" was her philosophy but Bonnie just smiled and suggested Julie make sure those bonds were kept in a safe place.

At the hospital, Marlena was about to submit to the truth serum as John begged her not to do it. Judge Fitzpatrick and Bo reminded John that Marlena had no choice since she waived her rights. Alone with Lexie, Marlena commended Lexie on her calmness under the situation, but Lexie indicated that she would have to hurt Marlena if she had killed Abe. John listened as a very sad Marlena told him that if she did commit murder, there is nothing he can do to save her now. Shawn, Bo, Hope, Belle, Lexie, and John watched as the time for the questioning began. Marlena remembered the attack on Bo and Hope at the fashion show. She then told of how she had returned from Colorado early, arrived at home, opened her bag and saw the killer's mask. She explained that it was then she knew Abe must die.

Judge Fitzpatrick told Bo she knew how hard this must be for him but they must follow proper procedure. Bo agreed, saying he intended to lock up the killer today. Bo stared hard at Nicole as she entered and said that maybe he'd be lucky and could lock up the woman who murdered his father as well. Nicole caught Jan masquerading in a dinosaur costume and was about to go after her but Bo angrily confronted her. He told Nicole that soon enough they would know if Marlena killed Victor. He ordered a police officer to let the other officers know that widow Kiriakis was not to leave the building.

Jan, incognito as the dinosaur, followed Shawn as he exited the chapel. Confidant that Jan will ruin everything, Nicole spies her, grabs her and a fight ensues which Shawn broke up...unaware the Dino was Jan. He chastised Nicole for acting that way and helped Jan up, asking if she was okay. Nicole warned Jan to keep her trap shut or else. Brady told Nicole about Marlena being given the drug and Nicole almost snapped. Up on the roof, it looked as if she was going to jump, but she just needed some air. Brady tackled her to keep her from jumping , then they shared a most passionate kiss. Wondering why Nicole is so worried about Marlena being given truth serum, Brady rushed off to hear Marlena's confession himself.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

by Joan

At University Hospital, Lucas found Sami alone on the roof. Convinced of her mother's innocence, Sami was upset about the truth serum questioning. Lucas worried how it would affect their relationship and Will. Saying he didn't regret their night together, Lucas tried to kiss Sami, only to have her run away.

As the questioning began, Marlena described finding the mask, as she unpacked. "I knew I had to kill Abe." Hope had to restrain a hysterical Lexie, "That was my husband - That was Abe!" Watching Abe leave for Theo's Christening, Marlena recounted, "I knew Abe would never suspect me. It was perfect." Surprised to see her, Abe mentioned his vest and gun. "Yeah, I got my gun, too," Marlena replied. "I knew this would take you by surprise." Abe watched in sickened astonishment as she pointed the gun. "Then I shot him. I killed Abe Carver." Bo was riveted as he listened, but Lexie, John and Belle wept as Marlena continued as if she was gossiping. "Abe was my first victim." Marlena relayed a message from Abe before she pulled the trigger. "Tell Theo and Lexie how much I love them." Detailing her careful aim because of his bullet-proof vest, Marlena watched a bleeding Abe struggle to ask, "Why, Marlena, why?" "And then I left him to die." Bo announced he would get confessions first and seek motives later, while a stunned Belle observed it could only get worse from here.

Jen listened as Marlena spoke of Jack cutting through the alley making it easy to sneak up on him. Marlena had watched as Jack stopped to set his watch. "Little did Jack know that time was running out for him." He never even knew what hit him. I just felt that freedom. I'd killed twice and nobody ever would suspect it was me." As Marlena knelt over him, taunting him as Jack tried to speak. "You're trying to say something? Ah, spit it out. From the looks of things you don't have too long to live." Jennifer asked, "What did he say, tell me." "He said, 'Jennifer's waiting for me. I can't be late.' So, I said to him 'your little Jennifer is just going to have a long wait.'" Chuckling, Marlena continued, "She's going to have to wait until Hell freezes over." After Jen tried to attack her, Marlena appeared annoyed when Jennifer was removed screaming, "You killed my husband."

Lexie told Tek that Abe would have been proud of his early suspicions of Marlena. Inside the Hospital Chapel, a smiling Abe appeared to Lexie. Giving his blessing, Abe told her, "You will always love me in your heart, but it's time for you to make room for someone else. You're ready, and I will always love you, Lexie." And as the ghostly Commander faded, Lexie found Tek standing where Abe had been. "Lexie, you ready?"

Arriving at the Hospital, Julie informed Mickey he would follow Jennifer in Marlena's room. But looking up, Mickey saw Maggie. "My dearest Mickey, I love you so much. Are you all right?" And then Julie was where Maggie had stood. In complete denial, Sami accused both Kate and John of murder and conspiracy. Hearing Belle's confirmation of Marlena's confessions, Sami accused her sister of involvement as well. As Mickey was brought in, Bo said, "OK, Marlena. Murder Number 3. Maggie Horton." Admitting to Maggie's murder, Marlena said, "It was just so easy. You know Maggie ... she's pretty gullible. It was like leading a lamb to the slaughter." Hearing her mother say those words Sami wept. Bo asked about Maggie's therapy. Maggie had repressed the memory of seeing Marlena's eyes at the scene of Abe's murder. "The eyes tell everything. They are the window to the soul. I knew I had to finish the job." Marlena congratulated herself on her choice of the liquor bottle as a weapon, calling it "inspired."

Jen suffered contractions following the upset in Marlena's room, but after holding Patrick's coin again, it seemed she was once again out of danger. As Sami tearfully begged Marlena to declare her innocence, Belle begged Shawn to forgive her for lying to him. But Shawn was now unable to determine how he would feel about their relationship. A stunned Hope repeatedly wondered aloud about Marlena's motives. And as the last of the sodium pentathlon dripped through her intravenous, The Salem Serial Killer smiled maniacally.

Friday, April 30, 2004

by Joan

Family members waited their turn to witness Marlena's confessions at University Hospital. Lucas tried to be the stabilizing force as Sami's denial became disruptive. Kate told Philip she would turn the tables on Sami after finding her in bed with Lucas.

Grandpa Shawn arrived believing his former daughter-in-law was incapable of murder. But Marlena admitted to poisoning Caroline after Maggie shared suspicions with her. "I was especially proud of Caroline's murder," she bragged. Grandpa Shawn hung his head in sorrow as Marlena called the corpse-filled casket she'd sent a "brilliant touch...a nice flare to an otherwise dull and boring funeral" for Abe, Jack and Maggie. Marlena recounted putting a drug in Caroline's tea at the Pub when she was distracted by Bo. Ironically, it was the drug Marlena had prescribed for Maggie's stress. Knowing she would resist taking it all, Marlena stole what remained after killing Maggie. "It was all very simple," as Marlena detailed her expertise as a doctor. Recalling sending the PDA message to Bo, she said, "All I had to do was play the grieving and concerned family friend. And watch while tragedy struck."

Unnoticed, Will walked in astonished at what he heard. Both Lucas and Sami consoled their son outside. An emotional Bo maintained his composure at Marlena's bedside as he listened to the details of his mother's murder. But concerned for his father's health, Bo sent the Elder Shawn Brady away. His father agreed, requesting, "You make Roman proud 'cause nothing meant more to him than seeing justice done." Addressing his wife's killer Shawn said, "My Caroline never hurt a soul. She loved you, Marlena. And how did you repay her? And my son Roman? He was a saint. He didn't deserve the likes of you." Nervously, John loosened his tie saying Marlena wasn't the woman they knew or that Roman loved. Quietly, the Elder Brady replied, "She had them all fooled, but not anymore. After her well-deserved execution, I hope she roasts in Hell."

Rex arrived identifying himself as a Brady, requesting news on Cassie's death. Waiting for the details Kate asked, "If you killed my daughter, Cassie, what's to stop me from killing your daughter, Sami?" Since a trial was waived, Marlena's questioning was a legal proceeding, so Hope warned Kate that her remark could be held against her. Marlena spoke of being very upset that Rex and Cassie were Kate's children. "Kate had Roman, and she had the twins. They didn't even want her. I was very angry with Kate about that." Asked why she didn't kill Kate, Marlena called herself "careful and methodical...I only kill people who could incriminate me." She played along with Cassie's plan to go to the Police. Recalling the piñata, Marlena nearly laughed saying, "She wasn't smart enough to outfox me. Turns out the little fox became a big turkey." While Kate was nearly convicted for the murder, Marlena's alibi was spending Thanksgiving at Green Mountain Lodge with John. Kate screamed as Marlena turned to Kate saying, "I could go on planning my next murder...Roman Brady."

Outside Kate was touched when Rex called her Mom and apologized for rejecting her initially. With hopes it wasn't too late for them, the mother and son embraced. Lucas insisted that Sami come to grips with the "irrefutable evidence." Falling into his arms, Sami wept bitterly, "I'll admit it, Lucas, my Mom is the Serial Killer." But Sami thought it was out of the question that Marlena would kill Roman. In Marlena's room, John asked why she ate the poisoned dip at Caroline's wake. Nearly dying, Marlena said she'd almost outsmarted herself. But once she was saved, she realized that she would look innocent. "I realized I could become the most famous Serial Killer of all time ... a heady goal but I was determined to achieve it." Silent emotion filled the faces of John, Bo, Hope and Belle.

Bo now questioned Marlena about the murder of his brother. Admitting to it, she said "Roman was my ex-husband, so it just seemed fitting that I choose his wedding day to kill him." She had infused animal blood into the wedding cake as a warning in hopes that Roman would leave Kate. "But once he committed to marry her, I didn't have any choice but to make sure he never went on a honeymoon." After attacking him, Marlena told Roman, "If the knife wounds don't kill you, you can choke on the symbol of your love." Without remorse, she recalled, "I pushed the bride and groom down his throat until he stopped breathing. That's when I knew he was dead." A composed Commander Brady now pushed a tear from his face, as Sami cried, "God, Mom, it can't be true."

The deafening silence in the room was broken by a few whispered consolations and a silent distance between Shawn and Belle. Bo vowed that Marlena would pay with her life, as John helplessly wondered, "How am I going to save you now, Doc?" Marlena stared motionless on the bed as Sami ran to her screaming, "Why? Why would you kill Daddy? Why?"

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