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Dru's plan to test the hair care product resulted in her own hair falling out. Neil pondered whether to withhold evidence of Kevin's innocence. Victor demanded that he be part of Abby's life, or he would seek custody. Kevin's cellmates beat him unconscious.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 26, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, April 26, 2004

Detective Weber enters the boutique to find Kevin and Lauren talking. Kevin insists that Lauren had just found out he had returned. Weber says that doesn't really matter because now Kevin is going to jail. When Kevin realizes he has no other choice, he pulls out a knife and says he'd rather die than go back to jail. As Lauren tries to convince Kevin that he is going to get himself killed, Michael comes into the boutique and races to Kevin. He tries to make Kevin give him the knife. He says that jail isn't like the closet he was locked into so many times, there is light and when you call out people will come and talk to you. After much coaxing, Kevin finally agrees and gives Michael the knife. Weber and two other cops grab him and lock him into handcuffs. Michael screams at the way the cops are roughhousing Kevin, but they don't listen or stop. As they drag Kevin out the door, Lauren hugs Michael as they watch in horror.

Dru is looking in the mirror at her curly locks wondering how she's going to get her hands on the infamous hair-straightener. Neil comes in and says he needs to talk to her. He says that he is sitting on a piece of proof that Kevin is actually innocent. As Neil explains the details of Eddie's investigation, there was no way Kevin could have returned to the scene of the crime the night Brittany was electrocuted. He tells Dru that they are the only one's who know this bit of information. He wonders what they are going to do about it.

Brittany is practicing her singing when Raul walks in on her. He tries to convince her not to sing at Marcino's, but she tells Raul to trust her. Besides, Bobby is counting on her. Raul tells Brittany that he hooked her up as an opener at an open mike gig at their school. At first Brittany doesn't want to do it, but then decides that she might as well give it a try. Raul is happy until he realizes that Brittany is still going to sing at Marcino's tonight. He makes her promise to tell Bobby that tonight will be the only night at Marcino's.

Sal is extremely angry upon seeing Marcino's all decked out for Marylyn's exclusive return. As he and Angelo try to get Bobby to cancel the show, Bobby becomes suspicious. Why are they so intent on not having Brittany return? Did they have something to do with Brittany's accident? The two deny having anything to do with the accident, but Sal tries to threaten Bobby's club. Bobby tells the two of them to get out and go have a beer or something.

Brittany is really happy when she comes into Marcino's and finds the place all special for her return. Bobby has even discarded the stripper pole, saying he never wants to see that thing again. Brittany says it's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

Phyllis sneaks into the lab at Jabot looking for the hair-straightener. She finds it, but is interrupted by Jack, who assumes she is waiting there for her new beau. Phyllis plays along with his hunch and apologizes for him finding out the way he did. Jack tells her that he cannot fathom how quickly she got over him and moved on. Phyllis tries to explain that her moving on to Damon was helpful for her, that she needed a sympathetic ear. She says that he shouldn't be talking considering the whole Jack and Diane situation. Jack tries to say that his situation is different because Diane has his child and that they are not dating already. Jack tells Phyllis she is crazy if she thinks she can trust Mr. Porter. Phyllis says she will leave now before she says anything she might regret. Jack tells her to let him know ahead of time if she's planning on being in the building.

Diane comes to visit Damon claiming to be there on business purposes. But once Damon tells her that the orchid project is toast, Diane concludes that Jack executed the project due to Damon and Phyllis' newfound relationship. Damon can tell she's searching for gossip, but Diane won't admit to anything. She warns Damon to watch out for Phyllis, he's playing with fire.

Ashley goes to see Nikki to find out if she knows what Victor plans to do about Abby. Nikki says she doesn't want Ashley's baby in her home and her life, but there's not much they can do about that now. Ashley wonders how Nikki can think she is still a threat to Victor and Nikki's marriage. Nikki says Ashley and Brad's marriage is on shaky ground; Ashley needs to open her eyes and see that. Nikki says that Ashley needs to prepare herself and Brad for the worst. Ashley wants to know if Victor is planning on taking Abby away from her. Nikki says that Ashley needs to get a good lawyer and find out what she can do. But whatever happens, Ashley can blame no one but herself.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

At the loft, J.T. is surprised when Raul tells him Brittany is performing at Marsino's minus the stripping. Raul mentions the deal he struck with Brittany and how tonight will be her last performance at Marsino's, but J.T. is skeptical. J.T. talks about going back to L.A. and how he hopes Colleen can come too. Meanwhile, at Marsino's, Brittany is thrilled that Bobby re-decorated the place for her performance. She is stunned when he presents her with a beautiful dress.

Later, Brittany greets Rose and Danny and thanks them for motivating her to perform again.

Raul and J.T. arrive at Marsino's and are greeted by a very nervous Brittany. Bobby offers Brittany encouraging words and exits to announce her performance.

Brad gets upset with Jack for playing hardball and asks Victor to make them a respectable offer. When Victor offers 10 million Jack gets upset and brings up Abby. Victor refuses to discuss Abby with him and exits.

Dru feels Lily's pain is enough reason for Neil to forget about the evidence the P.I. found. Phyllis is certain that Jabot is pulling the plug on the hair-straightening project and suggests Damon sell the synthetic formula to an international cosmetic firm. Damon realizes he must quit his job in order to do this and decides he will. Phyllis is excited and they kiss. Dru is shocked when Damon reveals he's quitting. She suggests testing the formula in hopes Ashley and Jack will change their minds. When Damon doesn't agree, Dru slyly slips one of the hair-straightening vials in her purse and exits.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

After Dru sent Neil and Lily off for a night out together, she prepared to put the ill-gotten hair-straightening formula on her hair. Olivia interrupted her, making Dru swear she wouldn't put an untested product on her hair. Dru finally agreed to think about it. Olivia spotted the vial and grabbed it. Dru grabbed Liv's keys and threatened to throw them down the elevator shaft. The two women struggled, and Dru got the formula back and locked a yelling Liv out of her apartment.

Phyllis reassured Damon that he had every right to take the hair straightening formula from Jabot. He had no reason to feel guilty about the fact that Dru might end up out of a job. Finally he agreed to toast their new endeavor with her, but when he opened his briefcase, he found out a vial of the formula was missing. They simultaneously shouted Drucilla's name and headed to her apartment to get the formula back. But when they went inside, Dru denied taking it and threatened to call security if they didn't leave. Once she was alone, Dru vowed that she was going to show Ashley how good a product Damon had created.

Sharon was dismayed to hear from Nick that Victor was going to replace him as CEO, probably with Neil. She couldn't understand why Victor would do that after Nick had been working so hard. Nick said it was payback. He did, however, have one piece of good news. Apparently the SEC was investigating Cameron for illegal business practices. Nick was now sure that Cameron was alive and had played them all for suckers. He figured he wasn't the only one who'd jumped to that conclusion. Detective Weber and Grace must surely be thinking the same thing. Sharon looked worried as Nick berated himself for being taken for a fool by Cameron on the night of the party, when he'd gone back to work to get his proposal ready. No doubt that was just more proof to his father that he was incompetent.

Brittany froze when Bobby introduced her and wouldn't go onstage to sing. While the audience, including Raul, J.T., Rose, and Danny waited nervously, Bobby went backstage and talked her into performing. But once on the stage, she froze again until one of her customers, Stan, stood up and told her how much he loved her voice. He told her to go for it. Brittany finally belted out her song to great applause. Afterward, everyone congratulated her, even Angelo. Rose left a long-stemmed yellow rose for her on the table when she left. Brittany persuaded Raul and J.T. to go home and let her finish enjoying her moment. When she tried to tell Bobby that it would be her last performance at the club, as she'd promised Raul, he told her that he was thinking of going legit and turning the strip club into a cabaret. Would she consider continuing to perform there? Brittany agreed to think about it, and Bobby gave her a passionate kiss.

Over Chinese takeout, Christine and Daniel had a chat. He told her that he'd figured out that Chris and his father were dating again, and Christine admitted they were. But there was something else she wanted to discuss with him, since they were talking so openly. His mother had been by a few nights before and insisted on seeing him. Christine had barely been able to get rid of her. Daniel said he still didn't want to see her. He wondered if Christine blamed him for the breakup of her marriage to Danny. Christine said she'd had her ups and downs with Phyllis, but no one had ever blamed Daniel for any of that. She assured him she'd clean up their dinner and he left for bed, hoping that his presence there wasn't cramping their style.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

Chris is just getting up for breakfast when Michael pounds on her door with urgency. When she answers she tells him to calm down. Michael tells Chris that Kevin had returned to the Boutique to see Lauren and that while he was there Weber showed up and arrested Kevin. Michael says the cops roughed Kevin up quite a bit. He begs her to get a trial date for Kevin immediately. Chris doesn't think that's such a good idea. After all, Michael hasn't even begun to gather evidence for the case. Michael says he's got to get Kevin out of jail as soon as possible, so he'll work on the case day and night, if that's what it takes. Chris finally agrees and tells Michael he'd better go prepare Kevin for trial.

Phyllis is talking to herself about Drucilla; outraged that Dru has stolen a vile of Damon's hair-straightener from under their noses. Damon says she should relax, once he is done reading all of his emails they can have some peaceful alone time. Phyllis asks Damon about one of his emails. Damon tells her it's from an old colleague-chemist friend. Suddenly, a worried look comes over Damon's face.

Drucilla comes happily out of the shower wearing a towel over her head and kisses Neil. As the two discuss the evidence Neil has on Kevin's behalf, Neil shows Dru the newspaper. She reads that Kevin has been arrested yet again, this time for fleeing on bail. Dru and Neil begin arguing about what Neil should do with Neil's information. Lily hears them arguing and wonders what they are arguing about. Lily grabs the newspaper and reads about Kevin being arrested again. She is overjoyed. Her nightmare is over. No longer will she have to worry about seeing Kevin again. As Lily leaves for school, Drucilla looks at Neil seriously. She tells him that he has to withhold his information on Kevin's behalf for Lily's sake. Neil says he doesn't trust the other people involved, like Angelo. He still has questions. As Neil goes to get ready for work, Dru can't wait to pull off her towel and see if the hair straightener worked.

Drucilla comes into the bathroom to show her straight locks to Neil. Neil is amazed at the dramatic transformation of his now straight-haired wife. He realizes that she must have used Damon's hair-straightener. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door and Damon is yelling outside. As Neil answers, Damon and Phyllis barge in. Damon sees that he is too late; Dru has already used the product. He tells her that the chemical in the orchid root attacks the protein of the hair shaft. He says to Dru that very shortly, she is really going to regret that she used the product. Dru thinks he's trying to pull a scam on her to try to get her to give back the vile. As she runs her fingers through her beautiful, shiny new hair, she tells him it couldn't possibly be any better. But as she pulls her hands away, large chunks of her hair fall out. She is in shock.

Victor tells Nick that he is planning on having a family meeting. He confides in his son and tells him that he just found out he has another child that he has not known about for five years. Nick is in shock, especially when he hears that Abby is Victor's child. Victor explains how Ashley had stolen his sperm and artificially inseminated herself. Nick wonders who has known about this. Victor says that Nikki has known for some time. Victor tells Nick that he has also made a decision about the new interim CEO.

Sharon and Nikki talk about Victor's family meeting. Nikki says she's worried about her marriage and that she's asking Sharon to stick by her side. Sharon says she will do what she can, but she has a lot on her plate right now. Sharon tells Nikki that she still thinks Cameron is alive. Nikki tries to convince her again that there is no possible way Cameron could still be alive. The man they saw was wearing the same clothes. Sharon agrees but still doesn't seem completely satisfied. But Nikki says Sharon owes her and right now the family needs her help. "Don't just try," Nikki says to Sharon, "Do it."

Michael goes to see Kevin in jail. Kevin is very angry and tries to get in a fight with Detective Weber. Michael tries to convince Kevin to calm down. He tells Kevin that he doesn't believe Kevin did anything to Brittany and he is a good lawyer and he is also his brother. Kevin catches Michael almost saying that he loves Kevin and Michael admits it's the truth. He tries to convince Kevin to hold on to that, hold on to the fact that his brother loves him, is fighting for him and wants to see him again. When Kevin has to leave Michael tries to convince Weber to get Kevin his own cell, or at least put Kevin on suicide watch. Weber won't do it or listen. Michael says thanks for nothing.

Friday, April 30, 2004

Before the gathering at Victor's, Nikki and Victor talked, and Nikki deduced that Victor might be considering taking Abby away from Brad and Ashley. She vowed not to let that happen. Nick and Sharon talked at their house. Although Nick was surprised that Sharon already knew about Abby, he understood why his mother had been so upset and had asked Sharon to keep it private. Meanwhile, Brad was making Ashley feel worse about the situation than she already did. She tried to change the subject to Colleen, but after Brad said that he suspected Colleen and J.T. were having problems, they went back to discussing Abby and Victor's plan.

When the Carltons finally gathered at the ranch to meet with Nikki and Victor, Nick and Sharon, the first topic on Victor's agenda was a settlement with Jabot. Brad said his offer of ten million was an insult. Victor told them to come up with a proposition and present it to him. Once Nick found out that Victor didn't intend to reveal his decision about the CEO position at Newman, he suggested that he and Sharon be allowed to leave. Victor asked him to stay. After all, Abby was his sister, and any decision made would affect the entire family. Victor then said he intended to be part of Abby's life. Ashley said that Abby hadn't been impacted by what she'd learned about Victor. They should allow her life to go on as before. Brad got furious and said Victor was trying to control the situation as usual. When Victor said if they tried to shut him out of Abby's life, he'd go for custody, Ashley and Brad were both on their feet, ready to fight him. Nick stopped Brad, and Nikki intervened. She pointed out that the only person they should be considering was Abby. They could all make sure that little girl was loved by and included in two families, or they could keep fighting. Ultimately, Abby would blame herself for that. Nikki said if she could overcome her insecurities and welcome Abby into her life, then the rest of them should try to work together, too. Nick and Sharon seemed particularly moved by Nikki's speech.

Michael went to talk to Paul about Kevin. Paul said that Kevin was guilty and needed to pay his debt to society. Michael said that Kevin was not guilty of the attack on Brittany. He wanted Paul to go on a little investigation with him. If he could convince Paul to start seeing Kevin a different way, he was sure he could sway a jury. After some objection, Paul finally went with Michael to Marsino's.

Angelo and Bobby were having a heated discussion. Angelo couldn't believe that Bobby was considering getting out of the stripping business and turning Marsino's into a cabaret. Even if he went along with Bobby's plan, they had other backers who might not be so happy. Bobby began to wonder if the goons who were in the club the night of Brittany's shock were working for Sal. In fact, maybe they'd been responsible for what happened to Brittany.

Hot on the heels of that remark, Bobby muttered about "the Hardy boys" arriving when Michael and Paul showed up. They persuaded Bobby to send Angelo away, then Michael told him that Kevin was innocent. In fact, someone within Bobby's own organization was responsible for the incident with Brittany. When Bobby didn't act particularly surprised, Michael pointed out to Paul how telling that was. Bobby looked disgruntled.

Phyllis cackled and reenacted Dru's moment of truth when large clumps of her hair started falling out after she used the hair straightening formula. Damon didn't have much information to offer Neil about it. He didn't know if the effects went beyond just making her lose her hair, or if the hair loss would be permanent. When Dru came out with a towel on her head, Neil gently asked her to let him see the damage. Dru threatened Phyllis if she said anything, then took off the towel to show Neil several bald spots on her head. Phyllis enjoyed the moment so immensely that Neil finally begged Damon to leave and take Phyllis with him. He needed some alone time with Dru. After they were gone, Dru sobbed against his shoulder while Neil comforted her.

At the jail, Kevin was withdrawn and quiet on a mattress while he remembered his father locking him in the closet when he was a little boy. When three inmates began to harass him, Kevin tried to get them to leave him alone. He denied being interested in underage girls. When they kept bothering him, he said he'd call one of the policemen, but they said the guard had just gone outside for a smoke. Nor were they impressed when he threatened to get his lawyer brother after them. In fact, they were going to have a little blanket party. While Kevin remembered the abuse from his father, the three men brutally beat him, finally tossing the blanket over him one last time and leaving him for dead.

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