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Jonathan survived the surgery. Babe continued to manipulate JR's feelings. Adam and Krystal got proof that they were married. Kendall underwent the procedure at the fertility clinic.
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All My Children Recaps: Daily Recaps | 2005 on AMC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 19, 2005

Tad tries to convince Di to divulge the name of the man who ordered Noah's hit but Di refuses to even acknowledge that she knows who he is. Julia, hiding nearby, is frustrated as she listens to Tad question Di. Tad realizes that Di's fear is quite profound when he notices her shaking. He tries to reassure her that he will do everything in his power to keep her safe. He goes so far as to promise Di that he won't let anything happen to her if she confides the truth to him but Di remains steadfast in her determination to keep the information to herself. Tad continues to hammer away at Di until eventually Di gives him a hypothetical situation. She tells him that if she had any information and gave it to Tad, then eventually she would have to testify in court. If that happens, Di is certain that she would have to go into the government's Witness Protection program just as Julia and Noah did. Di stresses that she can't do that, not after just recently reclaiming the life she had. Tad is sympathetic and promises that he will make certain he leaves her name out of it and that there won't be a trail that will lead anyone back to her. Di finally relents and gives him a lead. She tells him that Kevin is not the main man. Tad realizes that even though Kevin isn't the main man, he would be able to lead Tad to the man they are seeking. He thanks Di and quickly leaves. Di begins to follow Tad but Julia stops her. Pointing a gun at Di, Julia demands to know the name of the man responsible for Noah's death.

Stuart finds JR in the study. He's agitated, convinced that something isn't right. When he asks JR where Adam is, JR tells him that he isn't certain however he highly doubts Stuart's feeling stem from Adam. He suggests that maybe Stuart is sensing JR's own misgivings about things. Stuart imparts some sage advice about forgiveness and second chances which gives JR much to think about.

Babe is worried about Krystal's sudden disappearances when she arrives at Krystal's hotel room to find it empty and her suitcase still in the room. Jamie finds Babe searching the room. He's there to warn her to stay away from JR and not to get mixed up with him in the hopes of gaining custody of Little Adam. Babe points out that it isn't any of his concern since they are no longer a couple and then asks him why he even cares considering how she had betrayed him with another man. Jamie admits that their relationship is over because of the betrayal but that he doesn't want Babe to do something rash that will result in disaster for her down the road. He is convinced that Babe's latest scheme will leave her in a pile of rubble. She notes his concern and then orders him to leave. When JR arrives things are tense. A few words are exchanged between the brothers before Jamie departs. Once Jamie is gone, JR questions Babe about what had transpired between the two. She points out that it's none of JR's business but he reminds her that it is. He's in charge of Jamie's trust fund and part of the stipulation for Jamie to get his inheritance is to stay away from Babe. Babe decides to tell JR about Jamie's warning to stay away from JR. She also tells JR that she's tired of fighting with him and then orders him to leave.

Krystal is not happy to find Adam in a bar. Annoyed that he followed her, Krystal begins to harp at him. Adam points out that he was in the bar before Krystal walked in so he could hardly be accused of following her. When they sit down at the bar, Adam asks Krystal why she is even in town since he fired her. She tells him that she is concerned about her grandson and feels obligated to find out what she can about the woman who is around him as much as Di is. Adam snorts in disbelief. He tells her that her quest to dig up dirt on Di has nothing to do with their grandson and everything to do with Tad. Krystal admits that Tad has a right to know if Di is not who she claims she is. Just then Willy Wormwood walks in. When he sees Krystal, he runs a tab, buys her a drink and they retreat to a nearby table. Talking about the romance book that she's writing, Krystal begins to question Willy about the Hunkle family, specifically a young girl. Willy gives Krystal a ridiculous story about her working for the government leading and interesting and exciting life. Krystal realizes immediately that he's fabricating the whole story and calls him on it. Willy admits that he made it up. As far as he knows, there is no Hunkle girl only boys. Krystal rejoins Adam and they immediately begin to argue again. The bartender calls a halt to their shenanigans, telling them to save it for the Moonshine Drinking contest. Adam and Krystal are curious and ask him about it. He explains that the winner of the contest becomes the supreme ruler of the bar for the evening. Krystal and Adam immediately enter the contest.

When Mimi is called in to work to investigate a murder, she suggests that Garret remain in the apartment with Dani rather than go to the hotel for the night. Garret immediately accepts the invitation then walks into the apartment after Mimi steps onto the elevator. Dani is leery of the change of plans and after a brief conversation decides to turn in for the night. She takes a shower first. As Dani is stepping out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, Garret suddenly barges in. Startled, Dani quickly turns around causing the towel to slip off. As Garret stares at her, Dani grabs her towel and tries to cover herself. Garret hands her a robe and apologizes for walking in on her. He explains that he heard the water shut off and thought the bathroom was empty. Angry, Dani shuts the door on him the moment he steps into the hallway. In the hallway, Garret doesn't appear the least bit sorry to have walked in on Dani.

Amanda is shocked to find Kirsten Woods' body in the alley. She recalls the events that lead to her discovery and realizes that Aidan had followed Kirsten. She asks him if he killed Kirsten. Aidan denies having any involvement. When Mimi and Derek arrive, Mimi is furious with Aidan. She is convinced that it was his interference with Kirsten that led to her being murdered. He counters, claiming that Mimi's pursuit of Kirsten when she saw her is what led the killer to the poor woman. Aidan then follows Amanda into SOS. She is still shaken by the discovery and asks him if she could spend the night with him. Aidan refuses her request. After Mimi questions Aidan about Tad's whereabouts and Aidan refuses to cooperate with her, Jamie arrives. He is none too pleased with Aidan and insists on taking Amanda home himself.

Derek finds Mimi inside and tells her that she should not be spending the eve of her wedding at a crime scene. He tells her to go home, assuring her that he has everything under control. Mimi thanks him and leaves. When she arrives home, Dani is waiting for her in the hallway. Curious, Mimi asks her why she is still awake. Dani follows Mimi into the apartment and tells her that Mimi can't marry Garret because he is after her. When Mimi looks confused by the statement, Dani tries to clarify that Garret wants her -- Dani.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 20, 2005

Erin and Ryan continued to wait while Jonathan was in surgery. When the doctor came to the room, he told them that although Jonathan had a long way to full recovery, he would live. Ryan told Erin about when he was in the hospital after Jonathan shot him and Greenlee never left his side. He told Erin that although time healed all wounds, would she do him a favor and call Greenlee. She called and talked to Greenlee while Ryan listened. Erin told Greenlee that she heard about Ryan's death, and Greenlee asked if she knew about Jonathan and Braden also. Greenlee sang the praises of Ryan and asked Erin of they could get together sometime. Erin told her that wasn't possible and that she had to go. Greenlee took the phone call as a sign that everything would work out after all. She told Simone and Kendall that while she was on the phone with Erin, she could feel Ryan like he was on the phone too.

Greenlee freaked out when she saw a small dent in the back of Kendall's car. She took Kendall's car keys and told her that for the next nine months there would be no more driving, no more stairs, no workouts or four-inch heels. She told Kendall she would hire a chauffeur for her, but Kendall grabbed back her keys and told Greenlee to go home and get some rest. Greenlee told her that she was the one who needed rest and that she wanted Kendall in bed every night by 10:00, and to make sure that she was in bed, she would check on her every night so she didn't try to sneak out. Kendall told Greenlee that yes she did consent to carrying her baby, but that did not mean she would control her life and if Greenlee continued, then the surrogacy was off. Kendall apologized and told her that she was driving her crazy. She tried to reassure her that nothing would happen to her and that she wanted the baby as much as she did.

Danielle told Mimi that Garret had been coming on to her. Mimi told Danielle that it wasn't possible and that it just had to be a huge misunderstanding. Danielle explained that it started with weird looks from Garret. She then told her about the night Garret came into her bedroom while she was sleeping saying that he heard glass breaking. She told Mimi how he came into the dressing room to zip her dress like it was the most natural thing in the world and looked at her like she was naked. Danielle insisted that she tried to ignore the signals but that Garret walked into the bathroom while she was naked. Mimi asked Danielle if she was positive about what she was saying and Danielle told her yes she was. Garret came in and Mimi confronted him. He turned it around telling Mimi that Danielle had a crush on him and that he didn't say anything because he didn't want to burden her. Danielle went off on Garret asking why he walked into the bathroom and he said that it was an accident. He went on to say that before he could shut the door, Danielle dropped her towel and told him that it was his bachelor party and he could have anything he wanted. Danielle called him a liar and told Mimi that he was twisting everything around to make her look bad. Mimi told Danielle that she couldn't take anymore and asked Danielle how she could tell such horrible lies. She wanted Danielle to take it all back and tell the truth. Danielle told her not to marry Garret, but Mimi said that maybe all this was all just about jealousy. Mimi defended Garret and asked Danielle to go back to her dads. Garret told Mimi not to worry and that they would sort everything out together. On the other side of the door, Danielle was in tears.

Julia, gun pointed at Dixie, told her to tell her the name she wanted to know or she would be dead all over again. Dixie rushed her and as they struggled for the gun, Julia regained control and again threatened Dixie. She told Julia that it was too dangerous and more complicated than just the two of them. Dixie tried to reason with Julia and told her that if she went after the Dragon alone, she would never come back alive. Julia said that it was her life and her death, but Dixie said she would have to shoot her because she wasn't going to tell her the name and be responsible for Julia's death. Julia called her a liar and a coward, but couldn't bring herself to shoot Dixie. Dixie told Julia that she had a plan to help her. Dixie invited Julia to stay at the Chandlers telling her that it was the safest place in town. Dixie told her that they were both fighting for their lives and that they would need each other to survive.

Tad found Zach at his house and wanted to know where Julia was. Tad continued to defend Dixie telling Zach that she didn't know anything. Zach asked why he was defending a woman who let him believe that for three years she was dead. Tad told him that he would protect both Dixie and Julia.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 21, 2005

Babe took JR to CPR class, where the duo had to practice on each other. Babe got dangerously close to JR's lips and then flirted with him by tickling her ex-hubby. When it was JR's turn to give Babe CPR, Babe said, "Bring me back to life," with a glint in her eye. After he did the compressions he went to give her the breaths, but couldn't. He pulled away with a rather uncomfortable look on his face, met by a satisfied grin on Babe's. Babe left before the course was over, explaining, "To you, we never existed...I'm not so lucky."

It was morning in Crow Hollow and Krystal and Adam awoke together with massive hangovers from their moonshine drinking contest. That's not all — they also woke up naked. When Krystal got out of bed to get dressed, Adam sneaked a peek at her. They were horrified to discover they had sex (thanks to Adam's hilarious flashbacks). Adam tried to buy her silence, but Krystal turned down the money. She'd rather die than have anyone find out, so her lips were plenty zipped without cash. While fighting over the hotel bill, Krystal looked closely at a piece of paper in her hands and then her eyes widened. "From the looks of this, we're hitched!"

The wedding was beautiful, as was the bride, but that's the only thing that was perfect about Mimi and Garret's wedding. Reggie, Livia, Jackson and Derek showed up and were surprised to find Mimi starting the wedding without Dani. Within a few minutes, though, Dani arrived with Josh. Josh immediately punched Garret. When Josh and Dani revealed Garret's recent actions, Derek immediately flipped. Mimi still didn't believe Dani, and she announced that anyone not happy for the couple didn't belong at their wedding. After that, Mimi and Garret were married — with only Livia and Jack in attendance. After the creepy hubby kissed his new wife, Mimi was called away on assignment. Dani fled to the roof of Fusion and was surprised when Reggie joined her.

A pretty in pink Di hid Julia in the tunnels when Tad came to her door. Mr. Martin was there to inform Di(xie) that Zach was hot on the letter's trail and Tad wanted that letter. When she said no, he left, promising her he'd find it — or Kevin Sturges. Getting no help from Di(xie), Tad went to Del wanting help in finding the famous letter — and struck out again. Meanwhile, Julia reappeared and told Di she figured out that Di(xie) was meeting with the Dragon. "You are nothing like the Dixie I used to know," marveled Julia. After some convincing on Di's part, Julia promised not to follow her. Julia did stay put, but Del entered Di's room and spotted her. At the end of the episode, Di met up with the Dragon and asked him to let Julia go. The Dragon was Garret!

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 22, 2005

Adam and Krystal continue to fight in disbelief about the validity of the marriage certificate. Adam tries to convince both himself and Krystal that it's all a joke and decides that he is going home. Krystal won't have any of it because she wants them to get things straightened out before they leave West Virginia. Adam attempts to blow her off and starts to walk out the door, but there are a slew of townspeople that witnessed the moonshine contest the night before standing right outside their door. Soon enough, Adam and Krystal are informed that not only are they legally hitched, but that Adam promised everyone in the bar a trip to New York City and a huge reception in Central Park. The newlyweds make one last attempt to deny it, but the man who married them informs them that if they don't want to believe his word, they can watch the video tape. Grudgingly, Adam accepts what is and tells the reverend that his lawyers will be in touch with all of townsfolk regarding the trip, and that his lawyer will want the video tape. He kicks the reverend out, calls himself an idiot and is rewarded with a cheek pinching from his new bride. Adam insists that they will have to end the marriage as soon as possible. He needlessly reminds her that he'd done it before, and he promises that she won't feel any pain when it's over. Coyly, Krystal asks where he got the idea that she would want to get a divorce. Taken completely aback, Adam can do little more than stare at her in abject horror. She lets him stew in it for a moment, and then has a good chuckle at the look on his face. He's able to relax but for a moment, for she says that she would give him a divorce - but only after he signed over half of everything. Infuriated once again, Adam stumbles over what wretched word he wants to call her. She plays wife and tells him to grab her bags because she'll be waiting for him in the car.

Tad returns to a darkened office and starts to settle in at the computer with his file on Kevin Sturgess. Before he can start, he hears something move in the storage space. He takes out his gun and goes to investigate. When he confronts the culprit, he is treated to an ear-piercing scream. Amanda reveals herself as the source and proceeds to unfurl herself from her hiding place. She then apologizes for being in the office, and explains that she came looking for Aidan, but was too afraid to wait outside. She broke in, but when she heard Tad's footsteps she got scared and hid. Tad tries to understand, but simply says that she can leave a note for Aidan - and that she should be fine at Myrtle's. Amanda reveals that she still thinks there is a chance that the people who killed Aidan's source might come after her. She also tells him that she is still spooked about seeing a dead body. Tad tells her that if she sticks around, she might see more. He then tries to drag her out the door so that he can get some work done, but she resists, still wanting to talk about her feelings regarding seeing a dead body. She tells him that it wasn't until she saw the girl in the alley that she realized how horrible murder was, and how much that made her think about her mother's crimes. She admits that she is worried that people perceive her as the daughter of a crazy person. Tad assures her that, at the very least, he doesn't think of her that way. She then segues into an important question: will he change his mind about that if Jamie decides to start getting serious about her?

Mimi, still in her wedding gown, wraps up a phone call in which she asks to be called only when there are updates. When she is done, she turns to see Slater approaching. He tries to be flip by asking about her honeymoon plans, but Mimi is all business and all she wants to know is where she can find Julia. Zach avoids the question and asks how her task force is doing with their investigation. Mimi assures him that they are fine and proceeding as planned - but that it would be helpful if people like Zach didn't get in the way. Zach assures her that he is trying to help - and always has been. Mimi insists that that the only way he can help is by either revealing where Julia is, or convincing her to turn herself in. Zach somewhat resents the implication that Julia is some kind of criminal, especially since Julia has been trying to help the police as well. He thinks Mimi and her task force would be better served by going after the guy at the top. Mimi assures him that they will, but that Julia might have information that they need. She goes on to tell him that she won't stop hunting for her, and that for his interference, she will watch him like a hawk. If he makes even the slightest infraction, she will swoop in and send him to jail for a stay that isn't very nice. Zach, unmoved by her threats, tells her that her task force is missing a very important connection with Kevin Sturgess. Mimi catches Zach up to speed by telling him that they have been trying to get Kevin extradited for a while now with no luck - so his employees wasted a lot of money if that's what they went after. Zach senses that there is something Mimi is holding back and he presses her for it. She finally gives him the lowdown: police in Thailand found Kevin dead that very morning. Zach thinks that Kevin's death rests on the task force's shoulders, but she fills him in about Tad's visit to Thailand, and how he wasn't very quiet about it. She believes that if the man in charge thought anything was amiss, it would have been because of that. Disturbed by the news, but saving his ire for the man in question, he instructs Mimi to find the man in charge - or he will do it himself. He leaves Mimi to her own devices, but she doesn't have long to stew in her own juices, as her phone rings moments later. When she answers the phone, she receives news she has been waiting for, and takes off.

A startled Julia talks nervously with Del, trying to figure out how to deal with the fact that he has uncovered her hiding at the Chandler mansion. Del quickly reassures her that no one knows she is there. He then asks after his sister, and Julia tells him that Dixie went out to get Julia her life back. She then quickly revisits the question of how Del gained entrance to the room. He tells her that there are still people that don't believe in Dixie, and so when he heard a noise he had to check and make sure everything was all right. He then tells her that she can trust Dixie - because if Dixie said she would help, she will. Julia asks if she can trust Del to keep her secret, and his curiosity is peaked: what exactly is Dixie doing for her? Julia tells him that Dixie chose to keep her in the dark, for her she can't tell him where Dixie went or who she was meeting. However, Julia continues, she feels that Dixie is resourceful and can take care of herself. Unconvincingly, Del says that he isn't worried about his sister. To distract himself, he offers to go get them some food. After assuring her one last time that he will keep her secret, and that she can trust him, he heads downstairs. While she waits, Julia daydreams about a time in the future where she can do something simple like meet her family for dinner in a public restaurant.

Dixie meets up with Garrett, a.k.a. The Dragon, in hopes of getting him to drop his plans for Julia. Skirting the issue, Garrett simply tells her that he is glad that she feels she can still trust him after all this time, and leans in for a kiss. After a moment, she breaks it off, and he comments how beautiful she still is. She takes it as a compliment, as she learned everything she knows about getting what she wants from him. He insists that he only showed her what was already there. She then makes a comment about how she got too old for him and that's why she was handed off to Kevin Sturgess...that once a girl becomes a woman, she is of little use to him. With a dark grin, Garrett notes that there are so many young girls that need special attention from him. They take a brief skip down memory lane, ending with a light discussion of his current relationship. Di notes that he is completely safe now, especially since he married the head of the task force that's looking for him. She pleads with him to let Julia go - but Garrett tells her that Julia's fate is sealed: she will join her husband, and it's all her fault. He then switches the topic back to her, trying to review what she's been doing since they last saw each other. He commends her on her choice not to sell Kevin out to save herself. Di admits that the alternatives to a year in jail were much worse. She drags the subject back to Julia by reminding Garrett that she and Kevin are the only people that could hurt him. She thinks that since he let both she and Kevin live, he could certainly extend the same courtesy to Julia. Garrett says that Julia has made one mistake too many, and can't let her live. Di doesn't give up pleading for Julia's clemency. Garrett asks why Julia means so much to her, and she explains that not only has Julia been in a living hell for almost a decade, the death of her husband was punishment enough. In addition, she tells him that Julia means something to the people Dixie calls family, and she has to try for them. He asks why he should do her this favor, and if doing so would guarantee her silence. She assures him that he has her silence regardless of the outcome of their meeting. He seems pleased, and then asks her to tell him in detail about the letter she wrote - the one with his name in it. She tells him that the letter is buried deep, but that she needed some insurance after the attempts made on her life. He asks if she really wants to play that kind of game with him, but she notes that they have been playing it for a while. She tells him that they both have lives now, and that they deserve to live them in peace - as does Julia. Garrett skips the last reference and confirms that if he tells Pine Valley that she isn't really Dixie - but rather Dixie's half-sister - she will reveal who he really is. Di doesn't want things to end that way, so she asks him to forgive Julia all her transgressions one more time - as a personal favor to her.

Dani and Reggie continue to stand on the roof of the Fusion offices, but Dani is confused why Reggie is still hanging around. Reggie tries to convince her that he wants to help her out by being supportive, but Dani runs down the list of all of the things she's done, all of the stunts she's pulled, and cites them as reasons why he shouldn't care. She reminds him that he already made it perfectly clear that they are no longer dating, so he is absolved of all responsibilities. Reggie won't be pushed away so easily, so Dani then questions how he could believe her so easily when her own mother doesn't and even she questioned herself. Reggie confesses to a stunned Dani that he loves her, that he never stopped - and that's how he knows that she is telling the truth. Dani can't deal with their relationship issues when so many other things around her are in a shambles. Reggie agrees that they can talk about their relationship later, but refuses to leave her alone to deal with her mother and Garrett. He reminds her that she has friends she can count on, but Dani laughs, wondering aloud how her friends can help her. She tells him that the only people that really know what a pervert Garrett is are her and Josh, and further notes that the creepiness beneath Garrett's smooth exterior goes unnoticed until it's too late. Dani then starts to blame herself - thinking that she must have done or said something that invited Garrett to do the things he did. Reggie tells her that what happened is not about her - they happened because Garrett has a sick need for control. Dani wonders why she was the chosen one and not some random other girl. Reggie doesn't have an answer for that. The only thing he can tell her is that regardless of how bad things seem now, he will be by her side, supporting her. She thanks him for all he is willing to do for her, and he tells her he just wants her to know that he understands how she is feeling now, and her emotions behind everything that she did. She reminds him that she can't really think past today, let alone fix everything else that went sour for her. He tells her to call on him if she needs him, and she promises that she will.

Tad starts to question Amanda about her relationship with his son, but Zach interrupts by barging into the office and immediately threatening Tad. Scared out of her mind, Amanda scurries out of the office, unable to take anymore talk of killing. Tad relishes her absence for a moment, and then demands to know what caused Zach to make an appearance. Zach fills him in on Kevin's death, and berates him for handling his questioning in Thailand with such a lack of finesse. Zach blames Tad for the murder, and insists the same fate will not befall Julia. Tad agrees, and Zach is quick to question him about Dixie's current whereabouts. Tad is confused as to how Dixie's location is connected to his interview with Sturgess, which was completely unrelated to the Julia case, and how that could have brought about his death. Zach tells Tad that he blew Kevin's cover, and now Dixie is the only link left to the man in charge. Tad insists that Dixie doesn't have any information that can help Zach, but Zach announces that they both know it isn't true. Tad asks that Slater to just let him handle it, but this only angers Zach - especially considering that Kevin died because of Tad. He tells Tad that he made a promise to Julia, and that one way or another, he would get the name out of Dixie.

Garrett tells Di that while she was one of his greatest success stories, Julia represented a failure - so whether or not she could hurt him is irrelevant. He then tells her that if he would grant a favor of this magnitude, he would do so only for her. He agrees to think about her favor, and would let her know when he reaches a decision. She asks if there is any way for her to keep in touch, and he hands her a business card and tells her to use it any time. She grabs her purse and starts to go, but at that moment, Mimi finds them. Di falls right back into the role she is playing, and apologizes for the fact that she and Tad couldn't make the wedding. She then explains that she just told Garrett how lucky he and Mimi were to have found each other. Di notes that she has to leave, tells Garrett that it was nice to meet him, and leaves the new bride and groom alone. Once Di has left the area, Mimi tells her husband that something big is going down.

A short time later, alone on the dock, Garrett places a call, and says to the person on the other end that they needed to talk about Julia Santos.

Di arrives back at the Chandler estate to find officials in her room, arresting Julia. Di insists that they let her go, but before they can say anything, Julia unleashes her rage, believing that Di ratted her out.

Friday, SEPTEMBER 23, 2005

Di tells Derek and Mimi to let Julia go, but they hold her back in handcuffs as she tries to get away from them. Tad comes in and agrees with Di that the cops should be looking for the bad guys, not keeping Julia on lockdown. Di and Tad tell them that Julia has not broken any laws, but Mimi claims that Julia is part of their special investigation and she needs to be protected. When Tad asks them where they are taking Julia, Mimi will not say. Julia begs not to go back into the Witness Protection Program, so Tad offers an idea to Mimi, but suggests that he talk to Julia alone with Di. Derek thinks that Tad is going to sneak Julia out of town, but Tad disagrees. Derek and Mimi give them 15 minutes alone and Julia starts accusing Di of turning her in. Julia blabs that Del found her and Di realizes that her brother is the one who turned Julia in, not her. Julia claims that she does not care who it was that turned her in, but Tad interjects and asks about Di's mysterious disappearance. Di says that there is a chance she got Julia her life back, which makes Tad realize that she know who and where the dragon is. Tad and Julia ask for the man's name, but does not answer them directly. Julia tells Di how Del found her, angering Di and she rushes out to found him. Tad tells Julia not to give up hope because of Del's stupidity and that she can still trust him and Di. Mimi and Derek come back inside as Di scolds Del for turning Julia in. Di tells him that he had no reason for interfere in her decisions, but Del claims that Julia is a threat to Di. Di thinks Del is more concerned about himself, but Del wants to be Di's protector instead, or so he says. Di tells Del that she could not live with herself if she let Julia die. Di goes back to see Tad and Julia, but finds Derek and Mimi taking Julia away, still in handcuffs. Di is surprised when Tad leaves without asking for the dragon's name, but he says there is no point in asking when he knows she won't tell him.

Garret tells the person on the other end of the telephone to "make it happen" with Julia. When he hangs up, he gives a warm smile to "his girl" Danielle and seems to be disappointed that she missed his wedding to Mimi. Garret hands Danielle a drink of wine, but instead, she takes the male figurine off the wedding cake and crushes it with her high-heeled shoes. Garret picks up the pieces of the figurine as Danielle vows to make her mother see what scum he really is. Garret claims that her mother will never chose Danielle over him because of their love for each other. When Danielle asks him why he tried to get in her bed and ruin her and her mother's life, Garret starts to compliment her beauty and smarts. He says that Danielle will see past her anger towards him and understand everything that he can offer her the power of getting everything that she wants. He even says that he can fix Danielle's relationship with her mother. Danielle says that she does not want anything Garret has to offer and always knew something was off with Garret. From the moment he decided to keep her secret about Josh to walking in on her after she took a shower, she knew his nasty behavior was not acceptable and that she was not as crazy as he made her think she was. Danielle says that thanks to Garret, she has learned to trust her heart and instincts. She tells him that she is going to bring him down, no matter what.

Zach continues his search for Di's letter and gets some of his men to look for it. He gets a surprise visit from Greenlee when he starts to walk into his front door. They go into Kendall's home, where Greenlee starts to scold Zach for being Julia's protector and putting his life on the line. She asks him why he has had a sudden change of heart about Kendall carrying Ryan's child for Greenlee. Zach says that he has finally seen how much Kendall cares about Greenlee. Greenlee does not believe Zach and dares him to divorce Kendall if he is telling the truth. Zach responds that Kendall makes marriage decisions, not him. Greenlee warns Zach not to upset Kendall because once she is pregnant, she does not need to be under stress or Zach's scrutiny. When Zach claims that Kendall does not care what he does, Greenlee informs him that Kendall cares about him a lot. Zach promises to support Kendall and Greenlee through the pregnancy before leaving.

Kendall goes to the fertility clinic after-hours to make sure that Greenlee's eggs are still alive. They go into an exam room, where Dr. Madden tells her that because of the power loss, he is still accessing the situation. Madden tells her that if Greenlee's eggs are not usable now because of the power loss, it will just delay the procedure for another month. Kendall says that another month is not acceptable and it will only torture her friend more. Madden tells Kendall he will call her when he knows the results, but Kendall plants herself on the exam table and claims that she wants to move her 8 a.m. impregnating appointment to tomorrow to now. Dr. Madden asks why the rush and Kendall says that she wants the procedure done as soon as possible to ensure that Greenlee will get a baby. Outside of the exam room, Mable asks Dr. Madden why he is helping Greenlee, considering that he knows Erica is Kendall's mother and it may bring up old issues in the past. Dr. Madden tells her that he aware of the circumstances, but has no regrets for getting involved in Greenlee's case. After Dr. Madden performs the procedure, he tells Kendall to get some rest and that he will check on her in a few minutes. She thanks him for everything that he has done for her and Greenlee. Kendall puts her hands over her stomach and says, "I did it."

Jonathan wakes up at the hospital with Ryan and Erin by his bedside. He calls out Erin's name and says that the pain in his head is gone. Jonathan starts trying to talk, mumbling that the "sick is all gone," but Ryan and Erin encourage him to get some rest. Jonathan starts recalling a baseball game that Ryan was in and just spits out random words. A nurse come in to take Jonathan's temperature, so Erin and Ryan go outside, where they run into the doctor. Ryan tells him about the jumbled words and scattered memories, but the doctor tells that him Jonathan's behavior is normal. Jonathan's memories and stored information is coming back, kind of like a computer rebooting, the doctor says. The doctor tells Ryan and Erin that although the tumor has been removed from Jonathan's brain, he is not 100 percent sure if Jonathan will be back to his old self - only time will tell that. The nurse comes out of the room and Erin and Ryan rush back to Jonathan's side. Jonathan and Erin tell their brother that he was never bad and the illegal things that he did was not because he was a Lavery. Jonathan tells them that he has hurt so many people, but he is so happy that he is not bad anymore. Suddenly, Jonathan tells Ryan that he has a message for Greenlee, but before he can get it out, he starts having a seizure. The doctor tells them that the cause of the seizure is unknown and they won't be able to know anything until he wakes up and tests are run.



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