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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 19, 2005 on GH
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Carly overhears Emily and Sam talking about Jason. She accidentally drops the piece of paper that has her and Sonny's wedding announcement on it but has to wait until the two girls leave to retrieve it. When she does go to get the announcement, Emily walks back in and asks what she is doing. Carly covers for her actions and then notices Emily's sapphire earrings, thinking about something borrowed and something blue that she needs for her wedding. After apologizing for her past behavior towards Emily, she asks if she can borrow the earrings. Emily gives her the earrings. Carly almost spills about her and Sonny's wedding, but just tells Emily she needs the earrings to feel pretty about herself.

Sonny goes to the penthouse and tries to convince Jason he needs to leave town. After telling him about how they first met, Jason realizes that Sonny didn't coerce him into being a hit man. Sonny tells him he needs to leave in order to be safe, but he can always come home. When Sonny leaves, he finds Sam on the pier. He tells her that Jason is leaving town and she can't go with him. She's upset, but he tells her she will slow Jason down and if she loves him she must let him go. Sam goes to find Jason and sees that he's already packing his bag. Before he leaves, she thanks him for his patience and for giving her a life when she didn't have one. She reminds him to take his pills and he leaves. He hesitates at the elevator while she cries inside the penthouse.

Jax goes to Lucky and Liz's apartment to try to convince Lucky that shared custody is the best arrangement for all of them. Unknowingly to Jax, Lucky has a tape recorder hidden under Cameron's teddy bear and baits him by asking what he would do if they decide not to give him joint custody. Jax tells him he will get full custody of the child if they fight him. He will drag Liz through the mud by mentioning to the courts about when she dated Jason, a hit man, having a child out of wedlock, and shacking up with a police man that convinced his lover to have another man's baby to get him out of debt. He tells Lucky that once the courts hear his arguments, they won't even let Cameron stay with them. Lucky reveals that he's been taping the whole conversation and tells Jax he will give the tape to Liz if he gives them any trouble. When Jax leaves, Lucky goes to the hospital and tells Liz that he and Jax met and he sees now that joint custody is the best thing for all of them. Liz is relieved.

When Emily walks down to the pier, she finds Nikolas and Courtney kissing. She drops her purse and they turn around to confront an awkward situation. Emily tells them they will all have to get used to seeing each other out in public but she's not going to pretend to be Courtney's best friend. When she leaves, Nikolas tells Courtney that this has to stop. He's tired of hurting people with their relationship. He decides they need to leave town and takes her to an island. After they make love, they make plans to go surfing the next day. Back in Port Charles, Jax finds out that the two skipped town. He finds Emily back on the pier and tells her that their spouses went off on vacation again together.

Ric tries to explain to Reese how he regrets shooting Ruiz. He realizes that Ruiz was a bad man, but he was still a living, breathing human being. Reese relates and tells him about the first time she had to kill a man. The man was a child molester holding a little girl hostage and she did what she had to do. She leans over and hugs him before leaving, not realizing that John Durant is watching them from outside. When she leaves Ric, Durant approaches her and tells her he has evidence that Ric is responsible for the Ruiz shooting. Reese tells him she's tired of him bribing her to get to Sonny and Carly. Durant tells her he only wants her and tells her to meet him in his hotel room. Reese decides to go to the hotel room and dresses in skimpy lingerie. When she gets there, she reveals her clothing and Durant is impressed. He is already in bed so she goes and handcuffs him, acting as if they are about to have sex. Once he's handcuffed, she gags him, puts her coat back on, and leaves.

When Sonny comes home, he finds the house decked out with flowers and candles. Carly comes downstairs in a wedding dress, complete with bouquet and tells him the priest will be there shortly to marry them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sonny is shocked when he finds Carly in all her wedding garb, ready to get married. Shortly after he arrives, the priest shows up to marry them. Sonny asks the priest to give them a moment and then explains to Carly why they can't get married. Emily shows up and watches the exchange between Sonny and Carly and then escorts the priest out. She sees that Carly is getting more and more upset, so she goes to the hospital to find Dr. Winters and convinces her and Justice to come to Sonny's house to help Carly. When they arrive at the house, Sonny is bleeding. Carly tried to cut her wrist with the cake knife, and he grabbed it out of her hand, cutting himself in the process. Dr. Winters befriends Carly and talks to her while Emily tends to Sonny. At first, Sonny is upset that she brought Dr. Winters to the house without his permission. Then he realizes that Carly is getting worse and he doesn't know how to help her. After Carly and Dr. Winters talk, Emily helps Carly upstairs to change into her night clothes. Sonny asks Dr. Winters if she will take on Carly and with Justice's nudging, she agrees. After they leave, he goes upstairs and checks on Carly. Carly asks Emily to give some cake to the boys, but not to tell them its wedding cake. She doesn't want the boys to know she made a mistake or hurt their father. Sonny walks in and tells her he's not hurt at all. It's just a minor cut, not at all like the one he got when he was a young boy delivering papers. Telling her the story makes her laugh and she feels better. When she goes to sleep, he goes downstairs and confides in Emily. He's worried that Carly won't get better, but Emily tells him that their love will see them through this hard time. When she leaves, he sits down and cries.

Jason goes to the hospital to ask Dr. Jones about getting refills of his medication. Tony asks if he's going on a trip, but Jason tells him he's going away for good. Jason leaves the hospital and goes to the graveyard. He talks to Sam's baby and tells her to pray for her mother because she's having a hard time right now and he doesn't want to see her get hurt. Sam also goes to the graveyard and finds him there. She thanks him for picking out such a beautiful spot for a baby that never breathed. She explained how he picked the spot out for her so she wouldn't have to. Jason realizes he doesn't want to leave Sam after all. They decide to go home together. When they arrive back at the penthouse, he asks what there is to eat. Sam suggests Chinese food and he asks her if he really likes that kind of food or if she's just telling him he does. Sam admits there are some things he doesn't like, and tells him how he spit out squid when she made him try it. Jason decides salad is the best option. Before they go eat, though, he takes her hand and they share a special moment.

After talking with Emily about how secrets can break a marriage, Jax decides to go and tell Liz about Lucky's bribery. When he arrives, Lucky is shocked but plays the tape for both of them. Jax sounds horrible on the tape, so Liz is obviously upset. Lucky tries to convince Liz he taped the conversation for their own good, but she doesn't want to hear his story. She tells them both she needs some time to think. After Jax leaves, she destroys the tape, saying she doesn't want it to destroy any lives. Lucky and Liz sit down to talk and she attempts to convince him that Jax just wants what's best for the baby. Lucky tells her he has faith in her and if joint custody is what she wants and believes in, then he will believe in her.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Reese arrives back in Durant's room at the Metro Court with a hooker in tow. The hooker poses with Durant using bondage type accessories, while Reese takes Polaroid shots of the scene. Ric has a nightmare about killing Ruiz and wakes up to find Alcazar standing at his bedside. He has been sent by Ruiz's family to confirm Ric's roles in the shooting. Sam arrives at the penthouse with groceries but Jason is not there. She calls Sonny to see if he is there, but Jason walks in. He had been taking a walk. Sam overreacted but Jason tells her he is not going to leave her.

At Kelly's, Georgie and Dillon are eating together. Georgie is upset because Mac and Felicia are sending her to boarding school for a year. Georgie proposes that they run away together but Dillon discourages this idea. While Maxie is trying to change Mac's mind about Dillon, Mac plays a video tape that Dillon made a short time ago. The video tape shows the feet of the person taping as he enters Georgie's room and attempts to touch her face while she is sleeping. Mac asks Maxie if she still feels safe about Dillon after watching the video. At the hospital Justus meets up with Dr. Winters. He is there to thank her for the way she handled Carly and he wants to make sure she stays quiet about what's going on with her. Lucky and Jesse show up wanting to question her about an ongoing case. Back at the Metro Court, Reese is admiring the photos she has taken of Durant. He is angry and tells her she won't get away with this. Reese proposes a plan; she wants Durant to close the case on the Manny Ruiz shooting using lack of evidence as his reasoning. Durant refuses to do it. Reese threatens to put the incriminating photos on the internet, but Durant says he will prove that it was a set up. As Reese leaves she puts copies of the photos on Durant's chest. She tells him, he may get another job after all this, but it won't be in law enforcement. In Ric's hospital room, Alcazar is hard pressed to believe that Ric, an attorney was the one who did the shooting at the park. He comes to the conclusion that it must have been Jason. Ric covers for Jason saying he can't even remember his own name right now. When Alcazar asks if it was really him that shot Ruiz and his two guards, Ric says he is surprised about what happened as anybody. As Alcazar continues to tell Ric that the Ruiz family knows he was involved Ric tells Alcazar to send his condolences. Alcazar threatens that this could cost Ric his life. Back at the penthouse, Jason is impressed with Sam's handling of his memory loss. Sam says he gives compliments the same way he used to. Then Jason says did I ever tell you that you were beautiful? Sam explains that the old Jason would always just tell her what he felt not what he thought she wanted to hear. Sam say's that she thinks of her little girl as their guardian angel, she thinks that might be stupid but Jason says no because there is a reason they both showed up at her grave last night. He goes on to tell her that the only thing he is sure of right now is her.

Jason wants to know how he and Sam's life works. What do they do on a normal night? Sam says they didn't have normal nights. When he pushes her she says they used to shoot pool, he loves spending time with Michael and Morgan, or take rides on the motorcycle. When she gets to the part about coming home, she hesitates, then she says you love bubble baths, shopping, and painting her toe nails. He laughs; he can't believe he liked all that stuff. She says all that stuff doesn't matter to her; as long as they are together she is happy. At the hospital, Justus argues with the police about questioning her. Dr. Winters says she can handle it but she'll call if she needs any help. It turns out they want to question her about the stalker. Lucas runs into Dillon at Kelly's and then Brook comes in as well. Dillon has been trying to reach Brook but she is not returning his calls. She starts to make excuses about avoiding him. Dillon straight out asks her if she believes that he is the stalker. In Mac's office Maxie admits the video looks weird but Dillon always does weird things. Maxie tries to argue with Mac when Georgie shows up and announces that nothing he says or does will keep her away from Dillon. Alcazar is still telling Ric about the dangers of his new enemies when Reese shows up, she hides and listens to the conversation. Alcazar tells Ric that he may not be enough to help Sonny now that Jason is out of the picture. As soon as he leaves Reese runs into the room telling Ric she heard that. When Ric tells her not to worry about it, she tells him that she has a file (an inch or so thick) on Javier Ruiz and he is lethal.

The police want Dr. Winters to go undercover at PCU (Port Charles University) as an Intro to Psychology professor so she can profile the stalker. She is resistant to the idea because she doesn't want to transfer her current patients to another doctor. At Kelly's, Dillon continues to defend him-self against Brook but she is confused. She leaves but he follows and tells her he is her family. Diego shows up to defend Brook and Dillon asks him if he set him up to look like the stalker to get the heat off him-self. Mac tells Georgie he is doing this for her own good and he may be saving her life. When she continues to argue he shows her the tape. Jason wants to find a job. Sam explains that he is in partnership with Sonny. Jason says no he doesn't want to take any of that money. He asks her if she agrees, which she does. Jason decides he wants to find something in town that doesn't involve hurting people. Reese warns Ric to back off. He doesn't know what he is doing in the world of the streets. It's not the same as the court room. When she slips and says she doesn't want to cover for him again. He wants to know what she means. She says it just a general sense of the words but he senses it's something more.

Lucas let's Dillon know that even though he thinks he is weird he knows that he is not the stalker. Dillon is surprised that people would turn on him so easily. Brook talking to Diego tells him that she knows he is not the stalker even though he was a real jerk to her. Diego says it is probably someone on the street. After viewing the video tape Georgie thinks there is nothing strange about the tape. Dillon was just practicing. Georgie holds steadfast that Dillon is innocent. After looking for work, Jason discovers that nobody wants to hire him. He and Sam talk about teaming up in the salvage business when a gentleman that Sam knows walks up telling her that his best crane operator just walked out on the job. He asks Sam if she is still working free lance. Sam back peddles saying his rig is too advanced for her. Jason offers to take the job. The guy is surprised saying everyone knows Jason Morgan. He offers Jason the job at $50.00 per hour. Jason begins working immediately. As Reese explains what happened between her and Durant, Ric is thankful to Reese knowing that if she hadn't gone to such lengths against Durant he would be in jail. Reese warns him to get out of Sonny's business but Ric is determined to be there for his brother.

Georgie enters Kelly's smiling and sits down with Dillon. Dillon feels the world has gone crazy. She announces that Mac backed down from boarding school. Dillon is upset when he finds out what tape that the cops have on him. Georgie comforts him and tells him that Mac has backed down on accusing him. In Mac's office, Mac is still on Dillon's case. Lucky defends Dillon but Mac is not willing to believe in Dillon's innocence. He feels all the evidence and signs point directly at him. Maxie and Jesse are discussing the scenario that Dillon may be the stalker. But, Maxie doesn't really think he is. She looks in the window and watches Dillon and Georgie kissing. The guy who hired Jason is impressed with his work but still concerned about Jason's connection to Sonny. Jason assures him that he doesn't work for Sonny anymore. Reese shows up at the penthouse to warn Sam that if Jason doesn't do anything to stop the remaining Ruiz family, Sonny and Ric will both be dead.

Justus is upset thinking the cops questioned Dr. Winters about Carly, when she lets him off the hook and lets him know they questioned her about the stalker. She goes on to profile the stalker and asks specifically about Diego Alcazar saying that he fits the description. While Dillon is working on his laptop; Maxie peers over his shoulder. She asks Dillon if he is interested in making a film of her. As Ric is enjoying the pictures Reese took of Durant, he shows up. Durant feels he doesn't have to do anything but wait for the Ruiz family to come and take care of business for him. He tells Ric they are going to go after Sonny and if he is real lucky they will take Jason out too. On the peer the guy who hired Jason meets up with Alcazar. Alcazar tells him that it's important that Jason doesn't know he is working for him. Sam tells Reese she can't help her. Jason doesn't work for Sonny anymore. Reese believes that Sam is keeping Jason to herself. Sam tries to explain that Jason is making his own decisions. She has no control. When Reese tells Sam Jason has to do one last job; Jason walks in and asks what he has to do.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Jax and Liz sign papers agreeing to shared custody of the baby. Lucky doesn't show up for the signing and they wonder what is keeping him. Jax goes off to do something at the hospital and Liz gets a call from Lucky on his cell-phone asking her to meet him at the park ASAP but won't tell her the reason. Liz meets him there and is surprised to find a minister there waiting along with her grandmother, Audrey, and Emily, who brings a dress for her to wear. Lucky asks her if she will marry him right now since the surrogacy agreement is worked out now with Jax. Liz loves the gesture and agrees to marry him right now. They are about to start the small ceremony later, when Lucky gets a cell-phone call that is police business and he has to leave before marrying Liz, who tells him to go and is very understandable. Liz and Emily end up going back to the hospital to finish their shifts. Jax runs into Liz there again and offers to let her and Lucky use his beach house in Hawaii for their honeymoon when they do decide to get married and have a honeymoon. Liz agrees to stop by Kelly's with him to get a sundae before he gives her a ride home. Lucky shows up after she leaves with Jax. He has flowers and asks Emily if Liz is upset with him for having to bail out of the wedding. Emily tells him that Jax was giving her a ride home.

Maxie meets up with Dillon at Kelly's. She tells him she needs his help on a school project and asks him if he would help her make a small movie and suggests making a suspense movie. When she mentions maybe using a dorm as the setting, Dillon realizes she is trying to investigate him as the pervert. He loses his temper and accuses his friends of thinking he is guilty of being the culprit. Dillon storms off and leaves his things at Kelly's. Meanwhile, Jesse sneaks into Dillon's dorm room in the dark looking for any evidence that Dillon may have hiding there. Maxie calls him on his cell-phone and tells him that she upset Dillon when she asked him about making a movie in a dorm and he now thinks everyone thinks he is the pervert drugging the girls on campus and taking nude pictures of them. Jesse reprimands her for butting in on his investigation. Maxie refuses to stop investigating since she is a target for the pervert. While they are still talking on the phone, someone comes into the dorm room and hits Jesse on the back of the head and knocks him out. It turns out to be Dillon, who checks on Jesse after knocking him out. Maxie calls Lucky and asks him to check on Dillon's dorm and make sure Jesse is alright after she heard Jesse moan over the phone and she can't get him to answer his cell-phone now. Lucky shows up at the dorm and draws his gun and finds Jesse sitting on the bed with Maxie next to him and Dillon sitting on his bed with the weapon he hit with Jesse with in his hand. Dillon claims he came to his room and found the room dark and someone rifling through his things. Jesse accuses him of possibly hitting him so he can knock him out before he was able to find evidence in his dorm. Dillon gets upset when no one believes him and storms off. Meanwhile, Georgie shows up at Kelly's looking for Dillon and wonders why his things are there but he isn't. Mike explains to her what happened and suggests that she will need to convince Mac that Dillon is innocent if she wants to help Dillon. Meanwhile, Maxie doesn't believe Dillon is the pervert and tries to convince Jesse to investigate other avenues for suspects. Jesse is cynical and believes Dillon could have done it. Dillon shows up to get his things at Kelly's and thanks Mike for believing in him. Justus and the psychiatrist he is dating, Lainey watch Dillon. Lainey guesses that Dillon must be the guy that fits her behavioral profile for the pervert on campus. Justus doesn't believe Dillon is the culprit and explains that Dillon is related to him. Dillon approaches them and asks Justus if he would not tell Tracy about what has happened with him on campus with the police when she returns home soon. Justus agrees not to tell her anything. Lainey comments that he seems like a nice young man but that many nice young men who are guilty of crimes as well. Dillon returns to his dorm alone and lays on his bed and notices some pictures peeking through the edge of his bookshelf and takes them out slowly with his fingers and is stunned by what he sees. Georgie shows up at his dorm and finds him burning some photos with his lighter into the waste basket and asks him what he is doing.

Jason comes home to find Reese and Sam talking about him. Jason overhears Reese tell Sam that he must go and get rid of Javier Ruiz, who just came to town to avenge the death of his brother. Jason tells Reese he doesn't work for Sonny anymore which means he doesn't kill anyone anymore. Reese pleads with Jason to do this last hit for Sonny and then promises him that they will leave him alone to start a new life afterwards. Jason doesn't give Reese an answer so she leaves them alone. Jason gets his gun out and Sam sees that he means to go out and kill Javier Ruiz and tells him she can't let him go out there now and get himself killed in the process. Jason explains to her that if he does this last thing for Sonny, Sonny will let him go to live his life. Sam realizes she can't stop Jason from doing what he is doing and lets him go. Sam goes to see Sonny. Sonny had just found Carly trying to leave the mansion alone. He persuaded her to come back inside and not wonder around Port Charles on her own in case the cops spot her and bring her to Shadybrook for treatment. Carly sits and listens to Sonny explain that he knows what she is feeling right now and he seems to calm her down. Sam insists she talk to Sonny in the other room. She tells him that Jason is out there ready to kill Ruiz for him as a final job so he can move on with his life. She asks Sonny to stop Jason from getting himself killed since he doesn't know what he is doing right now. Sonny assures her he didn't pressure Jason to kill Ruiz but he did it anyway because it is instinctual for him. Sam leaves the mansion. She goes home to wait for Jason. Jason goes to Kelly's and finds Javier Ruiz inside. He takes out his gun and puts a silencer on it. He doesn't shoot Ruiz through the window because there are too many bystanders around. Ruiz comes out of Kelly's and gets a call on his cell-phone just as Jason has a clear shot of him without witnesses. He overhears Ruiz talking to his young daughter on the phone telling her it is past her bedtime. Jason can't go through with it and goes back home. He tells Sam he couldn't go through with it since he can't just shoot someone he doesn't know even though he knows how to kill someone professionally. He tells Sam that he can't kill for Sonny anymore because Sonny will always have enemies who he will need Jason to get rid of for. Sam tells him she will accept his decision. Jason kisses Sam and heads to the stairs to go up to bed. He puts his hand out to Sam for her to take and they go upstairs to their bedroom together arm and arm. Meanwhile, Durant finds Carly wondering around outside on the patio and convinces her to come with him since it isn't safe for her to be at Sonny's. Sonny finds Carly has taken off and calls out for her in the backyard. One of Sonny's men finds him and tells him he saw Carly in a car with Durant behind the wheel leaving the estate. Meanwhile, Carly manages to run off from Durant during a traffic jam because she saw the cops directing traffic and thought they were after her to take her away. Durant assures her that he will take care of her and that they boys can visit her anytime they want to. Carly is about to go back to the car with Durant but Sonny finds them in the park and tells Durant to leave her alone. Carly gets more confused about who to trust when Durant pleads with her to go with him and not Sonny. Sonny tells her not to trust Durant because he only wants to get back at him and doesn't really care about her. Carly runs away from them when she hears a police siren nearby and thinks they have found her and are going to take her away. Sonny chases after her and knocks Durant down on the ground on his way to find Carly. Carly runs out into the road as Jax is driving Liz home. Liz sees a person in the middle of the road and warns Jax about it but Jax has to swerve out of the way of Carly to avoid hitting her and crashes the car nearby. Sonny sees Carly almost get hit by a car and sees the crash happen.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Georgie walks in on Dillon burning pictures of naked girls. Before he can finish Jesse walks in and tells Dillon to freeze. Skye and Lorenzo enter Kelly's. Skye tells him he could help her find Luke. Lorenzo doesn't want to help her find his rival. Javier Ruiz comes down the stairs and Lorenzo is immediately distracted by his presence. He tells Skye she is in danger. Nikolas carries Courtney back in to their hotel room where they begin kissing. At the scene of the accident, Sonny finds Carly upset and apologetic about the car accident. In the car, Jax looks over to find Liz passed out.

Jax checks Liz's pulse and then calls 911 while Sonny is watching from behind. Sonny grabs Carly and gets her away from the scene of the accident. Nikolas holds Courtney as they enjoy their alone time on the island. They begin kissing and then make love. Jesse demands that Dillon give him the pictures. Dillon throws the last picture into his little fire in the trash can. Jesse gets at the pictures and tries to put out the fire before they are all lost. Maxie enters and wants to know what is going on. Dillon thinks that she is on the he's guilty bandwagon and runs from the room. He pulls the fire alarm and tells Georgie and Maxie that he is going to settle this once and for all. Lorenzo hurriedly rushes Skye out of Kelly's and tells her to meet him in the park. He goes back into Kelly's and meets with Javier. Javier makes it clear that he is in town to avenge his brother, Manny. He tells Lorenzo to stay out of it or he could end up as collateral damage. Sonny takes Carly back to his house and tries to make her feel safe again. He explains that he doesn't want her wandering around anymore. Sonny goes outside to talk to Emily. Sonny tells Emily about the car accident. He sends Emily to the hospital to check on Liz. In the car, Liz starts to wake up. She wants to know if the baby is ok. Jax is concerned.

In the dorm room hallway while Dillon has everyone's attention, he proclaims that Jesse thinks he is the one stalking the girls. He tells everyone that he is innocent. He admits that he's weird but that doesn't make him a pervert. He appeals to his friends to stop being afraid of him, stop whispering when he walks buy, and stop treating him like he is guilty. He is not a danger to anyone but there is someone who is guilty and that person might be standing there right now. Sonny wants Carly to get changed and get some rest. He tells her once more to stay home with him. If Durant shows up again she should not believe what he says, because he will lie to her. Sonny makes a promise to Carly that she can stay there with him and he will never send her to that hospital. On the island, and in the afterglow of their love making, Nikolas and Courtney share comfortable pillow talk and Courtney shares some of her childhood memories from Atlantic City as Nikolas shares his childhood memories from his family's Island in Greece. They also talk about his home in Greece and joke about him not knowing what a bathroom is and her not knowing what to do in a 50 bedroom house. They wheel Liz in to the hospital on a gurney. She says she is alright she just has a headache. Lucky gets out of the elevator in attack mode. He goes after Jax right away wondering what he did to cause the accident. When Jax explains that a woman ran out in front of him Lucky calms down a little bit and Jax makes a vow to discover who caused the accident.

Sonny called Reese to come help with Carly. Sonny tells Reese things are getting worse everyday and he's worried now that Liz could loose her baby. Sonny needs to do damage control regarding the accident so no one will know it was Carly. Reese feels that Carly needs to be in a hospital. Sonny is adamant that he promised Carly he would take care of her. He just wants Reese to help cover up Carly's part in the accident. In the park, Lorenzo approaches Skye from behind which frightens her. Skye's imagination has run away with her and she felt after she heard the police sirens that Lorenzo had been shot and the bad guys were coming to the park to mow her down too. Lorenzo smiles which upsets Skye. In the middle of her rant; he reaches behind her head, draws her near, and kisses her. Back at the hospital, Lucky fervently questions Jax on the nature of the car accident. Jax is doing his best to recount the entire ordeal while Emily stands there listening but not speaking up that she knows it was Carly. As Liz comes out and tells everyone she is fine, Emily looks like she feels guilty for not talking.

Skye is shocked by Lorenzo's kiss. When he asks if she is offended she tries to use her relationship with Luke as a ruse, but he continues to smile at her. She admits the kiss was sexy then immediately recants that little confession. She wants to know what is going on so Lorenzo fills her in on the Javier/Manny Ruiz situation and that Javier is in town to exact revenge. Lorenzo is not involved and he assures Skye not to worry about it. Skye zeros in on his plan to take over both ELQ and Sonny's empire and to be the last one standing when this is all over with. At Kelly's, Javier is enjoying his paper as Maxie drags Georgie in the door. Georgie demands to be released. Georgie tells Maxie again that Dillon is innocent. She explains that Dillon is doing whatever he has to do to maintain his innocence. Georgie says it's obvious that someone is trying to frame Dillon. Maxie admits that she doesn't think Dillon is guilty but why is he destroying evidence. Georgie tells Maxie if she doesn't want to help prove Dillon is innocent then she should stay away. As she storms out, Javier turns to Maxie and makes a comment about how tough little sisters can be. At the hospital, Lucky apologizes to Jax about his behavior. He tells him that he will not continue to fly off the handle at Jax. Jax says if they all work together they can give the child a great life. Everyone agrees that Liz's happiness as well as the baby's is all that matters. Emily suggests that Lucky take Liz home, but he questions her first to see if she can remember who ran out in front of the car. Reese and Sonny are discussing Durant's rights as a father to put Carly in Shadybrook over Sonny's rights as and ex-husband. During their conversation Emily calls to let Sonny know that Jax, Liz, and the baby are OK. At Sonny's there is a knock at the door, Sonny knows it's Durant so he asks Reese if she is in with him or not. Reese agrees to help. Sonny waits impatiently for Durant to enter. When Durant does come in he demands that Sonny hand over his daughter.

Durant knows that Carly was the woman who ran out in front of Jax's car. He claims that Jax and Liz know that it was Carly. Sonny tells Durant that Carly will stay here. As Durant attempts to leave telling Sonny we'll do this the hard way. Reese hands Sonny the incriminating pictures she took of Durant with a hooker in his suite at the Metro Court. Sonny starts making jokes about the pictures as Durant watches. Durant tells Sonny he should enjoy the pictures, because soon he will be dead. Ruiz is coming after him. In the end Durant claims he will have Carly and her sons while Sonny will be a distant memory. Durant angrily leaves. Sonny switches gears with Reese telling her that if Liz had been hurt that would have been on his head. He can handle Ruiz but Carly is a different story. At the apartment, Lucky carries Liz in amidst her protests. When she says soon she will be too fat for him to carry he says she is not fat, just pregnant and beautiful. After they both say I love you he tells her that he wishes the baby were his and that is why he has been such a jerk. He finally realized tonight that the baby is a part of her and he loves them both. At the hospital, Jax tells Emily that Sonny is lucky to have her taking care of his boys while Carly is under the weather. Jax is impressed that Sonny puts his children first just like his father did. He shows Emily a picture of him and his father when he was younger and as he describes his father's parent skills. He says that's the kind of father he wants to be. On the island, Courtney is suddenly sick to her stomach. As Nikolas gives her a glass of water she runs to the bathroom.

Maxie talking to Javier says that most of the time Georgie is like the older sister. She asks him if he is flirting with her. When he says would it do any good. She says no she has a boyfriend. Outside of Kelly's, Durant and Jesse look in to see Maxie talking with Ruiz. Durant tells Jesse that Javier is in town to kill Sonny Corinthos and he (Jesse) and the rest of the police ought to stay out of the way and let him do it. At Sonny's, Emily enters and tells Sonny and Reese that Jax and Liz have no idea who it was that caused the accident. Sonny shows his appreciation to Emily. He promises he won't ask either of them again to cover for Carly. He says that if Carly causes another accident or hurts another person it will be proof that he can't help her and he will have her committed. On the island, Nikolas lays a wash rag on Courtney's head. Courtney asks him to take her mind off of her sick stomach. He tells her a funny story about a Russian tea party when he was six years old. Liz and Lucky are getting ready for bed. Liz goes into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Lucky is talking to her when he hears a glass break. He enters the kitchen to find Liz curled up in pain and laying on the floor.

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