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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 26, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, September 26, 2005

At Oakdale Memorial, Lucinda resists beginning chemotherapy again, and tells Dr. Bob Hughes about Beverly Neal, the massage therapist, who had recommended the clinic in Mexico. Lucinda is stunned when Bob tells her that Beverly Neal has just died of cancer. Lucinda promises Lily that she will begin her chemo once again if Lily go to Mexico to help Holden search for Luke.

In her room in Deerbrook, where Paul has committed her, Jennifer begs Hal to find a way to have Rory's blood tested so that she can find out if he is actually her child. Hal leaves her room just before Paul arrives. To Paul's horror, Jennifer actually suggests calling Craig to help her get her baby back. She tells Paul that she would do anything, even accept help from Craig, if it would help her get her baby back. Paul tearfully says, "This has to stop right now."

Carly comes downstairs to find Dusty inspecting the back of Rory's neck, looking for the "stork bite" birthmark he saw when he delivered the baby. Carly shows Dusty Rory's unblemished neck, and Dusty leaves, passing Jack as Jack arrives home. Jack tells Carly that he saw Iris in the park trying to pay the water vendor to tell her that he drugged Gwen's water bottle. Carly scoffs that "Frank" won't change his story. Jack finally knows that Carly paid the vendor. When she defends herself, saying, "Nobody got hurt," Jack sadly replies, "We got hurt - or doesn't that count?" He leaves for the police station. Iris Dumbrowski waits for Hal at police headquarters, and when he returns, she tells him that she witnessed the vendor take the baby carriage in the park. After Hal sends an office to apprehend the vendor, Iris leaves, and Jack arrives at the station just before the vendor does.

Dusty meets Meg to ask if "stork bites" fade, and she tells him that they do. Then Meg agrees to check the blood tests from both babies, which were made at their births, against Rory's blood test from his first check-up. She brings the charts to Dusty, warning him that the truth is going to hurt p

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Paul is about to tell Jennifer the truth about her baby when Dusty arrives with the medical reports he obtained from Meg. Dusty dashes Jennifer's hopes when he reports that the blood results prove that Jennifer is not the mother of baby Rory. Relieved, Paul reports to Emily that Craig must have gotten to the records and switched them before his incarceration. Paul is convinced that his secret is safe and tells Emily he loves her for standing by him. But later, Jennifer shares with Dusty that she can't accept the results and insists her baby is alive! Jennifer's unwavering faith touches Dusty and he promises to keep at it. Jack manages to take the vendor away from Hal and conduct the questioning alone. Meanwhile, Iris taunts Carly, saying that she has made sure Carly will finally pay for what she's done. Later, Jack comes home to Carly and tells her he's taken a bogus statement from the vendor and he's compromised himself as a cop. Carly protests, ashamed that her actions have cost Jack so much but Jack insists he's made up his mind and it's what he must do to protect Carly. Henry meets a mysterious stranger at the Lakeview lounge and the two guys bond over drinks. Henry tells him about his Katie saga and the man seems to take Henry's underdog side. Meanwhile, Kim has called Katie and Mike to WOAK to offer her a new television show based on her previous workout video, "Butt Busters." Kim's new partner, an entrepreneur named BJ Green, has asked specifically to develop this show for Katie. Katie is blown away but wary about BJ and his motives. Later, when BJ, the same man who had drinks with Henry earlier, goes to WOAK and is revealed as Kim's partner, he impresses Katie and Mike and surprises them both with an offer to have Mike expand the studio. Katie is thrilled they'll all be working together and BJ seems pleased as well.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Lily could no longer sit by and wait for news about Luke so she went to Mexico to join Holden in the search. Holden was very happy to see Lily but was not happy about telling her his search for Luke has come up empty. Holden told Lily that he found out that the clinic was also involved in buying organs from living people. Holden and Lily left the clinic to search for more information when they come across a woman names Blanca who claimed to know nothing about Luke but was visibly shaken when Lily showed her a picture of Keith. Lily threatened Blanca but she still claimed she knew nothing so Holden and Lily left. Back at the hotel Lily and Holden held and comforted each other and vowed to come up with a plan to find Luke. Meanwhile Luke was bound and gagged and being help prisoner by Blanca.

Gwen and Iris both showed up at the police station at the same time. Iris reminds Gwen that they cannot be seen together and Iris hide when Hal walked into the room. Hal took Gwen into the interrogation room and told her about Jen and how she took the baby but now is in Deer Brook seeking help. Gwen became very upset after hearing this news and left. After Gwen left Iris came and asked Hal what happened with the vendor. Hal told Iris that Jack interrogated the vendor and his story came up clean. Iris started to argue with Hal so he threw her in a cell. Meanwhile Gwen went to Deer Brook with flowers for Jen when she ran into Will. Will told Gwen he was afraid something was wrong with his family at point or another someone has been committed to a psychiatric hospital. Gwen comforted him and told him she was made peace with her mother and that she was going to help Gwen get her baby back.

BJ took Katie, Mike and Kim for drinks to celebrate Katie's new show. When Mike walked Kim to her car BJ started to come onto Katie but luckily Mike came back in time. After BJ left Katie told Mike she felt very uneasy about BJ but Mike reassured her and told her that BJ seemed harmless.

Maddie was being turned down for a job at the Lakeview when Casey walked in and overheard. Maddie told him she wanted to apply for an internship at WOAK but Casey told her they would not hire her because of Henry's past with the company. Maddie reminded Casey that if she did not get a job she would be around the house all the time so Casey talked to Kim and got her the internship, which made Maddie very happy and appreciative.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Lily and Holden wake up together, awkward as they find themselves in each other's arms. Later, they get a tip and return to the cantina. Lily occupies Blanca and Holden overpowers a guard. He kicks down the door to the back room but they are all shocked to find Luke gone. Holden realizes his son escaped and he and Lily race back to the hotel. Thinking Luke might make his way back to them, they stay in the hotel, comforting each other and end up making love. Dusty suggests to Jennifer that maybe the nurse she keeps seeing in her hallucinations might give them a clue as to what happened the night her baby died. He tells Jennifer to keep it a secret between the two of them for now. Meanwhile, Dusty goes to Meg to try to get information on Nurse Thompson. Meg gets upset and they argue. After he's gone, Meg looks at the files and realizes that Nurse Thompson quit the night Jennifer's baby died. Mike is surprised to find Maddie working at WOAK and accuses her of stalking them. Later, Katie receives an anonymous gift of a rare bottle of wine and assumes Henry is at it again. When Mike enters, she gives the bottle to Maddie and orders her to hide it so Mike won't know. Then she goes to Henry and tells him off. Henry realizes the wine must be from Byron and calls Maddie to come over with her laptop. He makes her go online and admit to Byron that she's not really Katie and the whole thing was a hoax. On the receiving end of the e-mail, however, it is BJ who says it doesn't matter that the e-mails were a hoax because they brought him to Katie.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Gwen visited Iris in jail, where Iris told her that she needed to speak with Cass Wheeler alone so that she could tell him something that would get rid of Carly right away, but she refused to tell Gwen exactly what it was. After Gwen left, Iris told Cass her story about being hooked up with Carly's dad and getting pregnant, and she told him Carly resented the fact that a new baby was coming. She told Cass that she ended up delivering the baby boy by herself at home, and she then walked with Carly to go get help because she needed to get to a hospital. She said she had left Carly with the baby for a few minutes to go get help, but when she came back, Carly was alone, the baby carriage was turned over on its side by the pond, and there was no sign of the baby. She admitted to having blackmailed Carly with this information but said she didn't want Carly to find out that she and Gwen shared a half-brother. She told Cass that there was a police record about the whole incident, and Cass told her this was dynamite and that he wouldn't even have to take it to court, because Carly would have to give up after he confronted her about this. Iris again told Cass that Gwen couldn't find out about this, because she didn't want Gwen to end up blaming her for what happened to her brother.

At the police station, Carly visited Jack with new pictures of the kids, and Hal walked up to tell Jack about Iris being put in jail after she rifled through his paperwork. Carly became upset, and Hal realized that Jack and Carly had already known Iris. He then questioned Jack about why he hadn't said anything before, when Hal had asked him to question the water vendor about Iris's claims. Jack got Carly to leave and then explained to Hal that Iris was someone from Carly's past who was harassing them now and that it was a personal grudge type of thing. He got Hal to agree to let Iris go, and Hal said whenever Jack wanted to tell him the whole story, he'd love to hear it, but until then, he hoped Jack knew what he was doing.

Carly left the police station and ran into Gwen, who was not pleased to see her. When Carly suggested they could at least act civil towards one another, Gwen told her to forget it because she wasn't falling for any of Carly's ploys again. Carly thought it sounded like Gwen was relying too much on Iris, and Gwen defended her by saying she wasn't just some woman who had wandered into her life, but then she backtracked and told Carly she just was relying on the one person who seemed to believe she could help her beat Carly.

Jack called Carly to tell her about Iris having been arrested, and Carly began panicking about what might happen if Iris decided she didn't care about the blackmail charge and just told Gwen what Carly had done, saying, "If Gwen knows, it's all over." Gwen, who had overheard that part, said, "If I know what?"

Lily and Holden had spent a passionate night together in the hotel room in Mexico, and Lily felt guilty about it because Luke was still missing. She told Holden that she knew it was different for him than it was for her, but he said that what he knew was that the connection between them was still there, and that he was going to fight his way through until they were back together, where they belonged. They agreed this was not the time and place to discuss that, and they decided to go try to bribe Blanca again to find out more about where Luke might be. After they left the hotel room, Luke climbed in the window, obviously in bad shape, and fell to the floor. Blanca and Rico came into the room after that and found Luke; almost immediately, they heard Lily and Holden returning to the room, and they hid in the bathroom, telling Luke not to say anything if he wanted to live. Lily and Holden saw Luke and rushed to him, and he managed to say, "Bathroom," so Blanca and Rico came out with guns pointed at the 3 of them. Holden and Lily told Blanca and Rico that if they let them go, they wouldn't tell anyone about the clinic, but Blanca told them they wouldn't be leaving there alive.

At Deerbrook, Jennifer and Dusty puzzled through what might have happened the night her baby was born. They both realized that if the babies were switched and the paperwork was also switched, that it was deliberately done, and that led them to conclude that Craig was behind the switch, because he was the only one who would want to keep Jennifer from her baby. Dusty decided that someone at the hospital must have been involved and that it was probably the nurse who resigned, Nurse Thompson. Jennifer insisted that when Dusty found Nurse Thompson, she wanted to be there, because she thought it would be impossible for the nurse to deny everything in front of her. Dusty agreed and said that meant Jennifer would have to tell Paul, Barbara, and her doctors want they wanted to hear: that she knew that her baby was dead.

Meg found the employee file for Nurse Thompson and realized she had resigned the same night that Rory Cabot and Johnny Kasnoff were born. She then literally bumped into Paul and dropped the files she was holding, which included Johnny's medical file. Paul asked Meg why she had the files when Jennifer's baby was dead, and Meg told him she was going to be filling in for someone in the neonatal unit and had to read up on the paperwork. Paul then mentioned that someone had leaked copies of the blood work done on Rory and Johnny and that he was actually glad about that because it had helped to convince Jennifer that Johnny was dead; Meg didn't admit to having been involved but said she was glad to hear it, then she left. Emily told Paul that Meg having those files could only mean that she and Dusty were still digging into the whole thing.

Before Dusty could leave Deerbrook, Paul and Emily came in, and Jennifer told them that she now realized that her baby was not alive and would not be coming back to her. Paul told Jennifer that if she was ready to leave, he could get her out of there that day; Jennifer said she was ready.

Meg then ran into Susan, and she asked Susan about a note in Rory's file. Susan explained that it was a code for a DNA test having been done, and that they coded it oddly because the purported father was Bob Hughes' grandson, Casey. She told Meg the test was negative, but that the girl had continued to insist that Casey was the father. Susan left, and Meg called an old acquaintance of hers named Eli, who was a genetics specialist. They met for a drink, and Meg gave him the DNA report to review. After looking at it, Eli told Meg that the test showed that the alleged father was definitely not the child's father, but that it also showed that he was a blood relative of the baby; there were too many genetic similarities for it to be coincidental, but not enough to prove paternity.



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