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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 26, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, September 26, 2005

Austin sat on the plane wondering if the wedding went off without a hitch. Later he hopped in a car with Kathy Griffin as the driver. She asked about why he was in town and he told her about his history with Sami. Kathy told him to stay away because the girl clearly had bad marriage karma, but Austin told her Sami wasn't a lunatic, that she was just impulsive. As they were stuck in traffic, Austin told her the story of Will while Kathy cracked jokes.

At the bowling alley, Chelsea bowled with Patrick who gave her pointers on her form. She offered to reciprocate on his turn, but he politely declined. When Chelsea commented on what a fun date she was having, Patrick corrected her and told her she had the wrong idea. He explained that he only agreed to take her out so that in exchange she would be nicer to Billie and that a deal was a deal. Patrick noticed Mimi down the way and though Chelsea saw Shawn was with Mimi, she grudgingly agreed to go say hi.

A few lanes down, Mimi and Shawn bowled in the matching shirts she bought for them. She chuckled and told him she couldn't afford to buy the matching $80.00 shoes and Shawn retorted that they would just have to steal the rentals. In mock scandal, Mimi warned him about going to jail, but Shawn joked that it was not like he had never been there before. Mimi agreed she could say the same and laughed, stating they could be Bonnie and Clyde. After getting their shoes on, they settled down to bowl and Mimi seemed to be beating Shawn. The two chatted about whether Sami really was Stan and they agreed they both could believe it. Shawn added that he didn't want to judge Sami since he and Belle both had done stupid things but that the important thing was to move on. Just then Patrick stopped by to hug his sister and Shawn and Chelsea averted their eyes from one another, and fed up, Chelsea stalked off with Patrick right behind her. After they left, Shawn got a call from Caroline who accidentally told him Belle was in labor. Surprised, Shawn said he would be right over.

Over at the snack bar, Patrick got ice cream while Chelsea took a call from Billie. When her mother asked if she was with Patrick, Chelsea faked a bad connection and hung up. Patrick correctly surmised that Billie had called and reminded Chelsea of their deal. He asked her to call Billie back and invite her to join them, but Chelsea refreshed his memory as to why they went out in the first place, which was to help Chelsea relax. After saying Billie was her biggest stressor, Patrick relented and agreed with her but suggested they all go out some time and Chelsea could bring a date. Chelsea hinted that she would bring Max, but Patrick insisted that she could do better.

In the bridal room at the church, Belle continued to have contractions and Marlena timed them at two minutes apart. Marlena was doing a good job of comforting her daughter, and she even managed to have a vague memory of the birth of Belle with John coaching her through it. In the throws of pain, Belle called out Shawn's name as Lexie and Caroline looked at one another in the corner. Excited, Marlena told Caroline to go tell Philip that he would be a father by the end of the day.

At the altar, Kate told the crowd that Sami's DNA was all over the Stan disguise and that ISA tests could confirm it. At first Roman called out Kate's smugness and told her she would do anything to stop the wedding, but he had to face facts when John's phone call to the ISA confirmed that Kate was telling the truth. Sami appealed to Roman to believe her but Roman instead apologized to Lucas before telling Sami to stay away from him. Destroyed, a tearful Lucas screamed at Sami, "Who are you? Are you a woman? Are you a monster? Are you a criminal?" When Sami responded that she was the mother of Will, an angry Lucas told her that it was an accident of birth. Still furious, he reminded her that he can't know everything about her, and that she almost got them all killed in the desert. When Sami appealed to Will, he pulled away and screamed, "You've ruined everything again!" Sami turned to Roman who told her it was too late and begged her to look around at all the hurt she caused. Right on cue, Philip stepped forward and talked about his rehab, reminding her that she caused the loss of his leg. Trapped, Sami admitted that she had been Stan but that it had all began because of Kate. Lashing out, Sami rattled off that if it hadn't been for Kate setting her up before her first marriage to Lucas, or the loss of her parents, grandmother, and son, she would not have become Stan. Sami explained that when she had tried to be good, faithful, and do the right thing, it did not matter and everyone still hated her. Crying, Sami claimed she was sorry that she hurt people but she hoped they could forgive her in time. A stoic Abe stepped forward and reminded her that she had broken a multitude of laws. Roman agreed and told her he could not help her, but that she had done it to herself.

Hoping to show Roman why she became Stan, Sami told him that Tony showed her proof that Roman and Marlena had survived and that he would save them if Sami cooperated. Still furious, Lucas interrupted and reminded her that the cooperation meant sending Lucas and the group into the bunker to be killed. Tears flowing down her face, Sami said that when she learned Tony's plan to hurt them she stopped it and saved them all but Lucas responded that he couldn't believe he ever loved her or wanted to be with her. On the verge of losing it completely, Lucas cried out, "You're dead to me! I just hate you and you disgust me." Stricken, Sami stumbled over Kate's foot as she ran out of the church, wailing.

Outside the bridal room, Marlena told Philip that Belle was going to have the baby and that she was calling out. Marlena stopped short of telling him it was Shawn's name she called out, and Caroline and Lexie agreed that it would be too cruel to tell Philip about that. Shawn arrived and received an update on the labor, and he told the group that he hoped it went smoothly, because the baby deserved to be happy.

Down the hall, a giddy Marlena told Alex that she was having vague memories, but a quick hypnotic suggestion later, Alex had Marlena back under his control. After sending Marlena back to the bridal room, Lexie came around the corner and swore to tell John about what Alex was doing. Alex warned her not to tell. And later, after Abe apologized for pushing Lexie away and asking for another chance, Alex reminded Lexie that if she told John, she would lose her new chance at happiness.

Lucas tried to collect himself in the corner of the church and Kate came up behind him, putting her hand on his shoulder to comfort him. Wheeling around on her, Lucas told his mother that she finally got what she wanted but not to expect his thanks. He told her that her only motive was revenge, which made her worse than Sami because it was all her fault. Losing his temper again, Lucas blamed Kate for pushing Sami to the edge and ruining his one chance at happiness. Driving home the point, Lucas told Kate that she destroyed his and Will's family and that he never wanted to see her again.

In the other corner, Caroline told Roman that Kate was right this time, but a solemn Roman said it did not matter because Kate was just as bad if not worse than Sami. Nearby Billie asked Kate if it was worth it and an emotionless Kate said that it was because it meant both her sons would have Sami out of their lives forever.

In the church gardens, Sami cried about all she had lost as a stranger handed her a handkerchief. Angry, Sami told them no thanks because she was sure everyone hated her. But the stranger was Austin who told a surprised Sami, "I don't hate you."

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Before Philip can take Belle to the hospital she goes into heavy labor. Marlena is with her and Alex worries this event could bring back Marlena's memory. Lexie threatens to have Alex's medical license revoked but he continues to blackmail her. Lexie is scared she will lose custody of her son so keeps quiet. She leaves to help Belle because there is no time to get to the hospital. The baby's coming! Lexie goes out for medical supplies while Marlena tends to Belle and her medical memory comes back. John reacts as Marlena saves the breech baby and Belle's lives! Marlena seems to be remembering but before they can discuss it, the baby is born.

Shawn wants to check on Belle but Mimi warns him to stay out of it. Alex kindly advises Shawn to let Belle go, but he can't. Shawn sees Belle and Philip with their new baby. Emotional, Shawn realizes this is a new beginning for Philip and Belle and an ending for Shawn. John congratulates Marlena on the birth of their grandchild; he hopes this experience has jogged Marlena's memory but she is unsure. She asks John to take her home and Alex is not happy. Belle and Philip are closer than ever, as they bond over their new baby. Outside, Shawn watches, emotionally devastated.

Sami sobs on Austin's shoulder. She explains why her wedding was a disaster and that Kate exposed her as the infamous Stan, working for Tony DiMera. She reiterates that she did such things only because Kate ruined her first wedding and everyone turned on her. Austin thinks it was all Sami's fault and that she should take responsibility and truly change her life. Sami cries in Austin's arms that she wants to change but she'll need Austin's help. Thank God he's back!

Nicole tries to crash Sami's wedding reception (hoping to see Austin). Bonnie tells Nicole about Sami self-destructing. Nicole has a good laugh that Kate finally got her revenge. Bonnie suspects Nicole knows more about "Stan" than she admits. Changing the subject, Nicole admits she and Austin used to be platonic friends but she's sure where they left it or if there is any opportunity ahead. There's no chance Nicole could ever be with Austin; Kate would never allow it. But in the end, Bonnie sees Nicole hasn't given up on getting Austin after all...

Bonnie gets Mickey to give her the food that was meant for Lucas and Sami's wedding reception. Maggie overhears and won't allow it! Bonnie makes herself look noble: she's donating the food to the battered women's shelter. Bonnie finds out however, that the shelter's freezer is on the fritz... all the more free food for Bonnie!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mimi wants to know why Shawn's torturing himself by following Belle to the hospital. He says he won't interfere, then promptly does so. Mimi keeps it brief. They ponder what could have been. Shawn could have fathered Belle's baby; Mimi could have had Rex's. At home, Mimi explains she wants to reconcile with Belle, but can't forgive her. A man delivers Rex's Mimi box. Shawn cheers her up with a dinner invitation.

Victor tells the young parents their baby will continually surprise them. He promises to withhold his opinion and just enjoy his granddaughter. Lucas stops beaming to make cracks about Sami. He's through with Kate. A nephew would have been Luke, his namesake. He suggests Katherine "Kiki" Kiriakis. For Lucas's sake, Philip closes the Kate commentary. Belle says the baby doesn't look like she's hers. Philip promises baby the parents she deserves.

Nicole tells Kate Lucas and Roman will think her worse than Sami. She's angry when Kate says they're over. Kate reveals Tony helped her expose Sami. She blames Nicole for Lucas's alcoholism and won't let her rope Austin. Victor heads off Kate in the hospital hallway. He echoes Nicole's sentiment about Lucas and cautions her to beware of Sami. On his way out, Lucas indeed tells his mother she's worse than his fledgling fiancée could ever be. They're both dead to him. Victor asks whether Kate's revenge was worth losing Lucas. Yes, and he has to forgive her. Lucas calls Will and sadly says Sami won't change and may serve time. He won't stop Will seeing Sami. Father and son will have dinner out.

Sami's elderly neighbor says "Stephanie" finally married Austin. Will's illegitimate; Sami's a disaster. Austin restrains a lunging Sami. He thinks the woman is right about her. Sami weeps at the sight of her six other wedding dresses. Austin showers. Nicole drops by to gloat that Sami lost her man, too. Sami realizes Nicole sold her out. Nicole denies it, blaming Tony. She hugs a towel-clad Austin, who smells the liquor on her. She invites him to brunch at Chez Rouge, then overhears him ordering Sami to have dinner there with him.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Shawn and Mimi stop by the Chez Rouge and update Mickey and Maggie about Belle and her new baby. Sami and Austin are dropped off outside where the valet complains about the canceled wedding reception. Maggie sits them away from others and Austin does his best to taker her mind off her situation. When Mickey and Maggie claim they make a great couple, Shawn assures them that he and Mimi are just friends. After Maggie gets them on the dance floor, Nicole brings Kate to the restaurant for a surprise. Kate runs into Sami in the bathroom and Sami announces that she is going to kill her. Nicole runs up to Austin and asks if he still has feelings for her. On the Fancy Face Bo and Hope discuss the latest happenings in Salem, including Sami, Belle and Chelsea. When Bo considers reaching out to Chelsea, Hope advises him to consider how he treats her without always siding with Billie for fear of alienating her. Meanwhile, Chelsea's unimpressed when Billie tries to make her dinner. Chelsea asks her to stop trying to be a mother but won't be her friend either. Later, Billie's not pleased to see Chelsea dressed in another sexy outfit Kate gave her and argues with the teen about Sami's appropriate name-calling. Chelsea hits a nerve when she reminds her that Sami called her and Kate whores. Billie confirms that she was a wild teen but adds that Bo calmed her down, something she needs to do. Hurt, Chelsea calls Bo and cries for her dad. He invites her to the boat where Hope's not pleased to hear him chastising Chelsea once Billie finds them together.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Hope tries to play peacemaker between Chelsea and her new parents but Chelsea complains that Billie is trying to run her life. When Hope agrees with Bo and Billie, Chelsea insults her and than plays hurt as she runs out. Bo chases after her and ends up giving her money as she calls him "dad" and complains about not having cash to do things. Bo's pleased with the breakthrough while Billie confides her frustration to Hope who agrees that they should not back off from Chelsea. Nicole's pleased to chat with Austin and when he senses she's upset, he invites her out to the dance floor. She tries to get him to admit whether he still has feelings for her but all he'll say is that he left his heart in Salem. Philip spots him and the two get reacquainted with Philip inviting him to come by the hospital later and see his new baby. He also warns him to stay away from Nicole. Arguing with Sami in the ladies room, Kate admits she paid a high price to be rid of her but insists she would do it again. When Sami admits she's not alone at the restaurant, Kate guesses she's out with some "low-life." Back out in the restaurant, Kate is thrilled to see Austin is back in town but then stunned when she discovers that he's here with Sami. Having named their baby Claire Kiriakis, Philip and Belle wonder who to choose as their baby's godparents for tomorrow's christening. They decide to call Mimi and Shawn who are still having fun on the dance floor at the Chez Rouge. They hurry to the hospital after the call and are surprised when the happy parents ask them to be their daughter's godparents.

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