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Julia escaped from federal custody. David wanted Babe to give up her plan to marry JR. JR claimed that he would never fall in love with Babe again. Babe learned Di's secret.
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All My Children Recaps: Daily Recaps | 2005 on AMC
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Monday, SEPTEMBER 26, 2005

Erica visits Dr. Madden at the clinic. She thanks him for the flowers that he sent to her for the kick off of her new show and then apologizes to him for the way she treated him when she saw him at Greenlee's with a syringe and thought the worst. As they talk, Erica questions him about Greenlee's chances of having Ryan's child. Dr. Madden evades the question by talking about Josh and how he was a miracle child for him and his wife. The conversation drifts to the problems that Dr. Madden has had with his son lately which prompts Erica to offer to speak to Josh on his father's behalf. Dr. Madden gratefully accepts the offer and promises to return the favor should Erica ever need anything from him. Just then Erica sees a wallet in the examination room. She immediately recognizes it as belonging to Kendall. She asks Dr. Madden what it is doing there. Dr. Madden is momentarily surprised but then quickly covers up the truth by telling Erica that Greenlee had been there for a treatment and Kendall had accompanied her for moral support. Erica seems satisfied with the answer and leaves shortly afterwards.

Alone, Dr. Madden flashes back to the past and his wife. Distraught over their inability to have a child, she throws herself on the bed. In an effort to comfort her, Dr. Madden promises her that he will do all in his power to give her the child that she longs for.

Greenlee isn't happy to learn that Kendall went ahead with the procedure to have Greenlee's fertilized eggs implanted earlier that evening. She admits that she's somewhat jealous of Kendall, explaining that she doesn't feel like she's a part of the process to bring her baby into the world. Kendall is understanding and points out to Greenlee all of the way that she will be a part of the process including cutting the umbilical cord. Kendall then apologizes for not calling Greenlee, explaining that she simply took advantage of a stress free moment. Realizing that Kendall could now very likely be pregnant, Greenlee begins to bubble with happiness at the prospect. She quickly orders Kendall to sit down and starts fussing over her. When Kendall tells her that they implanted four fertilized eggs, Greenlee is excited. She tucks a blanket around Kendall and offers to get her something to eat, reminding her that she is eating for five. Unbeknownst to them, Erica walks in and overhears Greenlee's comment. She questions them about it. Kendall and Greenlee quickly come up with a lie about hosting a dinner party for five and Kendall needing to taste the menu that Greenlee is planning. Erica hands Kendall her wallet and quickly leaves. While Greenlee and Kendall assure each other that Erica has no idea about the possible pregnancy, Erica is standing outside, clearly shaken.

Josh tries to help Dani by investigating Garret's past. Unfortunately, he doesn't turn up anything that would expose him and support Dani's claims that Garret has been making sexual advances toward her. Josh shocks Dani by admitting that he is responsible for putting Dani in Garret's path. He goes on to explain that had it not been for their interlude, Dani would not have been upset and in a position for Garret to take advantage of her. Dani explains that she does not, in any way, blame Josh for Garret's interest in her.

In jail, Julia refuses to answer Derek's questions. After he leaves, Tad tries to talk to Julia but she tunes him out and remains uncooperative. Tad talks to Derek about getting Julia released but he explains that she will have to remain in custody for her own safety.

When Di sees Garret at the police station she realizes that he's there because Julia has been taken into custody. She makes another attempt to convince Garret to leave Julia alone, assuring him that she does not pose a threat to him. When Garret seems unmoved by her pleas, Di makes the mistake of alluding to exposing the truth about him. Garret is quick to threaten her with the truth as well. He reminds her that she too is a fraud who has everything to loose if the truth about her came out. Di is shaken by the threat. Just then Tad walks up. After Garret steps away, Tad once again pleads with Di to reveal the name of the Dragon. Di remains stubbornly silent until Julia, who is being escorted by two federal agents, is brought through the station as they prepare to leave town with her. Tad pressures Di to the point where she tearfully agrees to tell him the truth. Unfortunately she spots Garret as he walks by. Clearly intimidated, she decides to lie to Tad. She tells him that she went to talk to Kevin going to see the Dragon and talking to him. Tad asks her if the conversation took place in hell because Kevin is dead. Shocked by the revelation, Di realizes that Garret has no intention of keeping his word about not killing Julia.

Derek goes to see Dani. Before he can say much, Dani tells him that if he's there because he doesn't believe her accusations about Garret then he can just turn around and leave. Derek reassures her that he believes every word that she said. He vows to Dani that he will make Garret pay for everything that he ever did to Dani and then apologizes to her for not being there to protect her from Garret. Dani is deeply relieved that her father believes her. Derek thanks Josh for supporting Dani and for punching Garret.

Mimi tells Garret that they have to postpone their honeymoon until her case is resolved. Garret is understanding and tells her that he has some business in NY that he needs to attend to.

On the way out of town, the car in which Julia and the feds are driving, experiences trouble and breaks down. They pull over to the side of the road and call for help. Julia, meanwhile, begins having difficulty breathing. Hoping to help her, the agent opens to door for Julia so that she can step out and get a breath of fresh air. The moment Julia is out of the car, she knocks the agent out and grabs his gun. Once she is well away from the car and the agents, Julia checks loads her gun and tucks it away then starts hitchhiking. A car finally pulls over and Julia jumps in. The driver is Garret.

Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 27, 2005

Adam returned home and J.R. asked for the details of his trip. Babe and Krystal also arrived at the mansion and Krystal told J.R. and Babe that she and Adam were married. Adam told J.R. that there was a good explanation, but he just didn't know it yet. Krystal told Babe and J.R. that Adam insisted that they get married, but Adam said that he had been set-up. Babe said she was going to call a lawyer and they could get a divorce ASAP. Krystal told Adam that all she wanted was half of his assets. Adam offered her some cash from his wallet and she slapped it away. J.R. asked Krystal for her bottom line but Adam told her she would never get a nickel out of him. After Krystal and Babe went upstairs J.R. and Adam tried to come up with a plan to get out of the marriage. Adam explained that he was drunk and that it was all on video. J.R. needed a drink. Krystal told Babe that she knew exactly what she was doing when she married Adam. She said that she teamed up with the good ol' boys and together they flim-flammed Adam. Krystal told Babe that Dixie was the real deal and they needed another plan. She said that they had to be smack dab in the middle of the Chandler men to keep them right where they wanted them.

Jamie and David sparred at the hospital showing their contempt for each other. Jamie told David to stop his daughter from marrying J.R. Jamie let David know that Babe was planning to marry J.R. to get full time with Little Adam.

Danielle and Josh were having dinner when Amanda showed up wanting to know why he hadn't hooked Babe yet. Josh told her that Babe and Jamie still loved each other and the best that they could hope for would be a rebound affair. He said he wouldn't be Babe's rebound boy. Amanda said that she deserved a chance at a real life with a big house, pool and a maid.

Tad again demanded that Dixie tell him who the dragon is. Zach was at the police station and Tad told him that Julia was on her way to a federal facility. Mimi got the phone call that informed her Julia was missing. Zach told Mimi that Dixie knew the name of the "Dragon." Tad told Mimi to ignore him but Zach let Mimi know that Dixie had been in jail for protecting Kevin Sturgess. Dixie again said that she didn't know anything. Dixie made a phone call to Garrett and asked him who was going to be killed next. She told Garrett that if Julia was hurt she might tell that he was the "Dragon." Mimi arrested Zach for killing Jimmy and stashing him at Wildwind. Tad and Dixie were about to leave the station when Mimi told them that they would be sharing a cell with Mr. Slater for obstruction of justice.

In the car with Garrett, Julia was still unaware that he was the "Dragon." She told him that she changed her mind and she wanted to get out of the car. She pulled the gun from her bag as Garrett told her that he was a good friend of Noah's. Garrett continued to make Julia think he was a friend and wanted to help her. He told her that he couldn't save Noah but he wanted to save her. He told Julia that he sabotaged the Fed's car because he knew she would run and he could catch up with her. She told Garrett that she didn't have a clue who the "Dragon" was. Feeling safe, she slid the gun back in her bag. He told Julia that he would let her out at the next rest stop if she didn't feel safe and she told him that she would stay with him. Julia asked if the phone call Garrett got was his contact and he told her that they were going to meet the "Dragon" in New York tomorrow.

Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 28, 2005

Mimi questions Di about the Dragon, specifically his identity. Di refuses to cooperate despite Mimi telling her that Kevin and his girlfriend were murdered and Julia is now missing. Di insists that she doesn't have the information that Mimi is seeking.

Tad interrogates Zach who is in jail after being arrested for Jimmy's murder. Zach remains stubbornly silent, refusing to confide in Tad. Elsewhere in the police station, Derek is trying to get information from Kendall as he takes her to see Zach. Hoping to force her cooperation, Derek lets her know that he has information that Kendall was present when Jimmy was killed. Kendall is surprised but doesn't say anything to Derek. When he steps out of hearing range, Greenlee tries to reason with Kendall. She points out that Kendall could very well end up in jail if she remains married to Zach. Kendall reminds Greenlee that she is protected by spousal privilege and then follows Derek to Zach's cell. Zach is not happy to see Kendall and warns her to not say anything to the authorities. Later, when Derek brings Di down to Zach's cell, Kendall decides to defend her husband. She tells Derek that Zach did not murder Jimmy. Jimmy was going to kill Julia and Zach was only protecting her. She insists that Julia will back up her story. Derek decides to release Zach and let everyone go. Once they are out of hearing range he orders surveillance on all of them hoping that one of them will lead the police to the Dragon.

When Kendall, Greenlee and Zach arrive home, Kendall sends Greenlee out of the room so that she can talk to Zach. Zach asks her why Kendall came to his defense earlier, is it because she cares for him? Kendall admits that she does but then quickly adds that she's trying to protect her business partner. Kendall in turn asks him if he intends to continue endangering his life for Julia. Zach assures her that he has no intention of dying. He has too much to live for. As Zach prepares he mentions the surrogacy and wonders if Kendall still intends to go through with it. Zach is not happy to learn that Kendall already went through with her plans and may, at that moment, be pregnant.

Krystal and Babe talk about Krystal's marriage to Adam. Babe is not too happy when Krystal shares certain details about how the marriage came about. She is repulsed by the idea of her mother sleeping with Adam. Krystal is practical about the matter. She points out that she had more leverage with Adam if she consummated the marriage because it won't be easy for him to divorce her. Krystal explains that she thinks Babe's plan to woo JR back is crazy but she thinks it could work if Krystal uses her marriage to Adam to their advantage. When Babe asks Krystal about Tad, Krystal admits that she gave up on Tad a long time ago and that she feels there is no future for them.

JR is in a state of disbelief that Krystal managed to trick Adam into marriage. When Adam tries to defend himself, JR is repulsed by the intimate details Adam is sharing. David interrupts when he walks in and demands to see Babe immediately. As the three men trade insults, Adam threatens to toss Krystal out of the house as well as her daughter. JR cautions Adam not to act so hastily, suggesting that he seek legal council first. David is confused by the direction of the conversation and asks for one of the men to explain to him what is going on. Neither obliges David. It isn't until Krystal and Babe walk into the room and Krystal drops the bombshell that she is the new Mrs. Adam Chandler that David finally learns of the marriage. Shock turns to disbelief and then resignation as David realizes that Krystal did indeed marry Adam. Meanwhile, Babe pulls JR aside and tells him that she is just as unhappy about the marriage as he is. She assures him that she will do everything in her power to convince her mother to end the farce of a marriage. JR doesn't believe her. When it appears that David is going to confront Babe about her plans to seduce JR into marrying her, Krystal speaks up and offers to divorce Adam if he will agree to give her half of all of his assets and holdings. Adam makes it clear that he has no intention of agreeing to Krystal's outrageous terms. Just then Tad and Dixie arrive from the police station. David enjoys watching Tad learn of the wedding. Tad takes a moment to speak with Krystal privately. He is concerned that Krystal has gotten herself into a situation that will end with her getting hurt. Krystal assures Tad that she is not the one who is going to get hurt.

Later, David manages to speak to Babe alone. Babe makes it clear that David's concern is not appreciated and his interference is not welcomed. David is determined to save Babe from herself. He tells JR that Babe plans on marrying him much to Babe's dismay.

Di surprises Tad when she readily agrees to give him the letter which reveals everything that she knows including the identity of the Dragon.

Garret brings an unsuspecting Julia to his penthouse, pointing out all the security features. Julia is curious about why he would have such a secure penthouse. Garret gives her a story about being burned in business and needing a safe place which seems to appease her. When they begin to talk about Noah, Garret asks Julia what she plans to do when she finds the dragon. Julia tells him that she intends to stop him and prevent him from hurting other people. Later, after Julia freshens up, she joins Garret for a cup of coffee. Garret questions Julia about her plans after everything is over. Julia tells him that she hopes to go back into nursing and reclaiming her life. As Julia sets down her cup of coffee, she accidentally tips it and the contents splash onto Garret's shirt. He quickly takes off his shirt, turning his back on Julia. When Julia looks up she is shocked to see a dragon tattoo on his shoulder. Julia quickly realizes that Garret is in fact "The Dragon." She tries her best to remain calm as Garret goes into the other room to clean up and change. Once he's gone, Julia scrambles to get her purse where she has the gun hidden in it. As she desperately searches her purse, Garret comes back into the room and asks, "Are you looking for this?" Julia looks up to find Garret pointing her gun at her.

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 29, 2005

Erica arrives at the club where she will be presented with the Treasured Citizen Award from the Chamber of Commerce, and chats briefly with Alfred from the bank. She soon excuses herself and goes across the courtyard to talk with Greg Madden. She demands that he tell her what the latest developments are regarding Greenlee trying to have Ryan's baby, and then delivers a warning: if he doesn't tell her the truth, she will decimate his career during her acceptance speech. Dr. Madden tells Erica that regardless of how often uninvolved family members badger him, he has a legal and moral obligation to keep medical information private. He further notes that when Greenlee and Kendall decide to catch her up to speed on their secrets, if they have any, it will be their decision - not his. Erica tells him that she was merely extending a courtesy to him - and that she will find out the information she is seeking, with or without his assistance. Greg tells her not to threaten him because she knows it will do no good. Before she can cause any more of a disturbance, Alfred returns with the news that the ballroom is filling up and that they might want to go in and claim their seats. Erica agrees that she doesn't want to disappoint her fans, but promises Greg that they will talk later. On her way in, she stops to share a hug with Opal and Myrtle. A short time later, the speeches done and the ceremony over, Erica meets up with her extended family and Alfred in the courtyard once again. She thanks them for being there, especially since Jack and the kids weren't able to. Alfred tells her that they wouldn't be anywhere else, and Erica murmurs and uncomfortable thank you. She then spots Greg again and shoots over to see him, Alfred starts to try to follow her and possibly bring her back, but Myrtle calls to him and lets him know that it is impossible to reign Erica in when she is on a mission.

Over by the bar, Greg tells Erica that she should spend the afternoon celebrating the award she just won - not badgering him for information about her daughters. Erica has decided on a different tack, and tells Greg that while she is supportive of Greenlee pursuing all available avenues so that she can carry Ryan's child to term, she is pressing so hard for information because of Jack. She reminds the good doctor of Jack's severe reservations about a new generation of Laverys, and Greg admits that he remembers well the reaction that Jack had to the idea. Erica goes on to say that she needs to know all of the information about the situation so that she can help Jack adjust. Greg thinks on this a moment, and then admits that she has a point and that he will help. Not knowing exactly what he will do, Erica prematurely rejoices and embraces a surprised Greg. She gushes about his change of heart for a moment, but he quickly corrects her thinking: he won't divulge confidential information, but he will help her with Jack. Erica starts to protest, saying that he doesn't understand - and Greg agrees. He doesn't understand Jack's intolerance, and reminds her that should Greenlee have a child, that child will be a part of Jack's family - and a miracle, regardless of the circumstances.

Palmer arrives at the club and immediately runs into Opal. He tries to get her to leave him alone, but she can't help but rub his face in the fact that it's time for him to write out his next alimony check to her. Opal harasses Palmer by taking his alimony check and pondering aloud the frivolous things she could now buy. Palmer tries to take the check back, but Opal is too quick for him and stashes it in her purse while telling him to leave them alone. Once he is gone, Opal asks Myrtle why men feel they have to control everything - but Myrtle tells Opal that she already knows the answer. She begs Myrtle to tell her anyway, and once she gets an earful, she is quite amused.

Kendall realizes, from the look on his face, that Zach may not have been 100% truthful when she tells him she already had the fertilized eggs implanted. She thinks he is backing out on his promise of unconditional support, but he says that he was merely surprised. Greenlee emerges from Kendall's bedroom and, having overheard the last portion of the conversation, asks if Zach changed his mind. Kendall demands an answer, but Zach questions what would change if he confirms their suspicions. Kendall declares that everything would change because she would drop him without a second thought. Greenlee jumps in and starts to badmouth Zach as if he isn't there, but Zach only lets it continue for a moment. When he stops her, Kendall asks if he really thought that she would bail on her best friend. Zach informs her that her loyalty and courage were never up for debate. Greenlee doesn't buy the line he is selling, and tries to convince Kendall that the best decision she could make would be to get a divorce. She announces that business arrangement or not, Zach will do nothing but get in their way. While she rants, Kendall and Zach just stare into each other's eyes, as if they are incapable of absorbing Greenlee's words. After a few moments, Kendall finally breaks the locked gaze and tells Greenlee that while she hears her words, she just doesn't think that divorce talk is best done in the now. Greenlee is flabbergasted, and as far as she can see, ending their business arrangement would be no more painful than the ties they break at Fusion. Kendall reminds her that she is hormonal, and highly sensitive. Zach breaks in and confirms that there will be no more talk of divorce, and Greenlee removes herself from between them, letting out an exasperated sigh. Zach says that he is over the initial shock, and that he would continue to be supportive of her in a way that will make the next 9 months as easy as possible. He then suggests that she move into the VIP suite so that she would always have people around, providing whatever she could possibly need. Kendall thinks the idea is sweet, but Greenlee is still skeptical. She questions Zach's intentions: is he really going to be supportive, or is he just chomping at the bit while he waits for an opportunity to reveal their secret to Erica? As Zach ignores the question, Kendall thanks him for the invite to the VIP suite, but politely declines. Zach tells her that should she need anything, just call. Once he leaves, Greenlee celebrates because she thought Kendall was about to fall for Zach. Kendall says that it would never happen, but that if it did - it shouldn't matter to Greenlee because Zach has no control over Kendall. Greenlee admits that much is true, but also says that Zach's track record - helping Edmund get killed, ruining Maria's life, denying his own son - as well and Kendall's own insecurities, don't lend a positive light to any kind of hopeful future for their relationship.

Greg offers that perhaps Jack could benefit from some counseling to deal with his feelings about Greenlee having Ryan's baby. Erica denies that there is a need for any such thing, but before she can launch into another tirade, Palmer interrupts. He points out that Zach has just crashed the party. Zach approaches Erica and simply says that he hears congratulations are in order. She wonders aloud what he is referring to, but after flicking a knowing look at Dr. Madden, he tells her that he wanted to congratulate her on her award. Erica is slightly taken aback, as that is not something Zach would normally do. Zach states that he is all about new beginnings, and takes his leave, greeting Opal and Myrtle on his way out. Palmer is wary of Zach's true intentions, but can't figure out what his motive might have been.

Babe and Krystal swoop in to try to dismiss David's shocking claim that his daughter wants to marry JR again. Unfazed by their protests, David offers to break it down for the Chandlers, who have handed over their undivided attention. David figures out that with Krystal married to Adam, Babe would have an easier time winning JR back - and the bonus would be getting to spend more time with her son. Both mother and daughter insist that David has made up the story, and wonder aloud why he would do such a thing and where he would have gotten such an idea. David lets the bomb drop that he heard the news from Jamie - the one person in the world who could watch Babe and know exactly what she is up to. JR wants answers from Babe: was this her plan all along, and did her father just blow the cover off of her scam? Babe waits for a moment, and then laughs, amazed that the Chandler men might swallow what she regards as a line of garbage. She reminds both Adam and JR that Jamie found her in bed with another man, and hates the air she breathes and the ground she walks on. Krystal requests some time alone with her new stepson to straighten matters out, but JR doesn't think there is time enough in the world for that. In a shocking turn, JR requests alone time with Babe. David tries to step in and deny JR's request, but Krystal takes a hold of David and forces him out into the hall, with Adam in tow. When the doors are closed between the living room and the hall, Krystal demands to know how many times David plans on trying to ruin their daughter's life. She is so infuriated with her one-night stand that she threatens to drop kick him back into the garbage pit from which he emerged. Adam, highly amused by this, quips that a video camera should be available when you really need one, and walks off. Krystal continues to rant at David over how many times he has ruined the chance to be a loving and supportive father. David declares that he did what he had to do, because there is no way that was going to let Babe be a target for JR again. Before she can verbally assault him anymore, Adam returns with a video camera, intent on preserving some memories. Krystal and David balk at the intrusion for a moment, and then Krystal returns to laying into David. Adam gets up in Krystal's face to catch all of the emotion, but when David breaks in and Adam turns to quickly capture the same from the other side - he slugs David with his ancient recording device. David spins, and then slowly sinks to the floor. Adam encourages her to try anything to rouse David, but Krystal decides to take the opportunity to get a smidge closer to her husband. She tells him that she realizes Adam was protecting her from David by bringing the video camera in - and she hugs him enthusiastically as thanks.

Back in the living room, JR notes that Babe has been nicer to him for weeks, even though he has continued to give her a hard time. She tells him not to read into something that's not there and that she's simply beat down - tired of fighting with him. JR admits that he believed that until today. He tells her that what David brought to light is hard to ignore and asks her if she's really been just playing him this whole time. She asks why he would care, even if David's story was true. JR tells her that if she thinks she will follow in Krystal's footsteps and wrangle another Chandler to the altar, he has every right to care. Babe asks JR if he is worried that he would be stupid enough to fall for her again and waits for an answer. Met with silence, she has to glean an answer from his face, and the answer amuses her. She comes to the realization that JR is afraid Babe has what it takes to win him back. JR vehemently denies wanting to ever return to a world where he was married to her. Babe tells him that he can call her any name he'd like - especially since he already thinks she's a liar. JR reminds her that Jamie isn't, and that he knows his brother better than she ever will because they grew up together. Babe tells him that he grew up with the old Jamie - but after the hell JR dished out, Jamie is now a changed man. She tells her ex-husband that now, if Jamie thought feeding lies to David would push JR and Babe even farther apart - he would do it in a heartbeat. JR isn't buying the line that Jamie has now picked up on the revenge tack, so Babe gives up trying to convince him. Instead, she asks if he wants to know why David thinks she wants to marry JR again. JR waits with bated breath and Babe starts to change her mind and goes to leave. JR blocks her way so she comes clean: when things blew up with Jamie, she was a wreck and went to her father for some comfort - which she now realizes was a stupid move. She said something while there about how wild it would be if Little Adam's parents got back together. Before JR can comment, she tells him that she already knows that would never happen because JR hates her guts. She asks him to pretend that this day never happened, and goes, leaving a stunned JR to ponder what he just heard.

In the hall, Babe takes in the scene and while Adam claims knocking David out was an accident, Babe admits that she is just sorry Adam didn't finish the job. Flippantly, Krystal decides that since everything is under control, she is going to take inventory in the wine cellar so that she can be sure to get half of everything. Adam swears he will drink all of them and kill himself doing so before he gives anything to her. She takes off with Adam following close behind, leaving Babe to hit David with her purse, demanding that he wake up. David finally regains consciousness a few moments later, asking what happened. Babe tells him not to worry about anyone else, because he will be going with her to a place where there won't be any witnesses.

JR wanders out to the terrace with Babe's voice in his head, but he only has a moment to think on her words again before he is interrupted by Kendall. She rushes in, and begs him to help her before she falls in love,

Di is surprised when Tad refuses to go after the letter she wrote, which identifies who The Dragon is - especially when he has been after her for weeks to let him in. Tad tells her that he doesn't have time to run around Pine Valley connecting the dots when Julia is out there, vulnerable to the one man Di has been protecting. He doesn't believe that it would be that difficult for her to do this one simple favor for him: just open up her mouth and tell him the information he needs to hear. After some careful thought, Di reveals that she can't be with him when he reads the contents of her letter. Tad realizes that the information within the infamous letter affects not only Di and Julia, but also his relationship with Di. He asks what she did that was so horrible, and she admits that she went to see The Dragon. Tad starts to understand the kind of danger Di is truly in, but tells her that a murderer does not deserve her loyalty. The Dragon has already had her ex-boyfriend and Julia's husband killed, as well as shot up Wildwind in an attempt to make Julia's name the last one on his DOA list. Tad tells her to forget about the promises she made and the guilt she feels and just reveal the man behind the mask. He tells her that he knows she has the strength to take on The Dragon and win. Di tells him again that she can't reveal the contents and look him in the eye. Tad tells her that he doesn't believe that she can say or do anything at this point that they can't get through together. Sighing, Di tells him that there are a lot of lies that she told and things she withheld since returning to Pine Valley. Despite it all, she does truly love Tad. Tad is concerned because again, she sounds as though things between them will end once he reads the letter. Di tells him that there is a good possibility that things will end. She apologizes for all of the things she has done in the past year, but Tad tells her he doesn't care. He just knows that if they live through this ordeal, they have another chance to be together - and that's all that matters to him. She then tells him that she gave the letter to Alfred but that she doesn't know where it went from there. After a few kisses, Tad runs off to track it down.

Garret, with Julia's gun trained on its owner, listens as Julia realizes aloud that the situation wasn't going to go down as she expected: The Dragon is holding the gun - not her, and The Dragon won't die today - she will. Garret tells her that she doesn't have to die, so she informs him that if he doesn't kill her - she will kill him. She explains further that he brought this on himself because he wiped the Earth clean of her husband, as if he didn't matter. Garret tells her that he actually hates violence, and he hated ordering the hit on Noah. He confesses that he still hates that fact. He then gives her the gun back, but after a quick check, she realizes that the bullets have been emptied. She tries to berate him for pulling a power trip on her just for the fun of it but he cuts off her rant with a shocking stream of facts. He proceeds to run down a partial list of names, places and occupations that she and Noah held over the years and tells her that he tracked them the entire time they were in Witness Protection. He then points out that he could have killed them at any point over those years, but he didn't. His last bombshell is that he was free to let them live while they were under government protection - but now the story has changed. He tells her that while they were in Witness Protection, he kept tabs on them to keep them safe and out of respect for Noah. Julia questions why then he would have Noah killed if he thought so highly of his old friend. Garret tells her that when they decided they were sick of the anonymous life, he was forced to play his hand. Infuriated, Julia asks why he doesn't just kill her, and Garret tells her that he isn't finished with her yet. He admits that he had hopes that they could get to know each other better. Julia tells him that if he thought he had a chance in hell of seducing her, he was not only demented but also dead wrong. She reminds him that he single-handedly destroyed her world when he killed Noah, and he would never lay a hand on her. She storms into the bedroom and slams the door while Garret stares after her, smoldering. A few moments pass, and then Julia realizes that she is locked in the room. She bangs on the door, pleading to be let out, but Garret ignores her, instead answering his ringing phone. Di is on the other end, and she is in his building, calling for admittance into the inner sanctum. Pleased, he buzzes her in.

Tad meets up with Alfred at the docks behind the club, and asks for the letter that Dixie wrote for him. Alfred questions why the letter is so important to everyone. Tad asks who else inquired about it, and Alfred indicates Tad...and Zach, who just emerged onto a nearby deck.


Babe and David go to the waterfalls where David tells his daughter that he had no other choice than to spill the beans about her marriage plans. Babe yells at David for ruining her life and demands that he leave her and her mother alone. David says that Babe has convinced herself marriage is the only way out, but there is a chance she will fall in love with him again. Babe roars at David that she does not need him because she has her mother. When David insults Krystal, Babe screams that her mother has always been by her side so he has no right to insult her. David says that Krystal married Adam, but Babe counters that her mother's plan will at least give her some inside scoop. Babe says that if she marries JR, she would see her son more and that is all that matters. She tells him that there is no other option because she has used them all. Even her own father won't tell her Dixie's secret, Babe says. As Babe sobs, David hugs her and apologizes for hurting her. Babe says that his apology is no good because his secret, no matter how small or big it is, could cost her time with her son. As Babe walks off ending her relationship with David, David admits that Dixie is really Di Henry, Dixie's half-sister.

Krystal and Adam debate over gets ownership of Adam's bedroom. Krystal claims that she is a co-owner of the house, now that she is married, but Adam threatens to throw her out of his room. Krystal says that the only way she will leave him if with a divorce and half of his millions. She tells him that whatever little plans he has for her will never work. Adam offers for them to handle the matter privately without lawyers, but Krystal does not buy it so she removes her bathrobe to reveal black lingerie. Adam begins walking out for a drink, but turns around when Krystal threatens to lock him out. Adam hops in his bed and Krystal gets in after him. As Krystal pretends to toss and turn in bed, Adam sneaks a peek at her then turns on his side.

Kendall tells JR that she is scared she is falling in love with someone and when JR asks if it is Zach, she denies it. Kendall claims that Greenlee's on-and-off-again hatred toward Zach is confusing her. She starts naming off all of Zach's bad qualities until JR tells her to let it go. Kendall figures that it is impossible to fall in love with someone that you hate so it is impossible for her to love Zach. JR tells her that Kendall is right, but she realizes he is secretly lusting for Babe again. JR says no, that he was just agreeing with Kendall. He admits that he still hates Babe, but Kendall brings up all of the bad things she did just to remind him. JR kisses Kendall to prove that he has no feelings for Babe. She pulls away and tells him that she will not be used as bait to figure out his feelings for Babe. Kendall hands JR papers which legally give him and his father back Chandler Enterprises. She tells him that the blessing came from a talk with Bianca. JR tells her that he will always be there for Kendall no matter what.

Tad tells Zach to leave, but he stays put as Alford suggests that he leave. Zach demands that he should get the letter, but Tad disagrees. Alford pipes in that Dixie never gave him any type of document, which Zach and Tad think is a lie. Alford tells them that he will take them both to Dixie's letter, which is in a bank's safety deposit area. He locks Tad and Zach inside of a barred area instead of pulling out the letter. Zach says that he understands why Alford played Tad, but there is no need to lock him up. Alford tells them that the gate will open at 8:30 tomorrow morning, but not to worry because he left them water, snacks and a temperature-controlled word. Alford admits that Dixie asked him to set Tad up and in his own way, he gets his revenge on Tad. After Alford leaves, Tad tries to call Di, but he can't get through. Zach reminds Tad that the love of his lied to both of them and now, Julia is probably with the killer because Julia was protecting him. Tad remembers Di telling him that she has told a lot of lies to him since returning from the dead, but in the end, she loves him.

Di goes into see Garret, where she gives him a more than friendly hug. She takes a glance around her familiar environment, toting that Garret taught her the difference between silver and sterling silver. Di figures out that Julia is locked in the bedroom, as Julia listens through the bedroom door. Julia even says that she will keep her promise to Noah and finish off Garret. Garret recants his memories with Di, including an opera that featured a woman who killed herself for the man who would not love her back. Di tells him that her letter is still floating around and it is not beautiful to kill someone. Julia screams to Garret to let her out, but he ignores her. Garret tells Di that no one loved her or understood her better than him. It's a shame their relationship has come to such a horrid end, he says. Di tells him that she wants everyone to get their lives back, so Garret asks her more about her new love, Tad. JR starts tearing her room apart and starts tearing off one of the legs of a chair. Di refuses to talk about Tad and Garret tells her if she walks away, she will not be hurt. Her life is not worth another stranger's, he says. Di pleads for Garret to spare Tad's life because he is not involved with everything, plus, he will not get a hold of her letter. Inside the room, Julia sharpens the end of the chair's leg and starts practicing her self-defense moves. Di tells Garret that she can convince Julia to walk away from everything so he allows her to go visit Julia alone. Julia comes out of the door with the sharp-ended chair leg, but Garret grabs it, sending Julia to the other end of the room. Garret grabs at Di's waist, kisses her cheek and then walks out the door to another appointment. Julia starts accusing Di of being in with Garret, but Di warns her to keep quiet if they want to live.

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