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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 2, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, March 2, 2009

JR was not pleased to see Jake hugging a sobbing Amanda. Jake joked that he was trying to steal Amanda from JR. JR told Jake to get out of his house. Jake said he would not tolerate Amanda shedding any more tears over JR. After Jake left, JR asked Amanda why she shoved Babe's memory in his face. Amanda told JR the movie mix-up was a simple mistake. JR accused Amanda of throwing Babe in his face to get him to drink again. Amanda reminded JR that she took the drink out of his hand before he drank it.

JR knew that Amanda was deceiving him. Amanda admitted she put the movie in to drive JR to alcohol again. She felt JR only needed her when he was out of control. JR's calm demeanor made her worry that he would not want her or their baby. Amanda said Jake came by the mansion to make sure she did not go through with her plan. JR wondered if Amanda got pregnant purposely to trap him. Amanda denied his accusations.

Krystal agreed to marry David if he promised two things. First, he would not use their marriage to take Little Adam from JR. Second, Krystal did not want David keeping any secrets from her. David agreed to Krystal's conditions. David and Krystal made love. Afterwards, David whispered Krystal's name but she was sound asleep. David said Krystal would be out for a while and slipped downstairs.

Jake stopped David before he got out the door. Jake said he knew David paid Amanda to get JR to drink again, and if she failed, David would spill the beans. Jake wanted to save David another trip to the Chandler mansion. He told David that Amanda was not going through with the plan. David said Jake was desperate to get Amanda back. Jake said he did not want Amanda back. He just wanted to protect her from David.

Taylor found Tad playing poker at the casino. Tad said his luck was turning around with Taylor by his side. Taylor said she did not believe in luck. People made their own decisions without the help of magic, she said. Tad sensed that Taylor's attitude had something to do with Brot. Taylor admitted she and Brot were having trust issues, but she wanted to get it back.

Brot picked up an extra shift at the hospital, but Frankie figured Brot was working extra hours to avoid Taylor. Brot said he and Taylor were having issues in the bedroom. He became nervous each time they got close to being intimate, Brot said. Frankie said he and Randi did not have sex for six months. Frankie urged Brot to stop over thinking romance. He said it would happen naturally.

Brot and Frankie decided to grab a drink at the casino, where they ran into Tad and Taylor. Brot turned out to be quite the poker player by beating Taylor. Brot and Taylor decided to sneak out while Frankie and Tad grabbed drinks. Taylor and Brot went back to her home to reminisce about old times. Brot took Taylor's hand and led her back to the bedroom.

Adam said that he had no problem telling the police Kendall hit Greenlee. Adam said the publicity alone would destroy Fusion. Zach asked Adam what he wanted in return for his silence. Adam said he needed time to think about it, and left. Reese said she wanted to prove to Kendall that she loved Bianca before returning to Paris. Kendall figured Reese was only sticking around to bed Zach. Kendall wished Reese and Zach a wonderful life together, and stormed out.

Pete stopped Adam before he walked into the Chandler mansion. Pete said an email from Greenlee before her death confirmed that Adam's money was gone. Adam went into the living room to check on JR and Amanda. JR said his father was right. Amanda had been playing him all along. Amanda said she was not after the Chandler money. JR believed Amanda. He said if Amanda were scamming him, their relationship would be a complete mockery to Babe.

JR asked Amanda if she was hiding anything else. Amanda said JR knew everything he needed to know. David popped out of the secret tunnels to give JR the real story. David said he paid Amanda to turn JR into a drunk. David unveiled all the details of how Amanda tricked JR into dipping into the booze again. JR realized that David wanted JR drunk so he could go after Little Adam. After David was gone, Amanda packed her bags and left at JR's request. Adam told JR to do what he needed to get the baby from Amanda.

Kendall had the locks changed on the front door. Zach rattled the new locks, but the door would not budge. He forced the door open and it banged against the wall. Kendall said Zach was more than welcome to go back to Reese. Zach said he wanted to be with only Kendall. He said they needed each other more than ever to get through their problems. Zach was tired of Kendall's indifference. He asked her to make a decision right then and there about their marriage. Kendall and Zach shared a kiss. They made love by the fireplace. Reese saw Kendall and Zach snuggling through the window.

David snuck back to his bedroom as Krystal woke up. David showed Krystal two wedding bands that he bought. He said their wedding was going to be the next day.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tad entered his living room and saw Jake sleeping on the couch. The living room was in complete disarray. Tad noticed Jake's laptop and looked at the screen. Tad laughed when he saw "" on Jake's computer. Jake woke up and told Tad to stop looking at his stuff. Tad made fun of his brother for using a dating website. Then, they looked at a woman's profile together. Instead of a picture of herself, the woman posted a picture of her dog. Kathy entered the room and saw the picture of the dog and hoped that she was getting a new pet. As Kathy begged Tad for a dog, Jenny began crying. Tad and Jake looked overwhelmed.

Krystal was asleep when David tried to wake her. He told her to get up because it was their wedding day. She told him to get away from her. He was shocked and asked what was wrong. She said that his hands were ice cold. He explained that there was a power outage in the neighborhood, so there was no heat or electricity. He further stated that houses with children would regain power first. Krystal wished that Jenny could be with them. David promised her that Jenny and Little Adam would be in their lives soon. He reminded her that their late daughter, Babe, was with them in spirit. Krystal was happy to hear that David could feel Babe's presence. Then, David reminded Krystal that she had an appointment to visit Jenny.

Krystal went to Tad's to visit Jenny. Krystal was dressed in a white suit for the wedding. Tad commented that she looked very nice. Krystal revealed that she was getting married. Tad snidely asked if Krystal and David were planning to have another child together. She slapped Tad and stated that Babe was irreplaceable. Tad could not understand why Krystal wanted to marry David. He equated Krystal's love for David to a junky chasing a high. She commented that she loved David more than she ever loved Tad, then she left.

Amanda went to work and Pete could tell that she was sick. He offered to call a doctor for her, just in case she had the flu. She noted that she had enough doctors in her life.

JR and Adam went to Fusion. JR asked to speak with Amanda privately in ConFusion. She attempted to apologize for her wrongdoings, but JR stopped her. He said that he wanted to make peace, but on his own terms. He handed her a legal document that gave him sole custody of the baby. He explained that the baby would want for nothing and that she would have visiting rights. She was appalled by his offer and refused to sign the papers. She affirmed that she could raise the baby on her own.

Adam demanded to speak with Erica about his investment in Fusion. He was upset because Erica lost his money. She assured him that his money was secure, but he was skeptical. He said that no one, not even Erica, could get away with losing his money. She revealed that she had a plan to revitalize the company. She showed him her business plan and he read through it. He liked the plan, especially the part about laying off employees.

Amanda and JR were still arguing over the custody of the baby when they entered Fusion. Erica warned Amanda to leave her personal life out of her work environment. Adam suggested that Amanda be fired. Amanda, frustrated with the Chandlers and Erica, announced that she was quitting. Amanda stormed out of Fusion. Adam lambasted JR for his unsuccessful tactics with Amanda. So, JR stormed out as well.

Erica told Adam that he had to let JR be an adult and live his own life. She then asked him to be her partner at Fusion and he agreed. They went to shake hands, but they kissed instead.

Jake and David arrived at ConFusion at the same time. David announced that he was getting married, and ordered champagne. Amanda entered the bar with her luggage. David was not surprised that the Chandlers had kicked Amanda out. Amanda snapped and yelled that David would not get his child. David asked what she meant by the comment. She realized the slip and pretended that she was referring to Little Adam. Jake noticed Amanda was in trouble and ushered her out of the bar. David smiled as he toasted Amanda's unborn child.

JR went to ConFusion and drank an entire bottle of liquor. He was extremely drunk and asked the bartender for a second bottle.

David introduced Krystal to his lawyer. David revealed that he had a prenuptial agreement made for them. She was confused. He explained that he wanted to protect his heirs, just in case they got divorced. She stated that Little Adam did not need protection from her. He agreed, but noted that he may have future heirs. She wanted to read the document, but he encouraged her not to because they needed to start the wedding ceremony. She signed the document without reading it.

A minister came to Wildwind to marry Krystal and David. They stood among many candles as they said their vows. Krystal stated that she was only half a person, until she met David, her soul mate. David professed his undying love for Krystal. Then, the minister pronounced them husband and wife. David hugged Krystal and stated, "You're mine."

Jake took Amanda to Tad's home and suggested that she live with them. She did not want to impose, but Tad agreed that she should stay with them. Tad and Jake noted that they needed a woman's touch in the house. She was grateful and immediately began to help with Jenny and Kathy. As Amanda held Jenny, she got a worried look on her face and ran out of the room. When she reentered the room, she nervously told Jake and Tad that she was spotting.

Taylor woke up to discover that Brot was watching her sleep. He brought her breakfast in bed and they shared a romantic morning. Then, the doorbell rand and Taylor answered it. Tad was at the door with lunch. He asked Taylor if she would have a late lunch with him. She stated that she had a late breakfast as Brot revealed himself to Tad. Tad realized that he interrupted their plans and he left. Brot and Taylor then held each other tight and danced in the living room.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Zach noticed Opal decorating ConFusion. Opal explained that she was helping Jack prepare for Greenlee's memorial service. Opal said that everyone was attending, but Zach assumed that Ryan would not go. She wondered how Zach knew Ryan would not attend. Zach said that it was a gut feeling. She urged Zach to be a friend to Ryan, but Zach said that was not possible because they were no longer close. Zach explained that Ryan "crossed the line" and there was no turning back. She reminded him that people said and did uncharacteristic things while they grieved. Zach was adamant that he and Ryan would not reconcile. She called them stubborn men.

Jack visited Ryan and implored him to attend the memorial service. Ryan turned down the invitation because he was not ready to say goodbye to Greenlee. Jack explained that the memorial service was going to be a party to celebrate Greenlee's life. Ryan did not want to go. Ryan revealed that he still had hope Greenlee would return and, if he went to the service, that hope would die. Jack thought that Greenlee would want Ryan there, but that did not change Ryan's mind, either.

Kendall barged into the Chandler mansion looking for Reese. Kendall was surprised to encounter a security guard screening Reese's guests. Reese told the guard that he could let Kendall in. Kendall was furious with Reese and demanded to know why Reese was snooping around Kendall's house the night before. Reese said that she went to the house to talk with Zach and Kendall, but she was embarrassed when she saw them sharing an intimate moment. Kendall called Reese a stalker and warned Reese to stay away from Zach.

Reese swore that she did not want Zach because she loved Bianca. Reese explained that she stayed in Pine Valley to prove to Bianca's friends and family that she sincerely loved Bianca. Kendall refused to believe that Reese truly loved her sister. Reese told Kendall that she lost a lot, but she was taking responsibility for it. Reese urged Kendall to take responsibility for her actions, like driving the car that ran Greenlee off of the road. Kendall said that Greenlee's accident was Reese's fault and then stormed out.

Reese went to Ryan's penthouse. She informed him that Kendall, not Zach, was driving the car that ran Greenlee off of the road. He was not surprised and stated that he suspected that all along. Nevertheless, he felt that Zach was responsible for the accident. Ryan asked Reese why she told him about Kendall. Reese thought that Ryan deserved to know the truth. Reese further stated that she remained in town to prove that she was a good person and worthy of Bianca. He urged her to go to Europe to fight for Bianca. She affirmed that the battleground for Bianca was in Pine Valley.

Ryan confronted Zach at ConFusion. Ryan revealed that he knew Kendall was driving the car. Zach asked what Ryan planned to do with the information. Ryan still blamed Zach for the accident. Ryan asked Zach why he did not get rid of Reese. Kendall entered the bar and asked Zach the same question. Zach was frustrated with Ryan and Kendall, so he promised to get rid of Reese and stormed out. Kendall was worried that she pushed Zach too far and that he might leave her.

Zach went to the mansion to find Reese. He told her that she needed to leave Pine Valley immediately. She refused to go, so he grabbed her arm. As she pulled away, she tripped and fell. Reese fell onto a set of glasses and glass flew everywhere.

Amanda was concerned for her baby's health because she was spotting. Jake and Tad implored her to go to the hospital, but she did not want to go. She was scared that she might lose the baby. Jake assured her that spotting was common, but he urged her to go to the hospital, just in case. She did not want to see David. Jake informed her that David would not be there because it was his wedding day, so she agreed to go.

After David and Krystal were married, he stated, "Now, you're mine." Then, David escorted the minister and lawyer out of the house. When he returned, he noticed Krystal was crying. She explained that she felt like an item that was purchased rather than a bride. He apologized for making her feel that way. He added that he was all hers and they were finally one. This comforted her and they made love.

Krystal had a nightmare. She dreamt that she was pregnant and David was delivering her baby. When she saw the newborn, she screamed with horror at the sight of it. She jumped up and David asked what was wrong. She did not tell him about the dream, instead she stated that she missed Jenny. He thought it was wrong that Tad would not let Jenny visit Wildwind. He then revealed that he wanted to have a baby with Krystal. She looked unnerved.

David received a call from his informant, a nurse at the hospital. The nurse informed him that Amanda was admitted due to complications with her pregnancy. David told Krystal that he needed to go to work and he left.

Adam was displeased to find JR extremely intoxicated at ConFusion. As Adam lambasted JR for being a drunk, JR received a call from Tad. Tad told JR that Amanda was in the hospital. JR said that he did not care, and Tad could tell that he was drunk.

Adam urged JR to sober up, but JR continued to drink. JR screamed that Adam was a terrible father. Adam replied that he was ashamed of his son. Tad entered the bar and told Adam and JR to stop fighting. Adam said that he needed to go home to tuck in Little Adam because JR could not do it. JR sarcastically toasted Tad for getting rid of Adam. Tad knocked the glass out of JR's hand. Tad stated that he agreed with Adam, JR was a drunk. JR admitted that he was worthless. Tad encouraged JR to do the right thing and go to the hospital to support Amanda.

Angie warned Frankie to stay away from Amanda. Frankie wanted to continue helping Amanda, but Angie felt he had done enough. Angie feared that David would discover Frankie changed Amanda's due date and would seek revenge. Frankie took his mother's advice and called another doctor to check on Amanda.

The doctor announced that she would know more about Amanda's condition after she ran numerous tests. Jake and Frankie consoled Amanda. Amanda stated that she did not want to lose the baby, even though David was the biological father.

Jake and Frankie were unpleasantly surprised to see David at the hospital. They told him that Amanda needed rest, but David was insistent upon seeing her.

Angie informed Amanda that she knew David was the father. Angie promised to help keep Amanda's secret. Then, David entered the room. Angie told him to get out, but Amanda wanted to speak with him privately.

David wondered if Amanda finally had the courage to tell him that the baby was his. She looked nervous. Then, JR arrived. Amanda told David to get out because she needed to speak with the father of her child, JR. After David left, JR swore to protect Amanda from David.

Tad asked Jake why he had asked Amanda to move in with them. Jake said that he wanted to help Amanda because she was a friend. Tad felt there was more to the situation. Tad wondered if Jake felt a connection to Amanda's baby.

Angie called Krystal to inform her that David came to the hospital to see Amanda. Krystal rushed to the hospital. Tad saw Krystal and was shocked to learn that she had married David. David then noticed Krystal and asked why she was there. Krystal stated that she came to find out the truth.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Angie and Frankie were discussing Amanda's case when David approached them. David demanded a quick update then snatched the chart out of Angie's hand. Before anyone could stop him, David barged into Amanda's room. Amanda was relieved to hear that her baby was out of danger, but she wasn't happy to hear it from David. David seemed unconcerned Amanda became increasing agitated as he badgered her about DNA testing. Amanda told David that his constant harassment was creeping her out. She also made it clear that David was not the baby's father. For the baby's sake, David suggested that she calm herself.

Krystal bumped into Angie at the hospital. When she asked if Angie had seen David, Angie told Krystal that David was last seen harassing Amanda. Krystal defended David. She insisted that David was not interested in Amanda's baby. Krystal went on to reveal that David wanted to start a family with Krystal. Angie warned Krystal that her marriage to David would be over if he ever learned Amanda carried his child. Angie also believed that David wouldn't rest until he had Amanda's baby.

Krystal was deep in thought when JR spotted her a short time later. As they talked about Amanda's condition, JR realized that Krystal supported his relationship with Amanda. It made him wonder why. Krystal told him that it was because she knew what it was like to be a single mother. Krystal asked JR how he felt about Amanda. JR was evasive. He said that he could only focus on his child at the moment.

When JR walked into Amanda's room, David told him that "the bun" was still in the oven. JR wasn't amused; he ordered David to leave. Alone with Amanda, JR promised her that he would take care of her and their baby. Amanda was said nothing as JR leaned over and kissed the top of her head.

David was surprised when he saw Krystal in the lounge. Krystal explained that she was there to escort David to Greenlee's memorial service. David seemed hesitant about attending, but Krystal convinced him to go. She told David that he had every right to be at the memorial service because Greenlee had meant a lot to him.

When Kendall arrived at the Pine Valley police station she learned that Jesse was interviewing Zach.

Jesse questioned Zach about Reese's accident. Zach admitted that he had been angry with Reese. Kendall walked in a few minutes later. She told Jesse that she had paid Zach's bail. After Jesse left, Zach accused Kendall of being happy that Reese had been injured. Kendall appeared uncomfortable, but didn't respond. Instead, she told Zach that he had time to go home to change his clothes before Greenlee's memorial service. She was surprised when Zach announced that he would not attend the service. Zach told Kendall that he intended to go to the hospital to see Reese.

After emergency surgery, Jake updated Reese on her injury. He told Reese that they had removed most of the glass from her eyes when they had flushed them with a saline solution. The rest of the damage had hopefully been corrected with surgery. Reese was relieved when Jake assured her that she would be fine. Her tension returned when Jake urged Reese to press charges against Zach. When Reese refused, Jake told her about Taylor's tumble down a flight of stairs after an argument with Zach. Reese wasn't swayed; she insisted that her fall had been an accident.

A short time later, Zach arrived at the hospital. Jake intercepted Zach before he could enter Reese's room. He accused Zach of nearly blinding Reese then made it clear that Zach was not permitted near Reese. To ensure Zach cooperation, Jake arranged for a guard to be posted outside of Reese's room.

At ConFusion, Jackson told Erica that he had invited Mary, Greenlee's mother, to Greenlee's memorial service. Erica supported his decision.

Kendall arrived at ConFusion moments later. She told Erica that Zach had gone to the hospital. Erica was furious. A short time later, she tracked Zach down. Zach was unrepentant about his decision to forgo the service. He told Erica that Kendall had changed; the woman she was before the accident would never have demanded he send his daughter away.

Erica defended her daughter. She reminded Zach that Kendall had emerged from a coma to find that everything had changed. Erica explained that Kendall needed time to adjust because she was overwhelmed by everything. Erica insisted that Zach should be with his wife, not at Reese's bedside. Zach disagreed.

Later, Zach managed to slip into Reese's room. When she realized that Zach was her visitor, Reese told him that she would not press charges. She also told Zach that she planned to stay in town. Reese explained that she wanted to build on what she had started in Pine Valley. She also said that she wasn't afraid to face opposition from everyone who wanted her to leave.

Zach apologized to Reese for the accident, but Reese didn't want to hear it. She threw him out of the room. Zach was about to walk out when the doctor entered the room. Reese was unaware that Zach stood nearby while the doctor took off the bandages covering her eyes. Her face was horribly bruised and scraped up. When she opened her eyes, the doctor asked her what she saw. Reese answered, "Nothing."

Ryan was holed up in his apartment. He ignored the phone when it rang. As the answering machine picked up, Emma's recorded greeting came on. Emma happily announced that her father and Greenlee were going to be married before a beep signaled callers to leave a message.

Erica asked Ryan to pick up the phone. When he didn't, she told him that Greenlee's memorial service was scheduled for two o'clock. Erica said that she hoped he reconsidered his decision not to attend the service. After Erica ended the call, Ryan replayed Emma's greeting. He listened to it over and over. When he couldn't take it anymore, Ryan threw the machine across the room.

Later, Kendall stopped by Ryan's apartment to persuade him to go to Greenlee's memorial service. When she began apologizing for what had happened to Greenlee, Ryan stopped her. He reminded Kendall that she had not been driving. Kendall looked guilty, but Ryan didn't notice. He was too wrapped up in his grief. Ryan told Kendall that he didn't see the point of attending the service. Greenlee had died young and there wasn't anything that anyone could do to change that.

Aidan went to the sanitarium to visit Annie. She appeared lucid as she happily greeted Aidan. Annie was grateful to be in the new facility; she credited Aidan for arranging it. Aidan surprised Annie with a gift; it was a journal. Annie appreciated the gift. A few minutes later, Aidan told her that he had to leave. He explained that Greenlee's memorial service was scheduled for that day. Annie realized how difficult the day must be for Aidan and Ryan.

Annie was also reminded of her role in the breakdown of Aidan's marriage. She apologized to Aidan, but he refused to let her take the blame. He took full responsibility for his failed marriage. Annie identified with Aidan. She told him that they both had been rejected because they had done some wrong things. Annie confessed that she wanted Aidan to be happy again. Aidan said that he was happy when he was with her.

After Aidan left, Annie sat down to write Ryan a letter. In the letter she told Ryan that she was ready to build a new life with someone new. When a staff member stopped to remind Annie of a group meeting, Annie left the room. The journal was opened to the first page. Annie had doodled a heart. Inside the heart, Annie had written: Aidan Devane.

Kendall returned to ConFusion just as Greenlee's friends and family were gathering. Heads turned when Mary Smythe walked into the room. Erica immediately approached the heartbroken mother to offer her condolences. The shared a hug as they commiserated about the pain of losing a child.

Jake was irritated when he spotted David at the service. When Randi asked Jake why David was there, Jake explained that Greenlee had been married to David's younger brother, Leo du Pres.

Later, when JR walked up to the bar, Jake accused JR of pretending to care for Amanda so that he could steal the baby from her. JR denied the insulting allegation before he walked away.

Opal stepped outside of ConFusion to get some fresh air. Before Ryan could walk away, Opal called out to him. She reminded Ryan of his request to put him in touch with Greenlee. Opal suggested that if Greenlee were to make herself known, then it would be at the service where her loved ones were gathered.

The memorial service started with Greenlee's parents talking about their daughter. Jack tearfully said that he missed Greenlee every day. Mary talked of her regrets and expressed gratitude that she had been present at a few special milestones in Greenlee's life.

Jake, Amanda, Erica, and Kendall also gave touching eulogies. Ryan was the last to speak. He recounted how he had first met Greenlee, then later, when he had fallen in love with her. Ryan choked up as he told everyone about Greenlee's promise to surprise him every day. Ryan said that Greenlee had kept her word. Some of his anger came through as he admitted that he had no idea how to say goodbye to Greenlee. Ryan begged Greenlee for a sign that she was all right. Just then, as a storm raged on outside, the lights inside ConFusion flickered. A collective gasp rang out as everyone looked at each other with a sense of wonderment.

Kendall approached Ryan after the service. She was happy that he had changed his mind about attending the memorial service for Greenlee. Ryan confessed that he felt completely alone. Kendall reached out to hug him. She told him that he wasn't alone

Opal sat at the bar, looking at a picture of Greenlee. Nearby, David sipped on a drink. When Opal dropped the picture suddenly, David laughed out loud. He realized that Opal was having one of her visions. He accused Opal of believing in voodoo magic but Opal ignored his insults. She told him that Greenlee was in trouble. She was cold and alone, trapped with no way out. David seemed oddly blasé as he responded, "Really? How terrible."

Annie was surprised to see Aidan after Greenlee's service. Aidan said that he realized during the service that he wanted to see her again. Annie smiled as Aidan walked up, touched her face, then kissed her.

Friday, March 6, 2009

After Amanda checked out of the hospital, she thanked JR not only for understanding why she couldn't return to the Chandler mansion, but also for his forgiveness. JR told her that the scare she'd had with the baby put a lot of things into perspective for him. He then knocked at the door they'd been standing near and when it opened, Tad greeted them both warmly. He assured Amanda that he was fine with her move into Casa Martin. They moved inside and Jake joined the group in the foyer in time for JR to note that Amanda had overdone things a bit that day. Amanda concurred, but said that there was no way she would have missed Greenlee's memorial service.

Away from the lingering attendants of the memorial service, Ryan confessed to the realization that he wouldn't wake up from the nightmare of Greenlee being gone. He insisted that he was alone, but Kendall denied that and pulled him into a comforting embrace. Opal interrupted them when she approached them, with Krystal and David close behind. Opal had some information that she'd shared with David and Krystal that they all thought Ryan should know. Opal insisted that the disclosure could wait, so David offered his condolences and said that he'd gotten to know what an amazing woman Greenlee was from when she'd been married to his brother, Leo. He then encouraged Ryan to move on with his life as soon as he could. David escorted his new bride out and, after Ryan was able to break his incredulous stare, he demanded that Opal divulge what she knew.

Opal told them that when the lightning flickered during the service, she felt Greenlee's presence in a different way than she had felt other people who had passed away. Ryan told her that although he'd asked her to try to get in touch with Greenlee's spirit, he needed her to stop, as he needed an opportunity to heal. Opal said that while she couldn't stop the feelings, she could make a point not to share them. The thunder rumbled again, and when Kendall nervously clutched her chest, Opal looked to Ryan, who confirmed that he would make sure Kendall got home safely. After Opal exited, Kendall noted that she had the same feeling as the night of the tornado.

Kendall questioned what she could have done to garner all of the personal and emotional fallout she'd suffered from the tornado - most recently the loss of Greenlee. She then asked how Ryan could excuse her from any culpability regarding Greenlee's death, and Ryan told her that Zach always had a choice in what happened and he continually made the wrong decision. At that, tears rolled down Kendall's face as she wondered why both Zach and her sister hadn't been honest, to the point that she woke up from the coma to a completely different world - one where her husband shared a daughter with her sister, and had been captivated by someone Kendall didn't know. Ryan noted that he had a similar struggle as he tried to understand what he had done to end up alone and filled with grief again. He tried to find words to describe how he and Kendall could get through the pain, and she offered that they could only do so by depending on each other.

Ryan told Kendall that he wanted to take her home, but she resisted because she didn't want to fight with Zach anymore. Ryan asked her if that was really the reason, and she admitted that she was more afraid of not finding Zach at home when she got there. She then pointed out how much she had pushed him away and wondered how she could be so aware of what she was doing, and still continue to be so self-destructive. She worried that Zach would get so far away from her that there would be no way to repair their marriage. Ryan related to what Kendall felt, and said that his love for Greenlee was not without its own collateral damage. He advised her to take advantage of still having an opportunity to fix things with Zach, as he was still alive.

At Pine Valley Hospital, a doctor took the bandages off of Reese's eyes and asked what she saw. After a moment, Reese announced that she couldn't see anything. The doctor tried to keep her calm and said that her response was common, but Reese was unable to maintain control when she realized that Zach was still there. Though he reached out in an attempt to help, she pushed his hands away and blamed him for what had happened. The doctor attempted to get Zach to leave, but he refused until Reese understood that her situation was not hopeless.

The doctor said that it was his job to ease his patient's worries and he excused himself briefly. Reese took the opportunity to chastise Zach for his attempt to get rid of her. She then stopped as the realization set in that she might not see the faces of Bianca or their children again. Zach tried to comfort her, but she demanded that he tell her exactly what he wanted from her.

Zach insisted that he only wanted to help Reese, but she was sure that his acts of kindness were only so that he could be sure that she wouldn't seek retribution. She promised that she was not that kind of person, and again asked him to leave. Just then, the ophthalmologist returned with Angie and a security guard. Angie checked in with Reese and told her that her vision loss was most likely temporary and that Reese needed to work with the doctors to regain her sight. Reese agreed, but said that she would only do so after Zach left. Zach finally obliged and went into the hall. Out there, Jesse approached him and said that while Zach wasn't under arrest, he could be if Reese changed her mind. Zach told the chief that Reese should want to press charges for what he'd done to her.

Zach told Jesse that he didn't go to see Reese to hurt her, but that he was determined to get her out of town because he wanted to get his wife and family back to the way they had been before the tornado. He went on to tell the chief that he did not have an affair with Reese, but understood if Reese wanted to punish him for what he had done.

Amanda settled in on the couch and, when Jake joined her, he allowed her to reminisce about the way Greenlee had helped her to survive Fusion and Kendall. He then told her that he wanted to talk about happy things - like the fact that, despite the scare, both she and the baby were doing fine.

JR and Tad brought more of Amanda's things in from the car and, when they reached the door, Tad told his son that he was proud of him for sobering up and forgiving Amanda. JR replied that he needed to do those things for the sake of his son or daughter. They went inside and crossed paths with Jake and Amanda, who were headed upstairs to get her set up in a room.

The door had barely closed behind Tad and JR when the doorbell rang. This time, Krystal was on the threshold. She said that she wanted to say goodnight to Jenny. When they invited her in, she noticed the suitcases, and JR told her that he'd brought Amanda there once his father made it clear that Amanda was no longer welcome. When Krystal asked why, JR was delighted to tell her about the discovery that Amanda had been on David's payroll. Immediately disbelieving, Krystal looked back and forth between JR and Tad's expressions for some sign that her husband had not tasked Amanda to turn JR back into a raging drunk and thus, an unfit parent.

Although she didn't really want to know, Krystal asked for details, and was somewhat shocked as Tad told her that David had paid Amanda a large sum of money to get JR to fall off the wagon. JR pointed out that, as his new bride, Krystal should have been well aware of how David operated. JR guessed that David had been making Wildwind look like the perfect place to raise a child, complete with a new mom, and then noted that the only thing that stood in the way of David getting custody of Little A was JR. He told Krystal that she needed to go home and make her new husband aware that he would never succeed in getting JR's son. JR left, and Tad noted that Krystal hadn't protested about anything they had said about David. He felt there was a part of Krystal that recognized that what the men had shared was the truth. Exasperated, Krystal stormed out just as Jake returned to the foyer.

JR returned to the Chandler mansion, where Adam had seemingly turned over a new leaf where Amanda was concerned. He believed that JR had become a knight in shining armor for Amanda so that he would be able to blindside her in time for the baby's arrival. JR said that he had no plans to play Amanda for a fool, and really did want to protect her from his father. Adam thought that JR had lost his mind and JR responded that he would do something that his father might not be able to comprehend, and that was to act decently.

JR went on to say that he would allow Amanda to raise their child, and that if Amanda let him be a part of their lives, he would be grateful. Adam expressed doubt that Amanda would make that decision, given how easily JR was swayed off the wagon. Determined to prove his father wrong, JR poured a glass of alcohol from his father's bar setup and carried it over to the table in front of his father. He told Adam to let the smell permeate the room and observe as JR left it untouched.

Krystal stormed into Wildwind and dared David to deny that he paid Amanda to set JR up for a fall. David knew better than to contradict the accusation, so he admitted to what he did and said that the idea had practically been Amanda's because she had been so angry with JR. He went on to say that what he had done had nothing to do with custody of Little A, but rather was a way to point out to everyone what a danger JR was to his son. Krystal didn't buy it and said that David had lied to her all along in order to present the perfect environment to some judge so that he would be granted custody. David told her that he married her because he loved her, and wanted to raise their children - not JR's. Krystal insisted that despite what David thought about the Chandlers, she knew they would never let anything happen to Little A, and that their house was just as safe as Wildwind.

A short time later, Krystal stopped by the Chandler mansion and was shocked to find her grandson on the floor of the living room. She rushed to his side and asked what happened. Little A pointed to an empty glass on the table and said that he drank the whole thing. She picked it up and realized that there had been alcohol in the glass. She called for help and when an alarmed JR returned to the living room, he was able to tell Krystal that the glass had contained scotch. She scolded him and then they both promised to make the little boy, who'd said that he wanted to be like his father, feel better.

Adam entered the room just as Krystal went to call for help, so JR filled his father in on what happened. Adam sprung into action and said that he had a friend who could come to the house to help them out, but it was too little, too late, as Krystal had already called the paramedics. Adam was sure that Krystal had set up the scenario so that she and David could get custody of Little A, and called her evil and twisted. The paramedics arrived a short time later, and attended to the little boy right away.

The paramedics gave Little A the all clear, as the little boy had gotten the alcohol out of his system. They instructed Adam and JR to keep an eye on the little boy and to follow up with his pediatrician the next morning. After they left, Adam noted that David would likely latch on to the incident as a way to further his agenda, but JR was unconcerned. JR pointed out that Little A drank the booze to be like his father, and therefore the blame rested squarely on JR's shoulders.

Amanda and Jake camped out on the Martin couch to watch a Spanish soap opera, even though neither of them knew the language. Amanda tried to guess what the story was about, and was fascinated when Jake was able to guess exactly what would happen. He finally admitted that he had seen the episode the previous year while overseas. Amanda was overtaken by a fit of laughter, and then noted that no one made her laugh like Jake did. They locked gazes until it became uncomfortable, and then tried to refocus on the television.

The ophthalmologist bandaged Reese's eyes again and said that the drug therapy was only the first step. Angie added that oftentimes with an injury like Reese's, there was some injury to the brain and the swelling was what caused the lack of vision. Angie told Reese that they needed time, but would be able to help. She then asked if Reese wanted Angie to contact Bianca. Reese told Angie that she wanted love and forgiveness from her former fiancée, not pity. Reese then tried to get a drink of water but only succeeded in knocking the cup over. Angie offered to help, but when Reese lashed out, Angie told her that she just needed to be patient.

Zach showed up at ConFusion in search of his wife, but only found a slightly confused Opal. She told him that she'd come back to fetch the bag she'd forgotten, but that no one was there when she arrived. She told Zach that Kendall had been with Ryan earlier, and Opal assumed that Ryan had taken Kendall home.

After they got caught in the rainstorm, Kendall and Ryan reached his penthouse, drenched. He wrapped her in a blanket so that she could warm up, and then started a fire to expedite the process. Once the flame was established, Ryan sat across from Kendall and suggested that she get out of her went clothes. Just then, the lights went out, and Kendall asked Ryan what he was on his mind. He told her that his head was filled with thoughts of Greenlee, and she once again wrapped him in her arms.

Ryan and Kendall changed clothes and then sat together on the couch once again. Ryan thanked her for all she'd done to push him and Greenlee together, and asked why she'd been so committed to the cause. Kendall told him that she wanted to see him with someone he really loved, so that he was less available. Just then, Zach walked in.

Angie met up with Jesse in the hall and, after they talked about Reese's situation, Jesse asked if he could whisk her away from there so that they could relax together. Angie was about to agree, but then she heard Reese as she cried in her room. She left her husband to check on her patient, and tried to comfort Reese through the pain.

Jake tucked Amanda in for the night as Tad watched. Tad noted how nice it was to have Amanda there, and asked his little brother if he still cared about her. As they walked out to the foyer, Jake admitted he did, but said that he made the wrong choice when he'd had the opportunity to be with Amanda. They then heard giggling from the living room and realized that Amanda had heard their entire conversation.

Krystal returned to Wildwind, much to David's surprise, as he thought that she was gone for good. She interrupted and told him that she wanted him to know that his line of thinking about the Chandlers had been right all along.



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