One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 2, 2009 on OLTL

Starr kissed Schuyler, and Lola kissed Markko. Natalie and Rex found a tape that showed Bess leaving the hospital the night that Chloe had been born. Marty found Cole's pills and a note from school that stated he was failing. Blair was stabbed while in the shower. Cole lost control of the car he was driving while high on drugs and hit another car. Matthew was his passenger, and Gigi and Shane were in the other car.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 2, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Rex's Father, Who Art in Llanview

In the corridor of Llanview High School, Cole accused Starr of telling Mr. Joplin about his drug use. While Starr denied revealing Cole's secret to her teacher, Cole insinuated that something romantic was developing between her and Mr. Joplin. Acknowledging that she did confide in Mr. Joplin, Starr denied any romantic involvement, but stated that she was lucky to have him as a friend, because she was no longer able to talk to Cole. In a fit of rage, Cole demanded that Starr not discuss her issues about him with her teacher. Cole insisted that if she had a problem with him then she should speak to him about it. A teary-eyed Starr shouted that she couldn't discuss anything with Cole because he was always high on drugs.

Cole cried out, "I want to feel something that doesn't hurt!" He embraced Starr and gave her a tender kiss. Pulling away, Starr said that she was afraid of Cole. Starr admitted that she was confused by the kiss, but said that she could never consider becoming involved with Cole as long as he was using drugs. Cole was hurt, and continued to suggest that Starr was interested in Mr. Joplin. Unable to deal with Cole's denial, Starr advised him to get help and she ran off. Frustrated, Cole threw away the card to the drug rehabilitation center and placed a pill in his mouth.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Schuyler and Stacy were surprised to encounter one another. They shared a meal and discussed the challenging times that they both experienced in Las Vegas. Stacy mentioned that they had dated in Vegas and the difficult time Schuyler had when he hit rock bottom. Stacy was impressed by the way Schuyler had turned his life around. Schuyler acknowledged that his mother had helped him battle his drug addiction. After informing Stacey about his mother's suicide, Schuyler said that his mother's faith in him kept him moving forward.

Schuyler asked Stacey if she had come to Llanview in search of him. Upon realizing that she hadn't, Schuyler was certain that Stacy was interested in a special guy. Stacy discussed her reunion with Gigi and said that she was delighted to have Shane and Rex in her life, as well. Stating that he had to meet up with one of his students, Schuyler gave Stacy a hug goodbye. As he headed out the door, Schuyler suggested that Stacy pursue the guy that she was interested in. Smiling to herself, Stacy mumbled under her breath, "Maybe I will!"

Back at Llanview High School, Bo revealed to Matthew that he was David Vickers' father. Shocked to learn that David was his brother and not his uncle, Matthew asked his father for answers. Bo revealed that while in a drunken stupor, he had slept with one of Rene's "girls" and had fathered David. Bo compared the pain that he had experienced after losing Drew with the thought of possibly losing Matthew. Admitting his confusion about learning that David was his son, Bo stated that he didn't like David at all. Bo told Matthew that he loved him and didn't want to lose another son that he truly loved. Bo said that learning about David had made him realize how much he didn't want to lose Matthew.

Touched by his father's confession, Matthew admitted that he had also made a mistake. Bo told Matthew that he wasn't going to send him away to military school, but said that there would be repercussions if Matthew continued to experiment with drugs. Matthew swore that his problems with drugs were over. After calling a truce, father and son shared a loving hug.

At the Buchanan Mansion, David told Dorian that he wanted to discuss their future together. Dorian listened as David said that he didn't desire the Buchanan fortune or the Buchanan name. Insisting that he didn't want o live off the Buchanans, David claimed that he wanted a life of his own. Confessing that he wanted to experience a true sense of happiness, David revealed that he wanted to stand on his own merits and become a Hollywood actor. Dorian was stunned when David asked her to join him in Hollywood.

Citing the many commitments that she had in Llanview, Dorian declined David's offer. Stating that she didn't want to end the marriage just yet, Dorian admitted that she wanted to continue to fight the Buchanans for David's inheritance. To Dorian's surprise, David told her that he couldn't allow her to destroy his family. David said that he had a level of respect for Bo and didn't want to hurt him. Dorian asked for David's blessing in giving Clint 'the business' instead, and David agreed. As David turned to leave, Dorian wished him the best and said that she hoped that he discovered whatever he was looking for. David asked Dorian to put in a good word about him to Bo. The shared a passionate kiss goodbye.

At Rodi's, a heartbroken Rex told Gigi about Roxy's confession concerning his father. Gigi listened as Rex revealed that his father was a horrible person. She was shocked to learn that Rex's father was dead and that Roxy had murdered him. Gigi wondered if Rex's father could possibly be any more despicable than David Vickers. Defending his mother's actions, Rex said that he felt Roxy's pain as she revealed the truth to him. Insisting that his father was a terrible person, Rex believed that he had deserved to die. Gigi acknowledged that Roxy's ability to keep such a secret made her a strong woman. Rex said that she was either a strong woman or psychotic. He asked Gigi to keep his mother's secret and she agreed. As Gigi comforted him, Rex said that he was fortunate to have Bo as a father figure, since his own father had been a terrible human being.

Roxy quietly entered the hospital room of an unknown patient. Connected to a life support machine, the comatose patient lay motionless in a hospital bed. An angry Roxy began lashing out at the hospital patient. She said that she had come to discuss "their" son. Roxy said that she had lied to Rex in order to protect him from learning that his father was a terrible person.

Roxy vowed to do anything to ensure that Rex would never learn the truth. Stating that Rex didn't share any of his parent's terrible character traits, Roxy said that she was grateful for that fact. As she walked towards the door, Roxy turned around and remarked to the dormant patient, "No one knows that you exist and you'll never be able to tell them!" After Roxy left the room, the still patient moved his legs.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

At Moe's mansion, Langston and Lola sifted through a rainbow of dresses. Each was looking for the right one to wear to a dance. Starr stood nearby and watched. When Lola suggested that Starr choose a dress, Starr informed the girls that she would not attend the dance. Lola warned Starr that if she didn't go, another girl might make a move on Cole. Lola went on to tell the girls that a friend of hers in Columbia had been in a similar situation. When the girl's rival flirted with her boyfriend, Lola's friend took matters into her own hands. Starr asked Lola what she meant by that. Lola explained that her friend's rival had suffered broken bones when it was over. Lola thought the assault had been well deserved.

Lola flounced out of the living room, completely unaware that Starr and Langston had varied expressions of disbelief. Langston immediately defended her cousin's seeming blasé attitude towards violence by reminding Starr that English was not Lola's primary language. Langston believed that her cousin had just chosen her words poorly. Starr let the matter drop.

Alone with Langston, Starr opened up about the argument she had with Cole at school, after Mr. Joplin confronted Cole about using drugs. Langston was surprised that Mr. Joplin had betrayed Starr's trust by calling Cole out on his drug use. Starr didn't agree; she said that Mr. Joplin couldn't help but notice that Cole was high because Cole walked around stoned all of the time. Langston saw Starr's point, but she questioned Starr's relationship with their teacher. Starr explained that Mr. Joplin was someone she trusted, who understood her concerns about Cole.

As the girls talked, Langston and Starr agreed that the root of Cole's problem was Marty. Starr accused Cole's mother of completely checking out on her son. Worried about Cole's escalating drug use, Starr decided that she wouldn't give up on Cole the way that Marty had. Starr vowed that she would stay in Cole's face about his drug use until he realized that he was screwing up his life. To illustrate her point, Starr picked up the phone to call Cole. Starr was forced to leave a message when Cole failed to answer his phone.

At the Buchanan mansion, Cole woke up in bed. His room was a pigsty, littered with empty food containers, opened soft drink cans, and piles of dirty clothes strewn about. Cole stumbled to one of the mounds of clothes. He riffled through some clothes until he found a baggy of pills. With his pills in hand, Cole popped a couple into his mouth then washed them down with a swig from one of the soft drink cans. When he was done, Cole staggered back to his bed, flopped down, and then pulled the covers over his head.

A short time later, Cole's drug dealer, Asher, called. Asher had scored some new pills that he thought Cole would be interested in. Cole checked his stash. When he noted he had plenty of pills, Cole declined Asher's offer to buy more drugs. Asher wasn't pleased with Cole's response and decided to pay his best customer a visit. Cole tried to talk Asher out of it, but his pusher refused to be brushed off.

Cole snuck Asher up to his room as soon as Asher arrived at the mansion. While Asher touted the potent new pills, Cole found a letter that had been sent home from school. Upon opening it, Cole discovered that the letter was a warning to Cole's parents that his student status had been put on alert. Cole was reminded of just how absent his mother was from his life. He folded up the letter, then told Asher that he would buy the entire bag of pills Asher had brought over. After the drug buy, Cole snuck Asher out of the mansion.

In Nora's office, Nora handed Ray some paperwork, which overturned his conviction for his wife's murder. Téa beamed with satisfaction while Nora assured Ray that he was a free man. Ray and Téa prepared to leave as Marty was shown in. Ray stopped for a moment to offer Marty words of encouragement. Marty seemed to appreciate Ray's kind words. When he suggested that she hire his attorney, Téa, Marty politely declined. Téa offered Marty free legal advice when she realized that Marty's attorney wasn't present for the meeting with Nora, but Marty ignored her.

Nora hustled Téa out of the door, then ordered Marty's guard to remove the handcuffs. Once the guard left Marty alone with Nora, Marty asked why her attorney was not there. Nora informed Marty that neither her attorney nor John had been notified about the meeting; Nora wanted to talk to Marty alone.

Marty listened as Nora outlined the evidence that she had against Marty for Wes's murder. It was quite damaging. Nora also made it clear that it was up to Nora whether or not Marty would be released from jail before she went on trial. Given the circumstances, Nora explained, Marty was considered a flight risk. Nora then offered Marty a deal; if Marty agreed to return to the Buchanan mansion to be a mother to Cole, Nora would arrange for Marty to be released from jail that very day. Nora let Marty know that if she told anyone about the arrangement, all bets would be off.

Marty was furious that Nora, who claimed to be Marty's friend, would manipulate her in such a way. She accused Nora of not understanding her situation with Cole. Marty explained that she tried to reconnect with him as a mother, but she had failed. Nora refused to back down. She told Marty about her own struggle with amnesia years earlier; Nora had no memory of giving birth to Matthew. Nora went on to tell Marty about the stroke she had suffered that left her in a coma for months. When Nora emerged from her coma, she had struggled to overcome great difficulties, including physical limitations.

Marty was moved by Nora's confessions and agreed to Nora's terms. Within hours, Nora and Marty were standing in front of Cole's bedroom door. Nora gave Marty some sound advice, then wished Marty luck. As Nora walked away, Marty let herself into Cole's room, but found it empty. Marty decided to wait for Cole in his room. As she waited, Marty browsed through a photo album that Cole had out. Flipping through the pictures triggered a memory of Marty reading to Cole as a baby. Unsettled by the flashback, Marty put the album down, then continued to wander around the room.

When Marty found a letter from the school, she opened it. Marty's concern for Cole mounted when she found Cole's bag of pills after reading the letter.

Rex woke up in pain. He gingerly made his way downstairs to find Stacy dressed in skimpy sleepwear. She eagerly offered to help Rex, which he gratefully accepted. Gigi walked into the carriage house to find Stacy and Rex in a somewhat intimate Pilate position. Gigi was clearly annoyed to see Rex with his head nearly in Stacy's lap but she said nothing. Stacy added to Gigi's irritation when she made a suggestive comment about knowing all kinds of ways to make a man relax.

Later, Stacy was less than welcoming when Natalie stopped by the carriage house to talk to Rex. When she asked for her brother, Stacy told Natalie that Rex was already taken, then added, "So shove off." Gigi overheard the exchange. She raced to the door to make a quick introduction and apologize for Stacy's rude greeting. Shortly afterwards, before Gigi left, she managed to shoo Stacy upstairs to change.

Alone with Rex, Natalie asked him to help her dig up information about Tess's whereabouts the night of Chloe's birth. Natalie updated Rex on what she and Jared had managed to uncover. Rex was curious about why it mattered to Natalie, since Bess and Tess were gone. Natalie explained that her search for information was an attempt to arm herself with knowledge so that she would recognize the signs if Jessica should suffer a relapse in the future. Rex understood Natalie's reasoning, but wondered why Natalie came to him for help instead of simply asking Jessica. Natalie said that things were still shaky between her and Jessica; she didn't want to jeopardize the progress they had made.

Rex sensed that it was important to Natalie so he agreed to help her out. With that matter settled Natalie brought up the subject of Stacy. Rex admitted that he hoped Stacy would stay in Llanview because Shane adored her. Neither was aware that Stacy was lurking on the staircase listening to their private conversation. Stacy jumped up, then breezed down the stairs when it appeared that Natalie was on the verge of giving Rex some sisterly advice about Stacy.

Jessica went to St. Anne's to talk to Brody. She found him in his room, sans shirt, working out. Jessica seemed momentarily frozen in place as she stared at Brody until he noticed her standing in the doorway. Oblivious to Jessica's flustered reaction, Brody stood up. As he tugged on a t-shirt, Jessica managed to recover some of her composure.

Once he was properly covered, Jessica told Brody that someone had been arrested for Wes's murder. Brody was initially relieved, until he learned that Marty had been arrested. Brody recalled warning Wes about Marty, claiming that he had the impression that she was a wild woman. Jessica defended her friend, Marty. Jessica admitted that she didn't believe that Marty had murdered Wes. Brody trusted Jessica's judgment. Unfortunately, Brody pointed out, if Marty didn't kill Wes, then the killer was still out there. Since Brody didn't have an alibi, that was not good news for him.

The reality of the situation was driven home when Antonio showed up at St. Anne's to question Brody. Jessica tried to provide Brody with an alibi, but Brody refused to let Jessica lie for him. Brody told Antonio that he had slipped out of St. Anne's to take a walk the night that Wes was killed. Brody also admitted that he had sat on a bench for hours before he returned to the sanitarium. Brody also confessed that no one could corroborate his story. However, Brody insisted that he did not kill his friend. Antonio appeared to believe him. Before he left, Antonio expressed his disappointed over Jessica's willingness to fabricate an alibi for Brody. He promised to leave it out of his report, but warned Brody and Jessica to be careful.

After Antonio left, Brody asked Jessica how she knew Antonio. Brody was shocked when Jessica revealed that she had been married to Antonio and that their marriage had not ended well. Brody appreciated Jessica's attempt to help him. He understood that she wanted to protect him; it meant a lot to Brody.

Téa went to Carlotta's diner to talk to her friend. Carlotta was not happy to see Téa. She slapped Téa on sight the minute Téa began to apologize for her role in Cris's decision to marry Vanessa. Carlotta accused Téa of endangering Cris's life when she pushed him into the marriage. Téa defended herself, claiming that she had not known what Vanessa was capable of. Carlotta didn't believe Téa; she astutely reminded Téa that, at the very least, Téa had suspected Vanessa of criminal wrongdoing.

As the argument escalated, Téa begged Carlotta to understand that her law career was her life. Sadly, Carlotta said, she believed Téa. Carlotta warned Téa that Téa would spend her life alone because of how wrapped up she was in her job.

After Téa left, Gigi approached Carlotta about a job for Stacy. Gigi was miffed when she learned from Carlotta that Stacy had not completed a job application the last time that she had been in. Carlotta promised to interview Stacy as soon as she received the application. Gigi thanked Carlotta then turned to leave. Stacy was standing by the door with a big grin on her face.

Ray went to visit his daughter at Moe's mansion. Lola was delighted to see her father. She invited Ray inside then ushered him into the living room. When Ray saw Langston, he took the opportunity to apologize to her. He had just expressed his desire to make amends for the past when someone walked up behind Ray and promptly smashed a vase over his head. Ray collapsed to the ground.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feed Your Head

Rex and Natalie snuck through the corridors of Llanview Hospital, heading for the video storage department, where they sought evidence of Tess's movements on the night of Chloe's birth. Natalie was anxious about Rex's less than legal investigation technique, but Rex told her not to worry and picked the lock on the storage room door with ease. The Balsoms were dismayed to discover mountains of discs of hospital surveillance footage, but before they could begin sorting through them, none other than Officer Fish confronted them.

Recognizing Fish from his tryst with Stacy, Rex asked Fish what he was doing back in town. Fish explained that the Cherryvale police force had let him go due to cutbacks, and was on the hospital security detail. Having caught the siblings red-handed, Fish demanded to know what they were doing in the storage room. Natalie quickly bluffed her way out of the situation, claiming they'd been lost and that the door had been wide open.

Fish bought their story and escorted them out, forcing Rex, as soon as the young security guard left their sight, to resort to Plan B: pulling the fire alarm. As the hospital cleared out, Rex and Natalie dashed back into the empty storage room, located the time-stamped surveillance disc, and loaded it into the computer. They were able to see Bess enter the hospital from the east wing carrying a baby. Natalie was under the assumption that the woman was Tess and the baby the live Chloe. When Rex loaded the second disc from the evening into the computer, they got a clearer look at "Tess" exiting. Noticing the glasses, Natalie realized they were staring at Bess, and wondered aloud what had drawn the second alter out and sent her to the hospital that night.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Gigi ran smack into Stacy, who was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. When Gigi confronted Stacy about her job application, Stacy covered. Skeptical, Gigi sat Stacy down and got her a new application, making sure to stay and watch as Stacy filled it out and turned it in. Playing innocent, Stacy asked Gigi if she'd done something wrong. She asked if Gigi was angry at her for some reason, like Rex and Stacy's "Pilates workout." Gigi told her sister that she knew Gigi had nothing to fear from Stacy regarding Rex or anything else, and insisted nothing was wrong.

While Gigi exited, Cristian entered, looking for Carlotta; instead, he found Layla at a nearby booth, greeting him with a frosty glare. Cristian tried to make nice, but Layla wasn't having it, and called him "the biggest jackass on the planet." Cristian admitted he'd made a terrible mistake trusting Vanessa, and said he felt horrible about how he'd treated Sarah. Layla said she and Sarah had thought Cris was one of the good guys, but she'd learned he was like all the rest: Vincent, Rex, and even Fish, who she didn't mention by name. As Stacy's ears perked up from across the room at the word "Rex," Cristian asked Layla for Sarah's phone number so he could call his ex and make amends. Disgusted, Layla gave Cristian the number, and Cris rushed off to a private corner to make his call.

Seizing the opportunity, Stacy sidled up to Layla, making small talk about Layla's handbag. She quickly introduced herself as Gigi's sister and said she wanted to get as much background as she could about Rex Balsom, in order to protect her family. Layla was hesitant to open up to a Morasco, but eager to dish the dirt on the man who'd broken Adriana's heart. As Layla laid out the sordid tale of Rex, Gigi, and Adriana, she warned Stacy that Rex had been quite the "player" before settling down, first with Adriana, then with Gigi. She told Stacy that the next time a pretty young thing crossed his path, Rex would jump on her, too. "Once a cheat, always a cheat," Layla sighed. Stacy took her newfound information in with great glee.

At a corner booth, Cristian dialed Sarah's number. When Sarah picked up, Cristian begged her not to hang up, and hastily made his apologies. He told Sarah she had been right about Vanessa, and said he was sorry for how he'd treated her. Cris admitted that he'd made a big mistake, and that she deserved better. Before Cris could get any further, Sarah hung up on him.

At Llanfair, Jessica returned home to find Viki feeding Chloe in the kitchen. Jessica thanked her mother for taking good care of her daughter, and said she appreciated Viki's support throughout her homecoming and the conflict with Natalie. Viki reassured Jess that things would get better, and Jessica said she felt that she and Natalie already were making headway. She told Viki that she still missed Nash every morning, and her pain was still fresh, but things were finally beginning to look up.

As Jessica took Chloe upstairs for a bath, Viki answered the door to find Gigi, anxious for a "Paris, Texas, coffee talk." Gigi confessed that she had a problem: Stacy. As Gigi explained the circumstances of her sister's arrival in town, Viki said she could relate to sibling issues, having dealt with Tina and Todd for years. Viki asked Gigi what exactly the problem was with Stacy, and Gigi admitted that she felt threatened by Stacy's familiar behavior and intimacy towards Rex. "I don't trust my own sister," she blurted out. Viki said that she couldn't trust Tina, either, which was why she'd cut her out of her life. Yet she still cared about Tina, and worried about her. Viki told Gigi to simply trust in Rex's love for her, and watch her back around Stacy.

After Gigi left, Jessica returned with Chloe. Jessica delighted in her growing rapport with her "daughter," but Viki said she wasn't at all surprised: "Babies know their mothers."

At La Boulaie, Lola, Langston, and Starr reacted with horror as Dorian felled Ray with a vase. Dorian was irritated that everyone was angry with her; after all, Ray was the dangerous criminal. As Ray came to, he explained that he was not a criminal, and complimented Dorian's style. "Your taste in weapons is amazing," he mumbled. "Austrian crystal!"

As Langston castigated Dorian, Ray defended the good doctor's maternal impulse; he knew she had no reason to trust him after his previous actions. Ray told Dorian he'd been cleared of all charges in his wife's murder and was a free man. Turning to Lola and Langston, he told them that he intended to stay in the States with Lola to raise her in America. Overjoyed, the girls hugged Ray, then dashed upstairs to dress for the March Mixer.

Alone at last, Dorian and Ray began a verbal sparring match. Dorian was reluctant to believe Ray's claims of innocence, but Ray proposed a truce for the sake of the family; he would apologize for his scheme with Clint, if she would apologize for hiring a hit man to kill him. Dorian sputtered with outrage and fervent denials, but Ray persevered and suggested they simply pretend to believe each other's apologies for the sake of peace. He promised not to hold it against her that she'd almost killed him. "And that would've been such a shame," Dorian scowled. "I would've regretted it," Ray deadpanned.

As Ray gave "Dr. Lord" his mea culpa, she corrected him and said it was "Dr. Buchanan;" she was married to Clint's nephew, David. Ray was disappointed to hear that Dorian was a married woman, and said any man would be saddened to learn that such a strong female was unattainable. Dorian rebuffed Ray's charms, but Ray remained drawn to her.

In Blair's bedroom, Blair was doing her makeup as John walked in and confronted her with the latest issue of the Intruder, complete with the cover story about Marty, which Blair had been interviewed for. John demanded to know why Blair had done such a petty thing to hurt Marty's case, and if she was really that insecure. Blair said she truly believed Marty had killed Wes, and that she was prepared to fight for John's heart any way she could. John asked if she thought putting Marty behind bars would get Marty out of the way, but Blair said it was more than that. She said that the scheming, dangerous side of Blair was "the real me," and that John needed to get used to it.

Blair told him that he'd been the one that had changed when Marty came back, and accused John of being unwilling to admit that he'd simply been marking time with her, waiting for Marty to return to him. John said that wasn't true, and Blair asked what the truth was. "This," John replied, sweeping her into his arms for a passionate kiss.

At the Buchanan mansion, Marty was shocked to discover Cole's stash of pills, and found herself speechless when Cole walked in. Cole glowered at his mother, and asked what she was doing in his room, going through his things. Marty wanted to know what Cole was doing with dangerous pharmaceuticals, and warned him that the drugs could kill him. Marty asked Cole how long he'd been using, and Cole said there had been many triggers: the end of his relationship with Starr, the loss of his child, but most of all, Marty's abandonment of him.

Cole unloaded on Marty, screaming that she'd shut him out and turned to a stranger when he'd needed her most. Marty said she wanted to help him, but Cole was unreceptive: "Take your fake mother act and go straight to hell."

Marty said she knew she hadn't been the mother he needed when she'd returned from captivity, but she wanted to be there for him. Cole scoffed and said she was only there because Wes was dead. He asked if she'd killed him; Marty was taken aback that he'd believe she was capable of murder. Cole said he didn't know what Marty was capable of, since "you're not my mother." He said he didn't know the woman who stood before him, raising hell all over town with a vendetta against Todd and no time for her son, ignoring Cole even when he tried to visit her in prison.

Pleading with him, Marty told Cole she didn't know who she'd been, but she knew who she wanted to be; she wanted to be his mother, to try to re-forge their bond, to make a connection any way they could. Begging, Marty told Cole, "I want my son back." Past the point of listening, Cole demanded his pills back. When Marty refused to hand them over, he stormed out.

At La Boulaie, Langston and Lola persuaded a reluctant Starr to come to the March Mixer with them by suggesting Cole might show up, as well. As the teens got decked out in fancy dress, Lola admired Starr's "Hope necklace," and told her she was sure she would meet the one she wanted at the dance. Starr just toyed with her necklace, full of melancholy.

Upstairs, Blair and John sank onto her bed in a passionate embrace. As things got hot and heavy, John's cell phone suddenly rang. Blair snatched it up, and saw the call was from Marty. Informing John, she left it up to him: "You choose, her or me."

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cuts Like a Knife

At La Boulaie, Dorian ordered Ray out of her house as he remained seated. Declaring that he did not want to leave things tense between them, he refused to move. She denied that she was tense, but stated that she merely didn't want anything to do with him. A booming voice interceded and Moe reminded Dorian that it was his house and that she was the one who was trespassing.

Finding it funny, Dorian thanked Moe for housesitting. An irritated Moe jogged Dorian's memory, whipping out the papers she had signed, the ones that stated she was turning the house over to him. It was merely a ruse for David's benefit, she advised him. Ignoring Dorian, Ray and Moe began to bond over Moe's favorite topic of food. Dorian threw a fit, ripping and stamping on the papers in the process, and calling Moe a hick.

Angrily, Moe pointed out that he was talking to a guest in his home. Dorian apologized for calling Moe a hick. Moe invited Ray, along with Lola, to stay in his house while they were in town, much to Dorian's displeasure.

Upstairs in Blair's bedroom, as John's cell phone continued to ring, Blair gave him a choice when she saw that it was Marty calling. "You choose, her or me." Ignoring the phone, grabbing Blair and kissing her passionately, John's choice was apparent. When the ringing began again, Blair answered soundlessly and cut Marty off quickly when she began to speak. "John's busy," Blair abruptly told her.

Marty hung up before John grabbed the phone from Blair's hand. Feeling that while he and Blair were important, Marty must have been upset if she felt the need to call back, John dressed and prepared to leave. An amazed and furious Blair told him not to return.

An amused Nora and Bo waited while Matthew made preparations to attend his school dance. Bo was pretty sure that Matthew was trying to impress a girl, which had led to his previous problems. He assured Nora that he and his son had a good talk. Sending Matthew to military school was out, since it was obvious that Bo had made mistakes in his life, too. Bo wondered aloud how David might have turned out if Bo had been in his life.

A surprised Marty opened the bedroom door to find John standing outside of it. He mentioned that Nigel had let him in. The disarray of Cole's room shocked John, and he was further surprised when Marty presented him with the bag of pills and the letter from school. John expressed the thought that there was still hope for Cole, even as Marty explained that they had fought. Cole blamed her for everything and she was distraught, not knowing where he might have gone. She was petrified that his extreme anger would cause him to do something he'd regret. John had an idea.

Finally, Matthew was ready for the dance and asked his parents to drop him off a block before the school. He posed his dad a question, wondering if it was okay if he asked someone to dance if she had attended the dance with a date. "All's fair in love and war," Bo told him. Nora snapped a picture of the loving father and son.

Lola, Langston, and Starr arrived at the dance, but Starr's constant lookout for Cole put a damper on things. She was miserable and didn't really want to be there. Spying Schuyler on chaperone duty, she headed in his direction. Mentioning Cole's anger at her regarding Schuyler's confrontation with Cole, the teacher disclosed that he knew that Cole was high without anyone having to tell him. He felt that Cole was in denial of being an addict and the young man would have to be honest with himself before he was able to get any help.

As the dance continued, Langston spoke of Markko's choice to remain in Llanview for college. Markko stood firm in his belief that he was doing it for them and would do anything for Langston. Looking over to a sulking Lola, Langston asked him to dance with her cousin as a favor to her. Starr sent Cole a text message but heard nothing in response.

Arriving at the dance, Matthew found Becca, but a rude Justin pulled her aside and they walked away. Matthew's new friend was happy to see him and suggested he find someone to like him for who he was. Langston wondered what Starr was talking to Mr. J about, finding it difficult to believe their conversation was about the science project. She thought that her friend should start dating others to make Cole jealous. Starr didn't like the idea and, looking around, didn't see anyone that she was remotely interested in. Then her eyes lighted on Schuyler. Lola asked Markko to take her to a water fountain and, once out in the hallway, she pulled him into a kiss.

Markko, horrified, demanded to know what Lola was doing. She immediately apologized and, since it was a mistake, they agreed to keep it from Langston. Justin approached Asher to score some drugs, but Schuyler interrupted them. He arranged to meet with Asher later. Starr, needing some air, headed out to the hallway. Unsuccessful in another attempt to get to Cole via phone, she punched a locker and sat herself down on the floor.

An extremely high Cole found himself at Todd's place and demanded that Todd return everything that Todd took from him. Forcing himself into the house and knocking over furniture, Cole blamed Todd for everything that had happened in his life. Cole accused Todd of ruining his relationship with Starr, not once, but twice. Pointing out that Starr hated him, Todd proclaimed that there was little he could do to help the young man. He denied being responsible for the actions of others.

Cole accused Todd of pulling the strings with both Starr and his mom, especially with Todd's omission of any mention of Cole in Marty's life. Todd defended his actions where Marty was concerned, claiming that he did what he thought was right. He loved Starr more than anything in the world, he confirmed. He also felt strongly, because he knew her well, that Marty did not kill Wes. His mother was a different person thanks to Todd, Cole pointed out. Todd felt quite the opposite, that he had helped Marty. He ordered Cole to get a life and get out of his house.

Cole spotted a framed picture of Todd and Marty, which caused him to become even angrier. Taking hold of the picture, he yelled, "What the hell's this?" and threw it to the ground, causing it to crack. Calling Todd a sick son of a bitch, he refused to listen to Todd's insistence that he cared for Marty and that he understood how Cole felt regarding Starr. Cole threw Todd against the wall, placing his hands around Todd's throat. Todd accused him of blaming everyone else for his horrible life, and thought they were alike. Cole retorted that he'd rather be dead than be like Todd.

Cole finally stormed out. Todd called Starr but she refused to answer his call. Schuyler, finding her on the floor, asked to sit with her. She confessed that she felt different from the other kids because of all of the events that had consumed her life, and she no longer fit in. She managed to change the topic of conversation as it related to Schuyler when he was on drugs. The teacher chuckled but didn't want to talk about himself. She explained that he was the only one she was able to talk to, and he understood, realizing that he had made many of the same mistakes.

She continued that she was no longer able to trust Cole and he didn't understand the moves she had made to protect her father. Schuyler again understood how it was to protect a parent, and confided the details of his mother's letter and her involvement with Todd and the baby. He explained that she did it for him because Todd had learned of Schuyler's involvement with drugs and was blackmailing her. In order to protect his mother, Schuyler admitted to burning her letter. Starr realized he did that so that people would remember Dr. Joplin for her goodness. The teacher and student were amazed that they really did understand each other so well. Starr leaned in and kissed Schuyler, just as Cole arrived.

Matthew finally made his move and cut in on Becca as she danced with Justin. The boy moved away and made a nasty comment to Matthew's new friend. Langston danced again with Markko. She was happy that her cousin would be sticking around Llanview. Markko was less than thrilled.

Unable to reach Starr, Todd called Blair instead. She reminded him of the restraining order and advised him that the old Blair Cramer was back. Todd, under the impression that things were better between them, yelled at her and called her a bitch but she refused to have a change of heart. Blair decided to "wash John out of her hair" and climbed into the shower. An unknown person, dressed in black and carrying a knife, made his/her way to the bathroom and attacked Blair.

Bo and Nora praised each other on their parenting skills. They realized they needed to step back and allow Matthew the chance to grow up on his own.

John and Marty arrived at Todd's and, getting no response to their knocks on the door, broke in. The first thing John spotted was the cracked frame with the picture of Marty and Todd. Hesitatingly, he showed the item to Marty.

Friday, March 6, 2009


At the cottage, Rex returned home to find Gigi preparing for work while Shane and Stacy played video games. Gigi told Rex that her co-worker had asked her to cover her shift and that Shane would be spending the night at a friend's home. When Rex expressed his displeasure that he would have to play video games alone, Stacy volunteered to stay home and keep him company. Gigi appeared bothered and suggested that Stacy head upstairs and help Shane get ready for his overnight trip.

While Gigi questioned how Rex was handling Roxy's revelation concerning his father, Stacy eavesdropped on their conversation.

Stacy looked jealous as she watched Rex kiss Gigi goodbye. After Gigi and Shane had left, Stacy stared at Rex as he removed his shirt and headed upstairs to shower. As she removed a powdered substance from her pocket, Stacy thought about the lies that she had told in her attempt to get Rex alone. Smiling to herself, Stacy remembered phoning Gigi's co-worker and asking her to give Gigi her shift for the night. Stacy had also called the parent of one of Shane's friends and requested that Shane stay overnight. Stacy sprinkled the substance into a bottle of beer and waited for Rex to return downstairs. She was annoyed when she answered the door and discovered Roxy on the doorstep with a pizza.

Although Stacy made every attempt to get rid of her, Roxy invited herself to dinner. When Stacy hinted that Rex was still upset about the facts he had learned about his father, Roxy became nervous and began to question Stacy about Rex's mood. Stacy lied and told Roxy that Rex had requested to be left alone. Stacy persuaded Roxy to leave and promised to speak to Rex on her behalf.

Seconds after Roxy left, Rex came downstairs. Stacy offered him a slice of pizza and the bottle of beer that she had laced with drugs. Upon noticing that Rex wasn't drinking the beer, Stacy challenged him to a drinking contest. Rex accepted her challenge and gulped down the entire bottle of beer.

As Blair showered, someone dressed in black attire and carrying a sharp knife entered and began stabbing her. Her attacker left her unconscious and bleeding on the bathroom floor.

John and Marty sat in his car and tried to determine Cole's whereabouts. Certain that Starr might possibly know where Cole had gone, John phoned Blair.

Annoyed by the constant ringing of Blair's cell phone, Dorian entered her niece's bedroom and turned off her phone. Hearing the shower running, Dorian called out to Blair. When she didn't receive a response, Dorian opened the bathroom door and screamed when she discovered Blair. Realizing that she wasn't alone, Dorian turned around and saw Todd. Dorian shouted, "What did you do to her?" A puzzled Todd replied, "What happened?"

Unable to reach Blair, John was certain that she was ignoring his call and suggested that he and Marty drive to La Boulaie. Marty had no desire to come face-to-face with Blair. Convinced that Cole would go after Todd, Marty told John that they should attempt to locate Todd. Marty recalled the horrible condition that she had discovered Cole in and blamed herself for his troubles. When John faulted Todd for Cole's downfall, Marty insisted that she had failed her son. Marty realized that she had feelings for Cole but had been afraid to feel them. She told John that she had done the same regarding her feelings for him. Standing close, John and Marty smiled at each other.

Back at La Boulaie, Dorian hovered over Blair's unconscious body and continued to accuse Todd of stabbing her. Ignoring Dorian's ranting, Todd called for an ambulance and tried to assist Dorian in caring for Blair. Dorian allowed Todd to apply pressure to Blair's wound while she examined her. When the paramedics arrived, Dorian told them that Todd had attacked Blair. Todd told Dorian that he would follow her to the hospital. Dorian informed him that she intended to tell the police that he had stabbed Blair.

At Llanview High School, the students attended the March Mixer.

In the school corridor, as Cole approached, Starr suddenly kissed a shocked Schuyler. Consumed with rage, Cole pulled Starr away from Mr. Joplin and pushed him against a row of lockers. Cole accused the teacher of sexually assaulting Starr. Starr attempted to calm Cole down but was unsuccessful. Cole compared Schuyler's treatment of Starr to Todd's abuse of Marty. Starr threatened to contact Marty and report Cole's behavior, but an angered Cole reminded her that his mother didn't care about him.

Inside the school gymnasium, Markko was uncomfortable as Langston continued to praise Lola. Markko was unable to get the thought of Lola's kiss out of his mind. In an attempt to change the subject, Markko suggested that Langston check on Starr. Later, a worried Lola expressed her fear of Langston learning that she had kissed Markko. Lola said that she was a terrible person and was certain that Langston would never forgive her. Markko assured Lola that Langston would never find out about the kiss.

Meanwhile, Justin and Destiny watched as Matthew and Becca shared a dance. When Destiny warned Matthew and Becca that Justin had spiked the punch, Becca laughed and displayed little concern. Hinting that she wanted to dance, Destiny stated that she loved the song that was playing. An oblivious Matthew asked Becca if she wanted to dance. After the dance, Becca and Matthew held hands. She told him that she was happy he came to the dance. A jealous Justin handed the DJ a song request.

As Matthew drew close and prepared to kiss Becca, the DJ's voice interrupted the moment. Matthew was horrified when the DJ announced, "I have a request - Matthew wants to know if Becca will be his girl?" As the entire student body laughed hysterically, Becca told Matthew that she wasn't interested in him and only danced with him because someone had dared her to. Humiliated, Matthew ran out of the gym.

At the Buchanan mansion, a sentimental Nora cried as she looked through a photo album that contained Matthew's baby pictures. Bo joined Nora, and the two reminisced about Matthew's childhood. Bo remembered the day that he learned that Matthew was his son. Nora apologized about the time that Bo had lost with Matthew and assured Bo that she had never intended to hurt him. Bo told Nora that he understood. As he stared at Matthew's baby pictures, Bo stated how happy he was that Matthew was his son. Nora said that she was thrilled to have Matthew as her son. They were pleased to know that Matthew was having a great time at the dance.

Back in the school corridor, Langston tried to break up the altercation between Cole and Schuyler. Langston was stunned when Cole announced that he caught Starr kissing Mr. Joplin. As Schuyler pushed Cole away and attempted to restrain him, the vice principal approached and instructed Schuyler to release his grip on Cole. Outraged, Cole announced to the vice principal that Mr. Joplin had kissed Starr and made a remark about his past drug problem.

When the vice principal demanded answers, Starr admitted that she had kissed Mr. Joplin and that he hadn't done anything wrong. Observing his intense state of mind, the vice principal ordered Cole to accompany her to the office. Cole demanded that Starr leave with him. When Starr refused, Cole stormed out of the building. The vice principal ordered Mr. Joplin to accompany her back to her office for a meeting. Shocked that Starr would kiss her teacher, Langston wondered what exactly was going on between her friend and Mr. Joplin.

In the school parking lot, Cole swallowed a few pills and walked to his car. As he prepared to drive off, Matthew jumped into the passenger seat. Cole demanded that he get out, but Matthew refused and insisted that he had to get off the school grounds immediately.

While Gigi drove to his friend's home, Shane realized that he had left his inhaler at home. Gigi headed back to the cottage to retrieve Shane's medication.

As a drugged Cole drove, he had recurring thoughts about his argument with his mother and flashbacks of Starr kissing Schuyler. Matthew was unaware that Cole had fallen asleep at the wheel. Meanwhile, Gigi observed Cole's vehicle and screamed, "Oh No!" Inside Cole's vehicle, Matthew yelled, "Watch Out!" Seconds later, Cole's car collided with Gigi's vehicle.

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