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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 2, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, March 2, 2009

At Vienna's request, Katie met her at Fashions. Katie was worried that something was wrong, but Vienna only wanted to show her how cute she would look in maternity clothes when she was a surrogate and carrying Katie and Brad's baby. Katie reminded her that she had not agreed to go through with the plan, but Vienna insisted she was the answer to Katie's prayers. Katie admitted she had not yet talked to Brad about it, but Vienna was eager to get the process started. Katie asked if Vienna had told Henry about the baby, but her friend said she would handle it when the right time came.

Brad called Henry to come to the house because he needed his help in filling out paperwork for an adoption agency. Henry realized Katie did not know about Brad's thoughts on adoption yet, but Brad was sure it was the next best thing if he and Katie could not have their own child. They worked on the papers until they heard Katie arriving, so Brad stashed them away. Henry lied and said he was there to watch the poker world championships on television, but he decided to go home instead. Katie was confused, but Henry's behavior was typical for him.

Katie was glad Henry left early because she wanted to talk to her husband alone. She reminded him there were several ways they could have a family, and she wanted to explore some other options. Brad thought she was referring to adoption, so he told her he had already gotten the process rolling. Katie was surprised and asked if Vienna had spoken with him, but Brad asked why Vienna would have anything to do with it. He said he had talked to Henry, however, and Henry had actually been there to help fill out the paperwork.

Brad produced the papers and the two of them continued to talk at cross-purposes. Finally, Brad mentioned the adoption agency. Katie was disappointed and explained that Vienna had offered to be a surrogate and carry their baby. Brad was stunned that their good friend was willing to do that for them.

Luke and Noah went to the diner, where Elwood confronted Luke about breaking into his dorm room. Elwood was feeling sorry that he had dropped the charges against Luke, but Luke suggested Elwood did not want the cops to see what Luke had already found in Elwood's room. He mentioned the mysterious "M" who had signed the note that told Elwood he was "covered." Luke promised that as soon as the police positively identified "M," Elwood would be the next arrest. Elwood left, and Luke told Noah that all they had to do was get a confession from Elwood that the police could use. Luke thought Elwood reacted strangely when he said they knew who "M" was.

Kevin entered the diner and asked about Casey. Luke told him Casey was innocent, but they were sure Elwood had killed Reg while he was working for Matt O'Connor. Elwood called Luke, and he was upset. He said he did know something about what was happening to Casey, but he was fearful he might get in trouble with the police and have to return to prison. Luke offered to help and implored Elwood to tell him what he knew. Elwood asked instead to meet Luke at the bridge on Mill Road. Luke agreed and hung up. He told Noah and Kevin that they had Elwood. Noah begged Luke to call the police and not to get involved himself, but Luke felt he owed it to Casey to help prove him innocent.

At the police station, Alison visited Casey, who was still worried that Matt might hurt her while Casey was incarcerated. He urged her to stay away from Matt, and reminded her that Matt had been a drug user in prison. Alison defended her friend to Casey and accused Casey of going after Matt because Matt liked her. She was worried that they were letting their personal feelings get in the way of catching someone who could kill again. Alison took a call from Luke, who told her about Elwood's call and the rendezvous on the bridge. Luke told her she could tell Casey, but asked her not to tell anyone else.

Noah announced to Luke that he was going with him to meet Elwood. He said he loved Luke and did not want him to get hurt. The two of them went to the bridge and waited for Elwood. Finally the boy appeared and began walking towards them on the bridge. A car appeared suddenly and sped over the bridge, forcing Elwood over the side. The boys ran to the side and saw Elwood's body on the rocks below. They ran down the bank and tried to revive him, but they could find no pulse. Noah called 9-1-1, while Luke began CPR.

Matt called Alison and said he was running late for their lunch date at the diner. Alison hinted that there might be some good news when she saw him. When Matt pressed for more details, she said she had promised Luke that she wouldn't say anything, but then she decided Matt would not tell anyone else, so she mentioned that Luke was on his way to the bridge on Mill Road to meet Elwood, who was going to "come clean." Matt agreed that was good news, but hung up looking worried.

Vienna told Henry that she had made a decision; she had decided to help Brad and Katie have a baby. Henry was pleased and said he had chosen to help them, as well. In fact, he explained, he had already helped Brad that day. Vienna misunderstood Henry's intentions and told him she was going to be Brad and Katie's surrogate. Henry flipped out and argued that she had no idea what changes her body would go through with a pregnancy. She mentioned her desire to carry a baby and her always-raging hormones, but Henry told her to fight, fight, fight those hormones! Vienna could not understand why Henry would deny her that one passion.

Alison waited at the diner for Matt, and she was surprised when Mark Viro, her attacker from Halloween night, walked in. He told her he had spent some time in a psych ward, but was getting progressively better. He thanked her and Casey for talking him off the hospital roof, and apologized for hurting her. Kevin arrived and told Alison he, too, wanted to apologize for what had happened to her during the school election campaign.

Kevin went to sit with Mark and asked him if Alison had accepted his apology. He was pleased that she had accepted both their apologies, but he cautioned Mark to leave Alison alone. He was upset when Mark appeared interested in Alison in a romantic way. Matt dashed into the diner, apologizing that he was late. He was upset because someone had stolen his car.

At the scene of the accident, Luke and Noah watched paramedics load Elwood's body into the ambulance. Margo was there, as well, and questioned the boys about what had happened. Margo understood that it was Elwood's idea to meet at the bridge, and Noah described the accident and said it appeared that the driver had aimed the car directly at Elwood. Noah described the vehicle as a gray SUV, so Margo put out an all points bulletin on it. The boys wanted to leave, but Margo said if Elwood was really murdered, they were her only witnesses and she wasn't through with them.

Back at the station, Margo continued her queries. The boys thought the driver was a man, but neither one saw the license plate well. Noah was able to remember a couple of numbers at the end of the plate, so Margo went with that. Casey asked what was going on, so Margo let him go into the interview room with his friends. Luke broke the news that someone had killed Elwood on the bridge. Casey was shocked, and Luke said he was sorry he had not gotten the information from Elwood sooner. Noah announced that he was the only one who got it; Reg's death was an accident, but whoever was driving that car had murdered Elwood.

Matt told Alison he had not reported his car stolen because he was an ex-con. Alison would not accept that and took him under her wing and insisted they go to the station and report his missing car. At the station, Alison spoke to an officer who suggested that Matt begin filling out a report. Alison saw her friends in the interview room and went in. She asked if they had learned anything important from Elwood, and Casey had to tell her that Elwood was dead. Noah said the death was not an accident, as Margo walked in and told them that the car that hit Elwood was registered to Matt O'Connor.

Casey pumped his fist with jubilation, but Alison quickly told them all that Matt's car had been stolen earlier in the afternoon, and that was why they were at the station. She went out to bring in Matt to verify her story, but he was gone. Casey was excited that there was evidence to link Matt to the crimes. No one could understand, however, how Matt would have known that Elwood was meeting the boys on the Mill Road bridge. Alison admitted she had told Matt, so Margo said she would put out a pick up order for Matt. She also would not allow Alison to leave before answering more questions.

Brad told Katie he felt weird that Vienna would be carrying their child. He was concerned that she would feel like its mother for nine months and not be able to give it to them after she delivered. Katie said they would do everything legally, with signed papers and all the bells and whistles. Brad still voted for adoption as his first choice, but Katie really wanted to try surrogacy first, and Brad loved her so much, he agreed. Katie's heart was set on having a baby from the two of them, so she thanked and hugged him.

The doorbell rang, and when Katie opened it, Vienna said, "Hello, Mama." Henry, however, looked numb and said not a word. The women chatted, but Henry was like a zombie and simply followed Vienna out. Katie was ecstatic that she was going to be a mother.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

On the first day back to work at Memorial for both of them, Lucy asked Meg for scheduling information, and Meg told her about an updated procedure. Dusty walked in and confused Meg, who thought he was there to wish her well. Dusty corrected her by saying he had come to see Lucy. He asked Lucy if she had made any progress convincing Craig to let him see Johnny, but Lucy said she could not rush her father, since he didn't even trust her alone with the boy. Lucy had not forgotten her bargain with Dusty: her freedom from kidnapping charges in exchange for regular visits with Johnny for Dusty.

As Lucy was leaving, Dusty grabbed her arm and said her answers weren't good enough. Lucy said her brother's absence had left a gaping hole in her life, too. She received a page, and left. Meg grabbed Dusty on his way out and invited him to meet her at the Lakeview for a drink after her shift. Dusty accepted reluctantly.

Paul and Eliza, with the court-appointed supervisor in tow, found Emily in Old Town, and Paul and his daughter joined her. The supervisor sat nearby so she could observe. Paul said he was planning to win Meg back so the three of them could be a family again. Emily said that was a whacko idea, but Paul was convinced that Meg had been jealous when she had spotted him with his hired companion. The supervisor reminded Paul that it was time to take Eliza back to the farm, so Paul said goodbye to Emily and left.

Craig called on Carly to explain that he had convinced Stan, a buyer who had attended Carly's launch of the Midnight Sun vodka, to give their business a second chance. Stan, however, had requested another tasting before he would place an order, and he particularly requested that Carly be present. She said she was surprised at that, since she had nearly puked on his shoes. She told Craig she would only agree if he would be there, as well. Craig said he had a sitter arranged for Johnny for a couple of hours, but Carly suggested that he get someone who would love to be with his son for as long as they needed -Lucy. Craig was hesitant because of Lucy's closeness to Dusty, but Carly taunted Craig by saying that he couldn't stand the thought that Johnny liked someone better than Craig. She handed him the phone, and he agreed to call his daughter.

Meg finished her shift and went home. She took off her shirt in the kitchen as Paul walked in unannounced, with the baby. Meg was startled but glad to see her daughter. Paul asked about her day at work and then wanted to know why she was dressing to go out again. Meg told him she was celebrating the day with drinks at the Lakeview with a friend. She assured him Eliza would be fine because Emma was watching her, but Paul persisted with his questions. Finally Meg said she was meeting Dusty, but it was not a date, and besides, it was none of Paul's business. Paul walked out and was visibly upset by Meg's answers.

Paul went directly to Emily's office and demanded that she go to dinner with him at the Lakeview. Emily already knew Meg was going to be there and told Paul his scheme was childish. Paul was hoping Emily had some other clothes in her office that would make her look "hotter," but she told him not to push it.

In the lobby of the hotel, Craig and Johnny waited for Lucy. When she arrived, Craig asked how her first day back had gone, and then he asked her, if she was not too tired, if she would like to babysit Johnny while Craig went to a business meeting with Carly. Lucy was delighted, and she accepted immediately. Craig made her promise that she would not leave the Lakeview, and she agreed. Lucy took Johnny to Craig's room, and picked up the phone to call room service, but instead she called Dusty. She invited him to join them if he had no other plans, and Dusty jumped at the chance to see his boy. He asked how Craig felt about the arrangements, so Lucy had to admit that her father did not know that Dusty would be included. Dusty was not happy, but he wanted to see Johnny.

At Metro, Carly waited for Craig and poured Stan a shot of Midnight Sun. She touted their bottle shape and the designer label, which Stan admired. It was obvious that was not all Stan admired, because when Carly got up to fetch an order contract, Stan leapt to his feet, called her "Sweetheart," and planted a big kiss on her. Craig walked in at that moment and pulled Carly away. Next, he punched Stat in the face, much to Carly's amazement. Cragi threw Stan out of Metro, but Carly was disappointed to lose his business. Craig blamed himself for putting Carly in an awkward position and got on his high horse by proclaiming that Neanderthals were not allowed to kiss his business partner. He made Carly laugh by declaring that all prospective buyers who wanted to kiss Carly would have to kiss him, too.

Emily and Paul walked into the Lakeview lounge and saw Meg waiting for Dusty. Meg didn't believe that Paul was there by coincidence, and she told them whom she was meeting. Emily went on to the bar, and Paul lingered to thank Meg for allowing him to have time with Eliza. He was unhappy that Meg had changed into a sexy dress, and grumbled about that to Emily. Emily said if he wanted to make Meg jealous, he had to be proactive. She leaned over and kissed Paul on the lips as Meg watched.

In Craig's room, Johnny was excited that his Daddy Dusty was coming. Lucy cautioned him to keep that a secret from Daddy Craig, and the boy agreed. Dusty arrived and he and Johnny gave each other big hugs. Dusty had brought another train for his son, and only then he remembered his agreement to meet Meg for drinks. He called her and cancelled their meeting, so Meg pretended she was still at the farm and assured him she was not upset.

Meg approached Emily and Paul at the bar and told them they could not possibly expect her to be jealous. She referred to Paul's hooker from the previous encounter and linked Emily to that same category. She warned Emily that Paul was using her and walked out. Paul was encouraged that his plan was working.

Dusty, Lucy, and Johnny played goofy games, and Lucy pushed Dusty down on the couch and fell on top of him. Johnny jumped between them, and they all laughed. It was bedtime, so Dusty sent his son to put on his pajamas. He also told Lucy that no matter what a court had said, he was the boy's father. Lucy understood and said that she felt like Johnny's mother. She sadly observed that the two of them were playing parents to a child who didn't really belong to either of them.

Craig called Lucy's cell phone, but she chose not to answer. She regretted that almost immediately, however, and was afraid that would bring her father running. She told Dusty to leave, and she called Craig back and said she had been helping Johnny brush his teeth and could not get to the phone. Her father asked her to stay even longer, and Lucy said to take his time because she would crash on his couch.

Craig hung around Metro, so Carly asked him why. He poured her another shot of vodka and proposed a toast to himself as a hero for decking Stan. They drank, but Carly was ready to go home. Craig, however, said they had business to do and suggested they pull an all-nighter. They needed to finalize the label design so that the printer could begin production. Craig offered to bring Johnny to Carly's house for the night, but Carly wanted to work alone. She thanked Craig for stopping Stan, and he said goodnight. By herself, Carly poured another drink.

Meg heard a knock on the door at the farm, and she assumed it was Paul, so she began yelling at him. When she opened the door, however, there stood Dusty. He apologized for standing her up and asked to come in. He explained he had forsaken her for a really good reason: Johnny. He said he had spent the time with Johnny and Lucy. Meg was more interested in the fact that Dusty had to go through Lucy to see his boy until Craig came around. Dusty was amused that Meg seemed jealous, although Meg denied it. Dusty unexpectedly grabbed her and kissed her.

Paul and Emily drank at Fairwinds, and Emily sprayed seltzer on her blouse, so she took it off. Paul looked at her and said, "Wow. You're hot." She took the seltzer bottle and sprayed Paul and laughingly told him to back off. He gave her a sweater to wear home, and they discussed going out together again. Emily said she would consider it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Henry brought coffee and tea back to his room with Vienna at the Lakeview. Vienna announced that she had a "new look" and surprised him by coming out wearing a beach ball on her belly to simulate an advanced pregnancy. Henry had just taken a swig of coffee, and he was so shocked that he proceeded to spew it around the room. He had to breathe into a paper bag until his respiration returned to normal, but every time he looked at Vienna's bulge, he hyperventilated again. Vienna began nuzzling Henry's neck, and that finally made him forget about the ball, which Vienna soon discarded.

Katie arrived home and found that Brad had put a Mother's Day balloon in their living room. It reduced her to tears, however. She told Brad she had seen the fertility expert, and he had said she was not a good candidate for in vitro fertilization because her eggs were not viable. Brad suggested "pumping them up" and "whipping them into shape," before he realized it was a serious matter. He mentioned they could fall back on Plan B: adoption. However, Katie said there was one other way.

They could get an egg from an anonymous donor and fertilize it with Brad's sperm. Brad thought that sounded too much like a science experiment, and he opted again for adoption. Katie, however, still wanted Vienna to carry a baby that would have Brad's genes. She was afraid that with her multiple marriages and Brad's brushes with the law, the two of them would have difficulty adopting. She also liked the definite time frame of working with a donated egg. She convinced Brad to give her idea a try, and they left to talk to Vienna.

Carly slept on her couch until loud knocking awakened her. She was still hung over from the large amount of vodka she had consumed the night before with Craig, so she was not pleased to find him on the other side of her front door so early. He asked for the finished label design that she had promised to have ready, but she could only remember several horrible attempts at drawing. He did find one he liked, however, and despite Carly's protests of needing more sleep, Craig insisted that she get dressed and accompany him to Chicago to show the final label to their distributor, Mr. Siegler. He said Carly needed to be there in case Siegler wanted to make some changes. Craig sent her upstairs to dress.

Jack and Janet took Parker and Liberty to breakfast at the diner. Parker had stayed overnight at the farm with his dad, and Liberty mentioned that she would like to do that some time, as well. She said Katie had been moody ever since her recent surgery. The teens left for school, and Jack announced he had the day off, and so did Janet. This was news to her, but Jack said he had cleared it with Henry, and he also had a surprise to show her. Janet was concerned about giving up her tip money, but Jack would not take "no" for an answer. He escorted his wife out the door.

Parker and Liberty hung around Old Town instead of heading to school. They were planning their day when Carly called Parker to tell him she was going to Chicago with Craig on business. She said she would be gone all day but would be back for supper. Parker wished his mother a good trip and grinned to Liberty that there was no school that day. They were going to try some "home study" instead.

Jack led Janet through the snowy woods that were part of the Snyder farm. She was still missing the tip money from her work shift, but Jack got her attention when he pointed out that the woods were their woods. He explained that Emma had told Jack he could pick a plot of her wooded land and build his house there. She knew that he and Janet wanted their own place, and she had made a generous offer. Janet was speechless to think they were standing on their own home site. She planned her whole kitchen, complete with stainless steel appliances, and Jack carried her over a make-believe threshold. Jack decided some sort of christening was in order, so they sank into the cushiony snow.

Parker got a pizza, and he and Liberty ditched school and went to Carly's empty house. Parker put the pizza in the oven to keep it warm, and the teens snuggled on the couch. Liberty said she had talked to her dad, and Brad had agreed that she could go to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break if there were only girls in the group, and they had an adult chaperone. Parker was also going with a classmate's family, so the kids were excited that they might have some alone time on the beach. They began kissing and forgot about Florida -- and the pizza.

Carly and Craig finished their business early, and rejoiced that Mr. Siegler had loved the label. They had also again imbibed a lot of vodka, but Carly was anxious to start back to Oakdale. Craig, however, said he had drunk too much vodka to drive, and he suggested they go to a hotel for a few hours and sleep it off. Carly wasn't buying that at all, but Craig promised they would get separate rooms, and Carly could continue her nap. When they went to a hotel, however, only one room was available, and Carly was not a happy camper.

Craig plopped on the bed, and Carly took to the chair, but it was uncomfortable. Craig told her not to be silly; they were there to sleep and there was plenty of room on the bed. Carly got on the bed and was about to doze when Craig asked if she was awake. When she answered yes, he said how great it would be to call Stan, the amorous buyer who had kissed Carly, and tell him where he could shove his nightclubs. Carly began to giggle, and soon she was engulfed in laughter. She said she remembered how Craig had punched Stan and then used the words "punch drunk," which had new meanings. Craig began to laugh, too, and soon they rolled face to face, and Craig kissed her.

Back at Carly's house, Liberty began coughing, and when she and Parker came up for air, they saw smoke billowing out of the kitchen. Parker wanted to run in there, but Liberty made him leave the house with her immediately.

Janet finally admitted the lovemaking in the snow was worth missing work for. She said she and Liberty had never had a house before, and she was looking forward to it. Jack's phone rang, and he took a call from a fellow police officer, who said the fire department was at Carly's house. Jack and Janet raced back to their car and drove to Carly's, where they found their kids, minus some of their clothes, huddled under a blanket on the front porch while the firemen worked inside. A fireman came out and said the pizza had been incinerated, but there had been no real fire, just lots of smelly black smoke. Jack and Janet marched the teens inside.

After having sex with Craig, Carly was embarrassed and ashamed of herself. She accused him of setting up the whole scenario, but he protested that all that had happened was that they had too much vodka and forgot what was important. Carly could not wait to get home.

Henry and Vienna also made love, and then Vienna wanted to try it with the beach ball in place. Henry was relieved when someone knocked on the door, and Vienna jumped up to answer. Brad and Katie came in, and Katie explained what the fertility specialist had told her. She also told Vienna how they could still make a baby using a donor egg with Brad's sperm. Vienna knew there was a lot of money involved in those processes, so she offered to let Brad fertilize one of her eggs - personally. After all, it would save time and money.

Henry went ballistic and shouted that Vienna could not sleep with Brad under any circumstances. Katie joined in and agreed that Vienna had made a nice offer, but it was off the table. Vienna then changed the offer to having the doctor do the fertilizing part, but Henry was still freaked out. He yelled about turkey basters and said he could not get certain images out of his head. Katie, however, chimed in, saying she thought the test tube method was worth exploring. Henry ran from the room, screaming that he would be damned if he let Vienna have a baby with another man.

Jack asked Parker and Liberty why they were alone in the house and not at school, and where Carly was. Parker said his mother was out of town with Craig, and he had found out about it just after breakfast. Janet asked if the kids had sex, and Liberty screamed, "No!" but Parker said that was no one else's business. That set off Jack and Janet, who reminded their children that they were under age, so it was definitely their business. Just then, Carly and Craig walked in and wanted to know what was happening.

Janet got Liberty out of there, as Jack began explaining to Carly. He got close to her and smelled alcohol on her breath, and then accused her that her "business" with Craig had kept her from knowing what was going on in her own house. Craig tried to speak, but both Jack and Carly told him to butt out. Jack told Carly about the fire and about the kids' making out on the couch, and they sent Parker to his room and revoked his spring break trip.

Jack told Carly they had to keep Parker and Liberty apart, because every time the teens were alone, they got in trouble. He suggested perhaps Parker should go to boarding school with J.J., but Carly protested. She wanted to think about the situation overnight, unaware that Parker was listening behind the door.

At Brad and Katie's, Janet lit into her daughter and reminded Liberty that her final semester was very important for college admissions. She asked Liberty if Parker was pressuring her to have sex, but the girl refused to talk about it and bolted for her room. Janet yelled after her that there would be no Ft. Lauderdale for her in the spring.

Katie told Vienna she loved her and Henry too much to ruin what they had just to get what she wanted. Brad still voted for adoption, but Vienna asked what Katie felt in her heart. Her friend said she wanted Vienna to carry Brad's baby, but she worried about Henry. Vienna promised she could win him over, and the women hugged.

Jack returned to the farm and found Janet upset and eating ice cream. Janet said she had learned it was Parker's idea to skip school and play house, and she was afraid he was pushing Liberty. She said Parker needed discipline and to understand that his actions had consequences. Jack became angry and said he was sending Parker to boarding school and asked if that was enough punishment to suit Janet.

Parker called Liberty and told her Jack was threatening to send him to school with J.J. They commiserated together about their cancelled spring break fun, as well. Liberty said she had been really psyched about going to Ft. Lauderdale and was very disappointed. Parker thought a minute and then said they should go anyway.

Carly walked downstairs and found Craig still in her living room. She told him being her business partner did not give him the right to comment on her personal life. He said he thought she might need a friend, but Carly said she didn't consider him one. She also promised that what happened in Chicago would never happen again. She went into the kitchen and saw the blackened appliances and counters, and it really shocked her. Craig comforted a weepy Carly as she realized she could have lost her son.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Alison paced on the hospital roof and flashed back to her discussion with Casey in which she admitted he had been right about Matt's involvement in dealing drugs. Casey appeared on the roof and told Alison that he was free and had dodged a bullet by not being sent back to prison. Alison continued to focus on Matt and said she hated feeling like a fool. She couldn't believe she had let him play her so easily. Casey tried to make her feel better by telling her he had thought about her a lot while he was in jail. He missed hanging out with her and asked for a do over. Casey wanted to go back to where they were before all the troubles started, but Alison asked about Jade and the fact that Casey had slept with her. Casey said the episode meant nothing to him, but Alison advised him to make sure Jade felt the same way before she could grant him a do over.

Luke arrived at Java to tell Noah that the police had dropped all charges against Casey and released him. They were both pleased until Kevin showed up. Luke told him how sorry he was that that Elwood had died, but Kevin intimated that the two of them weren't that close. Luke also said that the car that hit Elwood belonged to Matt O'Connor. When Kevin found out the police had not caught Matt, he said, "good." He clarified that by saying he just wanted the mystery to be over so he could stop thinking about it. He left in a hurry, and Luke and Noah thought his behavior was strange.

Luke was of the opinion that Kevin did not seem to care who killed his friend, Elwood. Noah's theory was that something had happened between the two killings that had really freaked out Kevin. Perhaps, he went on, Kevin had figured out who the real murderer was, and it was not Matt. He was suspicious of Kevin's actions dating back as far as the school election, and he cautioned Luke not to trust him.

An officer in the police station approached Margo and asked her to take a look at something. They went outside, and the officer led her to a parking area where Matt's gray SUV was parked. Someone had forced open the door and hotwired the vehicle, which left Margo wondering why Matt would do that to his own car.

At Lily's, Jade told her aunt that she was taking Casey to a special restaurant in Chicago to celebrate his being out of jail. Casey, however, did not know about her plans yet, but Jade was not concerned. Lily was, and she cautioned her niece to be sure Casey felt the same way about things, because Jade had been hurt before. Casey knocked at the door, looking for Jade. She invited him to dinner, but Casey declared it was not a good idea. He felt he wanted to just be friends with Jade, and he blurted out that he didn't want anything sexual to happen between them again. Jade took offense at that, and she assumed that Casey was going back to Alison. Casey admitted he and Alison were going to try again, but Jade told him to open his eyes. He said he could not give Alison up, so Jade asked him to leave.

Margo found Alison at Memorial and asked for a favor. She told the girl the police had found Matt's car, and it appeared that Matt might have been telling the truth about its being stolen. His taking off suddenly did create a problem, however. Margo asked Alison to call Matt, because she needed to talk to him about the car. Alison wanted no part of trapping Matt, but Margo promised not to hold it against him if all he had done was panic and run off. Alison called Matt and, per instructions from Margo, left a message suggesting they meet at a deserted warehouse on Fourth Street. She also promised to help him. Margo thanked her for her cooperation.

Alison went back to work after Margo left, but Mark Viro, her tormentor from Halloween, soon interrupted her. He grabbed her arm and told her she was going with him. She thought he might be ill and offered to find him a doctor, but he said he only needed her. He threatened her and her boyfriend, and promised that unless she went with him, he would hurt Casey. He marched her down the stairwell and outside.

Casey showed up at the hospital looking for Alison, but he could not find her. Margo called him and asked him to find out from Alison if she had heard back from Matt. Casey was furious that his mother was using his friend as bait, but Margo said they were not sure that Matt was the killer. She also mentioned that Alison wanted to see Matt exonerated. Casey got upset and hung up on Margo and left a message on Alison's phone.

Still searching for Alison, Casey next called Luke. He explained how his mother was using Alison for bait, but Luke got confused. If Matt was no longer a suspect, the killer was still unknown. Luke and Noah discussed the latest developments, and Noah reasoned that whoever killed Elwood had to know that the boy was meeting the two of them on the bridge. Besides themselves, the only other person who knew was Kevin.

Kavin was at Al's Diner, and he called Mark Viro and told him the cops were looking for Matt, so Mark was safe for the moment. As Kevin hung up, Noah and Luke confronted him and demanded to know to whom he had been talking. Kevin denied everything as Noah grabbed his phone and wrestled it from him. Noah checked and announced the last person Kevin had called was Mark. Luke asked if Mark had killed Reg and Elwood, and Kevin said he had just found out that was true. He claimed he hadn't told anyone because he stuck by his friends.

Mark led Alison to the warehouse where Margo had suggested she meet Matt. Alison suspected Mark of killing Reg, but Mark claimed the pills Reg took were not bad and Reg must have had a weird reaction to them. Alison offered to get help for Mark until she realized Mark must have run down Elwood, as well. Mark complained that Elwood was going to talk, so he had pushed him off the bridge.

Mark mentioned Alison's porno video and asked her to "put on a show" for him. Alison refused, so Mark slapped her around as the girl's phone rang. It was Casey, but Alison pretended it was Matt and repeated that she was waiting for him at the warehouse on Fourth Street. Casey was perplexed, but the urgency in Alison's voice spurred him to action. As soon as Alison hung up her phone, Mark injected her with a drug that made her woozy. He injected her a second time and promised a third to make it look as if she had overdosed.

Suddenly Matt dashed into the warehouse and pulled Mark off Alison, who was almost unconscious. Mark took off, but Matt chose to stay and look after Alison. He tried to rouse her, and he picked up the syringe to see what kind of drug Mark had given her. At that moment, Casey burst in and assumed that Matt had assaulted Alison. He hit Matt repeatedly and then scooped up Alison and ran out with her.

Jade got dressed up, but Lily was not pleased when her niece said she was going to find Casey at the hospital. Jade wanted to be there when Alison dumped him yet again. Lily tried to dissuade her, but Jade would not listen.

At the diner, Luke and Noah continued to question Kevin about Mark. Kevin said Mark had been especially weird since he had returned from rehab. Luke told Kevin he had to help them stop the killing, and he and Noah made Kevin call Mark, who did not pick up. Mark did call back almost immediately, however, and he asked Kevin to bring $500 in cash to the bridge where Elwood had died. Kevin agreed, so Noah called Margo at the police station and gave her the details. All three of the boys left for the rendezvous.

At the bridge, Luke and Noah hid off to the side as Kevin walked to the middle. Mark approached from the other side and asked for the money. Mark also spotted the boys hiding in the brush and yelled at Kevin for not coming alone. Kevin told Mark the madness had to stop, but that angered Mark, who hit Kevin with a heavy pipe. Luke and Noah ran on the bridge, but Mark began climbing the struts. The boys exchanged words as Mark lost his footing and clung to the railings. Luke and Noah struggled to hang on to him, and eventually they were able to drag Mark into the roadway. Margo and her cops arrived just in time and took Mark into custody. She gave the boys her usual vigilante speech and sent Luke and Noah home.

At Memorial, a doctor told Casey that Alison was stable. Casey sat and talked with her until she came around. Casey told her Matt could not hurt her any more, but a groggy Alison made it clear that Matt was not her assailant. Casey was stunned to learn the murderer was Mark Viro. When a beaten-up Matt walked in, Casey apologized as Alison described what happened. A chagrined Casey slunk out of the room, and Jade met him at the door and hugged him. Casey looked back at Matt and Alison through the glass and left with Jade.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Henry brought Katie flowers as a peace offering for having been so upset about Katie's baby plans. Henry told Katie that she had stolen his heart years before and still had it, and he would do almost anything for her. Katie thought he meant he had changed his mind about letting Vienna provide both an egg and act as a surrogate for Brad and Katie's child. Henry said absolutely not, because no matter how hard he tried, he could not see the baby as anything but Vienna and Brad's child.

Henry told Katie he was worried by how much Vienna wanted to act as the surrogate, because he was afraid Vienna would end up wanting to keep the baby for herself. Katie said that wasn't going to happen. Katie pointed out that it would be to Henry's advantage to let Vienna do something she so clearly wanted to do and that she so strongly believed would make her happy, because it would make Henry a hero to Vienna.

Brad went to the diner to have breakfast. Vienna waited on him and told him she thought Henry was being impossible. Vienna took away Brad's breakfast plate, saying she couldn't stand to hear the word "eggs," much less see them and smell them. She then rushed off, telling Brad she thought she was having "a mental morning sickness." Brad told her he didn't think there was such a thing as "mental morning sickness," and he asked if Vienna could possibly be pregnant. Vienna insisted that wasn't it, because she had taken home pregnancy tests almost every day, but they had all turned out negative. She asked Brad to take her home, because she felt like she was going to be sick all day.

After Vienna got back to her suite at the Lakeview, she undressed and put a robe on over her bra and panties. She asked Brad to rub peppermint oil on her back, because it would help with her nausea. Henry, of course, came into the room just as Brad was rubbing oil on Vienna's back, and he immediately reacted angrily. Henry said it appeared Brad and Vienna had decided to forego the whole "artificial" part of the artificial insemination. Both Vienna and Brad tried to tell Henry that wasn't what was happening. Henry was in no mood to hear them out, and when Brad said he wasn't going to leave until he knew Vienna was okay, Henry threw a punch at him. Brad ducked, and Henry's fist slammed into the wall.

Katie called Brad to tell him she had great news, but Brad said he was busy and would talk to her later. After he hung up, Vienna told Brad he should leave, and Henry told him not to ever come back. Henry went to close the door and said he couldn't believe he had almost let Katie talk him into the whole insemination/surrogate deal.

After Brad left, Vienna became upset with Henry. She told him he should know better than to think she was cheating on him with one of their best friends. She reminded him that she had agreed to give up a dream she'd had since childhood, of being a mother, because Henry had told her she had to choose between being with him and fulfilling that dream. She said she had made a tremendous sacrifice for him because she loved him so much. Henry softened and apologized, saying he knew she loved him.

Vienna asked if Henry thought she was unaware that he still had deep feelings for Katie. She said she understood that, but she didn't let it make her jealous, and all she wanted was for Henry to show her the same trust. Vienna told Henry that if she couldn't have a baby of her own, she wanted to give Brad and Katie a baby.

Brad went home, where Katie told him she thought she had convinced Henry to go through with the baby deal. Brad had to tell her what had happened with Vienna. Brad apologized for having ruined things, but Katie told him it wasn't his fault. She then put on a happy face and showed Brad a computer Web site she had found where people could pick out all the characteristics they wanted their child to have, from hair color to athletic ability. Brad said it sounded like picking out a new car, fully loaded, and Katie ignored the disapproval in his tone and said it was going to be great.

Henry and Vienna came to the door. Henry apologized to Brad for the scene he had caused earlier, but Brad told him no apology was necessary. Vienna then prompted Henry, and he said he had given it more thought, and that since he and Vienna felt that Brad and Katie were like family, and Vienna and Katie obviously really wanted the baby thing to work out, he was in favor of giving it a try. Katie was ecstatic and hugged Henry, then Vienna, thanking them both profusely. Brad asked if Henry was sure, and he said he was. Vienna said since it was settled, there was no time to lose. She told Brad, "Let's get me pregnant!" and she hugged him.

Craig and Johnny ran into Lucy at the Lakeview. Craig asked if Lucy could babysit Johnny again, and she told him she would love to do it. Dusty overheard. Craig told Lucy his meeting wouldn't take more than a couple of hours and that he would be in the dining room of the hotel if she needed him. He gave her his room key and left after hugging Johnny goodbye. Dusty walked by, and Johnny leaped into his arms. Dusty told Lucy he'd overheard her conversation, and Lucy asked if he wanted to join them on their play date. Johnny said excitedly, "Please say yes!" Dusty said he took his orders from Johnny, so the answer was "yes." Lucy suggested they take separate elevators to Craig's room, just to be careful, and she left with Johnny.

Emily went to Fairwinds to see Paul and asked him if Meg had gotten jealous after seeing Emily with Paul, "canoodling." Paul said Meg wouldn't make the first move even if she were jealous. Soon afterward, they heard Meg calling Paul's name. Paul told Emily to hide behind the sofa, and Meg walked in to find what appeared to be a sleeping Paul, lying alone on the sofa.

Meg told Paul she had come to apologize for giving him a hard time when she saw him with Emily. She then told Paul that he had every right to be with anyone he wanted, even Emily Stewart. Paul told Meg he owed her an apology, because he and Emily had forgotten they were in public when Meg saw them together. Meg said she realized she had no reason to be jealous, since she and Paul were divorced. Meg told Paul they both had a right to be happy, and she said goodbye and walked out, with Paul shouting her name in an effort to stop her from leaving. Paul turned to Emily and asked, "What was that?" Emily said she thought Meg had just asked Paul's permission to have sex with Dusty.

Emily told Paul that Meg had wanted to make sure Paul knew she was okay with him moving on, so that Meg could move on with Dusty. Paul thought Emily was crazy, but Emily said Paul was in denial. Paul got mad when Emily said he should try to find out for sure how involved Dusty and Meg were. Emily decided to leave. She told Paul to find someone else to help him, but Paul stopped her and said he needed her help.

Meg went to the Lakeview and found Dusty sitting alone at a table in the lounge having coffee. Meg sat down and told Dusty she had hoped to find him, because she thought they needed to talk since they had kissed the other day. Dusty said he agreed, and he went first, telling Meg that it had been a mistake to kiss her and that he wouldn't put her in that position again.

Meg, obviously surprised, agreed and said they needed to stick to their agreement to be friends. She then asked Dusty if he wanted to spend some time with her that day as her friend, because she didn't have to work. Dusty's cell phone rang, and it was Lucy, letting him know it was okay for him to go up to Craig's room. Dusty explained the situation to Meg and excused himself to go upstairs.

Up in Craig's room, Dusty found Johnny busy drawing pictures. He asked Johnny to draw a picture of him, and Johnny sat down to try to draw Dusty. Lucy tossed a ball of paper at Dusty, and he threw it back, which started a paper ball war that ended with Dusty and Lucy falling together on the sofa as Johnny busily drew his portrait.

Meg saw Craig on her way out of the lounge, and since it looked like he was headed back to his room, she stopped him. Craig tried to leave, saying his business meeting had been cancelled, and he wanted to spend some time with Johnny. Meg told Craig she wanted him to know how happy she was that things were working out for him with Johnny. Craig immediately reminded Meg that she and Dusty had conspired to try to keep him from being awarded custody of his son. Meg agreed but said since the court had awarded custody to Craig, everyone could see how happy Johnny was, and they were all happy for Craig and for Johnny.

Craig said Meg's remarks were very suspicious, and he decided she was trying to get on his good side in order to convince him to let Dusty spend time with Johnny. Meg said that would be good for Johnny, but Craig told her it would never happen. After Craig got on the elevator, Meg called Dusty to warn him that Craig was on his way back to the room.

When Craig got back to his room, he found Lucy putting Johnny's coat on, and he asked where they were going. Lucy said she had decided to take Johnny to the park to swing, and she had planned to let the desk clerk know where they would be so that Craig wouldn't worry. She invited Craig to join them, and Craig agreed. Craig saw the picture Johnny had been drawing and picked it up, asking, "Who's this?" Johnny answered, "Daddy!" Craig glanced at it and approvingly told Johnny it did look like him. He led the way out of the hotel room as Lucy held up a silencing finger to Johnny.

Meg went up to see Dusty. She told him that he shouldn't expect her to run interference for him and Lucy again, but Dusty pointed out that he hadn't asked her to do it that time. Meg reminded Dusty that Craig was a dangerous and smart man, and she said it was only a matter of time before Craig found out what Dusty and Lucy were doing. Dusty said he wasn't worried about Craig, and he asked why Meg was so worked up about the whole thing. Dusty asked if Meg was jealous. She denied it at first, but then she stopped herself, walked up to Dusty, and kissed him.

Paul and Emily went to the Lakeview, and Emily found out from the bartender that Meg had recently gone upstairs. Paul assumed Meg had gone to see Dusty. Paul turned and headed for the elevator. When Paul got to Dusty's room, he put his ear near the door and could hear the heavy breathing inside. Emily grabbed Paul before he could try to kick the door down, saying, "Don't do this!" Emily convinced Paul that if he broke into the room and started throwing punches, Meg would be forced to side with Dusty, and it might be enough to make Meg forbid Paul from ever seeing Eliza again. Paul decided Meg was right, and together, they went back downstairs.

Meanwhile, Meg and Dusty kissed passionately and fell onto Dusty's bed, but they stopped, and Meg asked, "What are we doing?" Meg apologized for having started something without finishing it, but Dusty said she had nothing to be sorry about. He told her if the time was right, they would both know, and then he kissed her.

Craig returned to the Lakeview with Johnny and Lucy. Craig sent Johnny over to get a lollipop from a hotel employee, and Lucy said Johnny deserved it for having named all the birds they had seen at the park. Craig said Lucy must have taught that to Johnny; she said she had, and that she remembered when Craig had taught it to her when she was about Johnny's age. She told her father that she'd never forgotten that, and then she pointed out that the two of them seemed to be doing better. Craig agreed, so Lucy asked if he wanted to go have some hot chocolate. He said yes, and they went to the restaurant.

Paul and Emily went downstairs and saw Lucy, Craig, and Johnny drinking their hot chocolate. Paul wondered why they suddenly seemed to be one big happy family and whether it had anything to do with Meg being upstairs with Dusty. Craig and Johnny finished their drinks, said goodbye to Lucy, and headed upstairs. Paul told Emily he was going to try to find out what was going on. Emily said she couldn't stay to babysit, so she wished Paul luck, and left.

Paul saw Dusty and Meg getting off the elevator, so he ducked out of sight. Lucy walked by in time to see Dusty whispering something in Meg's ear that made Meg laugh. Meg told Dusty goodbye, and left. Lucy greeted Dusty and told him he and Meg looked happy. Dusty asked when she thought he could see Johnny again. Lucy told him she didn't know, but Craig was definitely warming up to her. Dusty thanked her for having let him spend time with his son, and then he left.

Paul approached Lucy and sarcastically welcomed her back to town, asking why she wasn't in jail. She explained that Dusty had cleared her of any charges and that she was trying to return the favor by mending fences between Dusty and her father. Paul said he wanted to know why she was really in town. Lucy told Paul that she had missed Johnny too much and had come back to make sure he was happy and healthy-and that Dusty and Craig didn't kill each other. Paul said that might be easier said than done, and he reminded Lucy that he knew that she hated her father as much as anyone else did. Lucy said, "Don't be too sure. Things can change," and she walked away.



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