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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 28, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, February 28, 2011

At ConFusion, Caleb learned that Asher hoped to cheer up Colby by surprising her with a truffle burger. Asher admitted to being one of the people who had upset Colby, but she was unaware of it. Caleb was curious what Asher was talking about, but Asher didn't want to discuss it. Caleb promised to listen if Asher wanted to talk. Asher hesitated a moment and then sat down.

Asher confessed that he had learned about an ugly secret, but he had kept it from Colby. However, Colby had eventually discovered the secret, so Asher regretted not being truthful with Colby from the beginning. Caleb could tell that Asher had feelings for Colby, but Asher didn't want to discuss it. Caleb wondered what Asher's gut instinct had told him. "To come clean," Asher admitted.

Caleb was curious how Asher felt about the possible consequences. "Damn the consequences," Asher responded. The bartender returned with Asher's order. Asher started to pay for it, but Caleb offered to pick up the tab. Asher thanked Caleb and then left.

At the mansion, Colby was touched that Asher had remembered that she loved truffle burgers. She insisted that he was the only person in her life who hadn't let her down. "Not exactly true," Asher argued. She wondered who else hadn't let her down; she knew that he couldn't be referring to her mother. At the mention of her mother, Colby began to complain about Liza and Damon's betrayal.

Colby confided to Asher that she would have respected them if Liza and Damon had told her the truth from the beginning. Asher decided to admit that he had overheard Liza and Damon talking about the one-night stand on the night of Damon's farewell party. Colby started to cry as she realized that she had been the last to know. Asher quickly apologized for keeping the secret from her, but Colby resented everyone's pity. Asher explained that he had kept quiet because he had been reluctant to add to her pain.

Asher knew what it was like to be let down by a loved one. He swore that he was not like the others, but Colby refused to listen. Colby was horrified when Asher mentioned that he had talked to Liza about the one-night stand. She couldn't believe that Asher had allowed Liza to persuade him to lie to her. Angry, Colby wondered if Liza had offered Asher the same "benefits" as Liza had offered Damon.

Asher insisted that it hadn't been like that. He denied any involvement with Liza. Colby was distraught because Asher had watched her turn to Liza for comfort, all the while knowing that Liza had slept with Damon. Asher was filled with remorse, but Colby fled the parlor in tears. Later, Colby returned to the parlor. She walked over to the laptop, sat down, and then began to talk to her web camera about the people who had betrayed her.

At Krystal's Restaurant, Jackson and Krystal went over some paperwork. Jack took the opportunity to let Krystal know how grateful he was to have her help. He also appreciated that Krystal hadn't asked about Erica. Krystal seemed uncertain how to respond, so she decided to take the paperwork to the office. Opal walked in as Krystal stood up and then left. Opal marched over to Jack's table and then informed him that for a smart man, he acted mighty dumb at times.

Jack was curious if he had offended Opal. Opal warned Jack that Erica would have been upset to have walked in to find Jack and Krystal holding hands. Jack denied that anything inappropriate had occurred between him and Krystal. Opal reminded Jack that Erica had been under tremendous stress recently. Jack listened patiently as Opal tried to explain Erica's friendship with Caleb. However, he was stunned when Opal let it slip that Erica and Caleb had kissed on New Year's Eve.

Opal immediately realized what she had said, so she tried to downplay the kiss. She insisted that Erica had forgotten all about the kiss and that Jack was Erica's true love. Jack had his doubts, so Opal revealed that Erica intended to end her partnership with Caleb because Jack meant so much to Erica.

At Fusion, Erica was surprised to learn that Reese had filed for a divorce. Bianca admitted that she hadn't expected Reese to send divorce papers. Erica wished that Bianca had mentioned her marital woes sooner, but Bianca had been reluctant to trouble Erica because Erica had so many things going on. Bianca and Erica began to talk about Erica's relationship with Jack. Bianca was curious if Erica had feelings for Caleb, but Erica denied it.

Bianca wondered if Erica's love for Jack were a strong as it once had been. Bianca explained that she didn't want Erica and Jack to end up drifting apart like Bianca and Reese had, so she urged Erica to examine her feelings for Jack. Later, Erica was startled to see Caleb sitting at the bar in ConFusion. "The bear finally emerges from his den," Erica remarked as she approached Caleb. "Hello, Dorothy," Caleb greeted Erica.

Erica demanded to know why Caleb hadn't shown up for meetings or returned any of her calls. Caleb simply apologized, but Erica wasn't satisfied with the lack of an answer. Caleb explained that he had needed some time and distance. He realized that Erica hadn't deserved to be ignored like that. Erica was curious how much Caleb had already had to drink.

Caleb slid his drink aside and then thanked Erica for persuading him to stay in Pine Valley to fight for what was his and to help him to get his son back. Erica was surprised to learn that Asher had turned to Caleb for advice. Caleb admitted that he had encouraged Asher to follow his instincts. Erica wondered if Asher had listened. Caleb smiled as he responded, "We'll see." Caleb felt that he finally had a chance to make up for everything he had missed with Asher.

Later, Asher returned to ConFusion in a sour mood. Asher was furious because he had listened to Caleb. Caleb reminded Asher that Asher had been prepared to "damn the consequences." Erica watched as Asher stormed out. She waited a few minutes and then walked up to Caleb.

"So much for getting closer to my son," Caleb grumbled. Caleb then switched gears to ask what Erica wanted to discuss with him. "It can wait," Erica assured him. Nearby, Jack scowled when she spotted Erica and Caleb together.

At the hospital, Griffin invited Kendall to tell him about her concerns regarding Zach's letter. Kendall recalled that the words "threat" and "stole" had been in the last page of letter when she had first seen it, but in a scarier context than in the letter that she had eventually read. "There you are," Ricky said with relief when he entered Kendall's hospital room. Ricky explained that he had been concerned when he had learned that Kendall had returned to the hospital. Kendall assured Ricky that she was fine, but she had needed some tests.

Kendall was curious if Ricky had recalled seeing the last page of Zach's letter before she had misplaced it. Griffin was surprised to learn that Ricky had been with Kendall when she had opened the box that had been recovered from Zach's plane. Ricky wondered what was going on. Kendall confessed that the letter had seemed different. Ricky suggested that perhaps grief might be responsible for the changes.

Ricky turned to Griffin for support, but Griffin admitted that it might have been the result of an imbalance with Kendall's medications. Griffin informed Ricky that they were conducting tests to determine if the medications had caused Kendall to see something different the first time she had glanced at the letter. Kendall realized that it sounded odd, but she believed that there had been something in Zach's letter to indicate that Zach had been murdered.

Ricky blamed himself for trying to encourage Kendall to push past her grief. Kendall assured Ricky that he wasn't responsible for her thinking that she had seen a different version of the letter. Ricky insisted that he should have advised Kendall to focus on celebrating the life that she had shared with Zach rather than on how her husband had died. Griffin's pager began to beep, so Ricky invited Griffin take care of it. Griffin realized that he had to leave, but he ordered Kendall to stay put until the test results were complete.

Griffin suggested that Ricky should be out "spreading the good word." "I already have. Peace be with you," Ricky responded as Kendall chuckled. Griffin left without comment. Kendall appreciated Ricky checking up on her, but she insisted that he didn't have to stay to hold her hand. Ricky claimed that he didn't mind, but then he suggested that they leave. Kendall reminded him that she had promised to stay until the test results were back.

Ricky sat down to wait with Kendall. He urged her to talk about Zach, but Kendall claimed that she was all talked out about Zach. Ricky tried to find out where Zach might have hidden the evidence against the casino partners, so he subtly questioned her about any special places that Kendall and Zach had shared. Kendall questioned why Ricky was so interested in the intimate details about her life with Zach. Ricky realized that he might have overplayed his hand, so he quickly changed tactics by feigning concern that Kendall didn't trust him.

Kendall insisted that Ricky had been a source of strength for her. Ricky smiled as he once again tried to get Kendall to leave with him by suggesting that they go somewhere to talk. "I don't think so," Griffin warned Ricky as Griffin entered the room. Griffin explained that Kendall's test results indicated that the medication had not been the problem. Kendall worried that she might be going crazy, but Ricky continued to blame her uncertainty about the letter on her grief for Zach.

Griffin thought that Kendall might benefit from seeing a therapist who could be of more help to her than Griffin or Ricky were. Kendall promised to think about it. Ricky made another attempt to get Kendall to leave with him, but Griffin argued that Kendall needed to rest. Kendall conceded that she was tired, so Griffin decided to take her home, since his shift had just ended. Ricky hid his frustration behind a tight smile when Kendall accepted Griffin's offer.

At Scott and Madison's apartment, Ryan asked Madison to talk to the FBI, so that she would know what to say the next time that Emma called. Madison quickly agreed. Greenlee's cell phone rang, so she stepped into the hallways to take the call. After Greenlee left the apartment, Ryan got a call from the FBI to inform him that Emma had called from a disposable cell phone. Scott offered to help find Emma, so Ryan asked Scott to pass out some flyers at the hospital.

Ryan intended to fetch them from the car, but Scott volunteered to get them, so that Ryan could go over some things with Madison in case Emma called. After Scott left, Ryan congratulated Madison on moving in with Scott. Madison was surprised when she suddenly felt the baby kick. Ryan offered to get Scott, but then stopped when he realized that Madison shouldn't feel the baby kick so early in her pregnancy. Madison realized her mistake, so she quickly passed it off as indigestion.

In the hallway, Greenlee answered a call from Griffin who suggested that Kendall could use a friend at her side while Kendall waited for some test results. Scott stepped into the hallway just as Greenlee ended the call. Greenlee started to congratulate Scott on how things were progressing with Madison, but he warned her not to get too excited. Scott clarified that he and Madison were simply trying to save money, so they were just roommates. Greenlee argued that she had seen the way that Madison had gazed at Scott, so she was certain that Madison had feelings for Scott. Scott accused Greenlee of seeing what she wanted to see.

Scott had no idea how Greenlee could watch Ryan miss Emma while knowing that Greenlee was lying to Ryan about another child. Greenlee became defense as she argued that Ryan had enough to deal with at the moment. She also wondered why it was okay for Madison to keep the secret. "Different motives," Scott claimed. Greenlee reminded Scott that she was the reason that Scott was involved with Madison. Scott argued that it was ancient history, but Greenlee didn't think that Scott should forget how he had gotten where he was.

Scott returned the apartment moments later. Ryan told Scott that Madison had thought that the baby had kicked. Madison quickly revealed that it was too early for the baby to kick, so it had been indigestion. Ryan hoped that Scott would be around for the baby's first kick because it was a special moment. After Ryan left, Scott inquired about the baby's kick. Madison confessed that it had been an incredible feeling.

Later, Scott and Madison went to Krystal's Restaurant. Madison admitted that she had been tempted to tell Ryan about the baby when she had felt it kick. Scott was curious why she hadn't said anything. Madison explained that Ryan had a lot to deal with, so she had kept quiet. Scott wondered why everything seemed to be about Ryan.

Scott reminded Madison that she had once told him that she liked having something for her own. Madison admitted that it was true. Madison was touched when Scott asked if he could feel the movement the next time that the baby kicked. Madison smiled as she assured him that it could be arranged.

At Fusion, Bianca was surprised to see Ryan and Greenlee. Bianca was eager to know if there had been any word on Emma. Ryan let Bianca know about the flyers that they had printed and then asked Bianca to pass them out at the Miranda Center. Ryan also revealed that Annie had hidden out in women's shelters the last time that she had been on the run. Bianca promised to make certain the shelters would be notified. Ryan stepped away when he received a call from the FBI.

Bianca realized that Emma's abduction had to be hard on Greenlee. Greenlee admitted that she and Ryan had thought that their lives would be easier after the wedding. Bianca glanced down to see Greenlee's new wedding ring. "It's beautiful," Bianca observed. Greenlee smiled, but she admitted that the wedding felt as if it had been a million years ago. Greenlee suddenly realized that Bianca and Reese were celebrating their own wedding anniversary, prompting Bianca to tell Greenlee about the divorce.

Later, Greenlee and Ryan returned home. Ryan couldn't understand how Annie could put Emma through the ordeal of being torn away from her father. It baffled him how anyone could do that to a child. Greenlee looked guilt-stricken as she stared at Ryan.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

At ConFusion, an irritated Jackson looked on as Erica wrapped up her conversation with Caleb. The men exchanged glances as Caleb exited, and Jackson approached Erica, who silently led him to a table. Jackson commended Erica's decision to quit Cortlandt Electronics. Erica informed him that she hadn't quit, because it was too soon to walk away.

Erica claimed that she found the business fascinating and that she was constantly learning. Jackson asked what she had learned by kissing Caleb on New Year's Eve. She realized that Opal had told Jackson about the kiss, and she said that she hadn't told him herself because it hadn't meant anything. He accused her of keeping another secret from him. He declared that their relationship had been in trouble for a while, and it wasn't getting any better.

Erica insisted that the kiss hadn't been a secret. She explained that when it had happened, she had been in a vulnerable state because of Kendall's health. Caleb had just learned that Kendall had shot David, and Erica had been relieved that Caleb had agreed to keep her secret. Jackson reminded Erica that they had promised one another that they would have no secrets, but he felt she had constantly made the choice to put Caleb between them. She swore that the kiss was an isolated incident and that she loved only Jackson. He pointed out that she kept finding reasons why Caleb needed her, and he thought she was trying to hold on to Caleb. Krystal arrived, and Jackson abruptly left to speak with her.

Jackson stepped out after talking with Krystal. Erica approached Krystal and condescendingly commented how busy Krystal appeared to be, between the restaurant and her job with Jackson. Krystal simply stated that she enjoyed the law. Erica questioned what had been so urgent that Krystal had needed to track Jackson down. Krystal asserted that when Jackson needed her, she'd be by his side, especially since he spent so much time alone.

Erica incredulously asked what Krystal was implying. Krystal noted that Erica had been spending a lot of time with Caleb. Erica clarified that she had spent her time at work. She called Krystal a barkeep and secretary who was "faithful as a dog." "Woof," Krystal retorted. Erica snapped that Krystal had gone through all the men she could find in Pine Valley, and she swore that Krystal would never become Mrs. Jackson Montgomery. Krystal said her own run through men wasn't nearly as impressive as Erica's, but Erica had a head start and was still running.

Erica proclaimed that she was dedicated to Jackson and that her relationship with Caleb was professional. Erica expressed false sympathy for Tad marrying a lovely younger woman. Krystal declared that she was happy for Tad and that she'd love to be just as happy for Jackson, but Jackson didn't genuinely smile when he spoke of Erica. Erica said that perhaps Jackson seemed unhappy because he was around Krystal. Jackson returned, and Krystal hurriedly left. Jackson asked what Erica had said to Krystal, and Erica urged him to fire Krystal.

Jackson scoffed at the idea of firing Krystal, but Erica claimed that Krystal was trying to get her claws into Jackson. He was angry that Erica was trying to dictate who he could work with, and she compared it to him complaining about her working with Caleb. He said that although they were about to get married, they were as far apart as two people could get. Erica said that she wanted and loved only Jackson and that he had to trust her. He grabbed his coat and briefcase and said he wasn't sure he could, then walked away.

Caleb met Opal at Krystal's restaurant, where she had summoned him for an urgent meeting. Opal said that she knew her way around numbers, and she bragged about her successes with the Glamorama and the Chicken Shack. She recalled how she had protected Cortlandt Electronics against a hostile takeover by Chandler Enterprises. She said she needed more than just being a babysitter, and she wanted to help build something in Palmer's memory. She told Caleb that he had a new partner -- herself.

Opal offered to "pick up the slack" at Cortlandt Electronics, but Caleb didn't know what Opal meant. Opal explained that she'd take over for Erica since Erica had quit, but she quickly realized that Erica hadn't yet informed Caleb that she planned to leave the company. Opal lectured that Erica had more important things to do, since Erica was about to marry Jackson. Caleb asked if Opal was running interference, and Opal admitted her determination not to allow Caleb to interfere with Jackson and Erica's relationship.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby made a video on her computer in which she vented that Damon had cheated on her with her mother. She mentioned that as Pine Valley's district attorney, her mom could put the bad guys away but couldn't be trusted herself. Colby sobbed that her life sucked. Asher entered and startled Colby. In her flustered state, she accidentally posted the video online rather than saving it.

Asher removed the video, and Colby panicked about whether anyone had seen it. He said that the video had received only a few hits, so the chances that anyone had viewed it were slim. A relieved Colby remarked that things would have been far worse if anyone had watched her condemn Damon and Liza. Asher apologized again for keeping their secret, but Colby told him not to waste his time. Colby told Asher that she was in a "guy-free zone" and that she planned to focus on her education and her job.

Asher noticed that Colby had a message from Damon and offered to delete it, but she made a beeline for her computer. A dejected Asher muttered that the "guy-free zone" applied to everyone but Damon. Colby wrote back to Damon to instruct him never to contact her again. She announced that she was done with guys because she refused to have her heart broken again. Later, Colby saw something on her computer and freaked out. Asher ran into the room, and Colby wailed that her video had gone viral.

At the hospital, Amanda told Jake that nothing could change what had happened. He said there was nothing to say, but she offered to confess her actions to Cara. Jake advised her to leave things alone. Amanda wanted to apologize and to accept responsibility, but Jake thought she'd only make the situation worse. He told her just to play along like everyone else. She promised not to ruin the plan, and she asked how she could fix their marriage.

Jake said he had done everything he could to show that he was committed to Amanda, but he felt like he could never do enough. Amanda swore to be a wonderful sister-in-law to Cara, but Jake remained distant. Amanda admitted that she had told Tad about her call to Immigration, and Tad had taken the news better than Jake had. Jake claimed that he needed to check on a patient, and she offered to wait for him, but he said he'd see her at home. She kissed him and told him she loved him, but he responded half-heartedly and returned to work.

Cara arrived to see Tad at his home, where Tad had set a romantic scene for their first date. Tad told a stunned Cara to consider it a working dinner. He snapped a picture of them and suggested that they assemble a photo album for Agent Trumbull. Tad explained that it was important that to get to know one another if they wanted their marriage to look real, but Cara said she hated talking about herself. He struggled to open the champagne bottle, so she grabbed it and opened it easily. She said that she could change a tire, too, and he called her a keeper. He proposed a toast to them getting engaged, getting to know one another, and getting married. He offered to start by telling her about himself.

Tad recalled some memories, including proposing to Dixie in a chicken suit. He listed his various marriages, and Cara was shocked that he had married Dixie three times. He explained that Dixie had been the love of his life, but she had died. He admitted that he still talked to Dixie, but he quickly clammed up and thought Cara might find that strange. Cara understood that Tad's love for Dixie still existed even though Dixie was gone.

Tad was glad that Cara hadn't bolted after hearing about his many marriages. She asked about his kids. He said he'd made a lot of mistakes, but his children were the best part of him. He asked her to reveal something about her past, and she suggested that they wait for the second date, but he said there wasn't time. He thought that as her future husband, he deserved to know all about her.

Cara mentioned things that Tad had already known, like her childhood illness and her marriage to Jake. He pushed her to reveal more, and she became noticeably uncomfortable. She matter-of-factly said that what he saw was what he got, but he reminded her that presenting a convincing marriage could mean life or death. She relented, and he asked about her romantic history. She reflected back to a second-grade crush she'd had on a boy she had met in the hospital.

Tad asked about Cara's other relationships, and her eyes welled with tears as she admitted that he already knew everything. He realized that Jake had been the only man she'd ever loved. She ran to the door, bumping into Jake on her way out. Jake noticed the dinner setup, and Tad lamented that their first date hadn't gone well, because Cara wouldn't tell him anything about herself. Tad worried that their plan wouldn't work if he didn't understand her. He asked what Jake knew about Cara.

Tad noted that a person had to have certain qualities to want to join Doctors Without Borders, and Jake called Cara fearless. Jake said that he understood Cara better since he had learned that she had been sick as a child, because he had realized that she wanted to live life to its fullest. Jake recounted how she'd been insistent on having a tree for Christmas, so she had risked her life to cut down a tiny bush with her scalpel, and it had turned out to be the best holiday ever.

Jake commented that Cara treated her patients like family, and she sang all the time even though she was tone-deaf. Tad laughed at the thought, but he observed that Jake had loved every second of his time with Cara. Jake remembered the moment he'd known he had wanted to marry Cara. They had fought after being up all night performing surgery. He had recalled Joe's "bad joke trick" to defuse fights, and when Jake had told a really bad joke, and Cara had laughed so hard she had started hiccupping. He had found her adorable and had concluded that he could love her forever.

Jake told Tad that Amanda had confessed to turning Cara in, and he wondered why Tad had protected Amanda. Tad asked how their marriage was doing, and Jake said he was trying to make things right. Tad said that Amanda loved Jake and that she didn't want to lose him. Tad thought it was a lot to handle for both Amanda and Jake. Jake admitted that Cara's return to town had stirred up memories, but he was dedicated to Amanda.

At the hospital, Amanda asked to talk with Cara. Amanda said she was glad that Tad was going to marry Cara and that Cara would be safe. A skeptical Cara wondered why Amanda was being so nice, but Amanda said she wanted to make things easier and suggested they spend time together. Cara complained about all the attention the Martins had been giving her. Cara contemplated disappearing and slipping back into her old life, but Amanda begged her not to even consider it.

Amanda warned Cara that the authorities could track Cara down and send her back to Mexico, but Cara asserted that she'd be fine. Amanda understood that Cara was under pressure, but she called being part of the Martin family a gift. Cara stared coldly at her as Amanda explained how the Martins had openly offered Amanda love and protection. Cara realized that she herself was lucky, and she thanked Amanda, who insisted that she wanted Cara to be safe.

Later, Jake and Amanda met in the park, and she said she was glad he had called. She informed him of her talk with Cara, though she assured him that she hadn't told Cara about her call to Immigration. Amanda swore that she wanted to make things right. He proclaimed that they all wanted the same thing, and he pulled her into a kiss. They left with their arms around one another.

Cara returned to Tad's and apologized for her sudden departure. He joked that the fact that he ate candy on his breakfast cereal always scared women away. She declared that she appreciated his help, and he invited her in. He asked if their date was still on, and she agreed. She told him a few things about herself, including that she loved jalapenos and that she was a "damn fine singer." She accepted another glass of champagne and cautioned him that after a couple of drinks, she might burst into song.

Cara suggested that they take more photos before the candles burned out. Tad set up the camera, and Cara proposed that they make the pictures look real. As she planted a kiss on Tad, Amanda and Jake walked in.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

At the hospital, Diana bumped into the unsuspecting Griffin on purpose. When he apologized, she said she'd only accept if he bought her a drink and told her all about his heroics in the ambulance with Kendall. Diana claimed that the incredible news story had captivated her. She found it uncanny that Zach had gotten Griffin to town. She said it had been almost as if Zach had known that Kendall would need Griffin to save her life.

A defensive Griffin noted that Diana knew a lot about him and Kendall. She revealed that she was a screenwriter who believed that the Slater story would make a great film. Griffin deduced that she'd bumped into him on purpose, and he sniped that he didn't like to be played.

At Kendall's house, Ricky arrived, and Kendall suspected that he was checking up on her. She conveyed that she was still perplexed about the letter, and Ricky suggested that her repressed grief was manifesting itself in weird ways. He coaxed her to talk about her memories with Zach, and Kendall recalled being snowed in with Zach at the chapel. Ricky guessed that the chapel had been the couple's special place, but Kendall said they'd never gone back there.

Just then, Griffin arrived to check on Kendall. Ricky figured it'd be easier if he left the room, but Griffin retorted that it'd be easier if Ricky left the house. Ricky exited, and Griffin examined Kendall, who explained that Ricky had urged her to talk about Zach. She'd hoped that doing so would help, but she felt worse. Griffin suggested that it was time to it let go.

Kendall got frustrated about whether to listen to Ricky or Griffin's advice. All she really wanted to do was solve the letter mystery, but Griffin stated that he needed to keep her out of the hospital. Declaring that she was done, the flustered Kendall walked out of the room.

At Krystal's restaurant, Marissa informed Bianca that Reese's attorney had requested to discuss the kids. Before speaking with him, Marissa wanted to know Bianca's wishes. Marissa warned that custody fights could get ugly. Bianca doubted that Reese wanted custody, because she hadn't even visited Pine Valley to see the girls.

After Marissa spoke with Reese's attorney by phone, she relayed to Bianca that Reese wished to visit Pine Valley for a few days and return to Paris with the kids for spring break. Bianca thought it was a surprising, but reasonable, request. Marissa, however, warned that it could be a prelude to Reese seeking full custody. Marissa advised Bianca to reject the idea, but Bianca asserted that she wouldn't get played the way Marissa had been in her divorce.

Bianca explained that her breakup with Reese hadn't been like Marissa and JR's. Bianca believed her divorce could be amicable, and she didn't want a battle over the children. Bianca concluded that she'd talk to Reese, because it was time for Reese to visit Pine Valley.

As Bianca exited the restaurant, she overheard an agitated Ricky mentioning Kendall during a phone call. After the call, he told Bianca that he was frustrated about how to help Kendall. Bianca asked who he'd been talking to, and he claimed it had been just a colleague. Ricky asked about her divorce, and she said she'd like to discuss it with him sometime.

Bianca left, and Diana arrived. Ricky didn't want to be seen with her, but the flirtatious Diana ordered him to hurry along with Kendall. Ricky expressed his aggravation with Griffin, and she said she'd met him earlier. Ricky admonished her for not following orders. He'd instructed her to remain in the shadows, since she'd been the face of the casino deals. Ricky added that Griffin was an obstacle that clearly needed to be removed.

Just then, Griffin entered. Seeing Ricky and Diana together, Griffin asked if they knew each other. Diana said she'd decided to inquire about Kendall's story from "Reverend Torres," because Griffin had refused to help her. Citing that Ricky had turned her down, too, she left.

Griffin decided that he needed to set Ricky straight about Kendall. Griffin felt that Ricky was messing with Kendall's head and confusing her. Ricky said that he was just trying to help Kendall, who could speak to whomever she wanted. Griffin ordered him to stay away from Kendall, and Ricky retorted that Griffin must be her bodyguard. "If it keeps her alive, then I guess I am," Griffin quipped, and Ricky strode out.

Back at Kendall's house, Bianca arrived for a visit. She noticed Zach's box, and Kendall explained that it was the last of Zach's things. Kendall said that Griffin had urged her to put it to rest, but she couldn't get the letter out of her mind. Opening it, Kendall noted that Zach had referred to her as "Sweetheart" on the last page. "He never called me that - ever. So what it is doing in this letter?" Kendall wondered.

At the Martin house, Jake tensed as Tad explained that he and Cara were taking couple's photos. Amanda volunteered to snap the shots, and Opal and Krystal wandered in. Tad said they had a wedding to sell, and he needed help concocting a back-story for the love affair. Opal and Krystal expressed disdain for the whole matter, but Tad convinced them to help.

Aside with Jake, Tad said he'd ask Jesse to be the best man, because having the police chief would look good to Immigration. Jake conveyed that he would've declined, anyway, because it wasn't appropriate for him to stand at the altar while his brother married his ex-wife.

Tad asked his family to quiz him and Cara about each other. Opal was sarcastic about it, but Jake and Amanda took it seriously. Krystal asked for Tad's birthday, and Cara stammered that it wasn't in December. Krystal said December was Jake's birthday, and Amanda frowned. As Jake and Amanda fired off more questions, an irritated Opal downed some wine.

Jesse arrived to find out why he hadn't been informed of Tad's pending nuptials. Jesse was surprised to learn that Tad was marrying Jake's ex-wife. The couple stammered while explaining their whirlwind courtship to Jesse, and Jake pretended to be casual as Cara showed Jesse the ring around her neck. Jesse took off, and Tad told everyone that they'd done well in lying to Jesse.

Krystal snatched Tad's arm, dragged him into the kitchen, and said he was insane. She asserted that he was lying and turning a crime into a trivia game. She wondered if risking jail time was really worth it. Krystal understood that Cara needed help; however, Krystal didn't understand why it had to be Tad. Insisting that he owed Cara for saving Jake, Tad asked Krystal to help him explain things to their girls. "You mean lie," Krystal corrected.

Back in the living room, Cara thanked Jake and Amanda, who then took off. Cara called Opal "Mom." Opal rolled her eyes and said she'd be upstairs. Kathy and Jenny arrived home, and Cara told them that she'd climbed a Mexican pyramid all by herself. Krystal and Tad entered as Cara told the girls that they could do anything they set their minds to.

Tad and Krystal announced the engagement. The girls expressed happiness for the couple and left to find Opal. Tad was weary, but Krystal said it had gone well. Before leaving, Cara thanked Krystal. Tad said he owed Krystal big time. "Hell, yeah, you do," Krystal replied.

Later, Krystal was still worried about Tad, who she felt was putting his life on hold for a woman that didn't love him. Tad reasoned that he and Krystal had done okay for themselves. Krystal asserted that they'd settled and let the romantic aspect of their lives slip away. She wondered why he'd risk never having the woman of his dreams. Tad replied that nothing mattered more to him than being a part of the Martin family. Jake was Tad's brother, Tad loved Jake, and that was it.

When Jake arrived at the hospital, Agent Trumbull awaited him. Trumbull said Cara's engagement had taken him by surprise. He wondered if it had been the same for Jake, since Jake had once been in love with her. Jake replied that Tad and Cara belonged together. Cara approached, and Trumbull decided that he needed to question them about their former marriage.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Madison arrived at Scott's apartment and flopped onto the bed. Unaware of her presence, Scott emerged from the shower, clad only in a towel. They were both embarrassed, and they agreed to try to avoid other uncomfortable situations. She prepared to leave for a doctor's appointment. He offered to go with her, but she wanted to go by herself. He asked her to obtain a picture of "the nugget."

At the hospital, Madison answered another call from Emma, but the girl was frightened that she'd get in trouble if she revealed her whereabouts. Madison assured Emma that Ryan could help her and begged Emma to call Ryan, but the line went dead.

At Ryan's penthouse, Ryan expressed frustration that the FBI had no additional leads. He fretted that they'd blown their chance to find Annie and Emma in Canada. Greenlee assured him that they'd get Emma back. David arrived and informed them that he had received a call from Annie. Ryan suspected that David was still helping Annie, but David insisted that he wanted to help Ryan.

David explained that Annie had called because she needed cash. He swore that he had tried to find out where she was, but she had suddenly hung up. Ryan answered a call to someone who had been monitoring David's phone, but they hadn't learned anything other than that Annie had called from a disposable cell phone. David insisted that he was on their side, and Greenlee declared that she believed him.

David thought Annie would call him again, because she had sounded desperate. He apologized for helping Annie in the first place. Ryan started to condemn David's actions, but Greenlee intervened and said that she was sure David would call if he heard anything else. David left, and Greenlee suggested she and Ryan visit Kendall. Ryan remembered how he'd wanted to be present when Kendall opened Zach's letter.

Ricky arrived at the Slater home, where he offered Kendall hot chocolate. He noticed that she was holding Zach's letter. Kendall informed Ricky that she had found it strange that Zach had never used the word "sweetheart" because he had considered it to be condescending, yet Zach had called her that in the letter. A manipulative Ricky claimed that he and Kendall had discussed the same thing the previous day. She had no memory of doing so, but he swore that it had happened. She speculated that perhaps Zach hadn't written the letter.

Ricky insisted that he and Kendall had already had a conversation regarding Kendall's suspicion that the letter might have been forged. Kendall was sure that she hadn't noticed anything odd until that day. Ricky asked whether she'd taken her medication, and she became agitated. She left to get some fresh air, and Ricky answered Kendall's phone to Ryan. Ricky lied that Kendall was asleep but that he'd tell Kendall to call Ryan, and Ryan hung up. Kendall returned, and Ricky pretended that he was still on the phone while he expressed concern for Emma. After he got off the phone, Kendall said that she wanted to talk to Ryan about Zach's letter.

Ricky fibbed that Ryan had been in a hurry to follow up on a lead about Emma and apologized for ending the call. Kendall conceded that she didn't want to bother Ryan with her problems. Ricky pointed out that he himself was available, and Kendall thought Ricky believed she was crazy for seeing conspiracies in Zach's letter. Ricky blamed her stress on the numerous responsibilities Kendall had been dealing with, despite her recent health issues. She thanked him for being in her life.

Ricky steered the conversation back to the church where Kendall and Zach had met Father Clarence. Ricky suggested that she go to another place that was special for her and Zach to remember her husband there. She grew uncomfortable and changed the topic back to the letter and her alleged memory loss. Kendall was frustrated that she supposedly wasn't thinking straight and declared that she wanted to fix it, and she left.

As Ryan prepared to go to the police station, Madison called to tell him that Emma had contacted her. Madison recounted their conversation and remembered hearing seagulls in the background. Madison thought Emma might try to reach Ryan and urged him to stay by the phone. On the balcony, Ryan recalled looking up at the stars with Emma. Greenlee soothingly said that when Emma looked at the moon, Emma would be thinking about returning home to him.

Ryan's phone rang, and he jumped to answer it. He reported to Greenlee that the trace on Madison's phone hadn't worked. Ryan left to see Madison, and Greenlee followed. Ryan found Madison at the hospital, where Ryan asked if Madison had recalled any other clues. She hadn't, and she expressed her sympathy for Ryan's situation. She called him the best dad a kid could want, and she quickly covered the guilty look that crossed her face.

Madison told Ryan that Annie didn't stand a chance against everyone who was committed to Emma's safe return home. A nurse informed Madison that the doctor was running late and that the baby's father was welcome to attend the appointment with her. Ryan started to explain that he wasn't the father, but Scott arrived and proclaimed that he was there to assume his fatherly duties.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Greenlee met David, whom she had summoned via text message. Greenlee informed him that she didn't trust him, and she wanted to know his real story. He said he was in need of an image overhaul. She realized that he wanted his medical license back. Greenlee proposed that if David helped to return Emma home, Greenlee would do everything she could to help reinstate him at the hospital. He said they had a deal, and she walked off.

Greenlee spotted Ryan walking away from Scott and Madison, and she asked why Madison was at the hospital. Ryan explained that Madison was there to see her kid, and he sadly stated that he wished he could see his child, too.

Ricky met Diana at ConFusion and complained that Kendall was a tough nut to crack. Ricky said that he had tried to get Kendall to talk about a special place, but Kendall had been obsessed with the letter. Ricky disclosed how the word "sweetheart" had turned out to be a flaw in their plan, so he had altered his scheme to make Kendall think her medication had caused memory issues. Diana suggested a more violent strategy to get Kendall to talk, but Ricky said Kendall wouldn't go down without a fight. Diana warned him that he couldn't, either, or both Ricky and Diana would end up in prison.

At the hospital, Cara told Agent Trumbull that she and Jake had broken up years before, but the agent still found it strange that Tad would want to marry his brother's ex-wife. Jake insisted that he had given the union his blessing and implored the agent not to dredge up the past. Agent Trumbull barked that he was calling the shots.

Agent Trumbull asked whether Jake had fallen for Cara right away, and he admitted that he had. The agent asked Cara the same question, and she vaguely stated that her feelings had happened around the same time. Cara insisted that just because she had once loved Jake didn't mean she didn't love Tad. Agent Trumbull asked about Cara and Jake's divorce and when they had stopped loving one another.

Jake told Agent Trumbull that he and Cara hadn't led a normal life because they'd fallen in love in a war zone. Cara added that she and Jake had met in an unusual place and that their relationship had been as much about maintaining sanity as it had been about love. Cara claimed that while in Sudan, she'd grown up and had realized she'd married Jake for the wrong reasons, so she'd left. Jake claimed he'd accepted the end of their marriage.

Agent Trumbull found it hard to believe Jake hadn't fought for Cara, but Jake said he had wanted her to be happy and accused the agent of not knowing what he was doing. Jake declared an immediate end to the interrogation. Agent Trumbull maintained that the interview was necessary because of the charges pending against Cara. Jake received a page and said he and Cara needed to tend to a patient. The agent advised them to be careful, as working closely together could awaken old feelings. Jake and Cara looked at one another uncomfortably.

Cara told Jake that it couldn't have been easy for him to relive what she had put him through, but he finally understood why she had left him. Cara regretted that any of the Martins had to make sacrifices for her. Amanda arrived, and Cara made an excuse to leave. Amanda asked if she had interrupted something, but Jake explained they'd had to get rid of "Agent Obnoxious." He swore they'd get their life back if they stuck to their story, and they kissed.

Griffin arrived at Tad's home to see Cara. After Tad informed Griffin that she wasn't there, Griffin warned that trouble was on the way because he had received a voicemail from his mother, Leticia. Tad realized that his future mother-in-law was about to arrive for a visit. Tad wondered if he should put on a tie, but Griffin recommended full-body armor.

Tad offered to pick up flowers or candy for Leticia, but Griffin implored Tad to allow Griffin to lay the groundwork. Tad bragged that in his younger days, he had been quite charming with the ladies. Griffin revealed that his mother didn't like Jake because he hadn't married Cara in a church. Tad suggested that they tell Leticia the truth, but Griffin said his mother would never surpass the scrutiny of the Immigration agents, as she didn't condone lying.

Griffin confessed that he was worried about Cara's stress level. Tad thought Cara could handle anything, but Griffin said that Cara had been in a bad state after she'd lost Jake, and her cancer had returned. Griffin reminded Tad that while Tad's marriage to Cara was fake, her illness was real, and that Tad would be her first line of defense.

Tad said that his marriage to Cara would be based on respect. Griffin opined that three years was a long time. Tad noted that he'd never been married that long before, but he felt the stakes were high enough for them to make it. Griffin noted that Cara still had feelings for Jake and that Cara and Jake would be working together. Tad assured Griffin that he could handle it. Griffin said that as soon as he received funding, he'd be off on another project and wanted to be sure someone would be there to keep Cara safe. Tad swore that he wouldn't let either Cara or Griffin down.

Leticia arrived at Krystal's restaurant and asked the hostess if she'd seen Cara. Tad interrupted to introduce himself as Cara's fiancé. He commented about her early arrival, and she tersely informed him that she had wanted to surprise her children. Tad called it a pleasure to meet her and tried to flatter her, but when Leticia coldly stared him down, Tad became flustered. Leticia asked why Cara would choose to marry "the brother of her no-good ex-husband."

Tad told Leticia that Cara was a unique, special, brave person. He asked if he could call her "Mom," and she responded by asking him how old he was. Tad stammered that he was younger than he looked. He joked that he had intentionally put gray in his hair to make him look more mature and distinguished.

Leticia remained stone-faced, and he proclaimed that Cara was fine with their age difference. Tad became increasingly uncomfortable as Leticia fired off questions about his past marriages and his children. She demanded to know what Jake had done to destroy Jake and Cara's marriage. Tad said that Jake and Cara's divorce had been a mutual decision and that Jake was Cara's past and Tad was her future.

Kendall arrived at the hospital and insisted to Griffin that she needed to stop taking her medication because she had to think clearly. Griffin explained that the medication shouldn't have caused any problems, but Kendall insisted it was behind her memory issues. Kendall was adamant that something in Zach's letter didn't make sense, and she wanted to figure out if the word "sweetheart" was some sort of clue. She was determined to be able to think with a clear head, but Griffin warned that going off her meds could kill her.

Griffin griped that Kendall was making it difficult for him to keep her healthy. She accused him of only being concerned with his medical track record. He declared that he didn't want her to die. Cara interrupted and asked to speak with Griffin. Kendall left, and Cara told Griffin that Agent Trumbull was trying to dissect her relationship with Jake in an effort to prove that she was only marrying Tad to stay in the country. Kendall overheard and asked whether Cara's upcoming marriage to Tad was a lie.

Griffin explained to Kendall that the authorities could never learn of the real reason behind Tad and Cara's engagement, and Kendall assured Griffin and Cara that she'd keep their secret. Kendall offered to assist with the wedding. Cara thanked Kendall and left. Kendall begged Griffin to agree to cut back on her medication, but he refused. She was grateful that he'd saved her life and wanted his approval. He urged her not to take unnecessary risks.

Kendall said that she had put her life in Griffin's hands and that she needed him to trust her. Griffin retorted that he didn't know what Zach was trying to say in the letter, but he was certain Zach wouldn't have wanted Kendall to risk her life. She said he didn't understand, and he agreed. She asked whether he had ever been in love.

At the Martin house, Cara entered and called out for Tad. She gazed forlornly at a photo of Jake on the mantel. Jake arrived and saw that she was upset. He reached out his hand to her and pulled her into a hug. She began to cry as Tad and Leticia appeared in the doorway. A shocked Cara asked what her mother was doing there. "Isn't this the one you divorced?" Leticia demanded to know.

Friday, March 4, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Miranda and Gabby asked Bianca if they'd see Mommy Reese soon. Bianca explained to Marissa that Reese was flying in to stay for a week, and then together they planned to take the girls to Paris for spring break. Marissa suggested that Bianca be prepared in case Reese's attorney had ulterior motives, but Bianca felt it was important that her daughters spend time with their other mother.

Marissa compared the circumstances to AJ's custody battle, but Bianca insisted her situation was different. Marissa asked why Reese had suddenly planned to show up, and Bianca said there were some things they needed to discuss in person. Marissa begged Bianca to keep an open mind about Reese's true intentions. Bianca thanked Marissa for her concern. Marissa hoped her suspicions were wrong, and she walked away.

Bianca assured her daughters that Reese would be there soon. A man and woman entered, and the man introduced himself to Bianca as Reese's attorney. He explained that Reese couldn't make it because of a work emergency. Bianca pulled them aside, and Bianca was puzzled when the attorney presented the woman accompanying him as a registered nanny. The lawyer said they planned to escort Miranda and Gabby back to Paris on Reese's behalf. Bianca refused to allow her girls to go anywhere with them.

At Jackson and Erica's apartment, Jackson sipped a drink. Erica arrived home and was glad to see him. She promised they would talk, but she started to rush off to take care of something else. Jackson said he had waited because it wouldn't be right to leave without saying goodbye. He announced that he was moving out.

Erica suspected that Jack was angry because of her kiss with Caleb, but Jackson maintained that he was upset about his relationship with Erica. She pointed out that they had promised they'd be together forever, and he clarified that he was only leaving the apartment, not walking away from her. He observed that they'd been living in the same place but hadn't been truly together for months, because she hadn't made room in her life for a partner. She disagreed, but he wasn't satisfied with her level of commitment.

Later, Jackson descended the stars with a suitcase. He calmly told Erica he'd be at the Yacht Club. She professed her love, and he said he loved her, too. When Jackson opened the door to leave, he ran into Marissa, who declared that Bianca needed his help.

Meanwhile, Miranda asked for money for the jukebox. As Bianca turned to her purse, the attorney tried to charm the girls, but Bianca quickly intervened. She barked that the attorney and the nanny weren't allowed to speak to her children, but the lawyer reminded her they were Reese's children, too. Bianca spat that Reese hadn't bothered to see her kids for months, and the lawyer argued that the girls had been kept from Reese.

Jackson, Erica, and Marissa arrived, and Erica demanded to know what was going on. Bianca quickly explained the situation, and Jackson curtly informed the attorney that Reese could visit Pine Valley if she wanted to see the girls. Jackson called the situation a classic bait-and-switch and threatened to have the attorney arrested for attempted kidnapping.

Reese's attorney and the nanny left. Bianca thanked Marissa for apprising Jackson of the situation. Marissa expected Bianca to retain Jackson as her attorney, but Jackson remarked that Marissa had a good handle on the case. Bianca apologized for being so hard on Marissa and asked Marissa to stay on as her lawyer. Erica caught Jackson on his way out and thanked him. Jackson said that he considered Bianca a daughter and that he'd be there any time she needed him.

After speaking to Miranda and Gabby, Bianca met Marissa at the bar, and Marissa marveled that Bianca had found a way to explain the situation to her kids. Bianca wished Reese had properly shared her desire about she wanted to handle things. Marissa apologized for allowing her own experience affect how she had dealt with the case, but she hadn't wanted to see Bianca get burned the same way Marissa had. Bianca said she wouldn't, thanks to Marissa.

Jackson entered his Yacht Club room to find a romantic dinner waiting for him. He turned to find Erica in the room. She said just because he had moved out didn't mean he couldn't have company. He thought she was thankful for his help with Bianca, but she clarified that she was grateful because he was still in her life. She assumed responsibility for their problems, and she declared that he was her family and that she didn't want to lose him.

Jackson had hated the thought of leaving Erica, but he hadn't seen another option. She proclaimed that she was going to fight for him, and she wanted to start over. He noted that she had great talent for grand gestures, and she said she pulled out all the stops when she wanted something badly enough. He swept her into his arms and carried her to the bed.

At the Martin home, Jake admitted that he was Cara's ex-husband and warmly greeted Leticia, but Leticia ignored him and made a beeline to hug Cara. Leticia said she had hurried to town when she had heard that Cara was getting married without warning. Cara smiled and said things had happened suddenly, because she and Tad were very much in love. Leticia wondered why Cara had been in Jake's arms. Jake claimed that he had just been congratulating Cara. Leticia asked to speak with Cara alone, and Tad and Jake left.

Tad and Jake shared coffee in the park. Tad asked what had really been going on between Jake and Cara, and Jake explained how Agent Trumbull's interrogation had shaken Cara up. Jake said he was fine because he'd let go of the past, but Cara hadn't. Jake was determined not to slip up, but he worried about dealing with Cara's mom. Tad thought Cara could handle Leticia.

Tad said he'd been researching Mexican traditions and suggested that they have a mariachi band at the wedding. Tad noticed that Jake appeared distant. Jake admitted he had been thinking about when he and Cara had notified Leticia of their marriage, and Leticia hadn't taken the news well. He lamented that he'd never had a chance to say what he'd wanted at the time. Tad understood the situation was tough on Jake, but Jake thought it would be even harder on Tad, because of Krystal and his kids. Tad said things would get easier in time.

Leticia questioned how Cara could marry her ex-husband's brother. Cara explained that Jake and Tad were close, and Jake had remarried a beautiful woman and had a son. Leticia claimed that she didn't see happiness, only heartbreak, when she looked at Cara. Leticia announced that she didn't plan to attend the wedding, but instead, she intended to take Cara home.

Cara asserted that she would marry Tad, whether Leticia accepted the union or not. Leticia blamed the return of Cara's cancer on Jake, and she recalled how Cara had cried every night after Cara had left Jake. Leticia also noticed that Cara still carried around Jake's ring. Cara swore she had simply realized that she hadn't chosen the right man, and Leticia questioned whether Tad was the right one. Cara begged her mother to stop interrogating her. Leticia inquired whether Tad was really the love of Cara's life.

At the hospital, Griffin reiterated that he knew Zach wouldn't have wanted Kendall to risk her health. He admitted that he didn't understand her motivation, and she asked if he had ever been in love. He balked at first, and then said that he loved life. She said until he loved someone with his entire heart and soul, he'd never understood how she felt.

Griffin asked Kendall to tell him what he was missing. She said that she and Zach had often understood one another's thoughts and had often thought the same thing at the same time. She and Zach had known each other deeply and intimately, and she felt her instincts were telling her that the letter contained a message. She was determined to find out what it was, because she owed it to Zach.

Griffin offered to make Kendall a deal, and she wondered if she'd gotten through to him on a personal level. He agreed to take her off her sleep medication for a week, but only if she called him with any symptoms of distress. Griffin also said that he hoped she figured out whether Zach had been trying to send her a message.

Kendall seemed surprised, and Griffin explained that she would better focus on getting well after she found out what the letter meant. Griffin said that Zach had summoned him to Pine Valley to help people, and until the casinos were sold and his funding was available, he wanted to help her. Griffin claimed that doctors were good at solving puzzles. He asked her to go over the letter again. He was shocked when she recited it from memory.

Griffin asked whether Zach had mentioned anyone other than Kendall and their sons in the letter. She said that Zach had mentioned his casino partners, and Griffin found it suspicious that Zach would mention his partners in a personal letter to his wife. Kendall remembered that Zach had been worried that the partners posed a threat to the Slater family, and Griffin thought she had her answer.

Kendall recalled that Zach's partners hadn't been pleased about the sale of the casinos, but they had agreed to it. Griffin suggested that they call the police, but Kendall informed him that they had already investigated the plane crash. She asked him to start putting together the puzzle, and she thanked him before she left. Griffin's cell phone rang, and Tad informed him that Leticia had arrived early and was at the Martin house. Tad thought that Cara needed Griffin.

Leticia recalled how she herself hadn't anticipated getting into her own bad marriage. Cara gushed about Tad's kindness and strength and called him a good man. Leticia declared that she was proud of Cara and wanted her to be happy. Cara swore that she was, but Leticia didn't believe her. Leticia advised Cara not to go through with the wedding, so she could avoid getting her heart broken again. Meanwhile, Jake and Tad arrived home.

Tad apologized for intruding, and Jake made an excuse to go up to his room. Leticia was shocked to learn that Jake lived in the house, too, but Jake quickly covered by saying that his house was under construction. Griffin arrived, and Leticia greeted him with a warm hug. Griffin offered his support of Cara and Tad's marriage. Leticia pressured Griffin to get married and asked if there was anyone special in his life.

Cara and Jake were both paged at the same time, and Leticia commented that they still worked together like they had in Africa. The doctors departed, and Tad approached "Mrs. C" and said he wanted her to know that he was committed to keeping Cara happy and safe. Tad recognized that Leticia had issues with his age and his past, but he swore that he and Cara were creating a story of their own with a happy ending. Once alone with Griffin, Leticia vowed to stop the wedding.

At the hospital, Jake commented to Cara that it had been a rough day. He saw that she was still upset, and she admitted that she was affected when her mom had said she had wanted Cara to be happy and in love. She was saddened that she couldn't tell her mother that she had experienced that kind of love with Jake. She handed Jake back his ring and said she couldn't wear it anymore because it was too painful to be reminded of what they'd had. As Cara pressed it into his hand, Amanda peeked through the window.

At ConFusion, Ricky wanted another drink, but Diana urged him to keep his head clear. He said it was, but she wondered if he was clear about his mission. He swore he could handle Kendall and that he'd take Griffin out if Griffin became a problem. He said that he was used to dealing with degenerates and addicts, but not people who didn't deserve what they got. Diana asked if Zach had deserved to die, Ricky promised he would get the job done no matter what he had to do.

Kendall arrived home, where she picked up Zach's letter again. She jumped when she turned to find Ricky behind her. He explained that the sitter had let him in. She revealed that Griffin had allowed her to stop taking her medication and that Griffin had also offered to help find any hidden messages in Zach's letter. She said she'd had an odd feeling since she first read it, especially the part about Zach's casino partners. Kendall was shocked when Ricky declared that Zach would be disappointed in her.

Ricky said he hadn't meant to offend her, but he interpreted the letter to mean that the casino partners had distracted Zach from spending time with his family. Ricky suggested that Kendall should take it as a lesson to not let anything get in the way of her happiness. She hoped to have a clearer picture once she was off her medication.

Kendall informed Ricky that she'd remembered a special place with Zach -- the boat they had lived on. He suggested they visit it, but she thought it was too soon. He thought it might be just what she was looking for to remember Zach and be happy, but Kendall wasn't ready. He offered to go with her and said they could leave if she felt uncomfortable. She agreed.

Kendall and Ricky boarded the boat. Ricky's cell phone rang, and he excused himself to take a call from a "parishioner." He answered to Diana, who asked if he'd found the evidence. He said he should have an answer very soon. Diana told Ricky that if Kendall saw the evidence, they'd get sent to prison unless he got rid of her. As Kendall looked through things on the boat, a menacing look crossed Ricky's face as he said that he understood.



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