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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 21, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, February 21, 2011

At the apartment, Jesse showed Ryan and Greenlee a picture of David and Annie in the park that had been taken around the time of Emma's abduction. Ryan wanted Jesse to press charges against David, but Jesse explained that the video footage was not enough to charge David with wrongdoing. Greenlee argued that it was obvious that David had helped Annie, but Jesse clarified that the video had been taken prior to the Amber Alert. Jesse pointed out that David could argue that he hadn't known about the abduction when David had encountered Annie in the park. Ryan didn't care about technicalities; he just wanted to find his daughter.

At Krystal's Restaurant, David confided to Marissa that he hoped to rehabilitate himself. Marissa agreed to help her father, but she warned him that she wasn't a miracle worker. David smiled with relief as he assured her that he simply wanted to take advantage of the second chance that he had been given. Marissa was curious what David wanted from her. David explained that she just needed to have a little faith in him.

Marissa cautioned him not to play her. David acknowledged that Marissa wouldn't fall for it if he tried, so he intended to focus on getting his medical license reinstated. Marissa reminded David that it wouldn't be easy because no one trusted him. Seconds later, Jesse, flanked by Ryan and Greenlee, entered the restaurant. Jesse wanted to talk to David, so Marissa offered to stay, but David assured her that he was fine.

After Marissa left, David admitted that he had heard about Emma's disappearance; he was curious if they had any new leads on Ryan's daughter. Greenlee confessed that they had been hoping that David could tell them where Emma was. David claimed that he didn't have any knowledge of where Annie and Emma had gone. David advised them to talk to JR. Greenlee reminded David that David might be tempted to help Annie because it would hurt Ryan.

David argued that they would need proof to establish that. After David left, Greenlee was curious why Jesse and Ryan hadn't shown David the incriminating picture. Ryan suggested that David could have explained everything away, so they would have lost their advantage if they had shown David the picture. Jesse decided to have a chat with the FBI to see if they had any ideas on how to use the picture to their advantage. After Jesse left, Greenlee realized that Ryan would not be content to leave things as they were. Ryan revealed that he intended to use David to lead them to Emma.

At the Chandler Mansion, JR was frustrated when he was unable to get a lead on Annie's whereabouts. Asher reminded JR that JR had an army of private investigators looking for Annie. JR cheered up when Colby entered the parlor; he was happy to see that she had finally left her bedroom. Colby explained that she hadn't been in a sociable mood because of her ordeal at the beach house with Annie. JR wondered if Colby intended to hide out in her room until spring.

Colby admitted that she couldn't avoid things forever simply because they "suck." She proceeded to tell her brother about the terror that she had experienced as Annie's hostage. JR vowed to make it up to Colby, but Colby didn't think that JR understood the magnitude of Annie's mental instability. Colby insisted that Annie could have killed Colby and Marissa. Colby thought that JR was under the illusion that he had everything under control when in reality he didn't.

JR conceded that he had taken on a lot and that he had made some "miscalculations." However, JR insisted that everything that he had done had been for the greater good of the family. JR was determined to make certain that the Chandlers succeeded. Colby argued that JR always talked about heading the family, but he wasn't Adam. Neither she, nor anyone else, believed that JR was capable of being in charge.

"How can you say that?" JR asked in a hurt tone. Colby admitted that she loved JR; however, JR didn't realize, until it was too late, that he hurt people. JR apologized, but he didn't know what Colby wanted from him. JR believed that everything would be fine as soon as he got Annie some help. "Keep telling yourself that," Colby shot back as she walked out.

Later, Marissa stopped by to talk to JR. Asher decided to head to the library to give JR and Marissa some privacy. After Asher left, Marissa told JR about David's plans to reform. JR chuckled as he sarcastically wished David luck. Marissa assured JR that she had her eyes wide open in regards to the men in her life. JR wondered if that included AJ.

Marissa was shocked when JR suggested that Marissa move into the mansion. Marissa started to object, but JR begged her to hear him out. According to JR, it made sense for them to live under the same roof, so that they could both spend as much time with AJ as possible instead of shuttling him back and forth between households. JR believed that AJ needed stability in his life, which they could provide to their son if Marissa moved in. "Are you out of your mind?" Marissa asked.

Marissa informed him that the mansion was a reminder of all of the awful things that had happened to her, including almost being gassed to death in the attic. Marissa clarified that nothing would make her want to move back to the mansion. JR promised that Marissa would have complete privacy and wouldn't have to see Annie, but Marissa stood her ground. Marissa insisted that the house was toxic and that she wouldn't consider living there even for AJ. Marissa was certain that JR only wanted her to move in because JR wanted to be in control and to get his way with everything.

Marissa warned JR that life didn't work that way and then marched out. Asher returned moments later; he immediately sensed that things hadn't gone as JR had planned. JR refused to give up. According to JR, people made their own reality. Asher argued that not everyone had that ability.

"Damn right, but I'm a Chandler," JR proudly proclaimed. JR was confident that Colby would forgive JR and that Marissa would eventually move in. JR was also determined to put the Chandler family back on top.

At the hospital, Marissa talked to a board member about the possibility of getting David reinstated as a doctor. Greenlee approached seconds later to speak to Marissa. Marissa pointed out that she was busy, but Greenlee refused to budge, so Marissa relented. After the board member left, Greenlee admitted that she was surprised that Marissa had gone "all out" for David. Marissa explained that David wanted to turn his life around, so Marissa intended to help her father in any way possible. Greenlee decided that it was time to have a chat with Marissa about David's reformation.

On the sidewalk, Colby was surprised when Damon called her. Damon admitted that he had heard that Annie had held Colby hostage at the beach house. Colby was curious why Damon cared. Damon confessed that he had missed Colby and that the move hadn't been as easy as he had anticipated. Colby was startled when Damon suddenly suggested that perhaps they should give their relationship another try. Colby appeared to panic, so she claimed that her cell phone battery was dying and then quickly ended the call.

At ConFusion, David approached Liza at the bar. Liza claimed that she was busy, but David decided to order a drink. David tried to get Liza to join him for a drink, but Liza wasn't interested. David decided to let her in on his plans to reform himself. Liza chuckled, but didn't appear to believe in David's sincerity. Liza started to walk away, but stopped short when she bumped into Colby.

Colby confessed to Liza that Damon had called. Liza was dismayed when Colby revealed that Damon had second thoughts about ending things with Colby. Liza was certain that Damon would have a change of heart after he settled in. Colby admitted perhaps it might be worth exploring a relationship with Damon, but Liza argued that there were certain things that people couldn't get past, like betrayal.

David was walking through the park when his cell phone rang. "It's Annie. I'm not sure where I'm going," Annie said when David answered the phone. David reminded Annie that he had told her to go straight to the cabin. He demanded to know where she was. Ryan stepped forward with a recorder in his hand to let David know that David had been tricked.

At the hospital, Cara was taken into custody for entering the country under a fraudulent passport. Jake tried to stop the agents from taking Cara away, but Agent Trumbull explained that Cara had broken the law. Tad quickly stepped in to calm Jake down. Tad warned Jake that pissing off the agents would just speed up the process of deportation, which would get Cara killed. Amanda stood nearby, eavesdropping on the conversation.

Amanda quickly pulled Tad aside to find out what was going on. Tad admitted that he had no idea how the authorities had found out about Cara, but Cara's life was in grave danger if she were sent back to Mexico. Nearby, Cara insisted that she had paperwork, which allowed her to work in the United States. Agent Trumbull pointed out that the paperwork had been issued to Cara Castillo, which was not the name on Cara's passport. Jake advised Cara not to say another word until Jake had an opportunity to hire an attorney to represent Cara.

After the agents escorted Cara away, Amanda urged Jake to go after Cara to help. Jake left without argument. Meanwhile, Tad began to blame himself for Cara's trouble. Tad suspected that the agents wouldn't have known about Cara if Tad hadn't been snooping into her background. Amanda became increasingly upset as she assured Tad that he wasn't responsible for what had happened to Cara. Tad sensed that Amanda was hiding something, so he asked her what was going on.

Amanda confessed that she had felt threatened by Cara because of the lies that Cara had told. Amanda admitted that she had been upset and desperate to save her marriage, so she had called the authorities to alert them that Cara had entered the country illegally. Tad was livid as he explained that Cara could be killed because of Amanda's jealousy. Amanda wanted to know what she could do to help fix things, but Tad warned her that it was up to Jake to persuade the agents that Cara was needed at the hospital. He feared that if Jake failed then Cara would end up with a bullet in her head by the end of the day.

Amanda felt terrible as she begged Tad not to hate her. He warned her that Jake would be furious when he learned the truth. Amanda realized that she needed to find a way to tell her husband. Amanda once again insisted that she had been desperate to save her marriage. Tad wasn't moved by the excuse. Tad warned her not to do anything else and then left.

In Agent Trumbull's office, Jake quickly updated Jackson on Cara's situation before Jake introduced Jack to the agents as Cara's attorney. Jack pulled Agent Trumbull aside to find out what Cara was facing while Jake sat down to assure Cara that everything would work out. Cara explained that things were dire because the agents had accused her of being a terrorist. Jake was outraged by the suggestion. Agent Trumbull explained that they had done their homework, so they knew that Cara had been to every hot spot in the world: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen.

Cara explained that she had been working for Doctors Without Borders, but Agent Trumbull insisted that she had traveled under an alias and then had periodically disappeared. Agent Trumbull suggested that Cara had spent time in terrorist training camps during the time that she had been off of the grid. Cara tearfully revealed that her cancer had returned during those times and that her brother had been treating her while she had been fighting for her life. Jake became upset, so he began to fling insults at Agent Trumbull.

Jack asked Jake to calm down, but Jake continued to argue with the agents. Eventually, Agent Trumbull conceded that Cara probably wasn't a terrorist; however, she had broken the law by entering the country illegally. Jake argued that Cara needed to remain in the country on "humanitarian grounds" because she would be killed the moment that she returned to Mexico. Agent Trumbull turned to Cara for an explanation. Cara revealed that during her time in the Sudan, a Latin-American drug cartel had overtaken the area.

Cara explained that she had been asked to operate on the cartel leader's brother, who had been shot in a skirmish with some locals. She had refused to do the surgery because she had her hands full trying to save the life of a child who had been caught in the crossfire. Cara admitted that the man, Salazar, had died as a result of his injuries, so the cartel leader had targeted Cara. Agent Trumbull wondered why she had been consorting with drug lords, which sent Jake on another angry tangent. Agent Trumbull grew weary of Jake's attitude, so he ordered Jake to leave.

Jake refused, but Jack promised to request asylum for Cara. Jack then asked Jake to gather proof that Cara was valuable to the hospital. Jake promised to get Cara out of the mess that she was in and then vowed that he would not let her down. Cara thanked Jake. After Jake left, Agent Trumbull decided that Jack had spent enough time with Cara, so he ordered Jack to leave.

Jack complained, but the agent made it clear that Jack wasn't in charge. Moments later, Agent Trumbull received a call regarding Cara. After the agent ended the call, he announced that Judge Harris had agreed to hear Cara's case. Cara became distraught when she realized that she would have to face the judge immediately. The agents began to handcuff Cara, but Tad barged into the office and then ordered the men to take their hands off of "my fiancée."

Amanda was pacing the floors at the Martin residence, when Jake walked in. Jake headed straight for the laptop computer as Amanda tried to find out how Cara was doing. "Not good," Jake answered. Jake explained that he needed to gather evidence that Cara was desperately needed at the hospital. Amanda anxiously wondered if the plan would work. "It has to," Jake insisted.

Amanda was filled with remorse as she tried to apologize to Jake. Jake was too distracted to realize what Amanda was saying. He found what he needed, but before he left, he took the opportunity to thank Amanda for being so understanding after Cara had been arrested. "I'm so sorry. I never meant for this to happen," Amanda cried as she hugged her husband.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

At the hospital, Marissa asked Greenlee about Emma and was stunned when Greenlee speculated that David had helped Annie. Greenlee showed Marissa the photo of David and Annie in the park. Marissa doubted that David had a motive to help Annie, but Greenlee reminded her that David hated Ryan. Marissa didn't think there was enough evidence to suspect David of any wrongdoing, but Greenlee pointed out that Annie had disappeared with no cash of her own.

Marissa offered to help find out whether David had been involved. She angrily said that David had just professed that he was a changed man who was going to make the most of his pardon. Greenlee related and referenced the terrible things David had done while they had been married. Marissa swore she'd get the truth out of her father.

David's cell phone rang as he walked through the park. He heard Annie's voice on the other line and irately reminded her to go directly to the cabin. He asked where she was, and was surprised when Ryan emerged, holding a tape recorder. Ryan demanded to know Annie's whereabouts.

David swore that he didn't know anything, and Ryan confronted him with the recording. David claimed that he'd known it had been Ryan attempting to trap him. Ryan accused David of only pretending to leave Greenlee alone. Ryan spat that by conspiring with Annie, David had helped the woman who'd tried to kill David's daughter. David demanded to know what Ryan meant.

Ryan informed David that a paranoid Annie had believed that Marissa had interfered with Annie's relationship with JR, and Annie had left Marissa to die. Ryan swore that Marissa would find out about David's actions and that David would be charged as an accessory to kidnapping. David retorted that Ryan's accusations wouldn't hold up in court. Marissa arrived and presented the pictures that would. She commanded that David tell Ryan where Emma was.

David asserted that he had thought that Annie had been taking Emma on vacation while Greenlee and Ryan had been on their honeymoon, so he had offered his help. Marissa pushed for the truth, since David was aware of the real situation. David said that Annie had headed to a resort in Vermont. He wrote down the address, and Ryan left to call Jesse.

Marissa confronted David about lying about being a changed man. David pointed out that he'd told Ryan the truth, but Marissa yelled that it had only been after she'd had him cornered. David said that he had felt sorry for Annie and that at the time, he hadn't known that Annie had attacked Marissa. He begged Marissa not to let his actions interfere with their relationship, but she was tired of giving him second chances. She declared that she was done, and she stormed off. Ryan returned and said that it looked like David had also lost a daughter, but the difference was that Ryan would get his back.

At the hospital, Scott offered to accompany Madison to her doctor's appointment, but she felt that Scott had done enough, and she didn't want to stick him with a greater burden. He tried to persuade her that she didn't need to do things alone, but she reminded him that she hadn't told Ryan about the baby because she planned to raise it alone. Scott said there were different ways of being alone, but she insisted she'd be fine on her own.

Scott asked Greenlee about Emma and assured her that Annie would never do anything to hurt the girl. Scott commented that it was ironic that Ryan was searching so diligently for one child when he had no idea that he had another on the way. Greenlee rationalized that it would be too much for Ryan to handle his daughter's disappearance and the truth about Madison's pregnancy all at once. Scott wished her luck, and left.

Later, a nurse handed Madison a bill for her visit and explained that the high cost was because Madison's doctor wasn't in her insurance network. Madison was floored by the amount that hadn't been covered. Madison approached Greenlee and asked for more hours at Fusion, but Greenlee thought Madison should avoid stress. Madison explained that she needed to pay her medical bills, and Greenlee offered to give her money. Madison refused and declared that she wanted to be independent. Greenlee asked if Scott could help support Madison, but Madison said that Scott had lied to help her and that she expected nothing more from him.

Greenlee conceded that Madison could work as much overtime as she wanted. Greenlee left, and Scott returned and noticed Madison holding her hospital bill. He was aware of her situation because one of his duties at the hospital was filing insurance claims. He offered to be her advocate to the insurance company. He was surprised when she accepted his help.

At Scott's apartment, Scott spoke on the phone with the insurance company and tried to negotiate a deal, citing that Madison was a single mother. Scott mentioned Madison's stable work history and turned to Madison to confirm how long she'd been employed at Fusion. He saw that she had fallen asleep, so he put the insurance representative on hold and lovingly covered Madison with a blanket.

Meanwhile, Ryan updated Greenlee that Annie had already left the location that David had given them, but a resort worker had remembered that Annie had mentioned that she expected her fiancé to show up. Greenlee realized that Annie had meant JR, and Ryan suspected that Annie would eventually contact JR.

Marissa let Greenlee and Ryan into the Chandler mansion. Ryan commented that JR had agreed to allow the police to tap his phone, but Ryan wanted to plant additional bugs. Marissa checked JR's cell phone and didn't see any calls from Annie. Greenlee thanked Marissa for her help.

At ConFusion, Liza warned Colby against getting hurt by Damon again. Liza compared Colby and Damon's situation to hers and Tad's when Liza had been Colby's age, though Colby denied that they were anything alike. Liza advised her daughter to drop Damon, but Colby wanted to know why Liza was so upset by Colby and Damon's breakup.

Liza sympathized that Colby missed Damon, but reminded Colby that she was doing great in other aspects of her life, including healing their mother-daughter relationship. Liza recalled how in her younger days, she'd hated Marian and thought she'd never forgive her mother. Colby wondered what Marian had done that was so bad, but Liza suddenly claimed that she needed to meet a client. Liza called Damon a good person, but not the right man for Colby, and she implored Colby to move on. Colby nodded and started to leave, but looked back at Liza suspiciously.

Later, Colby greeted Opal at Krystal's and said that she had hoped to find Tad. Opal asked if she could help, and Colby remarked that Liza had seemed intense. Colby slyly commented that Liza couldn't forgive Marian for what Marian had done years before. An unsuspecting Opal wondered why Liza would still be preoccupied with Marian sleeping with Liza's college boyfriend. Colby slowly realized that Liza might have had sex with Damon.

Colby returned to ConFusion and told Liza that she'd been thinking about Liza's advice regarding Damon. Colby questioned why Liza was so concerned about Colby possibly reuniting with Damon, and she confronted her mother with the fact that Marian had slept with Tad years before. Colby asked Liza point-blank if Liza had slept with Damon.

Colby tearfully hoped that Liza would tell her that her fears were unfounded. Liza tried to get Colby to leave to talk elsewhere, but Colby begged her to mother to say that she would never hurt Colby the same way Marian had hurt Liza. A tear ran down Liza's cheek.

Colby pleaded with Liza to tell her that Liza hadn't slept with Damon, but when Liza remained silent, Colby broke down in tears. David arrived and spotted them. Colby rushed off, and Liza started after her, but David stopped Liza and urged her to let her daughter go. Liza sobbed that she'd lost Colby for good.

Tad ordered the immigration agents to let go of his fiancée. Agent Trumbull turned to Cara and demanded to know if she were engaged to be married. Cara tried to stop Tad, but he continued the ruse. He begged her not to be so fiercely independent and gently scolded her for ignoring his reminders to file her immigration paperwork. He made a show of hugging her and telling her that he couldn't lose her.

As Tad and Cara convincingly shared a tender kiss, Agent Trumbull skeptically asked where the engagement ring was. She pulled out the chain with Jake's ring from under her shirt. Agent Trumbull asked Cara why she didn't wear the ring on her finger, and she explained that she was a surgeon who couldn't wear jewelry on her hands while working. She declared that it would be on her hand the day she and Tad got married.

Jake called Amanda an angel for standing by him. She rushed into his arms and said she'd never meant for anything bad to happen to Cara, but a clueless Jake assured Amanda that she had nothing to do with Cara's immigration problems. Amanda backed away and said she felt guilty, but Jake berated the person who had turned Cara in. Amanda recalled how often she'd wished Cara would go away. Jake told Amanda that he loved her and that Cara didn't mean anything to him. Amanda declared that she had wanted Cara gone, but never put in danger.

Jake assembled paperwork to help show immigration that Cara was a good person. Amanda groaned that she hated the situation. He praised Amanda again for her understanding, and she was plagued with guilt. Tad called and said that he and Cara needed to speak with Jake immediately.

Tad arrived at the Martin home, and Jake and Amanda asked about what had happened to Cara. Tad looked toward the door, and Cara entered and proclaimed that she was still in Pine Valley, thanks to Tad. Tad explained that they had yet to deal with the fraud charges, but they had a plan. Amanda asked how they'd persuaded the agents to let Cara go. Tad put his arm around Cara and announced that they were engaged.

A stunned Jake asked whether the agents had been convinced, and Cara lamented that she'd almost blown Tad's scheme. Tad explained that he had been desperate because the agents had been about to force Cara to return to Mexico. Amanda expressed relief that Cara was free. Jake suggested that they figure out a long-term strategy, and Tad said that marriage was the only strategy, because it was the only way to keep Cara alive.

Jake stated that if Tad and Cara wanted their marriage to look real, they'd need to stay wed for at least a few months. Cara clarified that the timeframe was more like three years, and an incredulous Jake wanted to find a better solution. Cara joked that "Mrs. Thaddeus Martin" had a nice ring to it. Tad asked whether Jake was on board with their plan. "Welcome to the family," Jake told Cara, and then asked Amanda to accompany him to the hospital. Tad thanked his brother for the support, but Jake, Amanda, and Cara exchanged looks of discomfort.

At the hospital, Jake kissed Amanda goodbye, but she grabbed his hand asked if he was all right. He tried to make a joke, but Amanda inquired how he really felt about Tad and Cara getting married. He said it was fine, as long as the plan worked. Jake wondered if Amanda was okay with having Cara as a sister-in-law. She insisted that all that mattered was that Cara was safe.

Tad remarked to Cara that it was a good thing she'd held onto her engagement ring, or she would have been deported. She acknowledged that Tad had taken on a lot of responsibility for her. "A guy needs a hobby," he quipped. She promised to make the situation as easy as possible for him. He said that it was the least he could do after Cara had protected Jake. They were both relieved that Jake had taken the news reasonably well. Tad suggested that they take the next step by choosing a wedding date.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At the mansion, Colby arrived home just as Liza was leaving a note for her. Liza desperately wanted to work things out, and Colby bitterly said she'd been racking her brain for weeks to understand her breakup with Damon. Liza explained that she and Damon had been emotional wrecks when they'd slept together, and she'd just wanted to comfort him. "That's what you're calling it now? 'Comfort?'" Colby asked.

A sobbing Liza stated that she and Damon had been sickened by what they'd done, and she'd known that it'd be a million times worse, because her daughter would despise her the way she'd despised Marian. Liza said that back then, she'd resumed things with Tad, because she'd reasoned that he'd been a kid who hadn't known better. Liza asserted that Marian had known better. Liza said she'd sworn to never be like her mother; however, she'd become even worse, because she'd done the exact thing to her own daughter.

Colby uttered that Liza wasn't her mother anymore, and she threw Liza out of the house. Asher entered the foyer and asked if Colby were okay. She said that she wasn't, and he told her that she could talk to him. "Not about this," she replied. Asher reasoned that holding it in would make things worse, and Colby stammered that Damon had slept with her mother.

Colby sobbed that something was wrong with her that made people either leave her or betray her. She broke down in tears, and Asher hugged her. He announced that he had to tell her something; however, the distraught Colby said, "Not today," and she wandered out.

At the hospital, Amanda received a call from Agent Trumbull, who asked her to meet him at ConFusion to discuss Cara's immigration status. Amanda claimed he had the wrong number, but he indicated that she'd been the one to report Cara. Trumbull threatened to hunt Amanda down if she didn't meet him.

Amanda went to ConFusion, where Agent Trumbull surmised that she'd reported Cara out of jealousy. Amanda agreed, but said it was a big misunderstanding. She explained that she'd mistaken Cara's interest in Tad as a ploy to get to Jake. Amanda hoped they wouldn't deport Cara, because she was getting married. Trumbull said Amanda's tip had been legitimate, and Cara was an illegal alien. "You got the ball rolling, and we can't stop it now," he said and left.

Jake arrived and asked why Amanda had been hanging around the Immigration guy. Amanda said she'd been trying to convince the agent to believe Tad and Cara. Jake thought it was strange that the agent would request a meeting with Amanda, and she stated that she'd volunteered to talk to Trumbull to ease her guilt over wishing Cara gone. Jake was grateful, but stated that Cara's predicament wasn't Amanda's fault.

At the Martin house, Opal and Krystal were dumbfounded by Tad's engagement news. Tad swore them to secrecy and explained what had happened to Cara in Africa. He felt he owed Cara for saving his brother's life, so he'd agreed to marry her to help her stay in the country. Tad was sure that Immigration would question Opal and Krystal, and he asked if they were good with the situation. "Not even close!" the women responded in unison.

Opal worried that Tad was ending his chances to find real love, and Krystal asked if he'd considered the girls, or where he and Cara would live. He said he hadn't thought that far ahead, but Krystal warned that he'd better do it quickly. Opal didn't know how he'd convince the rest of the world, if it were that hard to convince her and Krystal.

At Krystal's restaurant, Erica greeted Jackson and said they hadn't seen much of each other. Jackson said he loved Erica, but games were her deal, not his. Jackson noted that they hadn't set a wedding date, and he thought that a wedding might never happen. Erica asked why she was the only one fighting for them, but he reasoned that she was really fighting for control. "If someone's going to call this wedding off, you want it to be you, not me," he stated.

Erica guessed Caleb was the problem, and Jackson said the man obviously had feelings for her. Erica said she'd thought they'd gotten past that. "When?" he asked. Erica cited that she was okay with all the time Jackson spent working with Krystal. Just then, Krystal entered and asked if Jackson were ready to work. He kissed Erica's forehead and said they'd talk later.

As Krystal and Jackson worked, Krystal seemed distracted. She revealed Tad's engagement and admitted that she wasn't taking it as well as she should be. Jackson asked if she still loved Tad. "Not like that, not anymore," she replied. Krystal noted that she depended on Tad, but that was about to change. She murmured that she was scared of being alone. Jackson replied that a person could be with someone, but still feel alone.

At ConFusion, Opal saw Erica, who grumbled that Caleb was late. Erica said she'd relocated her meeting with him to ConFusion, because the obviously jealous Jackson was at Krystal's. Opal questioned Erica's commitment to a wedding, but Erica scoffed that she wasn't sitting on any fences about it. Opal urged Erica to do everything she could to prove to the world that she was completely committed to a life with Jackson.

Erica brought up Palmer's wishes, but Opal interrupted to assert that Palmer would say Erica had served her purpose. Opal insisted that Erica knew what she had to do. Opal left, and Erica called Caleb to berate him for standing her up. She said she understood that he didn't want to be her friend, but she had to discuss something very important with him.

At the hospital, Griffin was livid that he hadn't been alerted about Cara's immigration problem. Cara said that it had been solved, because she was about to become Mrs. Tad Martin. Griffin replied that Cara had wanted to get away from Jake and his happy little family, but, "Now you're gonna be his sister-in-law?"

Cara claimed that Griffin had missed being a part of a family, but Griffin said the Martins weren't just any family. He grumbled that he wanted her to be safe. Hugging him, Cara assured him that she would be, as long as it all went according to plan.

Tad arrived, and Griffin thanked Tad for helping Cara. Tad guessed Griffin wasn't thrilled about the marriage. Griffin fired off questions about Cara, but Tad couldn't answer them. Griffin said it wasn't a game, and the couple had to convince people that they were in love. Tad agreed they had to keep their stories straight, but he wished he had Griffin's blessing. Griffin gave it and walked off.

Tad and Cara made a "date" to get to know each other and noticed Jake staring at them. Tad clarified the reason for the "date" to Jake and then left. Jake said Cara's engagement to his brother was unsettling. He asked if she knew what she was getting into by marrying Tad, and she joked that she'd handled Jake, so she could handle Tad. Jake asked what would happen if the perfect guy happened along while Cara was wearing a fake ring. She said she'd have to accept that it was the hand she'd been dealt.

Griffin walked by and rolled his eyes when he saw Jake and Cara talking together. Later, Griffin warned Jake not to have any more "moments" with Cara. Griffin stated that she was obviously in love with Jake, but she was marrying Tad. Jake thought he and Griffin were on the same page, and Griffin added that he'd done some investigating. Amanda listened around the corner as Griffin said he'd learned that someone had tipped Immigration off about Cara.

Later, Tad was at home when a frantic Liza arrived to say that Colby hated her mother. Tad readily guessed that Colby had found out about the tryst with Damon. Liza called herself worse the Marian, and Tad suggested that Liza give it time. Liza replied that time hadn't worked for her, and she hadn't ever been able to look at Marian without recalling the pain. Tad reminded Liza of the times she'd been there for Marian after the incident, and Liza raged that she'd have to lose a spouse or go insane before Colby would get near her.

Tad reasoned that Liza had gone to him with her troubles because they'd gotten past the incident. Liza thought it meant that she had no friends. Tad said Colby would get past it, too. Liza, however, sobbed that Colby would hate her for the rest of their lives.

Opal arrived, and ignoring Liza's obvious distress, Opal asked if Tad would tell the girls about the wedding. He said he'd handle it, and Opal went to the kitchen. Liza asked who was getting married, and Tad told her that he was. Just then, Cara entered, and Tad introduced Cara to Liza as his fiancée.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Liza snickered at the thought of Tad marrying Cara. Liza was skeptical that Tad and Cara's relationship was real, but the couple maintained that sometimes things just happened. Liza declared that she knew Tad and asked what was really going on. Tad and Cara tried to appear blissfully happy, but they both stammered as they tried to explain to Liza how they had fallen in love. Cara received a page and left to call the hospital. Liza sarcastically inquired if she'd be invited to the wedding. She proclaimed that she knew him too well to buy his story.

Tad accused Liza of acting like a jealous ex. She denied it, but was affected when he bragged about his young, beautiful fiancée. Liza scoffed at the idea that Tad loved Cara and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He declared that Cara understood both the good and bad parts of him, and she loved him anyway. He said that Cara made him feel good about himself, which was something Liza had never done. Liza inquired about Jake's feelings. Tad swore that Jake was happy for Tad and Cara, and he hoped Liza could be, too.

Cara returned and announced that she had to leave for the hospital, but she offered to provide more personal information about her relationship with Tad to convince Liza that their engagement was real. An uncomfortable Liza lukewarmly congratulated them. Cara's pager beeped again, and Cara said she'd call Tad later, kissed him, and left. Liza had more questions about Tad and Cara's relationship, but she shifted her focus to Colby. Tad advised Liza to give Colby time, but Liza thought there was no hope for Colby's forgiveness.

At the hospital, Amanda eavesdropped as Griffin told Jake that someone had anonymously tipped off immigration about Cara. Griffin speculated that they wouldn't have to look far to find the culprit. Amanda interrupted and declared that Cara was responsible for her own problems, since Cara had lied about her past.

Griffin spat that Cara had saved lives at the hospital. Amanda expressed disbelief that Griffin suspected Jake, but Griffin explained that he didn't think Jake had turned Cara in. Amanda apologized for being an overprotective wife. Griffin insinuated that Amanda was the culprit, but Jake warned him to back off. Griffin reminded them that one wrong word could cost Cara her life. Jake revealed that Amanda had already met with Immigration and had backed up Tad and Cara's story. Satisfied, Griffin returned to work.

Amanda lamented that the situation was difficult for everyone. Jake blamed her stress on Agent Trumbull's interrogation. She thought that the agent had known they were lying. Jake assured her that they just had to stick to their story. He condemned "the idiot who turned Cara in" and wanted that person to pay. Amanda tried to convince him that as chief of staff, he didn't have time to pursue a vendetta, but he refused to let the matter go. A teary-eyed Amanda pointedly told him that he could stop the investigation, and he realized that she had made the call to Immigration.

Jake begged Amanda to tell him that she hadn't made the call. She sobbed that she was sorry and that she'd never expected things to turn out how they had. Amanda rationalized that she'd known Cara was in love with Jake, and she had wanted to protect her marriage. Jake was angry that Amanda would think that Cara could steal away Jake from Amanda and Trevor. Amanda argued that their marriage hadn't been the same since Cara had arrived in town, but he thought Amanda's actions were way over the top. Cara appeared in the doorway.

Jake apologized to Cara for calling her on her day off, and they briefly discussed a surgery for one of their patients. Cara left, and Amanda thanked him for not telling Cara that Amanda had caused Cara's immigration problems. Jake accused Amanda of not trusting him, but Amanda insisted that it was Cara who she didn't trust. Amanda pointed out that Cara still wore Jake's ring, and she admitted that she had overheard Cara's confession to Jake that he was the love of her life.

Jake snapped that Amanda had heard the conversation out of context and that Cara was on a hit list, but Amanda reminded him that she hadn't known that when she'd placed the call to Immigration. He explained that he hadn't wanted to endanger Amanda, but she countered that if she had known about the threat, she never would have called. Since Jake had kept Amanda in the dark, she had only been aware of his protective instinct toward Cara.

Amanda admitted that she'd made a horrible mistake in an effort to protect her marriage. She was afraid that Jake would never forgive her. He suggested that they leave to discuss their issues elsewhere. Later, in the park, Amanda begged Jake to say something to her. He calmly said that he knew that she was sorry, and so was he. He walked away as she called after him not to leave. "I love you," she whimpered.

Griffin asked Cara how her engagement was going. She admitted that she was a mess and that she didn't look forward to calling their mother, especially since she was marrying her ex-husband's brother. Griffin thought their mom would have some choice words and offered to call her himself. Cara was sorry about the burden she was creating for everyone, but Griffin assured her she had nothing to be sorry for.

Later, Cara returned to Tad's house, where Tad reminded her that she didn't need to knock anymore. She commented how she felt like a pariah around Amanda and Jake. Tad assured her that Amanda would get over it, because Cara had saved Jake's life. Tad joked that a guy could do worse than Cara, since she had a good income, smelled nice, and wasn't entirely unattractive.

In the park, a well-dressed woman talked on her cell phone to someone regarding employment opportunities. She complained about her previous bosses and then asked about her next gig. After she hung up, she shrugged and said to herself that she'd be a tad overdressed.

At Kendall's home, Ricky spoke on his phone and told the person on the line to stop calling him, because Kendall was returning home that day. He didn't think what they were looking for was in the Slater house. Erica entered, and Ricky quickly hid and prepared to attack her if she discovered him.

There was a knock at the door, and Erica answered it to the woman from the park, who announced that she had been sent to clean the house. Erica complained that she had requested a woman named Donna. They exchanged barbs, and Erica demanded to see identification. The woman handed various personal items to a speechless Erica as she unpacked her purse. Upon seeing her license, Erica incredulously read the woman's name -- Gertrude Stein. The woman asked to be called "Gertie" and asked Erica's name, but she quickly realized who Erica was.

After Erica confirmed that she was the Erica Kane, Gertie declared that she had never cared for Erica or Erica's television show. Erica asserted that she didn't care and that Gertie should be grateful to have a job. Gertie declared that she knew all about Erica from the tabloids and asked whether Erica had really had an affair with Prince Charles. Erica denied it and stated that the prince was happily married, but Gertie retorted that marriage hadn't stopped Erica before.

Erica tried to direct Gertie to the cleaning supplies, but a persistent Gertie asked why Erica hadn't set a wedding date with Jackson. Erica fired Gertie and threatened to complain to her employer. Gertie thought Erica was kidding and continued to gush about how attractive Jackson was. As Erica threw her out, Gertie offhandedly requested an autograph, but Erica slammed the door in her face.

Ricky met his mysterious female contact in the park and sarcastically commented that he had just "counseled" a parishioner. His contact called him the opposite of a minister. He smarmily said that he didn't just kill people and that he had to protect his cover if they wanted to keep all of the money from the casinos. Ricky informed his contact that Erica had interrupted his search at Kendall's house. Ricky's plan was to get closer to Kendall, so she'd lead them to what they were looking for. His contact noticed that Ricky seemed to like the assignment. He smirked and remarked that Kendall was an attractive woman.

At the hospital, Ryan told Kendall that he needed to talk to her about Zach's plane crash. Kendall wondered if he was there because she had asked Greenlee about Ryan's investigation into the crash. Kendall informed him that the police hadn't uncovered anything else, but he noted that she had also suspected Zach's casino partners had been involved. Ryan had found it difficult to accept that the crash had been nothing more than tragic accident, so he'd called in one more favor.

Ryan explained that his contact had found a box with Zach's initials on it that the FBI had missed. He had arranged to have it sent to Kendall, and he said she could do with it whatever she wished. She couldn't wait to open it. He wished he could stay with her, but he needed to get back to the search for Emma. He offered to call Erica or Bianca, but Kendall wanted to open the box on her own. She forlornly mused that it was the last piece of Zach that had survived.

Griffin entered to check on Kendall, and Erica arrived to visit. Ryan told Erica about his investigator finding Zach's box. Erica thanked him for his efforts. Ryan swore that everything would turn around for all of them, and he left. Kendall declared that she wanted to be home when Zach's box arrived. Griffin agreed to release her, as long as she didn't skip any more follow-up visits. Erica wanted to be there for Kendall, but Kendall wanted to do it on her own. Erica stepped outside while Griffin did a final check on Kendall's vitals. He said her pulse was normal and that it was time to let her go.

Outside Kendall's room, Erica left a message for Caleb, ordering him to return her call and complaining that he needed to learn to use his cell phone. Ricky arrived. Erica announced that Kendall was going home and asked Ricky to give Kendall support. Erica informed him about Ryan's investigation and Zach's box. An interested Ricky asked where the box was, and Erica said it would be delivered to Kendall that day. Erica explained that Kendall wanted to be alone when she opened it, but Ricky disagreed and offered to be there for Kendall.

Griffin informed Kendall that she was free to go. He wondered if Kendall was up to the task of opening Zach's box. He told her to call him if she had any symptoms of distress. She promised to keep him in the loop and declared that she had a lot to be grateful for, including him. She asked if he'd miss having someone to worry about. He said that he still had Cara, but clammed up when Kendall asked what was wrong. Kendall continued to push, and Griffin announced that Cara was getting married to Tad. Kendall was stunned, but Griffin explained that Tad and Cara had been secretly seeing one another.

Griffin told Kendall to take care of herself. As he began to leave, she stopped him and thanked him for saving her life. Erica, Ricky, and some orderlies entered with a wheelchair, and an unsuspecting Kendall was grateful to Ricky for escorting her home. Kendall reassured Erica that nothing bad would happen, and Erica agreed that Kendall was in good hands.

Later, at ConFusion, Erica called to the bartender for a drink, and she left another message for Caleb, instructing him to meet her. She looked up to see that the bartender was Gertie. Gertie asked Erica if she was meeting Jackson. An irritated Erica explained that she had a business meeting, and Gertie assumed it was with Caleb. Erica announced that she planned to resign, and Gertie speculated that Jackson had forced her to do so. Gertie intrusively asked who Erica had as number one on her speed dial. Erica threatened to have Gertie fired again. As Erica started to make a call, Gertie pulled out her own phone and excitedly snapped photos of herself and Erica together.

Ricky and Kendall arrived at the Slater home, and he offered to get her something to eat or drink. She just wanted to look around. He called her lucky to be surrounded by people who cared. He specifically mentioned Ryan and the fact that Ryan had hired his own investigator to look into the crash. Ricky asked about the box that Erica had mentioned. The doorbell rang, and Ricky tried to answer it, but Kendall insisted on doing so herself.

Kendall signed for the package, and Ricky followed her as she carried it over to the couch. He volunteered to open it for her, but she said it was her last connection to Zach. In an effort to stall her, Ricky warned her about her doctor's orders. Kendall opened the box and found the love letter she had written to Zach. She opened another letter addressed to her. "In the event of my untimely death," Kendall read aloud, as a look of horror crossed her face.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Greenlee felt bad leaving Ryan to continue the search for Emma on his own. Ryan realized that Kendall needed Greenlee's support, and said that he would call her if anything turned up. Greenlee asked Ryan to get some rest while she was gone. Ryan said that he wouldn't sleep until his daughter was found. Greenlee asked if anything had changed in the Chandler house. Ryan said Annie hadn't contacted JR, but Greenlee was sure that Annie wouldn't stay silent for long. The box that Zach had with him on the plane was delivered to Kendall. She extracted a letter from the box under Ricky's watchful eye. As she read the letter, Kendall became increasingly agitated. Ricky asked if Kendall was okay. Kendall shakily told Ricky that she thought Zach had been murdered. Kendall continued to read and was shaken by the idea that the investigation had concluded, and that the authorities didn't know that Zach had been murdered. Greenlee showed up with Spike and Ian, and Kendall laid the letter down so that she and Greenlee could talk. Kendall sent the boys to play with Ricky, and then told Greenlee about her suspicions regarding the plane crash. Greenlee asked if Kendall wanted her to take the boys to the park so that Kendall could work on digging into Zach's claims. When Kendall hesitated, Greenlee reminded her best friend that she needed to get back to Ryan and help search for Emma. Kendall asked if there had been any updates in the search, and Greenlee told her that there were no new leads. Kendall agreed that finding Emma was more important than validating Zach's claims. The women turned to see Ricky attempting to prevent the boys from throwing papers in the air. As Kendall rushed over to clean up the mess, Ricky sneaked the letter from Zach into his pocket. As Kendall explained that the things the boys were throwing belonged to Zach, Ricky swapped out the letter for a fake. Greenlee took the boys upstairs for a nap, and Kendall started to clean up the mess. Kendall became upset when she realized that the letter was missing. Ricky pretended to find the fake and handed it to a relieved Kendall. Greenlee returned to the living room, but before Greenlee could do anything to help, her phone rang. Greenlee got an update from Ryan and relayed the latest information to Kendall. Kendall urged Greenlee to get to the airport. Greenlee was unsure about whether she should leave Kendall, but Kendall said with certainty that she would be fine. Greenlee left the house and placed a quick call to Griffin. She told him about the box that Kendall had received, and Kendall's belief that Zach's death wasn't an accident. Griffin realized that Kendall was under a lot of stress, and told Greenlee that he would check on Kendall. Greenlee asked Griffin to call her back once he'd checked on Kendall, and Griffin agreed. Once Greenlee left, the phone tap equipment Ryan had set up beeped. Ryan scrambled to put the headphones to his ear. Once the piece was in place, Ryan heard JR take a phone call from Annie. Ryan dropped the headphones and ran out of the house. JR told Annie that she needed to stick to their plan and that he would talk to her again soon. JR ended the call just as Marissa walked in and said that she needed to speak to JR about AJ. JR claimed to be too busy, and Marissa attempted to make JR feel bad for reducing the importance of a healthy relationship with their son. JR brushed off Marissa's tactics and told her where AJ was. Ryan rushed into the Chandler living room as Marissa was leaving. Ryan demanded that JR reveal Annie's location. JR protested, but Ryan admitted that he knew JR and Annie had just spoken to each other. Ryan insisted that JR help Ryan locate Emma. As Ryan flung additional demands at JR, JR told Ryan that he needed to calm down. Ryan said that he wouldn't be calm until he had his daughter back. JR said that he knew how it felt to have a missing child, and indicated that he had planned to call Ryan. JR said that he was headed to the airport so that he could meet up with Annie. Annie had told JR that she loved him before they hung up the phone. JR took that to mean that Annie still trusted him and would listen to him. Ryan was willing to allow JR to get Emma back without intervention from the authorities, but said that he would go with JR. JR was fine with the plan, but asked how Ryan had known about the phone call. Ryan admitted to bugging the house, and Marissa, who had re-entered the room, admitted that she'd let Ryan in. JR was briefly incensed that Marissa had betrayed him. He realized quickly that his feelings were much less important in the situation, and apologized. JR revealed that Annie was headed to Montreal with Emma. JR said that they could beat Annie to Canada in the jet because Annie still had a few more hours of driving. Ryan didn't want to waste any additional time, and the trio quickly left the house. Once they arrived at their Canadian hotel, Ryan and Greenlee split from JR temporarily so that JR could get an update on Annie. While they were alone, Greenlee remarked on the irony that they were in the honeymoon suite. Ryan apologized for not taking Greenlee on a proper honeymoon. Greenlee assured Ryan that she was fine, and said that once they were home and safe, they could plan several trips to make up for it. JR arrived at the room suddenly, and told Ryan and Greenlee that Annie had left a message at the front desk. According to the message, Annie was 20 minutes from the hotel. JR promised that they would get Emma back. At that moment, a sharp knock landed on the door. They thought that Annie had arrived early, but it was only a hotel steward. As JR paid the steward, Ryan looked anxiously out of the window and noted that Annie should have arrived already. At the hospital, Griffin ran into Madison and asked if he could help her. Madison told Griffin that she was signing up for a sleep study, and asked if it was safe for her unborn child. Griffin assured Madison that both she and the baby would be safe. Griffin commented that either Madison had to be an insomniac or in need of money. Madison admitted that it was a little of both. After Griffin left, Scott showed up. He asked Madison why she was at the hospital. She told him that she was participating in a study. Scott asked about the subject matter, and was amused that both he and Madison were participating in the same study. Madison and Scott admitted that they were both financially strapped, and said that the study would help. Madison said that in addition to not being able to pay her rent, she had a mountain of medical bills. Scott suggested that they solve their mutual problems by moving in together. Madison was initially hesitant because she needed to use most of her money to pay her medical bills. Scott surprised Madison with a revised payment schedule for her hospital bills. Madison was delighted, and agreed that with the change, she and Scott could make living together work. Scott was surprised, because Madison didn't generally accept help so readily. Madison said that with Scott, she felt like an equal partner instead of a charity case. Marissa stopped by the hospital and ran into Scott and Madison. Marissa wanted to have dinner with Scott, but realized that she might have been interrupting something. Scott told Marissa that not only were he and Madison moving in together, but also that they were having a baby. Marissa was shocked, but happy. Marissa told Scott to call her when he was free so that they could catch up. After Marissa left, Madison noted that the encounter had been a close call. Scott said that Marissa was one of his best friends in town, and he felt that he needed to tell her what was going on. Madison understood, and thanked Scott for all he'd done for her. Madison and Scott boxed up all of Madison's things and moved them into Scott's place. After they completed the move, Madison was dismayed with how many things she had. Scott remained optimistic, and said they would work everything out. Madison was concerned that they didn't seem to have space for the baby. Scott assured Madison that although he had been knocked down by his stint in prison, he would work his way back up. He promised Madison that they wouldn't be down on their luck for long. Madison and Scott took a moment to think about where their life was headed. A phone call interrupted their conversation. Madison was reluctant to answer it, as her phone showed it was an unknown number. Madison took a chance and answered the call. She found Emma on the other end of the phone, and asked the little girl where she was. Emma said that she didn't know who else to call. All Emma could tell Madison was that she and Annie couldn't stay at the Fairview Hotel. Emma told Madison that her mother had told her not to call Ryan, but never said she couldn't call anyone else. Madison desperately tried to figure out where Emma was, but Emma couldn't give her any clues. Emma abruptly hung up when she saw her mother returning to the car. Frustrated, Madison knew that she had to call Ryan, and hoped he would take her call. In the Slater living room, Kendall wondered why she couldn't read Zach's letter. Ricky suggested that she wait until she was ready. Kendall said that she didn't know if she would ever be ready. Ricky said that he would be there to support Kendall, regardless of what she decided. As Kendall read Zach's letter out loud, Ricky texted something on his phone. When Kendall caught him in the act, Ricky said that he was supposed to meet with a parishioner but wanted to reschedule. Kendall said that Ricky should keep the appointment, but Ricky insisted on staying. Kendall looked at the letter again, and realized that a page was missing. Ricky offered that perhaps Ian had taken the page upstairs with him by mistake. Kendall went upstairs to look for it, and Ricky said he would look in the living room again. After Kendall left, Ricky sent the message he was typing on his phone to Kendall's printer, and planned to present it to her as the missing page. Kendall returned to the living room, frantic because the missing page wasn't upstairs. Kendall lamented that she'd finally gotten to a place where it seemed her life without Zach was settling down, only to have it thrown into disarray. Ricky tried to keep Kendall calm until she discovered the page he'd planted under a couch cushion. Kendall was relieved and grateful that Ricky had stayed with her. Ricky offered to stay with Kendall longer, but Kendall urged him to meet with the other parishioner. Ricky did as Kendall asked and left the house. Kendall sat down with the letter again, but a knock at the door interrupted her reading the letter again. Kendall was surprised by a visit from Griffin. Griffin told her that Greenlee had asked him to stop by. Kendall realized that it would be best to let Griffin check her out. Griffin found that Kendall's blood pressure was elevated but not enough to send her back to the hospital. Griffin asked about the letters that Zach had left. Kendall said that the letters would lead her to clues about the true nature of Zach's crash. She started to read the letters to Griffin; they revealed that Zach wanted Kendall to know some things in case he died. Ryan's phone rang, and Ryan was surprised to see an incoming call from Madison. He answered the phone and was shocked to hear that Emma had called Madison. Madison told Ryan that Emma sounded okay. She also told Ryan that Emma and Annie had planned to stay at a fancy hotel but had changed their plans. Ryan ended the call abruptly, and told Greenlee and JR that Annie must have spotted them. Ricky met up with a mysterious woman named Diana. He shared the stolen page with her and said that her name was on the document. Diana wanted to know how much Kendall had seen. When Ricky told her, Diana was dismayed. Diana wanted to know if Ricky had a plan. Ricky told her that the letter mentioned a special hiding place with information that Kendall should share with the authorities. Diana asked if Ricky knew where the place was. Ricky assured her that he would find it. Back at the Slater house, Kendall shared the information from the fake page. Kendall quickly realized that the information was different from what she'd originally seen, and was confused. Griffin was unsure what Kendall was referring to. Kendall asserted that something about the letter had changed and that the implications were dangerous.

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