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Monday, February 21, 2011

The distraught Katie arrived at Brooke's house to tell Brooke, Ridge, and Hope about Liam's accident. Hope rushed out of the house, and Katie relayed Bill's theories about Amber. Ridge didn't understand why Bill believed that Amber wanted to hurt Liam, and Katie stated that Bill wasn't thinking logically. Katie was worried because Bill had never let his emotions control him, but he'd become obsessive about protecting his son from Amber.

Katie left, and Brooke began to worry about Hope. Brooke hated that the Amber thing would complicate Hope's life, because Hope had envisioned spending the rest of her life with Liam. Ridge asserted that Bill would deal with Amber. Ridge said that things had a way of working out, and after Liam recovered, he and Hope could do just that.

In Liam's hospital room, Bill asked Ramon why Liam had opened his eyes, but then drifted back into unconsciousness. Ramon, however, had no answers. Bill saw Amber peering into the window, and Ramon said she'd been around all night. Bill ordered Ramon to throw her out of the facility. Once alone with Liam, Bill vowed to deal with Amber himself.

In the corridor, Lieutenant Baker arrived and warned that Amber would be in serious trouble if she didn't know the answers to his questions about the explosion. She explained that it had been an accident, but Bill interrupted to accuse her doing it on purpose. Bill said he'd put his own investigators on it, and he was sure they'd gather enough evidence to put Amber away.

Bill ordered Lt. Baker to arrest Amber, but Baker said it wasn't that simple. The officer understood Bill's frustration, but said a police investigation of the scene hadn't produced any evidence of foul play. Baker concluded that the explosion had been an accident. After the officer left, Bill warned Amber that he'd put a stop to her.

Later, Bill called Nick to set up a meeting at the Malibu property, so that Bill could sign the purchase agreement that day. Bill left the hospital, and Amber slipped into Liam's room. Amber said she was sorry for screwing up Liam's life. She wondered to herself what she'd done to him. "That's what I'd like to know," Hope said upon entering the room.

Hope theorized that the explosion had been Amber's lesson to Liam about messing with her. Amber claimed to be innocent and said she cared about Liam. Hope ordered Amber to prove it by leaving him alone to recover in peace. Amber said she and Liam would always be connected through the child, and the police had declared the explosion an accident. Amber stated that she wouldn't go to jail, and not even the mighty Bill Spencer could change it.

Amber left, and Hope tried to coax Liam to wake up. She wished they could get Amber out of their lives. Seeing Amber through the hospital window, Hope sadly concluded that it would never happen.

When Bill arrived at the Malibu property, he hurriedly signed the contract. Nick expressed his sympathy about Liam's condition and reminded Bill to take safety precautions with the overlook. Nick said he hadn't wanted to scare Katie, so he hadn't told her that a man's wife had fallen to her death six months earlier. "Did he push her?" Bill wondered. Nick replied that no one knew, but Bill should be mindful that accidents could happen around there.

Later, Bill stood on the overlook, gauging the distance to the beach below. He recalled the pain he'd gone through as he'd watched his son suffer in the hospital. In his mind, he heard Nick say that accidents could happen. Bill imagined Amber screaming and then falling from the overlook. Recalling himself say that Amber had to be dealt with, Bill envisioned her lifeless body on the sand below.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

by Pam

At Dayzee's, Stephanie chatted with Dayzee, and Steffy entered. Stephanie introduced her granddaughter to Dayzee, who said that she had a meeting with Thomas. Stephanie took a few minutes to catch Steffy up on what Dayzee had done with the restaurant that Steffy remembered as Insomnia and how it employed the homeless.

Stephanie added that Thomas had designed new T-shirts for all the employees. After Dayzee left, Steffy told her grandmother that she was concerned about her. Steffy inquired about Stephanie's health and added that Stephanie had to be losing money every month at Dayzee's.

Steffy said that Stephanie could throw all the money in the world at the homeless problem, but it would still be there. Stephanie bristled at Steffy's disapproval of what she had done with Dayzee's. Stephanie reminded Steffy that she had helped people, and it was important to her.

Steffy said that Stephanie had surrounded herself with strangers rather than spend more time with her family. Steffy hit a nerve in Stephanie when she said that the family might want more time with her. Stephanie argued that she had found a new passion in Dayzee's because it had made a difference in people's lives. Steffy agreed that Stephanie had made people feel better about themselves. She understood that Stephanie had befriended Dayzee because Dayzee forced her to see that life was worth living, but that was an insult to the Forrester family.

Stephanie softened. She told Steffy that she loved her family, but she needed to do something that made a real impact. Steffy said that she didn't care how much money Stephanie put into Dayzee's. Steffy wanted Stephanie to return to her true passion Forrester.

Steffy added that Thomas had made a name for himself, and she was happy for him. She hoped that it would be good for him so that he would forgive Taylor for giving Steffy all of her Forrester stock. Steffy was also concerned that the company was not doing as well as she had hoped.

Steffy noted that no one at the Oscar's would be wearing a Forrester gown, and that was wrong. The men's line was not the first order of business. Gowns were. Steffy wanted Forrester to return to its roots, and she needed Stephanie to help her get it back on track. Steffy worried that she could not argue with everyone at Forrester she needed Stephanie's help.

At Ridge and Brooke's place, Thomas entered and asked if he could entertain a very special lady for dinner that evening at their home alone. Ridge teased that he wanted to be part of the dinner, but Brooke dragged him upstairs.

Alone in the bedroom with Brooke, Ridge wondered who Thomas was dating and why he was so secretive. Brooke said that he seemed happy, and that was enough for her. Brooke brought up that Steffy's return to Forrester had resurrected rivalries between the Logans and Forresters, and Brooke didn't want to argue with Steffy.

Ridge reminded Brooke that he was the CEO, and he refused to put up with any more antics from Steffy. Brooke noted that Steffy could not be controlled, but Ridge said that Steffy would get the message loud and clear from Stephanie that things had changed at Forrester.

Ridge changed the subject and said that he wanted to spy on Thomas and his date, but Brooke refused to allow him downstairs. Ridge teased that Thomas had not forbidden them to walk downstairs. Ridge wanted some milk and cookies, and planned to go to the kitchen, but Brooke said that she would get them for him.

Downstairs, Thomas welcomed Dayzee into the living room where he had a table set with dinner and cocktails. Dayzee wondered what he was doing, and he said that he wanted to have dinner. Dayzee said that she was unprepared for his "ambush."

Thomas laughed and reminded her that it was just dinner. He said that he had planned to grill steaks, and Dayzee agreed to stay. During dinner, Dayzee said that she was confused about what Thomas wanted. Dayzee reminded him that they lived in two different worlds. She wasn't looking for a relationship and wasn't lonely. She added that she didn't need anyone to save her. Thomas said that he understood, but he added that Dayzee was unlike any other woman that he had ever met. Dayzee said that she was uncomfortable and wanted to leave.

Thomas said that he wanted to get to know her better. He said that he had traveled all over the world, but never met someone so confident and content in what she did. He admired those qualities in Dayzee and he kissed her. Dazyee kissed him back. On the balcony above the living room, Brooke appeared, but stopped short as she saw Thomas kiss Dayzee. Brooke smiled and stepped back into the hallway to remain hidden from view.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

by Pam

After she had seen Dayzee and Thomas downstairs, Brooke returned to the bedroom and told Ridge that Thomas was entertaining and kissing Dayzee. Ridge said nothing at first. Brooke suggested that they should be happy because Dayzee was a wonderful young woman. Ridge said that he knew nothing about Dayzee, but he teased that Dayzee knew how to handle men, just like Brooke had when he first met her.

Brooke argued that Thomas and Dayzee made a good pair. Brooke and Ridge talked about opposites attracting, and resurrected history of their own first meeting. Ridge said that he recalled seeing her across a crowded room for the first time. When their eyes met, he'd known that she wanted to talk to him as much as he'd wanted to talk to her. Ridge teased that she'd been just a "slut from the valley" as his mother called her. They relived their first meeting, and then relished in the happiness that they had found together.

Downstairs at Ridge and Brooke's place, Dayzee told Thomas that things had moved too fast for her. Thomas wondered if she was concerned about Marcus, and he asked how she would describe her relationship with Marcus. She said that they were very good friends, but that Marcus was in Paris, so they did not have a relationship. Thomas asked if Dayzee was worried about telling Marcus that she was dating Thomas. Dayzee said that they were not dating, so she didn't have anything to tell Marcus.

Thomas wanted to know why Dayzee didn't want to date him. Thomas wondered if she was scared. Dayzee said that she was skeptical because caring people had walked in and out of her life for a long time. She would become attached to them only to become unattached. She shared that she had been in many wonderful foster homes with loving families, but judges had always returned her to her birth mother, who could not care for her. She felt that long-lasting relationships were hard to find.

Thomas told Dayzee that they had something in common in their upbringings, as he had been raised by at least two mothers. Thomas said that he was interested in her and the fact that she was so passionate about what she did to help people. Thomas said that he loved what he did, and suggested that if he could dress everyone on Skid Row for one day based on their personalities, it would make a difference in the way people felt about themselves. Dayzee told him that she was impressed by his passion for fashion. They kissed.

At Bill's office, he sat in the dark, reading a website that stated life began at conception. Bill sighed. Detective Baker entered Bill's office and apologized that there was no reason for him to arrest Amber for the trailer explosion. He told Bill that Amber's mother had been warned about a faulty handle on the propane tank, but Amber had known nothing about it. Baker suggested that Bill pursue a civil case against Amber. Bill sneered as he said that he would get a burned-out trailer if he won the case, when what he really wanted was his son back in good health.

Baker left, and Bill sat down at his computer again. He fantasized about Amber falling off the lookout at the Malibu home that he had purchased. In his vision, Amber was falling and screaming. Steffy entered Bill's darkened office and wondered why he was sitting in the dark. Bill said that he was contemplating murder. Steffy snickered and sat on his desk.

She teased that she had recently returned from dating all the available men in Paris. She asked if he had missed her, and Bill said that he had not. Steffy called him a liar. She wondered why he had not responded to her text messages, and Bill pointedly told her that he was a busy man.

Steffy brought up Amber and wondered why he didn't buy Amber off because all she was after was money. Bill said that if Liam didn't recover, Amber would be the one to pay. Steffy reassured Bill that Liam would wake up and deal with Amber. Bill said that Liam would be tied to Amber and her baby forever. He didn't want that to happen.

Bill knew that Liam would never leave his own flesh and blood or allow Amber to take the baby away. Bill clearly wanted to get rid of Amber. Steffy suggested that he return home to Katie and cuddle up in front of a fire. Bill refused to lay his problems on his wife.

Steffy playfully suggested that he could run away with her, but Bill didn't react. Steffy said that she knew he wouldn't run away with her. She left the office.

At Dayzee's, Amber entered and encountered Stephanie, who was not friendly to Amber, but Amber insisted that she was homeless. Stephanie listened to Amber's sorry tale of the trailer burning up and the fact that she had saved Liam. Amber added that she was pregnant with Liam's baby and had a DNA test to prove it.

Stephanie warned that Liam had better recover, or there wouldn't be any place for Amber to hide from Bill. Stephanie wondered how Amber had managed to get pregnant when everyone knew that Liam loved Hope. Amber claimed that it was the old-fashioned way, but Stephanie doubted the story. Stephanie warned that Amber was on the same path that she had taken to trap Rick into marrying her. Amber said that Stephanie was accusing her of lying. Stephanie warned that Amber had trapped another wealthy young man who hadn't loved her.

Stephanie lamented that Amber had a lot of talent, but wasted her time on scams instead of putting her design talent to good use. Bill called and asked Amber to meet him at a Malibu house because he had reconsidered her situation and wanted to talk to her.

Later, Amber arrived at what appeared to be a vacant Malibu home, and she entered calling out to see if anyone was there. Bill startled her when he stepped out of the shadows. She asked why he had invited her to a dark house in the middle of nowhere. Bill said that he was glad she had been able to make it. He had a proposal for her, and he said the view "is to die for." Amber looked out the window.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

At Jackie M, Nick rushed into Jackie's office, hoping Jackie had seen Owen. "Not enough of him yet," she replied as the guilty couple popped up from behind the desk. Nick grimaced and asked Owen to button his shirt. As Nick tried to discuss some proofs, Jackie hoped her and Owen's antics wouldn't cause Nick to resume smoking. Nick assured her that he could handle it, and then Jackie and Owen took off for the sauna room.

Oliver arrived looking for Aggie, but she was at the nail salon. Nick asked about Oliver's love life. Oliver guessed he'd get over Hope someday. Nick asked if Oliver wanted some advice. "From Casanova himself?" Oliver joked. Nick chuckled and said not to give up on Hope just yet.

At the hospital, Hope was keeping vigil by Liam's bedside when, suddenly, he awakened and stroked her hair. She welcomed him back, and Ramon entered to check Liam out. Ramon left, and Hope asked if Liam remembered the explosion. He recalled there being a gas problem when he'd gone to the trailer to talk about the baby. Liam asked if Amber had been hurt. Hope said Amber was fine, but Bill was determined to stop her from hurting his son.

Liam said he hated what the situation was doing to Hope, because he didn't want her saddled with a guy who had a kid. Hope admitted that the paternity test results had sent her reeling, but realizing Liam could have died in the explosion had made it all seem meaningless.

Hope noted that they'd gained Bill's support for their relationship, and Liam asked where Bill was. Hope said Bill had been there, talking to Liam and hugging him. Hope asked Liam to concentrate on getting better, and the two said they loved each other.

At the shadowy Malibu house, an uneasy Amber wanted to leave. Bill, however, said they had a lot to discuss. He explained that he'd bought the house for a special reason, and he asked if anyone knew that Amber had met him there. Amber asked him to get to the point.

Bill claimed that Amber had contrived a plot to get herself pregnant, and Liam's accident had been all her fault. Amber tensed and tried to leave, but Bill blocked her path. Amber asked if he'd really threaten the mother of his grandchild. He said the grandchild card wouldn't work with him, and they were there to handle the situation by doing what needed to be done.

Amber grew terrified and glanced at the terrace exit. Bill said he was going to provide for Amber, and she asked what that meant. He revealed that he'd bought the house for her. Bill said that since her trailer had blown up, she had no place "to gestate." Amber couldn't believe she'd be living there; however, Bill stated that it wasn't a gift, but rather, something he just had to do.

Surveying the place, Amber noted that it was small, but it'd be more than adequate once it had Wi-Fi and satellite television. Suddenly curious, she wondered what Bill's motives were. Amber doubted that she was supposed to take a leap of a faith to believe he was suddenly being a nice guy. Bill responded that "a leap of faith" was the perfect expression.

Amber requested to move in that evening, and Bill agreed. She thought that loaning her the place was a good first step. Bill, however, preferred to think of it as the last step in doing what needed to be done for his son. "And baby," Amber added. Bill noted that there wasn't a baby yet - which was why she needed to taken care of.

Amber thought Bill was setting her up for a fall, but Bill reassured her, saying he'd stocked the refrigerator with healthy foods just for her. He said he'd return the next day to give her a tour and show her the view from the lookout. Amber revealed that she had a fear of heights, but she actually felt like a part of the family.

Bill headed toward the exit, and Amber stared out of the terrace door. "Tomorrow," Bill uttered to himself, giving Amber one last sinister glare.

Friday, February 25, 2011

In Ridge's office, Steffy gave Madison a mountain of tasks to do. Madison scurried out, and Brooke strode in to find Steffy busy at work. Steffy told Brooke to make an appointment to talk, but Brooke quipped, "I don't make appointments with you, Steffy." Brooke sensed Steffy's anxiousness to regain her power around there, and Steffy said Brooke's influence over the company concerned her.

Brooke cited that since Steffy's departure, there had been peace between the Logans and the Forresters, and everyone preferred to keep it that way. Asserting that she'd never be warm and fuzzy with Brooke, Steffy claimed she'd returned to provide her leadership as part owner, not to stir up trouble. Brooke said she just wanted Steffy to respect her and Hope. Steffy reasoned that things depended on Hope's performance and ability to control her personal life.

Oliver entered, and Steffy noted that he was a far more suitable man for Hope. Brooke quipped that Hope's love life wasn't Steffy's concern. Oliver mentioned that Hope had missed an earlier photo shoot, and Brooke assumed it was because Hope was at Liam's bedside. Deciding that he should visit Liam at the hospital, Oliver took off.

Steffy reiterated that Oliver was better for Hope, especially since Liam was about to be a father. Brooke figured that Steffy would make a play for Liam, but Steffy said she wasn't interested in boys. Glancing at a magazine cover with Bill on it, Steffy added, "Men, on the other hand..." Brooke guessed that Steffy had met someone overseas, but looking at Bill's picture again, Steffy stated that she'd missed someone while she'd been away.

Steffy assured Brooke that Hope's boyfriends weren't on the radar, but Brooke figured that the rest of Brooke's family was. Steffy said she wouldn't soon forget that Donna had stolen part of the company from Eric, and Katie had humiliated the company when she'd been CEO.

At the hospital, Bill, Hope, and Katie visited Liam. Bill pressed Liam to talk about the headaches he'd been having, and Liam admitted that he experienced them each time his medication wore off. Liam was anxious to leave the hospital, but Bill told his son to recover while Bill straightened out the Amber mess. Liam wished to handle it himself; however, Bill insisted that Liam stay away from Amber.

Ramon entered, and Liam asked for his release papers. Ramon thought it was too soon, so Liam climbed out of bed to prove that he was fine. As Liam strutted around, he became dizzy and collapsed in Ramon's arms. Ramon got his patient back into bed and said that if the dizziness continued, he'd run tests to see if there was pressure on Liam's brain.

Ramon exited, and Liam asked Bill not to worry. Bill said that what Amber had done to his son was criminal. Bill decided to leave to take care of the situation, but Hope remarked that Bill didn't even know where Amber lived. Ignoring the statement, Bill asked his wife and niece to make sure that Liam stayed in bed.

Bill took off, and Katie worried about where he'd gone. She said he'd been a mess the night before, because he'd been worried that Liam would relapse. Hope stated that Bill wanted to solve the Amber problem, but the truth was that Amber would always be a part of Liam's life. Liam replied that Hope would always be a part of his life.

Oliver arrived and offered Liam a music player to pass the time with. Liam was surprised to see Oliver, who hoped that everything would work out for the best. Oliver and Katie exited, and Hope remarked that Oliver had been sweet. Liam worried that Oliver was hovering in case something went wrong between Liam and Hope.

At the Malibu house, Amber cooed that her dreams had become true, thanks to Dollar Bill Spencer. She declared that her baby was officially a Spencer, and they were officially rich. Amber plopped down on the sofa to eat strawberries, and Bill entered, saying he was glad she'd made herself at home.

Amber asked how Liam and Katie felt about Amber living at the new house, but Bill replied that they didn't know about it. Amber requested an update on Liam, but Bill refused to discuss his son with her. She said she was carrying Liam's child, but Bill replied that he didn't look at it that way. Amber stated that her baby wasn't a tragedy for Liam and Hope; however, Bill replied that tragedies sometimes happened, and one had to deal with them accordingly.

Bill took Amber to the lookout to see the breath-taking view, and she exclaimed her excitement about living on the beach. She started to text-message her mother; however, Bill returned her attention to the view. From behind her, he pointed to Catalina on the horizon, and Amber leaned forward, straining to see it. Bill braced himself and charged forward.

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