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Monday, February 28, 2011

At the Malibu lookout, Bill charged toward Amber. Someone called out to them, and Bill stopped in his tracks. Steffy appeared, and as Amber continued to admire the view, Bill escorted Steffy into the house. Steffy, who'd been at a meeting nearby, said she'd heard that Bill had bought the house. She'd decided to stop by, but she hadn't expected to find Bill with Amber.

Amber peered inside as Bill explained that she'd be staying there a while. Steffy thought that was very generous of Bill and asked if she could help somehow with Liam. Bill asserted that he was going to take care of everything. Amber entered, and Bill left the house.

Amber guessed Steffy had hoped to find Bill at the property all alone. Steffy played innocent, but Amber said she'd seen the spark in Steffy's eyes as she'd spoken with Bill earlier. "You have the hots for him," Amber teased. Steffy claimed that Amber had a big imagination, but Amber said that Steffy shouldn't waste her time, because Bill and Katie were solid.

At Spencer Publications, Donna, who'd returned from her honeymoon in Paris, visited Katie. Justin and Donna had flown back that morning with Marcus. Katie shared the news about Liam's accident and her concerns that Bill had become overly protective of his son. Katie said she feared what Bill might do to stop Amber.

Later, Bill arrived at the office as Katie was meeting with Ramon about Liam. Ramon conveyed that psychological issues were hindering Liam's recovery. "Because of this Amber mess," Bill concluded. Ramon stated that Liam wasn't ready to be a father, but counseling might help. Bill contended that his son didn't need a shrink.

Ramon emphasized that Liam couldn't heal physically while stressed emotionally. Bill claimed that Liam wouldn't be stressed for long. Katie tried to reason with Bill, but he insisted that Liam's stress would pass in a matter of days. Katie escorted the doctor out, and Bill recalled how close he'd been to pushing Amber over the Malibu ledge.

Katie returned to ask Bill to reconsider getting a psychologist for Liam. Bill murmured that he'd moved Amber into the Malibu house. Katie was livid to hear it, but Bill said he was keeping Amber secluded and under control. Katie wondered what Liam would think, but Bill insisted that Liam wouldn't go anywhere near Amber, who was a danger to him.

Katie said Bill seemed to be talking about life or death, and she'd never seen him act that way before. Bill replied that he'd never felt that way before. Bill refused to lose Liam after it had taken years to find him. "He's become a part of me. I didn't expect that to happen, but it happened. I love him. There's nothing I wouldn't do for him," Bill said, and Katie hugged him.

At home, Ridge was surprised to see a lingerie-clad Brooke in their bedroom, because she was supposed to be at work. "I was," she replied and pulled him down onto the bed. The couple made love, and Ridge begrudgingly rolled out of bed to make it to a meeting.

As Ridge dressed, he received a text message that said Thomas had headed to Dayzee's. Brooke remarked that Thomas was smitten with Dayzee; however, Ridge wondered what had happened to Dayzee dating Marcus.

The conversation turned to Steffy, and Brooke said she'd tried to make peace; however, Steffy still harbored bad feelings from Katie's tenure as CEO. Ridge said it was ancient history, and Brooke remarked that he should tell it to his daughter. "Maybe I will," he replied. Brooke quickly warned Ridge not to do that, because his intervention would only make things worse.

At the café, Marcus surprised Dayzee with his quick return to town. He said he wanted to whisk her away to Paris for a few days, but she told him that she was swamped with work. Marcus stiffly remarked that Thomas had been around a lot because of the tee shirt project.

Thomas entered, and Marcus decided that the men had some things to clear up. Marcus said he'd returned home on a pleasure trip, but he'd heard that Thomas had been hanging around the café a lot. Thomas wondered if Marcus had a problem with Thomas becoming friendly with the staff. Dayzee cut in to tell the guys to keep it civil.

Marcus talked about how amazing Paris was, and Thomas asked if Marcus would like to live there, because they had plenty of gorgeous women. Marcus quipped that he already had his eye on someone. Thomas asked to discuss an idea with Dayzee, but Marcus said she was busy. "With what?" Thomas audaciously asked. Dayzee got called away to check on something, and Marcus made a show of kissing her before she left.

Marcus informed Thomas that Dayzee was unavailable, but Thomas noted that Marcus and Dayzee had no real commitment as long as Marcus was working in Paris. Marcus asked if Thomas really wanted to "push up on Dayzee," because he and Thomas were supposed to be friends. Thomas said they were friends; however, he didn't see Dayzee as Marcus' lady, and he doubted that Dayzee did, either.

Figuring that Thomas had plenty of women fawning over him, Marcus refused to let him make Dayzee another "taboo" conquest. "The woman from the streets, right?" Marcus asked. Thomas claimed he didn't look at Dayzee in that way. Thomas viewed her as his friend, and he was intrigued by her giving nature. Marcus warned Thomas to back off. Thomas, however, declared that Dayzee was a woman worth fighting for, and that was what he intended to do.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

by Pam

At Forrester, Thomas and Pam discussed final plans for the charity ball that Thomas was scheduled to attend in San Francisco. Thomas thanked Pam, who had helped him with travel plans. Thomas told Ridge about the trip and said that he planned to hurriedly return the same day.

Pam left, and Ridge wondered why Thomas was in such a hurry to return to Los Angeles. Thomas admitted that it was because of Dayzee. Thomas and Ridge discussed that Marcus was a part of Dayzee's life and had been dating her before he left for Paris. Thomas added that Dayzee was free to date whomever she wanted.

Ridge suggested that Thomas invite Dayzee to the charity ball with a trip to San Francisco on the private jet and a Forrester Original to wear. Thomas didn't think she'd be impressed, but Ridge said he'd never met a woman who didn't want to be swept off her feet. Ridge encouraged Thomas to show Dayzee what he did for a living and who he was.

At Dayzee's, Marcus met with Dayzee and begged her to join him in Paris just for a few days. Dayzee said that it sounded like fun, but she couldn't do it. They kissed. Dayzee reminded Marcus that being together was a fantasy until he returned from Paris, and she knew it was a few months away. Marcus told Dayzee that he wanted to spend more time with her when he returned, and he worried that Thomas wanted to spend more time with her too. Marcus left.

Dayzee received a call from Thomas, who wanted to know if she could meet him. He promised to send a taxi for her. Dayzee asked her employees to run the café while she was gone. They teased her about where she was going, since they'd overheard her conversation. She smiled, and said that she had no idea where Thomas was taking her.

Steffy ate lunch at a rooftop café, and she chastised a Forrester employee for guessing at something he had placed in a report. Steffy returned the incorrect report and recommended that he ask her for the correct information the next time he submitted a report. Taylor joined Steffy on the rooftop. They hugged and chatted about Steffy's success since she had left for Paris.

Steffy shared that she'd worked hard on getting Forrester involved in a big charity event in San Francisco. Taylor wanted to know about Steffy's personal life. Steffy admitted that she'd dated a lot of men in Paris. Taylor wondered who she had her eye on in Los Angeles, and Taylor guessed that it was Liam.

Steffy said that she was not interested in Liam or Oliver, but rather a real man. She named Bill Spencer, and Taylor chastised her for chasing a married man. Steffy said that Bill would be chasing her. Steffy sarcastically noted that Bill was married to Katie, but added that Katie didn't appreciate Bill. Taylor expressed her disapproval. Steffy told her mother not to worry.

Steffy said that many things had changed since she'd gone to Paris. She wondered how Stephanie had become so friendly with both Brooke and Dayzee. She wanted everyone to get back on track.

Later, Taylor and Steffy entered an office at Forrester. Taylor warned that they should not share Steffy's interest in Bill with Ridge. After Ridge entered the office, he told Taylor and Steffy that Thomas was headed to San Francisco for the charity ball, and he had taken a date with him. Steffy was elated. She said that Summer was crazy about Thomas, but either Madison or Summer would look great in one of the Forrester Originals she had selected for the ball. Ridge interrupted and said that Thomas had invited Dayzee, not Summer or Madison. Steffy angrily said that she would put a stop to it.

She reminded her parents that she had worked her butt off to get gowns for the ball and both Madison and Summer knew how to carry themselves at a fashion show or a public event. She was incensed that Thomas would even think of asking Dayzee. Ridge and Taylor disagreed. They both said that the entire family liked Dayzee, a remarkable young woman who had survived a very difficult life. Steffy conjectured that Dayzee had snowed the entire family, including Stephanie.

Ridge and Taylor were shocked at Steffy's callous attitude. Taylor told Steffy that if she had taken some time to get to know Dayzee, she might like her, but Steffy interrupted. Steffy said that if she got to know Dayzee, she might feel sorry for her -- like everyone else did. Steffy shouted that if they all wanted to help the homeless, they could write out checks, donate to food pantries, or volunteer at soup kitchens. Taking Dayzee into the fold at Forrester was not a good company decision. Steffy refused to allow Dayzee to become a part of a Forrester event.

On the company jet, Pam told Thomas that everything had been prepared for his guest. The pilot assured Thomas that they would take off as soon as Dayzee arrived. Thomas asked the pilot to ensure a smooth flight because he wasn't sure if Dayzee had ever flown before.

Pam left, and Thomas sat alone in the cabin amid bouquets of daisies. Dayzee arrived and asked why they were meeting in a plane, and she noticed the bouquets. Thomas told Dayzee that his father had suggested roses, but he knew daisies were more her style. He asked her to accompany him to San Francisco and promised to return her to Los Angeles by midnight.

Dayzee was surprised at the attention and said that she wasn't sure. Thomas told Dayzee that flights on a private jet were what he did. He wanted to share it with her. He wanted her to see what he did for a living so that she could get to know him better. Dayzee was enamored with his sincerity. Thomas told the pilot they could take off, but Dayzee protested that she had not agreed to the trip. Thomas said that he knew she was about to say, "Yes." They kissed.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

by Pam

On the Forrester jet, Thomas and Dayzee chatted. Thomas offered Dayzee a can of beer and he asked if she was hungry. Dayzee teased that she didn't want caviar. Thomas presented a sandwich wrapped in foil from Dayzee's for dinner. They both laughed. Thomas said that he had learned his lesson on offering her caviar.

Dayzee wondered if he had flown a lot of ladies around in his jet and made moves on them. Surprisingly, Thomas admitted that he had done it once with Brooke. Dayzee was shocked. Thomas said that he wanted to see if he could break the spell she had over Forrester men, so he had kissed Brooke. He added that he was not interested in Brooke, but rather in Dayzee.

Thomas told Dayzee that they were attending a ball that showcased Forrester gowns that his father and grandfather had made. He said that he couldn't take any credit for them. He showed her the dresses. Dayzee was impressed but she added that they must have been very expensive. She said that she couldn't help worrying that people spent all that money on a dress and then it just hung in the closet. Thomas agreed that the money for the dress could do a lot more for homeless people.

In Bill's new Malibu house, wind whipped around the home, and the noise scared Amber. She heard a knock at the door. She asked who was there, but no one answered. She took a poker from the fireplace with her when she opened the door. Marcus jumped out of the bushes and scared her.

Marcus said that he had sent her numerous texts, but she said that she had limited phone reception except on the lookout. Marcus told Amber that he had missed her. Marcus started to kiss her, but Amber backed away. They discussed that Amber was pregnant with Liam's baby.

Marcus noted that Amber had a pretty sweet deal with a beach house and expensive accessories. He pointed to a designer bag on the chair. Amber said that it belonged to Steffy, who had left it there when she stopped to see Bill. Marcus knew that Amber had probably already gone through the entire bag.

Marcus quizzed Amber about the baby. He wondered how she could be so sure that that it wasn't Oliver's or Marcus' baby. Amber assured him that the paternity test showed that it was Liam's child. Marcus wasn't convinced, but he said that she had a good thing going.

Amber said that she was isolated at the house. Marcus saw that as a good thing, since it meant they could be all alone together for hours. He kissed her again, but Amber told Marcus that she wasn't going to mess things up. Amber added that it was weird that Bill had put her up in the house. She worried that Bill was up to something. Marcus told her not to worry because she was carrying Bill's grandchild. Amber said that she liked to think that Bill was getting accustomed to the idea.

At Bill's place, Liam, Hope, Bill, and Katie settled Liam in after he got out of the hospital, but he still had dizzy spells and pain. Liam worried about work, but Bill told him to worry about getting well. Katie reminded Liam that his release from the hospital was conditional -- they had promised to watch over him and take care of him.

Liam suggested that they make an announcement about Amber's pregnancy so that news wouldn't break when they didn't expect it. He didn't want anyone to catch them off-guard. Bill refused. Bill announced that he had installed Amber at the new beach house, and Liam and Hope were shocked.

Bill said that knowing where Amber was had helped him deal with the situation. Katie disagreed and said that there had to be other options, but she would wait it out. Katie warned Liam to have no contact with Amber. Liam agreed, and said that he had not answered any of her text messages. Hope added that every time Amber was around, someone got hurt. Liam had a dizzy spell and sat down. Hope and Katie went out to get groceries. Liam lamented that he had ruined his life and didn't remember any of how it had happened.

Liam recalled that he had lost his mother, but had found his father and a great career, and it was all gone in one night. He realized that he would be tied to Amber forever, and he hated her. Bill and Liam shared that they had found each other, and Bill was not going to let anyone hurt Liam again. Bill encouraged Liam to get some rest.

At the Malibu house, Amber walked the grounds, and headed out to the lookout to use her phone. Hidden in trees and bushes near the house, Bill watched Amber's every move.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

At home with Katie and Hope, Liam discussed his and Bill's frustration with Amber. Liam got dizzy again, but snapped at Hope when she asked if he were okay. He apologized for taking his anger with Amber out on Hope. Liam said he didn't know what Bill could do, but Liam had believed it when Bill had said he'd do anything for Liam. Katie hoped Bill had loaned Amber the house because he'd decided to be practical about the pregnancy, and not because he planned to somehow take matters into his own hands.

Katie left, and Liam and Hope cuddled on the sofa. Hope said that Amber would have the house just until the baby was born. Liam noted that he'd be a father after that. He felt that he was letting Hope down, which was exactly what he hadn't wanted to do. He guessed that Amber would make life hard for them, but Hope said she could handle Amber.

Liam felt that Hope shouldn't have to. He said that he didn't want to cause her more pain, so they should go their separate ways for the time being. Hope didn't want to do that, but he figured that it would be just until things settled down with the baby. Tears sprang to Hope's eyes, and she said that she loved him. Liam said he loved her, too, and they kissed.

At Forrester, Steffy searched for her purse. Amber called to say she'd found it at the Malibu house. Steffy asked if she might run into Bill while retrieving it. Amber teased Steffy about her hopeless crush on Bill; however, Steffy said she'd go after Bill, despite his marriage.

After the call, Brooke, who'd overheard Steffy on the phone, entered to remind Steffy that Katie and Bill were happily married. Brooke told her stepdaughter to back off. Steffy claimed that Katie wasn't a little girl who needed Brooke's protection. Brooke insisted that the Forresters and the Logans had made peace, but Steffy denied that such a thing was plausible.

Brooke assumed that Steffy enjoyed warring with the Logans, but Steffy asserted that she was just attracted to powerful men. Steffy felt there was no harm in her putting the Spencer marriage to the test, if it were as strong as everyone believed. Brooke asserted that Steffy was back to her same old tricks. Steffy denied it, claiming that Bill just got her.

Brooke continued to debate the matter; however, Steffy headed for the door. Brooke asked where Steffy was going, and Steffy said she'd left her purse at Bill's house. Brooke wondered if she even wanted to know what Steffy had been doing at Bill's. Steffy shrugged innocently and left.

At the Malibu house, Bill lurked outside, watching Amber through the windows. In Bill's mind raced all the bad events that had befallen Liam since Amber had been in his life. Bill shoved his hands into a pair of gloves and strode forward.

The wind whipped around the property, and a tree branch fell on the deck. A startled Amber thought she heard someone at the door. She opened it to find a fallen limb blocking the threshold. Bill sneaked into the house, took Amber's phone from her purse, and headed to the lookout. There, he fantasized about Amber falling, and then he placed her phone on the ledge.

Later, Amber searched the house for her phone. Bill stood outside, calling her phone number. Amber heard the phone ring and strode to the lookout to retrieve it. Above her, a tree branch crackled in the wind. Bill crept onto the deck, and to his disbelief, the branch popped. It struck Amber across the back as it fell, and she flipped over the ledge.

Bill stood stone still until he heard Steffy call to him. He turned abruptly and ordered her off the premises. He strode away, but Steffy noticed Amber's phone on the ground. Gazing over the ledge, Steffy gasped at the sight below.

Friday, March 4, 2011

As Ridge fitted models in his office, Oliver snapped photos for the company press kit. Oliver wondered how things were going for Hope, and Ridge stated that everything was a mess. Oliver sympathized with Hope, who he felt was trying to be there for Liam.

Oliver and the models left, and Brooke entered. Ridge stated that he was swamped at work that evening. She wanted to help, but Ridge preferred to fool around. Before they could, Hope entered to talk about her breakup with Liam.

Blaming it all on Amber, Hope said Amber had some bad karma headed her way. Hope told her parents about Bill loaning out the Malibu house. To Ridge, Bill's generosity made no sense, because Bill wouldn't put Amber up in a fleabag motel, let alone a beach house. Everyone agreed that the breakup had been for the best, but Hope wished to reunite with Liam one day. Brooke advised Hope to just let him go, and Hope would find the man she deserved someday.

After Hope left, Brooke felt guilty about telling Hope to let Liam go, because at Hope's age, Brooke would never have taken that advice about Ridge. Ridge said they should appreciate their relationship, because not many couples survived. They each expressed that they no longer worried about their future together, and they kissed.

At the Malibu house, Steffy screamed for Amber, who hung onto a thick patch of vines that had grown up the cliff side. Amber screamed for help, and Steffy grabbed Amber's hand. Tugging with all her might, Steffy begged Amber to pull herself up. Amber hoisted herself back onto the deck, and the gasping women clung to each other.

Steffy and Amber went inside, where they tried to compose themselves. The trembling Amber said Steffy had saved her life. Amber didn't think she was hurt, but she cursed the tree branch, which she'd assumed had hit her.

Steffy flashed back to Bill ordering her to leave the premises, and she uttered, "I can't believe it..." Noticing that Bill had called her, Steffy told Amber to take care, and Steffy abruptly took off. Amber sat down, touched her belly, and said everything was okay.

Bill arrived at his office and poured himself a drink in the dark. He called Steffy and ordered her to meet him at his office right away. Donna flipped on the lights. She asked why he was there in the dark and if he'd seen Katie. Bill grumbled a response. At first, his rudeness ticked Donna off, but then she begrudgingly asked if he wanted to talk about his problem.

Bill claimed that nothing was wrong, but Donna noted that he seemed different. Bill said he'd had a long day and wished to be alone. He asked her to turn off the lights on her way out.

Later, Steffy arrived, and Bill said they needed to discuss what she'd seen at the beach house. Bill asked if anyone had seen her leave the place. She asked if that would be a problem, and Bill said, "Possibly." He explained that he'd behaved awkwardly at the house because there had been an accident. He felt she needed to be aware of it in case the police contacted her. "Amber Moore is dead," Bill stated.

Bill explained that Amber had fallen over the lookout. It had freaked him out, so he'd bolted out of there. He claimed that he'd seen it with his own eyes, but Steffy questioned why he hadn't called for help. He said no one could have survived the fall, and he hadn't wanted the press to find out about it. Bill asserted that he'd cooperate with authorities once the body was found. "—As the concerned owner of the property, but I was never there," Bill hinted.

Steffy clarified that Bill hadn't done anything wrong, and he confirmed that he hadn't. He said Amber had fallen to her death on her own. "Which means Liam's baby did, too," a shaken Steffy responded. She said that she was sorry, but she couldn't cover for him. "I know what you did," Steffy asserted and added that he was going to jail for it. "Amber didn't fall by accident. You pushed her!" Steffy accused.

Bill denied it. He knew that it looked bad, but he said it had been windy "as hell" up there, and a branch had knocked Amber over. He declared that he had not touched Amber.

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