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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 7, 2011 on GH
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Jason met Michael in Sonny's office. Michael wanted to help find Brenda, but Jason insisted that he stay out of it. Michael said that Sonny was out of control. He could help in the search while Jason took care of Sonny. Jason said that he did not want Michael to get hurt. Michael said that he could take care of himself, and he had proved that by disarming the thug who had pulled a gun on him. Michael said he was no longer helpless thanks to the self-defense training that Jason had given him in prison. Michael said he'd thought Jason would be proud of him.

Jason told Michael that all he and Michael's family wanted was for Michael to have a better life. When Michael said that he wanted to work for his dad, Jason said it was not the life for Michael. Michael said that it was the life he wanted, and he did not understand why Sonny had been willing to allow Dante in the business, but not him. Jason said that it might be the life that Michael wanted in the moment, but Michael had to think of what he'd want 20 years in the future. Jason said there were a lot of things that Michael would regret giving up, like children and a family.

Jason said that he had gotten into the business to prove himself, but he had not realized what he had been giving up and how much he would regret not having children. Michael said that he did not want kids. Jason told Michael the secret of Jake's parentage. He said that Lucky knew and that he, Lucky, and Liz had decided that Jake would be safer, if no one, including Jake, ever knew that Jason was his father. Jason said that in time, Michael might feel differently about having children of his own. Jason said that all he wanted was to give Michael a better chance at a future than Jason had given himself.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Dante and Sonny questioned the thug who had pulled a gun on Michael. Sonny was menacing as he said that he was upset that his son had been threatened and his wife was missing. The goon said that he had been minding his own business when Michael had followed after him. Sonny said that the thought of anyone pulling a gun on his son made him angry enough that he wanted someone to suffer for the pain his family was feeling.

As Sonny glowered, the ruffian asked for a lawyer, but Dante ignored him and said he was going for coffee. Before he could leave, Mac entered the door and wanted to know what was going on. After hearing Dante's explanation and the charges against Theo's henchman, Mac ignored the prisoner's pleas and left the hooligan alone with Dante and Sonny.

Theo's thug was convinced that Sonny would harm him, so he told Dante and Sonny what he knew. He said that he had stolen a van, painted it to look like the caterer's, and then parked it next to the limo. He said he had helped another of Theo's men remove Brenda from the limo and put Sam there in her place. He said he had driven the van to the airport where Theo was waiting.

The prisoner said that Theo and the thug had put Brenda in a car and driven back to town. The henchman said that he had torched the van and taken a cab back to town. He said that the reason that he knew that Theo was the Balkan was because before he drove away, Theo had told the thug he would call later with instructions. He said he had no idea where Theo was hiding out or where he was holding Brenda.

In his lair, Theo threatened Suzanne. He told her she was playing a dangerous game by letting Brenda go. Suzanne denied helping Brenda escape, but Theo did not believe her. She said that she had not even known that Brenda was there. She told Theo that his paranoia was getting tedious. She told him to stop accusing her or risk losing her for good.

Brenda managed to make it out of the cave and into the woods, but was stymied when she heard growling, snarling dogs. Theo and a very large goon found her. Brenda screamed and fought to get away, but the large ruffian dragged her back to the cave. Once inside, Theo gave her a brandy. When Brenda hesitated, Theo told her that if he wanted to kill her, she would already be dead. He wanted to know who had helped her escape. She asked him what it felt like to be insane.

Theo asked Brenda what it felt like to be a liar. He told her to be careful because her life depended on being truthful. After Theo left, Brenda searched the room but was frustrated to find nothing to aid her attempt to escape. When Theo returned, he wanted to know about his grandson. Brenda had tears in her eyes when she told him that she was sorry. Theo insisted on knowing the whereabouts of his grandson.

Abby went to the hospital to see Sam. Abby wanted to know why Sam had such a sad face when she had survived a bomb and was expected to recover fully. Sam said that she had seen a picture of a nurse's child, and it made her think that she and Jason would never have children. She said that she loved her life with Jason, but could not help wondering how things would have turned out if she had made different choices. She said that Jason would be an incredible dad, but that because of the business that Jason was in, they were not set up to have children.

Lucky went to the Haunted Star to see Luke. He told his father about rescuing Megan from Theo's hooligans. He said that he was up to speed on the events in Port Charles and wanted to hear what had occurred from Luke's vantage point. Lucky said that Theo was spread thin and both the cops and the mob were after him. Lucky said it was time to find Theo while he was distracted.

Luke warned Lucky to keep an eye on Siobhan because she could still be in danger. Lucky said that the biggest danger was the U.S. Government, which wanted to deport her. He told Luke about his ruse to get her back in the country. Luke offered to fake a visa, but Lucky said that he preferred to use legal channels. Lucky said that they could always go for a green card marriage. Luke said that the couple would have to stay together for a while to be convincing. He asked if Lucky loved Siobhan. Lucky did not give a direct answer, but asked if Luke had loved Tracy the first time they had married.

Siobhan opened Luke's office door and said that she had a letter about her visa. After Luke left Lucky and Siobhan alone, Siobhan opened the letter, which said that her application had been denied and she had to leave the U.S. by March 30 or face removal procedures.

Abby met Michael at Kelly's. He told her about his frustrating talk with Jason. He said that he could not seem to convince Jason that he no longer needed protecting. Michael said that he had thought that Jason would be proud of him for capturing Theo's man, but instead he had received a lecture. Michael said that he would be good at the business and since he had a criminal record, he really did not have any other future open to him. Abby disagreed. She said that Michael was smart and could be anything he wanted to be. She told him that he still had options.

When Michael asked about Abby's job interview, she said that she had not gotten the job and that she might have to go back to stripping. Michael suggested contacting Carly for a job at the Metro Court, Edward at ELQ, Luke on the Haunted Star, or his dad at the restaurant. He was sure that any one of them would give Abby a job.

Abby was grateful, but said no. She told Michael if he helped her get a job, then someone might think that she was using him, as Carly had accused her of doing, and she did not want anyone to doubt why they were friends. Abby said that it was important to her to get a job on her own. Michael said that he understood. Abby said that it meant a lot to her that he had offered. They shared a couple of long kisses, and then realized that they were in a public place where they could be seen. Abby invited Michael back to her apartment.

Shawn was in poor condition when he rang Carly's doorbell. She wanted to know why he had sought her out. He said he could trust her, and he had news about Theo for Jason. He asked her to call Jason.

Jason went to the hospital to see Sam. He told her about his conversation with Michael. He said that he had warned Michael that he might have regrets later in life about the choices he made. Sam asked if Jason had regrets. Jason said that when he went to work for Sonny, he had not realized how that choice would affect him or those in his life. Sam assured Jason that she was happy with their life and did not regret that she was childless. Jason's phone rang. He left for Carly's house when he found out that Shawn was back with news.

Upon arrival at Carly's, Jason wanted to know why Shawn had gone to her place. Shawn said that Theo's men had been waiting for him at his bank, but he had managed to get away from them and get the information he was looking for. He said that he feared Theo's men were watching Jason and Sonny, so he though it would be safer to go to Carly.

Shawn shared all the information he had uncovered. He gave Jason the names of all Theo's subsidiaries and holding companies. Shawn said that he always paid his debts. After Jason left, Carly tended Shawn's wound. She said it was only a matter of time until Theo tried again to have him killed. He wanted to know why she cared. She said he could have hurt her and had not. He said it was not part of his plan, but he had only himself to blame for his predicament because he had tried to walk both sides of the line. Shawn asked why Carly was helping him. She said that despite doing some horrible things, she had received caring help along the way. Carly said that she was paying her way forward by doing a good deed. She told Shawn not to screw it up.

Lulu had coffee for two when she arrived at the police station to see Dante. They talked about the leads on Brenda and Michael's encounter with the Balkan's man. Dante told her about the interview and said that he had found a middle ground with Sonny. Dante said that he did not know if he would ever figure out what he felt for Sonny. Dante said that he both despised and admired Sonny.

Dante said that he was glad that he had not known that Sonny was his father when he was a child. He said that finding out Sonny was his dad was the best and worst thing that had happened to him. Dante said that Sonny was not what he had envisioned his father would be like and that they were opposites in every way. Dante said that despite everything, Sonny was his father, and they were bonded for life.

After saying that, Dante paused and seemed to have an epiphany. He said that perhaps it was not revenge that Theo wanted, but information about his grandson. It occurred to Dante that Theo might think that his grandson was still alive.

Jason went to Sonny's office to tell him what he had learned from Shawn about Theo's holding companies. Sonny told Jason about his conversation with Theo's thug at the police station. They speculated that Brenda was still in Port Charles. Jason said that it seemed like Sonny, not Brenda, was Theo's actual target. Sonny said that if Theo wanted a war, Sonny would give him one. Sonny said that he would tear the town apart brick by brick if that were what it took to find Brenda.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

At Lucky's apartment, Siobhan expressed concern about being deported, but Lucky was confident that everything would work out. Siobhan lamented that she was out of options, so she expected to be sent back to Ireland. Lucky decided to call Alexis and Agent Bates for help, but they were unavailable, so he left them each a message. Siobhan doubted that Alexis or Agent Bates would be able to do anything for her. Lucky insisted that he had put his "ass on the line" for Interpol, so they owed him a favor. According to Lucky, Agent Bates could also confirm that Siobhan would be in danger if she returned to Ireland.

Lucky was frustrated with Siobhan's attitude. Siobhan assured him that she was ready to fight, but she had no idea where to start. Lucky confessed that he had an idea, but he needed to take care of a few things before he could elaborate. He promised to return as soon as possible and then left.

Nikolas approached Liz at the nurses' station to request that she pass along a file to Steve. He then took the opportunity to thank Liz for dropping off Aiden at Wyndemere. Liz admitted that she would have stayed to update Nikolas on how Aiden had been doing, but Brook had made her uncomfortable. She confided that Brook made a point of always reminding Liz that Wyndemere was Brook's home. Nikolas was surprised.

Liz was certain that Brook wanted to permanently attach herself to Nikolas' bank account and viewed Liz a threat because of Aiden. Nikolas suggested that Liz might have misunderstood things, but Liz argued that Brook couldn't wait to remind Liz of how important Brook was to Nikolas. According to Liz, Brook had also boasted that she could get Nikolas to push Liz and Aiden out of his life. Liz realized that it was Nikolas' business, but she suggested that he and Aiden would be better off without Brook around. Nikolas promised to have a talk with Brook.

Liz admitted that it drove her crazy how Brook was using Nikolas. She reminded Nikolas that Brook had been penniless when she had arrived in Port Charles and that it would be years before Brook had access to her trust fund. Liz also recalled that Brook had tried to seduce Dante away from Lulu before she had moved into Wyndemere. Liz couldn't understand why Nikolas was with Brook. Nikolas was disappointed that Liz and Brook didn't get along, but he clarified that Brook was in his life because he wanted her there.

Nikolas returned to Wyndemere a short time later. Brook was agitated, so Nikolas tried to find out what was going on. Brook confessed that months of pent-up frustration over Nikolas were driving her crazy. According to Brook, she desperately wanted to have sex with Nikolas. Brook was tired of Nikolas' excuses, so she implored him to take the plunge with her. Nikolas kissed Brook and then made love to her.

Lucky approached Liz at the nurses' station to let her know about Siobhan's immigration status and his plans to marry Siobhan if it became necessary. Liz warned Lucky that he had a habit of riding to the rescue of damsels in distress. Liz pointed to their own history as an example. Lucky had no idea what Liz was talking about, so Liz switched tactics. She reminded him that marrying someone to keep them from being deported was considered a fraud.

Liz warned Lucky that he could lose his badge. She went on to argue that Lucky had only known Siobhan for a short time and that he had been protecting Siobhan from a dangerous criminal, which was a heightened sense of reality. Lucky dismissed Liz's concerns. He pointed out that his relationship with Liz had failed despite the many years that they had known each other. Liz wondered how Cameron and Jake fit into Lucky's plans.

Lucky seemed confused, so Liz clarified that she wasn't comfortable with Siobhan being around the children. Lucky avoided the issue by suggesting that the marriage might not be necessary if Siobhan's appeal were granted. Lucky explained that he had simply wanted to let Liz know what was going on before she heard about it from someone else. Liz appreciated Lucky's consideration. After Lucky left, Liz decided to submit the paperwork for a new paternity test for Aiden.

Lucky returned to his apartment where Siobhan was waiting with a home-cooked meal. She figured that it was the least that she could do before she had to return to Ireland. Lucky promised Siobhan that she wouldn't have to leave the country. He assured her that he wanted her to stay. Siobhan argued that it wasn't up to Lucky.

Lucky reminded Siobhan that they had options that they had discussed on the plane. Siobhan claimed that they had only been talking in the abstract, but Lucky insisted that he wanted to marry her. "Are you sure?" Siobhan asked nervously. Lucky smiled as he replied, "It's a green card marriage. How much trouble could it cause?"

At Kelly's, Michael admitted that he was flattered that Abby had invited him back to her place, but he thought that it would be best if they kept their meetings public. Abby was disappointed, but she respected Michael's desire to keep things casual between them. Abby realized that she was older than Michael, and was an extrovert who had been in a long-term abusive relationship, and who couldn't land a decent job. She acknowledged that she was completely inappropriate for Michael. Michael quickly clarified that she was not the problem, he was.

Michael confessed that he wanted to be with Abby and that he thought about it a lot, but he was still a mess on the inside because he continued to struggle with his anger issues. Abby assured Michael that she wasn't fragile or afraid of him. She promised that she didn't have any expectations and that she was willing to wait until Michael was ready. Moments later, Carly entered the dinner. Carly greeted Michael and Abby and then wondered if they had something fun planned for the evening.

Michael let his mother know that he and Abby had been in the middle of something. Carly reminded Michael that he had called her. Michael argued that he hadn't asked Carly to track him down. Carly explained that she had merely stopped by Kelly's to get some fries. Michael's mood didn't improve when Carly decided to sit down at Michael and Abby's table.

Abby quickly excused herself and then left. Carly started to praise Abby, but Michael complained that Carly's acceptance of Abby was nearly as bad as when Carly had tried to run Abby off. Carly realized that she couldn't win, so she decided to find out why Michael had called her. Michael warned his mother not to "get crazy" and then told her about the incident with Theo's hit man in the alley. Carly reminded Michael that he had taken an unnecessary risk and that he could have jeopardized his parole. She argued that Michael wasn't a cop, so catching a suspect wasn't his job.

At the police station, Dante and Lulu discussed various theories on why Theo had targeted Brenda. Dante suspected that Theo had kidnapped Brenda because Theo didn't believe that Brenda's child had been stillborn. Lulu was curious if Dante had proof that Brenda's baby was alive. Dante explained that he had been told that the baby had died, but he conceded that Brenda might have lied to protect the child from Theo. Lulu suggested that Dante had overthought things.

Lulu pointed out that no one had known about the baby until the wedding. Dante argued that Olivia was the most honest person that he knew, but she had lied about Sonny for years to keep Dante safe. He acknowledged that he could easily envision Brenda doing the same thing.

At Pozzulo's, Jason updated Sonny on the search for Brenda. Jason explained that Spinelli was trying to track Theo by using the records that Shawn had provided. Sonny didn't hold out much hope that Shawn had given them useful information, so Sonny decided to share his theory about Theo. Sonny suspected that Theo was using Brenda as a pawn to flush out Sonny. Sonny acknowledged that Theo had initially been after Brenda, but once she had fallen under Sonny's protection, Theo had shifted his focus to Sonny.

Jason conceded that it was possible. Sonny suggested that Theo's attempt to force Sonny to relive Lily's tragic death, by planting a bomb in the limousine, was proof. Jason was curious how Brenda fit in with the plans. Sonny believed that Brenda had merely been a means to an end for Theo. Sonny hated that his enemy had decided to use Brenda to get to him. However, Sonny was confident that he knew how Theo thought and what drove the Balkan.

Sonny was determined to crush Theo and then use him as an example to send a message to Sonny's other enemies. Dante entered the office in time to hear Sonny's intentions. Dante told Sonny and Jason about his theory that Theo had kidnapped Brenda to force her to tell him where her baby was hidden. Sonny feared that Theo would kill Brenda once Theo realized that the baby was dead.

After Jason and Dante left, Carly stopped by to talk to Sonny about Michael. Carly immediately became alarmed when she realized that Sonny was in a dark mood. Sonny confessed that he felt as if he had lost control. Carly warned Sonny not to sit in the dark, drinking and blaming himself for what Theo had done. Sonny was frustrated because he had failed to protect Brenda. Carly insisted that Theo had been fixated on Brenda for a long time, so Sonny wasn't to blame.

Sonny confided that he couldn't lose Brenda. The conversation drifted to Carly's decision to expose Brenda's secret during the wedding. Carly explained that she had hoped to spare Sonny the pain of finding out about the affair after the wedding. However, she admitted that she had failed to take into account how much Sonny loved Brenda. She was certain that Sonny would find his wife and that they would have the life that he had dreamed of. Carly promised that she would be happy for Sonny.

Dante returned to the police station to meet Suzanne. Suzanne assured Dante that she was eager to help, but she didn't understand how she could be of assistance when she had barely spent twenty minutes in Theo's company. Suzanne was surprised when Dante began to ask her questions about Brenda's baby. Suzanne admitted that she had been with Brenda when Brenda had fallen ill and then lost the baby. According to Suzanne, the baby had been buried in Africa.

Dante found it curious that Suzanne's story had matched Brenda's version of events almost verbatim. He admitted that it sounded as if they had read from a script. Dante urged Suzanne to be truthful with him if she wanted to save Brenda.

Jason went to the hospital to check on Sam. Sam was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected visit. They exchanged a brief kiss and then Jason updated Sam on the search for Brenda. He turned serious when he confessed that seeing Sam on the gurney after the explosion had been the worst moment of his life. Sam decided to cheer Jason up by announcing that she would be discharged from the hospital the following day.

Jason worried that it might be too soon, but Sam assured him that Patrick had promised her that she was fine. However, Patrick had warned her that she might experience some headaches for a while because of the concussion. Jason was curious if she had decided how she wanted to celebrate. Sam smiled as she suggested that they needn't put things off.

Later, Jason found himself snuggled next to Sam in her hospital bed as they watched a romantic movie. Jason had a difficult time following the plot when the two main characters stood in the rain, staring at each other. Sam explained that the characters were in love. Jason glanced at Sam. She smiled at him and then pulled him close for a kiss.

In the Balkan's hideout, Brenda stood in Theo's office as Theo demanded to know where she had hidden his grandchild. Brenda accused Theo of being a psychopath and then confessed that she would never let a child near him. Brenda warned Theo that Sonny would hunt him down, but Theo argued that Sonny couldn't protect her. Brenda suggested that Theo was as crazy as Aleksander had been. Theo responded to the insult by informing Brenda that her only chance to remain alive was to help him find his grandson.

Brenda was certain that Sonny would destroy Theo if Theo harmed her. Theo insisted that Sonny wasn't invincible. Theo bragged that he had forced Sonny to face his darkest fears, so Theo was confident that Sonny would soon be carted off to a mental institution, crying for his mommy. Brenda promised to stop Sonny from harming Theo if Theo released her. Theo explained that there would be no turning back, so her pleas had fallen on deaf ears.

After Theo left, Jules entered the office with a tray of food for Brenda. Jules nervously played with his knife as he warned Brenda that it was only a matter of time before "Mr. Big" realized that Jules had contacted Sonny. Brenda urged Jules to go to Sonny for protection because she feared that Theo didn't plan to keep Brenda and Jules alive. Jules panicked as he questioned why she suspected that Mr. Big planned to kill them. Brenda explained that Theo wanted something from her.

Jules insisted that Brenda tell Mr. Big everything, but Brenda argued that she couldn't do that. Brenda began to ask Jules about his family, in an effort to illustrate why she had to protect her loved ones. However, Jules looked at her blankly, so she wondered if he had a girlfriend, dog, or even a plant that he cherished. Jules insisted that he lived for his calling. Brenda latched onto the admission to point out that that his calling meant everything to him, just like Sonny meant everything to her.

Brenda confessed that no one had ever loved her except for Sonny. She admitted that all she had ever wanted was to be married to Sonny, but something had always gone wrong. Jules grumbled that he should never have left Philadelphia. Brenda made another attempt to get Jules to agree to go to Sonny, unaware that Theo lurked on the other side of the door, eavesdropping on heir conversation.

Jules jumped when Theo entered the room moments later. "Why so nervous, Jules?" Theo wondered. Theo suggested that nervousness was a sign of a guilty conscience. He was curious if Jules had anything to confess.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

At Lucky's apartment, Lucky and Siobhan discussed the green card marriage. Siobhan didn't think that it would be fair to either of them to get married for the wrong reasons. Alexis stopped by a few minutes later to reveal that she had bad news for Siobhan. Alexis acknowledged that even though Theo had definitely had evil intentions, he had been correct about Siobhan's situation. Alexis explained that Siobhan's case to remain in the country was weak.

Lucky was curious what would happen if he married Siobhan. Alexis warned Lucky that it would be an act of fraud. Lucky argued that he had been involved with Siobhan for a while and that many couples eloped after a short courtship. Alexis conceded that she had once had a quickie wedding in Las Vegas; however, the authorities might question the timing of Lucky and Siobhan's wedding. Alexis explained that Lucky and Siobhan might have to face a review board to prove that their marriage was legitimate.

Lucky didn't think that it would be a problem, but Siobhan appeared less confident. Siobhan wondered how long she would have to remain married to Lucky before she was safe from deportation. Alexis didn't have an opportunity to respond because Luke arrived with a solution to Siobhan's immigration woes. Luke produced some documents, including a passport in the name of Sarah McKenzie, that would allow Siobhan to remain in the country. Alexis cautioned Siobhan not to use the fraudulent papers.

Lucky insisted that marriage was Siobhan's best option, but she appeared to have some doubts. Lucky asked to speak privately to Siobhan, so Alexis and Luke left. Siobhan confessed that the documents were appealing because she would be the only one to face any consequences if something were to go wrong; however, if she married Lucky then Lucky might get into trouble too. Lucky argued that she was more likely to be caught with the false documents than if she were to marry him, so he urged her to reconsider. Eventually, Siobhan agreed to marry him.

Olivia bumped into Johnny at the hospital. Johnny was happy to see that Olivia was on the mend after the bus crash. Olivia and Johnny exchanged pleasantries until Steve walked up. Olivia explained to Johnny that she had some personal business to take care of, so Johnny excused himself and then wandered to the waiting area. Johnny watched as Olivia warmly greeted Steve and then invited him to lunch at the Metro Court Restaurant.

After Steve and Olivia left, Johnny spotted Lisa as she approached the nurses' station. He grabbed her arm and invited her to lunch. Lisa was reluctant to agree, but Johnny insisted. A short time later, Johnny and Lisa entered Metro Court Restaurant. Lisa bristled when she spotted Olivia and Steve seated at a nearby table.

Lisa suggested that Johnny hire a hooker if he wanted to make Olivia jealous. She started to leave, but Johnny stopped her. He explained that they would leave together. Lisa smiled suggestively as she wondered if he intended to take her to one of the rooms. Meanwhile, Olivia noticed Johnny and Lisa in the restaurant.

Steve immediately sensed that Olivia was distracted, so he questioned if they were there to have a nice lunch or to make Johnny jealous. Olivia explained that she'd had no idea that Johnny would be there. According to Olivia, she had decided to have lunch at the restaurant because it was close to her office, which meant that she could spend more time with Steve. However, she reminded Steve that she had cared deeply for Johnny once, so those feelings hadn't gone away overnight. Steve was curious if Olivia would want to date Johnny again. Olivia clarified that she enjoyed spending time with Steve.

At the hospital, Maxie ran up to Matt when she overheard Johnny's plans to take Lisa to lunch. Maxie thought that it was the perfect opportunity for her and Matt to slip into Johnny's penthouse to search for the syringe that Lisa had tried to inject into Robin's I.V. Matt reluctantly agreed to help Maxie, so a short time later, Matt stood guard near Johnny's front door while Maxie tried to pick the lock. Matt did his best to persuade Maxie to change her mind about breaking into Johnny's penthouse because he feared Johnny's reaction. Maxie was confident that Johnny wouldn't hurt her.

Matt grew tired of waiting for Maxie to pick the lock, so he took over and quickly gained access to the penthouse. Maxie was impressed. Matt and Maxie searched the penthouse, but were unable to find the syringe. They were forced to duck out of sight when they heard Johnny and Lisa approach the door. Moments later, Johnny and Lisa entered the penthouse.

Matt and Maxie listened as Johnny and Lisa taunted each other about the syringe as they stripped off each other's clothes. Lisa was confident that Johnny would still want her even after she had found the syringe and then left him. Johnny chuckled as he reminded Lisa that Patrick didn't want her. Matt and Maxie were horrified when they realized that Johnny and Lisa had started to make love on the sofa.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny was on the phone, barking orders and issuing threats as Dante entered the office. Dante decided to ignore Sonny's outburst, so that he could update Sonny on the investigation. Dante revealed that Brenda's baby might be alive. Sonny refused to entertain the idea, even after Dante shared the details of his conversation with Suzanne, which had mirrored what Brenda had told him. Sonny was confident that Brenda would have told him everything when she had revealed the truth about her pregnancy to him.

Dante argued that Suzanne's story hadn't deviated from Brenda's, which indicated that it had been rehearsed. Dante suggested that Brenda might have kept the truth from everyone to keep her child safe from Theo. Sonny continued to deny the possibility that Brenda had kept a secret from him. Dante thought perhaps Brenda might have been waiting for the right time to let Sonny know about the baby, but Sonny argued that Brenda would never have walked away from her own child.

In Theo's hideout, Jules poured Theo a cup of coffee while Theo played cat-and-mouse games with his servant. Jules handed Theo a cup of coffee as he politely addressed Theo as Mr. Hoffman. Theo found Jules's uncharacteristic respect surprising. Theo questioned if Jules were certain that he had nothing to tell Theo. Brenda's arrival spared Jules from further questioning. Theo invited Brenda to have a seat, but she declined. Theo revealed that he had a few questions for Brenda, so he expected her to answer them truthfully.

Jules hovered in a corner as Theo proceeded to interrogate Brenda about her activities since she had left Africa. Brenda realized that Theo hoped to determine if she had slipped away to see her child, so she freely provided Theo with a complete itinerary of her activities over the years, ending with her trip to India the previous spring. Theo wondered where Brenda had gone afterwards. Brenda explained that she had spent time in Tahiti with Murphy Sinclair. Theo was curious where Suzanne had been during that time.

Brenda appeared puzzled by the question as she explained that it hadn't been her responsibility to keep track of Suzanne's activities. Theo warned Brenda that she would have to do better than that and then abruptly left. Brenda immediately urged Jules to go to Sonny. Jules nervously played with his switchblade and then surprised himself when he managed to open it without hurting himself. Jules decided that it was his moment.

A short time later, Suzanne entered Theo's office. Theo complained about the way the veal had been prepared and then suggested that perhaps Jules had tried to poison him. Jules nervously agreed, but then clarified that the food had been overcooked. Jules promised to have the cook executed immediately and then left. Theo picked up the phone and then instructed the person on the other end, "Do it, now."

After Theo ended the call, Suzanne wondered if Theo had "labor problems." Theo chuckled as he promised her, "Not for long." Theo then focused his attention on Suzanne. He revealed that he'd had an enlightening conversation with Brenda, which made him realize that Suzanne had gotten plenty of opportunity to visit their grandchild. Suzanne insisted that there wasn't a child, but Theo didn't believe her.

Suzanne decided to change the subject by warning Theo that Sonny was on the hunt for him. Theo suggested that Suzanne pay Sonny a visit to gather information for her husband. Suzanne doubted that Sonny would confide anything to her, but she promised to talk to Sonny. Suzanne was about to leave, but Theo decided to question her about the trip to India. Suzanne confirmed that she had taken the trip with Brenda the previous spring.

Theo was curious where Brenda had gone after India. Suzanne revealed that Brenda had gone to Tahiti with Murphy. She assured him that she had seen the pictures, so she knew that Brenda had been there. Theo wondered where Suzanne had been during Brenda's trip. Suzanne explained that she had gone to Bhutan on a retreat.

Later, Brenda was pacing in Theo's office when Theo entered. Brenda wondered if they were leaving. Theo confessed that it was very possible that Brenda might never leave the cave.

Jason entered Sam's hospital room to find Spinelli entertaining Sam with a scene from the gumshoe novel that Spinelli and Diane had been working on. Jason was livid when he realized that he was a character in Spinelli's book. He made it clear to Spinelli that he didn't want to be a part of Spinelli's "stupid book." Sam reminded Jason that it was only a piece of fiction, but Jason was adamant that Spinelli remove all traces of Jason from the book. Sam suggested that Jason read a paragraph before passing judgment.

Jason was frustrated that Spinelli had been wasting time on the book instead of trying to find Brenda. Spinelli assured Jason that the search for Brenda had been a priority. Meanwhile, Sam thought that Jason should be flattered to be featured in the novel. Jason decided to make a deal with Spinelli. Jason agreed to allow Spinelli to use him in the book if Spinelli found information that would lead them to Brenda.

Spinelli smiled victoriously and then left to continue his search for Brenda. Jason confessed that he hated the book, but he had made the bargain with Spinelli to please Sam. Sam suggested that Jason look on the bright side; Spinelli wouldn't be at home when they returned to the penthouse. Jason immediately perked up. Later, Jason and Sam arrived at the penthouse.

Sam decided to rest on the sofa, so Jason sat down next to her. Sam admitted that she loved the way that Jason took care of her and that she was grateful to be alive. Sam and Jason kissed and then held each other. Later, Dante stopped by to talk to Jason about the possibility that Brenda's baby might be alive. Jason had his doubts about Dante's theory, but Dante insisted that a parent would do anything to protect their child, even if it meant giving it up.

Jason wondered why Suzanne would lie about the baby. Dante reminded Jason that Suzanne was all about helping Brenda, which meant that she would keep Brenda's secret. Jason acknowledged that the theory had some merit, but something seemed off. Moments later, Spinelli burst through the door with news. Jason asked to speak privately to Spinelli, so Dante excused himself.

After Dante left, Spinelli revealed that he had cracked the case. Spinelli handed his laptop to Jason to show Jason a picture of Theo and his beloved wife, Stephanie Wayne, shortly after their 1976 wedding in Manhattan. Jason was stunned when he recognized the woman in the photograph as Suzanne Stanwyck. Spinelli speculated that Stephanie had changed her name when Theo became involved in criminal activity. Spinelli also believed that Suzanne had been Aleksander's mother.

A knock at the door heralded Suzanne's arrival. Suzanne begged Jason to tell her that he had some news about Brenda. Spinelli confessed that they'd had a breakthrough. Suzanne looked to Jason for answers, so Jason informed her that they knew that she was Theo's wife. Jason demanded to know where Theo had taken Brenda.

Jax arrived with Josslyn at Carly's house, but stopped short when he saw Shawn in the living room. Carly started to explain why Shawn was there, but Jax recognized Theo's henchman. Jax couldn't believe that Carly would harbor a criminal in her home nor could he understand why she always had to be involved in Sonny's business. Shawn advised Jax to "dial it down," but Jax ignored Shawn. Jax warned Carly that Josslyn would be staying with him at the hotel because he refused to subject the children to situations that involved dangerous criminals.

Carly wondered if Jax were suggesting that she was an unfit mother. "Yes," Jax responded without hesitation. Jax was curious if it bothered her that she had invited danger into her home. Carly started to assure Jax that Shawn wasn't a danger to them, but Jax didn't care. Jax reminded her that she had always claimed to want to keep the kids safe, but she continually involved herself in Sonny's problems.

Carly decided to end the argument by letting Jax know that she would be by the hotel later that day to pick up Josslyn. Jax made it clear that Cary wouldn't get near Josslyn if she continued to expose the children to danger. Carly's eyes filled with tears as Jax stormed out of the house with their daughter. Later, Carly left Diane a message to return her call because Carly was certain that Jax had already contacted Diane about changing the custody agreement. After Carly ended the call, Shawn apologized for causing trouble for her.

Carly explained that she and Jax had been having the same argument for years. Carly conceded that it was best for Josslyn that Carly and Jax get along, but she vowed that it would be war if Jax followed through with his threat. Carly insisted that Jax had known that Sonny and Jason were a part of her life. According to Carly, Jax wasn't perfect, so it wasn't okay for him to bully her.

Jax met with Diane at the Metro Court Restaurant to request that she add a provision to the divorce papers that would require Carly not to expose the children to "gun-wielding bastards like Sonny Corinthos." Sonny approached the table to let Jax know that they had a problem. Diane made it clear that she didn't want to know any details when Jax and Sonny began to argue about Shawn and what had unfolded in Carly's living room following Brenda's abduction. Sonny and Jax ignored Diane as Sonny accused Jax of doing nothing to help find Brenda. Jax argued that he was letting the police handle the situation.

Sonny insisted that he would do whatever was necessary to find Brenda, unlike Jax. As the men continued to argue, Sonny realized that Jax intended to take Carly's children away from her. Sonny warned Jax that Jax would be fighting a losing battle if Jax tried to fight Carly for custody. Jax hoped that Sonny woke up before Sonny's entire family was killed off. After Jax stormed off, Sonny demanded to know what Diane had discovered about Theo.

Diane confessed that Theo had covered his tracks well. Sonny remained determined to find Theo, so Diane pleaded with Sonny not to turn Port Charles into a war zone. After Diane walked away, Jules approached Sonny. Sonny immediately recognized Jules and was certain that he knew something. Jules admitted that he could take Sonny to Brenda.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

In Johnny's penthouse, Lisa and Johnny engaged in postcoital pillow talk before Lisa jokingly wondered if she were free to go. Johnny was curious if Lisa had ever considered a life without Patrick; he suggested that she might find something real. Lisa ignored the remark as she expressed a desire to shower. She smiled seductively as she invited Johnny to join her. Johnny was surprised because he had thought that Lisa had hated him. Lisa promised to resume hating Johnny after the shower.

Johnny grinned as he followed Lisa to the bathroom. Maxie and Matt quickly slipped out of their hiding spot and then quietly crept out the front door. In the hallway, Maxie whooped with excitement because they had confirmation that Johnny had hidden the syringe that Lisa had tried to inject into Robin's I.V.

A short time later, Johnny opened a bottle of wine and invited Lisa to stay. Lisa realized that Johnny was lonely and missed Olivia. Johnny admitted that he had cared for Olivia, but he had known that it wouldn't last, so he had moved on. Lisa was curious if their tryst was him moving on. Johnny chuckled and then promised that he wouldn't give Patrick or Robin the syringe, so she wasn't obligated to stay. Lisa accepted the glass of wine and then wandered to the window while Johnny finished dressing.

Johnny joined her a short time later. As they admired the view, Lisa began to talk about her life in Texas. She confided that she would drive to the ocean during the winter to watch the stars reflect off of the water. Lisa admitted that she missed Texas. Johnny wondered why she didn't return to Texas instead of wasting her time pursuing Patrick. Lisa explained that she'd had something real with Patrick when they had dated in college.

According to Lisa, Patrick had given her reason to believe that they could recapture what they had lost, so she was certain that, on some level, Patrick still loved her. Johnny argued that Patrick loved Robin, but Lisa insisted that Patrick had changed. She claimed that Patrick had been exciting and had a brilliant career ahead of him before he had met Robin. Lisa was certain that Patrick could have it all if she were to save him from Robin. Lisa also believed that she could be a part of Patrick's new life.

Johnny insisted that Patrick didn't love Lisa, so she needed to get past it. Johnny believed that Lisa could have the career that she dreamed of for Patrick. Lisa didn't want to ruin their evening, so she suggested that they get something to eat and then go to the piers to gaze at the stars. Johnny let the matter drop.

At the hospital, Robin apologized to Patrick for being behind with paperwork. Patrick realized that Robin had a lot on her mind. Robin confessed that she was frustrated that she hadn't seen through Theo's act. Patrick assured Robin that it wasn't her fault. Patrick and Robin then began to talk about the grant for the AIDS wing. Patrick warned Robin that Terrell had ulterior motives.

Robin immediately became defensive, so Patrick clarified that he hoped that she was awarded the grant. However, he thought that they should discuss things if something were going on between Robin and Terrell. Robin insisted that she and Terrell were just friends. Their talk was cut short when Maxie and Matt approached the nurses' station to tell Robin and Patrick that Johnny had been in cahoots with Lisa. Robin was eager to know if Maxie and Matt had found the syringe, but Maxie shook her head.

Maxie and Matt explained that they had overheard Johnny and Lisa talk about the syringe, so they were certain that it was hidden in the penthouse. Robin decided to enlist Patrick's help to break into Johnny's penthouse to do a thorough search. After Robin and Patrick left, Maxie sensed that Matt was worried. She reminded Matt that Robin was with Patrick, so she was confident that Patrick would keep Robin safe. Matt confessed that he wished that Robin and Patrick could work things out. Maxie assured Matt that Robin loved Patrick.

Maxie explained that Robin was stubborn, so Robin tended to hold onto anger and pain; it was the flip side of being loyal. Maxie was certain that Robin couldn't let go of Patrick, but neither could she let go of the hurt. Matt was amazed by Maxie's insight. Maxie claimed that she had simply grown up with Robin. The conversation then drifted to Johnny. Matt was curious how far things had gone between Maxie and Johnny. Maxie assured him that she and Johnny had only flirted.

Maxie explained that Johnny was a dangerous person who liked the dark side. She then added that Franco had been the dark side and a mistake that had ultimately cost her Spinelli. However, things were different with Matt because Matt had helped Maxie through some very difficult times. Matt apologized for doubting Maxie's story about Lisa and the syringe. Maxie was surprised when Matt admitted that he had been wrong not to believe Maxie.

Robin and Patrick hid as they watched Johnny and Lisa leave Johnny's penthouse. Robin quickly went to work on picking the lock while Patrick stood guard. Robin had trouble with the lock, so Patrick offered to help. Robin reminded him that she was the daughter of two spies, so she refused to give up. Robin's determination paid off seconds later when the door opened.

Robin and Patrick slipped into Johnny's penthouse and then searched it for the syringe. Robin and Patrick were surprised a short time later when Johnny and Lisa returned to pick up Johnny's cell phone. Robin quickly explained that they were trying to find the syringe that Lisa had tried to inject into Robin's I.V. Johnny decided to call the police.

At Kelly's, Kristina recalled her conversation with Ethan about his marriage to Maya at her father's wedding. She was startled when Ethan sneaked up behind her to find out if Luke were in the kitchen. Kristina admitted that she hadn't seen Luke all day, so Ethan relaxed because he wouldn't be roped into taking a shift. Ethan noticed the books and papers scattered on the table. He realized that she was swamped. Kristina admitted that she could use a break from her studies.

They briefly discussed Sonny's situation before Kristina admitted that she appreciated everything that Ethan had done for her and Molly on the night of Brenda's abduction. Ethan assured her that he had been glad to help, so Kristina let him know that he was always welcome to visit. Ethan thanked Kristina before the conversation drifted back to Sonny. Kristina wished that she could help her father, but Ethan assured her that Sonny would find Brenda. Kristina covered Ethan's hand with her own as she thanked him for always knowing the right thing to say to her. Maya entered Kelly's moments later.

Maya jokingly asked, "What's going on here? Should I be jealous?" Kristina pulled her hand away as Ethan good-naturedly responded, "Most certainly." Ethan revealed that Kristina had informed him that she intended to marry him one day. Kristina smiled uncomfortably as she admitted that she liked to plan ahead. Maya chuckled as she offered to get a quick divorce, but Ethan insisted that she wait until Edward's check had cleared. Maya grinned as she advised Kristina to warn Alexis about Ethan and to hide the silverware from him.

Kristina assured Maya that Alexis liked Ethan and then admitted that Ethan had made Kristina feel safe after Brenda's kidnapping. Maya sobered as she acknowledged that Kristina had been through a lot. A few minutes later, Ethan and Maya excused themselves and then sat down at a nearby table. Maya was curious why Ethan had called. Ethan complained that he hadn't seen Maya for a couple of days and that Edward had been driving him crazy with constant attempts to groom Ethan to take over ELQ. Maya wondered what Ethan expected her to do about it.

Ethan admitted that he was eager for them to move out of the mansion. Kristina eavesdropped as Maya confessed that she was reluctant to leave while Edward was sick with worry about Brenda. Ethan promised that he didn't mind waiting. Maya agreed to look for a new place, but she insisted that they had to schedule regular weekly dinners with Edward. Kristina approached their table to confess that she had overheard them. Kristina revealed that the cottage next door to the lake house was for rent.

Maya admitted that the cottage sounded promising, so she and Ethan decided to take a look at it. They thanked Kristina for the tip. Kristina assured them that it hadn't been a problem; she had figured that they might as well be comfortable during the last seven months of their marriage.

At the police station, Dante called Agent Bates to request a quick background check on Suzanne Stanwyck. Lulu reminisced about their adventure in Ireland while Dante was put on hold. Moments later, Agent Bates informed Dante that there hadn't been any record of Suzanne prior to 1985. Dante thanked the agent and then ended the call. Lulu wished that she could help Dante with the investigation, but she explained that she had to get back to work. Seconds later, Dante's laptop beeped to indicate a new email had been received.

Dante and Lulu read the email, which confirmed what Agent Bates had told Dante. Lulu remarked that Suzanne's name appeared to be an alias like Dominic Pirelli. Lulu was curious why Dante had gone undercover. Dante reminded her that it had been to gain access to Sonny. Lulu clarified that she had been looking for a more general answer. Dante was confused, so Lulu explained that people tended to create new identities to go undercover if they wanted to get closer to someone.

Lulu wondered whom Suzanne had hoped to get close to. "Brenda," Dante immediately responded. Lulu and Dante tried to determine why Suzanne would work against Brenda and what Suzanne could be hiding about her life prior to 1985. Lulu then switched gears to question why Dante had lied about knowing Brenda in 2007. Dante blamed it on fear of losing Lulu and shame for covering up a murder. Lulu was curious if those motives might apply to Suzanne.

Dante intended to find out, so he decided to seek Spinelli's help. Lulu offered to put in a good word for Dante, but Dante didn't think that it was necessary. He reminded her that he and Spinelli had bonded on Valentine's Day when Lulu had asked Spinelli to keep Dante busy. Lulu couldn't believe that Dante had figured out that she had put Spinelli up to it. She kissed Dante and promised to meet him later that evening.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny was certain that the man before him knew where Brenda was. Jules had difficulty speaking as he mumbled, "the blade." Sonny feared that the man was trying to warn him that Brenda had been stabbed, so he demanded to know where Brenda was. "Close within the city limits off of the highway," Jules replied as he collapsed into Sonny's arms. Sonny looked down to see a large knife protruding from Jules's back.

At the penthouse, Jason insisted that Suzanne tell him where Theo had taken Brenda. Suzanne acknowledged that Jason was good to have discovered that she was Theo's wife. She confessed that she and Theo had spent a considerable amount of money to hide all traces of their wedding and marriage. "Quit stalling," Jason shouted. Suzanne promised to help Jason, but Jason didn't trust Suzanne.

Spinelli decided to share the details of what he had uncovered about Suzanne's past. According to Spinelli, Suzanne and Theo had gotten married on May 25, 1976, during the bicentennial celebration in New York City. Spinelli had learned that Suzanne had been a journalist and that Theo had been an attorney on the rise, despite having dabbled in criminal activity. Jason accused Suzanne of spying for Theo, but Suzanne insisted that she had merely been trying to discover what had happened to her son, Aleksander. Suzanne explained that she and Theo had been frantic with worry when Aleksander had suddenly disappeared.

Suzanne revealed that no one had been able to give them information, so she had struck up a friendship with Aleksander's ex-girlfriend. Suzanne was adamant that over time she had grown to genuinely care for Brenda; however, Theo had grown increasingly impatient. Jason was curious why Suzanne had reached out to him for help. Suzanne confessed that it had been to placate Theo and to protect Brenda. Suzanne admitted that Theo had recently convinced himself that Brenda's baby was alive. Suzanne offered to help them capture Theo, but Jason refused to allow Suzanne out of his sight because he was certain that she would try to warn Theo.

Eventually, Jason, Spinelli, and Suzanne hatched a plan to lure Theo out of hiding. Suzanne let Jason know that he was asking her to betray the man to whom she had been married for most of her life. Jason warned Suzanne that Theo would turn on her, if he hadn't already. Jason and Suzanne were about to leave when Sonny arrived to let Jason know about Jules. Sonny was curious what Suzanne was doing at the penthouse, so Spinelli introduced Sonny to Mrs. Theo Hoffman. Sonny wasn't surprised; he had suspected that something had been off about Suzanne from the beginning.

Suzanne admitted that she had never thought that things would get as far as they had. Suzanne's resolve to help save Brenda was strengthened when Sonny told them about Jules's stabbing. They quickly reviewed their plans and then prepared to leave. Sonny vowed that if Brenda died then Suzanne "absolutely will too." Dante arrived just as Jason, Suzanne, and Sonny were about to leave. Dante remarked that they made an interesting group and that it appeared that they were on a mission. Dante reminded them that they would have to have someone with a badge present, so he insisted on accompanying them to Theo's lair despite Sonny's objection.

At the Balkan's cave, Theo accused Brenda of trying to turn his servant against him by enlisting Jules's help to escape. Brenda promised to smooth things over with Sonny if Theo released her, but Theo insisted that Sonny meant nothing to him. Theo claimed that Sonny had simply been an obstacle that would soon be removed. Theo continued to maintain that his grandson was alive, but Brenda was adamant that the baby had died. She pointed out that she would have been searching for her baby if her child had lived. Theo realized that Brenda didn't understand the gravity of her situation, so he explained that if she couldn't help him locate his grandson then she was of no use him.

Later, Brenda struggled to free herself from the tight grip of Theo's henchman while Theo ranted about how useless Brenda was. Brenda promised that Sonny would hunt Theo down and destroy him. Theo ignored Brenda as he gave her one final opportunity to tell him where his grandson was. "Your grandson is dead," Brenda yelled. Theo nodded to the henchman who quickly jabbed a needle into Brenda's neck. Theo explained that she had been injected with a new deadly neurotoxin that would eventually paralyze her.

Brenda's eyes began to drift closed as Theo warned her that she would feel some discomfort when her lungs began to shut down, but he thought that was only fair after the pain that she had caused. A short time later, Suzanne entered the office to implore Theo to leave while he had the chance. Theo realized that Sonny was on his way to the hideout. Suzanne was stunned when she saw Brenda on the sofa. She ran to check on Brenda as she demanded to know what had happened.

Theo was disappointed to realize that Suzanne had turned against him. Suzanne begged Theo to turn himself in, but Theo ignored her. He glanced at Brenda as he remarked that Brenda looked like she belonged in a fairytale -- the kind that they might have read to their grandson. Theo insisted that he deserved to have his grandchild. Theo's bitterness increased when he realized that Suzanne had signaled to Sonny. He grabbed Suzanne to use her as a human shield during his escape.

"Don't do this Theo," Suzanne pleaded, to no avail. Eventually, Theo, flanked by two armed henchmen, made his way to the entrance, where Jason and Dante were waiting with guns at the ready. Theo warned Jason and Dante that Brenda was out of time. At the same moment, Sonny entered Theo's office. Sonny quickly scooped up Brenda as he promised her that he would get her out. Brenda weakly wrapped her arms around her husband's shoulders as Sonny held her tightly.

Friday, March 11, 2011

At the penthouse, Johnny held a gun on Robin and Patrick as Lisa gloated that the couple had been caught breaking and entering. Patrick asked Johnny what he had against Robin or, more accurately, what Lisa had on Johnny that would convince him to help Lisa destroy Robin's life. When Patrick said that it couldn't be sex, because Lisa wasn't any good in bed, Lisa stifled tears.

Johnny stood up for Lisa, before Robin interjected that Lisa was crazy. Johnny angrily retorted that Patrick and Robin were responsible for messing up their marriage and that they needed to stop demonizing Lisa. Johnny proceeded to kick Patrick and Robin out. After they left, Lisa asked why Johnny had defended her to them. Lisa wondered if he was trying to save her because he hadn't been able to save Claudia. Johnny sternly cautioned Lisa not to expect him to be her savior.

Back at the hospital, Robin agreed with one thing Johnny had said: by focusing all of their attention on Lisa, Patrick and Robin were avoiding dealing with the mistakes they'd each made.

The standoff continued at the cave compound. Jason and Dante held guns on Theo, who was holding Suzanne, and his henchmen, who had their weapons trained on Jason and Dante. Theo announced that, in order to save Brenda's life, Jason and Dante would have to stand down.

Elsewhere in the cave, Sonny picked up a wounded Brenda and carried her to where Jason and Dante were. Theo announced that Brenda had been injected with a neurotoxin and that she'd be dead within an hour. He asked Sonny whether saving Brenda's life was more valuable to him than getting revenge on Theo. Sonny directed Jason to let Theo go. Theo left with his men and an unwilling Suzanne.

Sonny had Brenda airlifted to General Hospital, while Jason and Dante combed through Theo's documents. Dante and Jason argued, as Jason wanted Theo dead, while Dante wanted the man arrested. Jason warned that it would not be good for Dante if Theo went to trial. Theo would make sure Dante went down for covering up Alexander's death, Jason said. Dante accepted that might be his fate.

Dante found a receipt from a private airstrip. On the way there, they continued to argue about Theo's destiny. At the airstrip, Suzanne begged Theo to let her go. As Theo and company boarded the helicopter, Jason and Dante arrived and began shooting. Both of Theo's men were hit, and Jason took aim at the chopper and fired.

Brenda was rushed into a trauma room, and Patrick reviewed her chart. Sonny spoke supportively to Brenda. Robin explained to Brenda how important it was to fight until they knew which antidote to use. Patrick asked to see Sonny privately. He explained that they couldn't identify the neurotoxin and that Brenda was running out of time. If they administered the wrong antidote, it could kill Brenda, but doing nothing would yield the same result. Sonny authorized Patrick to do whatever he thought best.

Patrick and Sonny returned to the trauma room. Sonny uttered words of encouragement to Brenda, while Patrick conferred with Robin. Robin injected Brenda's I.V. with what they all hoped would cause Brenda to improve.

Carly met Jax at the Metro Court restaurant. Jax let Carly know that Josslyn was running a slight fever. Carly wanted to take her daughter home, but Jax refused, citing the danger Carly routinely put her family in. Jax made it clear that he would not try to take Josslyn away from Carly but that the two had to meet in his suite. However, Jax said that, in a custody fight, Carly would lose.

After her confrontation with Jax, Carly went to the bar, where she happened upon Luke. Carly poured her heart out to him. Luke offered to help -- for a price. He recounted every misstep Carly had made over the years. When questioned whether they had to go over all of that at the moment, Luke replied that they did, because it was fun for him. Luke argued that it would take "leverage" to keep Jax from going to court. Carly wasn't opposed to blackmail but nothing that would really hurt Jax.

Luke asked what Carly had done to raise Jax's ire. Carly sheepishly admitted that she'd helped tend Shawn's injuries at her home, and Jax had walked in. Luke suggested that Jax was jealous. Carly declared that, despite her and Jax's mutual love, it was finally over between them. She asked Luke, "How many times do you break up and get back together before you say enough's enough?" Luke commiserated.

Michael met Kristina at Kelly's. She asked if Edward had said anything about Ethan and Maya's marriage. Kristina said she was concerned about her friend Ethan's wellbeing, but Michael saw right through her ruse. "If it's the return of Kristina's big crush," Michael told her, "it's a bad idea." Abby showed up and Michael asked if they could meet at her place. Abby said yes and offered to cook. She gave Michael her address, and Kristina jotted it down.

After Abby left, Michael urged Kristina to give Abby a chance. Kristina apologized for judging Abby but reiterated her distrust of the woman. Michael told Kristina that he didn't care if she liked Abby or not and left the diner.

Later, Michael arrived at Abby's apartment, with flowers. Both were nervous, and made small talk. Michael talked about his therapy. He needed to make sure the anger he felt inside never erupted as violence against someone he loved. Abby told Michael that he was her "safe place." Michael replied that she was his too. They began to kiss.

Kristina went to the Metro Court and asked to have a talk with Carly about Michael. Kristina said it was serious. Carly and Kristina took a seat at the end of the bar. Carly was unfazed when Kristina announced that Michael was with Abby. Carly replied that she thought Michael and Abby's friendship was good for him. Kristina informed Carly that Michael and Abby were on a date at Abby's apartment and suggested that they would have sex.

Maxie and Matt went to Kelly's and wondered what had become of Robin and Patrick. They both hoped that the syringe would be found soon. Matt wanted Patrick to stop paying for having slept with Lisa. Neither Patrick nor Robin deserved to be tormented, he put forward.

Maxie admitted that she liked Matt, but she saw what was happening to Patrick and Robin as more proof that investing one's heart in someone else would only lead to heartbreak. Matt was more altruistic. Getting through the pain was worth it to get to the other side with the person one loved, he mused. Maxie kissed Matt.

Later, the couple returned to Maxie's apartment. They shared stories of their first-love experiences with each other over a bottle of wine. Maxie admitted to the extremes she once went to keep the man she loved away from the woman he'd truly loved. "Which is why, I think, Lisa Niles scares me so much," Maxie offered, and added, "I feel like I'm a little bit like her." Matt told Maxie that he knew she wasn't as bad as Lisa and proceeded to passionately kiss her.

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