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Rex and Bo found David imprisoned on Alex Olanov's island. Bo charged Clint with kidnapping and false imprisonment. Todd had emergency surgery for his gunshot wound. Tomás took care of his gunshot wound on his own. Ford threatened to send Tess to St. Anne's if she did anything to jeopardize their chances of obtaining custody of Ryder. Rama continued to be a problem for Aubrey and Cutter.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 14, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, March 14, 2011

As shots rang out around John, he tried to fire shots in the direction of the shooter. He got into the passenger side of Todd's car, and told Todd to get moving. When John grabbed Todd, Todd slumped forward on to the horn of the car. John got out of the car and fired more shots. He noticed that Todd's car was beginning to smoke, so he pulled Todd out of the car. As more shots were fired, John put pressure on the gunshot wound in Todd's stomach.

Charlie broke his kiss with Echo. She wondered if it had been a goodbye kiss. Charlie didn't want to say goodbye to Echo, but Dorian always made good on her threats. Echo suggested that Charlie leave Viki. However, she knew that he wouldn't. Charlie explained how, if another bad thing happened to Viki, she could relapse just like Jessica had.

Echo told Charlie to go, because his wife was waiting for him. Charlie didn't want to hurt Echo or Viki. He said that his night with Echo had meant something to him. Even though Rex wasn't his son, he felt that he and Echo were still connected. Charlie said they could be together if things were different. Echo realized that the kiss really had been a goodbye kiss.

Charlie said that goodbye was too final, because it wasn't like they would never see each other again. Echo suggested that they shouldn't see each other again. She couldn't pretend that their night together hadn't happened, and couldn't face seeing Charlie. Charlie left to talk to Dorian.

Langston demanded to know why Tess wasn't at St. Anne's. Tess stated that Ford had changed his mind, because Tess wasn't crazy. Langston didn't believe Tess, but Ford corroborated the fact that he wasn't going to have Tess committed. Langston asked if Ford was planning on staying married to Tess. Ford insisted that he had no choice. Langston countered that he did have a choice, because Tess wasn't stable.

Ford told Langston that putting Tess away would only be a temporary fix. If he did put her away, he wouldn't get what he wanted. "I thought you wanted me," Langston said, to which Ford agreed. Langston didn't think Tess would be included in their life. Tess insisted that she was open-minded, but Ford didn't want to hear it. "Don't you have somewhere to go?" he spat. Tess left to go wardrobe shopping. Ford slammed the door behind her.

Langston again wanted to know how long Ford planned on staying married to Tess. Ford didn't know, but didn't want to stay married longer than he had to. He explained how Tess had gotten to the landlord, so the man wanted the money Ford owed him before the day was over. Otherwise, Ford would be evicted. Ford had to stay married in order to have access to money. Langston yelled that she could have helped Ford with his rent. Ford didn't want to take money from her. "But you'll take it from a crazy slut?" Langston shouted in disbelief.

Ford countered that it wasn't her responsibility. Langston knew that the money issue would tie Ford to Tess for a long time. Ford showed Langston the contract that Téa had drawn up for Viki and Clint. Langston read it and thought that it was a good deal. She was angry that he hadn't consulted her before refusing to sign the papers.

Langston begged Ford to look at things from her perspective. She and Ford had planned to share their first night together as "a real couple," but after the strange turn of events, she was reduced to being Ford's mistress. Langston told Ford that they were done. She didn't think that Ford could have her and Ryder. She knew that Ford wanted to make up for leaving James with their father.

Langston thought there was no place for her in Ford's life. She wished him the best, and left. Ford threw a book across the room out of anger. Outside the apartment, Langston sadly looked at a picture of her, Ford, and Ryder.

At the hospital, a doctor explained to Natalie and Brody that Liam had a common skin condition, and it wasn't serious. She apologized for wasting the doctor's time, but he was glad that she had gotten Liam checked out. The doctor walked away, and Natalie thanked Brody for driving, since she would have gone crazy if she had been alone. Brody knew she wanted John there, but Natalie thought that Brody was the only father that Liam would have.

Just then, Brody got a call from Gigi, who was at the police station. She told Brody about what had happened with John and Todd. After he got off the phone, he passed the story along to Natalie. He said that no one knew any details, and he would let Natalie know as soon as he knew anything. Suddenly, a group of nurses and a doctor hurriedly wheeled a bedridden Todd into a hospital room.

Natalie frantically asked the doctor if he knew anything about John, but the doctor was too busy with Todd to answer. Brody assured Natalie that John could take of himself, and hugged her. John entered just in time to see the embrace. Brody saw John and asked what had happened. John replied that it had been open fire, but he had no idea who had been the shooter. Natalie was glad that John hadn't been the one shot.

John realized that Liam was there, and asked if he was all right. Natalie explained that Liam had a rash, but it was nothing to worry about. Brody was wanted at the scene of the crime. He made sure Natalie could get Liam's prescription filled, and left. John had to be at the scene as well. Natalie thought he had taken time off. "I guess the vacation's over," he replied.

Natalie was glad John was all right. When she'd heard about what had happened, "my heart stopped, just like yours did when you found out Liam was sick." Natalie knew he didn't want to hear it, but no matter what, she loved him and always would.

At Viki's, Dorian looked at a picture of Viki and Charlie, and hoped Charlie was doing the right thing. Viki entered and asked what Dorian was doing in her house. Dorian replied that she was checking on Viki because of all the things going on in Viki's family. Viki wondered what Dorian had been saying about doing the right thing. Dorian admitted to running into Charlie, and said that they had fought.

Dorian explained that, with everything going on, Charlie should be at Viki's side all the time. Viki admitted that she didn't want to burden Charlie with her family's issues, especially after Charlie learned that Rex wasn't his son. Dorian responded that Charlie was Viki's husband, "for better or worse." She suggested that Charlie wanted to feel needed.

Viki had been trying to shield Charlie, but entertained the thought that he could feel excluded. However, she was confident that he wouldn't turn to alcohol. Dorian insinuated that there were things other than alcohol that he could turn to. Tess entered the house and listened to Dorian and Viki talking in the next room. Viki talked about getting a new strategy for dealing with Ford about Tess. Dorian suggested that Viki should invite Charlie, because he would go where he felt needed. Viki understood that Dorian hinted at Echo needing Charlie.

Viki was thankful that Echo's plays for Charlie hadn't worked. Dorian asked if Viki was sure, but Viki insisted that she trusted Charlie. "Should you?" Dorian wondered. As Viki confirmed that she trusted her husband, a disinterested Tess crept upstairs. Dorian said that she should go because Charlie would be home soon. The phone rang, stopping Dorian, and Viki answered it to Natalie. Natalie informed Viki about what had happened with Todd. Viki rushed out of the house.

Tess returned downstairs, holding jewelry. She eavesdropped on another conversation, this time between Dorian and Charlie. Charlie informed Dorian that he had told Echo he wouldn't be seeing her anymore. He ordered Dorian to leave, so Tess hid. Dorian left, and Charlie went back outside. Tess wondered where Charlie was going, so she followed him.

Charlie returned to Echo, and she asked him why. Charlie informed her that he'd told Dorian that he had ended things with Echo. "I guess I lied," he said, and kissed Echo. As Tess watched through the window, Charlie told Echo that he couldn't stay away from her, and that they would "figure something out."

Dani looked at a text message from Nate that said, "Thinking of u." Dani smiled and sent one back that said she was too. Téa entered the room, and Dani jumped, thinking it was Todd. Téa told her daughter that she couldn't avoid Todd forever. Dani explained how much Todd had scared her. Téa assured Dani that she had dealt with Todd. Dani said that Nate was so angry that he wanted to get back at Todd, and she didn't blame him.

Téa explained that Todd was just scared about losing Dani after she grew up. Todd was also overprotective because of everything that had happened with Téa. She thought something had been on his mind lately, but assumed that it was nothing. Téa didn't think that her brother being in town helped Todd either. Dani was surprised that Tomas was in town, and asked where he had been, as Tomas entered the house.

Tomas was happy to finally meet his niece, and swore she looked exactly like Téa had at the same age. Dani explained how people thought she was more like her father. Téa told Dani that Tomas believed everything he had read about Todd on the internet. Dani insisted it was all true. After Téa scolded her, Dani told Tomas not to judge Todd by his past. She had, but then she had gotten to know him.

Dani explained that Todd always supported his loved ones, and that was why she loved him. She warned Téa not to tell Todd what she had said, because she was still mad at him. Téa invited Tomas to join her and Dani for dinner, but Tomas said he didn't feel well. He only wanted to go to bed. The phone rang, and Téa answered it to Viki. Viki told her what had happened to Todd, and Téa and Dani rushed out of the house.

When they were gone, Tomas made a phone call. He told the person on the other end that they needed to talk about "what just happened." Tomas held pressure on a bloody wound on his side. Later, Tomas' phone rang, and he angrily answered, "What took you so long?" He continued that what had happened was a disaster, and that he knew nothing about Todd's condition.

Viki arrived at the hospital and saw Natalie. Natalie informed her that no one was allowed into Todd's room. Viki asked about the baby, and Natalie told her mother that Liam had a rash, but it was nothing to worry about. Téa and Dani arrived and rushed into Todd's room as the doctors worked on Todd. The doctor forced the two to leave the room.

Natalie was explaining to Viki what had happened as Téa and Dani walked back into the hallway. Natalie wanted to take Liam home, and Viki offered to drive her. Téa promised to let Viki know any news. Viki promised to return if Téa needed her to, and left with Natalie.

Dani wanted to know who had shot her father, and why. She regretted that the last words she had shared with Todd were fighting words. Téa assured Dani that Todd knew Dani loved him. Soon, Dani would get a chance to tell him herself.

Inside the hospital room, Todd flatlined, and the doctors tried to resuscitate him.

Back at Viki's, Natalie felt secure to have her mother home with her. She took Liam upstairs to put him to bed. Viki looked at a picture of her and Charlie. She spotted an earring on the floor and picked it. She wondered how the earring had gotten there.

At the scene, John delegated duties to different officers. Brody tried to explain to John what John had witnessed at the hospital, but John only wanted to talk about what was relevant to the case. The two investigated the area where John believed the shooter had been positioned. John thought the shooter had to have been a professional. Brody found a bullet of John's in the wall, and John found blood on the windowsill. He took a sample of the blood, and wanted the room dusted for fingerprints.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rex and Bo arrived on the island of St. Blaze's. Rex couldn't believe that David would have been help captive in such an exotic location, but Bo assured him that it was probably like a prison, thanks to Alex Olanov. Bo explained that Alex had even tried to drown Dorian's daughter, Cassie, in the past. The duo reached Alex's room, and Bo suggested that Rex search the island for David. Bo vowed to keep Alex occupied during Rex's search, and Bo planned on doing so no matter what it took.

Inside her room, Alex received a phone call from Clint. He wanted to discuss their deal. Alex reminded him of all she'd done in the past for the citizens of Llanview, but Clint warned her that he didn't want to regret making any deals with her. He wanted her to handle Bo as they had previously agreed, or Clint would make certain to have Nigel take possession of the island away from Alex. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Alex advised Clint that she had a visitor. Clint correctly guessed that it was Bo.

Bo announced that he was looking for his son, and he assumed that Alex was already aware of the fact. Alex played dumb and began to laugh. Bo believed that David was there, because there had been one lead in Morocco, and that was the name Olanov. Alex assured him that others had the same name, but Bo was certain that Clint had a hold over her. He figured that Clint had threatened to take the island away from Alex. Bo was afraid for his son, and he trusted that Alex would "come clean." He reminded her that they had once cared for each other, and Alex admitted that she still cared for him.

Bo promised to protect Alex if she would help him out, and he offered to give her something that even Clint couldn't provide. He moved in closer and began to kiss Alex, who returned the kiss fervently. "Do you remember that?" Bo asked. "Like it was yesterday," Alex said as she sighed. She had misgivings, though, besides the fact that he was married. She assumed that she was only a "means to an end." She recalled the time that Bo had chosen Cassie over her. Bo pointed out that he had returned, and she'd be able to give him what he wanted. "And in return? Do I get what I want?" Alex asked.

Rex found a couple of security guards standing outside of one of the rooms, and he listened as they spoke about someone being "gagged." The men mentioned a package that was due to be delivered before it was time to "put him out of his misery." Rex was in luck, when another employee showed up behind Rex with the package in hand. He was having difficulty locating the room where the package was to be delivered, and Rex offered to help him. Shortly after, Rex handed the young man some money, as the pair exchanged their clothing.

Rex sat and opened the package that was meant to be delivered to what was presumably David's room. He pulled out a pair of handcuffs, a scarf, and some other unseemly items. It appeared that David was going to be tortured, and possibly hanged. Rex packed it up and headed to Room 606. He announced to the security guard that he was making a delivery for Ms. Olanov. The guard challenged Rex's authority, because Rex wasn't on the list, and the guard stated that he would deliver the package instead. Rex replied that he had explicit instructions to handle the delivery himself, and the guard responded that he would have to check with Alex.

Bo wondered what Alex might want, and she pulled him towards her bed. She began to remove her clothing, but Bo did his best to stall her. He suggested a drink or some music, but Alex wouldn't hear of it. Finally, Bo insisted that he needed a shower after his long flight. Alex pushed him onto the bed instead. As she lay on top of him and kissed him, her phone began to ring. She noticed that it was security, and she was curious as to what they might want. "Don't answer that," Bo said forcefully as he grabbed Alex's phone from her hand and tossed it away.

The guard was unable to reach Alex, and he said that he'd have to sign off on the package's contents. As Rex pulled out each item, the guard made a note. When Rex pulled the Taser from the envelope, he turned and used it on the guard, who tumbled to the ground. Hastily, Rex sent Bo a text message.

Bo's phone began to buzz, and he pulled it from his pocket. "Hurry," read Rex's text message. Bo jumped up off of the bed and ran off to meet Rex. With gun drawn, Bo looked around for Rex, who crept up behind him. They jumped when they saw each other. Rex noticed the lipstick on Bo's collar, but Bo had no time to discuss it. Rex was certain that David was locked inside the room in question, and he and Bo walked in.

Waiting in the hospital corridor, Dani was panicked when Todd began to fail, and Téa did her best to console her daughter. The nurses rushed into Todd's room with the crash cart, and the medical team continued to work on Todd. Dani bawled that her father was an idiot, but she considered herself to be worse. She shouldn't have run off with Nate, and she should have been able to talk to Todd instead. Dani felt that she should have been the one to act like an adult. She should not have acted as if Todd had just been in the way of something that she wanted, Dani summed up. Téa conceded that Todd had a habit of making things difficult.

Just then, the doctor emerged from Todd's room. The doctor stated that Todd was stable after the gunshot had punctured his stomach and injured his pancreas. There had been lots of blood loss, which had resulted in hemorrhagic shock and cardiac arrest. That had been the reason for the code team showing up in Todd's room, the doctor concluded. Dani cried as she listened quietly.

At Todd and Téa's house, Tomas called the hospital and tried to get an update on Todd's condition. He explained that he was a relative, but the nurse wasn't able to give him any useful information. As he concluded the call, Blair walked in. She was surprised to see Tomas, certain that he wouldn't want to be anywhere near Todd. Tomas tried to talk, but Blair went on about how wonderful Tomas was, and how she was sorry, but she was unable to be involved with him. She was there to talk to Todd.

Tomas was finally able to speak up, and he told her that Todd was in the hospital. Tomas had been trying to get word on Todd's condition, but he hadn't had much success. He explained that Todd had been shot. Concerned, Blair asked who had shot Todd. Tomas was unable to supply her with an answer, and Blair exclaimed that she had to get in touch with Starr, so that they could get to the hospital.

At the Buchanan estate, Clint hung up the phone as Nigel arrived with a glass of bourbon. Clint cited the fact that he had to work late, and he dismissed Nigel for the evening. Nigel apologized for overstepping, but he was curious about Clint's conversation with Alex. Nigel had heard part of the conversation, and he had a problem with Clint trying to use Nigel's island to "leverage some action from Ms. Olanov." Nigel was ill at ease, and he admitted that he usually tried to avoid family affairs. Clint reminded Nigel that he received a good compensation for that reason among others. While Nigel appreciated it, the compensation was the "root of my concern," he declared.

The island had been a gift from Asa to Nigel, and Nigel had done the family a favor when he'd bought Alex off. In return for her keeping quiet about David being Bo's son and in a bid to protect the family, Nigel had given her the island. Clint promised that he was trying to protect the family, also, and he was trying to get the island back. Nigel inquired as to whether Clint was protecting the family or himself. Clint was curious, and he wondered who Nigel thought Clint needed protection from.

Nigel admitted that he was unsure of the details, but he believed that it revolved around a possible prosecution of Clint. Nigel was referring to Eddie Ford, and all that Clint had been accused of doing. He'd overheard Clint's argument with Joey about Clint's involvement. While Nigel didn't know for sure of Clint's guilt, he accused Clint of losing his way, especially if any part of Joey's accusation were true. Furthermore, he knew that Asa would have been ashamed of his son's behavior. He thought that Clint was feeling cornered and desperate if Clint chose to be involved with Alex again.

Clint was angry, but Nigel explained that Asa had held his sons to "exacting standards," however, he had been very proud of his sons. They had lost Asa's worst traits and had improved on the good ones. Before the end, Asa had asked Nigel to look after Asa's sons, Nigel continued. Nigel had advised Asa that his legacy was in good hands, but Asa had probably been correct to have reservations as far as Clint was concerned. Nigel concluded.

Clint dismissed Nigel, but Nigel ignored him and continued talking. He agreed that it was okay for Clint to be hurt because of Bo and Nora's actions, but Clint's ongoing animosity wasn't very "Buchanan-like." Nigel believed that even Asa would have let go already, and Nigel hoped that Clint did the same very soon. "Before it's too late," Nigel added. Later, Clint flashed back to the time in the stables when Bo held a gun on him. Bo had announced that Asa had never done anything as bad as Clint, because Asa had a heart. Bo had decided that Clint had stopped being a Buchanan due to going after his own family members.

Just then, Nigel walked into the room, suitcases in hand. He was handing in his resignation, as he didn't think it was appropriate to work for Clint any longer. Nigel's promise to Asa had failed. Clint reminded Nigel that both Bo and Clint were grown men, and they didn't need a guardian. He refused to accept Nigel's resignation, and Nigel had made a promise to Asa. Clint advised Nigel that he couldn't just "cut and run." Clint needed Nigel. "Another bourbon, sir?" Nigel asked in response. Clint thanked his butler for staying.

James and Starr arrived at James's apartment, and they were amazed to find it empty. There was a note from Ford on the table to let them know that he'd taken Ryder to visit with Inez. The young couple hoped that Ford had been successful in getting Tess committed. Starr was unable to relax, because she expected to see Todd bursting through the door in an attempt to break Starr and James up. James was certain that they'd be able to handle Todd, but he suspected that Todd was more concerned with Dani and Nate.

Starr reminded James of what he was in for, by getting himself involved with her and her family. James advised her that he was well aware of it. Starr vowed that she wouldn't allow Todd to treat Dani as he did Starr, and James acknowledged that he would stand by Starr. He believed that Téa had Todd under control though. James pointed out how quiet the apartment was with just the two of them inside, and he and Starr shared a kiss.

James couldn't stop smiling as they separated, and he noted that it had been a long time. Starr agreed, but she pointed out all of the recent drama in their lives. She remarked that they hadn't even had a proper date. James offered to cook for the two of them, since it was too late to go out. As he pulled ingredients from the refrigerator, his phone began to ring. It was Blair who had been unable to reach Starr. James wondered if Starr's phone had been turned off, and Starr admitted that she'd been trying to avoid her father. Blair filled Starr in quickly on Todd's situation.

Tomas offered to take Blair to the hospital. She declined, but Tomas thought it best that he be there to support his sister and niece anyway. Blair agreed, and Tomas groaned as he rose from the sofa. She questioned it, but he assured her that nothing was wrong.

Téa and Dani were permitted to go into Todd's room. Téa claimed that she'd seen Todd in a worse condition in the past, as the pair covered up an unconscious Todd gently with a blanket. Téa explained how she'd used the blanket in the same way to cover up both Dani and Starr when they were younger. Dani took her father's hand, and encouraged him, "Come back, and I'll give you a free pass. You can be a jerk whenever you want." Téa ordered him to do the same. Starr and James arrived and looked through the window of Todd's room.

Dani and Téa walked out into the hallway, and Dani and Starr hugged each other. Téa urged Starr to visit with Todd before he was wheeled to surgery. Blair and Tomas showed up, and Téa updated Blair as the women hugged each other also. Téa announced that John was on the case, and Tomas asked who John was. Blair informed him of John's position, and Téa proclaimed that John would find the shooter, and he would make sure that the "S.O.B. fries."

Starr entered her father's room and talked to him. She stated that horrible "stuff" always happened, and she couldn't stay angry with him. She loved when he yelled, and she liked to yell back at him, she admitted. She hated to see him in that condition. The orderlies arrived to wheel Todd to surgery. Everyone congregated in the hallway. Téa declared that once Todd woke up, they couldn't allow him to do anything stupid. Téa introduced Tomas to Starr and James, and Todd was wheeled away. The family shouted out words of encouragement.

Alex's phone began to ring. "Don't call me anymore," she said to Clint as she answered. Clint admitted that he'd been thinking about their plan, and it was the last time. "It's done. I did what you asked. Bo is about to find out what happened to his son," Alex replied. She hung up without giving Clint a chance to say anything in return.

"Oh, my God," Rex shouted as he and Bo got into the room. They stared in shock. David was in bed with two women, one on each side of him. He looked up bleary-eyed. "Hi Pa. That's my Pa," he said to the women.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

At Llanview Hospital, Blair sat alone in the waiting area, desperate to contact her children. She called Jack's phone, but received no answer.

At La Boulaie, Jack was hanging out with his friends, Brad and Beth. Brad picked up Jack's phone and said Jack's mom was calling, but Jack ignored it. Noticing Brad and Beth rifling through Dorian's medical bag and cigarettes, he ordered them not to touch his aunt's things. Brad told Jack to lighten up, and reminded the Jack that he lived in the lap of luxury. "It's like paradise on acid!" Brad cracked, then suggested, "Let's have some real fun!" "Oh, we'll have some fun," Jack promised, and added, "Fun with Wheezy."

Brad asked Jack if it was such a good idea to go after Shane so soon after the incident with the donation box. "Shane needs to learn his place in the food chain!" Jack snapped. He was furious that Shane had attempted to bust him to the principal, and said that even little Sam knew better than to snitch. Jack asked Brad if his phone could record videos, and suggested they make Shane Morasco a star.

Once Jack outlined his secret plan to his friends, both Brad and Beth were flabbergasted. Upset, Beth said she wasn't sure about his scheme, but Jack promised she wouldn't have to do anything with Shane - just get him in the closet, "get his pants off, and we'll film it." Jack was determined to teach Shane a lesson he would never forget.

At the carriage house, Shane sat alone in the living room, staring listlessly at his laptop. His Myface page was covered with taunts and abusive messages from his schoolmates, calling him "poor white trash." When Gigi entered the room, Shane quickly closed his laptop and attended to her; he was still worried about his mother following her near-miss with the assassin outside Rodi's. Gigi insisted she was fine, and that John had saved her. Shane rolled his eyes at the mention of John, who he still blamed for firing Gigi - "he's a DIC-tator!" the boy cried.

Gigi defended John's heroism to her son, and said that her ex-boss was having a rough time. Shane grumbled that John needed to make up his mind whether he liked or hated her. "Well, it's hard to make up your mind when your head's up your ass...umptions," Gigi joked. She said John had issues, but that Shane didn't need to worry about her. Shane said that he didn't want his mother to be pushed around, but Gigi reminded him that "no one pushes around a Morasco."

Shane admitted he was worried about the family's finances, as he knew Gigi had gotten better tips at Rodi's than the Buenos Dias. Gigi assured him that no matter how tight money got, they still had each other and Rex as a family. Sensing a trend, she asked Shane if he was being teased at school for not wearing the finer things. "I don't want to talk about it," Shane muttered. Gigi said she was sorry that she and Rex couldn't give Shane everything he needed to fit in, but told him it was wrong for him to have laid the blame for his theft on Jack Manning.

Shane couldn't give Gigi a satisfactory answer as to why he had stolen the donation money, and instead said he had been stupid. Gigi disagreed -- she knew her son was a smart boy, so she couldn't understand why he had made such a poor choice. She knew there was something wrong, and suggested they sit down and talk things out. Before they could go any further, however, Shane received a text message from Jack: "Call me ASAP!" Panicking, Shane quickly apologized to Gigi for his "theft" and accepted her reassurances about Jack and school. Satisfied, Gigi headed upstairs to call Rex, while Shane prepared to call Jack.

Over at La Boulaie, Jack ordered Brad and Beth to be quiet as he answered Shane's call. Shane was confused by Jack's friendly overtures. Playing the innocent, Jack apologized to Shane for the frame-up at school and put the blame on Brad. Jack claimed that Todd was abusing him at home, and said he had been unfair to take his problems out on Shane. He asked Shane to go over to La Boulaie so Jack could make amends. Despite his skepticism, Shane agreed.

After Shane left the carriage house, Gigi headed back downstairs while leaving a message on Rex's voicemail. She told Rex that they needed to talk about Shane and his troubles at school, and said that their son needed his father. She hoped Shane's problems would blow over by the time Rex returned from St. Blaze's. After hanging up, she called upstairs to Shane, inviting him to share a pint of ice cream with her. Receiving no answer, she grew curious and ascended the stairs.

At Llanfair, Viki entered the babies' nursery and found Natalie sitting up with Liam. Viki told Natalie there was no news on Todd's condition, and Natalie urged her mother to leave the house and head to the hospital. Viki refused and said she knew Natalie was suffering as well. Natalie insisted that she was fine and was focused on caring for Liam, but Viki knew she was also worried about John in the wake of his brush with death. "Someone you love -- John -- was almost killed tonight," Viki declared, and reassuringly told her daughter, "You're upset."

Natalie admitted she was worried for John -- unlike him, she couldn't shut her feelings off, but she felt there was nothing she could do for him anymore. Just then, she received a call from Brody, who said he was on his way home. Natalie asked about the attempt on Todd's life, and Brody said the cops had no new leads yet. He inquired about Liam's condition, and suggested visiting Llanfair and paying his son a visit. Natalie happily agreed, and Brody said he would be there soon.

Hanging up, Natalie turned back to Viki, and the question of John. "John's still in my heart," Natalie confessed, "in spite of everything." Yet she couldn't blame John for hating her, or Jessica, or Viki for that matter, and asked if her mother wanted to disown her for her deception. "You're my daughter, and I will always love you," Viki insisted -- she knew Natalie had simply made a mistake. John was hurting, but she felt confident that he would find his way back to Natalie. Natalie wasn't so sure, and quipped that John had made his own way out of his despair, with Kelly Cramer.

Viki had heard about John and Kelly's drunken fling, but was sure it was a one-time thing. Natalie begged to differ; she kept running into the pair together, and had even caught them in flangrante delicto in the storage room at Rodi's. If John didn't want her anymore, she wasn't going to waste her time chasing after him; Natalie had resolved to raise her son and move on with her life. She again told Viki to head to the hospital for Todd, and promised she and Liam would be fine with Brody.

Viki noted how well Natalie and Brody seemed to be getting along co-parenting, despite the complications with Jessica and John. "What choice do we have?" Natalie reasoned, and said, "He's the father." "Is that all he is to you?" Viki asked. Natalie insisted that Brody was a co-parent and nothing more. Viki admitted that she was pleased with how Brody was living up to his responsibility to Liam.

At the empty Rodi's, John continued drinking himself into oblivion, haunted by thoughts of his confrontation with Natalie in the storage room. Kelly arrived and interrupted his reverie. She was looking for information on the shooting, and asked what John was doing there alone. John mumbled that he was there because no one named Natalie was, and said he had no need to go to the hospital, since he was in one piece, unlike Todd. Kelly was stunned to hear that Todd had been shot and was in surgery.

John explained that the police had no DNA evidence and only a few meager clues -- no weapon, suspect, or motive. Kelly asked why John wasn't out looking for the shooter, because he was the chief of detectives. John said he had uniformed officers on the streets and forensics on the scene, but until they knew Todd's condition, he had done all he could do -- "Lovett can handle the rest." "Oh, that's what your bad mood is about," Kelly concluded.

John attempted to duck the issue, but Kelly knew that he was carrying around a lot of anger against Brody that he couldn't vent at work, and asked if he had bothered confronting his colleague and former friend. John lied that he hadn't seen Brody outside of work, and said he didn't see the point in discussing it -- what was done was done. As Kelly pushed him to spill his guts, John asked her if she wanted him to "kick [Brody's] ass from Llanview to Cherryvale." Just then, Brody entered the bar. "Here's your chance," Kelly said softly.

Breaking the silence of the awkward moment, Brody told John that the investigation team had finished canvassing the area. John coldly thanked "Officer Lovett" for his work and told him to get home to "Natalie and her kid." "The kid has a name," Brody shot back. "It's Liam." "Whatever," John muttered.

Brody reminded John that John and Natalie had chosen the baby's name together, but John insisted he and Natalie were through. "That was your choice," Brody replied. "Oh, and you had nothing to do with that, did you?" John snapped. Brody was tired of John's innuendos, and told him to "be a man and say your mind."

Losing his cool, John asked if Brody had "been a man" the night he had slept with Natalie, and then kept the secret from Jessica for months. "I've seen how you are with Natalie," John spat. "Maybe this is what you wanted all along." Brody said he had merely stepped up for Natalie and Liam when John had walked out. "I trusted you, Brody," John growled. "You stole a part of my life."

Brody said he and Natalie had gotten drunk and slept together, and they were sorry -- they hated the pain they had caused their loved ones. "But you and I both know the only thing keeping you from Natalie is your own pride," Brody told John, and urged him to take his best shot. He promised to give John one free punch. John struggled with his rage, but said taking a single punch wouldn't erase what Brody had done to him.

Fed up, Kelly broke up the showdown and ordered Brody to leave. After Brody exited, John hit the bar again. Kelly asked him how long he was going to keep wallowing in his despair and drinking the pain away. She knew Natalie had hurt him, but he was only hurting himself. She urged him to get a hold of himself before he destroyed his career and his reputation.

At Llanview Hospital, James comforted Starr, who was consumed with worry for Todd. Starr was anxious to get more guards for her father, as she feared the assassin would make another attempt on Todd's life. James reassured her that the shooter was probably holed up somewhere far away "licking his wounds."

Blair walked up to the teens, but had no news for them on Todd's status. Starr wanted to call her brothers, but Blair told her not to wake Sam until they knew more, and said Jack wasn't answering his phone. She asked them if they had seen Tomas, and James said he had noticed Tomas near an exam room down the hall.

Heading into the waiting area, Starr called Jack herself but got no answer. Enraged by her brother's lackadaisical attitude, she told James that she was going to go find Jack herself. Struggling to calm her down, James told her she needed to be there in case something happened to Todd. He knew Starr wanted to be strong for Danielle and her family, but he was determined to be strong for her instead. Touched, Starr embraced him.

Starr told James she wouldn't blame him if he thought she was crazy for still caring about Todd after everything her father had done. "Everybody hates him but there's a good side to him," she insisted -- it was a side that was hidden, but there, a side that loved food fights and goofy nicknames. She told James that Todd had given her two nicknames, "Shorty" and "Oh Great One." "He loves me, and I love him," she said tearfully, "and no matter what he does, he'll always be my dad and I'll never stop loving him." She hoped James could understand that.

James admitted he was at a loss -- he couldn't understand a father like Todd because Eddie had been bad through and through. "But as long as your dad has a good side, I'll never tell you to let him go," he concluded. Starr was comforted by his kind words.

In an empty exam room, Tomas watched for prying eyes as he furtively dressed his injuries and bandaged himself. After pocketing some bottles of pills and changing his bandages, he just managed to re-button his shirt and conceal his injuries as Blair entered the room. He claimed he had stopped in the exam room to retrieve Todd's personal effects, and handed them over. Examining the blood-stained family photograph from Todd's wallet, Blair vowed that she would make the assassin pay.

Blair told Tomas that Todd had countless enemies -- his shooter could have been anyone. Tomas warned her not to endanger her family and children by making Todd's problems her own once more, and suggested she leave the investigation to the police. "You really don't know me at all," Blair murmured, and said that she and Todd had faced danger together before. "Then he knows how to get home," Tomas replied, and insisted that he simply wanted her to be safe. Blair apologized for being brusque, and said she knew what she needed to do at the moment, even though she had been putting it off.

Heading back into the waiting area with Tomas, Blair asked if Starr had heard from Jack. When Starr explained that Jack wasn't answering her calls, Blair retrieved Todd's phone from his personal effects. "He may ignore our call, but he never ignores Todd's," Blair declared.

At La Boulaie, Brad and Beth were growing bored waiting on Shane, and Beth remained wary about going along with the boys' evil scheme. As the doorbell rang, Jack headed into the foyer, while Brad noted another missed call from Starr on Jack's phone. Brad cracked that if Beth didn't want to seduce Shane, Jack's sister could always step in.

Barely concealing a venomous smirk, Jack welcomed Shane into the house and led him into the living room. Shane was unnerved by the presence of Brad and Beth, and asked them what they were all up to. He had thought he and Jack were going to play on the Zbox, but Brad suggested another idea, and offered up some of the pills in Dorian's medical bag. Nervous, Shane said he couldn't take the drugs, as they would interfere with his asthma medicine. Brad began to tease Shane again, but Jack played the hero and ordered Brad to stop bullying his "new friend."

Brad told Shane there was another way to prove he was cool, and Beth stepped in. The boys urged Shane to prove what a "stud" he was by losing his virginity with Beth. "When it's all over, you'll be just like us!" Jack promised, leering at his petrified prey. Before Shane could react, Jack received a call from Todd's phone. He immediately answered, and was surprised to hear Blair on the other end. Blair told Jack that Todd had been shot, and said she was sending a car to take him to the hospital.

Reeling from the news, Jack stared at his phone, speechless. Shane asked if Jack was okay, and Jack whirled on the smaller boy, furious. "Get away from me!" he snapped, and shouted, "I don't want your germs!" He ordered Shane, as well as Brad and Beth, to get out, and the kids fled the house. Out of control, Jack hurled his phone across the room, shattering a family portrait of the Mannings in happier times.

Viki arrived at the hospital and met with Starr, James, Blair, and Tomas. Blair had no news for Viki, so Viki decided to pull some strings with hospital administration to get more information on Todd's condition. Jack watched in silence from the corridor as Blair introduced Viki to Tomas. After Viki left to speak to an administrator, Jack entered the waiting area. Blair immediately embraced her son and told him to pick up his phone when she called.

Back at the carriage house, Gigi was beside her with worry about Shane's disappearance, and called Brody for help. Before Brody could set out to look for the boy, Shane walked into the house. Hanging up, Gigi demanded to know where Shane had been, and the teen fibbed that he had been out for a walk. "Don't lie to me!" Gigi cried. "Then don't give me stupid advice!" Shane snapped and fled upstairs, ignoring Gigi's protests.

Brody returned to the nursery at Llanfair, where Natalie was watching over Liam in his crib. Natalie asked if there was any news on Todd, but Brody said they were still waiting on forensic analysis. He told Natalie that he'd had a run-in with John at Rodi's, but that Kelly had intervened. "Why am I not surprised?" Natalie quipped. Joining her at Liam's side, Brody told her they didn't have to talk about John and Kelly -- they could just be there with their son. "Okay," Natalie agreed, smiling.

Back at Rodi's, John asked Kelly if she was ready to write him off. Kelly told him he was an adult -- he could make his own decisions and prove Brody right if he wanted to. He could lose Natalie, ruin his career, and turn into a bitter, old drunk, but she wasn't going to let him die, and she ordered him to give her his keys before he continued his drinking binge. "I'm not giving you my keys because I'm done," John muttered, lumbering towards the exit. Kelly asked him where he was going. "I've got a case to work," John replied, striding out of the bar.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nora received a text message from Bo as she rode the elevator in the courthouse. "Found David! Will call you later," the message read. She stepped off of the elevator and found Viki sitting on a bench, waiting for Ryder's custody hearing to begin. Viki was worried about the hearing, and she admitted that she only wanted to get her grandson away from Ford and Tess. She was also hoping for a continuance due to Téa's absence, and she was concerned with Clint's possible actions. Viki wasn't sure that she trusted him. Clint appeared to be changing into Asa at a rapid pace.

Nora admitted that Clint was no longer being pursued for changing the DNA test results, as Vimal had claimed to have done everything on his own. Viki could discern that something else was going on with Clint, but Nora was reluctant to discuss anything. She didn't want Viki to feel more burdened than she already was. Viki was insistent that Nora divulge what she knew, and Nora updated her on David's situation. Viki was shocked, as she had noticed that David had been "living the highlife." She had read his status updates on MyFace.

Nora revealed that Clint had abducted David on his wedding day, as a means to punishing both Bo and David. Clint had been the one updating the Internet page as well. Bo had gone to rescue David. Viki was happy for Dorian, and she admitted that she would never have thought Clint capable of such deeds until recently. Nora explained that nothing had been confirmed yet, Dorian didn't know, and Bo was "approaching [the situation] cautiously." She wanted Viki to be aware so that she could make an "informed decision" regarding Clint and the custody case. Viki didn't think she had any choice to make, other than the one already decided.

Ford tried to reach Langston on the phone, and he left her a message when she didn't answer. He told her that he loved her, and he was certain they could work things out. Tess emerged from the bedroom and complained about her lack of sleep, due to the baby's crying all night and Ford's terrible singing. Tess taunted Ford, and she complained about the smell in the apartment from the baby's diapers. She was more interested in James's whereabouts. Tess was glad to hear about Todd's shooting, but only because it meant that Téa would be busy, and it would be easier for Ford and Tess at the custody hearing.

Later, Ford changed Ryder's diaper, and he advised Tess that he'd been doing the best he could. He sized up the outfit that Tess had selected for their court appearance, and he suggested that she change it. Tess thought he really loved it, but Ford denied it. He offered to do a better job with changing diapers, and he proposed that Tess wear headphones at night while he sang the baby to sleep. Tess was surprised with Ford's helpfulness, but he advised her that he merely wanted to try to resemble a normal and loving couple. They needed to present themselves as such at the custody hearing.

Ford phoned his mother, Inez, to look after Ryder while he was in court. Tess stepped out of the bedroom, clothed in a new outfit, not much better than the previous one. Ford announced that they wouldn't leave until Tess resembled June Cleaver, and took on a "healthy dose of Jessica." She reminded him that she really didn't care about their son, but Ford warned her that he'd have her committed to St. Ann's "so fast your head will spin," if she ruined his chances at custody.

Tess changed her clothes again, and Ford was appreciative of the new outfit. "That's more like it. You look good, Tess," he stated. Tess turned up her nose, but Ford reminded her of the behavior he expected. He hadn't lost Langston to lose his son.

At La Boulaie, Dorian received a phone call from Cutter, who was at the Buenos Dias Café. He invited her to an opening of an art exhibit. Dorian was curious and asked if he were asking her out on a date. "I don't date women who are involved with other men," Cutter replied. He wondered if Dorian had burned the photo of David and Dorian together. He suggested that they wouldn't have a date, but merely consider themselves as companions. Dorian advised him that she had previous plans.

Aubrey walked into the diner as Cutter concluded his call to Dorian. He complimented Aubrey, but she brushed him off. She revealed that Joey had destroyed the jump drive, and Cutter was happy to hear that they wouldn't have to worry about Clint exposing their actions. He was ready to set up a meeting with Aubrey in his hotel room. Aubrey nixed the idea, and told him, "One woman can still bring us down." Rama kept trying to get together with her, Aubrey explained, because Rama wanted the reward they had promised her. Cutter was adamant that Rama would get her reward after they got theirs.

Cutter and Aubrey discussed the need for a plan in order to get their hands on the Buchanan Enterprises money. Aubrey thought she might have something they could use. She'd just heard that Bo and Nora were pursuing Clint as Eddie Ford's murderer. Aubrey didn't know that Ford's lawyer was sitting at a table nearby. He listened to the conversation as Aubrey continued talking. She believed that Clint's crimes would catch up to him.

At the Buchanan mansion, Joey sat and stared at the cover of the morning paper that featured a photo of Kelly next to the headline of the article she had written. Clint walked in and saw his son sitting there. "Are you going to accuse me of shooting Todd Manning too?" Clint asked. Joey shook his head, but he declared that he no longer knew what his father was capable of doing. Clint proclaimed that there was nothing to prove that he'd done any of what he'd been accused of doing. After a short discussion, the men agreed that it would be better to concentrate on the custody hearing for the time being.

Joey disclosed that he hadn't read anything about Todd's shooting, but Clint assumed that Joey was more interested "in the byline, not the headline." Joey was annoyed and advised his father that he and Aubrey were very happy. "I call them as I see them," Clint retorted. Joey reminded his father that it was Aubrey who had pushed Clint and Joey together to get things worked out. "That Aubrey. Always thinking of other people," Clint snapped. He asked Joey where Aubrey might be.

Joey disclosed that Aubrey had met her brother for breakfast, and Clint thought it was nice that they were so close. Joey demanded that they put their issues on hold for Jessica's sake, and Clint agreed. After Clint left, Joey wandered over to the paper to stare at Kelly's photo again. A short time later, Rama showed up, and she agreed to wait for Aubrey. Joey wondered how things were going, and Rama confessed that it hadn't been easy with Vimal in prison. She took in the mansion with its expensive and beautiful furnishings.

Joey was curious about all of the stories Rama had about Aubrey from boarding school days, and he thought she probably had some great ones. "You have no idea," she replied. She spoke about the childhood dreams that she and Aubrey had, and how Aubrey was living her own dream of living in a castle. Joey asked what Aubrey had been like, and Rama noted that the Aubrey Wentworth she had known had been studious, shy, and quiet. She hadn't even been able to talk to a boy. Joey laughed. "Obviously that has changed," he said. "She's a completely different person now," Rama declared.

In Morocco, Rex tied and bound Alex to a chair. He suggested that his father was the one to put Alex up to her latest exploits. Alex insisted that she had no idea what Rex was talking about, and she seemed genuinely shocked to learn that Clint was Rex's father. Rex informed her that Clint was "going down," and so was she. Alex claimed that David had been "living it up," and had been feasting and working on his tan.

As Rex tended to Alex, Bo sat with his son. David woke up and saw Bo, but he assumed that he was dreaming. Bo assured him he had been there all night, waiting for David to "sleep it off." David asserted that he had always known that Bo would show up. "I came, son," Bo replied. David told his father about all that had happened to him since his wedding day, and Clint had been the one behind all of it. Bo revealed that he knew, and with David's help, "We're gonna nail him for it." David revealed that his life had been hell in prison; he'd had little to eat and had been tortured. "I think I know what's going on here," Bo stated.

Bo and David went to Alex's room, and Bo described how Clint had thrown everything together to paint a certain picture. David was pleased to see that Rex was there to help Bo, and he apologized for his treatment of Rex in the past. He'd always felt competitive for Bo's attention, but he wanted to make it up to Rex. The private investigator believed that he should be the one making things up to David, because he'd actually known about David's situation for months.

David couldn't believe it and turned to Bo for validation. Bo nodded his head. "You knew?" David asked Rex in disbelief. Rex tried to explain that Clint had been blackmailing him, but David couldn't listen. He quickly put his hands around Rex's throat and began to choke him. Bo urged Alex to leave the room, as David and Rex were all over the place, with David's hands still around Rex's throat.

Finally, Bo pulled them apart. "Thanks," Rex muttered hoarsely. "You deserved it, Balsom," Bo replied. David vowed to take Clint down, and he also wanted to contact Dorian right away. He asked for Bo's phone.

A crying Langston knocked on Dorian's bedroom door, and Dorian invited the young woman in, but not before hastily hiding the taped-up photo of herself with David. Langston announced that she'd broken up with Ford, but she didn't want Dorian to gloat about it. Dorian was sympathetic, and she inquired whether Ford had been irresponsible again. Langston revealed that he'd actually been responsible, and he'd chosen his baby over her. Dorian was livid, and she corrected Langston. She pointed out that Ford had chosen Tess over Langston.

Dorian was happy that Langston had decided to talk to her, because Starr had been preoccupied with her father. She thought that Langston deserved someone better than Ford, and she ranted that Langston needed a man who put her first. Dorian thought that Ford had been stereotypical and just like David, by putting his own needs first. Langston corrected her, stating that Ford had put his baby first, while David had just gone on to party. Dorian insisted that there was indeed a parallel. The men were selfish and put their needs ahead of the women they'd claimed to love. She thought that Langston was right to break up with Ford and stick to her principles.

Dorian admitted that she hated Ford, but he'd done Langston a favor. She was "free to find the right man." She explained that Langston would be aware of who it was when it happened. Langston agreed with Dorian's assessment; she and Ford hadn't been equals if he'd made moves without consulting her. Dorian urged her to look forward, not backwards. Langston needed a new man. "Kind of like you have?" Langston asked slyly as she removed the taped photo of Dorian and David from its hiding spot. Langston looked at her phone and deleted Ford's message.

Clint walked into the diner as Ford's attorney left. He saw Aubrey and Cutter reaching out to soothe each other. They quickly dropped their hands when they saw him. Clint urged them, "Go have sex in the booth for all I care." He called them grifters and informed them that they were low on his priority list for the day. He assumed that Joey would figure it all out on his own eventually anyway.

Rama announced that she happened to have her yearbook with her, and Joey was eager to see Aubrey's school picture. Rama held the book close, so that Joey wasn't able to see the photo of the real Aubrey Wentworth. She insisted that Aubrey would kill her if she showed Joey the photo. "She looks completely different now," Rama declared. Joey wondered how bad it could really be. "You can't imagine," Rama replied. Joey joked that he'd be able to use the photo to blackmail Aubrey, but Rama decided that it was best to wait for Aubrey's approval.

Joey apologized for Aubrey's late return, but she had probably gone on a shopping spree. "How nice for her," Rama murmured. She thought maybe she should show the photo to Joey, after all, but just then, Aubrey returned home. Joey decided to leave the women to chat, and once he was gone, they wasted no time tearing into each other.

Rama reminded Aubrey that Aubrey was to have given her a reward, but Aubrey stated that she couldn't do so if she didn't have the money. Rama couldn't believe it; she was living in a room alone, forced to move after Vimal went to prison. Aubrey was living in the lap of luxury. Aubrey assured Rama that nothing belonged to her, and that it was all Clint's. Rama thought that Aubrey had better think of something right away.

Joey returned to the room and offered to get the women some coffee. He looked at their faces and asked if anything were wrong. He could feel the tension in the room. Rama wondered if Aubrey wanted to be the one to tell Joey their news. Aubrey looked at her husband and proclaimed that she'd invited Rama to live with them.

Viki and Nora continued to chat. Nora revealed that they were still looking for ties between Eddie Ford and Clint, and Viki admitted that she'd heard about all that Clint was allegedly involved in. Just then, Clint arrived. He called it "a load of nonsense." Viki didn't care to discuss anything, and her only concern was for her grandson. "Let's hope like hell that Tess and Ford don't know what Bo and Nora think," Viki whispered, as Ford's attorney arrived. She just wanted a "united front." Nora went off to check on the continuance.

Tess and Ford arrived, and Nora returned with the bad news that there was to be no continuance. She had good news though. Nora would be able to represent Viki and Clint in Téa's absence. Viki was ecstatic, but Clint wasn't so sure it was in his best interests. Inside the courtroom, Ford's attorney explained that things should go Ford's way, because he was the biological father. If not, "I have something else I can use," the lawyer related. Clint received a text message from Alex. It read, "It's done. But heads up! David's on the warpath."

Dorian phoned Cutter and announced that she had proof that she was over David. She invited him to La Boulaie. Suddenly, her phone rang. It was David, and he had lots to tell her. He told Dorian he loved her, and he hadn't walked out on her. It had all been Clint's fault. Dorian managed to interrupt, and she told him to shut up, because she didn't want to hear it. "You are a liar," she yelled into the phone.

As Dorian was screaming into the phone, Cutter arrived with a gift. The maid announced his arrival. David continued to try to talk, but Dorian cut him off. "It's over. Your replacement has just walked into my bedroom." She noted that he was younger, richer, and handsomer. David didn't think that any of it was possible. Dorian hung up the phone and turned to Cutter. "I told you. He's out of my life," she said. Cutter wondered if that would have been true if he hadn't just arrived. He saw the photo and wondered why it hadn't been burned.

David was upset, and Bo urged him to call Dorian back. David followed his father's directions, but Dorian rejected the phone call. David was heartbroken. He announced that his "soul was at stake." He had to get back to Llanview right away. Bo promised that they would. Bo also had plans. He vowed to "nail that brother of mine."

Friday, March 18, 2011

In Alex's room at St. Blaze's, Rex regretted again that he had not told Bo about David being held in the Moroccan prison. David whined that if he'd lost Dorian, he might as well have rotted and died in the prison cell. Rex asked if he should talk to Dorian himself, but David refused the offer.

David screamed that Rex was nothing but a con man and a phony, who had sucked up to Bo, and that Rex was not worthy of the name Buchanan. Rex replied, "You're probably right. But the thing is...I am a Buchanan." David stated that Rex's claim was pathetic, and that he would feel sorry for Rex if David did not already loathe Rex and hate him "a really, really lot." Bo revealed to David that Rex was as much a Buchanan as David was.

David named Rex as Cain to David's Abel and then wondered which brother had died. Bo corrected David and informed him that Rex was actually his cousin, Clint's son. David then believed that Rex had been doing Clint's dirty work. Rex exclaimed that Clint had changed Rex's paternity tests, so that it would appear that Rex was not Clint's son. Rex insisted that Clint hated him, and that the feelings were mutual.

David told Bo that he wanted to return home. Rex emphasized that he, Bo, and David would nail Clint for what he had done. David said that revenge was number two on his list, and that number one was to return to Dorian, before he lost her to a lesser man. As they walked out of the room, Rex wondered to Bo how they could make the charges against Clint stick, because it would be just their word against his. David rushed out with a banana and a mango and insisted that he was ready to leave. Bo, Rex, and David left for the airport.

At La Boulaie, Dorian told Cutter that she was going to burn all unpleasant memories of that overly coiffed, overly dressed gigolo and turn them to dust. As Dorian ripped up the wedding photo of Dorian and David, she declared, "Lust into dust." Dorian then informed Cutter that he would have the honor of witnessing the ceremony. Dorian and Cutter burned the memories of David in the punch bowl.

Dorian held the invitation to her and David's most recent almost-wedding and ripped it up. She moved the oven mitt from Cutter's hand and remembered the time that she and David had made love in the kitchen. Dorian pulled out a match to begin the ceremony and lit the oven mitt on fire.

When Cutter insisted that he and Dorian celebrate on the town, Dorian claimed that she wanted to de-friend David on MyFace first. Once Dorian was on her computer, she started shrieking about that louse, that gigolo, and Cutter wondered what was wrong. Dorian exclaimed that David had changed his status on MyFace, and that he was in a new relationship with Alex Olanov.

Cutter reminded Dorian that she was over David, and that she no longer cared what David did. Dorian insisted that if she had carried any lingering feelings for David, Alex had killed them. Dorian then pushed Cutter onto the bed. She acknowledged that Cutter only wanted her for her money and maintained that they both just wanted to use each other. "You are exactly what I need to help me forget David Vickers Buchanan." After Dorian looked Cutter over, she commented that he was very, very nice and begged Cutter to make her forget David. Dorian kissed Cutter, as David burst into the room and cried, "Dorian!"

In the courtroom, Clint read the text message from Alex on his phone, "It's done. But heads up. David's on the warpath." Viki noted to Clint that Tess was pretending to be Jessica, as the judge called the session to order. The judge announced that Nora would be acting for Téa due to a family emergency. Tess pounced up and introduced herself and Bobby to the judge as Mr. and Mrs. Ford. The judge questioned why a married couple could not raise their own child, and why the grandparents were suing for custody away from their daughter.

Viki declared that the girl the judge saw was not their daughter. Nora explained that Jessica Buchanan suffered from dissociative identity disorder, and that the girl before him was actually Tess. Nora revealed that the doctor believed that Tess was a genuine danger to the child. Nora added that Viki only had a genuine concern for Jessica. Nora claimed that Viki wanted to protect her grandchild, while her daughter received the care that she needed. The judge asked Tess to take the stand.

Nora warned the judge that every word out of Tess's mouth would be a lie. When the judge asked Tess why Viki and Clint wanted custody of Ryder, Tess claimed that her parents wanted to punish her for marrying the man that she loved. Tess explained that Viki and Clint had wanted her to marry a cop, Brody Lovett, but that she had fallen in love with Bobby over the summer.

Clint immediately jumped up and insisted that he had helped Bobby get his job back, after Ford had lost it as a result of having sex with a student. Morgan rebutted that Clint had hired two goons to beat up Ford, after Clint had learned that Bobby had slept with Jessica. Morgan remarked that Nora had even investigated the incident. Nora asserted that there had been insufficient evidence, and that the charges in the case had been dropped.

Nora revealed that Jessica had abandoned her child with Clint and Viki without telling them where she was. However, Tess explained that she had just learned that her father had altered her baby's paternity test results, and she had been very upset. Nora then pointed out that Clint had set up a very generous trust fund, and the trust fund was what Ford and Tess wanted.

Ford leaped up and declared that he loved his son, and that the judge could ask Tess to verify it. The judge then questioned why Bobby had called Jessica "Tess." When the judge asked Ford if Jessica was Tess, before Bobby had the chance to respond, Tess claimed that she had found out about her father's lies about Ryder and Brody, and that she had suffered a small relapse. However, Tess insisted that she was integrated, thanks to Bobby's love.

Tess then blamed Viki's alter, Niki Smith, because Niki had left Jessica alone with a pedophile, who had molested her. Viki expressed her sincere sorrow for what Niki had done to Jessica. Tess stressed that Viki could relapse at any moment and claimed that Viki's marriage was in trouble. Tess revealed that Charlie and Echo had gotten very close as a result of Clint's changing the results of Rex's paternity test. Tess also feared that Clint would eventually reject Ryder.

Nora requested that Tess see a doctor, and Tess insisted that Viki see one also. The judge excused Tess and asked Viki to take the stand. The judge asked Viki if she really believed that Mrs. Ford was not her daughter and could hurt the baby. Viki admitted that she did believe that. Viki added that her daughter was not well and had suffered a major relapse. Viki stated that she worried about her daughter's sanity and Ryder's safety.

Viki feared the worst, since Jessica had previously experienced a similar relapse, when Tess had tried to kill her sister, Natalie. At the same time, Jessica had been pregnant, and Tess had refused prenatal care. Jessica's baby had died as result, and Viki refused to let another tragedy happen.

The judge informed Viki that he would review the file, and Nora indicated that Dr. Levin would be expecting the judge's call. The judge declared the court to be in recess until further notice. Clint told Ford that he had blown it when Bobby had called Jessica "Tess," and warned that Ford would not want another round with Clint and his goons. Nora grabbed Clint's arm and pulled him aside. Nora stated that she would not be surprised if the judge gave Tess a restraining order. However, Nora also reminded Clint that she was on Viki's side, and that if Viki got custody, Nora would make sure that Clint was sent to jail, so that he would be kept away from Ryder.

In another section of the courtroom, Tess complimented Viki on her performance on the stand, and Viki voiced that she saw how hard it was for Tess to stop Jessica from taking over. Tess then sneered and said that she saw how hard it was for Viki to deny the truth about her marriage, and about Charlie and Echo. Viki remarked that if Tess had something to tell her, to just say it. However, Tess told Viki to ask her new best friend forever, Dorian Lord.

When Viki said that Tess was making it all up, Tess replied, "Maybe, maybe not," and stormed off. Ford demanded to know where Tess was heading, and Tess yelled "out," because Bobby had already lost the case by calling her Tess. When Viki asked Nora what Tess had meant when she said that Dorian would know, Nora suggested that Viki asked Dorian.

Viki told Clint that she was leaving, as Bo and Rex arrived. Bo announced, "Clint Buchanan, you are under arrest for the kidnapping and false imprisonment of my son, your nephew, David Vickers Buchanan."

In the Llanview Hospital hall, Dani freaked out and believed that Todd was dying, but Starr yelled that Dani's tantrum would not help anything. Blair arrived with Jack and Sam, and Jack asked if his dad had died. When Sam asked to see his father, Blair told him that he could, once Todd got out of surgery. The doctor walked out the room and announced that he had bad news, and that Todd was in a coma. When Téa asked if Todd's brain had been affected, the doctor admitted that he did not know.

Téa went into the room to see Todd. As the family waited in the hall, Jack demanded that Dani stop staring at him, and Starr yelled for Jack to stop. When Blair asked the police officer why he was guarding the door, the officer replied that John had wanted him to guard Todd "24/7." Blair feared that the man would return to kill Todd.

In Todd's room, Téa pleaded with Todd not to die on her. Téa then informed Todd that Nate and Dani were in a hotel about to have sex, and that Starr had discovered that she was having James's baby. However, Todd did not react.

Still in the hall, Blair explained Todd's condition to Sam and told him to grab his father's hand, and to tell Todd that Sam loved him and to wake up, so that Todd could make them pancakes. Dani cried to Starr that she had not told Todd that she loved him, and that she had been mean to Todd. However, Starr insisted that Todd would return to them. After Blair walked out of Todd's room, Téa laughed and joked that it would have been just like Todd to respond to Blair, but not to her. Blair claimed that Todd would make it. Blair then hugged Téa.

As Dani and Starr visited Todd in his room, Dani asked Todd to squeeze her hand, but Todd did not respond. Starr told Dani to keep talking. When Dani promised Todd that she would never see Nate again if Todd would wake up, she believed that she felt a squeeze from Todd. Starr rushed over and begged Todd to squeeze her hand, but Todd did not respond.

In the hall, San remarked that he was Todd's favorite son, but Jack disagreed. Dani feared that the doctors would be unable to save Todd. Téa sadly walked out of Todd's room.

Blair visited Todd and asked if he was proud of himself for being the center of attention. She told him that if he were doing that to pay Téa back, Blair would never forgive him. Blair insisted that Todd cut it out and wake up. Blair counted to three and then begged Todd again to wake up, because she needed him there to help her raise their kids.

Sam and Jack entered the room, and Blair told Sam that Todd would be okay. Blair stated that they should take Todd's hand, tell him that they loved him, and ask him to wake up, so that he could take them for ice cream. Jack asked Todd to tell Sam which of them was his favorite son. Sam then asked Todd if it was okay to cry, as Jack brushed away his tears. Back in the hospital hall, Jack threatened that if Sam told anyone that Jack had cried in Todd's room, Jack would hang Sam out of the window by his ankles like he had done the previous winter. When Sam asked if he could tell their dad, Jack warned that Sam especially not tell Todd.

Blair insisted that Todd needed Téa more than ever and told Téa to march into Todd's room, boss him around, and demand that he wake up. When Blair announced that she would take the boys home, Jack asked if they could all do a dopey prayer like they had done at his soccer practice. Téa, Blair, Starr, Dani, Jack, and Sam all clasped hands and formed a circle, as Jack began the prayer. "Fight hard, fight clean, and fight to the finish. As long as our hands are together, and our hearts are full, no one loses." Blair finished, "Amen."

Dani revealed to Starr that she had not told Téa that Todd had squeezed her hand. Starr believed that Todd would do it again. Starr also declared to Dani that she could not have gotten through it all without Dani. Starr and Dani hugged.

Téa entered Todd's room and said that Blair had thought of a good idea, which was that Todd needed to wake up and return to Téa. As Téa gazed at Todd, she said, "Well, ha, obviously Blair doesn't know you the way I know you. Ha, ha. I'd have to hit you over the head with a vase, knock you out, and tie you up for you to listen to me, but even then.... Ha, ha. But we had fun, didn't we? In that cabin? Come on, admit it. Ha, ha. Please don't let that be the last time you ever make love to me. Open your eyes. I can't lose you. Please come back to me."

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