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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 14, 2011 on DAYS
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Gabi attacked Kinsey at the Java Café, thinking that Kinsey had stolen Gabi's earrings. Will pulled Gabi off Kinsey when Bo walked in. Kinsey told Bo that she wanted to press charges. Bo told Will and Gabi to wait for him while he talked to Kinsey. Kinsey was outraged that Bo didn't arrest Gabi. Bo explained that Gabi's brother was a cop and Bo was the police commissioner, and he advised her to change her attitude.

Bo asked where Kinsey had gotten the earrings, and Kinsey said she had bought them at a pawnshop, and she agreed to produce the receipt for him. Bo advised Kinsey to cut Gabi some slack, and Kinsey agreed. Bo told Gabi that he had a lead on Gabi's earrings and advised Will to stay out of it. Then Bo left. Will decided to talk to Kinsey.

Dario took some jewelry to the pawnshop, and the owner assumed that he had returned to reclaim the earrings the owner had sold. The owner said Dario was too late, but Dario said he wanted to pawn some more things. The pawnshop owner said that he could have given Dario more money if Dario had receipts for the jewelry. Dario said it was his mother's stuff, and she didn't keep the receipts because she had gotten the jewelry a long time before.

Dario said he would be back to pawn more things. Dario realized that it would take longer than he had thought to get the money he needed. Dario met a guy on the pier who asked if Dario had the money. Dario gave the man all the money he had, but said he needed more time to get the rest.

Adrienne told Jennifer about her and Justin getting remarried. Jennifer cried, and Adrienne thought that her news had made Jennifer sad. Jennifer said she was happy for Adrienne -- she just wished she were able to find Jack so she could divorce him. Jennifer asked Adrienne when she and Justin planned to get remarried, but Adrienne didn't want to talk about that yet. Adrienne asked Jennifer how big a jerk Jack had been towards her.

Adrienne vented her frustration about not being able to reach Jack. Jennifer said she had left a message on Jack's blog, but he hadn't responded to her post, probably because he didn't read it or didn't care. Jennifer said she had stopped wanting Jack to care. After Adrienne left, Jennifer refused to feel sorry for herself, and she got up and left.

At the hospital, Maggie overheard Nathan yelling at a nurse because Melanie had checked out of the hospital. He tried to explain why he wanted Melanie to stay longer, and Maggie deduced that he wanted Melanie to stay in the hospital so that he could see her whenever he wanted. Nathan admitted that Melanie had told him that she didn't want anything to do with him and that it was over. Nathan refused to accept Melanie's decision. He felt that he had pushed Melanie too hard, too fast. Nathan vented about his anger at Philip for what Philip had put Melanie through. Maggie advised Nathan that Melanie couldn't deal with Nathan's anger on top of everything else she was dealing with.

Daniel and Carly accompanied Melanie home to Daniel's apartment. Melanie went to take a shower, and Carly told Daniel that she was worried about Melanie. Daniel told Carly that he could tell that Carly was in pain, as well, and had been acting as if nothing had happened. Carly told Daniel to focus on Melanie. Daniel said Carly wasn't just crying about Melanie, and Carly said opening up to Daniel about how she felt would make her cry, and that wouldn't help Melanie.

Carly asked Daniel to give her and Melanie time alone to finish their mother-daughter talk. Daniel agreed to leave and went looking for Bo. Melanie thanked Carly for listening to her, because she made everything clear for Melanie. Melanie said that things were over between her and Nathan. She asked Carly not to tell Daniel about her decision not to be with Nathan. Melanie knew that Daniel would understand, because Daniel had been neutral when Melanie was thinking about going back to Philip. Melanie wondered how Daniel managed to keep his cool.

Carly gave Melanie a necklace with her birthstone. Nathan called Melanie, but she said she didn't want to talk to him. Nathan said he didn't think she'd meant what she'd said, but Melanie said she did. She said he was wonderful but it was over. Carly comforted Melanie and asked if she was sure she wanted to end things with Nathan.

Melanie said she wasn't going to change her mind. Melanie left to pick up the takeout food that they had ordered, and she told Carly not to worry about her. While she was gone, Nathan stopped by to see Melanie, but Carly explained that she wasn't there and didn't want to see him. Nathan cried as Carly shut the door.

At the police station, Daniel asked to speak with Bo privately. Then Daniel said that Bo was a "complete jerk." Daniel said he was worried about Carly, and Bo said he was too. Bo said he called Carly almost every day and left a message, but Carly didn't return his calls. "Why would she?" Daniel asked.

Bo said the last thing he had ever wanted was to hurt Carly, but it was a complicated situation. Bo said he wished things had been different. Daniel admitted to being protective of Carly and realized it was foolish to confront Bo. Bo understood that Daniel was trying to help Carly. Daniel said that Melanie needed Carly, and that gave Carly purpose.

Fake Rafe advised Johnny not to talk to his classmate Reed before hitting him. Sami walked in as Fake Rafe told Johnny to "beat the crap" out of Reed if Reed gave Johnny "any more grief." Sami chastised Fake Rafe after she sent Johnny to play in his room. Fake Rafe joked about being in the doghouse. Sami told Fake Rafe that it wasn't like him to tell Johnny to attack another child. Sami asked what had happened to him, and Fake Rafe said he could ask her the same thing, because she in the past, she hadn't questioned him all the time.

Sami said in the past, she loved that he wasn't a bully -- that he had a lot of strength and didn't use it. Fake Rafe said that Johnny would get picked on because he was different, and Johnny needed to know that he could "beat the crap out of 'em, that they made a mistake underestimating that little guy." Sami felt that Fake Rafe taught Johnny the DiMera solution. She said that Rafe had always hated that E.J. was a bully, but suddenly Rafe was like Stefano training E.J. Fake Rafe felt he was gaining ground in his quest to destroy Sami's marriage.

Fake Rafe and Sami argued some more, and he referred to Johnny as her son. She was taken aback by the reference and explained that he had always thought of them as his kids. Fake Rafe said he did, but it wasn't cool when she was angry with him about how she thought he was raising them. Sami said she had appreciated how supportive and generous he had always been with her kids, but she didn't think that it was right to advise Johnny to beat up a classmate. Fake Rafe laughed at Sami and mocked her. Sami said Johnny's condition wasn't a joke to her. He thought she was overreacting.

Fake Rafe said that if Johnny weren't fighting back against bigger kids, Johnny would be doomed. Sami said they shouldn't have that conversation at that time since it was Rafe's first day back at work. Carrie called, so Sami went into the other room to talk. When Sami returned to the living room, she was surprised to see Rafe still there. Fake Rafe said he wanted to make sure they were "good."

Sami said they would talk later. Sami reminded Rafe to drink his coffee, and he commented on how good she was to him. He drank it and realized it was cold. Sami said he liked it cold. He said it wasn't cold enough, so he planned to take it with him. Sami could tell that he hated the coffee.

Johnny told Sami that Rafe had taught him how to punch Reed, and he thought that Rafe was the best. Sami explained that Rafe was having a hard time remembering things, and she advised Johnny to talk to her if anything bad happened to him at school. Johnny said he didn't want Rafe to get better -- he wanted Rafe to stay the way he was.

At the Brady Pub, Jennifer changed her mind about burying her rage in a cheeseburger, onion rings, and a chocolate shake. She turned around and ran into Daniel. Daniel asked her to buy him some coffee, but she wanted to resist temptation, because she was craving a cheeseburger. Daniel suggested they play darts. Jennifer said he didn't seem like a "dart kind of guy." He asked why that was, and she said, "Because I just didn't think you were a complete dork." Daniel laughed, and insisted they play darts.

Jennifer teased Daniel about how dorky darts and the men who threw them were. Daniel said that darts was a game of skill and stamina. She said that "chubby guys in cardigans" threw darts, and it made "bowling look like a triathlon." Daniel thought she mocked the game because she didn't know how to play it, so he coached her on the proper technique of throwing darts. He suggested that she visualize something that she really wanted to hit, so she took him up on his challenge. Jennifer hit the bull's-eye, and explained that she had visualized Jack's face.

Daniel asked if she still thought that darts was dorky and whether he was dorky. She said darts weren't really dorky, and he was far from dorky. She laughed, and he complimented her on her smile. Jennifer said she realized that she was taking things too seriously, and she said he was really fun.

Will and Gabi went to the pawnshop to find out who had pawned her earrings. The owner wasn't cooperative, so Will announced that he was calling his Uncle Bo the police commissioner, and then decided to call his grandfather, the police commander. The owner changed his mind and decided to help them. Will asked who had sold the earrings that Kinsey had bought.

The owner described the person who had sold earrings, but it wasn't very helpful, so they asked to see the videotaped footage of the shop. The owner said there wasn't any tape in the camera -- it was just a deterrent. Will said he would have to call Bo. The owner showed them the tape, and Gabi was surprised to see who it was.

At the police station, McCarthy greeted Fake Rafe, and Bo said she had done all of Fake Rafe's paperwork while he was gone, so he had the only clean desk in the room. That helped Fake Rafe figure out which desk was his. Bo handed him a stack of cases from the morning, and said it was good to have Rafe back. Bo asked if Fake Rafe had returned the DiMera files he had taken home with him. Fake Rafe said he had forgotten the files at home and would return them the next day. He looked up his criminal file on the computer, which showed what he had looked like before he had plastic surgery to look like Rafe. Then Fake Rafe deleted his file.

At the pier, Dario stared at Melanie's necklace while she tried to make a phone call.

Tuesday, March 16, 2011

At the pawnshop, Gabi and Will reviewed the surveillance footage. Shocked, Gabi realized that the thief that stole her earrings was familiar. Gabi ordered the store owner to give her the DVD of the footage, but the owner refused. When Gabi and Will threatened the owner with a visit from their respective police officer family members, the owner backed down and gave them the DVD. As Gabi and Will left the pawnshop, Gabi promised to tell Will who the person on the tape was, once they were clear of the store.

At the hospital, Nicole and Taylor informed Lexie that Taylor was moving into the DiMera mansion. Barely able to hide her shock, Lexie wondered aloud whether Nicole was worried about her privacy, since she was a newlywed. Shaking her head, Nicole reminded Lexie that with the kids and Stefano in the house, there was no privacy. With a shrug, Nicole excused herself to take a phone call from her wedding photographer.

Once Nicole was gone, Lexie expressed her concerns to Taylor about Taylor moving into the same house as E.J. Taylor assured Lexie that she was moving into the mansion at her mother's request. Taylor admitted that E.J. had been against the move but had changed his mind. "Taylor, you may be a saint, but my brother isn't," Lexie said firmly. Lexie urged Taylor to consider whether she had the ability to resist E.J.'s advances. "This isn't only about me, Lexie. My mother is sick. She needs me to be close by," Taylor said before heading back to the DiMera mansion.

While Lexie was working at the nurse's station, Chad arrived at the hospital and asked his sister to talk. Chad noted that Abe had appeared uncomfortable at the wedding. With a sigh, Lexie asked Chad if he was referring to Abe's comment to Chad that it was not too late to run away from the DiMera family. Lexie explained that Abe was not objective about the DiMera family because he had a history with them. Chad countered that Lexie was not objective either.

Chad admitted that he felt like he was pushing himself into the family. Lexie assured Chad that he was welcome to become a part of the DiMera clan, but Chad said he had felt like an "imposter" at the wedding. "Father and I and E.J., your niece, your nephews, we see you as a wonderful, kind, loving person and we are so proud to have you in our family," Lexie said firmly. Emotional, Chad choked back tears and thanked Lexie for talking to him.

In the DiMera living room, Stefano showed E.J. the medical record for Rafe. "Patient's memory has been completely obliterated," E.J. read aloud. Worried, E.J. urged Stefano to remove Rafe from the house. Stefano argued that Rafe was not stable enough to be moved and could die. As Stefano finished bellowing, Kate entered the living room and noted that the men had stopped talking. When Kate asked whether Stefano and E.J. were plotting, Stefano left the room, and E.J. reminded Kate not to ask questions.

"We both know that's not going to happen. Especially when it comes to flesh and blood," Kate countered. Kate asked E.J. to tell her why he had begged her to send Allie away so suddenly. When E.J. remained quiet, Kate asked him whether Rafe was the reason that Sami had agreed to send Allie away. "What is suddenly the problem with Rafe Hernandez?" Kate wondered aloud as Stefano returned to the living room. Stefano explained that Rafe had not been the same since the accident, and Allie was uncomfortable.

Noting that Johnny and Sydney were still around Rafe, Kate wondered why E.J. had not pulled them away as well. E.J. explained that he had considered pushing for full custody of his children but that Rafe was making progress. With a suspicious look on her face, Kate nodded and left the mansion. Frustrated, E.J. argued that he was tired of having Rafe in the mansion and wanted him removed.

When Stefano questioned whether E.J. was hiding something from him, Nicole and Taylor arrived home. Frustrated, Stefano cried out, "Oh my God! What is this?" Nicole explained that Taylor was moving in. Taylor offered to leave, but Nicole reassured Taylor that she could stay. E.J. added that Taylor was welcome to stay. Thrilled, Nicole passionately kissed E.J. while Taylor looked on in discomfort. Stefano ushered Nicole and Taylor out of the living room. Once alone with E.J., Stefano exclaimed that he understood why E.J. was in a rush to remove Rafe.

"I'll tell you what is out of the question: Hernandez staying in this house regardless of which guests happen to be here. We don't have a use for him anymore, so what's the point?" E.J. said angrily. Stefano argued that Taylor was the one that they had no use for. "I made a promise to Nicole that her sister and her mother could stay here. I will not renege on that promise. Besides which, if I do so, it's only going to raise suspicion," E.J. argued. Suspicious, Stefano questioned whether E.J. had an ulterior motive for keeping Taylor in the mansion.

Upstairs in the mansion, Nicole helped Taylor unpack her suitcase. Nicole advised Taylor not to worry about Stefano. When Nicole talked about spending time with Taylor, Taylor noted that she would busy with her job at Titan and taking care of Fay. Nicole expressed worry about their mother, but Taylor assured her that Fay would be fine. When Nicole continued to talk about how happy she was to have Taylor in the house, Taylor blurted out, "I don't want to take your husband away from you."

Confused, Nicole asked why Taylor believed she could take E.J. away from Nicole. Backpedaling, Taylor clarified that she did not want to take Nicole away from her husband, since they were newlyweds. Taylor promised that she would stay out of Nicole's way.

Down in the living room, E.J. received a call from Lexie, chastising him about his decision to move Taylor into the mansion. Lexie argued that the move could cause undue stress to E.J.'s children. Frustrated, E.J. stressed that he was concerned about Fay's health. At the hospital, Lexie rolled her eyes as she listened to her brother on the phone. Behind Lexie, Kate walked up to the nurse's station and eavesdropped on Lexie's phone conversation with E.J. Lexie urged E.J. to buy Taylor and Fay their own place.

When Lexie hung up the phone, she turned to find Kate smiling behind her. Kate noted that she was at the hospital for her checkup. With a grin, Kate casually asked Lexie who E.J. was going to buy a house for. Still annoyed, Lexie explained that Nicole's sister and mother were moving into the mansion. Curious, Kate asked Lexie why she was concerned about the women moving into the mansion. With a shrug, Lexie excused herself.

Back at the mansion, Stefano returned to the living room to inform E.J. that "you won this time." Happy, E.J. hugged his father and thanked Stefano for seeing things his way. "He will be removed as soon as possible," Stefano said. "Excellent. I have enough things to worry about," E.J. muttered.

Brady visited Sami at the loft. When Brady asked Sami how she was, Sami admitted that she no longer trusted Rafe with her kids. Sami expressed her disappointment in Rafe and wondered aloud whether the man she loved was gone forever. Brady assured Sami that Rafe would return to her. After Brady spent some time with Johnny, he left for home. Sami noted to Johnny that Brady was a great guy. Curious, Johnny asked his mother if Rafe was a great guy. Unsure how to answer the question honestly, Sami admitted that Rafe was a great guy but that "even great guys sometimes say things they shouldn't say."

Sami reminded Johnny that it was not okay to hit or get into fights. Johnny asked Sami why Rafe had given him boxing lessons, then proceeded to show his mother how to punch. With a sigh, Sami reminded Johnny that no matter how well he could box, he could not punch people. Sami ordered Johnny to gather some toys for an outing, then, frustrated, she muttered to herself about Rafe.

Down on the pier, Dario intentionally ran into Melanie, knocking her takeout food to the ground. Dario wiped bits of food off of the front of Melanie's coat and surreptitiously stole Melanie's necklace. As Melanie assured Dario that she was fine, she straightened her coat and realized that her necklace was missing. With a twinkle in her eye, Melanie noted that she was thrilled that a stranger was nice enough to help her. Uncomfortable, Dario noted that he did not think he had done anything nice.

Ratcheting up the guilt, Melanie added that Dario had not meant to bump into her. "Who would do that besides some lowlife street thug trying to take the necklace my mom just gave me to make me feel better?" Melanie said smoothly as she lifted her necklace out of Dario's pocket. Holding the necklace up, Melanie said, "You're good I guess. But I'm better." Melanie joked that she hoped Dario was not a professional thief because he "suck[ed] at it."

Melanie asked Dario what he had been thinking. Dario assured Melanie that her necklace had probably fallen into his pocket. Shaking her head, Melanie noted that she had given Dario an opportunity to come clean, but because he had failed to, she was going to call the police. Desperate, Dario took Melanie's phone from her. "Call the cops and I'll throw you in the river," Dario said. Not fazed, Melanie said that Dario was not going to hurt her. When Dario protested, Melanie grabbed Dario and called out for help.

Dario struggled to escape from Melanie's grasp as Brady walked around the corner and ran to Melanie's aid. Brady pulled Dario aside and called out to Melanie to ask if she was okay. "I'm fine, but he's going down!" Melanie exclaimed.

At the police station, faux Rafe was examining his own criminal record on the computer as McCarthy walked up behind him and asked whose record faux Rafe was looking at. Caught, faux Rafe explained that he was looking up a "big-time criminal." When McCarthy reviewed the rap sheet on faux Rafe's real persona, she dismissed the suspect as a small-time crook. Faux Rafe assured McCarthy that she was looking at a "criminal mastermind." Shrugging, McCarthy noted, "There's something psycho in his eyes, like he's not all there. Like he could snap at any minute." After noting that the suspect gave her the creeps, McCarthy walked away.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe was drinking a coffee when he received a call from Gabi on his cell phone. Looking at the caller ID, Rafe noted, "Gabi. World's most annoying sister. She's called me like ten times today. As if." With a shrug, faux Rafe put his phone back in his coat pocket. Caroline entered the main room of the pub and spotted faux Rafe at the table. Caroline greeted faux Rafe and mentioned that Sami was on her way to drop off the kids because Rafe was working.

"Sami's coming here? Now? Ugh, I better get out of here," faux Rafe said. As Rafe grabbed his coffee and headed for the door, Caroline asked faux Rafe if he was avoiding Sami. Chuckling, faux Rafe countered that he adored his wife and that he had been taking a quick break from work and needed to get back. After Rafe had left the pub, Sami arrived with Johnny and Sydney. Sami gave her children coloring books and sat them down at a table. Sami greeted Caroline and thanked her for watching the children.

Concerned, Caroline said that Sami had missed Rafe. Caroline added that when Rafe learned that Sami was on her way to the pub, Rafe had rushed out. Sami noted that Rafe was different since the accident. "I don't care anymore why he is acting this way. I can't stand it. I can't stand him," Sami said. Shocked, Caroline asked Sami if she was thinking of leaving Rafe. With a sigh, Sami admitted that she was angry but that she was determined to work things out with her husband. Sami hoped that she would "see a glimmer of the man" she had fallen in love with. Sami kissed Johnny and Sydney goodbye, then left the pub.

At the Java Café, Gabi grew more desperate to find Rafe. When Rafe failed to respond to Gabi's voicemails, she determined that she and Will should take the DVD over to the police station and look for Rafe.

McCarthy escorted Dario down to the police station in handcuffs, with Brady and Melanie in tow. Melanie informed McCarthy that she wanted to press charges against her assailant. When Dario called Melanie a "crazy lady," Melanie lost her temper and went after Dario. Brady pulled Melanie off of Dario and calmed her down. Realizing that Melanie was upset about more than the theft, Brady hugged Melanie tightly and led her to an interrogation room to talk to her.

As Melanie paced the interrogation room, she thanked Brady for helping her down on the pier. With a smile, Brady noted that Melanie was doing fine on her own. Brady assured Melanie that he would always be there to help her.

Handcuffed, Dario sat in a chair nervously as faux Rafe returned to the police station. "Rafe. Great. Just who I needed to see," Dario moaned. Confused, faux Rafe stared quizzically at Dario. When Dario provoked faux Rafe to lecture him, faux Rafe shook his head, confused. Before Rafe could say anything more, Gabi rushed into the police station and called out Dario's name. From the doorway, Sami witnessed the scene and looked at faux Rafe's confused expression.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In the DiMera living room, Taylor sipped her after-dinner drink as Nicole cuddled up next to E.J. on the couch. Taylor made awkward small talk about dinner, and E.J. asked how Fay was doing. Taylor blurted out that she hoped her mother would get better soon so that she could get out of Nicole and E.J.'s way. "What's the hurry? We love having you here, don't we, honey?" Nicole said. In an attempt to ease the tension, Nicole informed E.J. that Taylor had spent two years working at an orphanage in Romania and was used to sleeping on the floor. Nicole said that she was proud of her sister and happy to have Taylor around.

When Taylor continued to sit silently in her chair, Nicole quietly urged E.J. to say something. E.J. joked that he could have the bed removed from Taylor's room if she preferred to sleep on the floor. Shocked, Taylor stared dumbfounded at E.J. Feeling awkward, E.J. apologized for his bad joke and assured Taylor that he was not making fun of her work at the orphanage. Nodding, Taylor wished Nicole and E.J. a good evening and went upstairs to bed.

"What are you looking at me for? She did not leave because of me," E.J. said with discomfort. "Oh, yes, she did," Nicole insisted. E.J. protested, but Nicole argued that E.J. had acted bored when he talked to Taylor. "You didn't even look at her," Nicole exclaimed. E.J. reminded Nicole that he had reservations about Fay and Taylor moving into the mansion because it upset Stefano, but he noted that he had willingly backed the move for Nicole.

"Why do I do this? Because you come to me and you tell that it's important to you, and if it's important to you, it's important to me! I want to make you happy," E.J. yelled. "You mean that?" Nicole asked tentatively. Quietly, E.J. admitted that he'd meant what he'd said.

In the DiMera dungeon, Rafe stared blankly around the cell. When Rafe sat down on the bed, he discovered his key necklace shoved into the hole of the leg of the bed. Clutching the key in his hand, Rafe curled up on the bed and pretended to be asleep as Stefano and his henchman Ted entered the dungeon. Stefano noticed the key necklace poking out of the bottom of Rafe's hand and asked Ted what the object was. Ted noted that Rafe had been wearing the necklace when he arrived at the mansion but that he had hidden it since then.

Furious, Stefano ordered Ted to retrieve the necklace because it was a piece of Rafe's past. "It does no good to obliterate his memory if we don't cut off every tie he has ever had with his past, understood?" Stefano growled at Ted. Ted nodded as Stefano left the room, and Rafe smiled slightly as he continued to pretend to be asleep.

At the police station, Dario asked why Rafe was not lecturing him. Confused, faux Rafe shrugged as Gabi ran into the police station and called out to Dario. "Dario? He's my brother," faux Rafe said aloud as Sami walked into the precinct. Suspicious over the confused look on faux Rafe's face, Sami watched the scene intently.

"Tell me what a burden I am, not to mention a screw-up," Dario challenged faux Rafe. Covering up his first reaction to Dario, faux Rafe noted that Dario had surprised him by showing up at the precinct in handcuffs. "Surprised? It's not like it's the first time," Dario noted. Dario wondered aloud whether Rafe had told Sami about his brother. Sami interjected that Rafe had told her about Dario. Faux Rafe excused himself, and Sami took the opportunity to apologize to Dario for not inviting him to the wedding. Bristling, Dario countered that he'd had no desire to go to Rafe's wedding.

"I'm sorry if that offends you," Dario said brusquely. "How could it not?" Sami asked casually. "It wasn't high on my list of priorities, you know?" Dario added. "I do now," Sami countered before rolling her eyes and walking away. Gabi pulled Dario aside and asked whether Ariana's memorial was high on his list of priorities either. Defensive, Dario noted that he'd had his reasons for not attending Ariana's memorial. "You make mom and the rest of us crazy because no matter how much we love you, you can never stay out of trouble," Gabi said sadly.

Gabi wished aloud that she was not too late to help Dario. Angry, Dario told Gabi that she was "full of crap." Will stepped in front of Dario and warned him not to speak to Gabi so harshly. Gabi reminded Dario that Sami and Will were family. Dario deduced that Gabi was dating Will, and Dario asked Gabi whether she was ashamed to date the son of her sister-in-law.

Out in the hallway of the police station, faux Rafe frantically called Stefano to warn him about Dario's appearance at the precinct. Stefano urged faux Rafe to return to the DiMera mansion for a refresher course on the Hernandez family and reminded faux Rafe that the real Rafe and his brother Dario hated one another. "Oh yeah. I got that," faux Rafe muttered.

When faux Rafe returned to the main room of the police station, Gabi pulled him aside and informed him that she had retrieved the surveillance footage of Dario pawning her earrings. Since Gabi had filed a stolen property report, she asked faux Rafe to pull some strings so that Dario would not be arrested for the theft. "It's not that simple. You're not the only person he stole from," faux Rafe noted. Faux Rafe explained that even if he wanted to help Dario, he could not because the other victim wanted to press charges. "It all works out in the end. I promise," faux Rafe reassured Gabi before heading to the interrogation room.

Will asked Gabi if she was okay. "My brother Rafe he seems so cold. You think he was a stranger or something," Gabi answered. From the corner, Sami listened to Gabi talk; Sami sighed.

In the interrogation room, faux Rafe explained to Melanie that since there was no witness to the theft that she needed to clearly note what Dario's intention was with her if Melanie wanted the charges to stick. Melanie explained that Dario took her necklace from around her neck. "He's a thief, and not only is he a thief, he's a bad one and he needs to be in jail," Melanie said. With a grin, faux Rafe responded, "All righty then."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

by Mike

A messenger arrived at Maggie's house with a package for Jennifer. Jennifer told Abigail that the package was from Justin's office. Jennifer explained that she had asked Justin to send her the proper documents so that she could file for divorce. Jennifer admitted that she had been worried about how her kids would react to the news. Abigail claimed that she was relieved that Jennifer was planning to divorce Jack.

"Like I said before, you have every right to dump his sorry ass," Abigail said. Jennifer made it clear that she didn't want to hear Abigail talk about her father that way. Abigail told her mother that Jack was an irresponsible jerk and that she was happy that Jennifer had decided to move on with her life. Abigail wondered what had caused Jennifer to change her mind. Jennifer admitted that many things had played a role in her decision.

"I just feel like I have wasted the last several months. I have put my life on hold for a man who doesn't love me, and I can't do that anymore," Jennifer explained. Jennifer added that she wanted to set a good example for her children by not wallowing in self-pity. Abigail insisted that Jennifer had never done that; she had always been strong and brave. Abigail told Jennifer that she greatly admired her mother's courage. Abigail wondered what the next step in the divorce proceedings would be.

Jennifer explained that she been granted an ex parte divorce because Jack was impossible to locate. Jennifer told Abigail that an ex parte divorce would take longer to be finalized, but Jack would not have to participate. Jennifer asked Abigail to keep the divorce a secret from the rest of the family. Abigail understood and agreed that the Horton family could be suffocating at times. Abigail hugged Jennifer and assured her mother that divorcing Jack was the right thing to do.

Melanie told Daniel that she was going to the police station to learn more about the man who had tried to steal her necklace. Daniel insisted on going with Melanie. Daniel assured Melanie that he wasn't going to hurt Dario -- he was only going to scare him. Melanie managed to convince Daniel that no one would take her seriously if she showed up at the police station with her father acting as her bodyguard. Melanie assured Daniel that she would call him after she was done at the police station.

After Melanie left, Daniel picked up an envelope and inspected its contents. Later, Daniel visited Jennifer and handed her the envelope. Daniel explained that the envelope had been delivered to him by mistake. Daniel told Jennifer that he had also hired Justin to handle his divorce, and he theorized that the messenger had mixed up the envelopes by mistake. Jennifer handed Daniel the envelope that she had received earlier.

Daniel and Jennifer each agreed not to mention the other person's divorce to anyone else. Jennifer asked if Daniel was all right. Daniel admitted that he felt responsible for the way that his marriage had ended. "Now that I've got the benefit of perspective, I realize I could have prevented this entire thing from spiraling downward if I'd just been more attentive, maybe more loving," Daniel said. Jennifer scoffed and insisted that Daniel was wrong.

Jennifer reminded Daniel that Chloe was the one who had betrayed Daniel and slept with Philip. Daniel sighed and admitted that it was refreshing to have a friend who was as direct as Jennifer was. Jennifer warned Daniel that he hadn't seen anything yet. Later, Daniel excused himself so that he could check on Melanie. After he said goodbye to Jennifer, Daniel quietly removed his wedding ring and placed it in his pocket.

At the DiMera mansion, Taylor couldn't stop thinking about her earlier encounter with E.J. Elsewhere, E.J. was having difficulty focusing on work because he had been plagued by thoughts of the same encounter. Chad interrupted and explained to E.J. that he had been looking for Stefano. E.J. told Chad that Stefano wasn't at the mansion. Chad asked if E.J. knew when Stefano would return.

E.J. dismissively told Chad to call first next time so that Chad wouldn't have to make a wasted trip. E.J. told Chad that he was busy and asked if there was anything else that he could do for Chad. "Oh, no, no, no -- I wouldn't want to take up any more of your precious time," Chad said, using a mock cockney accent for full effect. After Chad left, Taylor walked in and wondered where Nicole was. E.J. explained that Taylor's sister had left earlier to run some errands.

Taylor realized that E.J. was busy and started to leave, but E.J. stopped her. E.J. explained that he was aware that Taylor was going to officially start working at Titan later that day. E.J. reminded Taylor that her living situation had changed since she had originally agreed to take the job at Titan. Taylor insisted that her living arrangements were temporary and that she was going to work for Titan regardless of E.J.'s disapproval. E.J. warned Taylor that there would be consequences if she told Brady confidential information about the DiMera business.

Taylor rolled her eyes and quipped that she was actually a spy and E.J. had managed to figure out her master plan. Taylor changed the subject and asked E.J. about his true feelings for Nicole. E.J. told Taylor that he had once loved Nicole intensely; he had also once loathed Nicole, he admitted. E.J. said that he had managed to reconnect with many of the things that he had originally admired about Nicole. "She has this wonderful energy, this infectious appetite for life. She makes me very happy," E.J. explained.

Taylor noted that E.J. had not actually stated that he loved Nicole. E.J. told Taylor that Nicole was an excellent mother to his children and he loved being around her. "I do love your sister. But I'm not in love with your sister," E.J. added. Taylor wondered why E.J. had chosen to marry someone that he didn't really love. E.J. explained that he had proposed to Nicole at a time in his life when he had been very cynical about love.

E.J. told Taylor that he had been certain that he was never going to be able to find true love again. Because of that, he had rationalized that it didn't matter who he was married to. Taylor was shocked by E.J.'s explanation. E.J. insisted that Nicole had been all right with their arrangement, but Taylor wasn't convinced. "She doesn't want an 'arrangement.' She wants a marriage; she wants to be loved," Taylor insisted.

Taylor told E.J. that Nicole was in love with him, but E.J. refused to believe her. E.J. insinuated that he might have started to develop feelings for someone else. Taylor stopped him and stated, "My sister is close to having everything she has ever wanted; two wonderful kids, a husband she adores, and all that's missing is for that husband to love her back. I can't be the one who ruins that for her." Taylor tried to leave, but E.J. blocked her path and asked her to stay. Taylor momentarily protested, but she soon gave in to her desires and started to kiss E.J. passionately.

In the dungeon, Fake Rafe was shocked to learn that the real Rafe was no longer locked up. Fake Rafe wondered if Stefano had killed Rafe. Stefano assured Fake Rafe that Rafe was still alive and well. Stefano explained that Rafe had been moved to a different location and that he had started a new life. Fake Rafe wondered where Rafe had been moved to.

Stefano told Fake Rafe not to be concerned about Rafe's whereabouts. Fake Rafe said that he was concerned because he didn't want to accidentally run into Rafe on the street somewhere. "Well, I assure you that is not a problem because he has disappeared for good, which is what happens to someone who displeases me. You should keep that in mind," Stefano warned Fake Rafe. Stefano changed the subject and handed Fake Rafe a file that contained information about Dario Hernandez. Stefano instructed Fake Rafe to memorize everything that was in the file.

Fake Rafe considered Stefano's project to be a waste of time because Dario was already in jail. Stefano made it clear that he expected Fake Rafe to convince Dario that he was the real Rafe Hernandez. As Fake Rafe studied the file, Stefano chastised Fake Rafe for not being prepared for Dario's arrival. Fake Rafe noted that Dario seemed to be the black sheep of the Hernandez family. Stefano explained that Rafe and Dario had always clashed with each other, but it wasn't in Rafe's nature to give up on a family member.

Fake Rafe quipped that Stefano's plan would have been a lot easier if Rafe had been less of a saint. Fake Rafe admitted that he was worried that Dario wouldn't buy Fake Rafe's act because Dario didn't worship Rafe like the rest of the people in Rafe's life did. Stefano warned Fake Rafe that failure was not an option.

Gabi and Will met with Justin so that Gabi could ask Justin for legal advice about Dario's case. Justin noted that Gabi's brother had amassed a long list of prior charges on his record. Gabi pointed out that all of the previous charges were misdemeanors. Justin warned Gabi that it would be difficult to get Dario's charges dropped. Gabi told Will and Justin that she couldn't turn her back on her brother.

Justin agreed to represent Dario, but he warned Gabi that he wouldn't be able to promise anything. Gabi sighed and admitted that Rafe probably didn't even care about what might happen to Dario. Gabi told Justin that Rafe had not been acting like himself since his accident. Gabi noted that Rafe had acted like Dario was a complete stranger when he had seen Dario at the police station. A short time later, Justin called the police station to let them know that he wanted to meet with Dario.

After the phone call ended, Justin asked Gabi if she was certain that Dario had not already hired someone else to represent him. Gabi was puzzled and assured Justin that she wasn't aware of any other attorneys that Dario would have hired. Justin shrugged and explained that there had to have been some sort of misunderstanding. Meanwhile, at the police station, Dario met privately with a man who claimed to be Dario's lawyer. "You do realize the extent of my legal knowledge amounts to watching Law and Order," the man warned Dario.

Dario told the man that he didn't need a lawyer. Dario said that he needed something far more important from the man. Dario wondered if the man had managed to get the information that Dario had requested. The man told Dario that he had tried his best to procure the information, but he had not been able to. The man insisted that he no longer wanted to be involved because Dario had paid him with dirty money.

Dario tried to get the man to reconsider and claimed that he would not be able to get the information without the man's help. Dario's so-called attorney ignored Dario's plea for help and walked away. Later, Justin and Gabi arrived at the police station, and Justin introduced himself as Dario's attorney. Dario's guard was confused and said that she had believed that the other man that had visited Dario had been his attorney, but Dario covered by saying that he had fired that man.

Justin told Dario that he had pulled some strings and he was optimistic that he would be able to get Dario released without bail. Justin explained that the charges would still be pending, but he was hopeful that Dario would be released within the hour. Melanie entered the police station and overheard Justin's announcement. Melanie insisted that she wasn't going to allow Dario to be released. Melanie was shocked to learn that Dario was a member of the Hernandez family.

Melanie was worried that Dario wouldn't be punished because of his brother's ties to the police department. Melanie warned Justin that Dario would continue to steal from people if he was released from jail. Gabi assured Melanie that Dario regretted his actions, but Melanie wasn't convinced that Dario had any regrets. "I regret not having earplugs; your shrieking is giving me a headache. Are you always this high-strung, or is it that you're just not getting any?" Dario asked. Melanie lunged at Dario angrily.

Justin held Melanie back as she yelled at Dario. One of the guards threatened to arrest Melanie if she didn't calm down. Melanie agreed to leave, but she warned Dario that she wasn't going to forget about what he had done to her. After Melanie left, Gabi wondered why Dario had started stealing things instead of asking his siblings for help. Gabi stated that she couldn't understand why Dario was so angry with her and Rafe.

Dario lashed out and exclaimed, "Because you let her down, both of you! Our sister, Arianna -- she's dead, and you don't give a damn!" Gabi was shocked that Dario would say something that terrible about her. "Not a single day goes by that I don't think about Arianna, that I don't wanna get under my covers and just cry because she's not here!" Gabi insisted. Gabi explained that she had struggled to stay strong because she had realized that Arianna would not have wanted her to stop enjoying life. "So don't you ever, ever tell me that I don't care that my sister died," Gabi added.

Dario apologized and admitted that he was just frustrated because they still didn't know who had killed Arianna. Gabi assured Dario that Rafe had done everything that he could do to find the driver of the vehicle that had hit Arianna. "He may have tried, but I'm gonna succeed. I'm gonna find out who killed our sister," Dario vowed. Dario explained that he had hired a private investigator, but the P.I. had not managed to find anything. Dario admitted that the man he had hired had quit as a result of Dario's arrest.

Dario promised that he wasn't going to rest until he had figured out who was responsible for Arianna's death. Fake Rafe walked in and interrupted Gabi and Dario's conversation. Fake Rafe immediately started to spout off a few random facts from the file that Stefano had given him to prevent Dario from getting suspicious. Dario and Gabi tried to interrupt Fake Rafe to explain Dario's motivations, but Fake Rafe refused to listen.

Justin interrupted and announced that Dario was free to go. Gabi and Fake Rafe thanked Justin for his help. Gabi wondered where Dario was going to stay while he was in Salem. Dario insisted that he would figure something out, but Gabi ignored him and pointed out that Sami and Rafe had an extra bedroom that they weren't using. Gabi asked Fake Rafe if Dario could stay with him and Sami.

At the Java Café, Abigail accidentally spilled the cup of coffee that she had ordered. As she tried to clean it up, Will walked in and offered to help. Abigail insisted that she was all right, but Will wasn't convinced. "You're right; I'm not fine at all. In fact, my life's a mess -- a horrible, depressing mess," Abigail admitted. After she made Will promise that he wouldn't tell anyone else, Abigail explained that her parents were going to get divorced.

As Will offered his support, he noticed that Chad had been standing behind Abigail. Abigail asked Will to give her and Chad some privacy. After Will left, Abigail asked Chad to tell her what he had overheard. Chad admitted that he had heard that Abigail's parents were going to get divorced, but he assured her that her secret would be safe with him. Abigail was grateful, and Chad quipped that even DiMeras could be moral and trustworthy.

Abigail told Chad that she had once been close with her father, but that had changed at some point. Abigail realized that she had barely spoken to Jack in months. Chad admitted that he understood what it was like to be estranged from a parent. Chad explained that the man he had thought was his father for most of his life no longer wanted anything to do with him. Abigail thanked Chad and apologized for the way that she had acted when she had learned that Chad was a DiMera.

Abigail admitted that she wouldn't have wanted someone to judge her based on her father's actions. Abigail started to note that it was slightly different because her father hadn't been involved in criminal activities, but she stopped herself. Chad laughed and assured Abigail that it was all right -- he had accepted his last name and he didn't want any of his friends to be afraid of mentioning the fact that he was a DiMera. "Just like I don't wanna hide from or ever forget that I was once a father myself," Chad added. Chad admitted that Grace had made him realize how much he wanted to be a dad again one day.

Chad said that he could relate to Stefano because Chad had missed out on the opportunity to be a father to Grace. "I can see the pain in his eyes, knowing that he missed out on all those years with his son. And I get it; I know how he's feeling," Chad admitted.

Melanie was still seething from her encounter with Dario when she ran into Will at the pier. Melanie told Will that Dario might be released and might not even be forced to pay bail. Melanie asked Will to warn the Hernandez siblings that Dario would still have to deal with her even if Rafe managed to sweep Dario's charges under the rug. "If Dario stays here, I'm going to make his life a living hell!" Melanie vowed as Will walked off.

Friday, March 18, 2011

by Mike

Taylor pulled away from E.J.'s embrace and tried to leave, but E.J. stopped her. Despite her protests, Taylor gave in to her impulses and kissed E.J. again. Taylor started to feel guilty and tried to pull away from E.J. again, but she found it impossible to resist her urges. After kissing E.J. for the third time, Taylor did the only other thing that she could think of -- she slapped him. Taylor rushed out of the room before E.J. could say anything.

Nicole returned to the DiMera mansion and noticed that Taylor and E.J. looked flustered. Nicole wondered what she had missed. Taylor claimed that she had been upset about her mother's illness and E.J. had comforted her. Nicole said that she was happy that Taylor and E.J. had been getting along recently. Taylor claimed that she was tired and quickly excused herself.

Nicole thanked E.J. for being nice to her sister, then went to check on Taylor. Nicole said that she wanted Taylor to admit the real reason that she had been so upset earlier. Taylor deflected and claimed that she had lied when she had said that things were all right between her and E.J. "Everything I do when I'm around him, Nicole -- the way I react to him -- it's all so wrong. It is never gonna work," Taylor insisted. Nicole assured Taylor that E.J. had been doing his best to get along with her.

Taylor admitted that it had been a good idea for her to move into the mansion because it had allowed her to be closer to Fay. Taylor assured Nicole that she was going to try to get along with E.J. for Fay's sake. Later, Nicole received a phone call from Brandon. When Brandon asked about Taylor and Fay, Nicole assured him that they were both all right and that life couldn't have been better. Meanwhile, E.J. went to Taylor's room and tried to apologize to her.

"What happened earlier was completely inappropriate. And I promise you, on my word of honor, it will not happen again," E.J. vowed. Taylor told E.J. that his word didn't carry a lot of honor. E.J. scoffed and shot back at Taylor that she should get over herself. "I mean, frankly, it really wasn't what I expected; it was quite disappointing, actually. The good news, however, is that I've managed to completely flush you out of my system," E.J. said. Taylor told E.J. that she was relieved to hear that because he had never been in her system.

At the hospital, Sami talked to Daniel about Rafe's condition. Sami told Daniel about Rafe's interaction with Dario at the police station. Daniel was shocked to learn that Rafe's brother was the man who had tried to mug Melanie. Sami explained that Rafe had been tough on Dario at the police station; his behavior had reminded her of the old Rafe, she admitted. Daniel could sense that something else had happened that had bothered Sami.

Sami explained that she had overheard a conversation between Rafe and Johnny, and that Rafe had instructed Johnny to beat up a kid who had bullied Johnny. Sami insisted that the old Rafe would not have done something like that. Sami said that she had tried to talk to Rafe about her concerns, but she wasn't sure how to get through to him. Daniel reiterated that Sami was a strong woman and that she needed to use that strength to her advantage.

At the police station, Gabi tried to get Fake Rafe to agree to let Dario stay with him and Sami. Justin agreed that the judge would be impressed if he learned that Dario was living with a police officer, but Fake Rafe wasn't convinced. Fake Rafe claimed that he would have to talk to Sami before he could agree to let Dario stay at his place. Dario insisted that he wouldn't have wanted to stay with his brother anyway. Fake Rafe offered to pay for Dario to stay at a cheap motel.

After Dario left with Justin and Gabi, Fake Rafe realized that he had made a stupid move. Later, Fake Rafe went to the pier and attempted to call Stefano. After he left an urgent message for Stefano, Sami called and said that she needed to speak to Rafe. Fake Rafe agreed to meet Sami at the pier. After his conversation with Sami had ended, Fake Rafe called E.J. and arranged to meet him at the pier, too.

Fake Rafe warned E.J. that Sami would be at the pier so that E.J. could remain out of sight until after Sami had left. When Sami arrived at the pier, E.J. listened as Fake Rafe preemptively told Sami that he had refused to let Dario stay at their apartment. "It wouldn't be safe for the kids; he's in a dark place right now," Fake Rafe explained. Sami assured Fake Rafe that she understood. Sami tried to mention her conversation with Daniel, but Fake Rafe interrupted and dismissively told Sami that his break was over and that he needed to get back to the police station.

After Sami left, E.J. observed that Fake Rafe had figured out exactly how to handle Sami. Fake Rafe admitted that he was worried that Dario was going to realize that Fake Rafe was an impostor. "It would be a lot easier if you and your dad could just take care of him," Fake Rafe said. E.J. scoffed and pointed out that it would look suspicious if Dario suddenly disappeared. E.J. reminded Fake Rafe that it was his job to convince Dario that he was the real Rafe Hernandez.

At the Brady Pub, Justin tactfully suggested that the private investigator that Dario had hired had given Dario false hope. Justin told Dario that it wasn't very likely that a private investigator would have been able to determine who had killed Dario's sister. Dario thanked Justin for his help and promised that he would stay out of trouble. After Justin left, Dario wondered what had happened to Rafe. Gabi reminded Dario that Rafe had been in a car accident and that he had suffered a brain injury.

"Fine, I get that. The guy gets in a car accident and gets his brains scrambled, but he's not even close to being my real brother," Dario insisted. Gabi was optimistic that Dario would be able to help Rafe recover from his injuries. Gabi said that Rafe and Dario had always loved each other despite their differences. Gabi excused herself and explained that she had agreed to babysit Johnny. Later, Gabi returned with Johnny and introduced him to Dario.

Johnny wondered if Dario was a cop like his brother Rafe. Gabi laughed and told Johnny that Dario wasn't a cop -- he was a magician. As Dario amazed Johnny with his disappearing coin trick, Sami entered the pub. Sami smiled as she watched Dario interact with her son. Johnny excitedly told Sami that Dario was just like Rafe.

Sami told Dario that she believed that Johnny was right. Sami said that she had talked to Rafe and that Rafe hated the fact that Dario didn't have a place to stay. Later, Sami visited Fake Rafe at the police station and happily told him that she had invited Dario to stay at their apartment. Fake Rafe grabbed his coffee mug and hurled it across the room as his temper flared. "What the hell's wrong with you? Who do you think you are?" Fake Rafe asked as Sami stared at her husband in disbelief.

At Justin's office, Adrienne told Justin that there was a problem with the date that they had chosen for their wedding. Adrienne explained that their children wouldn't be able to make it on such short notice; the earliest date that would have worked for them would have been in December or January. Justin said that he didn't want to wait that long. "We'll just get married -- right away, just like we planned. And we'll just go visit them, one at a time, on our third honeymoon," Justin suggested. Adrienne kissed Justin and admitted that his plan sounded perfect.

Seconds after Melanie returned to Daniel's apartment, Nathan started to knock on the door. Nathan breathlessly explained that he had heard that Melanie had been mugged. Melanie assured Nathan that she was all right. Nathan told Melanie that she should have called him. Melanie shook her head and quietly told Nathan that nothing had changed between them.

"You can't keep walking around hoping that there's a chance for us, because there's not," Melanie said. Nathan asked if he was still allowed to be concerned about Melanie as a friend. Melanie agreed that she and Nathan would always be friends. Nathan asked her to tell him more about what had happened with the mugger. Melanie said that Dario had tried to con the wrong person.

Melanie told Nathan about Dario's connection to Arianna. "I don't care how much I loved Arianna; I'm gonna make him pay," Melanie vowed. Nathan noted that it sounded like Melanie could have used someone to lean on for support. Melanie assured Nathan that she had plenty of support from her parents and Brady. Nathan was undeterred and insisted that he wasn't going to give up on Melanie.

Nathan said that he was certain that a part of Melanie still loved him, too. Melanie said that it didn't matter because their relationship wouldn't work. Nathan struggled to maintain his composure; he tried to leave, but Melanie stopped him. Melanie pointed out that Nathan had only tried to reunite with Melanie after they had learned about Philip's affair. "I can't pretend to be someone I'm not. That girl that you fell in love with, I'm not her. I never will be again; I couldn't even try," Melanie tearfully stated.

Nathan sighed heavily and asked Melanie, "What do you want me to do? You want me to walk out the door? You want me to just -- you want me to walk out right now, forever?" Melanie quietly confirmed that she wanted Nathan to leave. Nathan told Melanie that he couldn't do that, but Melanie insisted that he was going to have to move on without her. Before Nathan could protest further, Daniel returned to the apartment and interrupted their conversation. Nathan looked defeated as he stared into Melanie's eyes.

Nathan quietly mouthed, "I love you," and left the apartment. Daniel comforted Melanie as she started to cry. Melanie wondered if Daniel believed that it had been a mistake to reject Nathan. Daniel said that Melanie needed to follow her heart, and he assured Melanie that she had made the right decision. Melanie thanked her father for his support.

Melanie tried to tell Daniel that she had not forgotten that she still needed to file for divorce from Philip, but she couldn't manage to say the actual words. Daniel understood and said that divorce wasn't an easy step to take. Melanie noted that it wasn't going to be easy for Daniel, either. Melanie was anxious to change the subject, so she told Daniel about her encounter with Dario at the police station. Daniel told Melanie that he had already heard that Dario was Arianna's brother.

Daniel had anticipated that Melanie would be confused about how to handle the situation, but Melanie insisted that she had not changed her mind about Dario. "He needs to go to jail. He's been stealing from tons of people, and his little sister, and now I'm worried that because his brother's on the force, he's gonna get a free pass," Melanie said. Daniel assured Melanie that he had spoken to Sami earlier and that Sami had said that Rafe wasn't going to let his brother off the hook that easily.

Later, Melanie recalled her encounter with Dario on the pier. Melanie vowed that she wasn't going to let Rafe protect Dario, and she rushed out of the apartment. A short time later, Melanie arrived at Sami and Rafe's apartment and started to pound on their door. When no one answered, Melanie turned away from the door and started rummaging in her purse; before she could find whatever it was that she had been searching for, the door to Sami and Rafe's apartment finally opened. Melanie turned back around and found herself face-to-face with a shirtless Dario Hernandez.

Nathan approached Daniel at the hospital and asked if he could talk to Daniel about Melanie. Nathan admitted that he should have listened to Daniel's advice instead of trying to rush things with Melanie. Nathan was certain that the outcome would have been different if he had waited, but Daniel wasn't convinced. "You just gotta accept what is. You gotta find a way to just move on," Daniel said. Daniel told Nathan that he was a fine doctor and that he was going to have a great career.

"But don't let it ruin your personal life -- obsessing over what might have been or what you're never gonna have," Daniel continued. Nathan tried to protest, but Daniel interrupted him and added, "There's a whole world out there, man. See where it takes you." Later, Nathan placed a call and asked to speak to Dr. Cooper. Nathan fought back tears as he waited for Dr. Cooper to answer the phone. Nathan's voice broke as he said, "The reason I'm calling is that fellowship that you offered me. Is it still available, or have I lost my shot at Johns Hopkins?"

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