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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 21, 2011 on GH
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Monday, March 21, 2011

At the hospital, Carly gently stroked Josslyn's back as she promised her daughter that everything would be fine. Terrell entered the room moments later. Carly told Terrell that Josslyn's fever had gone down. Terrell was pleased to hear it, but he asked to speak to Jax and Carly privately. Michael watched over Josslyn as Jax and Carly followed Terrell out of the room. In the hallway, Terrell broke the news to the worried parents that the tests had confirmed that Josslyn had cancer.

Michael joined them in the hallway after Josslyn had fallen asleep. Terrell revealed that they had found tumors in both of Josslyn's kidneys. Terrell explained that the rare "Wilms' tumors" had begun to develop while Josslyn had been in the womb. Terrell assured the devastated parents that the condition wasn't hereditary. Carly wondered what would happen next. Terrell recommended that Josslyn receive chemotherapy to reduce the tumors. Jax immediately objected to the idea of Josslyn receiving poisonous chemicals, so he demanded to know if there were alternatives to chemotherapy.

Terrell explained that Josslyn could live without one kidney, but not both. Jax was curious if they could find a new kidney for Josslyn. Terrell acknowledged that it would be an ideal situation, but there were inherent risks, including organ rejection. Terrell also revealed that organs for someone Josslyn's age were very rare and that there was a long waiting list. Jax was stunned that Josslyn's best option was not available to them.

Terrell decided to give Carly and Jax some time to consider their options. After Terrell left, Jax promised to get a second opinion for Josslyn. Jax was determined to do whatever was necessary to save their daughter's life. After Jax left to make some calls, Michael comforted Carly. Carly couldn't believe that Josslyn had cancer and needed chemotherapy, but she vowed that she wouldn't lose her daughter.

Later, Michael found Carly making a phone call. Carly admitted that she had called Jason because he gave her strength, so she needed him at her side. Michael reluctantly revealed that Jason couldn't be there, but Carly argued that Josslyn's situation was far more important than finding Theo. Michael explained that Jason was already at the hospital because "Jake Webber" had been badly hurt. Michael hadn't wanted to tell his mother about the accident because Carly had enough to deal with.

Carly decided to find Jason. She knew that Jason would be upset because Jason loved Jake as much as he loved Michael, Morgan, and Josslyn. Carly was certain that everyone would be making decisions for Jake while Jason would be relegated to sitting on the sidelines alone. "Yeah, and he's Jake's father," Michael acknowledged. Carly didn't deny it. She felt that she needed to be there for Jason because Jason had always been there for her.

Carly instructed Michael to call her if there were any change in Josslyn's condition or if the doctor needed to speak to her. Michael nodded and then hugged his mother as she thanked him for being a wonderful big brother to Josslyn. Shortly after Carly left, Abby called Michael. Michael immediately apologized for not meeting her for dinner. Abby assured him that it was fine, but she had been concerned about him. Michael revealed that Josslyn was in the hospital.

Abby immediately rushed to the hospital to be at Michael's side. She was stunned when Michael told her about Josslyn's cancer. Michael confessed that he finally realized what his parents and Jason had been talking about. "There is nothing worse than fearing for the child that you love," Michael clarified.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy promised Luke that Jake would be fine. Luke pointed out that she couldn't know that for certain. Luke recalled what it had been like when he had been told that Lucky had perished in a fire. Luke insisted that nothing could ever compare to that kind of pain. Tracy tried to stay positive by reminding Luke that Lucky hadn't died in the fire.

Luke remained lost in the past as he recalled that something had broken when he and Laura had learned about Lucky's death. Luke conceded that there had been problems in the marriage, but believing that their son had died in a fire had been the beginning of the end for them. "So, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger?" Tracy offered. Luke acknowledged that the experience had left him a hard and bitter man. Luke feared that Lucky would never recover if Jake died.

Tracy suggested that there would be time to grieve later if the worst were to happen. She urged Luke to focus on the present because there was still hope for Jake. Luke told Tracy about how Liz had rushed into Lucky's arms when they had arrived at the hospital. Luke revealed that Liz had kept apologizing for what had happened, so he was certain that Lucky would try to be strong for Liz. Luke confided that, from the looks on the doctors' faces, Jake's outlook was not good.

Siobhan watched from the hallway as Lucky comforted Liz in a private waiting room. "It's all my fault," Liz cried. Lucky fought back tears as he reminded Liz that it had been his night to take the boys. Liz didn't understand why she hadn't heard anything. Lucky insisted that they had to believe that Jake would be okay. He assured Liz that God was with their son, so Jake would make it.

Liz remained distraught over their son's fight for his life, so Lucky reminded her of all the times that Jake had shown them that he was a fighter. Lucky recalled how surprised they had been to find Jake teaching himself how to swim. Lucky chuckled as he recounted the time that Jake had watched motorcross on television and then had taken his tricycle to the back porch to ride it off of a step. Lucky remembered how terrified he and Liz had been when Jake had flown over the handlebars. Liz recalled that Jake had told her, "That was so cool, Mom."

Liz dissolved into tears as she agreed that Jake was a fighter. Lucky insisted, "You are such a good mother to him." He promised Liz that Jake would pull through. Steve entered the room moments later. Lucky and Liz were eager to know if there had been any word on Jake. Steve gently explained that, given Jake's injuries, the surgery could take awhile.

Lucky decided to give Liz and Steve some privacy, so he left the waiting room. Liz admitted that she didn't even know the extent of Jake's injuries because Patrick hadn't gone into detail before the surgery. Steve explained that there hadn't been time. Liz was desperate for an update, so Steve decided to ask a nurse to check on the surgery. After the nurse left to do Steve's bidding, Steve spotted Lisa at the nurses' station.

Steve noticed the purse in Lisa's hand, so he angrily demanded to know where she was going. Lisa quickly put the purse away as she assured Steve that she didn't have any plans to leave. She promised Steve that her problems with Robin could wait; she just wanted Steve to focus on his nephew. Lisa added that she sincerely wished Patrick and Robin well in the operating room. A short time later, Steve returned to his sister's side to let her know that Patrick was focusing on Jake's head trauma before addressing the other injuries.

Steve promised Liz that they were doing everything possible to save Jake's life. Liz clutched Jake's little jacket to her face as she deeply breathed in her son's scent. Steve suddenly realized that he had given the same assurances to countless families in similar situations. Steve was shaken by how little those words had helped. He vowed to be a better doctor in the future by showing genuine empathy to the families of patients facing a crisis. Liz smiled weakly as she thanked her brother for bargaining with God.

In the hallway, Lucky told Siobhan that his son was fighting for his life. Siobhan urged Lucky not to give up hope. Moments later, Nikolas arrived. Nikolas had heard about the accident, but he offered to leave if Lucky didn't want him to be there. Lucky appreciated the offer, but declined. Lucky confessed that he wanted to reassure Liz that everything would be fine, but Lucky didn't know if Jake would be okay.

Dante and Lulu arrived a short time later. Lulu quickly embraced Lucky. Afterwards, Lucky told them that Jake was in surgery. Dante revealed that he had been at the scene of the accident. According to Dante, there hadn't been any tire marks, so it appeared that the person responsible for the hit-and-run had kept driving. Nikolas couldn't understand what kind of person would leave an injured child abandoned in the street.

Dante suggested that perhaps the person hadn't realized that they had struck a child. Dante revealed that they would be able to find the driver because traffic cameras would have recorded the cars that had been in that area around the time of the accident. Dante explained that he would need to talk to Liz to find out what time the hit-and-run had occurred. Dante started to head to the waiting room, but Lucky stopped him. Lucky didn't think that it was the time to talk to Liz about the accident because she was going through hell.

Jason stood in the observation room as he watched Patrick and Robin valiantly try to save his son's life. Tears filled Jason's eyes as Robin warned Patrick that Jake was hemorrhaging. Jake's condition rapidly declined as Patrick desperately worked to stabilize the toddler. Meanwhile, Sam silently slipped into the observation room and then took Jason's hand in hers. Jason squeezed her hand as he continued to watch the doctors operate on Jake.

Robin glanced up at the observation room to see Jason praying for his son. A short time later, Robin noticed that Jake's brain activity had ceased. Patrick realized that Jake was beyond saving, so he decided to close him up. Robin looked at Jason and then softly shook her head to let Jason know that Jake hadn't survived his injuries.

Sam approached everyone gathered in the waiting area let them know that Jason was in the observation room, watching Jake's surgery. Sam decided that she could best help by finding the driver responsible for Jake's hit-and-run. Dante reminded Lucky that time was of the essence, so Lucky decided to question Liz about the accident. Lucky returned a short time later to reveal that Jake had been hit between 8:00 p.m. and 8:05 p.m. because Liz's cell phone had showed that she had called 9-1-1 at 8:06 p.m. According to Lucky, Liz had found Jake lying in the street by her front yard, but she hadn't seen a car. Lucky surmised that the car had been southbound on Lexington at the time of the hit-and-run.

Lucky grew silent when he spotted Jason walking towards him. A hush fell over the area as Lucky slowly approached a grief-stricken Jason. Jason answered the question in Lucky's tear-filled eyes by softly shaking his head and then quietly confirming, "He's gone." Lucky dropped his head as he wept over the loss of his son. Meanwhile, friends and loved ones began to cry as they realized that Jake had lost his battle for life.

After several minutes, Lucky silently pulled himself together and then returned to the waiting room to break the news to Liz. Sam walked up to Jason and then wrapped her arms around him as he cried over the loss of his son. Nikolas approached Steve at the nurses' station to find out where Aiden and Cameron were. Steve explained that a neighbor had the boys, so Nikolas decided to pick them up and then take Cam and Aiden to Wyndemere.

Liz looked up when Lucky entered the room. She immediately realized that her worst fears had been realized when she saw the pain on Lucky's face. Liz wept inconsolably as Lucky told her that Jake had succumbed to his injuries. Jason stood in the hallway, watching as Lucky tried to comfort Liz. Robin walked up moments later to talk to Jason. Robin told Jason how sorry she was for his loss and then assured him that they had done all that they could for Jake.

Jason wondered what happened next. Robin explained that Jake had been put on life support, so it would be up to Jake's parents to decide when to turn off the machines. Jason looked back into the waiting room to see Lucky gently rocking Liz as she cried. Later, Patrick and Robin entered the waiting room to talk to Lucky and Liz about Jake. Patrick revealed that Jake had suffered a "catastrophic head injury."

Patrick started to go into detail about Jake's injuries, but Robin silently stopped him by gently putting her hand on his back. Robin assured Lucky and Liz that they couldn't have done anything for Jake because his injuries had been too extensive. Patrick apologized for failing Lucky and Liz, but they were too bereaved to hear it. Lucky wanted to see Jake, so Robin explained that Jake was on life support. Lucky and Liz seemed surprised by the news.

Patrick revealed that it would be up to Lucky and Liz when to take Jake off of the machines. In the hallway, Carly approached the waiting room as Patrick broached the subject of organ donation. Carly covered her mouth as she realized that Jake had died. She quietly walked away as Patrick reminded Lucky and Liz that Jake could save the lives of many children. Lucky stepped out of the waiting room to ask Steve to stay with Liz.

Lucky warned Steve that Patrick and Liz were discussing donating Jake's organs. Lucky wanted to know where Jake was, so Steve sent Lucky to room 1050. Siobhan was immediately at Lucky's side. Lucky took her hand and then walked to Jake's room. However, he hesitated to enter once they arrived at the room.

Siobhan dropped Lucky's hand as she explained, "You need to do this on your own." Lucky braced himself and then started to open the door. He stopped and then turned to Siobhan as he confessed that he couldn't see his son like that. Lucky reached for Siobhan and then hugged her as he gave in to the anguish over losing Jake.

At the Haunted Star, Luke confessed that he had needed to leave the hospital because he'd had no idea what to do for Lucky. Lulu arrived moments later to deliver the news that Jake was on life support. Tracy asked Luke and Lulu to promise not to tell Edward that Jake had been Jason's biological son. They all agreed that it would kill Edward to learn that his great-grandson had died.

Patrick returned to the operating room where he had tried in vain to save Jake's life. Patrick began to throw things around as he gave in to his anger. Robin entered the operating room to find Patrick in the grips of despair and frustration. She assured him that it wasn't his fault that Jake had died. Patrick reminded her that Lucky and Liz had been counting on him, but he had failed them. Robin argued that Jake had been too far gone. She wrapped her arms around Patrick as she tried to comfort him.

Sam entered to police station to beg Dante to allow her to help find the driver who had killed Jake. Dante was curious why Sam wasn't with Jason at the hospital. Sam explained that Jake was a "loaded subject" for her and Jason because she had made a horrible mistake years before that she would regret for the rest of her life. Sam felt that her presence at the hospital would upset Liz, so Dante relented. He quickly updated her on what he had discovered and then they began to review the footage from the traffic cameras. A short time later, they had narrowed down the list of suspects to seven cars.

In the waiting room, Liz hugged her brother and then began to reminisce about Jake. Liz recalled how beautiful Jake had been the first time that she had laid eyes on him; she had felt blessed to be his mother. "This should never have happened," Liz sobbed as Steve tried to comfort her.

Carly found Jason on the hospital's rooftop, lost in memories of the time that he had spent with Jake, playing with a toy motorcycle, following the bus crash. Jason realized that Carly knew about Jake's passing by the expression on her face. Carly offered him her condolences and then explained how she had learned about the tragedy. Jason confessed that he knew exactly the number of times that he had held Jake. "It was eight," he told her. Carly knew how much Jason had loved Jake.

"I just wish there were more time," Carly tearfully confessed. Jason wondered what she had meant by that. Carly revealed that she had been at the hospital because Josslyn had been diagnosed with cancer and desperately needed a kidney transplant. "Your son could save my daughter," Carly admitted.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

At the police station, Sam reviewed a list of the license plates numbers for the possible suspects of Jake's hit-and-run. Dante revealed that they were being run through their system to see who the cars were registered to. Sam blanched when she realized that her vehicle was on the list. She immediately told Dante, who wondered why she hadn't mentioned that she had driven past Liz's house around the time of the accident. According to Sam, she hadn't thought twice about it because she drove that route countless times because it was a shortcut through town with fewer traffic lights.

Dante was certain that Sam would have known if she had hit a small child, but Sam disagreed. She explained that the street wasn't well lit and that there were numerous potholes, which she might have attributed the bump to. Sam became distraught as the enormity of what she might have done sank in. Dante urged her not to jump to conclusions because she hadn't been the only person on the road that night. Sam confessed that she had been driving with a terrible headache, so she hadn't been concentrating on the road. She conceded that she should have pulled over immediately instead of trying to drive.

Dante was curious if she had been impaired. "My steering wheel drifted off at one point, so, yeah, I guess I was," Sam answered. She volunteered to have the forensics team check her car, which was parked in front of the police station. Dante quickly took her up on the offer. Dante and Sam continued to trace the plates while they waited to hear back from the forensics team. Sonny, Robin, and Lisa's cars were quickly identified.

Sam feared that it would destroy Sonny if Sonny were found to have been responsible for the hit-and-run. Dante thought that Lisa might be a possible suspect because she had been accused of doing some "pretty nasty stuff." Luke's car was identified next, followed by a Town Car with false plates and tinted windows. Sam suggested that it might be a mob car, so she offered to have Spinelli check into it. Dante noted that the car didn't appear to have been speeding or driving recklessly, so he decided to check the other cars first. Moments later, Dante received a call clearing Sam of the hit-and-run; however, Sam's joy turned to concern when they discovered that the last car on their list belonged to Carly.

Nikolas went to the Haunted Star to persuade Luke to go to the hospital to be with Lucky. Luke nursed a drink as he stubbornly insisted that Lucky knew where to find him. Nikolas thought that it was time for Luke to step up and be a father for Lucky's sake. Luke reminded Nikolas that Lucky could always call if he needed his father. Nikolas argued that perhaps, just once in Luke's life, Luke should be there for Lucky before Lucky had to ask.

In the operating room, Patrick couldn't understand how he could have operated on a child who had been left braindead and on life support, but an hour later the operating room was spotless and ready for another patient. Robin agreed that it didn't make sense. Patrick was curious why Robin was there. Robin admitted that she wanted Patrick to know how sorry she was. Patrick felt frustrated that he hadn't been able to save Jake. Robin reminded Patrick that Jake had suffered a catastrophic head injury, so Jake had been beyond help.

Patrick wondered why, if that were true, she kept apologizing. Robin confessed that she felt terrible for what she had done to him and their family. She acknowledged that he had been apologizing to her for months, so the least that she could have done was meet him halfway. Patrick assured Robin that she'd had a right to be angry. Robin admitted that she would have regretted all the time that she had wasted if it had been Emma who had died.

On the hospital's rooftop, Carly tearfully apologized for adding to Jason's grief by asking him for Jake's kidney. However, she insisted that Josslyn's life was on the line. Jason said little as Carly explained that a donor kidney was Josslyn's best possible option, but there was a long waiting list, so Jake was Josslyn's only hope. Carly continued to stress how dire Josslyn's situation was. According to Carly, if they didn't find a donor immediately then Josslyn would have to begin chemotherapy. Jason pointed out that Jake and Josslyn might not even be a match.

Carly realized that they had to run tests, but she pleaded with Jason to help her. She acknowledged that she hadn't given him any time to grieve, but she insisted that Josslyn didn't have any time to spare. Carly explained that the cancer was in both kidneys and that the doctors intended to start pumping "poison" into Josslyn's body. Carly recognized that she was handling the situation all wrong, but she didn't know what else to do. Jason assured Carly that it was okay; however, he warned her that it wasn't up to him.

Jason promised to talk to Liz about donating Jake's kidney to Josslyn. Carly immediately threw herself into Jason's arms to thank him for helping her. Later, Jason approached Steve at the nurses' station to find out where Liz was. Steve offered Jason his condolences and then revealed that Liz was with Jake. Steve explained that Liz and Lucky were considering organ donation, but they had wanted to see Jake first.

Jason told Steve about Josslyn's situation and her need for a kidney transplant. Steve agreed that Jake would be an excellent donor. However, Steve reminded Jason that they would have to run tests to see if Jake and Josslyn were a match. Jason was curious how soon they could do that. Steve assured Jason that he knew that time was of the essence because the sooner the cancer was out of Josslyn's body the better.

In a conference room at the hospital, Alexis and Jax worked on their laptops, in an effort to find an alternative treatment for Josslyn. Jax had struck out with the international organ registry because the list of children who needed transplants was too long. Alexis offered to call in a favor to bump Josslyn to the front of the list, but Jax declined. He couldn't, in good conscience, do that to a child who was already waiting for a transplant. However, Jax continued to pray for a miracle for his daughter.

Terrell entered the room moments later. Jax introduced Alexis to Terrell before Terrell revealed that he had consulted with a specialist who had concurred with Terrell's diagnosis and recommendation for chemotherapy. Jax was concerned that Josslyn might not be able to have a transplant because of the chemotherapy, but Terrell quickly clarified that a transplant would still be possible. However, Terrell warned Jax that the chances were slim that they would be able to find a donor for Josslyn.

Carly entered the waiting area to announce that they had found a donor, so she wondered if Terrell could do the transplant immediately. Everyone was full of questions, so Carly explained that Jake Webber had been killed in a hit-and-run accident. Carly explained that Jake's father had agreed to the transplant. Jax and Alexis were shocked by the tragic news, but Jax gave his consent for Terrell to operate.

Kristina entered Josslyn's hospital room to check on Michael. She revealed that Jax had told Alexis about Josslyn's situation and that Alexis and Jax were researching various treatments for Josslyn. Michael talked about what a wonderful baby Josslyn was. He recalled how hard the chemotherapy treatments had been on Alexis, so he worried about Josslyn. Michael had no idea how anyone prepared a child for that.

Kristina stiffened when Abby entered the room with sandwiches. Michael smiled at Abby as he told Kristina that Abby had been at his side throughout the evening. Later, Kristina found herself alone with Abby as they kept an eye on Josslyn. Kristina made it clear that she resented Abby's presence at the hospital. Abby suggested that it wasn't the time to "throw attitude" around because Michael needed support. Kristina pointed out that Michael had his family around him.

Kristina accused Abby of making everyone feel awkward, but Abby suggested that Kristina was the only person who appeared to have a problem with her. Kristina fired back that everyone else was too polite to say anything and that Abby didn't even know Josslyn. Abby agreed, so she decided to leave because she didn't want anyone to have to deal with Kristina's issue with Abby when they had so many other things to worry about. Moments later, Michael returned to the room with news that they had found a donor for Josslyn. Michael glanced around the room and then wondered where Abby was. Kristina explained that Abby had needed to leave and then expressed relief over the good news.

Lisa approached Terrell at the nurses' station after she received his page. She admitted that she had heard the sad news about Liz's little boy. Terrell quickly filled Lisa in on Josslyn's need for a kidney transplant. Terrell recalled that Lisa had assisted on many transplants during her days as a doctor in Houston, so he needed her expertise. Lisa agreed to help Terrell because she wanted the satisfaction of saving a child's life before she was booted from the hospital.

Robin and Patrick approached the bank of elevators after their shift. Patrick realized that they still hadn't settled things with Lisa when they spotted Lisa at the nurses' station. Robin didn't think that Lisa was a concern at that moment because all Robin wanted to do was go home to Emma. Patrick admitted that they had taken too much for granted, but Jake's death had put it all into perspective. Robin agreed. Patrick smiled weakly as he asked Robin to kiss Emma goodnight for him.

Robin surprised Patrick by suggesting that he kiss Emma himself. She admitted that she wanted Patrick to move back home. Patrick wondered if she were sure. Robin confessed that she had been happiest when they had been a family. Robin missed Patrick and wanted that feeling back. "Let's go home," Patrick softly suggested as Lisa watched Robin and Patrick leave together.

Lucky stood outside of Jake's hospital room, tightly holding Siobhan, as he tearfully confessed that he didn't want his last memory of Jake to be of Jake hooked up to machines. Lucky tried to pull himself together as Siobhan advised Lucky to focus on saying what he needed to say to Jake. Lucky was about to enter the room when Liz softly called out to him. Liz wondered if Lucky had seen Jake. Siobhan quietly excused herself to give Lucky and Liz some privacy. Lucky confessed that he wasn't ready to see Jake.

Liz admitted that she kept expecting to see Jake appear from around a corner. Lucky confided that he felt the same way. Liz reminded Lucky that there wasn't a rush for them to see Jake, so she suggested that they continue to talk. Lucky welled up with tears as he gently reminded her that the machines were the only thing keeping Jake alive. Liz tearfully admitted that she knew that, but she wasn't ready to let Jake go.

Later, Liz was on the verge of entering Jake's room when Jason approached her. Liz's eyes filled with sadness as she wondered how long he had been at the hospital. Jason revealed that he had been there the entire time, but he had kept his distance because he didn't want to complicate things for her. Liz began to cry as she apologized to Jason. "For what?" Jason asked.

Liz explained that Jake has slipped out the front door while she had been distracted. Jason quickly assured her that she was not to blame and that it could have happened to anyone. Jason insisted that Liz was a wonderful mother. Liz tearfully disagreed, but Jason was adamant that she had given Jake the best life that Jake could have had. Jason looked around and then wondered where Lucky was. Liz assured Jason that Lucky would return shortly because they hadn't seen Jake yet.

Jason told Liz that Josslyn had been diagnosed with cancer and needed a kidney transplant, but the list was too long. Liz was curious what Jason was getting at. Jason explained that Steve had revealed that Liz and Lucky were considering donating Jake's organs. Jason avoided eye contact with Liz as he clarified that she and Lucky could save Josslyn's life by agreeing to donate Jake's kidney. Liz soundly slapped Jason across the face as she accused him of being a "selfish bastard." Liz reminded Jason that it had been his choice not to parent Jake, just as it had been his choice not to be with her.

Liz accused him of walking away and never looking back, so she and Lucky had raised Jake. Liz insisted that she and Lucky were the ones who had been left with a hole in their lives, not Jason, because Jason hadn't known Jake. Jason tried to defend his decision, but Liz cut him off. She refused to allow Jason to use her son for "spare parts." Jason looked shaken as Liz stormed off. He slowly walked to the door of Jake's hospital room and then became choked up when he saw Jake.

Lucky wondered where Liz was when he approached Jason moments later. Jason explained that she had left because he had upset her. Lucky reminded Jason that Liz was grieving, but Jason clarified that Liz hadn't been ready to hear what Jason had to say. Jason quickly filled Lucky in on Josslyn's cancer diagnosis and her need for a kidney transplant. Lucky wondered if Liz had refused to give her consent. Jason revealed that Liz had told him that it wasn't his choice because Jason had never been a father to Jake.

"Well, you made that choice," Lucky reminded Jason. Lucky knew that Jason had done it out of love for Jake. Lucky thanked Jason for giving Lucky the opportunity to have so much joy in his life by being Jake's father. Jason thought that they could make Jake's life mean something by allowing Jake to save Josslyn. Later, Lucky found Liz standing outside of Jake's hospital room.

Lucky admitted that he knew about Jason's request. "He had no right," Liz argued. Liz made it clear that she would not allow her baby to be cut open. She insisted that when they decided to let Jake go, he would be in one piece. Liz turned her back on Lucky to stare at Jake through the window. Lucky gently reminded her that Jake was gone.

"Waiting won't bring him back," Lucky added. Liz cried that she wasn't ready to say goodbye to their son. Lucky wanted something good to happen. He insisted that Jake could help more than one gravely ill child whose parents were praying for a miracle. "What about our miracle?" Liz demanded. "I don't know," Lucky whispered; however, he wanted to be able to save other children, since they couldn't save Jake.

Jason went to see Carly. Carly told him that the doctors were running tests to see if Jake's kidney would be compatible with Josslyn. Jason warned Carly that Liz didn't want to donate Jake's organs. Carly became upset as she insisted that Josslyn was out of time. Jason explained that Liz wasn't ready because she was grieving. Carly realized that she wasn't Liz favorite person, but she was desperate to make Liz understand Josslyn's situation.

"I understand," Liz said from the doorway as she clutched Jake's little jacket to her chest, while Lucky stood by Liz's side. Liz revealed that she and Lucky had signed the paperwork consenting to donate one of Jake's kidneys to Josslyn. Carly thanked Liz and Lucky for saving her daughter's life as Liz and Lucky fought back tears of pain. Later, Josslyn's loved ones gathered as Josslyn was taken to surgery. Jason stood in the hallway as Josslyn was wheeled out of her hospital room. Carly mouthed, "Thank you," when she saw Jason.

Terrell and Lisa scrubbed up before the surgery while Carly paced in the waiting room. Carly wondered how long they would have to wait, so Jax reminded her that it would be at least five hours. Carly decided to check with a nurse, prompting Jax to angrily demand, "What didn't you understand?" Carly glared at Jax and then announced that she needed some fresh air. After Carly left, Jax admitted to Alexis that he was confident that Josslyn would be okay. However, he couldn't find happiness in Josslyn's miracle because of what Liz and Lucky were going through.

Michael found his mother on the hospital's rooftop. Carly confided that Josslyn had the same "inner light" that Michael always had, so she was certain that the transplant would be fine. However, she realized that their problems were far from over because Josslyn would have to be on medication for the rest of her life to prevent the kidney from being rejected. Carly realized that it sounded ungrateful, but she was angry about that. Michael understood that his mother wanted the best for her children. Carly confessed that her heart was breaking for Jason, whom she credited for giving Josslyn a second chance at life.

Lucky went to the Haunted Star to see his father. Luke offered to get Lucky a coffee, which made Lucky wonder if perhaps Luke was concerned that Lucky might use Jake as an excuse to "fly off into oblivion" again. Luke insisted that booze wouldn't help. Lucky confessed that there had been something special about Jake; he had been absolutely fearless like Lucky. Luke didn't think that anyone could recover from the pain of losing a child so brutally and unnecessarily. Luke warned Lucky that Lucky would have to live with for the rest of his life.

Lucky knew that Luke had concerns about Lucky's decision to raise Jake because Luke had feared that Liz might one day take the boys away from Lucky. Luke praised Lucky for being a good man. Luke had always admired Lucky's capacity to love, which had enriched Lucky's life in ways that Luke's life could never be. Luke was proud that Lucky had taken on Cameron and Jake when Lucky could have easily turned his back on the boys. Lucky credited Luke for making fatherhood look like fun; it had inspired Lucky. Lucky tearfully confessed that he had never known that it was possible to love anyone as much as Lucky loved Cam and Jake. Lucky began to weep as Luke held his son.

Jason went to Liz's house. He knocked on the door, but no one answered. Jason pulled out a key and then let himself in. Jason stepped on Jake's little toy motorcycle as he entered. Jason picked up the toy, sat down on the bottom step of the staircase, and then dissolved into tears.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In Positano, Italy, Sonny and Brenda returned from having breakfast at a café. Sonny teased Brenda about a little boy who had been quite taken with her and then changed the subject to Theo and Suzanne. Brenda confessed that she couldn't believe that Suzanne was Theo's wife and the grandmother of her baby. Sonny warned Brenda not to feel sorry for Suzanne, but Brenda reminded him that Suzanne had carried around the same grief and pain that Brenda had. Later, Brenda admitted that she felt comfortable to let her guard down with Sonny. She revealed that she occasionally felt the desire to talk about her baby and what she had missed out on with her son.

Sonny realized that a child couldn't be replaced, but he assured Brenda that she could be a part of his children's lives. Brenda thanked him and then shyly asked if they could return to the café the following morning. Sonny agreed, but he warned her that they might not see the little boy. Brenda admitted that she felt lucky to have Sonny and his family in her life, but she regretted that she couldn't do more for her husband. Sonny assured her that having her marry him had been all that he had ever wanted. Brenda feared that something might destroy their happiness, but Sonny vowed to protect her.

In the limousine, Suzanne reminded Theo that ASEC was her life's work. Theo argued that she was holding their grandson hostage, but he pointed out that he had donated ten million dollars to her charity. Suzanne insisted that the money had been planted, so that it could be traced back to his friend and ally, Juan Ortega. "Mr. Drug Lord," Suzanne clarified. Suzanne feared that it would shut down ASEC. Theo told her that she could save ASEC by simply telling him where their grandson was.

Moments later, Suzanne's cell phone rang. The man on the phone revealed that they had managed to get away in time, thanks to Suzanne's call. He informed Suzanne that he and her grandson were on Iberia Isle, outside of Baton Rouge, in the last house on Plantation Road. The man needed her to wire him some money. Suzanne chose her words carefully to give Theo the impression that she was talking to someone about ASEC business. She warned the man on the phone that she wouldn't be able to help him and that they would have to talk at a much later date.

"Trouble I hope?" Theo asked after Suzanne ended the call. Suzanne resented Theo trying to destroy an organization that had helped thousands of children. "For what?" she demanded. "For my own," Theo callously replied. Seconds later, Theo's phone rang. After a brief conversation Theo ended the call and then casually asked how the weather was in Cajun country.

Theo was curious if their grandson's caretaker had mentioned it during the phone call. Suzanne was stunned that Theo had traced her call. Theo smiled with satisfaction as he informed her that she had provided him with their grandson's location, so she was no longer needed. He explained that he would get out of the car and then the driver would take Suzanne "onward." Suzanne paled as she asked, "So that's it?" She realized that Theo intended to dispose of her.

Theo insisted that she wasn't the woman that he had married. She had no loyalty to him or their son. Suzanne's eyes filled with tears as she angrily accused Theo of being a bastard. She argued that she had loved Aleksander, but she had lost her son long before Aleksander had been shot on the pier. Suzanne blamed Theo for destroying Aleksander by trying to recreate their son in Theo's own monstrous image. Theo smiled smugly as he assured her that he would have a second chance with their grandson.

Suzanne vowed that Theo would fail because he would drown in his own arrogance. She hoped that Theo remembered her words when it happened. Theo confessed that he had loved Suzanne once, but he couldn't quite recall why. As the door closed behind Theo, the locks slid into place. Suzanne swallowed nervously as the car pulled away.

At the police station, Dante updated Ronnie on the hit-and-run investigation. Ronnie wasn't surprised to discover that Sonny was among the suspects on the list. He was curious how long Dante intended to cover for Sonny. Dante ignored the remark as he questioned how anyone could have kept on driving after hitting a small child with a car or not even noticing that it had happened. Ronnie sarcastically suggested that the person might have been trying to get to their honeymoon. Dante didn't rise to the bait, so Ronnie decided to impound Sonny's car.

Dante conceded that it was a conflict of interest for him, so he let Ronnie oversee that part of the investigation. Lulu entered the squad room as Ronnie left. Dante wondered if Lulu had seen Lucky. She explained that Siobhan was with Lucky and then admitted that she had no idea how to feel about Jake's death giving Carly's daughter a chance at life. Dante hugged Lulu, during which she happened to glance down to see the list of suspects on Dante's desk.

Luke stood on Liz's porch, holding one of Jake's toys that had been left discarded by the toddler. He stared at it for a long moment and then quietly knocked on the door. Liz invited Luke inside and then offered him some coffee. Luke assured Liz that she didn't have to play hostess unless it helped her. "Nothing helps," Liz softly admitted as she took the toy from Luke and then gently set it on the fireplace mantel. Luke began to talk about how people sent flowers and gifts when someone passed away because they wanted to help during a difficult time.

Luke immediately apologized when he realized that he might have made Liz feel worse. Liz suspected that Luke understood exactly how she felt. Luke acknowledged that what had happened to Jake had been terrible and wrong; he knew that no one could ever be prepared for that kind of tragedy. Liz's eyes filled with tears as she joined him on the sofa. She confided that she hadn't felt pain like that since the night that she had been told that Lucky had perished in a fire. However, Lucky had eventually returned to her.

Liz knew that she wouldn't get another miracle. She tearfully confessed that Jake had died because she hadn't been paying attention. Luke insisted that Jake had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Liz had no idea how she would be able to walk up her driveway again without seeing the place in the road where she had found Jake lying so still. Luke insisted that she needed to remember that she had two other little ones depending on her. Luke blamed Jake's death on the driver of the car that had struck the toddler.

Afterwards, Luke went to the Haunted Star. He was deep in thought when Lulu entered the casino. Lulu was curious if anyone had been by to see her father. Luke explained that he had gone to see Liz, so he had no idea if anyone had stopped by while he had been gone. Luke revealed that Liz blamed herself for the tragedy, but Lulu argued that it had been an accident. Luke's thoughts drifted as he recalled that Lucky had been Jake's age when Luke had taught Lucky how to play poker.

Lulu continued to probe her father about possible visitors. Luke was curious why she kept asking, so Lulu told him about the list of suspects who had been on Lexington around the time of Jake's hit-and-run. Luke grumbled that Lexington was the worst street in town because it had numerous potholes. According to Luke, no one would use it if it weren't a shortcut through town. Lulu decided to let her father know that Luke and Carly had been among the drivers on the suspect list. Luke admitted that he had been on Lexington when he had gone to the justice of the peace to attend Lucky's wedding.

However, Luke insisted that he hadn't seen any other cars on Lexington. "God, I hope it isn't Caroline," Luke said. Lulu agreed that it would be awful because Jason and Carly were best friends. Lulu couldn't imagine how Jason and Carly could get past it if Carly had been responsible for Jake's death. Lulu had no idea how someone forgave a person for killing their child, even if it were an accident. Luke assumed that there were others on the list.

Lulu confirmed his suspicions by sharing the identities of the other drivers, including Lisa Niles. Lulu confessed that Lisa was a likely suspect because Lisa had done some terrible things. Luke suddenly remembered that Lucky had gotten a royal flush when Luke had taught Lucky to play poker. Luke explained that it had been an incredibly lucky hand. Lulu realized that she probably shouldn't have told Luke about the list, but Luke assured his daughter that she needn't worry because everyone would eventually know that they were on the list.

At the hospital, Michael told Kristina how much Josslyn meant to him. Kristina hoped that Michael could understand when she worried about him. She admitted that she had concerns about Abby. Max stepped out of the elevator before Michael could reply. Max was curious if Michael knew where Jason was. Michael offered to help, but Max insisted that he had been given strict instructions not to involve Michael in the business.

Michael offered to pass a message along to Jason if Jason called, so Max revealed that Detective Domestico had impounded Sonny's car because Sonny was a suspect in Jake's hit-and-run. A short time later, Michael and Kristina arrived at the police station. Michael suggested that Kristina wait in the hallway and then demanded to see the paperwork on Sonny's impounded car. Ronnie was disgusted that Sonny had dragged Michael into his world, so he urged Michael not to get involved. Michael insisted that he was merely looking after his father's interests while Sonny was out of town. Ronnie argued that it was a bad idea.

Seconds later, Kristina was heard screaming in the hallway, so everyone in the squad room rushed to find out what had happened. Michael waited until the coast was clear for him to swipe the list of suspects off of Ronnie's desk and then tuck them into the back of his pants. Kristina rushed up to Michael to tell him that some "creepy" guy had accosted her, so she insisted on leaving. Ronnie tried to question her about the incident, but Michael hustled his sister out of the squad room. Michael returned to the hospital a short time later, where he bumped into Abby.

Abby explained that she had stopped by to check on him and Josslyn. She wondered where he had been, so Michael told her about the list of suspects in Jake's hit-and-run, which included his parents. He confessed that he had a bad feeling because Carly had only had her license for a few years. Abby was certain that it had been an accident and that Carly wouldn't be charged with anything if she had been the driver. Michael argued that it wasn't the point.

Michael revealed that Jason had been Jake's father, so if Carly had killed Jake, it would destroy Jason and Carly's relationship. Abby reminded Michael that he couldn't change what had happened. Michael suggested that he could keep the truth hidden. Abby was curious why Michael was so certain that his mother had killed Jake. Michael insisted that Carly was a very bad driver, but Abby pointed out that Carly might not have been responsible for the accident.

Michael was determined to protect his mother. He explained that the transplant had saved Josslyn's life, so he feared that Carly would carry tremendous guilt around if she had caused Jake's death. Michael reminded Abby that cases went unsolved all the time, so he didn't see why Jake's hit-and-run couldn't be one of them. Abby wondered what Michael planned to do, but he had no idea, so he intended to figure it out as he went along.

Lisa approached Steve at the nurses' station to offer him her condolences. He thanked her for assisting with the transplant. Lisa started to talk about her work in Houston on the transplant team, but Steve cut her off. He explained that he was only at the hospital to take care of a few things before he headed to Liz's house. Lisa casually asked about the accident, but Steve would only reveal that the police were investigating it. Lisa then assured Steve that they would pick up the slack for him.

Steve made it clear that he would still be a presence at the hospital and that he hadn't forgotten the situation between Lisa and Robin. Steve warned her that he intended to get to the bottom of things. Later, Lisa was all smiles when she went to Johnny's penthouse to drop off a gift. Lisa explained that she had broken an "ugly orange urn-like thing" during her search for the syringe, so she had decided to replace it. Johnny told her that it had been a gift from Olivia, which didn't surprise Lisa. Johnny wondered if Lisa's "rampant high" meant that she had found the syringe.

Lisa revealed that Robin had discovered the syringe on the Haunted Star. Lisa confessed that she had been impressed with the hiding spot that Johnny had chosen and the clues that he had provided. Johnny thanked her and then questioned if her good mood was a prelude to her bludgeoning him to death with a bedpan. He warned her that a bedpan was much more difficult to hide. Lisa smiled as she told him that she had managed to steal the syringe out of Robin's locker and then destroy it. Lisa was relieved to be free of the threat of the syringe.

Johnny was curious why Lisa was there, so she smiled seductively and then took off her raincoat. Johnny returned the smile when he saw that she was naked. They made love, but Lisa didn't stay long afterwards. She was eager to return to the hospital because everyone seemed to like her more since she had helped to save a child's life. Lisa was also looking forward to being cleared of the false charges, but Johnny reminded her that they hadn't been false. Johnny realized that Lisa didn't have any intention of leaving Patrick alone.

Lisa wondered if Johnny expected her to settle for him. She insisted that she had almost lost everything because of Johnny's stunt. Johnny accused Lisa of being a junkie who was addicted to the challenge. He warned her that she would never be satisfied. He was certain that Lisa would still feel empty inside, even if she were to get Patrick. Lisa slapped Johnny across the face and then stormed out.

At the Drake residence, Emma was working on her third serving of pancakes as Patrick joined his family for breakfast. Patrick confessed that he was happy to be home; he didn't think that he could have handled going back to the hotel after what had happened to Jake. Robin didn't want Patrick to beat himself up over Jake because Jake couldn't have been saved. Patrick realized that, but he couldn't imagine what Liz and Lucky were going through. Robin was grateful that they had their daughter and that Patrick was home. However, Robin warned him that their relationship wouldn't be fixed overnight.

Patrick assured her that he was fully committed to making their relationship stronger. Robin and Patrick then discussed the situation with Lisa. Robin revealed that she had hidden the syringe in her locker, so Patrick suggested that they get it to Steve as soon as possible. Patrick was certain that things would be easier once Lisa was out of their lives. Later at the hospital, Patrick and Steve discussed Jake's injuries. They both agreed that Jake's injuries had been too extensive.

Robin approached Patrick and Steve to offer Steve her condolences. Steve thanked Robin for everything that she had done for Jake. Steve acknowledged that he still had to deal with the Lisa issue, but Robin insisted that it could wait because Steve needed to focus on Liz. Steve agreed and then left. Patrick immediately sensed that Robin was troubled, so she confided that Lisa had managed to steal the syringe out of her locker. Patrick was shocked that Lisa would use the distraction of a dying child to cover her own "ass."

Robin and Patrick weren't surprised by what Lisa had done, but they decided to move forward, so that they could focus on rebuilding their life together. Dante approached Robin moments later to question Robin about the accident. Robin was horrified to realize that she had been on Lexington around the time of Jake's hit-and-run. Patrick informed Dante that Lisa had been driving right behind Robin, so Lisa should also be considered a suspect. Dante promised that the forensics team would check Lisa's car, but he was curious what Robin remembered about the drive.

Robin admitted that she had been in a rush to get to the hospital and that she had been distracted by Lisa's aggressive tailgating, so Robin hadn't been paying attention to the road ahead as she should have. Dante explained that Robin's car would be impounded to be checked. Robin was shaken by the possibility that she could have killed Jake. Patrick reminded her that they didn't know anything for certain, so she shouldn't jump to any conclusions. However, Patrick admitted that he had warned Johnny that someone would be killed, but he had never imagined that it might have been a four year-old child.

Later, Patrick let Robin know that he had found a doctor to cover her rounds. Robin thanked Patrick because she wasn't in any shape to treat patients. Robin couldn't believe that she didn't remember driving past Liz's house. Patrick was certain that Robin hadn't been the one to hit Jake. Moments later, Dante called to let Robin know that she had been cleared as a suspect. Robin shared the news with Patrick, who confessed that he was as certain of Lisa's guilt in the accident as he had been of Robin's innocence.

At the police station, Dante told Lulu that Robin had been cleared of the accident. Lulu was relieved, but she wondered how anyone could have struck a child and not have known it. Dante suggested that a person driving a large vehicle might not have realized what had happened or the person had been under the influence. Dante then changed the subject to find out where Lulu had been. Lulu admitted that she had gone to see Liz, but she had chickened out at the last moment. Lulu confessed that she had blasted Liz for the affair with Nikolas the last time that she had seen her.

Lulu realized that Liz was going through hell, so she hoped that the person responsible for Jake's accident wasn't someone that Liz knew. Dante agreed. He admitted that he would love to eliminate three of the suspects on the list, including his father. Ronnie entered the squad room to announce that Sonny's car had been cleared. Lulu imagined that Dante was relieved. Ronnie reminded Lulu that she hadn't been deputized, so she shouldn't be privy to details of the investigation. Dante warned Ronnie not to take his frustration with Dante out on Lulu.

Lulu assured Dante that she was fine and then explained that she had to leave. Dante demanded to know what was wrong with Ronnie. Ronnie explained that he had been covering Dante's "ass" because two of the people close to Dante's girlfriend were suspects in the hit-and-run. Dante argued that Lisa had been the only driver who had been doing something wrong that night. Ronnie felt bad for Dante because investigations were always messy when they involved family.

In Josslyn's hospital room, Carly assured Josslyn that the surgery had gone smoothly. Jax entered the room moments later. Carly gave him an update on Josslyn and then remarked that Josslyn would have been receiving chemotherapy if it hadn't been for Jake. Jax apologized for yelling at Carly as they waited for word on Josslyn. Carly assured him that she understood.

Jax confessed that he had wanted to get her some rolls from Kelly's, but he had been too eager to get to the hospital. As if on cue, Michael entered the room with breakfast for Jax and Carly, including Carly's favorite rolls from Kelly's. Later, Jax and Carly were alone with their daughter as they agreed that Josslyn would recover. Jax admitted that he wanted to show his gratitude to Liz and Lucky, but he had no idea how. Carly couldn't imagine the pain that Liz and Lucky were experiencing.

Carly's felt especially bad for Liz because she was certain that Liz was going through every moment, trying to figure out when she had missed Jake walking out the door. Jax didn't think that Liz should blame herself for what had happened, but Carly argued that Liz would. "What parent wouldn't?" Carly asked. Carly was certain that Liz would never get over Jake's death because Carly wouldn't. Jax and Carly were unaware that Michael lurked in the hallway, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Later, Carly was leaving a message for Jason to let him know that Josslyn was doing well, when Luke entered Josslyn's hospital room. Luke wondered how Josslyn was doing. "Much better, thanks to Jake," Carly told him. Luke suspected that it would be a small consolation at some point. Carly knew that Liz and Lucky were suffering unimaginable pain, but Luke assured Carly that they would get through it somehow. "So will you," Luke added.

Carly insisted that she didn't have anything to complain about because her daughter had received a miracle. Luke warned Carly that it might be at a higher price than she had realized. Carly didn't understand what he was getting at, so Luke told her that she was one of the drivers suspected of hitting Jake. Carly was stunned. Meanwhile, Michael checked the passenger side bumper of Carly's car and saw some damage that indicated that Carly had hit something.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

At the police station, Mac wanted an update on Jake Webber's hit-and-run. Dante revealed that three suspects had been eliminated: Sam, Sonny, and Robin. Dante explained that there were several other suspects, including a mystery car with tinted windows and false license plates.

In the hospital's parking garage, Michael examined the damage to the passenger side of Carly's front bumper. He started to leave, but Steve called out to him. Steve suggested that they owed it to Jake to be honest with each other. Michael tensed until he realized that Steve had been referring to the secret about Jake's paternity. Steve found it eerie to look at Michael because there was such a strong family resemblance between Jason, Jake, and Michael. Steve confessed that looking at Michael was like seeing the man that Jake might have grown up to become.

Steve began to talk about Josslyn's transplant. Michael agreed that Jake's gift of life had been a miracle. Michael couldn't thank Lucky and Liz enough for what they had done. Steve confided that it had been difficult on Liz, but she had found comfort in knowing that Jake had helped Josslyn. Steve explained that he wanted Michael to know how happy he was for Michael's family and for Josslyn. Steve shook Michael's hand and then left.

Patrick pounded on the front door of Johnny's penthouse. He pushed his way past Johnny when Johnny opened the door. Patrick angrily reminded Johnny that Johnny had been warned about Lisa and the potential for someone to be hurt or killed. Johnny tried to make light of Patrick's dire warning until Patrick informed him that a four year-old boy had been killed because Lisa had been desperate to get her hands on the syringe. According to Patrick, Lisa had run Robin off of the road and might have killed Liz Webber's son, Jake.

Johnny was shaken as Patrick insisted that Johnny had blood on his hands. Johnny wondered if Patrick were sure that Lisa had been responsible for the tragedy. Patrick revealed that the police were checking Lisa's car. Johnny insisted that he hadn't intended for anyone to be hurt by the scavenger hunt. Patrick hoped that Johnny was haunted by Jake's face every day for the rest of Johnny's life. Johnny assured Patrick that he would live with the guilt forever if Lisa were responsible, but he pointed out that the police hadn't found proof.

Patrick argued that Lisa had been the only suspect capable of such a heinous crime. However, Patrick also blamed Johnny. Patrick slugged Johnny in the face and then stormed out. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Robin accused Lisa of stealing the syringe out of Robin's locker. Lisa insisted that Robin didn't have any proof to back up her claim. Robin agreed, but she was curious if it had been worth killing a child over.

"Excuse me?" Lisa asked. Robin reminded Lisa that Lisa had been on Lexington around the time of Jake's accident. Lisa denied having anything to do with Jake's hit-and-run, but Robin didn't believe her. Robin was confident that the police would find something to confirm Lisa's guilt after the forensics team checked Lisa's car. Lisa suggested that Robin was jealous, so she was making outlandish accusations.

Robin took pleasure in revealing that she and Patrick had reconciled. Lisa was stunned. Robin suggested that all of Lisa's scheming had yielded nothing except the label, "child-killer." Robin was curious if Lisa knew what the tragic part was. "The apology that you're going to owe me, when you realize that you were wrong about me again," Lisa fired back. Robin explained that it had all been for nothing because Patrick had never wanted Lisa.

Lisa claimed that Patrick's actions had shown her otherwise. Robin clarified that Patrick's fling with Lisa had been nothing more than a blip in their marriage; it had made Robin and Patrick stronger in the end. Lisa warned Robin that she never went away quietly. Lisa stormed off and then stopped at a medical tray to snatch a scalpel, which she slipped into her pocket without anyone noticing. Later, Lisa returned to the nurses' station just as Patrick arrived at the hospital.

Robin was curious where Patrick had been, so he told her about his confrontation with Johnny. Patrick confessed that he felt responsible for what had happened to Jake because Lisa was in Port Charles because of him. Robin and Patrick were surprised when they saw Mac exit the elevator. Robin wondered if Mac were there to arrest Lisa. Lisa started to slowly edge away from the nurses' station as she double-checked to make certain that she still had the scalpel in her pocket. Mac broke away from Patrick and Robin before Lisa could take more than a few steps.

Lisa was curious if Mac were the head of the committee to frame her. Mac ignored the taunt to inform her that she would be facing charges for reckless driving, which the traffic camera had captured; however, the forensics team hadn't found any evidence that Lisa had hit Jake Webber. Lisa smiled victoriously as Patrick immediately accused Lisa of washing the evidence away. Mac explained that they had to check a few more cars, but if none could be linked to the accident then he would focus the investigation on Lisa. Lisa threatened to sue the police department for harassment, but Mac wasn't intimidated.

After Mac left, Patrick accused Lisa of being "soulless" enough to kill a child and then duck responsibility. Lisa was hurt by the remark; she wondered what it would take for Patrick to believe that all she had ever done was love him. Patrick assured Lisa that nothing would ever change his opinion of her. Later, at the nurses' station, Lisa noticed a pamphlet with Robin's picture on it for the AIDS wing. She picked it up just as Robin and Patrick passed by talking about their plans to take Emma for a walk.

After Robin and Patrick left, Lisa ran to a supply closet. She closed the door and then pulled out the pamphlet and scalpel. Seconds later, Lisa proceeded to shred the picture of Robin with the scalpel.

In Josslyn's hospital room, Carly couldn't believe that Luke had suggested that she might have killed Jake. She insisted that it was impossible. Luke explained that the police had compiled a list of suspects from the traffic camera on Lexington. Carly was filled with horror as she realized that she had been driving on Lexington and that she had been distracted because she had been worried about Josslyn. She was dismayed by the possibility that she might have killed Jason's little boy. Luke and Carly went to the hallway to continue their discussion.

Carly wanted to know everything that Luke knew. Luke wondered if she intended to use the information to cover up her guilt. Carly insisted that she wanted the truth because they were talking about Jason's child. Carly was distraught by the idea that she could have killed a child, so Luke reminded her that they didn't know anything for certain. Dante arrived moments later. Dante immediately realized that Carly and Luke were aware that they were suspects in Jake's hit-and-run.

Carly was shocked; she demanded to know why Luke hadn't told her that he was also a suspect. Luke assured her that he hadn't killed Jake. Dante reminded them that the police could easily clear up the matter by checking their cars. Carly wanted to know the truth as soon as possible, so she revealed that her car had been parked in the hospital's parking garage since she had arrived at the hospital the night before. Shortly afterwards, Dante discovered that Carly's car was missing, so he called in an APB and then headed to the police station. Lulu was waiting for him when he arrived.

Lulu wondered how the investigation was going, but Dante thought that he should ask her the same thing. Lulu realized that Dante knew that she had seen the suspect list and then shared the information with Luke. Dante reminded her that she could have gotten him fired. Dante knew that he wasn't in a position to judge, but he had trusted her not to do anything like that. "Kind of like I trusted you with Brenda," Lulu remarked. She immediately apologized and then assured Dante that she had only shared the information with her father.

Dante decided that he should do a better job of concealing information on his desk. After Lulu left, Mac demanded to know how long it took the forensics team to check three cars. Dante revealed that Carly's car had disappeared, so they were searching for it. Dante also explained that they hadn't been able to track down the mystery car. Mac confessed that it wouldn't surprise him if it turned out to be one of Sonny's vehicles. Mac suspected that perhaps that had been the real reason behind Michael and Kristina's visit.

Dante was surprised when Mac told him about Michael's demands to see the paperwork on Sonny's car and then Kristina's encounter in the hallway. Mac suggested that Dante keep his siblings out of the squad room and then left. Dante immediately called Michael to demand to know where Michael was. Michael explained that he'd had a fender-bender and was stuck in an alley. Dante met up with Michael short time later; he wasn't surprised to see that Michael had been driving Carly's car. Michael started to spin his story, but Dante knew that Michael had seen the suspect list, so Dante was certain Michael's "accident" had been an attempt to destroy evidence that might link Carly to Jake's hit-and-run.

Lulu went to the Haunted Star to look for Lucky, but Luke was alone. Luke assured Lulu that Lucky would find them when he needed them. Lulu agreed and then confessed that Dante wasn't happy with her because she had shared the suspect list with Luke. Luke was curious why it was okay for Dante to keep secrets, but not Lulu. Lulu admitted that she had used the same argument against Dante, but it had crossed the line. Luke insisted that some lines were meant to be crossed.

Lulu confided that it had never occurred to her not to tell Luke about the list. Luke explained that it was because she was loyal. Lulu wondered what would happen if Carly had killed Jake. She was curious if Luke thought that Carly might try to cover it up. Luke doubted it because Jake had been Jason's son. Luke was certain that, if Carly had hit Jake, it had been an accident.

Luke acknowledged that it was bad enough to kill a child, but for the child to be the reason that Carly's daughter had lived was unimaginable. Lulu reminded him that another car with forged license plates had been seen on Lexington around the time of the accident. She was confident that the mystery car was responsible for the hit-and-run. Luke agreed that someone with false plates had something to hide, so they would likely keep driving after running over a child.

At the Webber home, Steve was picking up the living room when Olivia stopped by to drop off a covered dish. Steve thanked her and then revealed that Liz was in Jake's bedroom. He had no idea what to do for his sister. Olivia thought that he was doing it by taking care of Liz; however she was curious who was taking care of Steve. "You are," he answered. Steve was furious because he didn't understand the purpose of Jake's death.

Steve insisted that Jake had been a bright, determined, and special little boy. He resented that Jake hadn't received a miracle of his own. Olivia and Steve sat down on the sofa as she told Steve how relieved Jax had seemed since Josslyn's transplant. Steve assured Olivia that he was happy for Josslyn's family, but it hadn't been easy on Liz. Olivia understood because she recalled how it had felt when Dante had been shot.

Liz entered the living room moments later. Olivia offered Liz her condolences and then invited Liz to call upon her if Liz needed anything. Liz knew that Olivia worked for Jax, so she asked Olivia to let Jax know that she was glad that Josslyn was doing well. Olivia promised to pass the message along and then left. Liz revealed to Steve that she had dreamed of Jake standing in the front yard, calling to her. Liz confessed that for a second she had thought the previous night had been a terrible nightmare and that Jake had still been alive.

Steve wrapped his arms around his sister as she gave way to tears. Liz decided that she needed to do something with Jake's room because she couldn't stand to enter it as it was. Steve urged her to give it some time, but Liz argued that time was different for her because her baby had died in an instant, but every second since that moment had seemed like an eternity. Steve realized that the pain would never leave Liz, but he thought that she would eventually begin to feel normal again. Liz disagreed because her arms would always ache for her baby.

Nikolas entered moments later. Cameron immediately ran into his mother's arms. Liz swept up Cam and then hugged him fiercely while Nikolas tried to soothe Aiden. Liz took Aiden from Nikolas and then settled on the sofa with her children. Steve decided to check in with the hospital while Nikolas was there, so he snatched up his keys and then left. Nikolas told Liz that Cam had ridden the pony earlier that day. Cam was curious if Jake could ride the pony when he returned from heaven.

Jason arrived home to find Sam waiting for him. Sam offered to leave if he wanted to be alone, but he asked her how Josslyn was doing. Sam assured him that Josslyn was out of danger. Jason asked her to stay, so they went to the dining room to sit down. Jason showed Sam the toy motorcycle that he had found at Liz's house. Sam recognized the toy as the one that Jake and Jason had played with following the bus crash.

Jason revealed that he had been riding his motorcycle all night and that he had been tempted to keep on going and to never look back, so that he wouldn't have to face Jake's death. However, Jason would never do that to Sam. Jason stared off into space with a shattered expression as tears filled his eyes. Sam jumped up to answer the door when Spinelli's book was delivered. Afterwards, she offered to fix Jason something to eat, but he wasn't hungry. Sam assured Jason that there wasn't a wrong way to grieve as a tear slid down his cheek.

Jason thought perhaps he should give Jake's toy back to Liz. Sam couldn't imagine what Liz was going through, but she hoped that Jason and Liz could help each other. Jason doubted that Liz wanted anything from him. Spinelli arrived home moments later. He offered Jason his condolences and then tried to find some words of comfort, but Jason insisted that there weren't any. Jason and Spinelli hugged and then Spinelli offered to help find the driver responsible for the accident.

Jason explained that he would let the police handle it. Sam handed Spinelli the book that had arrived. Spinelli confessed that his new novel seemed insignificant. Jason didn't want Spinelli to delay its release, so Sam offered to go to the office with Spinelli to check the book for any mistakes. After they left, Jason set Jake's toy motorcycle on the fireplace mantel and then stared at it with tears in his eyes. A short time later, Carly arrived.

Carly admitted that she had feared that he would take off. Jason confessed that he had been tempted to. She quickly updated him on Josslyn's recovery and then thanked him for saving Josslyn's life. Jason insisted that Liz and Lucky deserved the credit. "No, it's because of you," Carly argued. Jason sensed that something was troubling Carly, so he urged her to tell him what was going on.

Carly revealed how she had gotten the news about Josslyn and then had rushed to the hospital by taking Lexington. Carly tearfully confessed that she had been on the phone and hadn't been paying attention to the road, so she might have been the driver who had killed Jake.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nikolas checked in with Lulu, who let him know that Lucky had become volatile after hearing that Carly might have hit Jake. Lulu felt horrible that she'd treated Liz so poorly after Liz's affair with Nikolas went public. Lulu realized that she'd blown up at Liz the night Jake had been hit. Nikolas suggested that Liz would likely appreciate Lulu's support and that they might be able to forgive one another.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu and Luke hoped that Carly hadn't had anything to do with the hit-and-run that was responsible for Jake's death. Lucky arrived and seemed dazed. Luke broke the news that Carly was on the list of suspects. Lulu tried to downplay the odds that Carly was involved, but Lucky convinced himself that it had been her.

Lucky seethed with enmity toward his cousin and stated that Carly was selfish and never took responsibility for her actions. Luke admonished Lucky not to jump to conclusions and suggested that Lucky wasn't angry with Carly but at God. Lucky denied Luke's assertion and put the blame squarely on Carly.

Luke admitted that he'd tipped off Carly about her being one of the suspects. Lucky exploded with anger. "You have no idea what this is like," he accused. Emotionally, Luke reminded his son that he knew exactly what it was like; he'd felt the same way when he and Laura thought Lucky had been killed, years before.

Carly admitted to a stunned Jason that she was on the suspect list in the investigation into Jake's death. She admitted that she'd driven past Liz's house around the time of the accident but that the whole drive was a blank in her mind. All she had been able to focus on that night was getting to Josslyn.

Carly explained that the police had impounded her car to determine whether it had been the vehicle involved. Carly went on to say that she'd hit a planter a few days before because she was a terrible driver. She sobbed and noted the cruel irony that Josslyn was alive because of Jason's son but that Jake's death might have been Carly's fault.

Jason hinted that he would forgive her if it turned out that she was to blame. Carly took a call from Dante, who let her know that she had been cleared of suspicion. After she hung up, Carly apologized to Jason for having put him through hell for no reason.

At the police station, Mac informed Dante that the car with forged plates was owned by one of Theo's companies. The forensics report arrived and proved Carly's car hadn't hit Jake. Lucky returned to the police station, where Dante reluctantly shared the DNA results with him. Taken aback, Lucky said that he had to handle the case. Dante worried aloud that it was too personal for Lucky, but Lucky took off.

Nikolas took Liz's boys back to her house. Liz thanked him for pitching in and vowed to be strong for Cameron and Aiden. Nikolas offered any assistance he or his staff could provide. They reminisced about the old days, when the two of them, as well as Lucky and Emily, constituted Port Charles's "four musketeers."

Liz mentioned that Steven was going to move in to help out. She worried that she wouldn't find the right words to tell Cameron that his brother would never return home. Nikolas told her about watching Cameron and Spencer play together. Nikolas laughed that, with all of Spencer's expensive toys, Spencer had the most fun building forts out of pillows and cushions with Cameron. Nikolas promised he'd see to it that the boys got to spend more time together.

Later, as Liz contemplated opening Aiden's paternity results, Jason knocked on the door. She invited him in. He returned one of Jake's toys. Jason had been at the house after the accident and had taken it, but he said that he'd had no right. He apologized for all the ways he'd hurt Liz throughout the years, but she apologized for having accused Jason of abandoning his son.

She said she was sorry he'd never had a chance to really get to know Jake. Jason told her he understood why and asked her not to feel guilty for any of the decisions she'd made to protect their son. Dante called and demanded Jason go to the police station right away. After Jason departed, Lulu knocked on the door. Liz was speechless to find Lulu on the doorstep.

Jason met Dante at the station, and Dante informed him that Jake's DNA had been found on a vehicle: Luke's car.

Michael visited his little sister at the hospital. He whispered to her that she'd get all better, and soon. Luke stopped by and asked to see Carly. As she wasn't there, Luke asked Michael if he knew that Carly was a suspect in Jake's death. Michael responded that he was aware of that. Luke warned Michael that Lucky might make an ugly scene the next time he saw Carly and urged Michael to resist the temptation to fight back, because it would only make the situation worse.

A relieved Carly showed up and announced that it had been proven that she hadn't been the driver who'd hit Jake. Carly thanked Luke for watching out for her. Luke expressed his gratitude that Carly was in the clear and left. Carly hugged Michael and told him how thankful she was to have him as a son.

After Michael left, Carly sat with Josslyn and told her that they'd have to make sure Jason didn't feel lonely and that his little boy would live on, through Josslyn. Carly received through her phone what she thought was the insurance form she'd been waiting for. However, it was a video message from Franco in which he apologized for everything that had happened and vowed that he would keep a close watch on Josslyn. "A very close watch," he reiterated. In the message, he referred to Josslyn as "[his] girl."

Michael went to Abby's apartment to share the news that Josslyn was doing well after the transplant and that Carly had been cleared of suspicion in Jake's death. Michael admitted that he'd run his mom's car into a wall to cover up her possible involvement in the crash. Michael shared with Abby the guilt he felt for having survived a year in a coma, while little Jake had to die so early.

Abby encouraged Michael to live his life as if it meant something, because it did. Then she kissed him. She asked Michael to spend the night, but he resisted. He didn't want her to sleep with him because she felt sorry for him. Abby made it clear that pity was the last thing she felt for Michael. She told him what a kind, responsible man he was. Michael agreed to stay, and she led him to her bedroom.

Luke returned to the Haunted Star to find a distraught Lucky. Luke was glad that Lucky knew Carly had been ruled out as a suspect. With tears in his eyes, Lucky showed his father the forensics report that showed Luke's car was the one that had hit Jake. Luke, at first, was shocked, but he soon fell apart. He couldn't believe he'd hit a child and not known it. Luke downed a glass of whiskey to steady his nerves, which prompted Lucky to ask if Luke had been drinking before the accident.

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