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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 14, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, March 14, 2011

At the Martin home, Jake groaned to Tad that he didn't want to pretend that they were a happy family by watching the wedding video, but Tad reminded Jake that Immigration was waiting for them to make a mistake. Tad started to say that the situation was complex, since Cara was still in love with Jake. Though Tad didn't finish his sentence, Jake knew exactly what his brother had meant.

Amanda told Cara that they had to try to get everyone to believe that they were family. Cara said they might be family, but they weren't friends. Amanda asked if Cara believed that because Amanda had called Immigration, or because Cara was in love with Jake. Cara asserted that her relationship with Jake was over. Amanda sarcastically noted that Cara giving Jake back her wedding ring was proof. Amanda suggested that they learn to deal with the situation, since Tad had made a huge sacrifice.

Amanda reminded Cara that Cara had deliberately kept Amanda in the dark about her identity when she had arrived in town, so Amanda felt her trust issues were justified. Cara argued that she hadn't blown up Amanda's life, but Amanda pointed out that her life and her marriage hadn't been the same since Cara's arrival. Amanda acknowledged that she'd messed up, but Cara said that Amanda's apology didn't change the fact that Amanda had put Cara's life in danger. Amanda inquired whether Cara would be able to get past Amanda's mistake.

Jake told Tad that Amanda was having a difficult time. Tad said he knew it was hard on everyone, but they all had to make adjustments. Jake thought Amanda was sensitive and might need some distance from Cara. Tad reiterated that their plan was about family and that they had to stay strong. Tad recounted that Amanda had started the mess by calling Immigration, and he thought she should grow up and get over it. They looked up to see Amanda and Cara in the doorway.

Tad apologized, but Amanda declared that their family was all about the truth and asked if there was anything else he wanted to say to her face. Tad conceded that he and Cara needed Amanda's help because both of their lives were on the line. Amanda insisted she was on board, but Tad recalled that she hadn't bothered showing up at the wedding. Amanda explained that she had been upset and hadn't wanted to ruin things.

Amanda cried that someone condemned her every time she tried to make an effort. Amanda pointedly said that she hadn't entered the country illegally or used a fake name, but she admitted that she'd made a stupid mistake. Jake assured her that no one was trying to hurt her, but she said nothing hurt more than his lack of forgiveness. Amanda wiped away tears as the video from Tad and Cara's wedding began to play.

In the video, Jake spoke about how he'd looked up to Tad while growing up. Jake shut off the television and declared that he knew the speech by heart. He thanked Tad for always having his back. He proclaimed that Tad showed love by always doing what needed to be done while expecting nothing in return, and Jake loved Tad for it. Jake put his arm around Amanda, and Cara placed her hand on Tad's shoulder.

Jake said he'd made up the speech on the spot, but at the time he hadn't been able to express his gratitude for Tad giving up three years of his life to help Cara. Tad said he wasn't just doing it for Cara -- he was doing what Joe and Ruth had done for him. He recalled how the Martins had known his life was at risk and had made him a part of their family. He declared that he had learned everything about family from Joe, Ruth, and Jake. Despite the lack of blood relation, Tad felt that Jake was his brother and always would be.

Jake became emotional, but he pulled himself together and said they all had to work together to keep Cara alive, and to do so, they had to make their family real. Cara promised to be the wife the world needed to see. Amanda vowed to earn back their trust and professed that from that moment on, they were family. Amanda and Jake kissed.

Once they were alone, Cara joked that Tad should thank his lucky stars for the day she entered his life. She lamented that she was going to cause tension between him and Jake. He assured her that he and Jake had bickered since they had been kids. Tad laughed as he said that he could hold the wedding video over Jake's head for decades.

Tad asked if Cara was okay staying in the "man cave" rather than taking his bedroom, but she insisted that he needed to be near his kids. She claimed that she enjoyed having her own bathroom and watching boxing on television. She said something to him in Spanish, and Tad mused that he needed to start watching telenovelas with Jake. Cara urged him not to worry about her, as she was perfectly comfortable.

Later, Cara entered the man cave and talked to Tad, who didn't hear her because he had on headphones. When he turned and saw her, a startled Tad fell over in surprise. After she helped him to his feet, he explained that he had been learning Spanish and recited a Spanish phrase, but she couldn't understand him. When she realized that he had mixed up the Spanish word for "tired" with that for "married," he noted that he was both.

Angie and Jesse arrived at Krystal's restaurant, where Frankie, Randi, Brot, and Krystal surprised the Hubbards with a homecoming party. Brot kissed Angie on the cheek on Natalia's behalf. Krystal said that Pine Valley hadn't been the same without Angie. A touched Angie couldn't wait to hug all of them. Jesse announced that he and Angie had just heard from the doctor that the baby was perfect. Angie added that she was due any day.

The guests made small talk about everything it took to care for an infant. Brot presented Angie with a gift from himself and Natalia, and he explained that Natalia hadn't been able get away from her new job on the Philadelphia police force. Angie said she knew what it was like to be a workaholic, but that work could never compare to family and friends. Angie confessed that while she had enjoyed spending time with Cassandra, she was glad to be home. Angie got choked up as she gushed that her baby would grow up surrounded by so much love. She left for the restroom to regain her composure.

A concerned Krystal caught a private moment with Angie, who claimed that she was just tired. Meanwhile, Brot sensed that something was wrong with Jesse. Angie admitted to Krystal that she was a little nervous, and Jesse conveyed the same sentiment to Brot. Brot assured Jesse that Angie was healthy and ready for the baby, but Jesse didn't feel so ready himself.

Jesse felt he needed to step up and take care of Angie. Brot recounted that Frankie had called Jesse and Angie amazing parents. Angie told Krystal that she felt overwhelmed, especially after her relaxing weeks on bed rest. Krystal said no mother was fully prepared for a new baby. Jesse asked Brot not to say anything about his concerns, and Angie requested the same of Krystal. Angie wanted to return to the party.

Amanda and Jake arrived at the party, and Frankie left for a hospital shift. Jake declared that he loved being chief of staff, but he was glad Angie would be relieving him from the red tape. She informed him that she wasn't going to return to the hospital until after the baby was born, and she asked him to remain in charge. He agreed to maintain her chief of staff duties.

Angie questioned how Jake felt about Tad and Cara's marriage. Jake said he was fine, as Amanda handed him a plate of food. Jesse commented that it was good to see Jake and Amanda happy. Jake and Amanda were happily surprised when Angie asked if they would be the baby's godparents. Angie recalled how Jake had supported her when she'd lost her sight, and she called Amanda the perfect wife and mother. Angie begged them to accept, and Amanda and Jake agreed that they would be honored.

After the party guests had departed, Angie told Jesse that they had a lot to do, and she suggested that they get started by naming their baby. She had inexplicably been thinking of "L" names. She suddenly smiled and said she'd thought of the perfect name -- Ellie, Jesse's mother's name. An emotional Jesse knelt next to Angie's belly and tearfully welcomed Ellie Hubbard to the world.

At home, Amanda and Jake discussed their duties as godparents. Jake wanted to get back to being solid and stable, like Angie had perceived them. Amanda desired the same thing.

At the hospital, Ryan overheard Madison tell her doctor that her pregnancy was 19 weeks along, and he realized that he was the baby's father. Greenlee nervously eavesdropped from the doorway. He asked if the baby was all right, and he locked eyes with Greenlee as she entered the room.

The doctor explained that everything appeared to be fine with the baby, and she suspected that dehydration had caused Madison's cramps. The doctor left to run some tests, and Madison sighed in relief that the baby was okay. Greenlee feigned surprise when Ryan announced that Madison was in her second trimester. He was shocked that Madison hadn't told him about the baby. Madison said that she couldn't, but he pushed her to tell the truth. Madison glanced anxiously at Greenlee, and then admitted that Ryan was the father.

Madison explained that she had made her decision because she and Ryan had broken up. Ryan insisted that he'd had a right to know. Madison recalled that he had just reunited with Greenlee when Madison had learned she was pregnant, and she hadn't wanted to obligate him. He offered to help, but Madison maintained that she wanted to raise the baby on her own.

Ryan asked why Scott had pretended to be the father. Madison said that Scott had seen her difficult position and had been a friend to her. Ryan chided Madison for lying to him. Madison claimed she hadn't seen another way, and he was astounded that she would have kept his child from him forever. Meanwhile, at Fusion, Randi informed Scott that Madison had been admitted to the hospital. A worried Scott rushed off.

Ryan turned to Greenlee and expressed his regret that she never could have expected the turn of events. Greenlee stammered that it was a lot to deal with, especially considering Emma's disappearance. Madison said her pregnancy was the last thing Ryan needed, but Ryan implored Madison to stop acting like it was horrible news. He just wanted Madison to be honest, and he insisted that she didn't have to go through it by herself. Madison asserted that she wasn't.

Madison said she'd learned who was really there for her, like Randi and Frankie. Ryan was stunned to realize that that they had known, and he asked if anyone else had been aware that the baby was Ryan's. Madison lied that no one else had. Ryan said that he had known their breakup hadn't been easy on her, but they had remained friends and he'd told her that she could ask for any help she needed. She explained that she had needed to figure out whether she'd even wanted the baby. He was glad she'd chosen to keep it.

Ryan wondered if Madison had ever considered telling him the truth, and she admitted that she'd contemplated it every time she'd seen him. She repeated that she wanted to raise the baby alone, and Greenlee said Madison would make a great mom. Madison encouraged Ryan to concentrate on Emma, but he pointed out that Madison's child was his, too. The doctor arrived with conclusive results that the baby was fine. Madison asked to be left alone. Ryan exited, and Greenlee gave Madison an appreciative look before she followed him.

Scott arrived at the hospital, and he was happy to hear that Madison and the baby were okay. After the doctor left, Madison blurted that Ryan had found out that the baby was his. Scott comforted Madison with a hug. Madison expressed relief that she didn't have to lie anymore, but she had no idea what to do next. She declared that Scott could move on with his life, since Ryan knew the truth.

Scott thanked Madison for the offer, but he said he liked being on the hook. She thought it was too much to ask, but he said he wasn't going to let her go. His voice trailed off as he struggled with his feelings, and he covered by saying that he needed her half of the rent.

At the penthouse, Ryan was still in shock that Madison had lied to him, and he worried about how Greenlee felt about the pregnancy. She said she was fine. He blamed himself for not piecing together the truth earlier. Ryan was incredulous that Madison had lied to him, especially since a child was involved. Greenlee said there was something he should know, but Ryan's phone rang, and he took a call from the FBI.

Ryan reported that the FBI had only checked in to see if he'd heard anything. He reminded Greenlee that she had been about to say something, and she urged him not to blame himself because Madison had been convincing. Ryan berated Madison for lying to him, and he couldn't believe that Madison would allow him to go through life never knowing the baby was his. He put his head on Greenlee's lap and thanked God that he had his wife. With a guilty look on her face, Greenlee murmured that she'd always be there for him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

At the Chandler mansion, JR told Asher that he was glad Asher was sticking around. Asher left with a box of files. Colby descended the stairs and announced that she was going to the office to handle the PR mess Annie had left behind. JR commented that Colby had achieved enough public exposure lately.

JR condemned Colby for making the video, and he pushed her to take it down. Colby said she'd had thousands of people compliment her on it. JR thought the world was judging and watching their family. She sarcastically retorted that she'd broken the Chandler code by telling the truth.

Caleb showed up at Erica's home in response to her call, and Erica began talking about Cortlandt Electronics' demographics. She was surprised when Caleb stood motionless in the doorway. He asked what she really wanted. Erica explained that she had been working from home. Caleb wondered if Jackson knew he was there. Erica reaffirmed her commitment to both Jackson and Cortlandt Electronics.

The doorbell rang, and Asher entered with a box from Chandler Enterprises. Erica revealed that she had been expecting the paperwork from the transfer of the company. Caleb asked if Asher was still JR's messenger boy. Asher claimed that he helped out when JR needed him, but Caleb thought JR was attempting to show Caleb that JR owned his son.

Caleb told Asher that Asher was worth something and could make his own choices. Asher complained that Caleb just didn't agree with his choices, and he stalked out. Erica assured Caleb that he'd handled the situation well, but he wanted to get back to business. Erica looked through the files and complained that they weren't numbered. She fumed that JR had intentionally caused the unorganized state of the paperwork, and she left to handle the matter herself.

Erica stormed into the Chandler mansion and demanded to see JR. Colby said he wasn't home, and Erica ordered Colby to tell him that Erica had been there and that she was tired of his childish games. Colby didn't think JR would be intimidated, but Erica proclaimed that she'd never lost a battle because she always emerged on top. Colby realized Erica's words were true, and she mused that maybe she could learn something from Erica.

Colby recalled that Adam had always spoken of Erica with great respect and that he had most admired Erica's toughness. Colby recounted how Erica had been through many difficult times, but people always had rooted for her. Erica advised Colby to own her successes and to believe in herself. Erica repeated that JR should watch out, and Asher overheard and protectively intervened. Colby declared that she could handle herself, and Erica smiled and agreed.

Later, Colby told herself that she had to believe in herself. Asher entered and asked if he was interrupting the next viral video. Asher revealed that a girl at the coffee shop had been repeatedly checking to see if Colby had posted another video, and he commented that some people appreciated the truth. Asher joked that Colby might have to start signing autographs, and he opined that it would be cool if she made another video. Meanwhile, at ConFusion, Liza watched Colby's video and appeared distraught. Liza tried to call Colby but got Colby's voicemail, and she hung up without leaving a message.

Colby spoke into her webcam and said that boyfriends and mothers weren't the only people who bailed on others. She made a promise to tell people when they'd let her down. She suggested that her audience do the same, and speculated that perhaps the world could be a better place where family and love actually lasted. Asher affectionately looked on from the doorway.

Erica returned home, and Caleb asked what had happened with JR. Erica stated that she'd moved on, and she changed the subject to Asher. Caleb said he and Asher simply didn't get along, but Erica reminded him that Palmer had wanted to reunite father and son. She said Caleb's conflict with Asher affected how they ran their business, and she'd figured out a way to put an end to it. Erica explained that Colby had led a tough life with a horrific mother, but Colby seemed to want to take control. Caleb wondered what Erica meant, and Erica noted that it was obvious Asher was interested in Colby. She suggested that Caleb could get closer to Asher through Colby.

Ryan arrived home and reported to Greenlee that a potential lead on Emma had turned out to be nothing. Ryan said he'd also stopped by to see Spike, because he had been so focused on Emma that he had to remember his other children. He was still in shock that Madison had thought he'd never find out that he had fathered her baby. Greenlee suggested that perhaps Madison had thought she was doing him a favor.

Ryan apologized to Greenlee for the situation, but Greenlee assured him that she was the last thing he needed to worry about. Ryan prepared to leave to update Madison about Emma, and Greenlee offered to accompany him, but he suggested Greenlee deal with the mess at Fusion instead. Greenlee said she loved him, but he had already hurried out the door.

At their apartment, Scott asked Madison whether she'd heard from Ryan, and she shook her head. He asked if she was okay, and she said the reveal hadn't been anything like she'd expected, though she was relieved she no longer had to keep a secret. Scott wondered if she intended to tell Ryan that Greenlee had known all along. Ryan knocked on the door.

Ryan handed Madison contact information from the FBI. She noted that he could have called instead, but he declared that he wanted to personally stay on top of the situation. Madison prepared to leave for work, but promised she'd update him if she heard from Emma. Ryan started to speculate that Madison's living arrangements weren't adequate, but Scott and Madison insisted she and the baby were fine. Madison left, and Scott expected Ryan to complain about their meager apartment.

Ryan said Madison had made it clear that how she lived her life wasn't his call, but Scott knew Ryan wished otherwise. Ryan asked what was really going on between Scott and Madison. Scott said he didn't know, but he wanted to help her. Ryan inquired whether it had been easy for Scott to lie about being the father of Ryan's baby. Scott clarified that it was Madison's child. Ryan wondered how long the lie would have lasted if Ryan hadn't accidentally learned the truth. Ryan demanded to know what Scott's intentions were.

Scott claimed that he'd wanted to make better choices once he had been released from prison, and he thought Stuart would have been proud of Scott for helping Madison. Ryan scoffed at the idea that Stuart would have condoned keeping a child from its father, but Scott said that Madison was calling the shots. Scott said he and Madison shared a good situation, but Ryan felt that it wasn't the best to raise a child in. Scott urged Ryan to focus on Emma and sincerely wished him luck. Ryan left.

At the hospital, Griffin examined Kendall, and she commented about his cold hands. He recited the expression "cold hands, warm heart." She asked if it was difficult treating a patient he'd gotten to know personally. He jokingly offered to remove his shirt to make her more comfortable. He asked about her plans that day, and she said she'd concentrate on work and not obsess over Zach's letter. Griffin opened a medical folder to glance at the letter inside.

Griffin concluded that Kendall had made an amazing recovery, and she credited him with her progress. She recalled the incident in the ambulance and how scared she'd been. He said he'd see her at her follow-up exam. She was grateful to have a doctor she could trust, and thanked him. Kendall left, and Griffin looked again at the letter.

Kendall arrived at Fusion and announced that she had received a clean bill of health and had some thoughts about how to help the company. Greenlee pitched Madison's idea of an organic line for pregnant women. Kendall loved the concept and suggested they include Madison, since Madison was pregnant. Kendall was surprised when Greenlee balked, and Greenlee informed Kendall that Madison's baby wasn't Scott's -- it was Ryan's.

Kendall worried about how the pregnancy would impact Greenlee's life, but Greenlee asserted that she and Ryan were married and would get through it together. Greenlee pointed out that she loved Emma and Spike. Kendall was stunned that Greenlee wasn't upset with Madison for keeping such a big secret. Madison arrived and was glad to see Kendall. Kendall raved about Greenlee's idea for the new organic line, and Madison stared her in shock. When Kendall assumed that Madison didn't like the concept, Madison angrily spat that Kendall didn't have to sell her on her own idea.

Randi piped up to say that Madison had brainstormed the idea days earlier. Greenlee stated that the idea was Fusion's and that Madison still had a lot to learn about the business. Kendall left to review Randi's work, and Madison and Greenlee faced off. Madison referred to Ryan's visit earlier that day, and she accused Greenlee of being afraid that Madison would steal Ryan. Madison barked that she'd thought of an idea that could save the company, but nothing she did was ever good enough to prove herself to Greenlee. Kendall tried to intervene, but Madison dared Greenlee to tell the truth. Greenlee admitted that she'd known for months that the baby was Ryan's.

Kendall was blown away that Greenlee had known all along, and she blasted Madison for keeping the baby's paternity a secret. Kendall ordered Greenlee and Madison to figure things out. Kendall walked away, and Greenlee told Madison that though they'd both lied, the truth was out. Madison coyly reminded Greenlee that it wasn't completely out. She asserted that the organic line had been her idea and that she deserved a shot at a real career.

Madison offered not to mess up Greenlee's life, as long as Greenlee gave Madison the chance she deserved. Kendall returned, and Greenlee congratulated Madison and told Kendall that Madison would be the project director for the new line. A beaming Madison said they wouldn't be sorry, and she excitedly left. Kendall insisted that Greenlee tell her the truth. Greenlee informed Kendall of her agreement with Madison, but inquired whether Kendall would tell Ryan. Kendall responded by pulling her friend into a hug.

Scott answered the door to JR. JR swore that he wanted to get the Chandler family back together, and he'd heard Scott and Madison were expecting a baby. Scott began to protest, but JR invited Scott and Madison to move into the mansion. Scott insisted that their current accommodations were fine, but JR reminded him that they were family and suggested that they patch things up for their kids' sake. JR continued to push, and Scott blurted that it wasn't his baby.

Scott explained that he had been pretending to be the father, but JR still offered to let Scott return home. Scott said they didn't share any family ties other than their last name. JR offered him the east wing. Scott thought that JR's motivation was solely to impress Marissa. JR claimed that AJ and Colby needed Scott, too. Madison burst in with her good news, and she apologized for interrupting. Scott turned down JR's offer, and JR left. She wanted to know why JR had been there, and Scott fibbed that JR was there regarding an investment. He turned the topic to Fusion, and she grinned broadly.

Scott congratulated Madison on her new role at Fusion. She called him out on lying about JR's reason for being there. He admitted that JR had invited him to live at the mansion. She wondered why he had fibbed, and he said that he couldn't explain why he'd turned down living in a mansion -- he simply preferred living in their apartment. She awkwardly suggested that perhaps it was because it was closer to work, but she smiled knowingly at him.

Greenlee and Kendall entered the penthouse, and Ryan dejectedly informed them that another lead had fallen through. Kendall said that she would congratulate him about the baby under normal circumstances, and he acknowledged that the timing was bad. Kendall insisted that the three of them could count on one another and that everything would work out. Greenlee pointed out that they'd made things work with Spike, and they all exchanged smiles.

After Kendall had left, Greenlee told Ryan that Kendall had been shocked to hear that Madison's baby was Ryan's. He marveled that Greenlee had handled the news so well, and she remarked that she was more worried about his feelings. He wondered if Greenlee realized that the baby would affect the rest of their lives. She assured him that she did and hugged him, but she looked uncertain.

In the park, Kendall stepped into the shadows and then confronted Griffin when he appeared. She asked why he had been following her. She understood he was being protective, but she insisted that she was healthy. He agreed that it was time to let go. She took his hand and thanked him again, and she left. He removed Zach's letter from his back pocket and murmured to himself that it wasn't her health that he was worried about.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

At home, Jake said that the board didn't want to hire Cara full-time. Amanda urged him to convince them, but he said she didn't have to be supportive. Amanda, however, affirmed her commitment to helping Cara. Jake left, saying he'd meet Amanda at ConFusion for dinner. Amanda groaned when she saw Cara and Tad's wedding announcement in the newspaper.

After jogging with Cara, Tad straggled into his house. Cara wanted to help her lifesaver inside, but as he limped in, he asked if she'd considered that he'd needed a little saving. Tad claimed he was in a rut, and Cara suggested that he take his wife on a date.

At ConFusion, David told Liza that the mayor wanted to fire her over Colby's video. Liza was resigned to her fate; however, David urged her to fight. She claimed there was no recovering from her indiscretion. "Have you forgotten who you're talking to here?" David asked. He offered to talk to the mayor for her, because having the district attorney on his side could be useful.

As Liza turned David down, she grimaced to see Tad and Cara enter. David thought Liza needed to let that one go. She murmured that Tad wouldn't forgive her for sleeping with Damon. David suggested that she'd done it because, subconsciously, she'd wanted to let Tad go.

Tad and Cara found a table. Amanda approached and said she was waiting for Jake, who was at the hospital board meeting about Cara's job. Cara, who hadn't known the meeting was happening that night, took off for the hospital.

When Jake arrived at the hospital, he was surprised that Joe was there. Joe knew about Cara's problems with the hospital board and noted that Cara's reluctance to apologize to the parents of her cancer patient had caused the parents to threaten a lawsuit. In Cara's defense, an impassioned Jake depicted Cara as a committed doctor, who'd survived leukemia. As Jake sang her praises for her work in the field, Joe said Cara was lucky to have Jake on her side.

The father and son discussed the complexities of being chief of staff. Jake longed for the simplicity of working in the field, but Joe asked if Jake had truly pinpointed what he missed about that time. Jake admitted that he'd had something beautiful with Cara, but said that with Amanda, he had the chance for something amazing, like Joe and Ruth. Jake said he'd roamed the world to discover that he belonged in Pine Valley with his wife and son.

Cara interrupted to pull Jake into the emergency room to attend to patients with multiple gunshot wounds. She said they'd hop to it, just like the old days. "Just like the old days," Jake repeated with a look at his father.

Later, Jake and Cara returned to Joe, who assured Cara that she was a Martin. Cara was grateful for all Tad had done. Joe decided that if his boys had to marry the same woman, they'd both made a good choice. Joe decided to go with Jake to the board meeting to ensure that Cara would be hired on full-time.

After the meeting, Joe and Jake found Cara in the lounge. The men told her that she had a job, and Cara gratefully wrapped her arms around Joe. She gave Jake a reserved hug, and Joe said it was time to get some family matters straight. Joe asked Cara to say that she wouldn't hurt Tad or interfere in Jake's marriage. Cara eased Joe's concerns, and Joe left to meet Tad.

Jake informed Cara that her job was conditioned upon her apologizing to the cancer patient's parents. Cara claimed she'd do it that instant, but then asserted that it wasn't wrong to say the child should have a normal life. Jake started to say something about the board's wishes, but Cara cut in to say that the board was wrong. He explained that she wasn't in the field, and if she couldn't obey hospital rules, he'd let her go.

Cara persisted in her viewpoint and asserted that Jake couldn't tell her how to practice medicine. He corrected that he actually could do so inside the hospital walls. Cara still pushed, but Jake said it wasn't Doctors Without Borders, and she had to learn to stay within the borders of the hospital. Cara quipped that Jake was asserting himself as her boss because he didn't know how to handle the family changes. She agreed to say whatever she'd be forced to say, because she needed the job; however, she refused to compromise how she practiced medicine for anyone.

Kendall, Bianca, and Marissa played with the kids in the park until the nanny arrived to pick the kids up. The women grabbed some fast food, but Marissa wished she had cake. The ladies discussed the joys and woes of parenting and decided to treat themselves to a night out. Kendall couldn't wait to be around people, hear music, and drink champagne.

At the mansion, JR prompted AJ to give Colby a photo of her and JR. JR apologized for being hard on her. Announcing that he was rallying the family, JR said Scott would return to the company and the mansion. Colby called JR delusional, but the hopeful JR invited her to meet him at ConFusion, where he was headed to interview a replacement for Annie's vacant job.

At ConFusion later, Kendall, Bianca, and Marissa arrived. The sisters briefly left Marissa alone, and JR approached to say AJ had experienced a rough night because he'd missed his mother. JR claimed he'd convinced Scott to return to the mansion, and JR hoped Marissa would, too. She told him to stop using AJ to manipulate her. JR said he was just being a good parent.

JR walked off, and Kendall and Bianca returned to find out if he'd upset Marissa. "Am I a bad mother?" Marissa asked. Marissa feared that she was being selfish by not moving, but Kendall insisted that Marissa put herself first, which meant keeping her distance from JR.

Amanda and Liza sat at the bar. Remarking on Tad and Cara, Liza said there must be something to keeping it in the family. Amanda quipped that they should ask Colby's boyfriend. Amanda wandered off and encountered Tad, who said Cara was still at the hospital. "She went to see Jake," Amanda mumbled. Tad insisted that Cara had gone there on business.

Tad sat at the bar, and a saucy Liza struck up a conversation. Tad seemed reticent, and she assumed he was embarrassed to be seen with her. She guessed that was why Tad was with the "Dr. Goody-Two-Shoe Thing." Colby entered unnoticed as Liza realized everyone in the bar was staring at her. Liza warned them to lock up their boys, because she was after a good time.

Wandering amongst the customers, Liza spurred them to give her the looks, because "this is who I am." In the middle of her tirade, she stopped short upon seeing Colby eyeing her from a corner. Colby strode out, JR pursued her, and David took Liza home.

Later, David escorted Liza into her hotel room, where she'd been staying to escape all the attention Colby's video had led to Liza's front door. David understood Liza's pain, but he said they were who they were. He felt that they couldn't control how their kids felt about them, either. Liza wished he wouldn't compare her to himself, but he said that, like it or not, they understood each other. "So why not make the most of it?" he asked and kissed her.

At home, Colby reviewed footage of Liza acting out at ConFusion earlier. "Good job, Mom. Almost a million hits," Colby said.

Back at ConFusion, Kendall and Bianca belittled Liza for what she'd done, but Marissa pitied Liza, who'd fought the Chandlers for Colby. Kendall and Bianca dared Marissa to compare herself to Liza, but Marissa said she wasn't that messed up. Marissa decided to leave to visit AJ, and the sisters told her not to let JR credit himself with getting her there.

After Kendall called it a night, Bianca encountered JR at the exit and accused him of using AJ against Marissa. JR said he was horrible for offering Marissa a string of suites down the hall from her son. Bianca asked him not to hurt Marissa, but he claimed he never would.

JR approached Amanda to say he hadn't had luck catching up to Colby. He then guessed the candidate for Annie's old job had stood him up. Amanda claimed that Jake had stood her up, too. She suggested that JR hire her for the vacant position. He was unsure Amanda could handle it, but she sold herself hard. JR said she could start the next day, but there were no guarantees.

Across the room, Joe joined Tad. Joe said he was proud of Tad. Though Joe was on board with the marriage, he predicted that it wouldn't end well for his sons. Cara arrived, giddy about her job news. Tad said he was happy for Cara, and they hugged.

Jake arrived home to find Amanda picking out clothes for her first day of work. Jake was speechless about JR's job offer. "Be happy for me!" she cooed, and they hugged.

Later, Bianca went to Krystal's restaurant and found Marissa at the bar. Marissa said that she'd arrived there too late, and Opal had already taken AJ home. Bianca ordered a slice of cake and two forks, which delighted Marissa.

When Kendall arrived home, she told Zach's picture that she'd had a good night, and she felt that she was returning to life again.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

At the Martin home, Griffin showed Zach's letter to Cara and Tad. Tad agreed that Zach would never have used the word "sweetheart." Griffin was worried that Zach's casino partners had been involved in Zach's death, but Tad reminded him that the plane crash had been deemed an accident. Cara suggested that Griffin allow Kendall to move on, but Griffin refused, since Kendall could be in danger.

Griffin asked Tad to point him toward Zach's casino partners. Cara and Tad advised Griffin against getting involved, but Griffin swore he'd be fine. Tad suggested that Griffin ask Kendall for details, but Griffin didn't want to worry her unnecessarily. Cara wanted to call the police, but Griffin said they'd tried already. Griffin vowed to handle the situation himself, and he left.

Krystal descended the stairs. She announced that she'd found an apartment and asked for a moment alone with Tad. Cara left, and Krystal explained that he couldn't sell his marriage with his ex-wife living with him. Tad objected, but Krystal worried about how the lies and secrets would affect their daughters. Tad realized that Krystal intended to take both girls with her, and Krystal argued that she didn't want to separate the sisters. Tad refused to break up their family.

Tad and Krystal's argument quickly escalated. Opal interrupted and counseled them to work things out. Krystal said she was protecting her girls as well as Cara, and she left for work. Cara returned, and Tad explained that he and Krystal cared about one another, but they sometimes fought. Opal commented that Tad and Krystal always resolved their issues, because they loved their daughters.

Once alone, Tad told Opal that he missed his other children and had also missed the first years of Kathy's life. Opal assured him that he wasn't going to lose his daughters, but he didn't want to be a part-time father. She was proud of him, but wanted him to understand Krystal's side. He was determined to keep his entire family together, including Krystal.

Tad accepted responsibility for making the decision to marry Cara, but he admitted that he hadn't considered everything it would cost him. Opal assured him that one day his daughters would be old enough to understand. He called himself a fool for assuming he could have it all.

Cara arrived at Krystal's restaurant and ordered coffee. Cara recalled how Krystal had been the first friendly face she'd seen when she had arrived in town. A suspicious Krystal asked what Cara wanted, and Cara begged her not to move out. Cara explained that the Martin family had made an incredible sacrifice and that she couldn't allow Tad to be separated from his kids. Krystal thought it was too dangerous for everyone involved.

Cara recalled how her own father had left, but her mother had picked up the pieces and made them a family without him. Krystal noted that Cara and Tad's situation was much riskier. Cara swore to do everything she could to help Krystal and the children. Krystal was skeptical about Immigration believing them. Cara said she had spent her whole life chasing the action, but she was happy to be grounded and surrounded by a loving family.

Later, Krystal returned to the Martin home, and Tad began to offer some alternatives to their living situation. She told him to save his breath, because she planned to stay. A flabbergasted Tad asked what had changed her mind, and she said Cara had.

At the Slater home, Kendall declared to Ricky that she had felt alive while playing with her kids. She was grateful for his advice to forget about Zach's letter and to focus on her boys. Ricky ignored a call from Diana, and Diana left him an angry message. Kendall mentioned that she had food in the kitchen to donate to the teen center, and Ricky left to retrieve it. When his phone rang again, Kendall answered it on his behalf.

Diana claimed she was surprised to hear a woman answer Ricky's phone, and Kendall asked if Diana worked with Ricky. Diana seductively stated that they were friends. Ricky returned, and Kendall handed him the phone. Ricky reprimanded Diana for calling again, and Diana jealously questioned whether he was worried that she would ruin their plan, or whether Kendall would believe he had a girlfriend. Ricky warned her not to push it.

Meanwhile, Griffin arrived and handed Kendall a list of emergency contact numbers, since he'd be in New York for a fundraiser for the Miranda Center. She didn't think the event sounded like something he'd attend, but he explained that it was for a good cause. Ricky ended his call, and Kendall explained why Griffin was there. Ricky pointedly told Griffin that he'd be there if Kendall needed anything.

Kendall left to make a phone call. Ricky acknowledged that Griffin didn't like him, but he said that they both cared about Kendall and that their fighting stressed her out. Ricky suggested they find a way to be civil, especially after the prior day. Griffin had no clue what Ricky meant. Ricky said Kendall had experienced the best time she'd had in while. Ricky claimed that he wanted to support Kendall moving forward, and he hoped Griffin would, too.

Kendall returned and questioned whether Ricky and Griffin had declared a truce. Ricky and Griffin downplayed the tension between them. Griffin wanted to check Kendall's pulse to ensure she wasn't under stress. Ricky excused himself to carry the groceries to the car, but he paused at the door and spotted Zach's letter in Griffin's bag.

Griffin concluded that Kendall's pulse was normal. He remarked about Kendall's "wild" day of fun that Ricky had mentioned, and she told Griffin to work on his self-esteem. He was glad she had done something good for herself. She thought it was sweet of him to check on her, and she recounted his many achievements, including helping others with the drugs from the hospital. He called it his job and said he'd see her when he returned. Griffin and Ricky coldly exchanged glances as Griffin exited.

Kendall asked Ricky who the sexy woman on the phone had been, and Ricky said she was just a flirty parishioner who wasn't his type. He answered his phone again, and appeared to grow concerned when he said he'd look into something. Kendall asked him what was wrong, and a scheming Ricky claimed that some kids at the teen center had bought drugs that had originated from Pine Valley Hospital. An odd look crossed Kendall's face, and he wondered if she knew something about it.

Cara caught Griffin at the hospital and worried about his intention to investigate Zach's death. Griffin spoke of the bond Kendall and Zach had shared, and Cara was surprised he was affected by something other than science. He reminded Cara that she knew what it was like to have a bond that went beyond logic, and he reiterated his promise to keep Kendall alive.

Annie and Emma arrived at a park in Pine Valley. Emma wondered if she'd get to see her family and friends, but Annie warned that they couldn't trust anyone. Annie explained that they had only returned to get money so their adventure could continue. Annie spotted a man with his back turned to her, and she instructed Emma to hide. She approached the man, and was shocked when she saw Scott's face.

Annie rambled that she didn't want anyone to know she was in town. She begged for Scott's help and babbled on about how much they'd meant to one another when they had been married. Suddenly, she realized that the man wasn't Scott, but a complete stranger. Annie forcefully pushed him away, and the man fell and threatened to call the police. She grabbed his wallet. As Annie began to flee, Emma emerged to see if Annie was okay, and Annie rushed her daughter away.

Annie and Emma arrived outside a hotel room. Annie knocked on the door, and when there was no answer, she used a key card to enter. Emma worried that the man in the park would return, but Annie assured her daughter that they would be fine. Emma inquired whether Annie was all right, because Annie had thought the man had been Scott. Annie said she'd just made a mistake.

At his penthouse, a stir-crazy Ryan wanted to do something personally to help find Emma, but Greenlee implored him to be patient. Madison arrived, and Ryan hoped Emma had tried to contact her. Madison explained she wanted to be close just in case Emma did. An FBI agent arrived with a tip that Annie was headed back to Canada, and he left to call the local police. Ryan said he appreciated Madison's help, and he offered her the penthouse suite at the casino.

Madison became incensed that Ryan kept pushing his assistance on her. She refused to let him run her life, but he insisted he was just trying to make things easier. She reiterated her desire to handle things on her own, but he felt a sense of responsibility for his child. She respected his stance, but insisted the respect go both ways. The agent returned and reported that Annie had been spotted outside Hartford. Ryan thought that indicated Annie was headed back to Pine Valley. Brot called and informed Ryan that a man in the park had provided a description of Annie and Emma. Greenlee and Ryan rushed off.

Greenlee and Ryan arrived in the park as Brot questioned the man whom Annie had accosted. The man recalled that Annie had initially believed that he had been her husband. Ryan asked where he could get in touch with the man, who said he was staying at the Beacon Hotel. Ryan expressed to Brot the urgency of finding Annie, as she might not be mentally stable.

Madison arrived home, and she informed Scott that Ryan finally understood that she was happy with her living situation. Scott said he was happy, too. He marveled that they had turned down extravagant offers to stay in their dumpy apartment. She asserted that it was their dump, and she wished everyone else would back off.

Madison resented how Ryan had treated her, like he was just waiting to swoop in to take over. Scott compared Ryan's behavior to JR's condescending attitude. Scott and Madison recalled being rich, but Madison proclaimed that she felt richer than she ever had, because she was free. Her phone rang, and Madison answered it to Emma. Emma whispered that she was worried about Annie and asked if she could visit Madison.

Madison said that she'd help Emma and asked where Emma was. Emma said she was in Pine Valley and mentioned that Annie had taken a key that looked like a credit card from the man in the park. Madison guessed that Emma was at a hotel, but Emma hung up. Madison called Ryan and told him about the hotel key card. Ryan and Greenlee headed for the man's hotel room.

Annie returned from the shower, and she sent Emma to clean up while she planned where they'd go next. Annie looked through the man's wallet and was pleased to find cash. The doorknob rattled, and Annie instructed Emma to hide. Ryan kicked down the door and found himself face-to-face with Annie.

Ryan angrily demanded to know Emma's whereabouts. Annie said the girl was in the bathroom, and Ryan checked but couldn't find her. Ryan accused Annie of lying and threatened to call the cops. Annie begged him not to turn her in. He insisted that he only wanted his daughter back. He said they could fix it together, just the two of them. She began to cry and admitted she was scared. Ryan knew she loved Emma, and he swore to keep them both safe if Annie told him where Emma was. Annie turned to see Greenlee standing in the doorway.

Greenlee tried to leave, but Annie flew into a rage and yelled that everyone was lying. She said Ryan had stabbed her in the back, and Greenlee reasoned that Annie had stolen his daughter. Annie cried that they were all trying to lock her up because Marissa had turned everyone against her. Ryan said he'd give Annie whatever she wanted, but he wished to take care of Emma until Annie was back on her feet.

Annie wailed that everyone always left her. Ryan swore that he and Annie were bonded for life because she was the mother of his child. He sympathized that running hadn't been easy, especially for a little girl. He implored Annie to do what was best for Emma and tell him where his daughter was. A suddenly calm Annie called for Emma to emerge from behind the couch, but the girl wasn't there. Meanwhile, Emma clutched her doll and shivered in the park.

Scott assured Madison that everything would be fine, because he believed in her, hormones and all. Madison jokingly asked if there was a website Scott accessed to know all the right things to say to a woman. He said he was just looking out for her, but he had no expectations because she was strong and independent. She said she needed support, which the other men in her life hadn't given her. She realized that Scott supported and cared for her, but didn't try to control her.

Scott called Madison's words deep, and she explained that he didn't make her feel useless or small. She felt that they were on equal ground as partners, and she'd never felt like that about anyone. She confessed that she really wanted to kiss him, but he realized that she was hesitant because of their last botched attempt at passion. "Then allow me," he proposed, and he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Friday, March 18, 2011

David stopped by the hospital with a delivery from the clinic, and needed to get Griffin's signature. David said he hoped his willingness to do menial labor would help the medical board decide to reinstate his license. David admitted that he'd almost had a deal with Greenlee until she backed out at the last minute. David reminded Griffin of cardinal rule number one: never get involved with a patient. Griffin managed to suppress a grimace as David asked Griffin not to make the same mistakes.

David expressed surprise that Griffin was still in Pine Valley. Griffin had expected to be gone as well. Griffin said that with Cara getting married and the funding for the Miranda Center unavailable, he didn't have much of a choice. David was certain that with the connections to the Martins, Griffin would eventually put down roots in Pine Valley.

Griffin was uncomfortable with that notion, so he turned the topic back to David and his medical license. Griffin said he'd put in a good word with the board on David's behalf. David was grateful but said that because he'd hurt so many people, a lot more needed to be done. Griffin urged David to do whatever was necessary because he considered David to be an amazing doctor.

Ricky questioned the concerned look that crossed Kendall's face when he mentioned the stolen drugs from the hospital that were found at the high school. Kendall mentally recalled when Griffin told her that he'd been stealing drugs. Ricky snapped Kendall out of her reverie and begged her to tell him what she knew. Kendall asked if Ricky was bound to keep anything she told him confidential.

Ricky promised that Kendall could trust him with anything and encouraged her to be honest. Kendall hesitated, and then said that the look Ricky saw was because she felt bad. Kendall said she'd been thinking about her boys and was worried about their vulnerability. Kendall suddenly stood up and said she had to leave. Ricky was baffled but Kendall said she'd thought of something she could do to help. As Kendall dashed out of the house, Ricky smugly called out that the horrible person who had stolen the drugs needed to be caught.

Kendall went to PVH and ran into Griffin talking to David. Griffin thought that Kendall's timing was perfect. Griffin asked if Kendall would be willing to speak to the board on David's behalf. Kendall was wary, but David's hint about residual pain from his gunshot wound shifted Kendall's thinking a bit. Kendall urgently needed to talk to Griffin alone, so David excused himself.

Once David was gone, Kendall told Griffin about the stolen hospital drugs that were being sold in schools. Griffin wondered why Kendall desperately wanted to tell him that. Kendall said that she thought Griffin needed to know. Griffin, however, thought Kendall might think that Griffin was responsible for the theft of the pills. Griffin acted offended that Kendall only told him the information.

Griffin said that Kendall probably thought he was guilty because of his Mexican heritage, and because the news said that all Mexicans were drug pushers. Kendall was completely taken aback until Griffin started laughing. Kendall mildly chastised him, but the two laughed it off. Kendall said that she'd wanted to give Griffin a heads-up in case there was some sort of investigation. Griffin thanked her, and then asked if Kendall had believed at any point that Griffin was involved. Kendall denied the suspicion and reminded Griffin that she trusted him with her life.

Scott and Madison kissed passionately for a few moments before her stomach started gurgling loudly. Scott asked when she last ate, but Madison couldn't give him a clear answer. Scott couldn't accept that and looked for something to eat in the kitchen. When he only found crackers, he decided that they needed to go out to eat. Madison worried that Emma would call. Scott reminded her that Emma only had Madison's cell phone number and said they would take the phone with them.

Annie believed that Emma was hiding behind the couch and called for the little girl to reveal herself. Both Ryan and Greenlee could clearly see that Emma was not in the room. Greenlee distracted Annie by trying to extract information while Ryan went out into the hall. Ryan called the authorities and gave them Annie's location. He informed them that Emma wasn't with them and said the area needed to be searched.

Ryan also requested that authorities call Dr. Burke at Oak Haven. Ryan was certain that Annie had lost touch with reality and said she needed help. After he ended the call, Ryan went back into the hotel room and found the tension between Annie and Greenlee approaching volatile levels. Annie screamed that Marissa should be invited over so that the two bitches that had ruined her life could join forces against Annie.

The police arrived at the hotel, and Brot questioned Annie about Emma's whereabouts. Annie was finally lucid enough to realize that she didn't know where her daughter was. The clarity slipped away as her eyes fell upon Greenlee. Annie's anger spiraled out of control, and she demanded that Greenlee be taken away. Ryan and Greenlee stepped out into the hall, and Ryan said that he needed to search for Emma.

Greenlee wanted to stay at the hotel, but Ryan worried that wouldn't be a good idea. Greenlee said that she wanted Emma to see a friendly face if she returned to the hotel. Ryan agreed and took off. On his way out of the hotel, Ryan called Madison. He told Madison that the hunt was on for Emma, and said that Emma might call Madison. Madison promised that she wouldn't miss Emma's call. She hung up the phone just as Scott returned with their food. Madison filled Scott in on what she knew, and Scott assured Madison that the little girl would be found unharmed.

Emma crouched behind some bushes outside. She checked the cell phone she'd taken with her when she left the hotel room but didn't make any calls. Instead, she hunkered down closer to a nearby wall in an effort to stay warm.

Annie got angrier every time she saw Greenlee, so Brot had a fellow officer cuff Annie. Annie was incensed that she was being arrested when she was certain that Greenlee had done things that were far worse.

Scott and Madison sat on a bench in the park. Scott asked Madison if she wanted something to eat, but Madison said all she wanted was for Emma to call her. Ryan showed up and asked if Madison had received any word. Madison was forced to admit that she'd not heard from Emma. At that moment, Ryan spotted Emma's doll in the bushes and knew his daughter couldn't be far. Ryan yelled out Emma's name and soon heard Emma calling back. They ran toward each other and when they were face-to-face, Ryan scooped the little girl in his arms.

Ryan eventually put Emma down and wrapped her in his coat. When he asked Emma if she was okay, the little girl revealed that her only concern was about her mother. Ryan said that they could talk about Annie after they made sure Emma was okay. Madison offered to drive so that Ryan could sit in the back and keep the little girl warm. When Madison escorted the little girl out of earshot, Ryan said that he needed Scott's help.

Marissa and AJ unexpectedly stopped by the Chandler mansion to pick up one of AJ's video games. JR told Marissa that she was welcome any time. JR asked if she and AJ had been having fun. Marissa said that they were but pointed out that AJ wasn't tired. She'd found that odd since JR had mentioned that AJ hadn't been sleeping. JR jokingly wondered if Marissa was accusing him of something.

Marissa thought that JR was being overly defensive, but JR said he was just looking out for AJ. JR said that he wanted AJ's family together, under one roof. Marissa reminded JR that they'd gotten divorced. JR felt that since Tad and Krystal made it work, he and Marissa could as well. Marissa wasn't so sure about JR's idea, and was sure that JR wanted more. JR hinted that he did, but said that he would be content at the moment if Marissa moved back into the mansion.

David paid a visit to the Chandler mansion. David wanted to see if he could get an endorsement from JR to help reinstate his medical license. Marissa joined them in the living room as JR tried to figure out why he would do something nice for David.

Before JR could make any decisions, Scott rushed in. He told the group that Annie had been found but said Annie was not well. Scott needed the commitment papers that JR had drawn up. Marissa was worried about what would happen when Annie realized she was being committed, especially since Annie had gone after Marissa the last time. JR told Marissa that he needed to go with Scott to make sure that Annie was committed for good, so that she could professional help. Marissa told JR to go, so he and Scott sprinted out of the house.

After they were gone, David announced that everything JR had told Marissa was garbage. Marissa defended JR's actions, and said that she and JR had finally gotten to a peaceful place where they put AJ first. David was in disbelief but didn't want to argue any longer. He started to walk out but Marissa wouldn't let it go. David turned back and asked if Marissa would ever get to a place where she forgave David.

Brot called in to the station that Annie had been subdued and that they were waiting for transport. At that moment, Greenlee's cell phone rang, and Ryan told her that Emma had been found. Greenlee immediately relayed the information to Brot and the other officers in the room. Annie started to get agitated again, and demanded to see her daughter. Brot sat Annie back down and said that Annie couldn't see Emma.

Annie was terrified at the thought of never seeing her daughter again and once again took her emotions out on Greenlee. Brot encouraged Greenlee to leave, as her presence was making things worse for Annie. JR and Scott showed up with personnel from Oak Haven just as Greenlee was leaving. The personnel asked JR to stay in the hall with them for a moment to sign some paperwork.

Meanwhile, Scott went into the room and asked Brot if he could speak with Annie. When Brot okayed the request, Scott sat down and told Annie that he cared about her and wanted to help her. Annie was certain she was fine, but Scott said that a life on the run was no way for Annie to live. Scott mentioned that Dr. Burke wanted to see Annie.

Annie started to get upset again. Her emotions escalated when the personnel from Oak Haven rushed into the room with restraints and medication. Annie unsuccessfully tried to escape from them. It became clear that Annie wouldn't be able to calm down on her own, so one of the medics started to prepare a shot. Before the shot could be administered, JR entered the room and demanded that they let Annie go.

JR took Brot aside and said that he wanted to try to get through to Annie. Brot pointed out that Scott had thought he could help but had been unsuccessful. JR insisted that he had a different relationship with Annie and asked that he be allowed to try to help. Brot instructed the medics to back away from Annie, and JR slowly approached her. JR knelt near Annie and softly called out her name. As soon as Annie realized JR was there, she collapsed against him in relief, and cried.

JR asked Annie not to fight the medics. Annie was sure that they wanted to hurt her, but JR told her that the medics only wanted to help. JR said that they wanted to take her someplace safe where people cared about her so that she could get better. Annie realized that JR wanted that for her, too, because he loved her. JR echoed the sentiment, so Annie said that she would go with the medics as a favor to JR.

Annie told JR that she believed the medics were taking her to a secret wedding, where she and JR would finally be married. JR played along with Annie's delusion to keep her calm. Annie was happy that she would finally have JR, and left the room with a smile on her face. As soon as Annie left, JR broke down into tears.

Ryan and Madison took Emma back to Ryan's penthouse. Emma looked around the place curiously for a moment. Ryan knelt down in front of his daughter and told her that he'd never been happier to see her. A doctor stopped by shortly thereafter and confirmed that with some food and rest, Emma would be fine.

While Emma worked on eating a grilled cheese sandwich, Ryan went to get her some more water. While Ryan was gone, Madison asked why Emma had chosen to call Madison while Emma and Annie were traveling. The little girl said that Annie had been angry with many of the people that Emma could have called, but never Madison. When Ryan returned, he told Emma that he was looking forward to tucking Emma into her own bed that night. He told Emma that she was safe and that everything would be okay.

Ryan was reading a story to Emma when the little girl proclaimed that it was Madison's turn to read. Before Madison could launch into her part of the story, Greenlee arrived home. Greenlee quickly hugged Emma, and Madison decided that she needed to leave. As she was on her way out, Ryan thanked Madison for everything she'd done to help get Emma home. After Madison left, Greenlee tried to quietly update Ryan on Annie. Emma asked if they were talking about her mother, and said she wanted to see Annie. Ryan was forced to break the news that Annie needed to go back to the hospital.

Emma insisted that she needed to go see her mother, and would get there on her own if she had to. Ryan told Emma that Annie was going to Oak Haven, not Pine Valley Hospital. Emma knew that Annie hated it at Oak Haven and was angry at Ryan for making Annie go back.

Ricky met up with Diana at Krystal's restaurant. He told Diana that Griffin was becoming a problem that he needed to handle. Ricky talked about the seed he had planted with Kendall about the stolen drugs, and said that it should be enough to make Kendall turn on Griffin. Diana's phone rang, and she quickly took the call. When the call ended, Diana told Ricky that Griffin's trip was to meet her, as a representative of Zach's casino partners. Diana warned Ricky that his seed of doubt with Kendall needed to work quickly.

As Griffin finished getting ready, he talked with Tad via phone about his meeting with one of Zach's casino partners. Griffin said he hoped the meeting pointed him to a dead end that proved there was no threat to Kendall. Griffin ended the call moments before he heard a knock at his door. He opened the door and was surprised when he saw Kendall. They each complimented the other on how they looked. Griffin noted that he knew why he was dressed up and asked what made Kendall dress up as well.

Kendall tried to be mysterious about her plans for the evening, but secretly hoped that Griffin would ask her more questions. Instead, Griffin said that Kendall's life was none of his business, and prepared to leave. Surprised, Kendall said that normally she would agree with Griffin but confessed that her plans were to go with him to his meeting.

David stopped by Krystal's restaurant and saw Marissa there with AJ. Marissa spotted David and sent AJ into the back. David was upset because he hadn't seen his grandson in a long time. Marissa said that although motherhood was still new to her, she knew that contact with David was not the best thing for AJ. AJ unexpectedly ran out of the kitchen and directly into his grandfather's arms. Marissa cut the visit short and told AJ that they needed to leave for soccer practice. David was dismayed as he watched the only family he had walk out.



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