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Chloe found Chance and Heather in bed. Nikki fell off the wagon. Sharon was arrested for using Faith's birth certificate to get a fake passport. Chance received a message threatening Heather's life. Phyllis flew to Bangkok to find Adam.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 14, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, March 14, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Nick shared his concern for Nikki with Phyllis. Nick explained that Nikki had taken off after he'd broken the news about Diane and Victor's elopement. Lauren stopped by and told Jack and Phyllis that she had been unable to contact Michael. Nick told Lauren that Victor had enlisted Michael to be a witness at his wedding to Diane.

On Victor's jet, Michael poured champagne as Diane admired the enormous diamond set into her wedding ring. Diane suggested having a wedding dinner at Gloworm with friends. Victor volunteered to phone Katherine and enlist her help. Michael chuckled when he thought aloud about announcing the news to everyone in Genoa City.

At the Abbott estate, Jack seemed crushed after Kyle explained that he planned to move back to the ranch as soon as possible to be with his mother. Kyle insisted he wanted to be closer to his mom, but Jack questioned Kyle about his true motive for leaving just as Phyllis arrived. Kyle insisted he had no other reason to leave. While Kyle packed his bags into Jack's car, Phyllis apologized and acknowledged that Kyle despised her. Jack told Phyllis he dreaded having to attend Victor and Diane's wedding dinner.

Later, Jack was despondent after he returned home without Kyle. Phyllis apologized for having created tension for Diane and Kyle. Jack sighed heavily and said that he was concerned about Kyle. Jack worried that Victor might lash out at Diane and Kyle in order to get back at him. Phyllis agreed that Victor had been known to hurt others in order to seek revenge. Jack cried that Victor was likely acting smug about taking Kyle away. Jack added, "Let's see how smug Victor is when I take Beauty of Nature from him."

At Billy and Victoria's, the couple sipped wine, and Victoria, seeming serene and tranquil, told Billy that she was no longer worried about Victor's actions because whatever he did would no longer affect them. Nick arrived unexpectedly in search of Nikki. Billy held Victoria close as Nick broke the startling news. Victoria worried that their mother might begin drinking again. Nikki arrived. Nick embraced his mom, and Victoria noted that their mom was probably upset about Victor's marriage.

Nikki dabbed tears as she admitted to her children that they'd had been right about Deacon. Nikki berated herself and admitted that she had been just as irresponsible to associate with Deacon as Victor had to reconnect with Diane. Victoria consoled her depressed mother and reminded her that she wasn't the one who'd destroyed her family.

Nick succinctly summarized the situation and said, "I went to Dad before the ruling to see if he would settle, so we could have avoided all of this. All he had to do was give Abby her trust and give Victoria Beauty of Nature." Nick mentioned Victoria's potential deal with Tucker regarding Beauty of Nature. Nick's statement quickly caught Billy's attention. Nick added that the only thing he'd asked of his father was for him to be straight with his son.

Billy declared to Victoria, Nick, and Nikki that Victor had no excuse for mistreating his family. Nick cried that his father had claimed to be done with him. Broken, Nick stormed out. Victoria begged Nikki to spend the night, but she left. Billy cornered Victoria and asked about the deal with Tucker regarding Beauty of Nature. Billy asked Victoria if her plan all along had been to take over Beauty of Nature, merge it with Jabot, and run the combined empire. Billy realized that Victoria hadn't trusted him because he was an Abbott. Hurt, Billy translated Victoria's mistrust of him to a likely mistrust of their marriage.

At Gloworm, Nikki ordered a shot of vodka in her iced tea. Nikki was startled when she suddenly recalled a vision of Deacon behind the bar admonishing her for drinking. Gloria arrived in time to note the bartender placing the bottle of vodka on the shelf after serving Nikki. Gloria greeted Nikki warmly and edged closer. Nikki seemed puzzled by Gloria's insistent offer of help. Gloria mingled in the dining area, but she kept an eye on Nikki, who repeatedly jabbed the ice cubes in her drink with a straw without taking a sip.

Nikki was shaking as she stumbled off the stool and backed away from the bar. As Nikki headed toward the door, Victor, Diane, and Michael arrived. Gloria ushered Michael and Diane to a table. Victor paused at the door and glanced at Nikki, who struggled to contain a gush of tears. After Nikki left, Katherine arrived and approached Gloria, who was ordering someone on the other end of the phone to send a photographer to the club right away. After the photographer arrived, Gloria advised him to be discreet, take lots of pictures, and be sure to include her club's logo in most shots.

Victor greeted Katherine and learned that Murphy hadn't been able to accompany her. Lauren arrived, and Victor ordered champagne. Michael joined the group and escorted Lauren to a private corner of the club. Michael told his miffed spouse that he hadn't had time to let her know about the trip to Las Vegas with Victor and Diane. Across the room, Victor cheerily escorted Katherine to his table. Michael and Lauren joined the group. Gloria took a seat and lifted her glass when Victor proposed a toast to Diane.

After Jack, Phyllis, and Kyle arrived, Kyle hurried to join the party. Diane met Jack and Phyllis across the room and advised them to play nice before joining the party. Jack told Diane that if Kyle were a real priority in her life, she would have never married Victor. Diane smugly announced that Victor had set up a trust fund for Kyle. Through clenched teeth, Jack said, "I will take care of my son. Are you inferring that I couldn't take care of him?" Diane, grinning broadly replied, "Your words, Jack. I'm just glad I'll never have to worry about it."

Still exchanging barbs, Jack reminded Diane that Victor was a brutal man. Diane promised to protect Kyle. As Jack and Diane's feud grew increasingly venomous, Gloria whisked Kyle to the kitchen to help the pastry chef. Jack warned Diane that he should have say about where his son would reside. Victor joined Diane as she reminded Jack that she had custody of Kyle. Victor said not to harass his wife. Jack told Victor that his and Diane's custody arrangement was none of Victor business. Victor replied, "They are now, so get used to it."

After Victor and Diane walked away, Kyle bounded out of the kitchen and hugged Jack before heading back to the table. Katherine approached Jack and Phyllis. Katherine admonished Jack for encouraging the lawsuit that had caused the Newman family to tear themselves apart. Katherine explained that Victor's ill-advised marriage had been his reaction to the unfortunate outcome. Jack insisted that his aim had been to protect his niece and Jabot. Jack suggested Katherine ask her son more about the deal concerning Jabot.

While couples danced, Gloria invited Kyle to join her on the dance floor. Before the newlywed couple left, Gloria, Michael, and Lauren wished them well. Gloria handed a bag of sparkly confetti to Kyle, cozily situated herself between the couple, and directed the photographer to snap a picture while confetti rained down before them. Gloria later instructed the photographer to send her copies of the photos and publish the best one in the society section. As Lauren and Michael danced, she forgave him for leaving town without letting her know.

At the Newman ranch, Kyle marched around the sitting room and announced that he was happy to be living at the estate. After Kyle went upstairs, Victor told Diane that he'd leave instructions for Bonnie not to disturb the couple. After Victor walked away, Nick arrived and asked for his dad. Nick told Diane he was sorry to interrupt her wedding night. Nick reminded Diane that she'd failed to mention the wedding when he'd stopped by earlier.

Victor returned and barked, "What do you want?" Nick asked to speak to Victor, but his father told him to leave. Nick refused and told his father he had something to say. Victor again told his son to leave. Victor added, "I'm going to enjoy my wedding night. How's that?" Diane held fast to Victor's arm as the couple ascended the stairs. Nick yelled, "Don't do this, Dad."

At the Chancellor mansion, Tucker was discussing plans to wed Ashley at the estate when Murphy appeared and joyfully announced that Meggie had been transferred to a secure prison to await her trial. Murphy explained that Meggie had attempted an escape from county lockup, but guards had apprehended the prisoner before she left the grounds. Katherine took a phone call, and after she hung up, she explained that Victor had requested that she and Murphy join him at Gloworm for a special celebration. Tucker seemed pensive after Katherine said she hoped the celebration meant that Victor and his family had made amends.

Nick arrived and told Murphy and Tucker that his father had wed Diane. Nick instructed Murphy to let him know immediately if Nikki showed up. Later, Nikki let herself in and called out desperately for Katherine. Murphy told Nikki that Katherine was out, and he offered Nikki some tea. Nikki shivered visibly as Murphy changed the subject from Victor and Diane to Meggie's transfer to a secure prison. Nikki wiped tears as she mentioned that there was more to Meggie's story than a botched escape attempt. Murphy pleaded with Nikki to stay and talk, but Nikki left abruptly.

Nikki returned to her suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club with a bagged bottle of booze. She flopped on the sofa and sobbed before storming to the closet, collecting Deacon's belongings, and hurling them out into the hallway. Nikki returned to the sofa and set the bottle of vodka on a table. Deacon knocked on the door and called out to Nikki, who was shaking but remained silent. After Deacon continued to call out, Nikki yelled for him to take his things and leave before she called security. Deacon picked up this belongings and left. Nikki picked up the bottle, but Katherine phoned before Nikki uncapped it. Nikki disregarded Katherine's call, filled a glass with vodka, and hungrily drank the liquor in gulps.

Katherine stopped by Tucker's. Before she knocked on the door, she remembered a conversation with Tucker during which they had planned to build a genuine mother-and-son relationship. After Katherine entered Tucker's condo, she demanded he tell her how his actions had impacted the clash that had torn the Newman family apart. Tucker brashly claimed that it was not his fault that Victor was estranged from his children. Katherine pointed her finger at Tucker and demanded he tell the truth.

Tucker hedged again, so Katherine told him she knew that he'd stood by cheering on the destruction meant to force a an initial public offering (IPO) of Newman stock. Katherine likened Tucker's actions with Newman Enterprises to the splitting up and ultimate demise of Chancellor Industries. Tucker claimed he had made smart business moves. Katherine shot back that it was not smart business to take advantage of a family forced to make unfortunate decisions. Katherine told Tucker that he should be ashamed of himself.

Katherine sobbed when she told Tucker she thought that the people that mattered to her had also mattered to him. Tucker maintained that all he had done was make deals based on possibilities. Katherine raised her voice and told Tucker he should have predicted the far-ranging, damaging effects of his plan. Katherine vowed to do whatever was necessary to shut down Tucker's plan. Katherine reeled as she stormed out. Just after Katherine stepped out of Tucker's, Murphy phoned and told her about Nikki's sad state.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paul ran into Nina at Crimson Lights. Nina said that she was buying Chance's favorite pastries and a cake for his surprise birthday party. Paul confirmed that he'd ordered one of Gina's lasagnas for Chance's party. Jill entered to say that she had gotten the ribs Chance loved, too.

In Chance's bedroom, Heather woke up in Chance's bed. Chance kissed her, and Heather said she probably should not have spent the night. Chloe walked in without waiting for an invitation. Chloe said she had birthday waffles for Chance. She was speechless to find Chance and Heather in bed together. Chloe waited in the hall while Chance and Heather dressed. Chloe re-entered and blasted Chance for his cavalier actions. Chance said he'd been lonely, and Heather was there for him.

Chloe commented that Heather wasn't very special to Chance, but Heather said Chloe didn't understand their relationship. Chance left to take a shower. Heather wished Chance a happy birthday as he left the room. Chloe asked if Heather was aware that the family was setting up Chance's party in the living room. Chloe advised Heather to use the back stairs and then enter the house through the front door so the family wouldn't know that she'd spent the night with Chance.

Kay was concerned about Nikki's well-being in light of Victor's sudden marriage to Diane. Murphy encouraged Kay to check on Nikki. Kay was concerned about the preparations for Chance's party. Murphy said it would be fine if Kay left for a while. Kay thanked her husband and walked out.

Paul entered the house with Gina's lasagna. Esther, Philip, Murphy, and Nina were decorating the living room. Paul teased Nina about making such a fuss over Chance's birthday. Nina felt bad that she couldn't do anything for Ronan because he was still missing. Paul comforted Nina. Heather knocked at the front door and was let into the house. Only Chloe knew that she'd spent the night in Chance's bedroom. Murphy said the party couldn't begin until Kay returned.

Chloe was still in Chance's room, eating his birthday waffles. Chance returned from the shower and caught her finishing the last bite. Chloe asked Chance when he'd become a playboy. Chance said it had been a tough couple of years for him and he'd become cynical. Chance felt bad for how he'd treated Chloe.

Chloe asked where Chance had been sent when he was in the Witness Protection program. Chance reminded her that he'd been in California. Chloe wondered if Chance would be returning to the program. Chance received a text message from Kay, asking him to meet her downstairs. Chloe lied to Chance and said that Kay had twisted her ankle and couldn't climb the stairs. Chloe and Chance left for the living room.

At the Athletic Club, Nikki woke up in her room, suffering from a hangover. There was a liquor bottle on the nightstand. Nikki saw that Deacon had left messages on her phone. Nikki turned off the phone and slammed it down. A short time later, Kay arrived at Nikki's hotel room. Nikki welcomed her in, explaining that she had been dressing. Kay looked around the room. Nikki realized that Kay was probably concerned about Nikki's sobriety. Nikki said that she had not tortured herself about Victor and Diane's wedding.

Nikki told Kay that she'd thrown Deacon out and admitted that Kay had been right about Deacon being a lowlife. Nikki explained that Deacon had conspired with Meggie to break up Nikki and Victor's engagement. She added that Deacon had pushed Nikki to drink again. Kay was shocked. Nikki said she'd banished Deacon from her life.

Kay worried about Nikki being alone. Nikki confessed to Kay that she had been tempted to drink, but lied about maintaining her sobriety. Nikki was furious that Deacon had known the buttons to push to get her to drink again. Kay received a call from Murphy. Kay told Murphy to start the party without her.

Nikki told Kay that she was leaving for a meeting and urged Kay to return home to join the party. Kay reminded Nikki to call her if she was tempted to drink. After Kay walked out, Nikki retrieved the bottle of booze from the night table and threw it in the trashcan.

In the living room at the Chancellor mansion, Chance walked in to his surprise party. He was stunned. Nina said that she wasn't going to miss the opportunity to throw him a birthday party. Chance saw that there was a pinball machine with his favorite game. Chance spoke to Heather; surprised that she had not tipped him off about the party. Heather said she couldn't say no to Gina's lasagna. Chloe made a dig about Heather never saying no to anything. Paul received a text message and told Nina he had to leave for work, but he would return later.

Chance opened the gifts. Chloe handed him a gift bag, and inside was a photo of Chance with Delia. Chance was touched. Chance wished that he could see her. Esther suggested that after the trial, Chance could have a visit with Delia. Later, Murphy and Philip watched Chance play the game on the pinball machine. Esther took Chance's gifts up to his room.

At the Newman ranch, Diane returned from driving Kyle to school, and Victor was happy to see her. Victor handed Diane an envelope with credit cards and bank information, as promised in the pre-nuptial agreement. Victor said that he wanted Diane to be happy. Diane said she was glad that she had chosen to marry Victor. Diane told Victor that Jack objected to Victor being Kyle's stepfather. Victor sympathized with Jack, recalling that Jack had once been Nick and Victoria's stepfather.

Victor conceded that Jack had been a very good stepparent, especially to Nick. Victor believed that, in time, Jack would acknowledge that Victor had Kyle's best interests at heart. Diane was pleased when Victor offered to accompany her to pick up Kyle after school. Victor and Diane took Kyle at Crimson Lights after school. Kyle said he was getting used to having two fathers in his daily life. Victor told Kyle to consider the ranch his home, and urged Kyle to make the guest room his own. Diane warned Victor not to spoil Kyle.

Nikki entered the coffeehouse and saw Kyle, Victor, and Diane. Nikki approached them to say hello. Diane introduced Nikki to Kyle as Summer's grandmother. Nikki congratulated Diane and Victor on their marriage. Diane said that love was lovelier the second time around. Nikki looked pained, but didn't respond.

Nikki returned to her room and found Deacon waiting for her. Deacon said he couldn't leave things as they were. Nikki was furious. Deacon assured Nikki that their romance had been real. Deacon claimed that he knew what Nikki was going through because he'd sabotaged his sobriety in the past and it had cost him his kids and his wife. Deacon couldn't explain why he had done what he did. Deacon swore that he hadn't been able to follow through with Meggie's plan.

Nikki reminded Deacon that he'd lied his way into rehab. Deacon wished that he could deserve a woman like Nikki. Deacon asked Nikki to let him make it right with her. Nikki rejected Deacon's help. Deacon asked if Nikki had been tempted to drink. Nikki wouldn't confide in Deacon. Nikki warned Deacon that she would have him arrested if he went near her again. She opened the door and told Deacon to get out.

In the hallway, the hotel manager stopped Deacon. The man wanted to confirm that Deacon was checking out of his room immediately. Deacon said he wanted to extend his visit, but the manager said that Deacon was not welcomed there because he'd upset another guest. Deacon understood.

Nikki found that the booze bottle was not in the trash can and assumed housekeeping had thrown it away. Nikki found a bobby pin in her purse and used it to unlock the mini-bar. Outside the room, Deacon slipped an inspirational A.A. card under Nikki's door. Nikki took all the liquor bottles out of the mini-bar and dropped them on the bed. Nikki saw the A.A. card. She picked it up and sneered at the words. She slammed it on the table, then picked up a bottle of liquor and downed it in a swig.

At the ranch, Victor wondered if Kyle wanted another riding lesson. Victor explained that Kyle could help out on the ranch when he was more experienced on a horse. Diane told Kyle to change his clothes so Victor could give him a lesson. Victor invited Diane to tag along, but she wanted Kyle to bond with Victor. Diane told Victor that she was relieved that Nikki had been pleasant at Crimson Lights.

Victor said that if Nikki gave Diane any problems, he would take care of Nikki. Diane was sure that she could handle Nikki. Victor believed Diane was more than capable. Later, Diane was sitting by the fireplace, thinking about the time she and Nick had made love in that same spot. Victor interrupted Diane's reverie to give Diane a wedding gift. It was a magnificent diamond necklace. Victor said he was happy that Diane was his wife, again. Diane said she was happy, too, then she kissed him passionately.

Nick arrived at Sharon's to pick up Faith. Sharon explained that Faith was napping. Nick declared that he'd wait until she awoke to take her home. Sharon was ticked off and announced she would leave and return after Nick had gone. Sharon got herself ready to leave. Nick told her she could stay, but Sharon was furious with Nick for the way he'd treated Adam. Nick claimed that he'd just told Adam what it would take for Sharon to get custody of Faith again.

Sharon told Nick that he'd fought to cut Victor out of his life because he was fed up with Victor's controlling ways, and Nick was just as controlling as his father. Nick defended his actions. Sharon said that she'd blamed Victor for sending Adam away when it had been Nick doing the manipulating. Sharon declared that Adam had never harmed Faith. Nick said the he would never be okay with Adam being anywhere near Faith. Sharon said that since Adam had left town, Nick could get the judge to rescind the petition that kept Sharon from having custody of Faith.

Nick said that he would speak with the judge because Faith needed her mother. Nick agreed to put Faith first. While Nick was in Faith's room, Paul arrived to speak with Sharon. Sharon asked Paul to call her later with the information, but when she mentioned Adam's name, Nick overheard. Nick learned that Sharon had hired Paul to search for Adam.

Nick was incredulous over Sharon asking for custody of Faith while she was actively searching for Adam. Sharon said her custody of Faith had nothing to do with Adam. Sharon reminded Nick that she'd lost custody of Faith because she was on trial for murder. Sharon was determined to prove that she didn't kill Skye so she could get custody of Faith once again. Nick was stumped by Sharon's attitude.

Nick went back into Faith's room. Nick gathered Faith and was ready to leave. Sharon said goodbye to her daughter. Paul said he sympathized with Nick. Sharon asked what Paul had learned about Adam. Paul informed Sharon that Adam had flown to Hawaii when he left Genoa City, but then flew to Thailand.

Paul said that Adam had been detained in Honolulu because he had paid for an airline ticket with cash. Based on what Paul said about Hawaii, Sharon assumed Adam had been investigating Skye's death. Paul revealed Adam was in Bangkok. Sharon asked Paul to fly to Bangkok for her since she was on trial for Skye's murder and couldn't leave the country. Paul explained that he couldn't leave Genoa City because of the Pomerantz trial, adding that he had no desire to ever see Adam again.

At the tack house, Nick was playing with Faith and telling her to make better choices than her mommy had. Nick hoped that Sharon would come to her senses. Alone at home, Sharon searched the web for information about obtaining an emergency passport. Sharon read that she would need a birth certificate. Wondering how she could obtain a passport that wasn't in her name, Sharon gazed over at Faith's playpen.

At Chance's party, Kay, Heather, Chloe, and Jill asked Nina why she was upset. Nina thought Chance was trying too hard to have fun. Heather said that Chance had been different since returning. Chloe told the others that Chance had to decide whether to return to Witness Protection once the trial was over. The group spoke with Chance and asked if he'd decided to return to Witness Protection after the trial. Chance said he wasn't sure.

Jill believed that once Owen was convicted, Chance would be out of danger. Paul said Chance's loved ones might be targeted. Chance admitted that the authorities could not rule out that possibility. The D.A. arrived, and Esther introduced him to the party guests. Walsh told Chance that a jury had been convened, and the trial was underway. Chance might be called to testify immediately. After Walsh left, the family confronted Chance about what he would do after the trial.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jana walked into the living room after putting Lucy down for a nap. Jana noticed that Victoria seemed sad. Victoria told Jana about a gift, an oversized stuffed dog, that she and Billy had bought for Delia. Victoria held the dog as she told Jana about her fight with Billy. Jana advised Victoria to make up with Billy.

Jana told Victoria that she wished that she had done more to keep Kevin. Jana reminisced about her connection with Kevin. Jana explained that when that connection snapped, she had been left with an empty feeling inside. Victoria felt bad that Jana had lost Kevin. Jana urged Victoria to reach out to Billy. Victoria called Billy's office and learned that Billy was at Gloworm. Victoria left to meet him there. She took the oversized stuffed dog with her.

After Victoria left, Jana answered a knock on the door. Jana was happy to see Kevin. Kevin walked into the house, and Jana offered him something to drink. Kevin said no thanks. He explained that he and Jana could no longer see each other. Kevin admitted that he'd screwed up with Jana; he should not have delayed telling Jana the truth about their divorce. Kevin lied to Jana, saying that he'd broken up with Chloe and needed space for himself. Jana said she might need Kevin to answer questions about her lost memories. Kevin advised her to see Dr. Mason.

Kevin left abruptly. Jana held Lucy close and told the infant that it was clear that Kevin was pushing her away. Jana wondered if Ryder might be the key for Jana getting Kevin back. Jana thought that if she found Daisy's baby, that would please Kevin. Jana opened the laptop to search for the church where Daisy had abandoned her baby.

At Gloworm, Gloria was dressed in green for St. Patrick's Day. Jeffrey appeared with bruises on his face and a missing tooth. Kevin told Jeffrey he had to pay off Hogan so Angelo would get off Kevin's back. Jeffrey handed Kevin the latest bets for Hogan. Jeffrey anticipated that there would be a lot of money collected from those wagers. Angelo entered and suggested that Jeffrey to pay his "insurance premiums." Jeffrey walked away. Angelo told Kevin that the bruises on Jeffrey's face would look worse on a woman's face.

At a table, Phyllis spoke with Billy about getting back to reporting Adam and Sharon's story. Phyllis noted that Adam had not shown up at the arbitration hearing. Phyllis wanted to track Adam down, but Billy told her to lay off the story. Billy didn't want to talk about Adam and the Newmans.

Kevin exited Gloworm before Chloe entered. Angelo recognized Chloe and said hello. Billy intervened and told Angelo to leave Chloe alone. Angelo assumed that Chloe was two-timing Kevin with Billy. Chloe said that she had broken up with Kevin, and Billy was just a friend. Angelo left the restaurant. Billy sat with Chloe at a table and learned that Kevin and Chloe were pretending to be separated to fool Angelo. Billy warned Chloe that she was putting herself and Delia in danger by associating with gangsters like Angelo.

Chloe told Billy to stop acting like super-dad. Chloe said that Delia was not in danger because of Kevin. Billy warned Chloe that if she pushed him, Billy might file for full custody of their daughter. After Chloe walked out, Victoria showed up at Billy's table. She hid behind the giant stuffed dog, and the sight of the toy stunned Billy. Victoria told Billy that his secretary had told her he was there.

Victoria said that in the past, she had enjoyed fighting with Billy, but their most recent fight was different. Billy said that he resented that Victoria had assumed that he would side with her instead of his family when it came to Beauty of Nature and merging it with Jabot. Victoria apologized. Billy explained to his wife that he would always be on her side. Victoria was grateful for that. Billy moved to the other side of the booth to get close to Victoria, then he kissed her.

At the Chancellor mansion, Chance explained to the family that he probably would probably have to return to the Witness Protection program after the trial. D.A. Walsh said that WITSEC would be the safest place for Chance. Heather reiterated that ultimately it would by Chance's decision. Walsh told Heather that she would also be called as a witness and she needed to be prepared. Walsh left, and Nina cried that she didn't want to lose Chance again. Chance hugged his mother.

Heather told the family she had to get ready for court. Heather was upset about having to say goodbye to Chance again. Heather spoke from the heart and declared that Chance was a real hero. Everyone listened as Heather said that she appreciated that Chance always did the right thing. Heather said that having known Chance was worth the sacrifices she'd made. Chance embraced her. With tears in her eyes, Heather said goodbye. Paul walked out with Heather.

Nina said that Heather was afraid that she'd never see Chance again. Chance reminded his mother that going back into WITSEC was still his choice. Nina said she would understand if Chance chose to return to Witness Protection. Philip agreed. Chance said they didn't need to say goodbyes right away, but Philip disagreed. Philip wanted to say some things to his son.

Philip regretted that he'd missed so much of Chance's life, but he understood why Chance needed to leave again. Philip said he was proud of his son and hugged him. Nina asked Chance about his life in WITSEC. Chance said he'd made friends in California, but he had missed the family. Chance left to say goodbye to Jill and Kay, and then to get ready for court. Nina wasn't sure she could handle losing Chance again. Philip comforted her.

At the courthouse, Heather wasn't afraid to testify. She told Paul that it was Chance's testimony that would convict Owen and the drug ring. Heather admitted that she had grown to care about both Chance and Ronan. Paul sympathized with Nina because he would never want to say goodbye to Heather. Heather appreciated Paul's words. Heather apologized for being so prickly to Paul when they were first reunited. Heather said she was lucky to have a dad like Paul.

Nina and Philip arrived at the courthouse. Heather said that Christine was running late, and Heather had not yet been called to testify. Heather announced she was going to the vending machine and walked away. In the courtroom, opening arguments had concluded. Walsh explained that Christine Blair was not there yet, so he called Chance to testify. Owen's legal team was shocked.

Chance appeared at the stand, clean-shaven and in his police dress uniform. The lead lawyer for Pomerantz protested and asked for a recess. The judge granted the recess. As Pomerantz and his lawyers left the courtroom, Chance refused to make eye contact with any of them. Walsh complimented Chance for his dramatic entrance.

Chance was anxious to testify, but Walsh told Chance to remain calm. Chance checked his phone and saw a text message. It claimed that "they" had his girlfriend, Heather, and she would be killed if Chance testified. Heather was in a strange place, blindfolded and bound. She wriggled her head until the blindfold fell from her eyes. Heather opened her eyes and saw a giant stuffed wolf's head. Heather screamed in horror and cried for help.

Sharon placed a call and said she needed a passport immediately. Sharon gave her name as Faith Newman, using her baby's birth certificate. As Sharon opened the door to leave, she found Phyllis on the doorstep. Phyllis asked what Sharon was up to. Sharon explained that she was leaving for the spa. Phyllis asked if Adam would be joining her there. Sharon declared that she didn't know where Adam was. Phyllis reminded Sharon she couldn't cross state lines because she was out of bail.

Two policemen arrived with a warrant for Adam's arrest. Sharon asked about the charges and learned that Adam was accused of perjury. Sharon explained that Adam was not there, and she didn't know when he'd be back. The cops left after telling Sharon to have Adam turn himself in. Phyllis repeated Sharon's words about Adam not being there and Sharon not knowing where he was. Phyllis wondered if Sharon had been telling the truth. Sharon pushed Phyllis out of her house.

A while later, when Sharon left the house, Phyllis emerged from the bushes and followed her. A short time later, Sharon was sitting on a plane for Bangkok. Her plane ticket was in the name of Faith Newman. Two flight attendants approached Sharon to remove her from the plane. Sharon asked if there was a problem. The man explained that Sharon's birth certificate showed that Faith Newman was only a year old. The flight attendants escorted Sharon off the plane.

Another passenger watched Sharon leave. She was intrigued and asked the lady sitting beside her if Sharon might have had a weapon. The lady lowered her magazine; it was Phyllis. Phyllis said that some people loved drama. The passenger asked if Phyllis had ever been to Thailand before. Phyllis answered that she would be visiting Bangkok for the first time, and was anxious to see what was there.

In Bangkok, Adam walked into the bar and said hello to Koa. Adam said he recognized Koa from the other day. Adam lied about being a travel reporter doing a story about Thailand. Adam jabbered on about places he'd visited. Koa said he was there to drink and wasn't interested in talking.

Adam continued chatting to Koa about sites in Hawaii. Adam declared that if he wasn't a travel writer, he'd do a serious story about the woman who had died in the Hawaiian volcano. Koa asked Adam why he'd brought up that incident. Adam said he had read about the death in the research. Adam told Koa that his name was Jason Elling, and he worked for a magazine called Near and Far. Adam apologized for annoying Koa.

Adam said he had to make a phone call and stepped out. Koa used his phone to look up Adam's fake name and publication. When Adam returned, Koa confronted him about having lied about his name and magazine job. Adam told Koa the truth, that he'd been Skye's husband and that the woman he loved was accused of killing Skye. Adam asked Koa to tell him the truth about why Koa was in Bangkok.

At St. Josephine's Church, Agnes -- the woman who'd cared for Daisy's baby -- lit candles and told God about how she and her husband had used the money they received from selling the baby to pay bills. Agnes was guilt-ridden about treating the baby like a commodity.

Jana walked into the church with Lucy in her arms. Jana asked if Agnes knew where the priest was. The priest appeared and greeted Jana. Jana asked if the priest remembered if there had been a baby abandoned there in January. The priest said he knew of no abandoned baby. Agnes overheard Jana's question and realized the baby in question had been the one her husband had taken home.

Kevin returned to Gloworm, and Chloe threw her arms around him, dispelling the myth that they were broken up. Kevin said he had to find a way to get Angelo off his back.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Due to CBS sports coverage of March Madness college basketball, today's The Young and the Restless was pre-empted. This programming change has been planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumes on March 21, 2011.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Due to CBS sports coverage of March Madness college basketball, today's The Young and the Restless was pre-empted. This programming change has been planned, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumes on March 21, 2011.

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