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Joey was confused when Kelly told him she'd been upset over his marriage to Aubrey. It was revealed that Tomás was Téa's sister. Starr and James agreed to chaperone Dani and Nate. James was shocked to hear that Starr had broken things off with Cole; Starr was surprised to hear that James and Michelle didn't have a relationship. Brody and Langston traveled to Las Vegas to try to stop Tess and Ford's wedding.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 21, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Natalie found John at the Minute Man Motel, and she asked him about the fight he'd been in. Suddenly, Kelly emerged from the bathroom after taking her shower. She was wrapped in a towel. "Oh, my God. What the hell is going on?" Natalie demanded. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. "Kelly Cramer? Really?" Natalie asked. Kelly began to stammer as she explained that they'd had lots to drink. John was angry, and he advised Kelly that she didn't owe Natalie an explanation.

John also didn't like the way Natalie had reacted to Kelly. Natalie turned to John and asked for his explanation instead. "I don't owe you anything," he said. Natalie was furious, but John didn't care how Natalie felt. Finally, he looked at Natalie. "I slept with her," he admitted.

Natalie spoke haltingly. She was stunned. She couldn't believe that John had slept with someone else on their wedding night. "It looks like we all went our different ways last night, didn't we?" John retorted. Natalie turned toward Kelly, who had gotten dressed, and she began to scream at Kelly.

John attempted to give Kelly the car keys, but Natalie yelled that John's car had been towed. Kelly assured him that she'd find her own way home. Kelly was sorry. She attempted to explain that she and John had been drunk and upset. Natalie began to cry, but John wondered why Natalie was still present. "How could you do this?" Natalie asked. John reminded her that they weren't married, and he'd made his own choice. He would never lie, though, and had told Natalie the truth.

Natalie attempted to remind him that when she'd slept with Brody, she and John hadn't even been together. Everyone was back at Llanfair waiting for John, and she'd gone out to look for him, leaving their son alone. John yelled that the baby wasn't his, and he was done with everything, because it had all been a lie. He couldn't believe anything she told him, and whatever he chose to do was not her problem. Natalie began to cry again. She was certain that they could work things out. John proclaimed that he didn't want to work things out, but Natalie promised that she wasn't giving up.

"You're Liam's father in every way that counts," Natalie assured John. "It's over. I am through with you," he retorted. Natalie advised him that he could sit and "stew" about anything and anyone long enough, and it would all be true if he sat long enough. She stormed out.

Elsewhere in the motel, Dorian paid a visit to Echo. "I just love your new digs," Dorian said. "A much better fit than Llanfair." Dorian forced her way into Echo's room and looked around, making snide comments about the furnishings, as Echo securely fastened Charlie's watch to her wrist. Dorian accused Echo of betraying both Shane and Rex, because Echo had wanted to nab Charlie for herself. Dorian had known all along that Clint was the real father of Rex, and Dorian was certain that Echo had known it too. Echo insisted that she hadn't been aware of the truth, but Dorian charged her with playing with the lives of others.

Irritated, Echo maintained that Dorian should have said something if she'd known the truth, but Dorian suggested that Echo had been mixed up with Clint all along. Echo asserted that she would never have intentionally hurt Charlie in the way that she did, and Charlie was devastated. Dorian wondered exactly how Echo knew how Charlie felt. "Was Charlie here?" Dorian asked. Echo was angered, and she contended that Dorian was looking for trouble. Echo stated that she knew that Charlie had been upset and had run off, because Rex had been there looking for Charlie. He had filled Echo in on the events at the wedding.

Dorian didn't believe Echo for a minute, and Dorian was concerned that Echo would have to look for a new way to hold onto Charlie. Suddenly, Echo grabbed Dorian's arm and tried to pull her towards the door. Dorian spotted the man's watch that Echo was wearing. Echo claimed it was hers, and it was evident that Dorian wasn't familiar with the "fashion statement" that Echo was making.

Dorian reached over to get a closer look at the watch, but unexpectedly, Echo shouted and pawed at Dorian's purse. She claimed that she'd seen a cockroach, and a frightened Dorian ran for the door. Echo urged her to shake the purse outside. Dorian stopped briefly and urged Echo to talk to Charlie and send him home. She ran outdoors, and a relieved Echo sighed as she closed the door.

As Dorian began to shake out her purse, Kelly ran by, though she stopped short when she spotted her aunt. "My morning is now complete," Kelly muttered. Dorian demanded to know why Kelly was wearing the same clothes as the previous evening. Dorian comforted Kelly, though, as she knew that Kelly was upset about Joey's sudden marriage. Cutter had stopped at the house and had given Dorian the news.

Kelly explained that she hadn't wanted to see anyone. Dorian was upset that Kelly had chosen the Minute Man Motel in which to hide out, but Kelly assured her that she hadn't been alone. Dorian wanted details in order to do "damage control." She was aghast that Kelly had met a "degenerate" at a bar and had been dragged to that awful place to spend the night. Kelly tried to talk, but was unsuccessful.

Rex visited Clint at Buchanan Enterprises. "Sucks to be you yesterday," he said to his father. Clint was abrupt with Rex, but Rex's main concern was Charlie. He merely wanted to understand why Clint had done what he had to such a good man. "You made him think he had a son again," Rex declared. "I wish he still did," Clint replied, and added, "It's not my fault Charlie found out you're not his." Rex pointed out that Charlie had never hurt Clint, but Clint bragged that he'd given Charlie a son and a grandson.

Clint maintained that he and Rex didn't want each other anyway. Clint knew all about the real Rex who had arrived in Llanview and had tried to take the Buchanan money. Rex agreed that he had been a different person when he'd first arrived in Llanview, but Bo had changed him into a better man. Rex wondered what had happened to Clint, because Clint had once been decent, and he'd changed. Clint had destroyed the lives of both Charlie and Jessica, Rex criticized.

Rex was aware that Clint hated him, but he didn't think that Shane deserved all that had happened. Rex even understood why Clint might have hated him, but Shane would want to get to know his grandfather, and the boy certainly didn't care about money. Clint agreed that Shane was a good kid, and Clint had even had his bone marrow tested when Shane had been in the hospital. Clint had been a perfect match, but Stacy had had beaten him to the punch.

Rex was shocked. Clint had known for two years that he was Rex's father. Clint admitted that he'd had further testing completed after he learned of the bone marrow match. He swore that he wouldn't have let Shane die, but there had been no need for him to offer his help. Rex was furious, and he advised Clint that he didn't want him anywhere near Shane. "You are no father of mine," Rex uttered. Clint was happy to hear that.

Rex was thrilled that Natalie was really his sister, and he was ecstatic about the "world's greatest uncle" in Bo. Rex cared about Bo for all that Bo had done for him, and he was about to do Bo a favor. Rex planned to tell Bo that Clint had locked David up in a Moroccan prison.

Roxy arrived at her shop and noticed debris outside of it. She walked inside and stared in disbelief. Her entire shop was destroyed, and a stunned Roxy ran around in dismay. She noticed the "I'm Back," written across the shattered mirror in lipstick. Roxy rushed to the cashbox and discovered that her money was gone. She began to yell for the police.

Charlie returned to Llanfair after his night spent with Echo. He found a distressed Viki, who wanted to know where Charlie had been. Brody rushed in before the couple had a chance to talk, and he apologized for the interruption. Brody had heard the sound of the front door, and he had been hoping it was Jessica. Brody had initiated a thorough search, and calls had been placed everywhere, but no one had been able to locate Jessica. Charlie stood by and looked at his wrist to check the time, as Brody and Viki conferred. Charlie discovered that his watch was missing, but he remained quiet.

Viki requested that Brody go out and search for Jessica himself. She would see to it that the babies were cared for. Brody headed for the front door, but he was stopped in his tracks when he found Roxy standing outside. Roxy told Brody about the destruction of Foxy Roxy's, but Brody was more concerned with finding Jessica. He had to tell Roxy what had happened at the wedding, and the fact that neither couple had gotten married. She had missed all of the fireworks.

Roxy recalled the night that Brody and Natalie had slept together, because she had spent part of the evening with Natalie. Roxy blamed herself for what had happened that night. She showed Brody the piece of fabric that she'd found in her shop, and she explained that there were pieces just like it all over the shop floor.

Charlie was confused about Jessica running off, and Viki had to explain what had happened at the church after Charlie had walked out. She revealed that his wasn't the only paternity test that had been changed. Viki proceeded to go off about Clint, and Charlie apologized for not remaining at the wedding to help out. Viki quickly informed Charlie about Natalie and John's baby, as well, and Charlie realized that Viki hadn't gotten any sleep.

Charlie explained that the entire affair was like losing Jared all over again. Viki stated that she'd been scared about where Charlie had been and what he might have been doing. She was his wife, and he'd never called her or answered his phone. "Once again, you didn't come to me," Viki declared. Charlie admitted that he didn't have an excuse, although he hadn't been drinking.

Rex had looked all over for Charlie, Viki continued. Rex had even gone to see Echo. Viki had been afraid that Charlie had been with Echo, and she'd been relieved to learn that he hadn't been there. A guilt-ridden Charlie remained silent as Viki spoke.

Tess was thrilled to be in Las Vegas, and she searched through the minibar bottles in the hotel room for the perfect drink. An unhappy Ford stopped Tess. "For the 20th time, you can't drink," Ford yelled at her. He reminded her that she had Jessica's body and therefore, she had hepatitis C. She had to stay healthy for their baby. Tess agreed that Ford was probably right, and she would take care of herself. After all, Ryder was their link to lots of money, she added. More than what she'd taken from Roxy's.

Tess continued to dwell on the money she'd be able to double in the casino after she gained access to the baby's trust fund, and Ford was annoyed. The money wasn't hers, he stated. While she'd admitted to Ford that she was present during the time he'd had sex with Jessica, she disclosed that she'd only been there for about "30 seconds." Ford wanted to call the Buchanan family to let them know that Jessica was okay. Tess refused to allow it, but Ford argued that he wouldn't permit Tess to take over. He also wanted to return to Llanview as soon as possible.

Ford admonished Tess and maintained that her parents were probably upset. Tess believed that they'd get her locked up for reappearing and she'd not be able to get near the baby. Ford reminded her that he had rights as the baby's father, but Tess was certain that Brody would sue for custody if necessary, and Clint would never let Ford get near the baby either. Tess believed that Ford would lose his son, and she did her best to keep Ford from making a phone call.

Tess pointed out that Clint's team of lawyers would have a big case against the guy who had practically raped Clint's daughter. Brody would be the one to spend time with Ford's son. "Stick with your baby mama," she urged Ford. She had a plan. Ford revealed that he had to call Langston, because he'd deserted her on their big evening. Tess sarcastically acted out the phone call, and she tried to make Ford see her viewpoint. She didn't think it was a good idea for Ford to contact Langston. After Langston saw what lengths Ford had gone to for his son, she would love Ford, Tess added.

Tess made fun of Ford for planning sex on a national holiday, but Ford maintained that he didn't want to lose Langston. Tess pointed out that with his new son strapped to his chest, Ford would be able to get lots of girls. He wanted Tess to hurry along with her plan, so that he could return home to Langston. Tess announced that Ford wouldn't be cheating with Tess, because Tess and Ford were going to get married.

At La Boulaie, Starr was happy to see Langston, and she wanted to hear details from Langston's great Valentine's Day date. Langston revealed that a "vintage Ford" had not been around for the date they'd been looking forward to. "He blew me off for some other girl," Langston clarified. She'd seen him with another girl, and Ford had merely advised Langston that "something came up." Starr was certain that Ford had a good reason for his actions, but Langston couldn't understand why Ford would have gone off with a blonde, curvy woman in a weird white mini-dress falling all over him.

Starr quickly realized that the woman with Ford sounded like Jessica, but Langston found that difficult to believe. Starr explained that the wedding hadn't been successful; she revealed that Ford had turned out to be the father of Jessica's son. Langston was dumbfounded. She repeated that the woman had been wearing a "demented mini-dress" that had appeared to have been "deconstructed."

Starr was certain that Tess had returned. She explained that Tess protected Jessica whenever Jessica was in trouble. Langston didn't understand why Tess was with Ford.

Brody decided to follow Roxy back to her shop after he'd seen the material she was holding. Roxy grew hysterical as she looked around. Brody spotted the mirror. "I know who did this," he announced.

Charlie decided to tell Viki about his evening, but before he was able to speak, Brody rushed in. "She's gone. Tess has taken over," Brody gently told Viki as he grabbed her hand.

Echo tried to phone Charlie, but she only received his voicemail. She advised him that Dorian was out looking for him, but Echo hadn't told Dorian anything. Echo also had Charlie's watch, and she was wearing it to remind her of their time together.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

At the diner, Aubrey and Cutter waited for Rama to arrive. Cutter chided Aubrey for telling Clint that she would take care of Clint's legal problems. Aubrey reasoned that it had been the only thing she could say that would stop Clint from showing Joey what was on the flash drive. She was worried about her marriage falling apart, which Cutter didn't understand. She explained that her marriage was their way to the Buchanan money, but Cutter thought that they should just cut their losses.

Aubrey assured Cutter that they weren't going to go to jail. She told him to stay calm and everything would be fine. Rama arrived, and Aubrey asked how Vimal was doing. Rama explained that he had been about to sign a deal that would grant him full immunity, but there had been a delay because his lawyer had been called away for a family emergency. Aubrey reasoned that it was a blessing in disguise that he hadn't signed the paper yet.

Aubrey informed a confused Rama that if Vimal took the deal, he would be safe from jail, but not from Clint. Rama said that Clint would get a long jail sentence, but Aubrey said that didn't matter. Clint had all kinds of people to take care of his business for him. However, Rama knew that Aubrey would protect Rama and Vimal because Rama knew that Aubrey wasn't the real Aubrey Wentworth. Rama also knew that Cutter wasn't really Aubrey's brother. Rama urged Aubrey to make Vimal a top priority, or Joey would find out the truth.

Cutter thought that Rama was supposed to be Aubrey's friend, but Aubrey said that it was all right. Aubrey explained to Rama that Vimal would be broke and jobless after avoiding jail. She continued that Buchanan Enterprises stocks were "plummeting," and that it was only a matter of time until the company went under completely. She said that if Vimal took the fall for Clint's crimes, everyone would win.

As Rama became upset, Cutter assured her that Téa could get Vimal's charges dropped. Vimal had no record, and the crimes hadn't been his idea. Aubrey added that Buchanan Enterprises would still be in business. She even promised to give Rama and Vimal "a chunk of cash" to get the couple back on their feet when Vimal got out of jail. Rama wanted the specifics about the "chunk of cash." She also wanted Aubrey's promise in writing.

Todd and Téa entered La Boulaie as Jack was getting ready to leave. Todd asked Jack why he wasn't in school, and if Dani was there. Jack informed Todd that only Starr and Langston were there, and asked if Dani had gotten kidnapped again. Jack told Todd to keep an eye on Dani, and left for school. Todd related that he had to do something about Jack's smart mouth.

Langston wondered what Tess would want with Ford, and if they should call the police. Starr reminded Langston that having multiple personalities wasn't illegal. Starr related that Jessica needed help and understanding, and realized that she needed to talk to Viki. Suddenly, Todd burst into the room, yelling for Dani, and demanding that she show herself. Téa told Todd to relax, and Starr told Langston to go to Viki's so that Starr could stay with Todd and Téa.

Todd asked if Viki was "in on it" as well, and demanded to know where Dani was hiding. "I can't," Starr replied. Starr said that she had no idea where Dani had gone, and Todd asked if Starr would say something if she had known. "I'd tell Téa," she replied. Téa just wanted clues, and Starr related that she had been there when Todd had "spoken to" Nate. Téa was curious to hear the "uncensored story."

Todd rationalized that he had just been stopping his "underage daughter" from having sex. Even though Todd claimed that he'd had a "reasonable conversation" with Nate, Starr divulged that he had "gone after," and "freaked out" at Nate. Téa yelled furiously in Spanish at a confused Todd, and said she'd known that Todd hadn't told the truth. Téa told Starr that she and Todd had gone to Nate's and to Ford's, but nobody had been home. Téa pleaded with Starr to call James for information, and Starr agreed to.

At Llanview University, Michelle told James that he had missed a great party, and that he should take Starr along "next time." James informed Michelle that he and Starr hadn't gotten together, thanks to the drama with Todd, Nate, and Dani. He figured that Michelle didn't want to hear about it, but she offered to listen because she was his "friend." James explained that it was a long story, but ended with the fact that Todd was "psycho."

Michelle expressed her sympathy that Starr and James kept "hitting a wall." James didn't know what to do, but Michelle urged him to keep trying. James's phone rang, and he saw that it was Starr. Michelle told him to answer it, so he did. Starr asked James if he had talked to Nate, because Dani was missing. James answered that he hadn't talked to Nate that day, so Starr thought that Dani and Nate were together. James apologized that he didn't know where the two could be.

Starr got off the phone and informed Todd and Téa that James didn't know anything. Todd believed James because he thought that James knew what Todd could do to him if he had lied. Todd said that he would put his "people" on it, and left the house. Téa apologized on Todd's behalf, but Starr was used to her father's behavior. Starr reassured Téa that Dani would be all right because she was smart. Starr told Téa to call if she needed any more help, and Téa left.

James quietly sneaked in through the back door of La Boulaie, and asked a surprised Starr if Todd and Téa were gone. James confessed to Starr that he had lied about knowing Nate and Dani's whereabouts.

At school, Destiny saw Matthew in the gym and thought about the kiss they had shared. She took a deep breath and asked Matthew where he had been. He replied that he had been busy. Destiny expressed her sympathy about Matthew having to find out about Clint's terrible actions. An angry Matthew took a shot at Destiny's "father and grandparents," and then defended his uncle. A hurt Destiny had only wanted to talk about the kiss. Matthew didn't, so he left.

Out in the hallway, a boy and a girl took Shane's comic book from him and began to make fun of him for it. As Shane insisted that they give it back, they took his inhaler from him, and teased him more. They threw it back and forth until Jack appeared and caught it. Jack was annoyed that the two had started in on Shane without him. They continued to toss the inhaler, and started to spray it in the air.

Shane was upset that they were wasting his inhaler, and demanded to have it back. "Make me, bitch," Jack said as he slammed Shane into the lockers. Matthew walked past, and Shane pleaded with him for help. He insisted that they were cousins, but Matthew pretended not to know what Shane was talking about, and walked away.

As Shane was ridiculed more, he threatened to hit Jack. Jack dared Shane to do it, so Shane aimed a punch at Jack. However, he missed, and hit the boy standing behind Jack just as the principal walked over. The kids claimed that Shane had just gone crazy, so the principal led Shane away.

Gigi wanted Cristian's "professional opinion" about something. She took out one of Shane's comic book drawings and showed it to Cristian. Gigi proudly stated that Shane had drawn it. Cristian believed that Shane possessed real talent. He suggested that Gigi sign Shane up for an art class, and offered to send her some links for them.

Changing the subject, Cristian asked how Rex was doing after what had happened at the wedding. Gigi related that usually, someone would be happy to learn that their father was a billionaire. However, Rex and Clint hated each other. Gigi continued that Shane seemed indifferent after all of the different paternity stories. She just wished that her son could get along without struggles "for once."

Gigi's phone rang, and she was puzzled to see that it was Shane's school. She answered the phone and listened. "I'll be right there," she said, and hung up. She informed Cristian that Shane was in trouble at school.

Clint asked Rex if he was trying to get back at Clint. Rex stated that Bo needed to know what had happened to David. Clint reminded Rex that he could still ruin Rex's life. Clint could send Rex to jail for corporate espionage. However, Rex reminded Clint that Buchanan Enterprises was technically his own family's company, which wouldn't make his "trespassing" a crime. Clint threatened to get Gigi fired from her job, but Rex only yawned. Rex related that Clint was probably nearly powerless thanks to his recent legal troubles.

Rex said that nothing could stop him from telling Bo the truth, but Clint thought that Bo would turn on Rex. After all, Clint had put David behind bars, but Rex had "left him there." Rex reasoned that there had been criminal charges against David, so no one could have gotten him out of jail. Clint admitted to lying about the presence of charges, and accused Rex of knowing it the whole time. Clint said that Rex had been protecting his family, just like Clint had done. An offended Rex said that he was nothing like Clint, and never would be.

Rex said that he needed to tell Bo the truth. Clint wondered if Rex was ready to lose Bo. Rex said that he would take his chances. Rex's phone rang, and he answered it to Gigi. She told him to meet her at Shane's school because Shane was in trouble. Rex hung up, and Clint asked if there was something wrong with Shane. "What do you care?" Rex asked. Clint asked Rex what would happen to Shane when Rex told Bo the truth and ended up in jail. Rex left in disgust.

Brody confessed to Viki that he had found evidence of Tess's return. Viki told Brody to find Tess, and said that someone should stay at the house just in case she returned home. Brody said that, considering he was the cause of Jessica's breakdown, he shouldn't be at the house when she returned. Viki assured Brody that it wasn't his fault. She left to look for Jessica.

Later, Langston arrived and asked Brody if she could speak to Viki or Jessica. Brody said that both women were out of the house, so Langston offered to wait. Brody angrily asked if Ford had sent Langston, which she denied. Langston confessed that she thought she had seen Ford with Jessica the previous night. She explained about her broken Valentine's Day date, and seeing Ford with a "trashy"-looking blonde in a tight, white dress.

Langston had been angry about it until she had talked to Starr, who'd figured out that Ford had probably been with Tess. Brody confessed that he had figured it out only a few hours before. He thanked Langston for the "first real lead," and said that they could track Jessica through Ford. After making a phone call, Brody assured Langston that, if Ford used his credit card or cell phone, they would know.

Langston asked if Tess was dangerous, to which Brody replied that Tess had once almost killed Natalie. Langston frantically asked if Tess would hurt Ford. Brody suggested that Langston try to call Ford, because Ford had no idea who he was dealing with.

At the school, Rex and Gigi asked Shane why he had been fighting, and what was wrong with him. "Nothing!" he yelled, throwing his locker open. Shane took a note out of his locker as Matthew walked past. Rex said hello, but Matthew ignored Rex. Jack watched as Shane read the note, which said, "It gets worse, wheezy." Shane told his parents that there was nothing to talk about.

Viki arrived at Clint's, and the two argued about Clint's actions. Viki said that he had lost his daughter, which he protested. Viki divulged that he had, because Tess was in control. Viki explained that Jessica hadn't called, and that Brody had found evidence of Tess's return. Viki demanded that Clint call all of the "sneaky people on your payroll" in order to find Jessica. Clint agreed, and blamed Brody for Jessica's breakdown.

Clint gave Viki his word that he would get Jessica back safe. "Your word doesn't mean a thing anymore," Viki spat. She demanded that Clint find Jessica, and pray that it wasn't "too late" when he did. She left and slammed the door behind her.

Tess asked Ford if he had a problem with her plan to get married. He thought it was sick, but she told him to "man up," and get ready to live "happily ever after" as husband and wife. Ford thought it was a bad idea, but Tess insisted that she had worked everything out, and told him to "stop thinking." Tess reminded Ford that they could have everything they ever wanted.

Ford stated that he was still "considering" it. Tess reminded Ford that Viki, Clint, and Brody would try to keep Ford away from Ryder, especially once Jessica was in the hospital. However, they wouldn't be able to once Tess and Ford were married. Only Jessica's husband was allowed to make medical decisions for her. Ford knew Jessica's family wouldn't appreciate him keeping Tess out of the hospital, and said that the family would probably cut off the money.

Tess showed Ford the trust fund papers, which said that the money would be "controlled by the parents effective immediately after their wedding in February." Tess said that, the sooner they were married, the sooner they could get their money. Ford wanted to call Langston to explain, but Tess threatened to throw Ford's phone in the pool. Ford only wanted to tell Langston that his marriage would only be an arrangement. Tess said that she herself would promise Langston not to touch Ford if Ford would wait until after the wedding to call Langston.

Tess demeaned Langston, but Ford exclaimed that what he and Langston had was real. He said that all Tess had was "a corner in Jessica's mind," and questioned if she had anything else. "Your son," she replied. She told him to cooperate, or he would never see his son again. Ford warned her to change her attitude, or he wouldn't marry her.

Ford's phone rang, and he ran to it. He announced that it was Langston, and Tess ordered him to ignore the call. She promised him that he could call Langston after the wedding, but he answered the phone anyway.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

At the Buenos Dias, Blair picked up dinner for herself and her sons. On her way out, she spotted Tomas at a nearby booth and said hello. She was amused that they kept running into each other, but Tomas said it would be the last time, as he was leaving Llanview in an hour, and had only wanted to try Carlotta's famous flan before he departed. He explained that the gallery owner he had traveled to meet had canceled on him, so he was headed back to Paris. "So you came all this way for nothing," Blair said sadly. "I don't feel that way at all," Tomas replied with a smile.

Marveling at the flan, Tomas told Blair that Llanview held far greater wonders for him than the tasty dessert. When Blair said the town didn't have the Taj Mahal, Tomas grinned and said he wasn't so sure. Perturbed, Blair said it was strange how they kept saying goodbye and meeting again, but she knew their latest meeting would be their last. "Then I shall eat slowly," Tomas said, gazing at her.

Tomas gave Blair the first bite of his flan, and asked her how her personal "journey" was going. He told her she had some of the light back in her eyes that he had seen in her wedding photograph. Blair admitted she had begun seeing "new possibilities" in her life. Changing the subject, she thanked him for his help with Langston, and asked how many languages he spoke. Tomas explained that he spoke five languages and originally hailed from Puerto Rico. Blair was pleasantly surprised and began to rattle off the names of all her Puerto Rican friends in town -- and when she mentioned the Vega family and Téa, Tomas tensed up.

As Blair explained that Téa, her former nemesis, was married to her ex-husband, Tomas did a double-take. Confused, Blair asked why he was so intrigued by two strangers he had never met, and Tomas shrugged it off by saying he was surprised she was so friendly with her husband's second wife. Blair admitted that she and Téa had hated each other for years; "it took her death for us to get close." She said it was a long story, but Téa was alive and well, and happily married to Todd. Seeming suddenly preoccupied, Tomas told Blair he had to go.

Tomas and Blair said their goodbyes with an awkward handshake. "It's been a pleasure to know you, Blair Cramer," he declared. "The pleasure's mine, Tomas," Blair replied, then added how strange it was that she still didn't know his last name -- she would have to remember him simply as the guy who knew five languages, played the piano, and liked good wine. Tomas replied that she would remain his muse with the voice of an angel, a woman who was on a journey she couldn't quite fathom yet. Leaving the diner, he told her to finish his flan as something to remember him by. "Wow," Blair murmured to herself as Tomas walked out of her life, "As if I could forget."

Sitting down to finish the flan, Blair picked up the dish and discovered Tomas's napkin beneath it. On the napkin, the artist had drawn another pencil sketch of her face. Blair seemed touched by the gesture.

At La Boulaie, James told Starr he had lied about Nate and Danielle's whereabouts -- he knew where they were, and he had helped them find a place to hide out. "What were you thinking?" Starr cried, livid. "Well, to be honest, I was thinking of you," he replied. Starr couldn't believe how irresponsible the younger teens were being -- she remembered how she and Cole had gone on the run, and how frightened they had been.

James explained that the kids had gone to him for help, and their plight had reminded him of his own fugitive period the previous summer. He had sent Nate and Danielle to Viki's cabin, the same place he and Starr had hid while on the run from Eddie's goons. Starr told him he had only made a bad situation worse, but James didn't see it that way, and asked her why two people who loved each other didn't deserve to be happy. "Sometimes even people who care about each other just can't be together," Starr muttered bitterly. James thought she was talking about Cole, but Starr snapped that her feelings had nothing to do with her ex.

James told Starr he wasn't sorry he had helped Nate and Dani, and added that sometimes people had to follow their hearts and go where they were led. Starr mumbled that it was impossible with a third person involved. James assumed she was talking about Nate, Dani, and Todd, and Starr grew increasingly exasperated. They tried calling their respective siblings, to no avail, and Starr stormed out of the house with James on her heels.

At Viki's cabin on Llantano Mountain, Nate and Dani admired their spacious new accommodations. Nate feared that Dani's parents were going insane with worry, but Dani said that was what she wanted. She disagreed with Nate that Todd had reason to be angry, and said her father needed to be taught a lesson after everything he had done to Starr and Cole. Nate asked how long she planned to stay gone, and Dani replied that she would stay away until Todd had suffered enough and learned to accept Dani and Nate's relationship. "I'm not about to let my father ruin my life the way he did Starr's," she vowed.

Nate understood that Dani wanted to make a point, but asked about Téa, who was sure to worry. Dani agreed to call her mother, as they were a safe distance away.

The Mannings returned home, still bickering about Todd's handling of Dani. As Todd and Téa entered the house, a frantic Viki greeted them on the front walkway. "What the hell do you want?" Todd snapped. Viki explained that she was looking for Jessica, or rather Tess, and filled them in on the baby madness. Todd was amused to hear that John had been cuckolded, but Viki said she was desperate to find Tess. "Go find your own daughter, I gotta find mine," Todd growled.

Viki wondered what was going on with Dani, but Téa told Viki not to worry and that they had it covered. Viki explained that she had thought Tess might consider Todd's house a safe place to hide out, a statement that confused Téa. Before Viki could continue, Todd started up his parenting argument with Téa again. Disgusted, Téa prepared to head upstairs to search for Dani, while Todd and Viki went into the living room to talk. Before Téa could make it up the stairs, her phone rang -- it was Dani, who begged her mother not to alert Todd.

Watching Todd and Viki from the foyer, Téa spoke to her daughter in hushed tones. Dani refused to tell Téa where she was, but insisted she was all right and not in any danger. Téa said that Todd was worried sick. "Good," Dani shot back, and said she wanted to send a message to her father in the only way he understood. Téa grudgingly agreed to Dani's terms. Dani said she had to go; she loved her mother, and was asking Téa to trust her. "I do," Téa whispered as Dani hung up.

In the living room, Todd explained to Viki that Nate and Dani had run off together. Viki was concerned, but said she could only focus on finding Jessica and getting Dani home safe. For his part, Todd was intent on getting his hands on Nate Salinger.

As Viki and Todd returned to the foyer, Téa played dumb and didn't mention her conversation with Dani. After Viki left, she asked her husband about his connection to Tess, and Todd explained how Tess had become mixed up in his secret life with Marty three years prior. Making light of the affair, Todd told Téa he had been different back then. "Isn't that what you said before?" he asked as he sneered, "I'm the new Todd?"

Rolling her eyes, Téa asked "the new Todd" what he would do when Nate and Dani returned, as they were both over the age of consent and had a right to do the things teenagers did: live, love, learn about life. "You mean the way Starr did?" Todd snapped, and added, "No, no way, Dani does not get to screw her life up. Over my dead body." Téa was irritated, but Todd insisted he was simply protecting his daughter the way a father should. "I don't know what kind of mother you are that you don't understand that!" he cried.

Todd reminded Téa of how frantic she had been when Dani had gone missing from the Warwick Academy, but Téa said that had been different, as Ross had been on the loose. Dani loved Nate, and Téa trusted her. She refused to involve the police and ordered Todd not to call them, and when Todd reminded her they had no idea where Dani was, Téa shrugged his concerns off. "Fine, I'll parent my own way," Todd muttered, and stormed out of the house while promising to get "his people" on the case. "Oh, Dani," Téa said with a sigh, adding, "I hope we both know what we're doing."

Alone in the house, Téa answered a knock at the door and was stunned to find Tomas on her doorstep. "Tomas," she mumbled, overcome. "Long time no see," Tomas said, and continued, "Hello, Téa."

Back at Viki's cabin, Dani and Nate sat by the fire together as Dani basked in her triumph, wondering how crazy Todd was going over her disappearance. "He probably thinks we're gonna have sex all over the place," she joked, then sobered up as she realized the seriousness of her remark. Feeling awkward, Nate reminded her that they had planned to make love on Valentine's Day, and Dani apologized for the way their special night had been ruined. Nate said it was all right, as they were sure to have another chance to be alone. "We're alone now," Dani said hesitantly.

As the tension grew between the teens, Nate was concerned about Todd bursting in. Dani assured him that Todd had no idea where they were, and said they were free to do as they pleased. They kissed, then undressed and sank onto a blanket by the fire. Before things could go further, however, there was a relentless pounding on the front door; Starr and James had arrived.

As the teens quickly dressed, Starr entered the cabin and took control of the situation. She said she was there to take Dani home, but Dani steadfastly refused, and said Todd had to learn from the mistakes he had made with Starr and Cole. Starr was extremely skeptical that Todd could learn anything from his past, and said that acting against him would only enrage their father further. Dani asked Starr if she was going to reveal their location to Todd, and Starr pondered her options.

James told the teens that he and Starr planned to take them home separately, but Nate and Dani remained uncooperative and said they weren't going. Starr refused to let the teens be sitting ducks for Todd's wrath, and concluded that if they were staying, she and James were, as well, in order to do "damage control." Starr and James traded grins as they sat down beside their irritated younger siblings.

In Las Vegas, Ford answered Langston's phone call over Tess's strenuous objections. Back at Llanfair, Langston spoke to Ford with Brody by her side. She asked Ford if Tess was with him, and Ford said yes, but added that things were complicated. Langston said she knew Ford was Ryder's father and didn't care; she only wanted to know what was going on, and if Ford was being held against his will. As Tess warned him not to give up their location, Ford grappled with what to say or do.

Tess warned Ford not to give them up if he ever wanted to see his son again. As Langston awaited a response, Brody asked her again to find out where Ford was. Hearing Brody's voice, Ford grew uptight. Brody took the phone from Langston and pleaded with Ford to convince Tess to return home; she was a sick woman who needed help. Hissing in his other ear, Tess told Ford that Brody was the last person he could trust.

Conflicted, Ford needed answers. "If I bring her back, am I gonna have rights to my son?" he asked Brody. Brody glossed over the issue and said that they could discuss it when Ford and Tess returned to Llanview. As Tess told him that Brody would take Ryder away forever, Ford asked to speak to Langston again.

Taking the phone, Langston told Ford she loved him. Ford said he loved her too, and insisted that everything he was doing was for her and his new son. Before he could continue, a disgusted Tess dunked a bucket of water over his head, causing his phone to malfunction and leaving Langston perplexed as the call died.

Enraged, Ford turned on Tess. He told her that her entire caper was about her and what she wanted, not Jessica's children -- their shotgun wedding was not going to happen. He moved to leave, and vowed that when he got back to Llanview, he would find another way to claim Ryder. At the sound of Ryder's name, Tess promptly faked a convincing resurgence of Jessica's personality. Having fooled Ford, she turned on him and warned that her act was all she would need to lie to the Buchanans about their trip to Vegas and convince everyone that it was all Ford's idea.

Tess told Ford that if he walked out on her, she, as "Jessica," would tell "Cowboy Clint" that Ford had abducted her and taken advantage of her once again. She said that the next time, Clint wouldn't stop at having Mr. Black and Mr. Blue work Ford over, and ordered him to get dressed, because their wedding was going to happen if he knew what was good for him. Tess reasoned that the sooner they wed, the sooner she could be protected from St. Anne's, while Ford could be protected from Brody stealing his son. As she headed for the bedroom to get dressed, Tess sang "Here Comes The Bride," leaving the dejected Ford to ponder his fate.

Back at Llanfair, Langston and Brody were surprised when their call with Ford was cut off. Brody quickly ushered Langston out, and they agreed to call each other if they got any news. Brody assured her that their missing partners would return home safely, as Jessica was sure to overpower Tess sooner or later.

As Brody began to make calls, Viki returned home. As she entered the drawing room, Brody hit paydirt. Hanging up, he explained that he had used his police connections to track Ford's financial activity and discover that Ford had purchased two tickets to Las Vegas. Brody was heading to Vegas to take Tess home. He apologized to Viki for his role in what had happened to Jessica, and said he knew he had a responsibility to bear with Liam and Jessica's children. Viki told him that she would take care of the kids while he was gone -- "just find her, Brody."

As Brody left Llanfair, he called Langston at La Boulaie and explained the situation. Langston wanted to accompany him to Vegas, but Brody ordered her to stay put and wait for word. As Brody hung up on her, Langston cried "the hell with that!" and headed upstairs to pack.

Back in Vegas, Tess emerged from her bedroom in a tacky wedding dress. She ordered Ford to zip her up, and bragged about the tattoos she would get after their nuptials. Grabbing her, Ford ordered her not to misuse Jessica's body. Tess laughed off his threats as she dragged him out of their suite and down the hotel corridor, ready to get married.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joey walked into Llanfair through the kitchen door to find Natalie sitting on the floor with a sleeping Liam. Joey asked about Charlie and Jessica, and Natalie informed him that Charlie had returned, but Jessica hadn't. Natalie believed that it was her fault Jessica hadn't returned. In her mind, Natalie had messed things up, and was paying for it.

Joey wanted to make her a special lunch, but Natalie wasn't hungry. Joey asked Natalie if she had found John earlier. She confessed that she had found John with another woman. A surprised Joey said it couldn't have been to get back at Natalie, because John and Natalie hadn't been together when Natalie had slept with Brody. As Joey gathered his ingredients for lunch, Natalie confessed that she thought John's indiscretion had been due to her lies.

Joey asked if John had just picked up a "home-wrecking hooker" in the bar. After Natalie alluded to the woman as a "home-wrecker and a bitch," Joey wondered who the woman had been. Natalie finally admitted that the woman was Kelly. An unbelieving Joey asked if it had just been someone who looked like Kelly, but Natalie was sure. She told her distressed brother that it had almost seemed like John had enjoyed hurting Natalie.

Natalie hadn't expected John to take her back, but she also hadn't expected him to sleep with Kelly. Natalie had been hurt to hear John defend Kelly. Joey began to furiously chop vegetables, so Natalie told him to calm down. She said that John had mentioned something about Joey and Kelly, and asked Joey what he had done to Kelly. "The only thing I did was marry Aubrey," he told his surprised sister.

Joey apologized because he knew that it should have been Natalie and Jessica's wedding day, but he thought that he and Aubrey could "salvage something" out of the ruined day. He related how happy he and Aubrey were, but apologized again for being so happy in front of Natalie. On the contrary, Joey and Aubrey's happiness gave Natalie hope. Natalie wondered why Joey cared about who Kelly slept with if he was so happy with Aubrey.

Joey admitted that he was "shocked, not jealous," and insisted that he and Kelly had been finished long before. Natalie related that she had thought that she and John had been finished, but they'd found their way back to each other, even if it had only been for "a little while." Joey stated that the same wouldn't happen with him and Kelly after "all the crap she pulled."

Joey couldn't believe that John would hit on Kelly, but Natalie said that John "didn't have to hit very hard." Kelly had definitely not been "dragged against her will." Natalie was angry that Kelly would go after a man in a relationship, even if the relationship had problems. Joey was sure that Kelly already regretted it, but Natalie thought that Kelly had known what she had been doing. Kelly had slept with Natalie's fiancé, and there was "no way" Natalie would forget.

Natalie apologized for making Joey lose his appetite, but Joey insisted that it had been Kelly's fault. He had never thought that Kelly would have "joined forced" with Clint, spied on Aubrey, or slept with John. Joey thought that, maybe, he had never really known Kelly at all.

The doorbell rang at Llanfair, and Viki opened the door to Dorian. Dorian claimed to have "dealt with Echo," and found out that Echo had been lying about Charlie. Dorian announced that Echo had known "the whole time" that Charlie wasn't Rex's father, and that Echo had kept the secret in order to get closer to Charlie. Viki begged Dorian to stop, because Viki couldn't deal with anything else.

With genuine concern, Dorian asked Viki what was wrong. Viki informed Dorian what had happened with Jessica. Dorian blamed Clint for Tess taking over. Dorian asked if Charlie was there, but Charlie had gotten called away to work. Viki told Dorian about how Charlie had run out of the wedding, and had been out all night. Dorian wondered where he had gone, but Viki said the important thing was that he hadn't been drinking.

The phone rang, and Viki answered it to Jessica's doctor. As Viki talked on the phone, Dorian walked over to the fireplace and took a picture off of the mantle. In the picture, Charlie was wearing the watch that Dorian had seen earlier on Echo's wrist. "I knew it!" Dorian exclaimed. She could prove where Charlie had spent the previous night. Viki got off the phone, and Dorian announced that she had something to tell Viki.

Viki couldn't handle anything else and begged Dorian to keep quiet. Listening to Viki, Dorian told Viki that she hoped Joey and Aubrey were very happy after their nuptials. "At least someone's happy," Viki replied. Dorian expressed her sympathy for all of the trouble that Viki's family had been going through. She backed out of the room as she told Viki to take good care of her family "the way you always do." Once out of the room, Dorian cursed Echo for being a "lying, husband-stealing, watch-stealing" woman.

Viki looked longingly at a picture of her and Charlie.

Echo tried to bang on John's motel room door loud enough so that he could hear it over the blaring television. John threw the door open, drink in hand, and demanded, "What is your problem?" Echo asked him to turn the television down because she could hear it in her room, and she couldn't concentrate on her book. When he refused, Echo entered his room and turned the television off.

Echo asked if John was going to arrest her, as he poured himself another drink. She informed him that alcohol wouldn't solve anything. "What if there's nothing to solve?" he asked. Because she had briefly lived at Llanfair, Echo knew that John was supposed to have married Natalie. Echo understood that the DNA test had prevented Jessica and Brody's wedding, but wondered why John and Natalie's wedding hadn't happened. She wondered why he was "getting hammered" when he should be home with his son. "He's not my son!" John yelled.

Echo offered to listen if John wanted to "let off steam." She continued that they didn't know each other very well, but he seemed like a "decent guy," and she'd rather him talk to her than to "hide in the bottom of a bottle." John asked if she was on an "alkie rescue mission," but she told him to put down the drink, and to start talking. He drank more, but explained his situation with Natalie to Echo.

Echo expressed her sympathy for all that John had gone through. She didn't blame John for his recent actions, but warned that he would regret them. Echo confided how she had walked away from her child, and that it was too late to be a mother to him. She related that Liam had been John's child since the baby had gotten home from the hospital.

John wanted to know why Natalie would "trash" everything they had. Echo clarified that Natalie had probably been afraid, because she hadn't wanted to lose John. John didn't think that was an excuse. Echo explained that she had once had someone, but had hidden behind alcohol because she had been too afraid to fight for what she'd wanted. John asked if they were done. Echo said that they wouldn't have a problem if he turned down his television. She left, and John dropped his glass of whiskey on the floor.

Echo's phone rang, and she answered it to Dorian. Dorian told Echo to "back off" Charlie, because Viki already had enough to worry about. She related that, if Echo were smart, she wouldn't make things worse.

Kelly lay on the couch with an ice pack on her head and a green drink in her hand. Blair entered with bags of food and stopped at the sight of the drink. Kelly informed Blair that it was Addie's "magical hangover cure." Blair related that it looked like a truck had hit Kelly. Kelly said that it had, in the form of Joey marrying Aubrey. Blair insisted that Kelly tell her all about it.

Kelly explained how Clint had planted a camera in Aubrey's room, and the footage was the one thing that could "wake Joey up" about Aubrey. However, Aubrey and Cutter had somehow switched out the incriminating footage, so all Joey had seen was Aubrey declaring how much she loved Joey. Joey hated Kelly for it, and even thought that Kelly had planted the camera. "No wonder you got smashed," Blair observed.

Kelly related that it had been a huge mistake, but Blair assured Kelly that Blair had done plenty of regrettable things. Blair eventually dragged it out of Kelly that Kelly had slept with someone that wasn't Cutter. Blair wanted to know who Kelly had slept with, but Kelly was convinced that Blair wouldn't be happy knowing the answer. Kelly confessed that she had slept with John, but Blair didn't believe that John could be "that desperate." An offended Kelly eventually convinced Blair.

Blair decided that it had happened as revenge on Natalie. Kelly accused Blair of being jealous because, "for once," there was no man in Blair's life. Blair refuted the statement, which caused Kelly to badger Blair for information. Blair described the artist she'd met in Paris, and told Kelly about how he had visited the United States to see her. When Blair mentioned that the man was leaving soon, Kelly wondered why Blair would just let such a "perfect" man leave.

Blair accused Kelly of trying to change the subject, and told Kelly to beware of Natalie when she found out about the one-night stand. Kelly admitted that Natalie had seen Kelly and John together. Kelly wanted to apologize to Natalie, but Blair assured Kelly that Natalie would "dropkick you to the next county and kill you." Kelly decided to write a note, and drop it off at Natalie's. Blair strongly advised her cousin to "lie low."

Kelly hated having the indiscretion on her conscience, so she began to write an apology note to Natalie. Blair criticized Kelly's choice of words, and said that Natalie would only "tear it up and shove it down your throat." Blair showed Kelly the lemon meringue pie Blair had picked up for dessert. Kelly asked if she could have it, but Blair refused. Kelly pleaded with her cousin.

Later, Blair poured herself a glass of wine and thought about Kelly's words regarding Tomas.

The doorbell rang at Llanfair. Natalie opened the door to John.

Later, Kelly walked into Llanfair through the kitchen door as Joey was putting food away. She left the lemon meringue pie and a note for Natalie on the counter and turned to go. Joey saw her and stopped her from leaving.

Tomas entered Téa's house and asked if she was going to give him a hug. Instead, she walked over to him and slapped him across the face. He chuckled that Téa still had "a temper," and Téa reminded him that he had been the one who "walked away." Tomas said that he and Téa had a lot to catch up on, and asked to sit down. Téa demanded that he "go back to where you came from," but Tomas reminded her that, although she was angry with him, he was still her brother.

Téa couldn't believe that she had let him in her house, but he insisted that they were family. She informed him that family didn't "walk out the door and stay gone for years." Téa told Tomas how hard their father had worked in order to send Tomas to art and music classes, and to Julliard. After Tomas had left for Europe, their father had played Tomas's recordings because it had been all their father had left of Tomas. Téa continued that Tomas had broken their father's heart, and hadn't even bothered to show up when he died.

Tomas claimed that he had gotten word too late, but he had called for special occasions. Téa replied that Tomas should've been present for the occasions. He wished that he could change the fact that he hadn't been there. Téa wondered what could keep a man away from his family for "half a lifetime." He had no excuses, and instead asked about Téa's life. "What do you care?" she inquired.

Téa demanded to know why he was there. Tomas explained that he had happened to meet someone from Llanview, and Téa's name had surfaced in conversation. He had asked around and tracked his sister down. Téa got even angrier to hear that he hadn't even been in Llanview for her, but Tomas saw it as a miracle. Téa demanded that Tomas leave her house.

Tomas began to reminisce about always painting pictures for Téa when they were younger, and how Téa had tried to sell the pictures. They laughed about how Téa had always used the money to go to the movies. Tomas took off his coat and sat down. He knew that he couldn't replace the missing years, but he confessed that he had never stopped loving her. He wanted to be her brother again.

Friday, February 25, 2011

At Viki's cabin, Dani refused to be chaperoned by Starr and James. However, James said that he and Starr were at the cabin, because they were worried about Nate and Dani, and that they would not tell Dani's father of her location. Dani claimed that Starr would be unable to say no to Todd. Dani insisted that Todd would never change if he did not suffer the consequences for his actions, and that he seriously needed to change. Starr exclaimed, "You think he's going to change?" Starr then continued that Todd could only change, "if aliens attack dad's brains and change him into a different person."

Starr insisted that Nate and Dani were breaking up their family, and that Starr would have to pick sides. Starr then suggested that the four of them play a board game. When Dani claimed that she was tired, and that she and Nate should "go to bed," Starr carried out marshmallows and a game to play with the boys against the girls. Dani then asked why Starr and James were really at the cabin.

Starr stated again that she did not want Nate and Dani to be caught by Todd, however, Dani guessed that Starr was using that as an excuse to spend time with James. Starr denied that and reminded Dani that James was with Michelle. When Nate revealed that James and Michelle were not together, James screamed at Nate, because he had told that to Nate in confidence. Starr reflected that she had seen Michelle leaving the Fords' apartment, however, Nate maintained that James and Michelle were "not hooking up."

Nate explained that James and Michelle had almost gotten together but had not, because of Starr. James revealed that Michelle had figured out how James had really felt, so she had decided to back off. James remarked, "My heart is taken." Starr asked James, "Why don't you say something?" James sadly replied, "What's the point. I mean, what difference would it make? You're with Cole." Starr revealed, "Not anymore. We broke up."

At Todd's mansion, Tomas begged Téa for a chance to start over, but Téa reminded him that he had left her. Téa relented and cried that she missed him, and Tomas and Téa hugged. Todd walked in and dragged Tomas out of Téa's arms. When Todd demanded to know if Tomas was Téa's secret husband, Téa insisted that Tomas was her brother and introduced them to each other.

After Todd indicated that Téa was lying, Tomas demanded to talk to his sister. Téa convinced Todd that Tomas was her brother. Tomas learned that Todd and Téa had a daughter, who had run away, because of Todd. Téa quickly informed Todd and Tomas that Dani was fine, because she had just talked to her. When Todd yelled at Téa for not telling him of Dani's call, Téa blared that Dani was furious with Todd for the way he had "gone after Nate."

Téa informed Todd that she was on Dani's side, and that she just wanted her daughter to have a normal relationship with a boy. Todd then sarcastically stated that Téa had used "excellent parenting" skills to let Dani run off with Nate. Téa screamed that Todd needed to get a therapist to help him work out his issues with his daughters' sex drives.

Todd yelled at Téa, "I'm going to find my daughter, and God help her boyfriend, if he's laid one hand on her, okay? And then, when I get home, I'm going to deal with you." Téa hollered out the door, "You lay one hand on that boy's head, and I will see you in court." Téa slammed the door and saw Tomas watching her. Tomas told Téa that she needed him, and said, "Pack your bags, pajarita. You're leaving your husband."

At Llanfair, Joey caught Kelly in the kitchen, as she attempted to leave a pie and a note to Natalie. Joey told Kelly that he knew that she had slept with Natalie's fiancé. Joey was outraged that Natalie had found Kelly with John and asked, "How could you do this to her?" When Joey stated that he was just trying to protect Natalie, Kelly explained that she had gotten drunk and had made a mistake. Kelly stressed to Joey that she had even written that in the note. Kelly then admitted that she had gotten drunk, because Joey had married Aubrey.

Joey accused Kelly and Clint of "planting cameras in hotel rooms" and then declared that Kelly had slept "with John just to stick it to Natalie." However, Kelly cried that she had not planted any camera in Aubrey's room, and that Clint had done it all. Joey wanted to know why Kelly had not told him what Clint had done at the church and instead had turned around and slept with John. Kelly reminded Joey that he had already accused her of setting them up to be trapped together in the storage room. Kelly then exclaimed that her feelings did not seem to matter to Joey, and said, "But who cares about how I feel, or how your family feels, because you decided to marry a woman you hardly even know. Who cares about what anybody else has to say, huh?"

When Joey started to apologize, Kelly begged him to stop. Kelly stated that although she cared about Joey, she would not be around "to pick up the pieces." Joey claimed that he believed that Kelly had not planted the camera, and that she had not slept with John to get even with Natalie. When Joey said that he did not believe that the pie would be enough of an apology to Natalie, Kelly grabbed the pie and tossed it in Joey's face. Kelly exclaimed, "Don't say I didn't warn you," and stormed out of the kitchen.

At the front door of Llanfair, John asked Natalie if he could "come in." Natalie invited John in and hoped that he had heard that she would never give up on him. Natalie understood why John was angry with her but reminded John that she had believed that it was over with John, and Jessica had thought that she and Brody were through at the time of Brody and Natalie's one-night stand. Therefore, Natalie insisted that she understood why John had slept with Kelly. John announced, "I'm not here to talk about you. And I'm not here to talk about Kelly."

Natalie pleaded with John to tell her what to do, and John expressed that it was not Liam's fault about what had happened between them. After John asked to see Liam, Natalie carried him to John and asked, "Do you want to hold your son?" John observed how much Liam had grown. Natalie mentioned that Liam had been fussy, because he was used to having John rock him to sleep. Natalie stated, "He really misses you."

Natalie indicated that it was time to feed Liam, but that John could give him a bottle. However, John was not sure that was a good idea. When Natalie begged John to say yes to their family and to their future together, John told Natalie to "take him." Natalie grabbed Liam out of John's arms and ran out of the room.

As John turned to leave, an upset Kelly rushed by him. John stopped Kelly and asked her to take a second, because she would be unable to drive in that condition. John asked, "What happened? What did he do this time?" John comforted Kelly in his arms. John calmly remarked, "Hey, listen to me. It's going to be okay. It's all going to be all right." Natalie started down the stairs and found Kelly in John's arms.

Brody banged on the door of a Las Vegas hotel room and demanded that the hotel clerk open the door. Brody discovered some of Jessica's items on the bed and then heard a noise. Brody grabbed a lady, as she strolled by the bed, and discovered that the lady was Langston.

Langston revealed that she did not trust Tess, and that she knew that Ford was with Tess because of the baby. Brody ordered Langston to guard the door, and Langston wondered why Tess had taken Ford to Las Vegas. Brody lifted up a pair of underwear off of the bed.

At a Las Vegas wedding chapel, the female attendant showed Ford a coffin with a Dracula's tomb wedding theme. The lady asked if Ford wanted photos with the packet and stated that she would need to check with the bride. Tess laughed, as she walked in on another man's arm and announced that the man was Dan, who had been her "lucky penny" that she had found at the slots.

After Tess announced that Dan would be the witness of the wedding, Dan asked for what wedding. Tess explained that she would marry Ford, but that she would spend her wedding night with Dan. She told Dan, "Look, he's gonna buy the cow, and you get the milk for free." Tess handed Dan her room key and told him to buy champagne and pour her a bubble bath. The female attendant stated, "Now I know why you wanted to nix the photos."

When Ford indicated that Tess was "trolling the gutter," Tess replied that Ford was the gutter. Tess then announced that they would need black roses and photos to show their baby in the future, and Bobby regretted that Langston would never forgive him. Tess reminded Ford that the marriage would be in name only, in exchange for a relationship with his son. Ford stated that he could always "go to court" for custody, but Tess insisted that Bo would throw Bobby in jail. Ford yelled to just get the marriage over with.

In Tess's hotel room, when Brody commented that he was not certain that Tess had kidnapped Ford, Langston questioned where Jessica's wedding dress was. After Brody and Langston heard a noise outside, Brody jerked open the door and found Dan. Brody demanded to know who had given Dan the keycard. Dan answered that some girl, who had claimed that the guy would be buying the cow, but that Dan could milk her.

In the chapel, the lady attendant charged $14.95 for the ceremony. When she asked for the rings, Tess/Jessica remembered Brody's proposal to Jessica with the ring. During the service, when the vampire preacher spoke of undying love, Tess/Jessica reminisced about Brody stating that he would never give up on Jessica again. When the vampire asked if Jessica would take Ford to be her lawfully wedded husband, Tess/Jessica cried, "Wait. Wait a minute."

In the hotel lobby, after Brody and Langston showed Dan pictures of Jessica and Bobby, Dan verified that they were the couple at the vampire chapel down the street. Langston and Brody found the chapel and discovered that a wedding was already in progress. As Brody and Langston burst into the room, Tess and Ford turned towards them at the altar.

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