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Monday, June 6, 2011

At the clinic, Tad apologized to Cara for kissing her. He explained that he had gotten carried away by her cuteness. Cara reminded Tad that he had kissed his wife, so he didn't have anything to apologize for. Tad insisted that they were friends pretending to be married, but Cara credited Tad with saving her life by marrying her. Tad revealed that he had recently had a checkup with his doctor, who had been astonished that Tad was actually getting younger.

According to Tad, his doctor had claimed that marriage to Cara had been good for Tad, so they had decided on a new campaign slogan for marriage. "Marriage, it's good for what ails you," Tad revealed. Cara flashed back to when she had told Jake that she had felt guilty about their recent kiss. Tad thought Cara's sudden lack of attention meant that she hadn't liked his slogan, so he promised to work on something better. "No, it's great," Cara assured Tad as she snapped back to the present.

Tad sensed that Cara was troubled, so he offered to listen if she wanted to talk. Cara explained that things were too jumbled in her head at that moment, so she needed time to pull herself together before she talked to Tad about it. Tad confessed that he had an admission to make. Cara was immediately concerned, so she asked him if he were okay. "No," Tad replied. He revealed that he had been forced to sit through hours of bad horror movies, until it had turned him into a near zombie-like state, all because of her.

Cara noticed that Tad seemed to drift off, so she called out his name. After several seconds without a response, Cara began to laugh because she realized that Tad was pretending to be in a trance. Tad shook it off and then pulled Cara close for a dance that he called the "zombie salsa." Cara appreciated that Tad always made her smile. She admitted that she had hit the jackpot with Tad because she realized that she could have ended up with a man who expected benefits with the marriage or someone who wanted cash. Tad jokingly wondered how much cash she was talking about.

Cara smiled as she conceded that she owed him for what he had done for her, and for Griffin. She regretted that their marriage had benefited her more than it had Tad. Tad argued that he wasn't all that great because he had thrown himself on her just moments earlier, while Cara had never done anything wrong. Cara stepped away from the dance and then apologized. She didn't want Tad to think that she was pushing him away, but Tad assured her that he understood. Tad insisted that Cara was a woman of her word, which was one of the reasons that he liked being married to her.

Tad promised her that he would be there for her if she ever needed him. Cara asked Tad to stop being so sweet and understanding because she couldn't take it. Tad explained that he couldn't help it because she drew out the best in him.

At Kendall's house, Kendall admitted that she wanted Griffin. Griffin seemed disappointed when she added, "to stay." Kendall explained that they worked well together, so she needed his help to fulfill Zach's dream of opening Miranda Centers all around the world. Griffin reminded Kendall that Bianca had fired him because he had stolen drugs from the hospital. Kendall argued that it paled in comparison to all the good that he had done.

Kendall reminded Griffin of the people that he had helped while he had stayed at the abandoned house. She insisted that the neighborhood had a need for far more than one doctor, so a place like the Miranda Center could benefit people like Chavo and his family. Griffin agreed that she had a point, but he was reluctant to commit to the project. Kendall begged Griffin to at least agree to help her gain experience, so that she could carry out Zach's dream. Griffin agreed, provided that she didn't drive him crazy. He warned her that he would walk if she did.

Kendall readily agreed to the terms and then dashed off to fetch the paperwork before Griffin changed his mind. Kendall returned to the living room moments later, chatting about plans for the new center that she planned to open. Griffin could see how excited Kendall was at the thought of working on the project. The conversation then turned to Ricky. Kendall revealed that she finally had peace of mind because of Griffin, who had helped her to expose Ricky as Zach's murderer. Griffin refused to take credit because it had been due to Kendall's strength and bravery.

Kendall argued that Griffin deserved praise because Ricky had nearly destroyed Griffin's life, but Griffin had remained in town to help Kendall. Griffin didn't want the praise, but Kendall demanded that he allow her to compliment him. She explained that she had lost everything when Zach had died, so the boys and her determination to make Ricky pay for killing her husband had given her purpose. Kendall insisted that she wouldn't have been able to accomplish what she had without Griffin's help. After Griffin left, Spike joined his mother in the living room. Spike reminded Kendall that "Reverend Ricky" had promised to take all of them to the Stanley Cup finals, so he was curious if "Dr. Castillo" would do it instead.

Kendall gently explained that Griffin was a busy man. However, she assured her son that she would make sure that Spike and Ian went to the Stanley Cup finals. Kendall also promised to get season tickets for the family, so that Spike could see all of the hockey games. Spike was delighted.

Meanwhile, Griffin went to the clinic to see his sister. Cara revealed that Tad had talked to Liza on Griffin's behalf and that Liza had agreed to give Griffin probation and community service for the theft of the drugs from the hospital. Cara added that Griffin wouldn't have to serve any time in jail. Griffin admitted that Cara had "one hell of a husband." "Really? I had no idea," Cara sarcastically replied.

Griffin immediately sensed that something was wrong, so he demanded to know what was going on. Cara explained that Tad was too good for her. Griffin admitted that he thought that Cara and Tad could have something real, but Cara insisted that it was impossible because of her. Griffin confessed that he was rooting for Cara and Tad, but Cara argued that her marriage to Tad would never be real because of Jake. Griffin suspected that time would change that, but Cara reminded Griffin that it hadn't helped yet.

Cara insisted that she still had strong feelings for Jake, despite having been divorced from Jake for years, and Jake having a family with another woman. Griffin didn't think that it mattered as long as Cara's relationship with Jake remained in the past. "And what if it didn't?" Cara wondered to Griffin's dismay.

At the park, Jake and Amanda's passionate kiss ended. Amanda was amazed that Jake had forgiven her so quickly. Jake assured her that everyone made mistakes, but Amanda reminded her husband that she had lied to him about a pregnancy. Jake insisted that it didn't matter because he understood why she had done it. Amanda was curious why Jake had let it go "like that." Jake explained that he wanted to focus on celebrating their anniversary instead of dwelling on what she had done. He offered to take her anywhere she wanted to go, to show her that nothing as was important as his wife and family.

Later, at the hospital, Jake dreamed of Cara and their last night as husband and wife. Jake and Cara had been snuggled together on a cot when Jake noticed that Cara was crying. Jake had been curious why his wife was upset, but Cara had just apologized to him. Jake hadn't understood why Cara had been sorry because he had thought she was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Cara had smiled weakly as Jake had kissed her and then made love to her. Jake woke up from the dream seconds later.

Jake seemed rattled, but eventually feel back to sleep. Jake's dream picked up a few hours after he had made love to Cara for the last time. In the dream, Jake had woken up to find Cara gone, but she had left a note behind. Jake had read the letter, which had claimed that Cara had left her husband because she had no longer loved Jake and had found someone new. Jake woke up from the dream, and decided to for a run in the park.

Later, in the park, Jake ran as he silently reminded himself that he loved Amanda and that Cara was in the past. Jake rounded a bend and then stopped short when he saw Tad standing in the path. Tad remarked that Jake had been running at a fast clip, so he was curious what Jake had been running from.

In Erica's prison, Erica begged the guard to stay to talk to her because she was lonely. To Erica's delight, the guard eventually returned. Erica promised that she wouldn't tell Jane and then added that she didn't have an appetite, so she wasn't interested in the tray of food. The guard insisted that Erica eat before she made herself ill again. Erica agreed to eat, but only if the guard promised to keep her company.

After Erica ate the meal, she gushed about how wonderful the fennel had been. Erica revealed that she had eaten in the best restaurants around the world, so she was a good judge of fine cuisine. Erica was stunned when the guard admitted that he had prepared the food himself. Erica insisted that the guard could easily work in any fine restaurant. His smile disappeared when Erica wondered why he would settle working for Jane.

Erica panicked when the guard took the tray and then left. She apologized profusely for offending him and then explained that she hadn't been judging him. Erica had simply wondered why he had wasted so much potential. Erica gave up as the minutes ticked by without a response. She wandered over to the bed and then lay down. A short while later, the guard slipped into the room to set a vase with a single red rose on her nightstand. Erica opened her eyes as the guard started to leave.

"It's beautiful," Erica remarked as she looked at the rose. The guard stopped and then introduced himself as "Ben." "Thank you, Ben," Erica softly replied. Ben nodded and then left the room. Erica picked up the rose and then inhaled its delicate fragrance.

At the yacht club, Jane struggled to breathe as her throat closed up from her allergic reaction to fennel. David threatened to withhold the lifesaving EpiPen shot unless "Erica" agreed to sign a letter of recommendation to help David get his medical license reinstated. Jane tried to gather her things and then leave, but David warned her that she wouldn't be able to make it to the hospital in time. Jane reluctantly returned to the room and then signed the papers that David had produced. Satisfied, David injected Jane with the shot of epinephrine to counter the anaphylactic reaction.

Jane started to relax as the medicine began to do it its job. David wondered when people would accept that he held the power of life or death over them. Jane looked a bit uneasy, but didn't respond. A short time later, Jane woke up to find David standing over her, indicating that he had been watching her as she had slept. Jane ordered David to get away and then complained that she couldn't believe that he would have let her die if she hadn't signed the papers. David chuckled as he informed her that was determined to get his medical license back, but she should have known that he wouldn't have let her die.

However, David reminded "Erica" that she should have also known that he never did anything without expecting something in return. He revealed that "in this case" he might have gotten a lot more than he had bargained for. Jane squirmed when David held up the EpiPen and then asked who Jane Campbell was. "She's a friend," Jane snapped. David pointed out that the prescription appeared to be from Connecticut, so Jane quickly explained that Jane was from Connecticut. Jane then claimed that she had met Jane during a plane flight and that Jane had given "Erica" the EpiPen when "Erica" had suffered an attack.

David thought that it was both convenient and fortunate for Erica to have received an EpiPen from a stranger during a flight. Jane tried to leave, but David wasn't ready to let her go. He was curious when Erica had become allergic to fennel, since most food allergies developed in childhood. Jane demanded to know why he was interrogating her, but David wasn't moved. He wanted to know whom she had been arguing with in the park. Jane tried to deny that she had even been in the park, but David insisted that he had seen her and that she had appeared to be very angry.

Jane remained tightlipped about the incident, so David revealed that he had seen her scars along her hairline, while she had slept; he was curious when she'd had reconstructive surgery. Jane reminded him that she'd had surgery after the car accident that he had been responsible for, but David argued that it had happened long before. According to David, the scars he had seen were new. Jane suggested that she'd had surgery following the rescue from the quarry, but David insisted that she hadn't been in the hospital long enough. Frustrated, Jane made another attempt to leave, but David stopped her when he held up a picture of a woman that had fallen out of her purse. "Don't touch that," Jane barked as she snatched it out of his hand then tried to tuck it back into her purse.

"I'm Dr. David Hayward," David introduced himself. "And who might you be?" he wondered. Jane tried to play it off as if she were really Erica, but David insisted that he had intimate history with Erica. He called her out on her food allergy and "boozing it up," so he didn't believe her. David demanded to know if she had killed Erica. Jane insisted that she would never harm Erica because she loved her.

"My God, it's true! You're a fake!" David accused Jane. David immediately wanted to know where Erica was stashed, but Jane would only reveal that Erica was safe and that Erica was the most important person to her. David didn't believe Jane because he couldn't conceive anyone surgically altering themselves into a "freakish clone," kidnapping Erica, and then stealing her identity if that were true. Jane promised David that Erica was fine, but David threatened to call the police. Jane reminded David that she could help him reclaim his medical license, since everyone believed that she was Erica.

David showed little reaction as Jane vowed to help David if he promised to keep her secret. She insisted that he needed her as much as she needed him, but David disagreed. However, he conceded that her Erica impersonation was "dead on." Jane smiled as she wondered if they had a deal. David made it clear that he wasn't eager to exploit Erica, so he needed time to mull things over. Jane insisted that they reach an agreement immediately, but David refused to allow Jane to call the shots.

Jane warned David that it wasn't over. David agreed and then advised her to stay away from fennel. After David left the room, he stopped in the hallway to smile and then walked away.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At the clinic, Cara admitted to Griffin that her relationship with Jake hadn't stayed entirely in the past. She vaguely explained that she and Jake had been interrupted before things had gone too far, but she had wanted to be with Jake badly. Griffin reminded her that both she and Jake were married to other people. Cara blamed herself for what had happened, because she had been in a crazed state when she'd thought Griffin was dead. She asserted that Jake had tried to help, and Griffin blasted Jake for taking advantage of the situation, but Cara accepted sole responsibility.

Cara promised that she wouldn't allow anything to happen with Jake again, but Griffin pointed out that she and Jake were in the same family and would constantly be in one another's orbit. She called her encounter with Jake a wake-up call. Griffin warned that acting on her feelings could cost Cara her life. Griffin speculated that Cara and Jake missed the rush of the action in the field. She swore she could handle being around Jake, but Griffin lectured her about how intense working at the hospital could be. She countered that at least she had allowed herself to feel something, whereas she felt Griffin hid behind his profession.

Griffin started to storm out, but Cara stopped him and called him the bravest man she knew, except when it involved love. Griffin pointed out that Cara had married a great guy, and she said that she adored Tad. She told Griffin to start worrying about himself, and she hugged him. She began to cry as she recalled how she'd felt when she'd thought Griffin was dead. She begged him to stay, and he told her to be careful about what she wished for, because if he stayed, he wouldn't allow her to risk her happiness or her life.

Kendall looked at a picture of the Slater family and told Zach that she'd gotten justice for all of them, with Griffin's help. She declared that she was ready to move on by building Miranda Centers all over the world in Zach's memory. She admitted that she trusted Griffin, even if she found him to be a pain sometimes. She flashed back to Griffin saying he'd be there for her. She grabbed her purse and left.

Ryan returned home to find Greenlee rearranging furniture. She referred to a book on feng shui and explained that the new configuration would maximize their potential for love and happiness. She suggested that they have dinner together that evening, since Emma was at a sleepover. Ryan half-heartedly agreed and offered to help move a table, and they quibbled over which direction to take it. Greenlee asked whether every conversation had to be an argument.

Greenlee lamented to Ryan that she felt alone even when they were together and that they hadn't been talking. He thought that getting married again would make her happy, but she didn't want to enter a marriage when he hadn't forgiven her for her lies. She asked for one night to remind him why he'd fallen in love with her, and he tenderly said he hadn't forgotten. Kendall and Spike arrived unannounced, and the boy excitedly ran into Ryan's arms. Greenlee couldn't conceal her irritation.

Greenlee expressed surprise that Kendall had stopped by, but Ryan said he was glad. Kendall explained that she wanted the boys to focus on family, and Greenlee remarked that she and Ryan had just been discussing the importance of family. Greenlee offered to pick up food for all of them at ConFusion, but she was clearly disappointed that her plans for the evening had been ruined. After Greenlee left, Kendall apologized for intruding, but Ryan purported that extra family made a night at home even better. Kendall asked when Ryan and Greenlee were getting remarried, and he disclosed that they weren't.

Ryan told Kendall that he had been relieved when Greenlee had conveyed that she'd wanted to take things slowly. Kendall sent Spike to the kitchen to get some juice. She counseled Ryan to make a decision about whether or not he was willing to work things out. He said he hadn't been able to get past Greenlee's lies, especially after he'd lost his daughter. Kendall advised him to walk away if he couldn't handle it. Ryan suddenly said he had something to do, and he departed. Moments later, Kendall answered the door to Griffin.

Kendall gushed that she was happy to see Griffin and assumed that he wanted to discuss details about the Miranda Center expansion. He stated that he hadn't expected to find her at the penthouse, and that he'd dropped by to see Greenlee. Kendall informed him that Greenlee wasn't there, and he moved to leave. Kendall pushed him to leave a message, and Griffin explained that he wanted Greenlee to use her influence at the hospital to help get the drug theft charges against him dropped. When he tried again to head for the door, she asked why Griffin always pushed everyone away.

Kendall apologized and explained that she'd thought she and Griffin had reached an understanding. Griffin said they were fine. She reminded him that they had been a team who had worked together and had trusted one another. He said he did trust her, but she wondered why he insisted upon leaving town. He said he'd take responsibility for his actions, but then it would be time to move on.

Kendall asked about the people who cared about Griffin, like Cara. Griffin swore that Cara could survive on her own and maintained that he'd take off once he had been cleared. She inquired whether it was easy to walk away, and he replied that a clean break was best for both of them. He said he'd get her the information about the Miranda Center, and he abruptly left.

Kendall told Spike that he'd spend a lot of time with Ryan that summer. Spike asked about a report Kendall was holding, and she said it was something she was working on with Griffin. She told herself that she'd figure it out without Griffin, but she quickly realized she could use Griffin's input. She distracted herself by playing with Spike.

Greenlee ran into Jackson at ConFusion and asked how Erica was doing. Jackson felt like Erica was getting back on track in her own way, and he asked about Greenlee and Ryan. Greenlee said she was trying to make her relationship work and to show Ryan how lucky they were to have one another, but Ryan couldn't seem to get past the sadness and the guilt. She wondered if she was turning into her mother.

Jackson said Greenlee was nothing like Mary, though he felt that sometimes Greenlee tried to control things too much. Greenlee thanked him for cheering her up. He understood that Greenlee didn't have a problem stretching boundaries when she wanted something, and he regretted that he hadn't been around to tell her how much she was loved while she was growing up. She admitted that she often tried too hard and that her efforts always blew up. She thought she had been patient by postponing the wedding, but she questioned whether her decision had been a mistake.

Jackson called Mary impatient and controlling, and he suggested that Greenlee was more like Jackson. Greenlee admitted that she'd never have Jackson's patience, and she declared that it wasn't in her nature to wait around for Ryan to forgive her. Ryan arrived and asked to speak with her. Jackson left, and Greenlee asked if Ryan had good or bad news.

Ryan escorted Greenlee to a table and said they needed some time alone. He opened a bottle of wine, and she noted it had been a while since they'd simply talked to one another. She suggested that they rethink postponing the wedding. He pointed out that the postponement had been her idea, and she said it didn't feel right. He wondered if she was attempting to test him. She wailed that he'd interpreted her incorrectly. A server asked if they were ready to order, and at the same time, Greenlee responded yes while Ryan said no.

Greenlee and Ryan shared an awkward dinner. Greenlee wondered why Ryan wasn't eating. She apologized for mentioning the wedding, and he declared that he wasn't ready. She said she was, but he coldly repeated that he wasn't. He said he'd meet her at home, and he left. She answered her cell phone to Jackson, who had called to check in. She reported that things weren't going well, but she vowed to fight for Ryan.

Jake ran through the park and thought to himself that Cara was in the past and that Amanda and Trevor were his future. He suddenly found himself face-to-face with Tad, who had noticed Jake's brisk pace and asked what he was running from. Jake insisted that it was just a simple run. Jake inquired whether Tad was getting himself in shape for Cara, but Tad joked that his jog was in preparation for a cheeseburger for dinner. Jake blurted that everyone could see that Tad had real feelings for his "make-believe wife" and that Tad didn't have to pretend that he didn't enjoy going home to Cara.

Tad commented that there wasn't anything wrong with spending time with Cara, who he thought was fun to be around. He wondered why Jake was suddenly talking to him after giving him the silent treatment all week. They bantered, and Jake revealed that Jesse had seen Tad's feelings for Cara. Tad balked at first, but ultimately he confessed that Jake was right. Tad asked whether Jake was satisfied to know that Tad harbored serious feelings for Cara.

Jake questioned whether Cara was aware of how Tad felt, but Tad acknowledged that he could barely admit his feelings to himself. Jake understood that love could hit suddenly. Tad said he hadn't intended to fall for his wife, especially after what he'd shared with Dixie. Tad didn't think he deserved another chance at love, and he'd take the chance if he truly had a shot with Cara, but he cared more about Jake's perspective. Tad expressed doubt that things were really over between Jake and Cara.

Tad demanded that they finish their conversation, but Jake clammed up. Tad said that Jake owed him, because they were both in a tough situation. Tad conceded that their first true loves would always be a part of them. Jake insisted there was nothing left between himself and Cara. Tad explained that he wouldn't even consider a real future with Cara if Jake still had feelings for her. Jake reaffirmed his commitment to his family, and he maintained that his relationship with Cara had been over for a long time. Tad tried to move in for a hug, but backed away when Jake obviously wasn't receptive.

Later, Tad entered the clinic as Cara threw some paperwork across the room. At first she said he wouldn't want to know why she was upset, but she changed her mind and declared that she had to tell him something about herself and Jake. Tad suggested they go home to talk, but she wanted to tell him in the place where the encounter had happened. She tearfully recalled the night she'd believed Griffin had been killed, when Jake had found her in an inconsolable state. Tad remembered arriving shortly thereafter.

Cara recounted how she had been a wreck, and she had been determined to leave Pine Valley to search for Griffin, but Jake had tried to keep her from leaving and had comforted her. Her voice trailed off, and Tad nodded knowingly. She explained that things hadn't gone far, but she couldn't lie to Tad after everything he'd done for her. She cried that she didn't want to hurt anyone and that she knew how much Jake loved Tad. Tad said that he understood if Jake and Cara decided to be together, but Cara was adamant that Jake belonged with Amanda, and she was happy to be with Tad, if he'd have her.

Tad handed Cara a stethoscope and explained that it had belonged to Joe. Though touched, a guilty Cara refused to accept it. Tad was impressed by her honesty, even though it had hurt to hear the truth. Tad understood that she and Jake had history, and he proclaimed that he was proud to have her as a wife, no matter what the circumstances. She said she couldn't return to work at the hospital, but Tad argued that people needed her help and that she was a good doctor who thrived on stress. He lovingly put the stethoscope around her neck and implored her to go back where she belonged.

Jake changed clothing at the hospital and pulled out the chain with Cara's engagement ring from his locker. He flashed back to her returning it to him, when she had claimed she couldn't look at it and not remember their past. He reported for work, and Cara approached Jake and announced that she was ready to start her shift. He asked if she was sure, and Tad appeared and said she was.

Cara informed Jake that Tad knew everything, and Tad declared that the hospital couldn't do without her. Jake said she could start that night and instructed her to go home to get her things. She claimed that she had everything she needed, and Jake noticed that Tad had given her Joe's stethoscope. Tad and Cara hugged goodbye, and Cara started to leave to prepare for her shift, but Jake stopped her and said they needed to do something. He pulled out her engagement ring.

Jake proclaimed that it was time to put the past to rest. Cara nodded and mused that it had been "another time, another place." He said they'd always have their memories of Sudan, and she agreed. He offered her the ring and asked her to do the honors, and she suggested they do it together. They proceeded to the hallway, where she lifted the lid of a hazardous waste container, and he dropped the ring inside.

Jake and Cara shared an awkward moment of silence, and she sighed in nervous relief when she received a page. They began to walk in opposite directions, but she turned to look back longingly at Jake. He stopped and also turned back, and they locked eyes before Cara resumed walking away.

Griffin and Tad conversed over beers at Krystal's restaurant. Tad said he knew Griffin planned to leave Pine Valley, but Tad hoped Griffin would stick around. Tad divulged that Cara was going back to work, and he asserted that the hospital could use both Castillos.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

At the Lavery house, Ryan and Greenlee expressed remorse for their respective behaviors the night before. Greenlee suggested that they just forget about it and escape their issues with a getaway to the castle. Just then, Scott arrived, frantic about finding Madison. Ryan had an idea of where Madison might be, but wanted to go alone to check it out first.

Ryan left, and Scott wanted to follow him. Greenlee said Madison wasn't ready to see Scott and rushing it wouldn't help. "Trust me, I know," Greenlee added. She cited the difficult time she was having in her relationship, because she couldn't battle her way through Ryan's grief. She didn't know where she fit in, but she refused to give up.

In the park, Brot discovered Madison sleeping on a park bench. He offered to help her, but she said she wanted Sara, who was buried just over the hill. The empathetic Brot replied that Madison couldn't just stay there, but she implored him for a few more moments. As he left, he looked back to see a sobbing Madison lie back down on the bench.

Ryan arrived after following a hunch that Madison had wanted to be close to Sara. Sitting up, Madison said they locked the cemetery gates nightly. She guessed she was crazy, but he said they'd never stop missing their child. Madison feared carrying and losing another child, but Ryan said she couldn't shut down her life and sleep on benches to be near the baby.

Ryan figured that Sara would want them to move forward, and they could honor Sara's life by living their own lives. He advised Madison to lean on friends, like him and Scott, but she refused to consider Scott. Ryan recognized that Scott had lied; however, Scott was also a good, caring man, who'd even been there for Emma during the marriage to Annie.

Scott approached, and Ryan took off. Madison said she didn't want to talk to Scott, whose job had been to be with her. Scott admitted that he'd been wrong to take Greenlee's deal, but he reasoned that he would have fallen in love with Madison anyway. He asked if her feelings had disappeared, or if she hated him. She said she didn't hate him. Though she knew he wanted to make it right, she couldn't forget the lies, and he'd become a reminder of what she'd lost.

At her apartment later, Madison packed, and Randi offered her the Hubbard couch to sleep on. Madison called it a step backward, but Randi said Madison had to step somewhere. Over a meal at Krystal's later, Randi suggested that Madison return to work, but Madison seemed to have lost confidence in her ability to make the right choices.

At the mansion, Marissa, who'd wanted to take JR up on his offer to do something together that day, was disappointed when she saw him leaving for a hospital board meeting. JR said they'd do something later. She left, and JR conveyed to Maya that Marissa's disappointment was a good thing.

At the hospital, Bianca counseled a battered woman. Afterward, she remembered what Ricky had done to her. David walked by and made a phone call to Jane, who was anxious to know if he'd told anyone her secret. Bianca collided with him, and his phone fell. She heard "Erica's" voice through the phone as she picked it up. Bianca asked what "Erica" was arguing with David about, but Jane hastily clicked off the line.

David explained that "Erica" had written a recommendation for him, but Bianca ordered him to stop harassing her mother. He said "Erica" could handle herself, but he sensed that the incident with Ricky was troubling Bianca. David expressed concern for Marissa, who hadn't returned his calls. Bianca refused to discuss Marissa, so David offered to help Bianca, as he'd once done in a similar crisis. She said he always had an agenda, and she didn't need any help.

Bianca walked off, and further down the corridor, she encountered JR. He asked how she was doing. Bianca sniped at him, but apologized and asked how Marissa was. He said he and Marissa were in a better place. Bianca snickered, and JR said he'd do whatever it took to get Marissa back. Bianca said that was precisely what concerned her.

JR felt that some encouraging words from Bianca might help Marissa. He knew he'd ruined the best thing that had happened to him, but said he wouldn't make the same mistake. JR asked Bianca to do it for Marissa, not him. Bianca decided that she'd join his "PR campaign," but if he hurt Marissa again, Bianca would become his living, breathing nightmare.

After the board meeting, David was in the lounge alone when Marissa arrived. He said that her being terrorized by a psychopath had warranted him a return phone call. She promised she was fine. He remarked that Bianca had said the same thing, but hadn't looked fine. Instantly concerned about Bianca, Marissa strode off in the middle of the conversation.

JR entered next. He told David not to get too comfortable because, while David had snowed the board, he'd never practice medicine at the hospital as long as Greenlee owned it. "Oh, you little people. You have no idea what I'm capable of," David replied.

JR left for the Yacht Club, where he saw Scott drinking at the bar. JR quipped that Madison didn't want Scott around, since he wasn't playing "daddy" anymore. Scott slugged JR.

Later, David showed up on Greenlee's doorstep to find out why she hadn't attended the board meeting. He noted that she was the hospital owner, thanks to him, and being the owner gave her opinion more weight. She said the board wasn't thrilled with her for protecting Griffin, and even if they were, she wasn't inclined to help David. Deciding that it didn't matter, David pulled out his letter and said he had other supporters, like Erica Kane.

At Erica's house, Jackson asked if David had been harassing "Erica." Jane admitted that she'd given David his letter, because it had been a small price to pay to keep his mouth shut -- about Kendall. Jackson decided to put a stop to David, but Jane declared it over. Jackson replied that it would never be over with David.

Jane reasoned that David had saved many lives and practicing again might end his conniving ways. Jackson seriously doubted that, but Jane decided that if David became a problem again, then Jackson could handle it. Jackson said that giving up without a fight wasn't like Erica at all. Jane stated that she'd tired of fighting; life was short, and it could slip away too easily. Hugging him, she said it had almost happened before, and Jackson looked perplexed.

Jackson took Jane to ConFusion for a meal. Greenlee stomped up and railed at "Erica" for supporting David. Jackson said the stressed "Erica" had done what she'd thought was best. Greenlee asserted that she was stressed, too. Working with David was too much, so Greenlee decided to sell the hospital. Jane went to the bathroom, and Jackson asked Greenlee to ease up on "Erica," who'd been nicer to Greenlee. "Don't you find that strange?" Greenlee asked.

At the bar, Jane snatched David off his barstool and jerked him aside. He said Jane had the "Erica Kane thing" down pat. Jane demanded to know if he'd expose her. He said he hadn't made up his mind. Jane, who said she'd survived more than he knew, refused to succumb to his fear-instilling tactics. She said she'd helped him out the other day, and she was ready to offer more.

Jane informed David that Greenlee was selling the hospital. David readily suggested that Jane buy it, but she didn't know why she'd want it. "My hospital for my silence," David stated, adding that he'd be her silent partner. Jane said it was a deal.

At the Yacht Club, Bianca entered Ricky's room and asserted that he didn't get to do that to her, because she had control of her own life. She apprehensively opened the closet, and her terrifying memories flooded back to her. Marissa arrived, and Bianca said she didn't know what was happening to her. Bianca was scared and falling apart, but noted that Marissa wasn't.

Bianca asked how Marissa coped with what had happened to them, and Marissa admitted to sleeping with the lights on and breaking out in cold sweats. She'd drowned her fears in ice cream, but she stated that she and Bianca should be leaning on each other.

Bianca said it was hard, but Marissa asserted that there was nothing wrong with needing someone. Marissa held Bianca's hands, and Bianca said she couldn't do it anymore. Bianca broke away, and Marissa wondered what was wrong.

Later, Greenlee found Ryan meandering near the cemetery. She offered to stay as long as he needed. He apologized for missing their day at the castle, but decided it was time for them to go home together.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Scott ordered another drink at the Yacht Club bar. JR confronted Scott, who told him to go away. JR jeered that Madison no longer wanted Scott around, since Scott wasn't "playing daddy" anymore. Scott knocked JR to the ground with a punch to the jaw. Scott glared at JR and then stalked off.

In Ricky's former hotel room, Bianca told Marissa that she couldn't do it anymore. Marissa wondered what was going on, but Bianca said it was a bad idea to be there and started to leave. Marissa determinedly led Bianca to the closet and recalled how they could have given in to fear when Ricky had locked them inside, but instead, they had broken the door down together. Marissa proclaimed that there was nothing that would change the way Marissa felt about Bianca.

Bianca stammered that she wanted to tell Marissa something. Marissa grabbed Bianca's arm to lead Bianca to sit on the bed, and she unintentionally aggravated the injury on Bianca's wrist. Marissa tended to the cut, and she received a call from JR's phone. She was surprised when the manager at the Yacht Club informed her that JR had been involved in an altercation and needed a ride home. Bianca asked whether Marissa still loved JR. Meanwhile, JR slipped the manager some cash for making the call.

Marissa admitted that JR was winning her over, because he was good at working her weakest point. Bianca understood that Marissa wanted to be part of a family, and Marissa marveled that Bianca knew her well. Marissa said she trusted Bianca, and she asked Bianca if there was a reason she shouldn't try to make things work with JR. Bianca wished Marissa happiness, even if the person who made her happy was JR. Bianca reminded Marissa that JR was waiting, and Marissa asked what Bianca had been about to say before the phone had rung. "Another time," Bianca mused, and Marissa left.

At the Chandler mansion, Colby and Caleb welcomed Asher home from the hospital. Asher set aside his crutches to walk through the Chandler mansion doorway on his own, and Caleb caught Asher when he stumbled. Asher got settled on the couch as Colby and Caleb fussed over him. Colby presented him with keys to her car, which would be easier for him to get in and out of. Maya announced that Colby needed to see something in the foyer. Colby was reluctant to leave, but Asher insisted it was okay. Colby found a large box with a note from a fashion designer, who loved Colby's video blog and wanted Colby to be the face of her new line.

Caleb helped Asher to remove Asher's shoes. Caleb noted that Colby had been welcoming toward Asher, and Asher speculated that she felt guilty for how she'd treated him. Asher wondered if she understood his reasons for keeping Liza and Damon's affair a secret, and Caleb said that holding back from hurting someone guaranteed it would happen. Caleb made sure Asher had everything he needed, and Asher said it was nice to be spoiled rotten.

In Colby's room, May a assisted Colby with going through the box of clothing. Colby remarked that her video blog had made her a big deal, and Maya admiringly commented that she felt all the Chandlers were. Colby joked that Maya had been hanging out with JR too much, and she invited Maya to take a break and hang out. Colby was amazed that her vlog had become so popular, but Maya said that Colby made her fans feel like they mattered. Colby said that despite her success, she'd change what had happened if she could.

Colby told Maya that she'd mistakes of her own, like how she'd treated Asher. Maya said that sometimes loved ones could do hurtful things, but it didn't mean they'd stopped caring. Maya clammed up, fearing she'd overstepped as "just the housekeeper." Colby assured Maya that she could relax. Maya remarked that Colby would have to do a lot more to push Asher away, because it was obvious that Asher was thrilled to be around Colby. Colby offered the clothes to a shocked Maya. Maya's phone rang, and Colby urged her to take the call. She told the caller that she couldn't talk, but she'd call back after work. Maya apologized, and Colby asked if everything was okay.

Colby offered to be a sounding board for Maya, who claimed that her overbearing aunt had been on the phone. Colby advised Maya to tell her if anyone gave Maya trouble. Later, when alone, May a spoke on the phone and apologized for hanging up on the person who had called earlier. She said she had to work overtime, so she couldn't go on a date. She promised to call back when things had slowed down, and she returned a declaration of love.

JR thanked Marissa for driving him home. She inspected his cheek and asked how the other guy was doing. She inquired whether the police had arrested anyone, but when JR downplayed the fight, Marissa asked who had hit him. Scott appeared in the doorway and confessed to punching JR. JR told Scott to leave before he punched Scott back. Marissa reprimanded JR, but Scott said he'd rather be at the gatehouse, and he departed. JR slammed the door shut behind Scott. Marissa expressed sympathy that Scott was going through a tough time, but JR retorted that it didn't justify Scott assaulting him.

Caleb suggested that Asher stay at Wildwind, but JR entered and snapped that Asher wasn't going anywhere. JR asserted that the mansion was Asher's home and that Asher needed to be with family. Asher countered that Caleb was family, too. Colby begged Asher to stay, to make up for lost time. Asher looked at Caleb, who said he'd be happy with whatever Asher decided. JR prompted Asher to make the call.

Scott returned to thank Marissa for a text message she'd sent. He opined that she could do much better than JR. Scott purported that he was jealous that JR had convinced Marissa to move back in, whereas Scott couldn't get anywhere with Madison. Marissa clarified that she was only staying at the mansion for AJ's sake. Scott left, and Marissa contemplated calling Bianca. Colby entered and informed Marissa of Asher's return home.

Asher agreed to stay at the Chandler mansion, as long as Caleb was welcome to visit. JR begrudgingly consented. Marissa entered and welcomed Asher home. JR's phone rang, and Caleb and JR briefly bickered about business deals before JR took the call. Colby announced that she planned to cut down on her vlog to spend more time with Asher, who looked pleased.

Caleb commented to Asher that there were worse places to hang out. Maya offered the men milkshakes, and father and son toasted. Colby thanked JR for not picking a fight with Caleb, for Asher's sake. She declared that the Chandlers and Cortlandts were ending their family feud, but JR looked skeptical. JR was irritated to witness an innocent but affectionate exchange between Marissa and Scott.

Kendall found Griffin at the Yacht Club, and she rambled apologetically for being late. He was confused, as he had expected to meet Cara, but he quickly realized that Cara had set them up. Kendall swore she hadn't been involved in Cara's plan, and she had believed he really had wanted to meet about the Miranda Center. Griffin reiterated that he would return to the field once the charges against him were dropped. A disappointed Kendall started to leave, but Griffin caught her when she almost fell and asked her not to go.

Griffin saw another incoming call from Cara, and he turned his phone off. Kendall was hesitant to stay, but he argued that they shouldn't waste the champagne. He suggested they take advantage of the opportunity to have another non-date, since they'd had a good time on their previous one. She thought she could try to convince him to stay in town, but he reminded her that he was stubborn. He asserted that he had a reputation to uphold by returning to the field. Kendall observed that several beautiful women were staring at him, and he shrugged and said that attracting the opposite sex had never been a problem.

A man approached Bianca at the Yacht Club bar and innocently inquired asked about her cell phone model. He gently touched her arm, and she barked for him to get his hands off of her. Bianca ordered him thrown out and threatened to call the police. The manager led the man away, and Kendall overheard and wondered what was going on. Bianca yelled that she was tired of never being safe anywhere. Bianca ran off, and Kendall followed her sister.

At the Martin home, Cara cheerfully offered to make dinner for Tad, who fretted that he hadn't been able to reach Griffin and asked Cara if she knew Griffin's whereabouts. Cara changed the subject to which movie they should watch with the girls that evening. Tad said she didn't have to play house to make up for kissing Jake.

Cara regretted that she had put their marriage at risk, but Tad said he was grateful that she had been honest. He asked to borrow her phone to call Griffin, as Tad had arranged for Griffin to plead his case to Liza, but he hadn't been able to find Griffin. Cara cautioned that Griffin wouldn't take her call, because she suspected her brother would be upset with her for setting him up on a date with Kendall.

At Krystal's, Liza watched Colby's online video, but she shut it off when Tad called to report that he'd run into a snag. Liza was peeved that he'd requested a favor, but Griffin hadn't shown up.

Cara found it ironic that she was trying to set up Griffin with Kendall to open her brother's heart, while the date might have caused him to miss the opportunity to get the charges against him dropped. Cara worried that Griffin would be angry, and Griffin overheard as he arrived to scold his sister for setting him up. Griffin accused Cara of wanting him to have a love connection, because she didn't. Cara glanced awkwardly at Tad.

Griffin warned Cara to stay out of his personal life, but Tad interceded to explain about the meeting with Liza and pushed Griffin toward the door. Griffin quipped that the sooner he was cleared, the fewer fake setups he had to face. He instructed Cara to stay at home, and the men exited. Cara paused in disbelief, and she then proclaimed to herself, "Since when do I listen to you?" She followed them out the door.

At Krystal's, Tad apologized to Liza, and he and Griffin joined her. Griffin thanked her, and she coldly told him to quickly make his case. Griffin abrasively said he wouldn't apologize for a system that denied medicine to people who needed it, and Liza retorted that his attitude wouldn't fly with the judge. Tad intervened to defend Griffin, but he received a text message and looked around in bewilderment. He spotted Cara at a table across the room.

Tad claimed that he was referring to his "notes," and he used the points in Cara's message to suggest that the judge consider Griffin's humanitarian record and how many people Griffin had saved, including Kendall. Tad received another message, and he continued that Griffin had helped to apprehend Ricky, and that Griffin had administered medical care to needy people while he had been on the run. Griffin admitted that he'd broken the law, and he requested his case be reviewed with compassion. Liza said she'd recommend restitution to the hospital and community service. Tad told Liza that Colby would be proud, but Liza said she wouldn't hold her breath, and she sauntered off.

Kendall and Bianca arrived at the Slater home, and Bianca lamented that she'd thought everything had been under control before the closet incident had occurred. Kendall felt responsible for Bianca's trauma. Bianca insisted that her woes weren't Kendall's fault, but she admitted that recent events had triggered memories of Michael. Kendall continued to blame herself for allowing Bianca to get involved. Bianca said it had been worth it, since Ricky would rot for what he had done.

Bianca explained how she'd returned to the hotel to try to win back control, as she had promised herself after her rape that she'd never be scared again. Kendall wished she had accompanied Bianca, but Bianca informed her sister that Marissa had been there. Kendall was glad that Bianca and Marissa had become close. Bianca felt like a hypocrite, since she had counseled women who'd endured horrific abuse, and she had advised them to believe in themselves to turn from victims into survivors.

Kendall praised Bianca for helping battered women to make the transition from powerless to powerful, but Bianca cried that she couldn't do the same for herself. Kendall advised Bianca not to second-guess herself, and she insisted that being scared didn't make Bianca a victim. Kendall called Bianca a role model for women everywhere, including Kendall herself. Kendall implored Bianca to live up to the Kane name and to keep fighting. Bianca's phone rang, and she stated that the call was from Marissa. Kendall was quizzical when Bianca hesitated to answer.

Bianca reluctantly took the call, and Marissa indicated her concern for Bianca, but Bianca abruptly cut her off and said she was with Kendall. Marissa offered to call later, and Bianca hung up. Kendall was surprised, as she felt Marissa could help Bianca, since they had gone through the ordeal with Ricky together. Bianca sadly said she couldn't rely on Marissa anymore, because Marissa was busy with AJ and JR. Kendall could see that something was tearing Bianca up inside. Bianca admitted that she was falling in love with Marissa.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bianca confessed to a shocked Kendall that she was falling in love with Marissa. Bianca became flustered, and she wondered if she was crazy. Kendall remarked that falling in love in itself was crazy. Bianca explained that she had considered Marissa to be just a friend for a long time, and she listed several reasons why it made sense that she harbored affection for Marissa. Bianca admitted that her feelings had evolved, and she couldn't ignore them.

Kendall wished her sister happiness, but Bianca lamented that Marissa was straight and didn't feel the same way. Kendall asked whether Marissa was in love with JR. Bianca wasn't sure, but she didn't want to pursue someone who was straight. Kendall pointed out that some of Bianca's past loves hadn't been sure of their sexuality when Bianca had met them, but Bianca said Marissa was different. Kendall speculated that Marissa could be the one woman in the world who could make Bianca happy, but Bianca was ready to cut her losses and to return a gift she'd purchased for Marissa.

Bianca pulled out an elegant music box, and she explained that it played a song Marissa's dad had sung to her. She recalled how Marissa had sung the song while they had been locked in Ricky's closet, and it had helped to calm them both. Kendall said it could be the most important gift Bianca had ever given anyone. Kendall advised Bianca to present Marissa with the music box and to see how Marissa reacted. Bianca worried about ruining their friendship. Bianca remembered that she had planned an ice cream date with Miranda. Bianca thanked Kendall, who implored her sister to take a chance. Bianca left, and Kendall appeared to consider her own advice, and she also departed.

At the Chandler mansion, Marissa peered out the window at Scott, who was working on the gatehouse. She suggested to JR that they do something to help, but JR coldly stated that Scott was doing fine. Marissa thought that Scott needed kindness, and she proposed that Scott move back into the mansion so he could be with his family. JR accused her of trying to place a buffer between herself and JR.

Marissa asserted that she was capable of handling JR on her own. She wanted to give Scott support, but JR rejected the idea of Scott moving in. Marissa requested that JR arrange for additional labor to help Scott rebuild the gatehouse. JR offered to call Bruce, a contractor he'd worked with previously. AJ entered and asked for ice cream, and JR suggested they all go out together.

JR headed for the door, but Marissa reminded him that he had a call to make. She sent AJ to get his shoes, and she stood by to ensure JR actually made the call. As JR spoke with Bruce, Marissa kissed JR's cheek and contentedly ran off. Once she was out of earshot, JR offered to double Bruce's fee if Bruce made sure the job was never completed.

At Krystal's restaurant, Bianca ordered banana splits for herself and Miranda. Krystal expressed relief that Bianca was okay, and Bianca apologized for getting Marissa involved. Marissa and AJ arrived, and Marissa suggested they join Bianca and Miranda, so Bianca selected a bigger table. As the kids colored, Bianca nervously got up to get napkins, but she was obviously affected when Marissa innocently touched her hand. Marissa inquired again about what Bianca had wanted to talk about at the Yacht Club earlier. JR entered and asked if there was room for one more.

Bianca welcomed JR, who sat close to Marissa. Marissa suggested that they all have a barbecue together the following weekend, but Bianca half-heartedly said she had to check her schedule. JR placed his hand on Marissa's and said they had lots of time to be together that summer. Marissa removed his hand and instructed him to place his ice cream order. JR headed for the counter, and Marissa claimed she knew why Bianca wasn't in a good mood.

JR volunteered to help Krystal move some boxes, but she told him to cut to the chase. He said he loved Marissa and intended to prove it to both Krystal and Marissa. Krystal wondered if he really meant it, and he asserted that both he and Marissa wanted a happy, real family. JR said that Marissa amazed him every day, and Krystal pointed out that Marissa had been the same person all along. He thought he and Marissa were meant to spend the rest of their lives together.

Marissa noted that Bianca seemed uncomfortable around Marissa. Bianca started to make an excuse, but Marissa reasoned that Bianca was reminded of their ordeal with Ricky whenever Bianca was with Marissa. Marissa hoped Bianca wouldn't want to avoid her for very long, because there would be a huge hole in Marissa's life without Bianca in it. Bianca recalled that Marissa's strength had helped her get through the trauma. "I didn't realize how much ..." she started, but she fumbled for words. She revealed that she had something for Marissa and reached for her bag.

At the clinic, Liza handed Griffin the decree from the judge. He questioned whether he'd be happy with the judge's ruling, and after he looked at the paperwork, he thanked her. David entered and haughtily observed that Liza had gone out of her way to assist Tad's brother-in-law. Liza pointed out that she'd helped David, too, but David proclaimed that he no longer needed her expertise or his measly job at the clinic, because he was about to spread his wings.

Liza was skeptical that David had found a job, and he said she'd be the first to know once he was ready to make an announcement. Liza left, and Griffin hoped David's new job was in medicine. David advised Griffin to stick around, or he'd miss the chance of a lifetime. David told Griffin that there was a strong possibility he'd return to Pine Valley Hospital, and he wanted Griffin to sign on as chief of cardiac surgery.

David asked if he could count on Griffin, who pointed out that he himself had stolen drugs and wasn't the board's favorite doctor. David declared that Griffin shouldn't be punished for thinking outside the box. David disclosed that he needed someone on his side, since the hospital was filled with Hubbards and Martins. Griffin was honored, but he maintained that he had already made his decision. David asked him to think about it. David ran into Kendall as he left, and he urged her to talk Griffin into staying.

Kendall apologized to Griffin for taking off from the Yacht Club earlier, but Griffin had understood that Bianca had needed her. Kendall regretted that she had involved Bianca in her plan to take down Ricky, but Griffin urged her not to blame herself. Kendall said she and Bianca had discussed the importance of not letting the past define them. She hoped Griffin would teach her what she needed to know about running the Miranda Center clinic.

Griffin announced that Liza had visited, and he had received community service with no jail time. Kendall excitedly flew into his arms, but pulled back and giddily apologized. She said she was happy for him, and he proclaimed that he was happy, too. Kendall suggested she and Griffin celebrate, and Griffin crowed that he could practice medicine again. She expected he'd leave town soon, but he said he had six months of community service to perform. "Great!" she exclaimed, but she quickly covered that she was counting on him to help with the Miranda Center. She handed him a check for his services and asked him to show her everything he knew.

Griffin bandaged a clinic patient, and after the patient walked away satisfied, Kendall said that she had never realized how much went into helping people with such limited resources. Griffin explained that the goal was to never turn anyone away, but sometimes there was no choice. Kendall and Griffin returned to the Slater home, where Kendall searched for the Miranda Center blueprints so she could make some changes she'd brainstormed that day. He was incredulous that she'd generated so many ideas in one afternoon. She credited him for being a good teacher.

Griffin admitted that he had been impressed with Kendall's interaction with the patients, and he tenderly held her face in his hands. They gazed at one another for a moment, but she slowly pulled away and declared that she remembered where the papers were. She retrieved them and pointed to a location where she intended to hang a plaque with Zach's name, and Griffin called it the perfect spot. He started to leave, but she offered to make him something to eat. Her phone rang, and he claimed he needed to be elsewhere. They exchanged a prolonged glance as he let himself out.

At the Yacht Club, Jackson was surprised when "Erica" made a big deal out of signing an autograph and taking a photograph with a fan. As she and Jackson sat down at their table, she reveled in the fan's compliments. Jackson noted that she didn't usually go so overboard. "Erica" summoned the attention of all the patrons in the room and announced her intent to buy lunch for everyone there.

The customers burst into applause, and Jackson commented that "Erica" was full of surprises, as the measure seemed extreme, even for her. She explained that her perspective about how to live life had changed since she'd been held hostage. She giggled as she bragged about how many people cared about her. Jackson said he'd like to put the people who'd kidnapped her in prison, and she worriedly inquired if there had been any leads. She hid her relief when he said there weren't, and she said maybe it was better that way, because she could put the ordeal behind her and simply revel in how wonderful life was.

Jackson amorously said he knew of a way to celebrate, and seductively kissed "Erica's" hand. She was in awe that that he had kissed her, and he reminded her that he'd done a lot more. She stressed her desire for him to woo her all over again. He complained that it was difficult to wait, but she explained that she wanted the first time they made love after her kidnapping to feel like the first time. He admired how Kendall and Bianca handled difficult situations with strength, just like their mother. "Erica" immediately turned her attention to the menu, and Jackson wondered why she hadn't reacted to the compliment. She declared that she just wanted to talk about herself and Jackson.

Jackson stated that he'd never seen "Erica" enjoy a meal so much. Another fan approached and thanked "Erica" for lunch. Jackson mused that she'd made a lot of people happy, and he turned the topic back to Kendall and Bianca. She steered the conversation to their day together, but Jackson wondered why she was avoiding talking about her children. She pointed out that he had called her a mother twice, but she just wanted to focus on him.

Jackson commented that "Erica" had been acting strangely, and he assured her that she could tell him anything. She called him a good man, but swore nothing was going on. Jackson suggested she speak with a professional. She spotted David and started to leave for the ladies' room, but Jackson grabbed her hand and asked why she kept trying to get away from him.

"Erica" gushed that she and Jackson had been having a perfect day, but Jackson demanded to know the problem. She said the problem was him, because she felt that he had been ignored with all the drama that had been going on. Jackson mentioned Kendall and Bianca again, and "Erica" testily said that her daughters were grown-ups with their own support systems. Jackson replied that "Erica" was a big part of their support. "Erica" countered that just because her daughters were family didn't mean they were all she and Jackson could talk about.

Another admirer approached "Erica" for an autograph. Enamored by the attention, "Erica" didn't notice when Jackson left. David approached Jane and complimented her performance. She claimed that she wanted to keep the fans happy, but David remarked they were Erica's fans. He warned how quickly Jane's lifestyle could disappear if he didn't get what he wanted.

Jane told David not to threaten her, but David clarified that it had been a polite reminder. A suspicious Liza observed their conversation from the bar. Jackson returned and was irritated to find David at their table. David pointedly remarked that "Erica" seemed like a new woman. David joined Liza at the bar and offered to buy her a drink, and she wondered what he was up to. Meanwhile, "Erica" asked Jackson how she could go about making a large purchase, and he said it depended how big.

"Erica" raved about the Baked Alaska, and a quizzical Jackson remarked that she'd never liked it before. She said she looked at things differently and was savoring the moment. He asked again what was bothering her, and she flippantly said only her lipstick. She shot David a glance on her way to the restroom. Liza cautioned David that his plan had better not backfire, and David commented that a lot of people had better hope it didn't. David left, and Jane returned and covertly headed to the bar. She picked up David's drink and was about to take a sip, but Jackson grabbed it out of her hand and demanded to know what she was doing.



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