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Monday, June 6, 2011

At the Malibu house, Hope claimed that she wanted Liam, too, but she didn't want her first time to be there, after a skirmish with Amber and Tawny. Liam recomposed himself, and as they cuddled on the sofa, he wondered if asking her to be stepmother to Amber's baby was too much. Hope replied that nothing was too much, as long as they were together.

At home, Brooke said James was wrong about Thomas, but James questioned her willingness to trust Thomas' memory of an act that she'd vowed to never commit. Asserting that Thomas wouldn't lie, Brooke doubted he had anything to gain from hurting his father. "You don't see it, do you? Thomas wants to end his father's marriage to you," James concluded.

Brooke figured that people on drugs didn't remember things, but James said it wasn't the same thing in her case. He cited that she and Thomas had shared all the recollections, except the one of the sexual encounter. James said that, even under deep relaxation, she couldn't remember it. Brooke wondered why Thomas would set out to end her marriage.

James reasoned that Thomas wanted to reunite his parents, but Brooke insisted that Thomas actually cared about her, unlike Steffy. James said a hallucinogenic lowered inhibitions, but didn't change one's desires. He doubted the berries would make her suddenly attracted to Thomas when she hadn't even looked at another man since she and Ridge had remarried.

James figured that Brooke believed the farce because she'd been demonized as a sexual predator for years. Brooke asserted that she believed it because Thomas wouldn't lie. She asked James to help her, but he suggested that she help herself by telling the truth as she knew it. He also advised her to cease believing she was the bad person everyone accused her of being.

After James left, Hope entered and asked where Ridge was. Brooke said he hadn't been there and probably wouldn't be. Brooke reluctantly admitted that something had happened on the island that Hope needed to know about. Brooke explained the conditions on the island, what had occurred when she and Thomas had eaten the berries, and that they'd been incredibly ill and unable remember anything afterward.

Hope apprehensively asked if something had happened between Brooke and Thomas. "Mom, please, please tell me that it is not what I am thinking," Hope said, and Brooke sobbed. "Oh, my God," Hope uttered.

At the office, Thomas decided that the lying had been a waste because his father would make him CEO eventually. Stephanie said it was difficult for her, because she loved Brooke, too. Thomas quipped that he couldn't tell by Stephanie's willingness to ruin Brooke's life.

Thomas said nothing ever would have happened between him and Brooke; however, Stephanie insisted to the contrary because Brooke was just Brooke. Stephanie added that Thomas didn't really want to rob Taylor of her chance at happiness, either. Stephanie left, and Thomas guiltily turned a picture of Brooke and Ridge facedown on the desk.

At Taylor's house, Taylor reveled in the kiss with Ridge. He said she hadn't been imagining that it had felt good; however, it had also made him feel disloyal. He figured he shouldn't have shown up there. She said she could deal with his honesty, though she'd dreamed of their reunion. She asked where he'd go next, but he hadn't given it much thought. She desired for him to move in with her, but said she didn't want to be a pit stop on his way back to Brooke.

Stephanie arrived and pitched the idea of Ridge, Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas going to Big Bear for a few days. Ridge shifted uncomfortably, and Taylor took that as her cue to leave to pay Thomas a visit at the office. Alone with Stephanie, Ridge wondered if she could be a little less obvious, because it wasn't the best time to be pushing him and Taylor together.

Stephanie asked how Brooke was handling the end of the marriage, but Ridge said he hadn't ended it. Stephanie said he couldn't remain married to Brooke, but he insisted that it was his decision. He pondered how responsible a court of law would hold someone in Brooke's position. "Surely you aren't going to forgive her again?" Stephanie incredulously asked.

Back at the office, Taylor arrived to see Thomas, who joked that she was stalking him. Taylor informed him of his therapy appointment, and he was shocked that it was for sexual abuse. Quipping that he wasn't a child, Thomas asked why Brooke wasn't considered the victim.

Taylor asserted that no one believed that Thomas had initiated it. Thomas decided that Taylor, who'd been declaring abuse from the moment he'd shown off his first design, might be the one who needed therapy. He sniped that the incident had also "just happened" to lead Ridge to her doorstep. Taylor claimed there was no way she could have engineered things, and nothing was worth the pain Thomas had endured.

Thomas didn't want to be seen as a victim, and he didn't wish to discuss the incident with her, or a stranger. He asked how Ridge was coping, and Taylor said she hoped that talking with her had helped. Thomas proposed that Ridge move in with them, and she said that would make her the happiest woman on the planet. Thomas amorously smiled as her eyes lit up.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

by Pam

Hope quizzed her mom about why Ridge would travel halfway across the world to rescue her and then walk out on his marriage days later. Brooke explained the nasty details of her hallucinogenic trip on the island to Hope, who commented on the total "ick factor" of the entire scene. Brooke lamented that she didn't remember doing anything sexual with Thomas, but she reasoned that she must be a terrible person to have preyed on Thomas in a sexual encounter.

Brooke insisted that Thomas would never lie about such a thing, but Hope quickly picked up on Thomas' all-too-convenient memories and flashbacks. Hope remembered that Thomas had caused problems with Rick and other family members in an effort to get his parents back together. Brooke refused to believe that Thomas would want to hurt her, but Hope wasn't so sure.

At Forrester, Dayzee interrupted Thomas in his office. He was considering the ramifications his lie would have on others. Thomas admitted that he had some issues, and Dayzee promised to be supportive. Stephanie entered, and Dayzee noted that everyone at Dayzee's missed her. Stephanie promised to visit.

Dayzee kissed Thomas and told him that she knew he was conflicted about something. She said that she was sure his grandmother would help him, and Thomas eyed Stephanie.

After Dayzee left, Stephanie consoled Thomas and said that she knew he felt that they had hurt Brooke. Stephanie said that she loved Brooke and hated that they had to do what they were doing, but she knew it was the only way the family would have peace. She admitted that Brooke had saved her life. Thomas told Stephanie that she had a strange way of showing Brooke that she loved her.

At Jackie M, Nick and Whip interrupted a smooching moment between Jackie and Owen to discuss a scheme Whip had concocted. He wanted to get Bill Spencer involved in promoting Jackie M, but Nick quickly noted that Bill had punched him and he hated Bill. Jackie was happy to see that Whip had pulled out of his depression and returned to inventing clever ideas for Jackie M. She recalled the cougar line, the cabana boy ads, and more of Whip's fun campaigns.

At Spencer Publications, Steffy entered Bill's office and joyously spread the news that her father had left Brooke. She added that it cleared the way for her mother and father to reunite. She was grateful that Ridge had Taylor had spent time together searching for Thomas.

Steffy and Bill exchanged feelings about how they had missed one another, and Bill finally asked what Steffy wanted. She proposed the idea of becoming the host of The Catwalk. She promised that she would deliver a much larger audience than Donna and Pam could deliver.

Bill seemed interested, and wondered why Steffy would want to take over the hosting duties. She admitted that it would mean that she would see him more often. She said that she had missed him, and she knew they couldn't be together, but if she hosted the program, she would see him regularly. Bill was amused, and Steffy continued to remind him that they had professed their love for one another on the plane when they rescued Thomas and Brooke.

At Brooke's house, Stephanie knocked on the door and when she entered, her first words were a dig at Brooke, reminding Brooke that Ridge was never returning. Stephanie said that she wanted Brooke to get some help with a psychiatrist or a therapist, but she needed to get help for her behavior with men.

At Thomas' office, Hope showed up and warned that she had spoken to her mother. She said that the thought of Brooke and Thomas having made love totally disgusted her. Thomas guiltily looked at Hope, who added that Brooke would never recover from the latest scandal. Hope told Thomas that Brooke was at home, wondering how she could have become such a disgusting sexual predator. She told Thomas that Brooke was depressed and seeking professional help for something that she could not remember.

Hope accused Thomas of lying. She said that the reason that Brooke couldn't remember sex was because it had never happened. Thomas interrupted and said that they had been under the influence of the hallucinogenic berries, but Hope stopped him. She claimed that Brooke would never have done anything to hurt her husband or Thomas.

Hope told Thomas that he had lied in order to get his parents back together. She added that what disgusted her most was that Brooke defended Thomas. Brooke continued to tell her therapist and Hope that she knew Thomas would never lie and hurt her. Hope demanded that Thomas confess what had really happened -- that he and Brooke had never had sex.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

by Pam

At Brooke's, Brooke and Stephanie engaged in an emotional exchange where Stephanie tearfully accused Brooke of seducing Thomas. Brooke said that she had never remembered anything sexual with Thomas, but Stephanie wouldn't let up. She reminded Brooke that Brooke should have walked away when Thomas kissed her on the runway and she should have walked away when Thomas kissed her on the plane. Brooke stammered that she had been asleep, but Stephanie shouted that Brooke had known Thomas was attracted to her and she had done nothing to discourage him.

Brooke cried that she had tried, but Stephanie insisted that Brooke hadn't done enough to prevent the inevitable -- sex with Thomas. Stephanie said that she felt sorry for Brooke, but she said it was time for Brooke to walk away from the Forrester family. Brooke said that she had seen Dr. James Warwick, and he believed that Thomas had lied. She added that Hope agreed.

Stephanie shouted that Brooke was wrong. She warned that she would not see Brooke again until Brooke divorced Ridge. Stephanie wanted Brooke to leave everyone alone so that they could heal. Stephanie left. Brooke cried. She picked up Ridge's wedding band, caressed it, and cried while she sat on the steps of her home.

In Bill's office at Spencer Publications, Steffy repeated that she could garner much better ratings than Pam could with The Catwalk. Bill said that he knew she wanted to see if she could hang around Spencer long enough to get what she really wanted: him. Steffy promised it would be the best day of his life.

Katie entered and wondered why Steffy was there. Katie kissed her husband, and he informed her that Steffy wanted to take over as host of The Catwalk. Katie scoffed that it was all a ploy to get closer to Bill. Steffy snidely commented that the show had lost viewers since Donna left. Katie agreed, but she said it needed to be retooled, possibly with a celebrity host. Steffy accused Katie of stealing her idea, but Katie pointed out that Steffy was far from a celebrity.

Steffy suggested that Bill should decide, but Katie pointed out that Steffy should return to Forrester where she belonged. She reminded Steffy that the show was not a Forrester production. Katie said that she and Bill would determine what was best for Spencer Publications and possibly book her as a guest on the show.

Bill had to exit for a meeting, but he warned the ladies to retract their claws and keep blood off his carpet. After he left, the real catfight ensued. Katie smiled and said that Steffy wasn't the first pretty woman to throw herself at Bill. Katie added that if she left Bill, Steffy would be the last woman he would turn to.

Steffy mocked Katie with applause and a bravo for a confident performance. Steffy added that all the Logans overestimated their power over their husbands. She added that Brooke would soon find herself in trouble. Katie warned that Steffy might think she knew it all, but she didn't.

Katie added that Steffy could continue to make a fool of herself and fawn over Bill as much as she wanted. Sooner or later, Bill would tire of her flirtations and kick her to the curb. Katie confidently added that at the end of every day, Bill always returned home to Katie, and they had a wonderful life that was anything but boring.

At Forrester, Hope kept the heat on Thomas to tell the truth about his encounter with Brooke. She reasoned that he had lied in order to get his parents back together. Thomas scoffed at the idea because Ridge and Brooke had raised him. He professed that he had no problem with Ridge and Brooke's relationship. Hope disagreed.

Hope claimed to see the guilt in Thomas' eyes, and he quickly turned away. Stephanie entered and rescued Thomas, who tattled to his grandmother about Hope's accusations. Stephanie warned Hope to mind her own business. Thomas received a call and had to exit, but Hope warned that guilt would drive him crazy for the rest of his life.

Stephanie again warned Hope to leave Thomas alone. She claimed that Hope had been a victim of emotional abuse, and Hope angrily argued with Stephanie that Brooke had been a wonderful mother. Stephanie brought up Brooke's tryst with Deacon that had resulted in Hope's birth and Brooke's sexual encounter with Oliver. Hope defended her mother.

Stephanie asked Hope what she thought of the Taboo campaign, and Hope honestly answered that it had made her uncomfortable, but it had been a gimmick to sell clothes. Stephanie said that it had made everyone in the family uncomfortable, and Brooke should have stopped it. Stephanie added that it had been evident from the beginning that Thomas was sexually attracted to Brooke, but Brooke had never stopped the campaign. She had never backed away. She added that Brooke needed to get away from everyone at Forrester and allow them to heal.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

On the Forrester rooftop, Marcus greeted Dayzee. She said he'd been missed, but he asked if that were really true. The two chatted for a while, and then Marcus asked how she and Thomas were doing. She said things had gotten serious, but then Thomas had changed. She was worried about Thomas and concluded that he was dealing with something heavy.

Dayzee and Marcus discussed the troubled Thomas, and Marcus guessed the problem was delayed trauma. She said Thomas had remarked that he'd made a choice, but he wasn't sure it was the right one. Marcus felt that it hadn't been right, if it were tormenting Thomas. Dayzee wanted to help Thomas, and she wished he'd just talk to somebody, even if not her.

At Taylor's house, Ridge arrived to pick Taylor up for Brooke's meeting. Ridge didn't know what the meeting was about, but he hoped Eric wouldn't learn about the truth about the island. Taylor tried to convince Ridge that he'd done the best thing, because Thomas would have been crushed if Ridge had given Brooke a free pass that time.

Ridge admitted that he'd been avoiding their son. Taylor said he couldn't do that, because their son was suffering over what Brooke had done. Correcting that "they'd" done it, Ridge asserted that Thomas was no longer a child, and Ridge felt betrayed by them both. Ridge knew Thomas was struggling, but Ridge didn't want to make the wrong move. Taylor urged Ridge to talk to Thomas before Thomas became overwhelmed by guilt.

Ridge said he was trying to forgive Thomas, whom Ridge loved. Taylor claimed Thomas had been loyal and had told Ridge the moment he'd realized what had happened. Ridge wished he'd never sent Brooke and Thomas on the trip, but Taylor said it wasn't Ridge's fault. Ridge wished to God the facts were different, and Taylor pulled him into her arms.

In Ridge's office, Stephanie was anxious about the topic of the meeting Brooke had called. Thomas didn't know what it was about, but he felt guilty about Hope. He didn't think Hope would be better off believing the story about her mother, but Stephanie thought Hope would indeed be better off, just as his parents were.

Stephanie suggested that Thomas avoid the meeting because he didn't want to be there when Brooke accused him of lying. He said that Brooke would be correct. Stephanie insisted that she knew Brooke, and the scandalous act would have eventually happened. He guessed the women were back to being enemies, but Stephanie claimed that Brooke was her own enemy.

Stephanie claimed that Brooke knew no boundaries, but Thomas reasoned that the trait had caused Brooke to refuse to leave Stephanie alone in her illness. "Just like your mother asked her to leave you alone, and she wouldn't?" Stephanie shot back and alleged that Brooke wouldn't do what anyone asked. Stephanie asserted that Brooke had talked Ridge out of canceling the Taboo line. Thomas said it hadn't happened that way, and Stephanie knew it. Stephanie told him to sit back and relax, because he looked good in his father's chair.

At Jackie M later, Owen and Jackie made out in an office. Stephanie interrupted, looking for Nick, who arrived just then. She said she was there to get a little insurance, and Owen and Jackie left Nick and Stephanie to talk. Nick assumed that history must have repeated itself. Stephanie announced that Ridge and Brooke's marriage was over. Nick said that every time Brooke and "the meathead" got into it, Stephanie paid Nick a visit.

Stephanie said Brooke needed someone to be there for her. Nick suggested that Stephanie do it, since Brooke had stood by Stephanie during her illness. Stephanie stated that she had to side with Ridge on the matter, but she implored Nick to be a friend to Brooke. Nick deduced that Ridge had left Brooke for Taylor, who'd split from Whip. Stephanie said it was Nick's opportunity, because she knew he still loved Brooke.

Nick demanded to know what had happened, but Stephanie said it only mattered that he seized his chance before someone else did. She insisted that Brooke would not be with her son. Nick was puzzled by Stephanie's renewed animosity toward Brooke. Softening, Stephanie said she didn't wish to see Brooke permanently damaged by the matter. Nick said he smelled a rat and tried again to find out what had happened. Stephanie clammed up, but before going, she warned him not to blow it.

On the phone in the corridor at Forrester, Brooke ascertained from her lawyer that she could name "it" anything that she wanted. She then entered Ridge's office to ask if Thomas had remembered more. He said he hadn't, but asked if she had. "No, and I'm beginning to think I won't," she responded.

Thomas grew uneasy; however, Brooke said she wouldn't call him a liar, and she knew he wouldn't intentionally hurt her, because he was a good person. She just wondered if he could be mistaken. Thomas said he knew what Brooke was trying to ask him, but he just couldn't. She backed off, but asked him to attend her meeting, where she'd do the only thing she had left to do.

Brooke said she was horrified by what she'd done to him and the family. She called herself despicable, but Thomas grabbed her shoulders and claimed that his mother was wrong about her. Brooke replied that Taylor knew what she was talking about. Thomas asserted that Taylor didn't. He hesitated, and Brooke asked what he wanted to say.

Just then, Eric entered for the meeting. Taylor and Ridge arrived, and Ridge said Thomas didn't need to be there. Brooke stated that Thomas would want to hear what she had to say. Stephanie entered, and said, "Now that we're all here, let the crocodile tears flow."

Friday, June 10, 2011

At the office, Eric was clueless as Taylor insisted that Thomas didn't need to be there for Brooke's groveling session. In her mind, Stephanie recalled how she'd coerced Thomas into lying about the events on the island. Stephanie then said she wasn't sticking around, but Brooke stated that she needed Stephanie most of all.

Pam entered with an envelope for Brooke and guessed it was divorce papers or scandalous photos. Stephanie told Pam to leave, and Brooke stated that she didn't think a resignation was required, since they knew she wouldn't return. Eric asked what was going on. Brooke thanked him for always being on her side, but said he'd been wrong about her. She said she'd deceived him and herself, but she intended to change her life.

Eric asked Thomas why Taylor was there. Taylor and Stephanie gave defensive answers, but Eric cut in, saying, "I'm talking to Thomas. Experience tells me not to trust what the two of you have to say about Brooke." Brooke said not to bother defending her, because she'd done what they'd all said she'd do. Eric asked what she'd done. "Your grandson," Taylor replied.

Eric strode straight up to Brooke, who then explained about the berries and her inability to remember any sex with Thomas. She told Stephanie and Taylor that they'd been right; she was a predator. Brooke said she'd improve by using Stephanie's mantra of changing by helping others. She said she'd keep the house and the trust funds for the kids, but she'd put the bulk of her 401K into a private foundation. Taylor asserted that Brooke couldn't stop the grandstanding.

Stephanie stated that Brooke wouldn't even be able to access her own money, but Brooke didn't seem to care about that as she announced that she'd named her charity "The Stephanie Forrester Foundation." For Brooke, working on Skid Row with Stephanie had been extremely fulfilling. Stephanie, however, refused to let Brooke piggyback on Stephanie's hard work.

Stephanie grumbled that she wouldn't partake in the spectacle Brooke would make of her penitence, nor would she be party to Brooke's schemes to get Ridge back. Stephanie instructed Brooke to write a check if she wanted to make a difference, but to Stephanie's chagrin, Eric quipped, "You told me that wasn't enough."

Thomas suggested that they ask the people at Dayzee's if they thought Brooke's ideas and money would make a difference. Brooke guessed she'd gone about things the wrong way. Thomas stated that his grandma should be ashamed of herself. "Well, I'm ashamed enough for the both of us. I'm done," he bit out and stormed off with Taylor on his heels.

Brooke asked for a moment alone with Stephanie, but Stephanie declined that, too. Eric told Stephanie to do it, because she'd survived due to Brooke. Ridge told Brooke that she hadn't done anything wrong, and he and Eric left. "Except break his heart over and over and over again, but that's coming to an end now," Stephanie added.

The remorseful Brooke said she was trying to make amends. Stephanie declared that it had been done, and people were incapable of change. Brooke cited that the people at Dayzee's had changed their lives, but Stephanie said some of them would never make it off the streets. Brooke was confused by Stephanie's newfound cynicism. Stephanie insisted that they'd made their choices, they'd gotten what they'd wanted, and they had to live with the consequences.

Brooke asked Stephanie to be president of the foundation. Refusing to have any part in it, Stephanie threatened to have her lawyers remove her name from it because she hadn't consented. Brooke asked why Stephanie was opposed to Brooke creating a drug rehabilitation center, but then realized she shouldn't have expected Stephanie to fall in line. She decided that Stephanie didn't have to lift a finger. Brooke, who'd learned a lot from Stephanie, pledged to move forward on her own in Stephanie's name. "No," Stephanie replied.

Brooke recalled Stephanie's attempt to rekindle their friendship and apologized for turning the offer down. Brooke said she wasn't asking for forgiveness or friendship; she just wanted to use Stephanie's name, because it was the only thing Brooke trusted. She implored Stephanie to give her that one last thing.

In Thomas' office, Taylor had hoped to find Thomas, but he wasn't there. Eric and Ridge entered, and Eric couldn't believe that it had happened with Thomas and Brooke. "Thomas said it did," Ridge wryly replied. Taylor readily stated that if Thomas had said it, then it was true. "Taylor, come on...I just give him credit for telling me," Ridge replied. Eric agreed, citing that it was more hurtful when they hid it, or the betrayed was the last to know. Eric guessed that he and Ridge had something in common that Eric would never have wished upon Ridge.

At Jackie M, Jackie modeled a demure, draping gown and got offended when Whip called the line designed by her, "Jackie M for the Mature Woman." Nick entered and said there was nothing mature about his mother. He then wondered if anyone in the room knew that Brooke and Ridge had broken up. Whip stated that he'd officially given up hope, and Taylor and Ridge had better not invite him to the wedding.

Jackie figured Stephanie had told Nick about it because of his unresolved feelings for Brooke. Nick said that was one way to rewrite history. Surprised to hear that Brooke and Nick had once been involved, Whip guessed that everyone would be changing partners. Nick said that he and Brooke had been like two ships in the night, and Jackie quipped that he was the one rewriting history. Nick recalled that things had never been what they'd seemed between him and Brooke, so he'd learned not to expect anything. Doing so had made his life a lot simpler.

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