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Monday, June 13, 2011

In Ridge's office, Brooke was certain the foundation was her long road to redemption. She wanted to be proud of herself, and she wanted Ridge, her children, and Stephanie to be proud, too. She asked Stephanie to take the road with her, so she could learn to be like Stephanie.

Stephanie was strangely silent, and Brooke said she felt guilty asking Stephanie, who had so much on her plate already. Brooke remarked that they could do great good, and she was determined to repair their relationship. Shaking her head, Stephanie replied that she couldn't.

Brooke guessed Stephanie thought it was a ploy to get Ridge back, but Stephanie said it wasn't that. Unable to blame Stephanie for thinking Brooke would never change, Brooke said it was different that time. Brooke knew that Stephanie would never understand the shame that Brooke had caused herself, because Stephanie had never done anything to feel that guilty about.

Stephanie squirmed as Brooke said Stephanie had achieved peace by upholding her convictions. Brooke wanted peace, too, and intended to achieve it through Stephanie's example. "It's all because of you, Stephanie, and the incredible person that you are," Brooke said.

In Thomas' office, Eric mused about Brooke's charity idea and then stated that she didn't remember the event on the island. Taylor asserted that Thomas remembered, and he had to live with it for the rest of his life. She added that no charity would change Stephanie's view on it. Eric asked how Stephanie could refuse Brooke when their missions were the same.

Eric got a phone call, and Ridge departed. After the call ended, Stephanie entered. Taylor guessed Stephanie had exposed Brooke's charity as a ploy for Ridge's sympathy, but Stephanie said she didn't think that was it at all. Taylor was shocked to hear that, and Stephanie asserted that it was her own fault for not stopping Taboo a long time before.

Eric stated that Brooke saw Stephanie as a woman of principle, but Stephanie snapped that she was no saint. Stephanie walked off to the side and sighed Brooke's name. Stephanie murmured to herself that it couldn't be undone, but she believed she'd done the right thing.

Back in Ridge's office, Ridge entered and told Brooke that he was blown away by what she was trying to do. He just wondered if it were an extreme emotional reaction to her changed view of herself. Brooke said that she'd watched R.J. skip off to the bus that morning, and he'd been oblivious of the fact that she'd broken up their family. Fixing things meant fixing herself, and she hoped that one day, her family and Stephanie could be proud of her.

Ridge thought that Brooke had made a step in the right direction, though he didn't know if Stephanie would ever be forgiving. He stated that time, actions, and love would heal things. To him, love was the most powerful healer of all. Brooke decided to clear out her stuff, but Ridge asked if she really wanted to leave.

Brooke said she'd fought Stephanie's opinion for a long time, but after what had happened on the island, Brooke couldn't deny it. Brooke asserted that Thomas wouldn't lie. She wished she could undo the damage, but she was sure he'd be okay, just as R.J. would. Ridge wondered when they'd tell R.J. and how they'd address the press, who'd undoubtedly want to know if the separation was permanent.

Brooke said she'd thought they'd be together forever after their last marriage, but things had changed. Something had shifted when Thomas had revealed what she'd done on the island. She said she could continue to delude herself, or she could change. She wished she'd listened to Stephanie sooner, because Brooke's marriage and Thomas could have been spared. "Goodbye, Ridge," she uttered. He hugged her, stroked her face, and said he'd always love her. Ridge kissed Brooke, and she tearfully smiled and walked out.

In the corridor, she saw Eric, Stephanie, and Taylor. By the elevator with Brooke, Stephanie said she admired Brooke's grace, which had shown people what she really was. Brooke said they'd never see her there again, but one day, she hoped the Brooke who Stephanie had once known would be gone. She wanted to find her way to a decent life, like Stephanie's. Stephanie seemed torn when the elevator doors closed with Brooke behind them.

At the Malibu house, Amber hoped Liam was ringing the doorbell. Instead, it was Marcus with a stuffed bear from Paris. Marcus told her about his trip, and she grumbled about the fun he'd had while she'd sat around as big as a house. Marcus said he found pregnant women attractive, but Amber warned him not to get any ideas.

Marcus recalled that he and Amber had once shared great times, but said she had a baby on the way. He figured the baby had a great father in Liam, and Amber sadly agreed. Marcus mentioned Hope, and Amber said Liam's feelings for her would never equal his for Hope. Marcus insisted that Liam was a stand-up guy, just as Marcus would be in the same situation.

Marcus admitted that he was relieved that the paternity test had named Liam as the father. Before taking off, Marcus wished the best for her, the baby, and Liam. Once alone, Amber contemplated her past relationship with Marcus. Suddenly, something dawned on her. "It can't be. No way," she incredulously stated.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

by Pam

At home, Brooke sulked that everyone had insulted her recently, and she was not happy with the woman she had become. Hope tried to improve her mother's mood, but Brooke was on a mission. She warned Hope that they had to face the truth that Brooke had some evil inside her that turned everyone against her. Hope disagreed, but Brooke warned that Hope should not look up to Brooke. Brooke wanted to do something positive with her life so that she could move on and forgive herself.

Brooke worried that she had been a terrible mother and terrible wife. She couldn't stand herself, and she needed to change. Hope warned that walking away from Ridge, her marriage, and Forrester were the wrong things to do. Brooke said that she had been fighting for all the wrong reasons. She wanted everyone to be proud of her, and she was far from being proud of herself.

Hope wondered why Brooke had insisted that Thomas hadn't lied. Brooke said that she knew he wouldn't betray her. She admonished herself for blocking out the memory of sex with Thomas, but she was convinced that she had done it. Brooke said that she had to find peace, and she needed to stay away from Forrester to do it. She warned Hope to learn from Brooke's mistakes.

Nick visited Stephanie, and Stephanie shared that Brooke had set up a foundation in Stephanie's name to help people. Stephanie added that she was shocked that Brooke had taken all of her wealth and put it into the foundation. Nick wondered why Brooke would be so charitable, and Stephanie said that she wondered the same thing. Taylor entered and scoffed that Brooke was merely grandstanding in order to get Ridge's attention. Stephanie disagreed.

Nick said that Brooke would always be in love with Ridge. Nick inquired why Brooke and Nick had broken up, but Taylor and Stephanie focused on the foundation. Stephanie admitted that she was touched at Brooke's thoughtfulness.

In Bill's office, Liam chatted with Bill about how Amber would give birth soon, and it meant that his life would change. Liam said that he knew he could handle it. He already had planned to get his legal rights so that Amber would not tell him what to do. Liam said that he had hired Justin to handle his case.

Bill was impressed. Liam worried that he needed to spend more time with Hope, who had promised to stay by his side no matter what happened after the baby arrived. Bill recommended that Liam sweep her off her feet, and Liam said that he knew exactly what to do.

At Amber's place, Amber had asked Carl to perform another paternity test because she was afraid of whom the father might be. Carl refused at first, but Amber begged him to help her. He reminded her that he needed a DNA sample from the father, and Amber promised to get one.

Amber called Marcus and asked him to return to the Malibu house after he had just left. Marcus wondered why they couldn't just talk on the phone, but Amber insisted that he needed to return. When Marcus showed up, Amber turned romantic and reminded Marcus how much fun they'd had before she ever met Liam. Marcus agreed and wondered if Amber was lonely.

Amber agreed and moved closer to Marcus. They started to kiss, and Amber plucked a hair from Marcus' head. Marcus was confused, and Amber apologized. She claimed that his hair had gotten stuck on her ring. She told him that she realized she needed to be alone and not involved with Marcus. She sent him away.

At the lab, Carl managed to convince a lab technician that the technician had to attend a meeting so that Carl could have the lab to himself. After the lab technician left, Amber showed up with Marcus' hair. She was adamant that she had to know the father of her baby before everyone in the delivery room discovered a big surprise. She begged Carl to hurry because she was ready to pop.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

by Pam

In Bill's office, Liam and Bill chatted about where Liam should take Hope on the Spencer jet. Liam said that he had the perfect spot, and he thanked his father for the offer of the jet. Liam said that it was a perfect time to get away because Amber would give birth soon, and it meant that his life would change. Bill added that although Liam's life would change, it didn't mean the end of his life with Hope. Liam was confident that he could handle it. Liam left.

At home, Hope tried to encourage Brooke, but Brooke was clearly depressed and had no confidence. Brooke wanted to change the subject to talk about Hope's relationship. They discussed that Hope and Liam had a lot of complications in their relationship.

Hope admitted that when Liam became a father, their relationship would change. Brooke reminded Hope that no matter what happened, Amber would be a part of her life because she would be the mother of Liam's baby. Hope said that she understood, but she loved Liam. Hope said that she had tried not to love him, but she couldn't do it. She knew that when he was away from her, she felt like a part of her was missing. Hope said that she had to give their relationship another chance or she would be cheating both of them.

Brooke said that she understood, but she also wished the circumstances had been different. Hope agreed. She said that she still wished that the baby did not belong to Liam. Brooke reminded Hope that the paternity test had proven otherwise.

Hope said that she had decided to make the best of it. No one could prepare for how they would feel once the baby was born. She said that she had no idea how she or Liam would feel. "Liam and I were so happy before Amber manipulated her way into our lives," Hope said.

Brooke wondered if Liam had worked out a custody agreement with Amber. Hope said that he had been working on it. Liam showed up and asked Hope to go away with him for a few days. Brooke commented that the baby was due soon, but Liam said that he wanted to take two days away from all the drama and spend time alone with Hope. Brooke seemed surprised, and Hope offered to stay home with her mother, but Brooke encouraged Hope to leave. Hope said that she had to pack, but Liam said that they'd get what they needed when they arrived. They would only be gone a few days.

After Liam and Hope left, Brooke sat down, and Oliver showed up. Brooke said that he had missed Hope, but Oliver said that he had wanted to talk to Brooke about Hope. He asked if Hope had tried to forget about Liam, but Brooke doubted that it would ever happen. Brooke said that Hope and Liam were on solid ground. Oliver said that he knew Liam would become a committed father once the baby arrived, and he worried that it would leave Hope all alone. He wanted to rekindle his relationship with Hope.

Brooke reminded Oliver that Hope and Liam had tried to break up, but they truly cared about one another. Oliver prattled on about Hope missing out on fun because of the drama she would be involved in when Liam was tending to the baby. He said that Amber was trouble, and Hope deserved a better life than that. Brooke said that life had a way of working things out. Oliver suggested that if he had the slightest chance of winning Hope, he would do it. He begged Brooke to put in a good word for him.

On board the private jet, Hope quizzed Liam about where they were headed, but he said that it was a surprise. The pilot welcomed Liam and Hope and added that in a couple of hours they would arrive in Cabo San Lucas. Hope and Liam laughed that the pilot had spoiled the surprise, and Hope added that it would be a trip they would remember forever. They kissed and giggled that the only decisions they would make in the next few days were what color Speedo Liam would wear and the kind of suntan lotion they would use. They were glad to be alone, and they kissed.

In Bill's office, Justin entered, and he and Bill discussed business. Marcus interrupted, and Bill and Justin welcomed him home from Paris. Bill wondered how Marcus had liked living on international turf, and Marcus said that he had enjoyed it and the international women, but he knew many lovely women in Los Angeles.

Bill and Justin wondered how things had been at Forrester since Brooke had left the company and set up a foundation. Marcus admitted that things had been crazy at Forrester with Brooke's announcement, but he had not learned any new information. Justin and Bill agreed that both their wives had been very tight-lipped about it, as well.

Marcus said that he was thinking about moving to his own bachelor pad, but Bill quickly warned him to be careful about who followed him home. Marcus agreed. Justin said that he wanted to talk to Marcus about using Justin's last name rather than the Forrester name, and Marcus said that he understood. Bill added that blood ties lasted forever, and he lamented that Liam was stuck with Amber forever.

At the hospital lab, Carl told Amber that one hair from Marcus might not be enough to proceed with the test. Amber begged Carl to hurry, and Carl continued to fidget and delay getting the test finished. Amber groaned in pain, and Carl told her to put on a lab coat and hide because his supervisor was on her way.

The supervisor entered and wondered why Carl was working because he had not been on the schedule. She told Carl to rush a test, and she left. Carl began the test for his supervisor, but Amber insisted that he rush her paternity test. Carl worried that he would be fired, but Amber told him that if her test proved that Marcus was the father, they could all go to jail for fraud and faking a paternity test.

She reminded Carl that it would be impossible to pass off Marcus' baby as a Spencer child. Carl sat down to eat a sandwich, and Amber started to yell, but she quickly warned that the baby was on its way. Her water had broken, and Carl stared at the floor. Amber panicked that she did not know which man was the father.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In the lab, Amber wailed. She begged Carl to rush the paternity test results and to get her a nurse, too. "Go! Go!" she hollered, and a stunned Carl snapped into action. Later, a nurse settled Amber into a delivery room. Carl gawked at Amber, who writhed with pain. Amber whined that Marcus couldn't be the father of her baby.

Carl returned to the lab to rush his tests. A colleague entered to berate Carl for sending him to a nonexistent meeting. The colleague noticed that Carl was running a test, but Carl distracted him by handing over a gadget that Carl had repaired. The computer displayed a printing error as Carl's colleague wondered what Carl was up to.

At the Malibu house, Tawny was on a call, demanding that a salesperson ship a book, despite Tawny's declined credit card. Tawny said the book was for the grandson of Bill Spencer, who undoubtedly owned their company. Marcus arrived to see Amber, and Tawny said Amber was out with her fiancÚ, Liam. Marcus didn't buy that, but he did say he liked Tawny's Spencer Publications tee shirt. Amber called to say she was in labor, and Tawny rushed out.

On the jet, Hope and Liam were excited about their trip, and Hope contemplated never returning home. The pilot entered to say they'd take off soon. The couple canoodled more, but Amber interrupted with a call to tell Liam to get there quickly, because she was in labor.

Liam and Hope barely hid their disappointment, and a tearful Hope advised him to go. She said she'd get herself home. Liam insisted that the baby didn't change things.

Back at the hospital, Tawny arrived, and Amber demanded drugs. Tawny asked the nurse for aspirin, and Amber groaned. Liam rushed in, and between her pushing and huffing, Amber guessed he'd been with Hope. Amber asked him not to hate her, but he wondered why he would.

Amber said Liam didn't have to be there for the birth, but Tawny said it was the biggest moment of his life. The doctor dragged Tawny out of the room, and Amber told Liam that she loved him. She cried that she wasn't the one in his heart, but she wanted to say it just until the baby was born. She sobbed that she didn't want to disappoint him, but he said she wouldn't.

Liam left for the waiting room, and Carl sneaked into Amber's room. Amber pressed Carl to tell her who her baby's father was.

At the Forrester studio, Whip arrived, and he and Oliver debated which one of them was the "King of Heartbreak." Oliver said everything would change for him and Hope once Amber delivered the baby. Oliver was sure that the baby would make Hope see Liam in a different light. Saying that he intended to make things easier for Hope, Oliver pulled out an engagement ring.

As Whip conjured up proposal ideas, Pam entered and gawked at the ring that she guessed was meant for Hope. Oliver remarked that he didn't want to push Hope, but Pam thought one had to push sometimes to get what one wanted. Oliver talked about his love for Hope and his desire to make a life with her. Whip said to make it happen. Pam offered Oliver the keys to Big Bear, and an excited Oliver thanked her.

Later, Hope arrived and insisted upon doing a photo shoot. Oliver figured out that something had upset her, and she said the baby was being delivered as they spoke. On the verge of tears, she tried to discuss the photo shoot, but Oliver hugged her and suggested they take a mental holiday. Hope said she couldn't run from it, and Oliver vowed to help her through it.

Oliver offered to take Hope far away from there, but Hope didn't think she'd be good company. He said he'd be good company for her, because she needed a friend. Hope took his hand and exited with him.

Friday, June 17, 2011

At Big Bear, Hope and Oliver settled in, and a sullen Hope said it was unfair that her and Liam's life had changed because of one terrible night. Oliver agreed that it wasn't fair, but said she couldn't wish away a baby. Oliver reasoned that Liam's future was tied to Amber, but Hope's didn't have to be. Oliver professed his feelings for Hope and asked her to leave Liam's heartache and baggage behind.

Liam phoned Hope, and she took the call outside. Hope tried to be supportive of him becoming a father. Hope heard Amber's laborious wailing in the background, and Hope expressed happiness for him. They said they loved each other and ended the call.

Thunder roared in the sky, and Hope returned inside to see Oliver lighting candles. She thanked him helping her get away from everything. He told her that he was there for her. "Forever, if you let me," he added. Suddenly, he got down on one knee and opened a ring box.

Hope gasped as Oliver advised her to forget about the baby problem and become the center of his universe. He asked Hope to marry him, and she was speechless. He asked if she loved him, and she said she did. He instructed her to wear the ring and let him make her happy.

At Spencer Publications, Katie rolled her eyes when Justin suggested that Steffy would boost The Catwalk's ratings. Liam called to ask Bill to join him at the hospital, where Amber was in labor. "I'm about to become a grandfather," Bill wryly announced.

At the hospital, Carl told Amber that her test would take time. She warned that they'd face jail time if Marcus was the father, and Carl rushed back to the lab. "Not again..." she said.

In the corridor, Justin, Katie, and Bill found Liam pacing, and they wondered how far along Amber was. Dr. Caspary approached, saying she was just about check on that.

In Amber's room, Tawny contemplated naming the baby Gertrude after her mother, or William Spencer IV. A huffing Amber told Tawny to never mind that. Bill and Liam entered and exchanged stares when Tawny referred to herself and Bill as excited grandparents.

Later, Amber's screams resounded in the waiting area. Katie grimaced upon hearing them. Bill quickly exited Amber's room and said he couldn't take it anymore. Justin handed Bill a congratulatory cigar, and Bill jokingly warned Justin about his job security.

Back in the room, Amber somehow managed to secretly exchange text messages with Carl. The uneasy Tawny and Liam tried to vacate the room to escape Amber's agony, but Dr. Caspary announced that they were close to delivery. Amber decided she'd wait a while to push, but the doctor said the baby would come out, whether Amber was ready or not.

Katie and Justin talked Bill into returning to the room to witness the birth. Carl slipped in behind Bill. Amber continued to push and scream as Carl tried to get a moment alone with the patient to discuss her "insurance papers." Dr. Caspary roared that Carl was out of his mind, and Bill offered to look at the papers. Amber insisted that the papers were in order, and suddenly the baby's head appeared, turning everyone's attention its emergence from the womb.

At Brooke's house, Brooke was surprised to see Taylor, who Brooke had doubted would accept Brooke's invitation to talk. Taylor decided that it might not be a good idea after all. Brooke said she wanted to give Taylor something, and after spending ten minutes together, Taylor would never have to see Brooke again.

Brooke promised to have no hidden agendas. Taylor didn't want Brooke's promises, but she hoped Brooke would learn to validate herself with something more than sex. Brooke was sad that Taylor thought of her that way, but Taylor wondered how she could think differently. Taylor asked Brooke to say her peace, but asserted that it wouldn't change Taylor, Stephanie, or Ridge's opinions of Brooke.

Brooke said she and Taylor were a lot alike, but Taylor begged to differ. Brooke clarified that they both loved Ridge. Brooke said she'd fought for Ridge because she'd believed she was his destiny; however, she no longer made him happy. Brooke believed that Taylor, the only other woman to love him as much as Brooke, could make him happy. "Just be there and love him. Can you do that for me?" Brooke asked.

Brooke asked Taylor to love Ridge and grow old with him, which were the things that Brooke had fantasized about. Brooke removed her wedding band and placed it in Taylor's hand. Brooke said she'd made a mockery of things, but giving the ring to Taylor helped Brooke to feel that she was repairing it. Taylor replied that she'd never wear Brooke's ring, but Brooke told her to keep it as a reminder of everything that Brooke had ruined. Brooke hoped the ring would remind Taylor to keep Ridge happy.

Taylor thanked Brooke for the talk. Brooke conveyed that R.J. would need his father, and she asked Taylor to be a good example for Hope. Taylor stated that she'd treasure the ring, and the two women hugged.

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