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Colin survived the fall from the balcony. Diane feigned a miscarriage, but Victor threw her out of the ambulance. Reports of Victor's death resulted in Newman stock dropping. The judge restored Daisy's parental rights.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 13, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, June 13, 2011

On the grounds of the old McMillan estate, Jill, Neil, Lily, and Daniel watched as Colin dangled off a ledge high above the ground. Lily and Daniel rushed to a nearby area to check on the twins while Neil phoned police. While Colin held fast to two stone supports, Genevieve, standing on the balcony, ordered Colin to look up at her because she wanted to see his face as he died.

While Colin struggled to hang on to the support, he told Genevieve that she didn't have the guts to let him fall. Menacingly, Genevieve responded, "You have no idea." Jill ran out onto the balcony, reached over the stone ledge, and grabbed Colin by his hands. Jill screamed that she was trying to save her husband. Genevieve corrected Jill and said, "No. Save my husband." Jill lost her grip, and Colin plummeted to the ground.

After police officers and emergency medical technicians arrived, Colin was whisked away in an ambulance. A row of hedges had broken Colin's fall, but he was injured. Jill told a police officer that Genevieve had wanted Colin to fall. Jill admitted that she wasn't sure whether she or Genevieve was Colin's wife.

Later, Jill ventured into the mansion and was stunned to find the macabre display Genevieve had created. Jill recognized Samantha's face in scads of photos placed on the floor within a chalk-mark outline of a body. Genevieve announced that she was Samantha, Ethan/Cane, and Caleb's mother and Colin's wife. Genevieve told Jill that Colin had planned to kidnap the twins.

Jill suggested that the photo-filled cadaver outline on the floor coupled with Genevieve's determination not to save Colin was proof of Genevieve's insanity. Jill exclaimed that she had no reason to believe anything Genevieve said. Genevieve instructed Jill to ask Ethan about Colin, whom she described as a bigamist. She taunted Jill and explained that Colin had gone to the United States to get Ethan and force him back into the fold. Genevieve told Jill that she'd surely discovered that Colin was adept at charming a woman into bed. Jill seemed stunned as Genevieve called an end to Jill's playing house with her husband and acting as mother to her son.

As Cane fought Rogers, Colin's henchman, he discovered that the van, with the twins inside, was about to explode because leaking fuel raced toward a discarded, smoldering cigarette. Cane knocked Rogers away from the van and pushed the twins, nestled in their stroller, away from the fiery explosion. Lily happened upon the scene and screamed when she saw the towering flames. Cane told Lily that the babies were safe.

Cane cradled Charlie while Matty slept in the stroller. Lily demanded the man she thought was Caleb hand over her babies. Cane gave one baby to Lily and another to Neil. Daniel glared at Cane. Neil told Cane that he had a lot of nerve. Lily berated the man for pretending to be her dead husband. Cane pleaded with Neil to tell Lily the truth, and he did. Lily was stunned. Neil explained that Cane had faced off with Colin to protect the babies and had been concerned about Jill's safety.

Lily refused to believe the truth until Cane starting describing details about the life he and Lily had shared. Cane elaborated about the day he'd proposed, and he described the video they'd made for the babies. Tearfully, Lily told Cane that his mysterious appearances outside her home and his visits with her had made her lose touch with reality. Lily cried that she'd believed she was going insand and had forced herself to leave her children and seek treatment. Cane apologized. Daniel threatened to kill Cane if he got near Lily again.

Cane stormed into the mansion and demanded to know where his father was. Genevieve was calmly sipping tea and explained that Colin was at the hospital. She expressed her disappointment that police wouldn't be able to charge Colin with murder, but she insisted he'd be prosecuted for some type of offense. Cane, angry and heaving, was taken aback when his mother, serene and unperturbed, asked about the children. Cane said that Lily had taken them.

Genevieve noted that Cane had saved his children and was unlike his father, who had let two of his offspring die. Cane cried that Lily would never forgive him. Genevieve rose and approached the fireplace mantel and stroked the urn that contained Samantha's ashes. Cane seemed dismayed when his mother discounted the love of a spouse and stressed that devotion to one's children was all that counted. Cane turned his head away when his mother reached out to stroke his cheek. Genevieve seemed crushed.

At home, Lily put the babies to bed. Daniel served Lily a glass of water. Neil told Lily that Malcolm, at the hospital with Sofia, had phoned to check on her. Neil comforted Lily when she cried that Cane had purposely perpetrated a lie, and then he'd tormented her and made her believe she was losing her mind. Daniel insisted that Lily go about her life as if Cane were dead and buried. Neil placed his hand on Daniel's shoulder and vowed that they, along with other family members, would support Lily.

Lily shook her head and cried, "This will never be over." Lily told Daniel and Neil that she needed time alone, so they reluctantly let her leave by herself. While the babies slept, Neil told Daniel he hoped the babies never had to learn the truth about their father. Neil maintained that Cane was evil and warned that his estranged son-in-law deserved punishment.

Lily met Cane in the park. Lily said she had questions, and Cane offered to tell her whatever she needed to know. Cane insisted he'd take as long as necessary to explain his actions. Lily demanded to know how he could have done those things to her.

Lauren rushed to the coffeehouse to comfort Jill. Lauren was shocked when Jill explained that Cane's late sister was Colin's daughter. Jill reported that Cane's mother was crazy. Jill was devastated and worried that Katherine would chastise her foolish choice of mate after Colin's evil deeds came to light. Lauren mentioned Michael and Kevin's sordid pasts and assured Jill that people could redeem themselves. Jill cried that perhaps Colin had just used her and never truly loved her. Lauren told Jill to visit Colin, so she could learn the truth.

In a hospital room with a guard at the door, Colin, his face bruised and cut, asked the police officer if he should be standing outside the door. The guard explained that only family members could enter. Colin scoffed that none of his family members would arrive. The guard stepped out to answer a knock, and then he announced that Colin's wife was there. Colin said, "Jill?" Genevieve stepped into Colin's room. Gloating, she licked the tip of her index finger, held it up to denote victory, and said, "I win!" Colin told Genevieve that the scene at the house with Samantha's photos and the music was extreme even for her. Genevieve bristled and cried, "You've got a lot of nerve, speaking her name to me!"

Colin scolded Genevieve for having Samantha's ashes on display. Colin told his estranged wife that authorities were probably hosing down a padded cell for her. Genevieve berated Colin for mocking her grief for the daughter he'd taken from her. She blasted him for marrying a new wife and attempting to steal his grandchildren, so he could mold them into little clones like he'd done with Caleb and Ethan. Genevieve's voice rose and her neck muscles tightened as she yelled, "We had one child who had the opportunity to grow up untainted, but all we have left is the ashes and the photographs."

Genevieve's eyes widened into a wild gaze and she sat on Colin's bed as she cried that the formerly young, sweet, na´ve woman he'd married was now reduced to ashes, as well. She warned Colin that he should wonder what she might do next after he labeled her a deranged woman. Genevieve moved in close to Colin and said, "I have nothing left to lose." Genevieve planted her mouth on Colin's and began kissing him. She had Colin's tongue clenched between her teeth when Jill stormed in.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Jack joined Katherine and told her that she was doing Tucker a great favor by taking care of his company. Katherine insisted that her decision to sell the company to Victor wasn't about money. Jack claimed that he had big plans for Jabot that wouldn't come to fruition unless he was at the helm. Jack explained that major department stores and the Home Shopping Network were interested in carrying his new line of cactus pectin skincare products Ashley had developed.

Jack showed Katherine a bold, new logo featuring an oversized "J" in red script superimposed over the word "jabot" that was printed in lowercase. Jack claimed that Jabot could again become an industry powerhouse. Katherine berated Jack for discussing her company with retailers without her permission. Jack insisted that none of the companies would be interested in the new line unless Jack was placed at the helm of Jabot. After Katherine left, Jack phoned Ashley and assured her that his sales pitch would convince Katherine to put him in charge of Jabot. He added that his plan had to work because he could not stand to lose Jabot forever if Victor got his hands on the company.

At Gloworm, Victor joined Lauren and asked her to help him revamp Jabot's cosmetics. He explained that he hoped to own both Jabot and Beauty of Nature. Victor admitted that his acquisition of Jabot was speculative, but he promised Lauren that Fenmore would initially receive exclusive rights to sell Jabot's cosmetics line and that she'd have a place on Newman Industries' board of directors after shares of the company were offered for sale to the public. Lauren was astounded. Victor told Lauren that he trusted her and wanted her on his board even if the business deal with Jabot didn't pan out. Lauren reminded Victor that she'd have to consult with Michael and Jill. Victor assured Lauren that Michael and Jill would easily realize that Lauren's partnership would benefit all concerned.

Katherine, who seemed weary and strained, met with Victor at Gloworm. Victor said that Lauren understood how the deal could be mutually beneficial. Victor added that with Fenmore's involved, they could create the same kind of magic John Abbott had created when he was alive. Katherine noted that she'd been thinking about John and was concerned that Jabot would no longer be in Abbott hands.

Victor told Katherine that he hoped she wasn't having second thoughts, and he insisted that she had too much on her plate. Victor assured Katherine that taking Jabot off her hands would benefit them both. Victor kissed Katherine after he rose to leave. Jack appeared and said, "Quite the sly move trying to steal Jabot." Jack insisted that he was still in the game. Victor quipped, "As the water boy?" Katherine remained seated at a booth and thought to herself, "What do I do, John?"

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daniel and Neil were at Lily's house. Neil told Daniel that the twins were sleeping soundly. Neil said that the night might have gone horribly wrong if Cane hadn't appeared the way he had. Neil received a call from Malcolm, who was at the hospital with Sofia. Malcolm asked about the children and Lily. Neil said that all was well and that Lily had gone for a walk. Neil and Malcolm agreed that Lily needed space.

Malcolm said that the doctor had been running tests on Sofia, but she was stable. Neil urged Malcolm to take care of Sofia. Olivia walked into the hospital room and told Sofia that her baby was not in danger. Olivia wondered if Sofia was upset about lying to Malcolm about the baby's paternity. Sofia admitted that she was stressed out about lying because she wasn't sure if Neil or Malcolm were the father of her child. Malcolm returned to the room with some treats for Sofia. Olivia left to rush the test results for Sofia. Malcolm assured Sofia that she and the baby were his number one priority.

Neil ended a phone call then told Daniel that Colin had been arrested for kidnapping and would be heading to lockup after he was released from the hospital. Daniel wondered about Cane. Neil said there were no charges filed against Cane. Daniel was irritated that Cane had not been arrested for perpetrating a fraud. Neil said that Cane had acted like a hero by helping to apprehend Colin.

Daniel hoped that Cane wouldn't get a second chance with Lily. Neil admitted that he wanted to beat Cane to a pulp. Neil was worried that Lily would be hurt even more by Cane because of his return from the dead. Neil was also concerned about Kay's reaction to the news about Cane.

In the park, Lily met with Cane. Lily demanded to know why Cane had let her believe that he'd died on the steps of the church. Cane said there'd been a good reason for his deception. Cane explained that Colin had threatened Lily and the twins, and Cane had been compelled to protect them. Cane had been too afraid of Colin's power to share with Lily that Colin was his father. Cane felt that he had needed to let Colin proceed with his plan to kidnap the twins and then catch Colin in the act.

Lily told Cane that he had risked the life of their children to get revenge on his father. Cane denied that he'd been seeking revenge. Cane claimed he had devised the plan to protect Lily and the children. When Cane tried to touch Lily, she pushed him away. Cane understood why Lily hated him. Cane didn't know what to say to make Lily forgive him. Cane said that he'd been forced to lie to Lily or else he'd have lost her. Lily said that Cane should have been honest with her.

At Gloworm, Kay left a message for Jill, unaware of what had happened between Jill and Colin at the McMillan estate. Kay told Jill that she'd be at the hospital with Tucker. Later, Kay arrived at the hospital, and Olivia showed her into Sofia's room. Kay was surprised to see Sofia in bed and asked if Sofia was all right. Sofia explained that she was pregnant. Kay hadn't known about Sofia's condition and feared that their business discussions might have harmed Sofia's pregnancy. Sofia assured Kay that she wasn't hospitalized because of McCall business. Kay noticed the looks between Sofia, Malcolm, and Olivia and asked them to tell her what had happened. Malcolm told Kay that Cane was alive and that Colin was Cane's father.

Kay was astonished by the news. Sofia told Kay that Cane had been on the run from a crime family in Australia and that Colin was the head of the family. Colin had been threatening Cane and wanted to take the twins to Australia. Kay wondered where Jill was and how she'd reacted to learning about Colin's evil. Sofia and Malcolm didn't know what had happened to Jill. Kay left a message for Jill to call her immediately. Kay said goodbye to Sofia and Malcolm. Olivia walked out with Kay. Kay was upset, and Liv asked if she was all right. Kay admitted that she was in shock, but she'd survive.

Later, alone with Sofia, Olivia informed her that the tests revealed that Sofia was Rh-negative. Olivia said that the factor might be a problem for Sofia's baby if the father was Rh-positive. Sofia said she didn't know for certain, but she was 99 percent sure that Malcolm had to be the father of her child. Malcolm appeared, and Olivia told him that Sofia could be discharged in the morning.

Jill entered Colin's hospital room and found Genevieve and Colin kissing ardently. Jill was disgusted and demanded that Colin explain his relationship with Genevieve. Colin told Jill it was not as it appeared. Genevieve laughed at Jill and relished making Colin squirm. Colin was forced to admit that Genevieve was his wife. Genevieve told Jill that she was the only real Mrs. Colin Atkinson and that Jill's marriage to Colin had been a fraud.

Colin declared that his marriage to Genevieve had shriveled up and died years before. Jill asked why Colin had not divorced Genevieve. Colin claimed that he'd thought that Genevieve had disappeared, never to return. Genevieve contradicted Colin and told Jill that Colin was still in love with Genevieve. When Colin vehemently denied that, Genevieve said that she could stir Colin's passion with the snap of her fingers. Genevieve left the room, saying that she had people to meet and things to do.

After Genevieve had gone, Colin asked Jill to listen to his side of the story. Jill said that Cane and Colin had played Jill for a fool. Colin told Jill that he'd threatened Cane to never reveal that Colin had been his father. Colin was impressed by Cane's deception and the execution of his plan. Jill was shocked that Colin was proud of Cane. Colin declared that Cane had stuck his neck out to protect Jill and Lily and the twins. Jill reminded Colin that he tried to kidnap Mattie and Charlie.

Colin refused to apologize for trying to reunite his family. Jill assumed that Colin had pursued her because of her connection to Lily and the twins. Colin admitted that was true and that he had used Jill. Colin added that he'd never meant to hurt Jill, and over time he'd fallen in love with her. When Colin said that he was truly in love with Jill, she scoffed. Colin assured Jill he wasn't lying. Colin said that Jill was an amazing woman. Jill said the she was very moved by his words, so moved that she walked out of the room.

Lily declared that Cane was just like Colin. Genevieve interrupted and told Lily that Cane was nothing like Colin. Genevieve asked Ethan to introduce Lily to his mother. Cane confirmed that Genevieve was his mother. Lily was stunned. Cane said the Genevieve had been away from the family for years.

Genevieve thought that Lily should be grateful to Cane and Genevieve for doing what they did to protect the twins from Colin. Lily thought Cane had cruelly allowed her to believe that he was dead. Genevieve said they had needed to be as ruthless as Colin in order to save Mattie and Charlie. Lily was furious, and Cane asked his mother to leave. Genevieve said she'd give Cane and Lily some time to talk.

Lily said that when she had believed that Cane had died, she'd dreamt of being with him again. Cane said that it had not been a dream that he had still been alive. Lily hated Cane for deceiving her. Cane said he was glad that Lily was alive to hate him. Lily told Cane that his plan had cost him the life they'd shared together. After Lily left, Cane complained to Genevieve that Lily would never forgive him. Genevieve thought that Lily would come around in time. Cane reminded Genevieve she should know better than anyone that some wounds did not heal.

Genevieve revealed that she'd gone to the hospital to see Colin and had run into Jill. Genevieve laughed at Jill's misfortune. Cane was disgusted by Genevieve's cold-hearted attitude. Genevieve said that everything she'd done had been for him. Genevieve was not sorry that she'd fought for Cane. Genevieve told Cane that if Lily didn't forgive him, Lily didn't deserve Cane. Assuming that Genevieve was pleased with her revenge, Cane wondered what his mother would do next. Genevieve announced that she'd decided to stay in Genoa City.

Back home, Lily was relieved that the twins were fine. Neil and Daniel were committed to staying close to Lily, but Lily said that she had things under control. When Lily admitted that she'd gone to see Cane when she went out for a walk, Daniel and Neil were concerned. Lily said that she wouldn't let Cane back into her life. Neil greeted Jill when she arrived at the house. Daniel left, and Lily told her father that they'd speak in the morning.

Once they were alone, Jill embraced Lily. Jill was worn out by the excitement they'd experienced with Cane and Colin. Jill was stunned that Cane was still alive. Lily agreed that she was in a state of shock, too. Lily said she felt happy and angry at the same time. Jill felt the same way about Colin. Jill said that she'd gone to see Colin at the hospital. Lily was surprised that Jill cared.

Jill said that she had needed to hear the truth from Colin. Jill told Lily that Colin claimed that he loved Jill, even though he was still married to Genevieve. Jill was stunned to learn that Lily had gone to see Cane. Lily said that Cane was filled with excuses, but Lily hadn't bought any of them. Lily couldn't forget how unbearable it had been when she believed that Cane had died. Lily felt that she'd lost Cane all over again.

After Jill had left, Daniel knocked on Lily's door. He told her that he was watching the house to make sure that Cane didn't bother Lily. When Lily heard that Daniel would be sleeping in the car, Lily thought Daniel was overreacting. Lily asked Daniel to sleep on the couch. Daniel agreed and promised Lily that he would not allow Cane to get anywhere near her.

In the park, Neil confronted Cane. When Cane asked if Lily and the twins were safe at home, Neil punched Cane in the face. At Gloworm, Jill had a glass a wine. She saw the messages from Kay on her phone and deleted them.

The guard on Colin's door said that Colin would be heading to jail once he was released from the hospital. Kay walked into Colin's room. Colin winced at the sight of her. Kay was sorry that Colin wasn't in the morgue. Kay was unhappy that she'd been right about Colin all along. Colin assumed the Kay couldn't wait to rub it in to Jill that Colin was a criminal. Kay said that she cared about Jill. Kay assumed that Colin had been using Jill, but she never thought his goal had been to take Lily's twins. Kay warned Colin to get his stuff out of her house and to never make contact with Jill again.

Alone in the estate house, Genevieve looked at Samantha's photos on the floor and wept. Genevieve cried and said that she was sorry. Genevieve lay on the floor, beside the pictures, as she grieved for her dead daughter.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

At Crimson Lights, Rafe met with Victoria and Billy about Lucy's adoption hearing. Rafe wanted them to be prepared for what might happen in court. Victoria was concerned about their chances of keeping Lucy. Rafe said that he believed they had a good case and urged Billy and Victoria to be confident about their chances. Victoria asked Rafe what would happen in court, and Rafe explained that he would discredit Daisy by bringing up every negative thing she'd ever done, including abandoning Lucy after she was born.

Victoria realized that Leslie would be slinging mud at Victoria and Billy in return. Billy was certain that he and Victoria would look better in the judge's eyes as potential parents for Lucy than Daisy would. Rafe was honest with them about the court's favoring maternal rights. Victoria grew anxious, and Billy urged Victoria to relax. Victoria was angry with Billy for his overconfidence and ran out. Billy chased after her, leaving Rafe at the table.

Billy caught up with Victoria in the park. Victoria was near the swings with Lucy. Billy approached her and suggested that they return home together. Victoria said that it was a nice day, and she wanted to stay by the swings with Lucy. Billy promised Victoria that everything would work out, but Victoria told him to stop making promises he couldn't keep. Billy was frustrated because Victoria was right. The spirit of John Abbott, Billy's father, appeared to Billy.

At the jail, Phyllis and Leslie met with Daisy to discuss Lucy's custody hearing. Daisy expected to have her parental rights restored without a problem. Leslie and Phyllis warned Daisy to lose the attitude and do as she was told if she wanted to ensure a victory in court. Phyllis told Daisy how important the hearing was for Phyllis. Leslie told Daisy that she needed to project an improved image to the judge.

Leslie said that Daisy had to answer respectfully and appear contrite. Phyllis showed Daisy the dress she'd brought for Daisy to wear in court, but Daisy rejected it. Daisy said it was an old lady dress, more suited for a grandmother like Phyllis. Growing angry, Phyllis warned Daisy not to blow it for Phyllis or else Daisy would be left to rot in jail. Daisy said she'd think about wearing the rag. Phyllis threw it at her, and Daisy returned to her cell. Phyllis shook her head and told Leslie that she wasn't sure she knew what she'd gotten into.

At the hospital, Kay spoke on the phone and confirmed that Jack had made preliminary deals for the new Jabot line, just as Jack had claimed. Kay turned and spoke to a comatose Tucker, asking him what she should do. Kay said that she wished that she hadn't received such tempting offers from Victor and Jack. Kay asked Tucker to open his eyes and make the decision for her. Kay wondered why Tucker had put her in charge of his businesses when he knew how their ideas clashed. Kay said that she was doing things that she believed were right, but not likely what Tucker would want.

At Gloworm, Michael looked at the newspaper and told Victor that Wall Street experts anticipated the price of Newman stock would double on the first day of the IPO. Victor laughed and admitted that even though he'd never wanted to go public, he was looking forward to the launch. Victor said that he'd offered Kay and Lauren seats on his board and had big plans for the company. Victor revealed that he wanted to merge Jabot with Beauty of Nature. Michael cautioned Victor not to get ahead of himself about the Jabot acquisition. Victor was aware that Jack Abbott was trying to convince Kay to keep Jabot and name him CEO. Michael suggested that Victor nudge Kay into signing the deal before Jack was able to convince her to turn down Victor's offer.

Jack met with Ashley at the jail. Ashley was upset to learn that Victor was poised to purchase Jabot from Kay. Ashley wanted Jack to do whatever was necessary to convince Kay not to sell to Victor. Jack told Ashley that the best way to keep Victor's hands off Jabot was to buy it themselves. Jack wanted Ashley to pool her resources with his and Traci's to make Kay a better offer than Victor's. Abby burst in and said she had to speak with Ashley alone. Jack offered to step out and make a call.

Ashley blasted Abby for being rude to Jack, but Abby was overwrought. Abby explained that she was convinced that they could bribe Diane into changing her eyewitness testimony so that Ashley would be released from jail. In the hallway, Jack called Traci and left a message about his desire to buy Jabot. John's spirit appeared to Jack and asked if Jack really believed that Traci and Ashley would go in with a plan to buy Jabot. John criticized Jack for badgering Ashley when she was in such a precarious position. Jack told his father that there was nothing wrong about wanting Jabot back in the hands of the Abbott family.

Abby told Ashley that everyone knew that Diane was desperate for money, and Abby had the money to bribe Diane. Ashley told Abby that she was acting crazy. Abby believed that Diane just had to say that she had seen the brake lights on their car and Ashley could be exonerated. Ashley said that Abby couldn't bribe a witness. Jack returned and before Abby left, and Ashley asked her daughter not to do anything stupid.

Abby was upset as she walked out. Jack pressed Ashley to consider his plan to buy Jabot. Ashley told Jack that she understood his need to get control of Jabot, but Ashley couldn't do it. Jack urged Ashley to step up to the plate so they could stop Victor from seizing the Abbott family business. Ashley said that she could not afford it. Ashley was sorry, but she said no.

On the phone, Jack complained to Traci that she was letting Victor take Jabot from the Abbotts. Jack was angry, but accepted Traci's decision not to put up any money for the purchase. John reappeared and told Jack to leave Traci alone. Jack said that Traci had scolded him for going to Ashley and for thinking about approaching Billy, especially since Billy was fighting for custody of Lucy. Jack told John that he blamed John's good friend Kay for putting Jabot in jeopardy. John asked Jack why Jabot was so important to him. Jack explained that Jabot had been John's legacy. John told his son that what Jack had said about Jabot might not be true.

Jack said that he'd failed his father when he convinced John to take Jabot public. Jack bitterly recalled how Victor had bought the company right out from under the Abbotts on the first day of the IPO. John told Jack to forgive himself because John had forgiven Jack. John said that he'd been proud of Jack. John asked Jack to reveal what had been John's brass ring. Jack remembered his father saying that it was for his children to be happy. Jack wondered why he had forgotten that. Jack finally understood what was important, and he wiped the tears from his eyes.

Billy spoke with John's spirit in the park. Billy feared that Victoria wouldn't be able to handle another disappointment. Billy blamed himself for cutting corners and looking for shortcuts. Billy wondered why he'd never learned to be patient and careful. John told Billy that whatever happened; it was up to Billy to keep his family together.

John urged Billy to step up and not resort to any quick fixes. Billy returned to Victoria's side and apologized for making promises he couldn't keep. Billy told Victoria that he'd been wrong to be overconfident about the hearing. Billy did promise to face the future with Victoria as a family, no matter what happened. John watched approvingly.

Victor met Kay at Tucker's hospital room. Victor noted it was a good thing that Tucker had been taken off the ventilator. Kay told Victor that his offer for Jabot had been generous, but Kay had qualms. Kay recalled that John Abbott had been her dear friend, much like Victor was. Kay wondered if John would approve of her selling to Newman. Victor offered to sweeten the deal with more stock and perks.

Victor wanted Kay to go along with deal, since he anticipated making a lot of money. Victor reminded Kay that Jack had bungled Jabot in the past. Victor urged Kay not to be sentimental about her decision. Kay was tempted by Victor's offer, but wanted more time to make a decision. Kay promised to give Victor an answer the following day. Victor agreed to wait.

Kay spoke to Tucker and said she didn't know what to do. John's spirit appeared in the room and told Kay that she had a tough decision to make. John told Kay that he was worried about her. Kay hoped that Tucker would wake up soon. Kay was seriously thinking of selling Jabot to Newman. John thought that Kay was upset because she'd be going against Tucker's wishes.

Kay said that she would be putting her own self-interests ahead of Tucker's. Kay realized that she was weighing her loyalty to her son. Kay assumed that John would choose Jack. John admitted that he'd stand with his son. John told Kay not to listen to his advice, but to let Jack convince her that he was the right choice.

Kay looked back at Tucker and told him about John. When Kay turned back to John, his spirit had disappeared. Jack walked in just then. Kay said that Jack's timing was impeccable. Jack told Kay he was there to take the pressure off her. Jack declared that if Kay chose to accept Victor's offer, Jack would accept it. Jack said he would hope for the best for Jabot in the future no matter what Kay decided. Kay asked if he was the real Jack Abbott. Jack said their friendship was more important than business. Jack kissed Kay and wished her luck.

Phyllis listened to Leslie's strategy for the hearing. Leslie intended to rip apart Billy and Victoria by bringing up their checkered pasts. Leslie wanted to attack Daniel's judgment, too. Phyllis asked Leslie not to go after her son, but Leslie said that Daniel needed to be discredited. Leslie wanted a free hand, but Phyllis asked Leslie to give her some time to think over the strategy regarding Daniel.

Abby found Victor at Crimson Lights. Abby was upset that Ashley was in jail and she blamed herself for Ashley's plight. Abby wanted all the bad things to go away. Victor tried to comfort Abby, but she was inconsolable. Abby said she wished she'd never started the lawsuit. Victor was baffled by Abby's angst. Abby asked if she could give Victor back the money that she'd been awarded in court.

Victor said that Abby could not change the past. Victor told Abby that he didn't love Victoria, Abby, or Nick any less because of the lawsuit. Victor wouldn't take the money back. Abby said she'd feel less guilty if he would. Victor wondered why Abby was so guilt-ridden. Victor told Abby she could tell him anything. Abby said that she felt like crap, then she ran off. Victor wondered if Nikki had been right about Abby driving the car that had hit Tucker.

Ashley had a visit from John's spirit. John told Ashley that she was making a mistake by taking the blame for Abby. John remembered that Ashley had done the same thing with Tom Fisher's death, only then she'd been protecting John. John wondered if Abby would be better off facing the consequences of her actions. Ashley told John that the charges were attempted murder, and Abby would be guilty of negligent homicide in addition to drunk driving. Ashley was determined to cover up the truth to protect Abby.

Michael confronted Phyllis as Gloworm. Phyllis understood that Michael had to side with Lauren about the lawsuit, but she believed that Michael wasn't seriously holding it against Phyllis. Michael advised Phyllis to walk into the hearing and rescind her support for Daisy if she wanted Lauren and Michael as her friends again. Michael asked Phyllis to open her eyes and see what a mistake she'd made by pulling Daisy back into their lives. Phyllis insisted that she had to do what she was doing for Daniel. Michael asked if Phyllis was prepared to lose her ties to the Abbotts, the Newmans, and Lauren by sticking her neck out for Daisy.

Phyllis asked if Michael was also on that list. Michael warned Phyllis not to test him. Phyllis couldn't believe that Michael was ready to turn his back on her over a disagreement. Leslie called Phyllis to say that Daisy had agreed to cooperate. Daisy was wearing the dress that Phyllis had bought for the hearing. Phyllis told Leslie that she'd considered Leslie's strategy and made a decision. Phyllis gave Leslie the go-ahead to attack Billy, Victoria, and Daniel with everything she had. Michael was stunned. Michael told Phyllis that he was on Lauren's side one hundred percent. Michael was done with Phyllis, and without another word, he walked out.

Jack arrived home and called out to John's spirit. John didn't appear, but Jack announced that he felt good about what he'd done. Jack took a drink and toasted to John, promising to find a way to be happy, with or without Jabot. At the hospital room, Kay held Tucker's hand and wondered if he heard anything that she had said. Kay declared that she had good news for Tucker. Kay said she knew exactly what she had to do about Jabot. John watched Kay from outside the door. John smiled.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Michael and Lauren were at the coffeehouse on the morning of the Newman IPO. Michael anticipated a very busy day. Lauren said she was psyched about buying shares of Newman Enterprises; however, she was also concerned about Daisy's hearing. Lauren feared that Daisy was going to regain her parental rights to Lucy. Michael urged Lauren not to fret about Daisy. Phyllis appeared at the coffeehouse and said hello to Michael and Lauren.

The Baldwins stared at Phyllis and refused to respond. Phyllis tried to explain why she had compelled Daisy to return to Genoa City. Lauren said that the damage was done and could not be undone. Phyllis asked them to accept that what she'd done had been for her family. Michael stepped in front of Phyllis and declared that their friendship was over. Michael asked Phyllis to accept their decision as final. Lauren and Michael walked away.

At the courthouse, Leslie approved of Daisy's conservative dress for court. Daisy hated the dress and gave Leslie a snippy response. Leslie warned Daisy to act respectfully in court or the judge would rule against her. Daniel arrived, and Daisy approached him. Daniel warned Daisy that Phyllis was just using her and would dump Daisy as soon as Phyllis got what she wanted. Daisy said she wanted to do what was right for Lucy. Daniel said that if that were true, Daisy should let Lucy remain with Victoria and Billy.

Diane ran into Nick at Gloworm. Nick didn't want to speak with Diane, but she insisted. Diane told Nick that the time she'd spent with Nick before she married Victor had meant a lot to her. Nick doubted that Diane was being truthful, especially since she'd slept around with Victor and Jack while she was with Nick. Diane asked Nick to give her another chance. Nick said that there was nothing between them anymore. Nick suggested that Diane go after Victor or Adam because Nick wanted no part of her. Diane was disheartened as Nick walked away from her.

Phyllis arrived at the court and approved of Daisy's dress. Phyllis told Daisy that if she helped Phyllis, Phyllis would help Daisy. Nick walked into the courtroom, and Phyllis was happy to see him. Nick declared that he was there for Victoria. Phyllis claimed that she was supporting Daisy because it was the right thing for her family. Phyllis told Nick that she'd always consider him a part of her family. Nick said that because of Phyllis' decision to side with Daisy, Phyllis could never be family to Nick again.

Billy and Victoria were home, getting ready for court. Billy said that he had all of Lucy's things for the day. Victoria was reluctant to leave the house and hugged Lucy tight. At the courthouse, a social worker met Victoria and Billy in the hallway. She explained that she had to take Lucy from them. Victoria asked if Lucy would stay with them for the hearing. The social worker said that was against the rules.

Victoria and Billy had to let the social worker take Lucy away in the stroller. Rafe led Billy and Victoria into the hearing room. A short time later, Lauren arrived and asked to enter the courtroom. A guard told Lauren that only family members were allowed in. Lauren wanted to testify against Daisy. The guards refused to let Lauren pass.

The judge announced that the hearing was convening. Leslie called Daisy to the stand. Giving her testimony, Daisy said that she had been unaware of the previous parental rights hearing and that was why she hadn't appeared to assert her rights as Daisy's mother. When Leslie asked about Daisy's fugitive status, Daisy blamed Sarah Smythe for the terrible crimes that Daisy had committed. Daisy was in tears as she said that she had run away because she feared that she'd be convicted and wind up in prison. Daisy hadn't wanted her baby born behind bars.

Rafe cross-examined Daisy and wondered why Daisy had dumped the baby if she cared so much for her child's well-being. Daisy claimed that she'd left the baby at the church because she hadn't wanted Lucy to be on the run with her. Daisy said that she'd known that the church would find a good home for Lucy. Rafe said that Victoria and Billy had provided a good home for her daughter.

Daisy declared that she'd missed her child and had made the worst mistake of her life by giving the baby away. Rafe was curious about why Daisy had returned to America, knowing that she would be arrested. Daisy said Phyllis' blog had inspired her to return for Lucy's sake. Rafe asked Daisy if it were true that Phyllis had promised to pay for Daisy's legal expenses. Leslie objected, but the judge had heard about the deal between Phyllis and Daisy.

Phyllis was the next person in the witness box. Phyllis admitted that she'd offered to help Daisy with her legal defense because she wanted to give Daisy a second chance. Phyllis appreciated that Billy and Victoria cared for Lucy, but Phyllis said their adopting Lucy had been a mistake. Phyllis said that Lucy should never have been adopted because she had a family. Phyllis wanted Daisy's parental rights reinstated so Lucy could be returned to her real family.

Rafe got Phyllis to admit that she'd only spent a few hours with Daisy since Daisy had returned to Genoa City. Phyllis said that she'd looked into Daisy's eyes and had been convinced that Daisy wanted to be a mother to Lucy. Rafe pointed out that Phyllis had been manipulating to get what she wanted. Phyllis declared that all she wanted was justice.

On the stand, Daniel said that Daisy had used the pregnancy as a means to an end. First, Daisy had wanted Daniel, but he'd told her that he would not stay with her. Daniel declared that after he'd delivered Daisy's baby, she'd hit him over the head and left him to die in the cold. Daniel testified that he wanted Lucy to stay with the only parents she'd ever known, Billy and Victoria. Daniel begged the judge to not hurt his daughter by giving her to Daisy. During a recess, Victoria and Billy thanked Daniel. Phyllis told Leslie to do whatever she had to do to salvage the case and make sure that Daisy's rights were reinstated.

Victor and Jack were both watching the television as the Newman Enterprises IPO buzz was all over the financial news. Victor called Michael to make sure that everything was going as planned. Michael said that the stock was expected to open at fifty dollars a share, but would rise to over eighty dollars a share by the end of the day. Victor hoped that the financial scuttlebutt was right. Michael said everything was in place for a big day.

Diane returned to the Athletic Club suite, and Adam told her it was nearly time for the stock market to open. Adam was ready to spring his plan and wanted to be certain that Diane knew her role. Diane was ready to do her part, but she wanted Adam's promise that she'd be rewarded. Adam told her that if she did her job, there would be plenty of money for her to be paid.

The opening bell rang and the financial news announced that Newman Enterprises had officially gone public. Jack, Adam, and Victor were all watching the television coverage and monitoring the stock online. At home, Jack's cable and Internet service cut out suddenly, and he was frustrated. The doorbell rang, and Jack let Diane into the house. Diane told Jack she had inside information about the Newman IPO.

Jack didn't believe Diane, but she assured Jack that she had information to help him mess with Victor. Jack wanted to know more. Diane said that Adam had a plan to cash in on the IPO and offered to sell Jack the same information so he could collect, too. If Jack bought the information from Diane, she could cover her butt in case Adam double-crossed her. Jack was skeptical, so Diane offered to let Jack post-date a check to her. If Jack didn't make a killing based on her information, Jack could stop payment on the check.

At Gloworm, Gloria and Jeffrey went over the things that needed to be done to keep the place up to standards. Genevieve walked in and announced that she was throwing a party for herself. Genevieve ordered a bottle of champagne and took a seat at a table. Jeffrey and Gloria served the best champagne in the house to Genevieve. Even though it was two hundred dollars a bottle, Genevieve didn't care for it.

Genevieve asked Jeffrey and Gloria to order a case of a seven-hundred-dollar-a-bottle champagne and keep it on hand for her. Gloria and Jeffrey were impressed. Genevieve noticed Jack when he walked into the restaurant and set up his computer at a table. Genevieve asked the Bardwells about Jack, and Gloria told Genevieve that Jack was a rich and important man.

Gloria went to Jack's table and offered to serve him something for breakfast. Jack told Gloria that all he wanted was coffee. Jack said he needed to stay focused and sent Gloria away. Jack spoke on the phone with his stockbroker, telling him to wait on the Newman stock order because the price was going to drop. Jack was so confident about the deal that he doubled his order to buy. Genevieve approached Jack and said his plan sounded very exciting. Jack was curious about Genevieve.

Gloria noticed that Jeffrey was ogling Genevieve. Jeffrey assured his wife that he only had eyes for Gloria. Genevieve asked Jack what he was doing. Jack said that he was about to make a killing on the Newman IPO. Genevieve asked if Jack had any tips he wanted to share. Jack asked if Genevieve was an SEC agent. When Jack wondered if she was wearing a wire, Genevieve asked if he wanted to check personally. Genevieve watched the screen and wondered why Jack was letting the stock price go up. Jack said that his gut had told him that the stock would drop.

At Crimson Lights, Michael was watching the stock ticker on his computer, while listening to the financial news. Adam approached Michael and said he was curious about the Newman IPO. Michael wondered why Adam cared, since Adam had sold his Newman stock weeks before. Adam just smiled. Michael's phone rang, and Victor told Michael that he had been delayed and would join Michael later.

Adam hovered around Michael and the two traded quips about making money. Lauren arrived at the coffeehouse and told Michael that she'd been restricted from entering Daisy's hearing. Michael told Lauren that the courts were very protective of maternal rights. Michael also knew that Billy and Victoria's pasts were checkered and might influence the judge's decision. Michael suspected that the case might turn very ugly.

Diane arrived at the ranch and told Victor that she was pregnant. Victor doubted that she was really pregnant and said that he could not be the father of her baby. Diane said that she'd been faithful to Victor while they were married. Victor didn't believe Diane. Diane agreed to do a paternity test after the baby was born. Victor asked Diane to leave the ranch. Diane said she had no money and no health insurance and needed help.

Victor agreed to keep Diane afloat until they could determine the baby's paternity. Before leaving, Diane asked for a glass of water. Victor handed her a glass of water. Diane suddenly bent over and complained of cramps. Diane said that she'd been spotting. Victor wondered what to do. Diane lay back on the couch and said that something was very wrong. Diane begged Victor to help her. Victor called an ambulance.

Diane took deep breaths. Victor said the ambulance was on the way. When Victor went out the front door to let the EMTs into the house, Diane went across the room and dunked Victor's cell phone into the water pitcher. She dried it off afterwards and returned to the couch. The EMTs entered the house with Victor. The EMT questioned Diane and determined that she needed to be hospitalized. Diane asked Victor to stay with her in the ambulance. Victor agreed. In the ambulance, Diane thanked Victor for helping her.

Adam received a phone call and learned that there was footage of an ambulance leaving Victor's house. Adam called a television station to say he had a great story for them. Adam made certain that the station would run the story about Victor and not reveal that Adam was the source. While listening to the positive news about the Newman IPO, Michael heard a report that Victor Newman had suffered a stroke. Michael called Victor, but Victor's phone didn't ring.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Billy and Victoria reentered the courtroom after spending a few minutes with Lucy. Nick's phone rang, and he announced that he had to tend to a business matter. Victoria urged him to go. Across the room, Daisy scolded Phyllis for pacing. Phyllis admitted she was nervous, and Daisy blamed Daniel for weakening their case. Leslie asked whether Phyllis and Daisy were still on board with the strategy they'd discussed, and Phyllis told her to "just win the case."

Leslie cross-examined Daniel, who testified that Daisy had drugged him to force him to have sex and that she had physically attacked him. Leslie forced Daniel to admit that he had no proof and that it was simply Daisy's word against his. Leslie asked why the court should trust him and not Daisy, and Daniel stated that he was more credible. Leslie reminded him that he had also been a fugitive from justice on multiple occasions, but Daniel countered that he'd never been convicted. Leslie said that Daisy hadn't been, either.

Leslie presented a picture of the baby that Daisy had drawn. Leslie claimed that Daisy had kept it with her while she had been on the run, which wasn't the behavior of a woman who didn't care about her infant. Leslie inquired whether Daniel had sketched a picture or had carried a photo of his child. He responded that he hadn't been ready to be a father. Leslie berated him for walking away from his daughter, and Daniel became defensive and demanded to know what she wanted from him. Rafe objected, but Leslie said she had no further questions.

Daniel apologized to Victoria and Billy. Rafe called Victoria to the stand. She testified that she understood the importance of a biological connection, but that it didn't make someone more loving or responsible. She pointed out that Daisy had already changed her mind twice about keeping Lucy. Leslie pointedly asked Victoria about how responsible Victoria had been when choosing a nanny. Later, she interrogated Billy about whether he felt buying a baby was acceptable. Billy claimed that he'd received a birth certificate and that he'd had no idea of the baby's true heritage. Leslie asked if his actions should be interpreted as ignorant or arrogant.

Billy explained that Victoria had suffered a miscarriage and couldn't have another child, and he hadn't wanted to wait to process an adoption through an agency. Leslie suspected that a legitimate adoption agency would never approve Billy and Victoria as parents. Leslie mentioned Billy's prior gambling problems and the fact that Chloe was suing for full custody of Delia. Leslie continued that Victoria had lost custody of Reed, and she reprimanded Billy for standing in judgment of Daisy when he was pathetic as both a parent and a person. Billy insisted that Lucy belonged with him and Victoria, because it would ruin Lucy's life if she were raised by a psycho. The judge announced that she'd made her decision.

The judge was troubled by Daisy's serious criminal acts and the fact that Daisy had an uncertain future, but she also noted that Daisy hadn't been convicted and that the arguments presented in Daisy's favor had been persuasive. She ruled in Daisy's favor. Leslie asked the court to overturn the Abbotts' adoption of Lucy, and the judge agreed. Victoria begged the judge not to take Lucy from them. Rafe argued that the baby would end up in foster care, but Leslie declared that she had drawn up papers granting temporary custody to Phyllis. Daisy confirmed that she wanted Lucy to stay with Phyllis. The judge granted Phyllis temporary custody, and Phyllis looked nervously at a stone-faced Daniel.

Victoria confronted Phyllis as the social worker entered with Lucy. Victoria broke down in tears and whispered to Lucy that she loved her, and she ran out. Billy followed her, and the judge ordered the social worker to give Lucy to Phyllis. Rafe coldly congratulated Leslie, Phyllis, and Daisy. Leslie said Phyllis had another little girl to love, but Phyllis admonished Leslie for roughing up Daniel on the stand. Leslie said she'd been hired for a reason and that there wasn't time for regrets. Daisy asked about what would happen to her.

Leslie explained that the charges against Daisy hadn't gone away just because Daisy's parental rights had been recognized. Daisy realized that she was going back to prison. Phyllis reminded Daisy that she had the best attorney possible to defend her. Daisy bitterly said she had faith, because Phyllis wanted to be close to Lucy, but Daisy herself would have to make some painful decisions if things didn't work out. Daisy said she was ready to go back to her cell, but she turned to Daniel and asked him to keep watch over Lucy for both of them.

Phyllis cooed to Lucy that they were officially together. Leslie and the social worker departed to take care of paperwork, leaving Phyllis, Daniel, and Lucy alone. Daniel clapped slowly and congratulated Phyllis for causing complete and total destruction. Daniel accused Phyllis of paying someone to tear him apart while praying her plan would work. She insisted she'd done it for him and for Lucy. She said Lucy was loved by people who hadn't lied, stolen, or dealt with baby brokers. He replied that if Phyllis had gone to bat for Lucy, the baby would be with the parents who loved her. Daniel softly touched Lucy's head and spat that Phyllis had won a big, happy family. He told her to hold on to Summer and Lucy, because they were the only kids she had left.

Billy and Victoria returned home, where Victoria sadly placed a photo of Lucy facedown on the table. She sat forlornly on the sofa and folded Lucy's blanket. Billy said it wasn't over, because Daisy was a criminal and they could get another judge to overturn the ruling. Victoria ordered him to stop, but he maintained that they had to fight a little more. Victoria believed that even if they fought, no court would ever return Lucy to them, because Billy had bought her. Victoria cried that she would never have her baby back.

Victoria wailed that everyone knew they'd brokered a baby, so Chloe might get sole custody of Delia and J.T. would have an easy time keeping Reed away from her. Victoria listed various memories she'd hoped to create with Lucy that they'd never share. Billy tried to console his wife, but she said that there was no hope and that there never had been. She recalled his promise that no one could take Lucy away, and she wistfully stated that he'd broken everything. She walked out, slamming the door behind her.

At Gloworm, Genevieve was intrigued by Jack's prediction that Newman Enterprises stock would hit rock bottom. She asked if he had a crystal ball, and he said he'd felt a tingle. He clicked a link on his computer, and a news reporter announced that Victor had suffered a massive stroke. Jack advised his broker to buy Newman stock as soon as the price reached a low point. Genevieve commented that he was fired up, and that she'd gotten excited just watching him, because playing the market could be dangerous. She wondered if he had some insider information. Jack asked whether he'd lose his status as a financial genius if he admitted he did. She seductively said she'd rather hang out with a player than a genius.

Jack noted that Genevieve wasn't from Genoa City and asked who she was. She turned the subject back to his stock deal and questioned whether he always got so excited about money. He claimed it wasn't always just about money, but also had to do with power, ego, and success. She asked which factor had been involved in the Newman deal. He mused that they didn't know each other well enough and asked her name. Before she could answer, his phone rang. He took the call, then smiled broadly and victoriously declared that it was a done deal.

Genevieve offered to buy Jack a drink, but he insisted on picking up the tab to celebrate his win. She thought the newscaster's report of Victor's demise was what had really made him happy. Jack called her his good luck charm. Jack made a call and learned that Newman stock had risen significantly. Genevieve asked how much better the day could get, and he suggested they find out. She claimed she had to leave, but she proposed that they meet for dinner. He asked for her name again, and she mysteriously said he'd know soon enough.

After eavesdropping on the conversation about Jack's windfall, Gloria called in a favor to borrow several hundred thousand dollars for an investment opportunity, but her friend hung up on her. Gloria tried unsuccessfully to borrow from others, but she realized she was out of luck.

In his hotel suite, Adam listened to the news, which reported that Victor was on the way to the hospital. Adam placed a call to advise someone that as soon as the stock price dropped to a certain level, he'd give the word to start buying shares as quickly as possible. As coverage of the Newman stock freefall broke, he hoped aloud that Diane would string Victor along just a bit longer. Adam watched the plunging price and once he believed the shares had hit rock bottom, he instructed his broker to buy.

In the ambulance, Diane wailed that something wasn't right. A paramedic said Diane's vitals seemed normal, but Diane maintained that she was in danger of losing the baby. Victor asked the paramedic if they had a fetal monitor, and the paramedic reached to check Diane's gall bladder. Diane angrily pushed her away and barked not to touch her. Victor suspected that Diane wasn't really pregnant. Diane snapped that he didn't want the baby, just like he hadn't wanted her. He demanded to know what game Diane was playing. Diane snarled that it would be one less child to screw Victor out of a half billion dollars. He ordered the ambulance to stop.

Victor realized that Diane was trying to sabotage his initial public offering. He furiously asked what kind of woman pretended to have a miscarriage, and she heatedly inquired what kind of man married a woman to keep her from his son. Victor bellowed that no one messed with his company. She called the company his one true love, and he labeled her a gold digger and a fraud. She claimed she'd wanted to be his lover and friend, and recalled how she'd tried to comfort him, but he'd wanted nothing to do with her. He demanded that she spill every detail of her plan, and she taunted she was kicking him where it hurt -- in the company jewels -- and that there was nothing he could do about it. Victor threw open the back of the ambulance and physically tossed Diane to the ground.

At the Newman ranch, Michael questioned a maid about what had happened to Victor, but she didn't know anything. Nick arrived and demanded to know where Victor was. Michael said there had been no report of Victor's arrival at the hospital. The news reporter announced that there had been an unconfirmed report that Victor had died. Michael looked at Nick in disbelief. Nick made calls to learn that Victor hadn't checked in anywhere, and he wondered where his father could be. "Right here," Victor said as he entered.

Nick was relieved Victor was all right. Victor poured himself a drink and said the ambulance had been a farce. Michael incredulously relayed that a newscast had reported Victor dead. Victor calmly said that the intent had been to make the world think Newman Enterprises had been cut off at the knees. Nick was stunned to learn that Diane had wanted the company to tank.

A disheveled Diane limped into her hotel suite and informed Adam that Victor had thrown her out of the ambulance. He observed that she was in one piece and implored her to smile, but she said it hurt too much. Adam commended her excellent job and crowed that he'd bought the stock he'd wanted. She reminded him of his promise to reward her handsomely, because he'd have more money than he'd ever wanted. He said it was all about money for her, but for him, it was something much more valuable.

Diane pointed out that Adam could do anything, because money was freedom. Adam said he had no desire to leave town, but he wouldn't stop her from doing so. She jokingly offered to take the money off his hands, but she was still puzzled by his motivation. She recounted how the look on Victor's face had been priceless, but Adam hadn't witnessed it. She asked what was in it for Adam. There was a knock at the door, and Adam answered it to Nick, who stormed past Adam and confronted Diane.

Adam started to leave, but Nick realized that Adam had orchestrated the lie about Victor's death. Adam commented that Nick had made a half billion dollars in his lawsuit against Victor, so Nick had no business being self-righteous. Adam asserted again that his scheme had nothing to do with money. He proclaimed that he loved the stock with a deep passion and that he didn't want to sell it. Instead, he intended to demand a seat on the board with Victor, which was worth more than gold. Adam sauntered out.

Nick asked if Diane had known the extent of Adam's plan. She figured that Nick would never give her the benefit of the doubt. They exchanged angry words about their past relationship. He accused her of trying to hook up with Victor when they had been together. She acknowledged that it was no secret that she was a bitch, but she confessed that she hadn't opened her heart to anyone but Kyle until she'd met Nick. Nick said that he'd dodged a bullet with her and that whatever feelings he'd had for her were gone.

Michael tried to get through to the press to inform the public that Victor was alive. Victor pondered the depth of the scheme to take his company down. He vowed to save the stock, and then he'd deal with those who'd betrayed him. Michael remarked that Newman stock was soaring. Victor said some irreversible damage had been done. Michael marveled that Diane had gone to such extremes, but Victor was certain she hadn't acted alone. Michael noted that it was the kind of scheme Adam lived for. Victor instructed Michael to repair the damage, and then he swore that it wouldn't be pretty when he dealt with his enemies.

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