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Tess and Ford made love. Jessica took over after Ford left, and Jessica ran to Llanfair. She found Natalie and Brody in bed together. Matthew opened his eyes. The man with Todd's old face spied on Blair. Gigi passed away after being a victim to Jack and Brad's bullying. Gigi was a match for Clint's new heart.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 13, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sam and the man with the original Todd Manning face sat at the pool at La Boulaie. The man asked Sam, "Who's your mom?" Before Sam had a chance to answer, Starr called out to Sam, and the man ran to hide in the bushes. "Sam, who were you talking to?" Starr asked her little brother. Sam explained that he had been talking with a homeless man, and he pointed to all of his food that the man had eaten. He gestured that the man was hiding in the bushes. Starr looked around, but she was unable to find the man, and she accused her brother of making it up.

Remaining out of sight, the man watched the scene unfold in front of him. "I have a daughter. Her name is Starr," he recalled. He suddenly remembered some old photographs of himself with his baby daughter.

Sam insisted he was telling the truth, and he informed his sister that the man had a line on his face. He pointed to his own face to indicate where the scar had been. Starr was shocked and confused, but after a moment, she gathered her wits about her. She still believed that Sam had made it up. She picked up her little brother to carry him back to the house. "But Starr," Sam repeated several times.

The man stepped out from behind the bushes. He recalled the past again. "I have a daughter. Her name is Starr," he murmured.

Viki and Brody waited anxiously at St. Ann's to see whether the electroconvulsive therapy used on Tess had worked. They hoped to see Jessica return in Tess's place. Nearby, a nun peeked over her shoulder to keep an eye on things. It was Ford, and he made certain to keep his face hidden. Finally, Dr. Levin arrived with Viki's daughter in a wheelchair, and her eyes were closed. Viki called out to Jessica, calling her sweetheart.

"Don't call me sweetheart, you bitch," Tess snapped as she opened her eyes. She added that she would always be Tess, and Jessica would not return. Brody took a stab at it, but Tess had words for him too. "Jessica's over you," Tess shouted. Dr. Levin explained that Tess would possibly need several treatments in order for Jessica to emerge. Tess yelled that she would not be zapped again and refused to have any additional treatments. Viki and Brody went off to speak to the doctor alone, and the nun wheeled Tess to her cell.

The doctor advised Brody and Viki that he couldn't make any guarantees that the treatments would even work, but he needed the family's permission in order to continue. Viki announced that she would refuse to authorize any further treatments, even though Brody begged her to reconsider it. He reminded Viki that she had given her consent previously.

Viki stood her ground. She explained that she had only consented to one treatment, and there were no promises that Jessica would even return. She refused to put her daughter through it again. Brody was despondent. He thought that he might not ever get Jessica back.

Tess was pleasantly surprised when Ford revealed himself to her. He informed Tess that he had only wanted to make certain that she was okay, and he promised that he wouldn't allow her to receive further treatments. He had wanted to stop the doctor from performing them at all. "You're a little late, Sister Roberta," Tess informed her savior.

Ford proclaimed that he could see how tough Tess was. She figured he merely wanted to save her in order to get his son back. Ford hesitated, and then agreed with Tess. He began to say something about a conversation with James, but Brody and Viki walked in, and Ford turned his head and left.

Viki promised her daughter that there would be no further treatments. She only hoped that Jessica would return on her own with a more traditional method of therapy. Brody declared that he would always love Jessica, and Tess noted that it sounded as though Brody were saying goodbye. Brody was certain that Jessica would never return as long as Tess was around.

Nora and Bo talked about the doctor's suggestion that Matthew's heart be a replacement for Clint. Nora was infuriated, and she announced that she had no plan to kill her son in order to save her brother-in-law. Bo tried to explain that the doctor only wanted to help them to make their decision regarding Matthew's future, but Nora tearfully emphasized that the decision would only matter if Matthew were dead.

Bo made it clear that Dr. Pryor had only wanted to pass on the information to them, but Nora was irate and called the doctor a vulture. Nora clarified that she would never sacrifice her son in order to save Clint. Bo thought that perhaps they should consider Matthew's condition and do whatever was right for Matthew. He asked what Nora might do if it were anyone else who needed the transplant.

Nora was unable to see the picture, and reminded her husband that it was Clint who needed the heart. She refused to discuss it further. She believed that Matthew was still with them. Bo reasoned that maybe it was time to let Matthew go, but Nora sobbed that she couldn't and she wouldn't. She would not give Clint a "happy ending" thanks to Matthew. Bo reminded his wife that it was Clint who had taken the blame for Matthew's act of murder.

Rex stood in Clint's room and apologized for being rude to Clint previously. Clint acknowledged the suit that Rex was wearing and pointed out that Rex was already dressed for Clint's funeral. Rex divulged that it was his wedding day. "We just made the decision now," Rex stated. He admitted that he wanted to try to settle things with Clint because of Clint's looming death. Rex was aware that Clint's condition had worsened, and he thought that Clint should be aware of the wedding, because Gigi and Shane were part of Clint's family also.

Sarcastically, Clint informed Rex that he didn't believe him, and he was certain that Rex was only updating him so that Gigi and Shane might be part of Clint's will. Rex maintained that he was not after Clint's money, but Clint shouted that Rex merely wanted a big wedding gift, because he believed Clint to be dying. Clint accused Rex of trying to move in on Clint because Rex believed that Clint was "soft in the head" due to his illness.

Rex wondered why Clint hated him so much, and Clint retorted that he had to protect his family. He deemed Rex to still be a swindler. Rex was disgusted and considered his visit to Clint to be a waste of time. Clint shouted that Rex's entire life was a waste of time. Rex guaranteed that his family wasn't a waste, and he was sorry that Clint hadn't acquainted himself with Gigi and Shane. Clint announced that he was finished, and Rex advised Clint that it was the last time he would see Clint alive.

Rex planned to keep his suit on in order to wear it to Clint's funeral. He proclaimed that Clint was dead to him.

John found Natalie standing in the hallway in tears after he returned to the hospital to pick up Kelly's laptop. "My father is dying," Natalie revealed. John gently wrapped his arms around Natalie and gave her a big hug as she cried. She explained that Clint had been hiding his condition, and he needed a heart transplant in order to survive. John was sorry to hear the news, and Natalie reminded John that he hated Clint. John denied it and explained that he understood that Clint had only wanted to help his family.

Natalie added that Clint had always had the ability to forgive her when she'd made mistakes, and John assured her that the Buchanans were a strong bunch, so he was sure that Clint would be fine. Natalie admitted that while she had never given up on Liam's return, some things were beyond her control. She confessed that she had wanted to talk to her best friend about it, and she had lingered on John's name and number in her phone.

"Crazy, huh?" Natalie asked. She thought that it had happened because Clint had urged her not to give up on John. Natalie reminded John that he had visited with her after Liam had been found, and she thought that they had shared a moment. She thought maybe it had only been in her head though. "It wasn't," John assured her. He leaned over to kiss Natalie, and she didn't think twice about kissing him back.

"That was unexpected," Natalie declared after the pair separated. John apologized, and Natalie assumed he was sorry because of his relationship with Kelly. John assured her that he and Kelly were only friends. "It makes me want to do it again," John admitted. Natalie wondered what the problem was, but John smiled. He thought that it wasn't the proper time or place. He asked about Liam instead.

Natalie was certain that John had cared about her son, and she believed that John could learn to accept the boy as his own. John thought that was true, and he revealed that he had almost been able to understand what Natalie had done. He still wondered about Marty's part in his breakup with Natalie, but in the end, he always realized that Brody was still Liam's father. He wasn't able to get past that, and he was sorry for that. Natalie was too. "I guess this means it's really over for us," Natalie said with a sigh.

Natalie was relieved that John didn't hate her, and John replied that he had never hated her. He joked that he had probably gone off his meds. He was ready to pick up Kelly's laptop and leave, and he urged Natalie not to give up on her father. Once John was gone, Brody appeared and wondered how she was. "Just take me home," Natalie told him. John emerged from Kelly's old room and sadly watched as the couple left together.

At the carriage house, Gigi rushed to get dressed for her wedding and spoke to Shane on the telephone. Shane was waiting for his parents at the courthouse, and he assured his mother that she still had plenty of time. He promised Gigi that he had the rings. Gigi vowed that she only had one more thing to do before she arrived.

Roxy showed up as Gigi was ready to go, and she wondered why Gigi was dressed up. Roxy announced that she was planning a party for Natalie to celebrate Natalie's recovery and Liam's return. Gigi revealed that she and Rex were getting married. An indignant Roxy wondered where her invitation might have gone, but Gigi explained that no one would be at the ceremony except for herself, Rex, and Shane.

Roxy demanded that Gigi allow her to be Gigi's maid-of-honor, because she had to be at her son's wedding. Gigi agreed. "Besides, I couldn't think of a better daughter-in-law," Roxy exclaimed. Roxy proceeded to start a list of her maid-of-honor duties, but Gigi assured her there wasn't time, and she wanted nothing else. Gigi especially didn't want the strippers that Roxy wanted for a bachelorette party. "All you have to do is show up," Gigi ordered her future mother-in-law.

Roxy dug into her purse and handed Gigi the cassette player that she'd found and had continued to lug around. Roxy thought that it fit the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" gift perfectly, and she explained her rationale. Gigi grabbed it and stared at it in shock. "This can't be the same tape," Gigi muttered to herself as she removed Marty's therapy session tape. Roxy noted that she'd found the gadget in Angel Square, and she offered to exchange the batteries for some new ones.

Gigi was in a rush, and she mentioned that she had an errand to run prior to her arrival at the courthouse. "I'm so glad you and Rex will have your happily ever after," Roxy exclaimed as she hugged Gigi on her way out.

Brad, Jack, and one of their female friends arrived at a vacant rental home that belonged to Brad's father. They were ready to set their plan in motion to get back at Shane. The place was dark, and the trio entered with their shining flashlights. Shortly after, Gigi arrived and knocked on the door. The kids were hiding, and Gigi opened the door after hearing some music playing within the house.

Gigi called out, and Brad whispered that he thought Shane sounded like a girl. Gigi proceeded down the stairs in the pitch dark. The trio jumped Gigi, because they thought it was Shane, and they shoved her into a closet. The kids made certain that there was a chair pushed up against the door, and they took off. Gigi banged on the door and called for help, to no avail.

The kids ended up outside, and Jack was worried. He thought that Shane was probably going crazy in the dark. Brad talked Jack out of saving Shane, instead pointing out that they would all be in trouble when Shane told everyone what had happened.

Gigi was unable to get a signal on her phone, but she used the light on it to show her what she was up against. She noted that there were no other windows or doors. She found a pack of matches and lit one. There was a generator nearby, and Gigi turned it on. She looked around and, spotting an old lamp, she plugged it into the generator. Next, she dumped out the contents of her purse and picked up a nail file.

Shane was surprised when Roxy showed up at the courthouse. Shane assured his grandmother that he was happy, and things were getting better and under control. He was only sorry that his mother had found out about the latest event, and he hadn't been able to handle it. He told Roxy about dropping the weight on Jack's foot, and Roxy was proud of Shane. She confessed that she had been worried that she would lose Shane after Echo had entered the picture. Shane assured her that would never happen. "You're a true Balsom, even though you're a Buchanan," Roxy proclaimed.

Rex arrived at the courthouse and was surprised to see that Gigi wasn't there yet. He wondered where she might be.

Ford let himself back into Tess's cell and declared that he planned on setting Tess free. Tess wanted to know more about the conversation that Ford had mentioned having with James. Ford replied that James had stated that Ford was starting to fall in love with Tess, but Ford wanted to make something clear. He wasn't falling in love with Tess, because he already loved her.

Viki stopped at Matthew's room at the hospital, and Bo informed her that nothing had changed. Bo advised her that Matthew's heart could save Clint's life.

Nora stormed into Clint's room and yelled that he was not getting Matthew's heart. She told him he was "out of his mind" if he believed otherwise.

Gigi tried the nail file, but it was of no use in her attempt to get out. She thought that maybe the kids would return, because she didn't believe they would have left Shane locked up indefinitely. She was unaware that the generator had a warning stamped on it. It read that the generator's exhaust contained carbon monoxide.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dressed in a nun's habit, Ford stood in Tess's cell at St. Ann's and admitted that he loved her. He realized that he had just given Tess more to work with, and she didn't let him down. She proceeded to call him names and make fun of him. "I love you too," Tess confessed when she was through.

The couple agreed that they couldn't help how they felt about each other, and Ford added that Tess was still "crude, selfish, petty, and mean." They couldn't believe they had feelings for each other, and Tess explained that Bess had forced her to face those feelings. Ford admitted that James thought it was a mistake, and Tess said that Bess's opinion was the same. They both smiled awkwardly at each other.

"There's something about you," Ford declared, and Tess nodded in agreement. She wasn't about to go anywhere, Tess said, after Ford noted that she was a real person. The couple kissed, but Tess disclosed that she could feel Jessica trying to "claw her way back." Tess had to get out of St. Ann's, and Ford informed her that he had a plan.

Ford stepped out into the hallway and called out in a high-pitched voice to one of the other nuns standing nearby. He urged her to hurry, because the patient was having some kind of a fit. The nun was reluctant and was pretty certain that Tess didn't really need any help at all. She always had a habit of crying wolf, the nun grumbled.

At Llanfair, Brody asked Natalie what was wrong. She had been quiet on the way home from the hospital. "My dad's sick. He even told me his dying wish," Natalie replied. Brody was sorry to hear it as Natalie further explained that Clint had forced her to make a promise not to give up on John. Subsequently, she'd had a long talk with John, but they had both realized that it wouldn't work out between them, Natalie concluded.

John wasn't angry with her and he had even kissed her, but he still couldn't accept the fact that Brody was Liam's father, Natalie explained. Natalie was sorry because she was aware that she and Brody had vowed not to give up on John and Jessica. Brody confessed that he wouldn't be able to hold up his end of the bargain either. He had given up on Jessica, because every day there was less of Jessica to be seen. He didn't feel there was any hope of Jessica returning, and they all had to move on.

"So what happens next?" Natalie asked. Brody suggested that Natalie settle down and take care of Liam. Natalie agreed, but she still wanted to find out what Marty had referred to when she'd stated that she'd been responsible for breaking up Natalie and John. Natalie felt like she already knew what it was, but couldn't remember.

Brody felt that Natalie should just forget about Marty and John, and he announced that he'd decided to move out of Llanfair, because it didn't make sense for him to stay. Natalie reminded Brody that he was Liam's father. Brody agreed that Liam would always have two parents, and he was sure they'd be able to work out arrangements.

"What about us?" Natalie asked. She stammered that they'd had feelings for each other. The couple agreed that they shouldn't change things; they should just leave things as they were. Brody admitted that he didn't feel comfortable any longer at Llanfair, and he was ready to pack his things and leave. He gently kissed Natalie's cheek, but the subtle kiss turned into a passionate one between the pair.

Nora burst into Clint's hospital room and, on the verge of hysterics, she shouted that Clint was not about to get Matthew's heart, even though she assumed he had convinced the doctors that it was right to "pull the plug." "What happened to Matthew?" a confused Clint asked. He had no idea what Nora was talking about. Nora revealed that Matthew had bleeding on the brain with almost no brain activity, and he was being kept alive with machines. Clint was shocked.

Clint stated that Matthew was a fighter, and he wondered if Matthew would be better at some point. Nora reiterated that they would never kill their son for Clint, but she believed that Matthew would return to them. Clint reminded her that he loved Matthew like one of his own, and after all, Clint had taken the blame for Eddie Ford's murder to protect Matthew.

"Do not let him go for anyone. Especially not for me," Clint ordered. Nora declared that Matthew's heart would only be beating in Matthew's chest, not anyone else's.

Bo chatted with Viki near Matthew's room. He admitted that he was unable to make a decision regarding any life-saving procedure for Matthew, but he had looked at his son and wasn't sure that Matthew was still there. Viki replied that the same thing had happened with Ben, but the circumstances had been different. Ben had been in a coma for a long time, she explained. Bo was certain that Nora would never consider allowing Matthew to save Clint's life.

Bo just hoped that Matthew would wake up, but he really didn't believe that would happen. He was willing to extend Matthew's life, but Clint needed the heart right away. Bo just didn't see how one could give up on one's child. Viki told a teary Bo that she knew full well about letting a child go. Clint was a big part of her life, too, though she couldn't believe all of the moves that Clint had made recently. "You have to take the bad with the good," Viki proposed.

Nora left Clint and returned to Bo. She explained that she'd given Clint a piece of her mind, but he hadn't even known about Matthew's condition. Viki noted that Clint had probably been devastated to hear the news. Nora grew cheerful and gave Viki a big hello. She asked if Viki had noticed that Matthew's coloring was looking better. Nora acknowledged that Clint had declared that he'd rather die than have Matthew's heart. She couldn't believe it, especially with Clint hating his own son.

Bo felt that there was no reason to trust Clint, but he was aware that Clint loved Matthew and probably didn't want Matthew's heart. Nora declared the situation settled. There was no need to take Matthew off of life support, and they could wait for him to wake up.

Viki checked in on Clint. "It's been a rough day," Clint pronounced. Viki knew that Clint cared about Matthew, and Nora truly believed that Matthew would get better. Clint wondered why she'd even be talking about the heart, if that were the case. Viki disclosed that Bo wasn't convinced, because there was little brain activity. Clint admitted that he didn't want Matthew's heart, and he would wait for someone else's. Viki wondered what would happen if there were no other heart available.

Jack spoke to Brad on the phone from the police station. Jack had realized that he had an alibi for when everyone tried to pin him for Shane's being locked up in the vacant house. Jack was at the police station, and there were a lot of witnesses to that, Jack exclaimed. He was there to visit his dad in jail.

John waited for Todd to give him some information on Marty, but Téa returned to the police station and advised John that it was time to release her husband as there was nothing to hold Todd for. John thought differently and had plans to charge Todd with aiding and abetting Marty if Todd didn't speak up. Téa advised John that he couldn't force Todd to talk, though Todd proclaimed that he had something to say to John after all.

Jack arrived and voiced his opinion that his father would have never helped Marty, and Téa had to agree. She also didn't think that John had proof of any kind, and she felt that John's vendetta against Todd was personal, because John didn't like Todd. She planned to report John to his superiors. Téa and Jack left the office, and Todd stated that he had something to say. "It's gonna rock your world," he said to John.

John stood patiently and waited for Todd to talk. Todd demanded that John drop all charges against him and give him full immunity first, but John refused. He wanted to hear what Todd had to say before he considered that. Todd began to taunt John about Liam and the circumstances regarding the baby's birth. John refused to get angry, and waited until Todd was through. "Go to hell," John stated. He refused to make any deals.

Todd retorted that at least his family members would remember him when he went there, but he wondered about John. Todd chuckled. He reminded John that John didn't have any kids. Natalie and Brody were together with their son and growing closer, Todd continued. He accused John of being cranky, because he knew that John was attached to Liam.

John finally grew weary of listening to Todd, who wondered if John wanted to hit or kill him. John just stared at Todd who noted that if John ended up in jail, John would never hear the news that Todd had.

Locked up in the basement of the vacant house, Gigi continued to bang on the door and shout for help. She was looking forward to getting back at Jack, and she was grateful that it wasn't Shane who had been locked inside instead of her. She tried to use her phone without success, but then she noticed the sign on the generator she had turned on. It warned of carbon monoxide danger from the exhaust.

"The silent killer?" Gigi gasped. She attempted to shut the generator off, but it sparked and remained running. She grabbed some tissues and her scarf and tried her best to plug up the exhaust. It still continued to run, with the exhaust shooting out of the machine. Gigi ran to bang on the door again, and she began to cry. "I could die down here," she gasped. She begged God to allow her to be a mother and a wife.

"Damn you, Jack Manning," Gigi shouted. Suddenly she spotted the recorder and realized that Rex would have to find out who had imprisoned her. She found the new batteries that Roxy had given her, and she popped them into the device. Gigi listened to Marty's recording and realized that she couldn't tape over it, because Natalie had to hear it. It was an answer to Natalie's prayers, and Gigi needed to find a way out.

Gigi was finding it difficult to breathe, and she fell to the floor. She reached for the recorder, but she was unable to get up. She remained on the ground and appeared unconscious.

Shane, Roxy, and Rex waited for Gigi at the courthouse and tried to figure out where she might have gone. Shane recalled that his mother had mentioned some errands, but Rex was unable to reach her on the phone. Roxy suddenly had an inspiration, and she declared that the gift she'd given Gigi for her wedding day was probably to blame for holding Gigi up. Roxy thought it seemed as though Gigi was familiar with the recorder.

The guys realized that it was most likely the switched tape from Dr. Buhari's office, and Gigi was probably listening to it. Roxy explained that she'd found the recorder in Angel Square. Rex tried the phone again, but he still couldn't reach Gigi. He wanted to look for her.

Jack and Téa saw the trio, and Jack was shocked to see Shane. Téa went off to speak to a judge, and Shane made a comment to Jack about Comicgirl15. Jack denied that he had access to a computer, and he claimed to have no idea what Shane was talking about. Shane quickly filled Rex in on the girlfriend scam, and Rex angered to hear that Jack was still harassing Shane.

Shane announced that Gigi had believed it, and had taken his computer. He'd had to stop his mother from going after Jack. Rex thought about everything that had happened, and he put it all together. Roxy recalled seeing Gigi with a paper that appeared to have an address on it. Rex realized why Jack had been shocked to see Shane, and he deduced that Jack had set up a meeting. Rex grabbed Téa's laptop to search online for details.

Jack still refused to have any knowledge of the situation, but Roxy accused him of lying. Rex found the chat and saw that someone had agreed to meet up with Comicgirl15. Shane assumed it was Gigi, and he went after Jack.

Tess and Ford, both dressed in nun's habits, looked down at the nun whose clothing they'd taken. They had a binding over the nun's mouth to keep her from shouting. Ford declared that they'd had no other choice, and Tess stated that they'd work it out together. They took off from St. Ann's.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Clint told Viki that there was no point to more tests. However, Viki reminded him that the doctors needed to make sure that Clint's body could handle a transplant. Clint refused to take Matthew's heart, and he was sure that no other heart would surface. Viki was surprised to learn that he seemed ready to die, knowing full well that he might never see Jessica again. He was sure that Jessica would return soon.

Viki talked about how blessed they had been to have all of their children, and Clint agreed. "Even Rex?" Viki asked. Clint wanted nothing to do with Rex. He told Viki about the heated words he'd shared with Rex when Rex had visited. Viki believed it was a gift that Rex had wanted to share his life and family with Clint. Clint only thought that Rex had wanted to "get in good" with Clint for the money. Disgusted, Viki thought that if Clint couldn't see how lucky he was to get another chance with Rex, "it really is too late."

Clint wondered where the orderlies were to take him for more tests. Changing the subject back, Viki didn't feel that Clint should have nothing to say to Rex. Clint related that, if Rex visited again, Clint would tell him to leave. Aggravated, Viki wanted to leave to find the orderlies. She feared that if she stayed, she would say something that she'd regret.

Tess and Ford arrived at the Minute Man Motel, and began to change out of their habits. Tess was scared that someone had seen them, but Ford assured her that they were safe. Tess admitted that she was glad Ford had shown up when he did, because Dr. Levin would have tried to "zap Jessica back again." Tess said they needed to figure out the safest way to leave Llanview, and went into the bathroom to change.

Tess returned in a skimpy dress, and was happy to report that she felt more like herself. She wanted to go as far away from Llanview as possible. Ford told her that he couldn't leave Llanview. Livid, Tess couldn't believe that Ford would "break me out to cut me loose." Ford had no intention of letting Tess go, but he couldn't leave without his son. Ford pleaded with her to stay and help him fight for his son.

Tess knew that Brody would hunt her down if she stayed. Ford promised that he wouldn't let Brody find her. He confessed that he was "winging it," but vowed to keep her safe. Tess reminded him that if she went back to St. Anne's, Jessica would be the one who got out. Tess admitted that she had been fighting Jessica off because of Ford. "I love you more than she wants to come back," Tess told him. She knew that Jessica would return if Tess and Ford split up, so she decided to stay with Ford.

Ford kissed Tess, and she confided that it had "been a while" since she'd been with someone she cared about. Tess pulled away from him, and reminded him that "Ryder happened" the last time Tess and Ford had gotten together. Ford promised that he had everything under control. He sensed her nerves, but admitted that he was scared of messing things up with her. She informed him that Bess had told Tess that Tess shouldn't bother with Ford, since Jessica would eventually return. Ford kissed her, and picked her up. He threw her on the bed, and the two made love.

Brody told Natalie that he didn't have much to pack, so he was going to leave. He told her to get some rest, and kissed her on the cheek. Both turned their heads and shared a kiss on the lips. Natalie stopped it, and wondered what they were doing. Brody said that he'd leave if she wanted him to. Both agreed that they didn't want to risk hurting each other, so Brody walked towards the door. Before he could leave, Natalie closed the door in front of him, and told a smiling Brody to stay.

Natalie explained that they'd already tried to ignore their feelings before. Brody didn't think Jessica was going to return. If she did, Brody believed that they wouldn't last. Natalie related that she and John had been done for a long time. Natalie wanted to explore the feelings between her and Brody, because she didn't want to regret not trying. Brody agreed, and kissed her.

Brody reminded Natalie that they'd been drunk the last time they'd been together. He wanted to remember every moment, and wanted to go slowly. They began to undress each other, and made love.

Dani arrived at the hospital, and asked Starr for news about Matthew. Starr wasn't happy to report that there had been no change. Dani couldn't believe there was a possibility that Matthew wouldn't wake up. Dani asked how Destiny had been holding up. Starr replied that Destiny was trying to stay strong, but had gotten sick earlier. Dani thought that Destiny probably needed a break from being at the hospital, but Starr revealed that she'd thought it had been morning sickness.

Starr promised not to tell anyone what she knew about Destiny and Matthew, but thought that Destiny needed someone to talk to. Starr believed that Destiny had enough going on without having to worry about a baby, so Starr was glad that Destiny and Matthew had used protection. She admitted that she'd been shocked to find out about Destiny and Matthew, because she hadn't known that they were dating. Dani revealed that they weren't dating, but they really cared about each other.

Starr realized that Destiny was going to be in Matthew's room for a while. She suggested that she and Dani go to the diner to give Destiny some time alone with Matthew.

Destiny hoped that Matthew didn't mind her around, because she needed a break from Starr and Dani. She knew that she shouldn't have told anyone "what we did," but Starr had accidentally found out. Also, Destiny had needed someone to talk to with Matthew in a coma. She assured Matthew that she didn't tell about the real details. "No one needs to know that we didn't actually use protection," she told him.

Destiny hadn't wanted to listen when Starr had lectured Destiny about the possibility of pregnancy. Destiny knew that if she'd told Starr the truth, "I wouldn't hear the end of it." Destiny thought that it wasn't possible for her to be pregnant. She assured him that no one was giving up on him. Suddenly, Destiny was shocked to see Matthew open his eyes.

Rex ran down the basement steps and found a chair holding a door closed. He burst into the room and found an unconscious Gigi, with the recorder in her hand. Rex tried to wake her up, but she stayed unconscious. Suddenly, he started to feel dizzy. He looked at the generator and saw the warning about carbon monoxide. When he realized that his phone had no signal, he picked Gigi up and carried her up the stairs. He assured her that they would get married, and live happily ever after with Shane.

Todd thought John looked like he wanted to kill Todd, and dared him to. However, Todd said that when he died, the things he knew would die with him. John said that the only thing he wanted to know was Marty's whereabouts. "Sure about that?" Todd wondered. There was a knock on the door, and John answered it to an officer. The officer handed him a file, and asked John about Gigi. John looked at the file, and told the officer to keep an eye on Todd.

Rex arrived at the hospital, and Gigi was wheeled into a room. Rex watched as the doctors worked on her. John entered and asked Rex about Gigi. Rex summarized how he'd found Gigi, and wrote down the address of the house he'd found her in for John. John wondered how Gigi had gotten stuck in the basement. "Ask Jack Manning," Rex stated.

Shane ran at Jack and demanded to know what had happened to Gigi. Téa told Roxy to get control of Shane. She regretted that Gigi was missing, but wondered what it had to do with Jack. She wondered why Jack would want to hurt Gigi. Shane yelled that Jack had wanted to hurt Shane, not Gigi. Shane explained the messages between him and Comicgurl15. As Jack called Shane a liar, Roxy's phone rang. She answered it to Rex.

Rex informed Roxy that he'd found Gigi, but that they were at the hospital. He wanted Roxy and Shane to get there as soon as possible. Roxy repeated the information to Shane. Téa glared at a nervous-looking Jack. Shane vowed to kill Jack if Gigi was hurt, and he left with Roxy. Téa asked Jack if he'd had anything to do with what had happened to Gigi. Jack denied it, and reminded Téa that Shane had just threatened Jack's life. Téa promised not to let anything happen to Jack.

A short while later, Téa and Jack arrived at the police station to visit Todd. Téa wondered where John was. Todd replied that "something about Gigi" had taken John away. He wanted to know why Téa hadn't gotten him out of police custody. She revealed that the judge had turned the request down. She promised that he would get out soon, but they had a bigger problem to deal with. "Jack?" Téa called.

Jack claimed innocence, but Todd didn't believe him. Téa said that things were still unclear, but there had been trouble with Shane. Todd reminded Jack that he'd already had a conversation with Jack about Shane. Téa updated Todd on Comicgurl15, and on Gigi landing in the hospital. Todd requested to talk to his son alone. Téa said she had to find another judge anyway, and left.

Todd demanded that Jack tell the truth. Todd said that he'd know if Jack decided to lie. "These handcuffs won't prevent you from facing the consequences," Todd told his son. Todd asked if Jack had set up a trap for Shane. "Yes, I did it!" Jack finally confessed.

John arrived at the crime scene. A technician on the scene told John that the type of generator in the room wasn't even licensed to be used anymore because of the danger it presented. John examined the scattered contents of Gigi's purse, and the scarf stuffed into the vent of the generator. The technician thought that Gigi had been trying to find a way to block the carbon monoxide flow. The technician picked up the recorder and bagged it as evidence. John ordered that the door be checked for fingerprints. "Someone locked Gigi in here, and I want to know who," John stated.

Roxy and Shane arrived at the hospital and bombarded Rex with questions. The door to Gigi's room opened, and Shane caught sight of Gigi. He yelled for his mother and ran towards the room, but Rex and Roxy held him back. Rex told Shane to sit, and assured him that Gigi would be all right. He explained how he'd found Gigi, and said that John was on the case.

Shane noticed that Rex was holding a jacket, and recognized it as his own. Rex said that Gigi had been wearing it when he'd found her. It dawned on Shane that Jack had seen Gigi in the jacket, and had thought she'd been Shane. "Jack tried to kill me!" Shane realized. Shane blamed himself, but Rex told him not to. Rex asked Roxy to take Shane to his therapist in order to calm Shane down. He promised that nothing would happen to Gigi while Shane was gone. Roxy told Rex not to worry, and walked away with Shane.

Rex paced the hallway, but rushed to the doctor when he exited Gigi's room. He wondered if Gigi was awake, and how she was doing. He asked how long she'd have to be at the hospital. The doctor apologized to a horrified Rex. They'd done all they could for Gigi, but they had gotten to her too late.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In bed, Tess and Ford agreed that their time together had been "better than a year ago." Ford remarked that love really did make a difference. He mentioned that they had to plan their next move, because he vowed to let nothing take her away from him. Tess had faith that Ford would figure out a plan. Ford thought that Tess's mind was always working, so she would think of something. "Not something. Someone," she replied.

Tess thought that Cutter could help. Ford wondered what they had that Cutter could possibly want. Tess suggested that Bess was right -- that there were "too many strikes against us." Ford promised to find something that Cutter would want, because he didn't want to lose Tess. Tess got up, and said that she was going to see Cutter. Ford was sure she'd end up back in St. Anne's if she did, so he got up to get dressed. He promised to figure out how to make things work, and left.

Tess called out that Bess had been wrong, because Jessica was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, Tess saw Jessica in the mirror. Tess told her to leave. Tess finally had a little happiness, and Jessica wanted to take it away. Jessica wanted her life back, but Tess informed Jessica that Tess had a life as well. Jessica said that the people she loved had suffered long enough. "Not so much," Tess said.

Tess told Jessica that Brody had found "someone to kiss his wounds." Jessica didn't believe Tess, but Tess told Jessica to ask Natalie about it. Jessica said that it was her life, and she was claiming it back. Suddenly, Tess put her head in her hands. Jessica looked back up at Tess in the mirror, and left the motel room.

In bed, Natalie asked Brody if he had any regrets. She wanted to make sure that neither of them had felt pushed into anything. Brody assured her that he wanted to be there. Natalie wondered if he'd thought about how he might have ruined his chances with Jessica. As he promised that he had only been thinking of her, Liam began to cry.

Natalie and Brody played with a smiling Liam. Brody wondered how he could ever regret being together with his family. Natalie wondered when they had become a family. Brody asked if she regretted it, but Natalie didn't. Brody remarked that he felt right being with Natalie and Liam. Natalie thought that she and John were done, and Brody added that he didn't think Jessica would return. Even if she did, Brody wasn't sure that she would forgive Brody and Natalie, and continue to love Brody.

A short while later, Natalie was brushing her hair as Brody entered the room. He thought she was beautiful. As he kissed her neck and her cheek, Brody said that "this time" would be about him and Natalie. The two moved to the bed, and shared a kiss.

A short while later, Natalie said she wanted to visit Clint at the hospital. Brody told her to return soon, because he and Liam would be waiting for her. As she tried to get dressed, Brody pulled her into another kiss. Suddenly, the door opened, and a shocked Jessica entered.

As Rama moaned in the living room, Cutter entered to ask Rama and Vimal to keep it down. Vimal had only been massaging Rama's feet. He informed Cutter that her feet had probably been in pain from all the extra weight. Offended, Rama covered her stomach. Vimal assured his wife that she wasn't showing yet. The doorbell rang, so Rama got up to answer it.

When Rama was gone, Vimal asked Cutter for the real reason why Cutter was letting Rama stay at his house. Recognizing Vimal's motivation, Cutter promised that there was nothing going on between him and Rama. Vimal was still suspicious. Cutter remembered Rama insisting that she knew his secret. He claimed that he couldn't throw a pregnant woman out on the street, especially after Clint had put Vimal in jail. Vimal wondered what was keeping Rama at the door so long.

Rama answered the door to Cristian. He blurted out that he couldn't get their kiss out of his mind. He thought their kiss had meant that something was happening between them. As Rama tried to say that they would never find out if there something was going on between them, Cristian kissed her. Just then, Vimal entered, and demanded to know what was going on. Cristian was surprised to see Vimal out of jail. Thinking quickly, Rama slapped Cristian, and told him that she was a married woman.

Rama stammered that she'd opened the door and all of a sudden, Cristian had kissed her. Angry that Cristian would force himself on Rama, Vimal swung at Cristian. Cristian ducked under the punch, and caught Vimal. Cristian explained that he hadn't forced himself on Rama -- he'd just lost control. He knew he'd been wrong, so he apologized, and promised that it would never happen again. Cutter assured Vimal that Rama only had eyes for him.

Ford knocked on the open door, and entered the house. He wanted a favor from Cutter, so the two walked into the living room. Cutter wondered if Ford wanted money, because Cutter wasn't willing to part with any. Ford told Cutter that he was there about Tess. All that Ford wanted from Cutter was for Cutter to divorce Tess.

Vimal's phone began to ring, and he saw that it was his parents. Rama promised to get rid of Cristian, so Vimal ran upstairs to take the call. Cristian promised that he would never kiss Rama again, and turned to leave. Before he could go, Rama asked if he had been telling the truth when he said that he couldn't get their kiss out of his mind. She admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about their kiss either. Cristian told her to think about why she was lying to everyone, and left.

As Rama entered the house, Vimal walked down the stairs. Rama assured Vimal that Cristian was gone. She asked about Vimal's parents. Vimal excitedly told Rama that his parents were visiting, because they wanted to be there for the pregnancy.

Bo told Nora that she should rest, but she didn't want to. Suddenly, they heard Destiny yell from Matthew's room. They entered the room, and Destiny told them about Matthew opening his eyes. Destiny ran to get the doctor. A short while later, Destiny returned with the doctor, and Shaun followed. The doctor entered the room to examine Matthew. The doctor said that Matthew opening his eyes gave a reason to hope.

The doctor told Matthew to squeeze Nora's hand if he could hear her, but he didn't. Nora wanted to try, so she told Matthew the same thing. He squeezed her hand, to the excitement of Bo and Nora. Bo and Nora informed Destiny and Shaun that it seemed that Matthew was getting better. Shaun was happy for Bo and Nora. Destiny wondered when Matthew would be able to talk. The doctor said that they had to wait and see. She continued that Matthew could keep getting better, or he could stay at the point he was at.

The doctor needed to update the staff on Matthew's condition, but told the Buchanans to follow if they had any questions. Shaun offered to take Destiny out for ice cream to celebrate. She wasn't feeling well, but promised to keep him company after she said goodbye to Matthew. Shaun left, and Destiny told Matthew that everything was all right since he was getting better.

Rex greeted the doctor, and asked him about Gigi. The doctor had done all he could, but Gigi had spent too much time with not enough oxygen going to her brain. Rex demanded to see another doctor as Roxy entered. Rex explained to Roxy that the doctor had tried to tell Rex that Gigi was brain-dead. Roxy thought that he'd heard wrong, since he'd been scared about Gigi. Roxy demanded that the doctor fix Gigi, but the doctor insisted that there was nothing else to do.

Rex remembered that Matthew's doctor had said the same thing to Bo and Nora. He asked that the same brain activity test that Matthew had be performed on Gigi. The doctor admitted to Rex's shock that the test had been done, and showed no brain activity.

Rex and Roxy entered Gigi's room and found her hooked up to machines. The doctor wanted to talk about options for Gigi, but Rex yelled at everyone to leave. Roxy defended what the doctor had said, but Rex told her to leave. Alone with Gigi, Rex reminded her that she'd promised to let Rex make an honest woman out of her. He told her that if she didn't open her eyes soon, they'd have to wait to get married. Rex pleaded with her to open her eyes, because he'd been waiting his whole life to marry Gigi, and couldn't wait any longer.

Rex held Gigi's hand, and told her that they could wait to get married. He explained to her that he'd first known that he loved her back when they were in Michigan. He told her about a baseball game, when he'd stolen a base, even though his coach had told him not to. After he'd stolen the base, he'd heard one woman cheering louder than the rest, and it had been Gigi. He'd realized that he'd made the play because he'd wanted to make her smile. Rex related that leaving Gigi had been "the stupidest thing I've ever done." He promised to never leave her again, and asked her not to leave him. He asked her to wake up because he and Shane needed her.

Todd demanded to know if Jack had set a trap for Shane. Jack finally admitted it. Todd wanted the whole story. Jack explained that he'd wanted to teach Shane a lesson after Shane had dropped a weight on Jack's foot. He went on about Comicgurl15, and his plan to leave Shane in the basement of the house overnight. Todd wanted to know how Gigi had ended up in the hospital. Jack suggested that she'd tripped and fallen. Jack moaned that no one was supposed to get hurt. Todd grabbed Jack as Téa returned.

Todd updated Téa on everything that Jack had said. Todd told Jack that he would need a lawyer if he wanted to stay out of prison. Todd realized that John would most likely be on the case. Téa instructed Jack not to say a word about what he'd done to anyone. Téa needed to find out how Gigi was doing. She called Roxy, and expressed her concern for Gigi. Roxy told Téa that Gigi was doing "bad."

Téa expressed her sorrow for Rex and Roxy. Roxy thanked Téa for the concern, and hung up the phone. An obviously worried Jack wanted to make sure that Gigi was all right. Téa revealed that Gigi was not expected to recover. Téa explained about the generator, and the carbon monoxide poisoning. Jack maintained that he hadn't known about the generator, and hadn't touched it. "It can't be my fault!" Jack cried. Téa informed Todd and Jack that they wouldn't like what she was about to say.

"Give it to us straight," Todd instructed. Téa informed Todd and Jack that Jack could be charged with kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment. She continued that, if Gigi died, Jack could be charged as an adult with murder.

Roxy looked in on Rex. The doctor looked in as well, and didn't want to let Rex believe that Gigi would wake up. Roxy stopped the doctor, and let herself into the room. Rex told Roxy that Gigi was just tired. Rex related that Gigi had said she wouldn't leave, and she always kept her promises. Roxy told him that he needed to let Gigi go, because she wasn't going to wake up. Rex told Roxy that she wasn't helping. He said that the doctor and Roxy didn't know Gigi like he did. Roxy insisted that Rex couldn't bring Gigi back no matter how much he and Roxy loved Gigi.

Friday, June 17, 2011

At the Buchanan mansion, Robert Ford demanded that Cutter give Tess a divorce. When Bobby asked what else Cutter could possibly want, since he already had the Buchanan mansion and money, Cutter wondered why he would get rid of his cash cow. Ford explained that he loved Tess, but Cutter still refused to divorce her. After Bobby walked away, Rama demanded that Cutter release Tess, or she would tell everyone what she knew about Cutter.

Cutter reminded Rama that if she ratted him out, he would tell Vimal about Rama's false pregnancy and about Cristian Vega. However, Rama pointed out that Cutter had more to lose than she did, so she again demanded that he divorce Tess. When Rama speculated who she should call first, Cutter quickly announced that he would divorce Tess.

Rama informed Cutter that she had already called to have the divorce papers sent over, and that Cutter only had to sign them. Once Cutter signed the papers, he handed them to Bobby, who hugged Rama and ran out of the room. Later, Ford returned to his motel room and yelled for Tess. When he was unable to find Tess anywhere in the room, he wondered where she was.

At Llanfair, Jessica walked in on Brody and Natalie in bed together. When Natalie yelled at Tess for intruding on them, Jessica corrected her and asked what Natalie was doing in bed with her fiancé. Jessica revealed that she had returned to Brody, because she loved him and had believed that he needed her. Jessica had felt that Brody would be happy to see her but then asked how Brody could grab the phone to call St. Ann's, just so that he could crawl back into bed with her sister.

Jessica hollered that both Brody and Natalie had sworn that they loved her and then demanded to know how they could do that to her. Jessica suddenly bent over, and held her head. When Natalie asked if Jessica was still with then, Jessica stated that she was just frightened and then cried that it had only been a matter of time before Natalie and Brody hooked up again. Jessica questioned why Brody had begged for Jessica to return and then informed them that she would be sticking around to make them pay.

After Natalie stressed that it was important to them that Jessica was okay, Jessica pondered how Natalie could claim that she cared about Jessica. Natalie emphasized that it had been the first time that Brody and Natalie had been together, since the non-wedding. Jessica snapped that Brody must have had a weak moment, so that Natalie could move right on in, but Brody insisted that Jessica not blame Natalie. Jessica blared that she blamed Brody also.

Brody stated that he blamed Jessica and explained that he had begged Jessica to return many, many times, and that he had made many apologies to her. Brody added that Jessica had made no effort to help herself or Brody, so he had finally moved on. When Jessica cried that she had been trapped, Brody called it bull. Jessica then asked to speak to her fiancé alone. After Natalie left, Jessica reminded Brody that she had a disease, however, Brody claimed that Jessica had let Tess out.

When Brody informed Jessica that Tess had married Ford, Jessica declared that Bobby was Ryder's father. Brody then told Jessica that Tess had married Cutter, who had meant nothing to either Jessica or Ryder. Brody stressed that even though Jessica's wedding to Brody had not mattered to her, she had since been married twice to two different men.

Jessica howled that it had been Tess who had married the men. Brody replied, "Tess is not a 'get out of jail free' card. She is part of you. She is the mean, angry, hateful part of you." Brody claimed that because of his past, he prayed every day to live a good life. However, Brody exclaimed that Tess would frequent bars, and that Jessica even had an alter named Wes, and that she had even used Brody's dead best friend to get back at him.

Brody maintained that he had hung in there and had willed Jessica to grow up. Brody insisted that he had needed Jessica, but that he had turned to Natalie, because Jessica had not been there. Brody informed Jessica that Liam had been kidnapped, and that was when he and Natalie had gotten closer. Brody then expressed that he was sorry that he had hurt Jessica.

Jessica yelled at Brody to "go to hell," stated that she was leaving to see her kids, and ran out of the room. Natalie walked out to comfort Brody. When Brody insisted that he had not meant to hurt Jessica, Natalie wondered what they could do.

Jessica walked into Aubrey's room to get Bree, and Aubrey suggested that Jessica call Viki. As Jessica held and hugged Ryder, she claimed that she was back home. Jessica said that Aubrey could get confirmation that she was Jessica from Natalie and Brody. Jessica declared to Bree that she was all better and then announced to Aubrey that she wanted time alone with her children. Aubrey refused to leave. When Jessica asked again, Aubrey refused again and declared that as the children's legal guardian, she could not leave the room.

At the hospital, Gigi's doctor, Dr. DeGroff, asked Clint's doctor, Dr. Gangemi, about Clint's donor, but Clint's doctor revealed that the donor had improved. Dr. DeGroff informed Dr. Gangemi about another possible donor for Clint. When Gigi's doctor sadly expressed that the donor was supposed to had gotten married but had arrived to the hospital braindead instead, Clint's doctor claimed that his patient needed a heart immediately.

In Clint's room, Bo announced to Viki that Matthew had turned the corner, and that he was improving. Clint noted that he would be unable to receive Matthew's heart after all. Bo understood and claimed that he had appreciated Clint's confession to keep Matthew out of jail. However, Bo hoped that Clint would reconsider reconciling with Rex. Clint remarked that he did not want to talk about Rex, but that he was happy to hear about Matthew.

Bo realized that Clint did not have much time left, and Clint lamented that there would be no last-minute miracle for him. However, Clint insisted that he had made his peace with it. When Viki refused to give up, Clint called her an impossible woman, and Viki commented that Clint was no walk in the park himself. They smiled at each other.

Later, after Bo had left, Viki and Clint looked at an old photo album and laughed at how young Bo and Clint were and joked about their weird Beatles' haircuts. When Joey entered the room, Clint announced that Matthew was better. Dr. Gangemi then walked in and announced that they might have found a match.

The doctor revealed that the donor was in the emergency room, and Viki realized that the family had just lost the donor and was sorry. The doctor declared that the person had signed on as an organ donor, and that the doctor just needed to talk to her fiancé. After the doctor left, when Clint worried that the fiancé would not allow Clint to have the donor's heart, Joey calmed Clint and insisted that the fiancé should have no problem with Clint getting the heart.

Outside of the E.R., Roxy told Rex that it made no sense that Gigi would die. Rex then realized that Gigi would not wake up, no matter what they did, and wondered how he would tell Shane that his mother would not return to them. Rex looked up and begged Gigi to help him get through it. Bo found Rex in the hall, and Rex informed him that Gigi had never shown up for their wedding, because she had discovered a message for Shane from Jack on Shane's computer.

Rex explained that Gigi had left the Carriage House to confront Jack, who had locked her in a basement room with a broken generator that leaked carbon monoxide. Rex exclaimed that Gigi had tried to block the carbon monoxide gas with her scarves. Rex cried, "The doctor said that it was too late by the time I got there, that she was already braindead. She's gone."

Rex did not know what he would do without Gigi. Bo related that Gigi had always said what was on her mind, straight up, and that Bo had loved that about her. Rex agreed that he had also loved that about her -- even when he didn't. When Bo asked if there was anything that he could do, Rex revealed that he had asked Gigi to send him a sign, and that Gigi had sent Bo.

When Rex feared how Shane would react, Bo told Rex to be strong for his son. Shane walked up to them and asked how his mom was. After Rex asked Shane to sit down, Shane stated that he would ask his mom, but Rex insisted that Shane could not do that. When Shane asked if Gigi was in surgery, Rex explained that Gigi did not need surgery, because her brain had died, and that Gigi would not get any better. Rex stated that Gigi was dying.

Shane wondered why the doctors could not make his mother better, and Rex expressed that her brain had been hurt too badly. When Shane cried that Rex was lying, Rex grabbed him and hugged him. Roxy then hugged Shane and told him that they would both walk inside to see Gigi. Roxy cried, "You can see her, and you can talk to her, and you can tell her how great she is, and then you can tell her goodbye, okay?" In Gigi's room, when Roxy told Shane to say what was in his heart, Shane pleaded with his mother not to leave.

Bo ran into Viki in the hall and announced that Gigi was gone. Bo explained to Viki about how Gigi had been trapped in a basement with a broken generator, and revealed that she was braindead due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Viki then cried, "Oh no," when she realized that Gigi would be Clint's donor.

Dr. DeGroff discovered Rex in the hall and asked if Rex had taken the chance to talk to his family. When Rex indicated that he had, the doctor revealed that they had something that needed to be discussed about what Gigi had wanted. Just as the doctor began to reveal Gigi's wishes, Natalie ran through the hall and found Rex.

Natalie screamed, "Rex, Rex, oh, I am so glad that I found you. Listen, whatever you think of Dad, they found a donor. Dad's getting a new heart. So, I...I spoke to Mom on the phone. She said that...that there wasn't a whole lot of information. She said, uhm, a women died in some accident, something to do with carbon monoxide. I feel so bad for this woman and her family, but at least now, her death won't be meaningless. You know, she's...she's...she's a match, Rex, and as soon as they tell her family, Dad's gonna get her heart."

At the pool outside of La Boulaie, Blair drank from a glass of wine, as she gazed at the wedding picture of her and Todd with his original face that had included the scar. As the man with Todd's original face watched Blair, he thought, "Starr has a mother. Her name is Blair." Starr walked up and interrupted Blair's thoughts. Blair wondered if the one great love of her life had been Starr's father.

Blair admitted that she believed that Tomas had been lying about what he had been doing when Marty had disappeared. Blair then showed Starr the wedding picture and declared that she had loved that wedding day. The man then reflected back on a wedding photo of Blair and Todd with his original look. Blair maintained that she had been very happy the day she had married Starr's father.

Blair questioned how she could move on with Tomas, until she got answers from him. Blair then jumped up and announced that she was leaving for New York to get the answers. Starr stated that she was not surprised and then indicated that she would take Blair to the station. The man continued to watch Blair and Starr, as they started to walk off.

Blair asked Starr to remind Jack that Sunday was Father's Day and also informed Starr that Sam had made a gift for Todd. Starr then revealed that Sam had an imaginary friend with a line on his face and drew a line on her face, as Sam had done. Blair agreed with Starr that Sam's imaginary friend was just that. Blair and Starr quickly left, so that Blair could catch her train.

The man picked up the picture and mentally viewed several wedding photos of Blair and the Todd with the scar. The man began to walk off, when a thug jumped out of the bushes, pointed a gun at the man, and yelled, "Freeze or you are dead."

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