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Monday, June 13, 2011

by Mike

At the Horton house, Jennifer happily informed Daniel that her back had stopped hurting. Jennifer insisted that they should proceed with their plans to go to the spa for the weekend. Daniel agreed, and he excused himself so that he could finish packing the car. After Daniel left, Kate barged into the house.

"Okay, I just spoke to Lucas. You're dating Daniel...after everything he did to your brother. Have you no shame?" Kate asked incredulously. Jennifer said that she had talked to Lucas about her relationship with Daniel. Jennifer admitted that Lucas wasn't happy about her decision, but she added that he respected her right to make her own choices. Kate reiterated that Jennifer didn't have any shame or decency.

"You're talking about decency? You destroyed my father's marriage, not to mention what you did to my mother. You want to talk about shame? Look in the mirror; or, better yet, why don't you just try being an adult for once, Kate?" Jennifer asked. Jennifer said that it had taken her years to get past what Kate had done to Jennifer's family. Jennifer said that she had finally managed to put all of that aside, because she had been sick of judging Kate. Jennifer suggested that Kate should let go of her own resentment, and she asked Kate to leave.

Kate said that she wasn't interested in talking about Bill and Laura, because that was ancient history. Kate said that she was more interested in talking about Jennifer's decision to date Daniel. Kate called Daniel a piece of scum; Jennifer reminded Kate that Daniel had saved Jennifer's life. "That was his job -- fixing hearts. That's what he does, but he also breaks them. I am trying to warn you here; he is an emotional vampire. He feeds on the vulnerabilities and the admiration of his female patients!" Kate exclaimed, as Jennifer shouted at Kate to get out of her house. "I'll be frank with you. I had him -- it's not worth it," Kate added.

Jennifer said that Kate was disgusting. Jennifer pointed out that Kate had tried to frame Daniel for poisoning Chloe. Kate laughed and said that she had stopped responding to those bizarre rumors. Kate said that Daniel was just going to use Jennifer to get what he wanted, and then he was going to abandon her. "Maybe I'm wrong; maybe that's all you want -- a little trip under the sheets. Maybe you're just a tramp after all," Kate said, as Daniel returned and told Kate to shut up.

Daniel asked Jennifer to give him some time alone with Kate. After Jennifer left, Kate said that she would never forgive Daniel and Chloe for the pain that they had caused Lucas. Kate added that Chloe had gone on to ruin Philip's life, as well. "Fine, you can hate anybody you want -- me, wallow in it. Do it; I'm sure that's why you get up in the morning. But if you ever hurt anybody I care about -- and that includes Jennifer -- I will rip you into pieces," Daniel warned Kate.

Kate admitted that she had been wrong about her assessment of Daniel and Jennifer's relationship. Kate said that she had assumed that they were total opposites, but she had realized that they were both delusional. "She wants to believe that you are a decent human being, and you want to believe that she can actually commit to someone after being with 'Jumping Jack' Deveraux. But the truth is, this is all going to end; it's going to end exactly the same way that it ended with Chloe," Kate added. As Daniel struggled to control his rage, Kate calmly walked out of the house.

Later, Daniel and Jennifer arrived at the spa. Jennifer conceded that Kate had managed to rain on their parade. Jennifer admitted that she had overheard most of Daniel and Kate's earlier argument. Jennifer hoped that Daniel would give her an opportunity to prove that Kate was wrong; she said that she cared about Daniel, and she added that she was willing to give him a chance. Daniel agreed, and he pointed out that they would not be at the spa together if they were not serious about their relationship.

Jennifer noted that Daniel still seemed upset. Daniel said that he wasn't angry about the things that Kate had said about him. Daniel admitted that at least half of those things were probably true. Daniel said that he was upset because Kate had gone over to the Horton house specifically to hurt Jennifer. Jennifer agreed; she said that she could handle Kate's poison any day of the week, but she was upset about the things that Kate had said about Daniel.

Later, Daniel scanned a brochure as he nervously tried to suggest different activities that they could do as a couple. After listening to Daniel babble for a few minutes, Jennifer interrupted and said that she wanted to stay in their room for a while. Daniel and Jennifer started to kiss, but Daniel quickly pulled away. Daniel wondered if Jennifer was sure about what they were doing. Jennifer said that she felt more confident than she had in a very long time, and she started to unbutton Daniel's shirt.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Chloe reluctantly met with Quinn. Quinn reminded Chloe about what would happen if she refused to work for him. When Chloe hesitated, Quinn started to call Victor, but Chloe quickly stopped him. Quinn smiled as he noted that everything was settled. Before Chloe could respond, Quinn received a phone call; as Chloe held back her tears, Quinn announced that Chloe's date was calling him.

Quinn warned Chloe not to do anything that she might regret. Quinn explained that the client would enter the bar and address Chloe as Lola. "That's who you are from now on," Quinn added. Chloe tearfully tried to convince Quinn that he was going to ruin her life. Quinn suggested that ruining Chloe's life was the entire point, and he left the bar.

After Quinn left, Chloe stared at a photo of Parker on her phone. "What am I gonna do, Parker? I can't lose you. I wish I'd never met that slimy creep. It's so weird -- how did he know just how to blackmail me?" Chloe wondered. Meanwhile, Quinn met with someone in the park. "Hello again. I can't thank you enough for handing me Chloe Lane like that," Quinn said. Kate grinned and said that it had been her pleasure.

Quinn said that Chloe's new line of work was going to guarantee that Chloe would never be able to see Kate's grandson again. Kate seemed impressed, and she noted that Quinn had done his homework. Quinn said that he always did his homework, and he assured Kate that no one was ever going to find out that they were working together. As Kate watched the passersby, she observed that everyone seemed to be happy. Quinn dryly stated that he didn't think that everyone was happy.

Back at the Cheatin' Heart, Chloe anxiously waited for Quinn's client to arrive. As Chloe prayed that the client would not show up, a man walked up to her and called her Lola. When Chloe turned around, the man smiled approvingly and introduced himself as Rob. Chloe flashed a fake smile and asked if Rob would like to buy her a drink, but Rob said that he didn't want to wait. Rob grabbed Chloe's hand as he explained that his hotel was just around the corner; Chloe reluctantly followed Rob out of the bar.

At the pier, Brady took a drink out of his flask, as one of his employees, Mike, cryptically stated that everything was ready. Mike wondered if Brady was certain that he wanted to move forward with his plan. Brady said that he had never been more certain about anything in his life.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano insisted that Taylor was going to ruin E.J.'s life. E.J. refused to heed Stefano's repeated warnings. E.J. claimed that Taylor was the kindest, most compassionate person that he had ever met. "Oh, for goodness sake, would you please listen to yourself? She's already stuffed all this phony niceness down your throat, all right? This is not you, Elvis," Stefano said. E.J. realized that Stefano had been talking to Nicole.

E.J. insisted that he would find another way to handle the situation with Rafe. "There is no other way; he could be our downfall. He dies today," Stefano firmly stated. E.J. promised that he would find another way to deal with Rafe, but Stefano wasn't convinced. Stefano said that Taylor had blinded E.J., and he added that E.J. was living in a fantasy world.

E.J. agreed that he had changed. E.J. admitted that he had done some terrible things in his past, and he claimed that he wanted to move forward. E.J. insisted that Stefano was going to have to learn to accept the new and improved E.J. DiMera, if he wanted E.J. to continue to live at the mansion. Stefano wondered how E.J. was going to deal with having both sisters living under the same roof. E.J. conceded that there were still a few problems with the living situation that he was going to need to deal with.

"'Problems?' If you bring Taylor to live in here with Nicole, there's going to be blood in every room in this house," Stefano said. As E.J. continued to insist that he would be able to handle the situation, he received a text message. "Oh, for God's sake! Those bloody Colombians -- they still think I'm in charge of that shipment. Great! Now I have to go and take care of this!" E.J. shouted as he grabbed his jacket.

Stefano reminded E.J. that they still needed to make a decision about Rafe. E.J. said that the decision had already been made, and he stormed out of the mansion. "Nicole was right; the only way this is gonna to rip Taylor out of Elvis' life," Stefano muttered.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Taylor demanded to know how Rafe had obtained Fay's cameo necklace. Before Rafe could respond, Sami entered the apartment. Rafe told Sami that Taylor was convinced that the cameo necklace had belonged to Fay. Sami silently recalled that fake Rafe had been fixated on the necklace when he had seen it at the safe house earlier. Taylor demanded to know what was going on.

Sami claimed that she had ordered the necklace online. Taylor skeptically noted that the necklace did not seem like the kind of item that Sami would choose to wear. Sami insisted that she loved that kind of jewelry. Taylor asked to see the necklace again; as she inspected the necklace, she suspiciously observed that it was identical to the one that Fay had owned. Sami shrugged the similarities off as a weird coincidence, and Taylor excused herself.

"I can't believe this -- the creature, he did this. She didn't fall down those stairs; he obviously killed her. He killed Fay Walker, and he stole her cameo," Sami breathlessly told Rafe. Sami recalled fake Rafe's actions on the night that Fay had fallen down the stairs. Sami said that fake Rafe had not been surprised about Fay's accident, and she remembered that fake Rafe had started to get angry after Sami had revealed that Fay had survived the fall. Sami added that fake Rafe had pretended to be on a stakeout that night, but she had found him in Fay's room at the hospital.

Rafe announced that he was going to do something that might blow the entire case wide open. Sami enthusiastically offered to help, but Rafe insisted that he needed to handle the situation on his own. After Rafe left, Taylor knocked on Sami's door; Taylor explained that she had been waiting in the stairwell. Taylor said that she knew that Sami was lying to protect Rafe. Taylor said that Fay's cameo necklace had been scratched years before, after Taylor had dropped it.

Sami claimed that she had never noticed a scratch on her necklace, but Taylor assured her that the scratch was there. Taylor added that Fay had been keeping a secret about Rafe that she had never been able to tell her daughters. Taylor wondered if Fay had been trying to tell Taylor and Nicole that Rafe was a thief. Sami insisted that Taylor was wrong; Taylor offered to show Sami the scratch on the necklace, but Sami admitted that she didn't know where the necklace was. Taylor realized that Rafe had taken the cameo, and she demanded to know what was going on.

At the safe house, fake Rafe happily reminded himself that no one was aware that he had murdered Fay. Later, Rafe arrived at the safe house, and fake Rafe reiterated that he was never going to agree to help Rafe and Sami. Rafe showed fake Rafe the cameo necklace. "You killed Fay Walker, and I can prove it, so unless you wanna get the death penalty, you're gonna do exactly as I say. Guess what, bro? You and me, we're gonna be pals. We're gonna bring the DiMeras to their knees," Rafe said, as fake Rafe smiled uncomfortably.

Back at the pier, E.J. impatiently waited for his Colombian contacts to arrive. Brady stepped onto the pier and greeted E.J. E.J. claimed that he was too busy to chat with Brady, and he started to walk away. Brady noted that E.J. had not been too busy to deal with a drug shipment. E.J. glanced around nervously as he realized that Brady had sent the text message that E.J. had received earlier.

Brady assured E.J. that they were the only two people at the pier. "You remember a guy named Troy Winston? You should -- he was an employee of yours. He was the man who hit Ari with his car, and killed her. Worked for you; in my eyes, that makes you responsible for her death," Brady said, as he took another drink. E.J. deflected the blame onto Brady. E.J. said that Brady had given up on Arianna.

Brady said that he wasn't going to let E.J. ruin Taylor's life. E.J. warned Brady not to talk about Taylor, and he suggested that Brady should put his flask away and go home. As E.J. started to leave, Mike hit him in the back of the head with a club. Brady thanked Mike, and he permitted Mike to leave. As E.J. groaned in pain, Brady assured him that they were just getting started.

As E.J. stumbled to his feet, Brady took another drink, and he offered the flask to E.J. When E.J. turned to look at Brady, Brady punched E.J. in the face. E.J. tried to fight back, but Brady quickly subdued E.J. As E.J. writhed around in pain on the ground, Brady continued to kick and punch him.

"This is for what you did to me on Nicole's wedding day! This is for ruining Nicole's life the first time! Ah, you ruined her life a second time, didn't you? Get up! That's for kidnapping Sami's daughter. That's for what you were gonna do to Taylor. Get up! Oh, come on -- lights out already? You took Ari's life, E.J. -- I'm gonna take yours, you sick son of a bitch!" Brady said, as he punctuated each of E.J.'s crimes with a punch or a kick. After Brady's assault, E.J. was sprawled out on the ground, unconscious.

Brady took one final drink out of his flask, then he grabbed E.J.'s shirt collar. "What do you think, hmm? One last shot ought to do it, huh? It's too bad you're gonna be unconscious when the lights go out for good, E.J. -- I don't like that...but you can't have everything, right? This one is for Ari, so you'd better get ready for your trip to hell, you old bean. You son of a bitch -- say goodbye," Brady said, as he raised his fist and prepared to punch E.J. again.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dario entered Gabi's hospital room, where Will was visiting with Gabi. Will had to leave, but promised to return soon. On his way out, Will thanked Dario for helping Will to arrange the private prom in her room. After Will had gone, Gabi asked Dario to thank Melanie for her, as well. Dario confessed that he and Melanie were having dinner later at the Brady Pub, and after some prodding from his sister, he reluctantly admitted, "Okay, I'm into her! I'm into Melanie."

Dario was long gone when Will returned a while later. Gabi was happy to see him, but admitted she'd figured that he had gone to a prom afterparty. Will assured her that he had no interest in that, because his date was there. He then produced a photo of the two of them in their prom outfits, which he had edited to look like it had been taken at the actual prom. Gabi was thrilled. She noted a bit sadly, "If I didn't have my appendix taken out, we'd probably be leaving the prom and heading to the hotel now, just like you planned. That was the part of the night I was looking forward to the most. Weren't you?" Will gulped and nodded, but he urged Gabi to stop worrying about it.

Gabi still fretted about whether Will would want to be with her when she got out of the hospital. Will reassured her that he did, and asserted that their first time should be special -- but he thought it would be a lot more than that. He leaned over and kissed Gabi enthusiastically. Gabi pushed him away after a moment, but assured Will that he was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She added that she hoped she got out of the hospital in time for graduation, and that Rafe showed up to see her graduate -- although she admitted that when he had visited her in the hospital, he had seemed more like the old Rafe than he had in a long time.

Nicole wandered through the living room at the DiMera mansion. She looked wistfully at a picture from her wedding to E.J., and then at pictures of Johnny and Sydney. She acknowledged to the photos that she had married E.J. for all the wrong reasons, but she'd tried to make it work for the right ones -- namely, the children. When Nicole heard Sydney cry, "Mommy!" from upstairs, she rushed to see what was wrong.

Nicole was on the couch, holding Sydney in her lap, when Mary entered the room a little later to let Nicole know that it was time to take the children to their mother's. Nicole said goodbye to Sydney, and then handed the little girl over to Mary. Nicole fought back tears as she watched them leave.

Melanie found an intoxicated Brady savagely beating E.J. on the pier. E.J. was obviously unconscious and in bad shape, but Brady ordered Melanie not to get involved. Melanie demanded to know why Brady was trying to kill E.J., and Brady shouted that E.J. had killed Arianna. Melanie yanked off her scarf, wadded it up, and put it under E.J.'s head. Brady demanded to know why Melanie was helping the guy who had killed Arianna, but Melanie argued that E.J. had not hit Arianna with his car. "No, he didn't; a guy named Troy did, and Troy worked for him! Do I have your attention, Melanie?" Brady shouted.

"Troy drove the car, but her blood is on his hands," Brady added, indicating E.J. Melanie maintained that instead of trying to kill E.J. out of revenge, Brady should have gone to the police, so E.J. could pay for his crimes in jail. Brady reminded her that she had found him after E.J. had done the same thing to him on that very pier. Brady wanted to finish E.J. off, but Melanie ordered Brady not to touch him. "Why are you helping him out?" Brady yelled. "I'm helping you, you jackass!" Melanie hissed.

Dario was surprised when he arrived at the Brady Pub and Melanie wasn't there. He asked Caroline if Melanie had already been there and left, but Caroline hadn't seen her. After waiting for a while, Dario called to see if Melanie were all right. Melanie tried to explain what was going on, but a drunken Brady bellowed for her to stop helping E.J. Dario was irked when he heard Brady's voice, and hung up after telling Melanie that he had better things to do, too.

Melanie admonished Brady that his attempt to kill E.J. could easily break the fragile truce his family had with the DiMeras. Brady sarcastically thanked Melanie for her help, and abruptly left. Melanie worried that if she called the cops, they would go after Brady, so she called Dario back. Voice shaking, she begged him to get to the pier, because she needed his help. Dario first wanted to know if Brady were there, but quickly agreed to Melanie's request.

When Dario got to the pier, he found Melanie cradling E.J.'s head in her lap and urging him to hang on. Freaked out to see that she was tending to E.J. DiMera, Dario wanted to know what had happened. Melanie asserted that it would be better if Dario didn't know the details, and implored him to help her save E.J.'s life. Dario wanted to call an ambulance, but Melanie asked him to help her take E.J. to her car. Recalling that Brady had been there, Dario asked if Brady had beaten E.J. up. "You're risking everything to cover for Brady? What if E.J. dies on your watch?" Dario demanded. As they heard sirens approaching, Melanie begged Dario to help her, but he flatly refused.

When Nicole found Brady on a bench in the park, she was alarmed to see that he had a gash on his cheek. She wanted to take him to the hospital to get stitches, but Brady refused. He rose to leave, but Nicole insisted on driving him home if he wouldn't go to the hospital, since he was obviously drunk.

Nicole went inside with Brady when they got to the Kiriakis mansion, and demanded to know what had happened to him. Refusing to answer, Brady snidely asserted that Nicole had a husband to get home to. Nicole maintained that no one missed her at home, but Brady believed that Sydney loved her. Nicole countered, "I'm not her mother, and she knows that."

Brady wanted to know what was going on with Nicole. She replied that both children were well aware that Sami, not Nicole, was their mother. "And you can't make someone love you," Nicole pointed out. Brady maintained that E.J. wasn't worth it, but Nicole insisted that the children had been. She added that she had given up everything, but it hadn't made a difference. "I made a terrible mistake," Nicole stated sadly.

As Hope got in bed next to Bo, she informed him that she had called Ciara at her dad's to say goodnight for both of them. Hope quickly noticed that Bo seemed distracted and worried about something. He admitted that he didn't understand why Sami had taken Rafe back after having written Rafe off. Hope didn't think that was all that odd. Bo then divulged, "Rafe said he's working on something, and won't tell me exactly what it is. All he told me is that it involves the DiMeras." Intrigued, Hope began to speculate about what it could be, but Bo called a "moratorium" on further discussion of the topic, so they could focus on each other.

After making love, Bo and Hope concurred that they had a lot of lost time to make up for. Bo's phone rang, breaking the mood. When Bo hung up, he informed Hope that he had put a tail on Rafe off the books, and his contact had just followed Rafe to a location outside of town. Bo explained that he'd had a bad feeling about Rafe's request for more time with what he was working on. Hope knew that Bo wanted to go see what was going on with Rafe, and declared that she was going with him. Bo tried to refuse, but Hope asserted that he needed backup. Bo reluctantly agreed -- but he had to deputize his wife first. Hope excitedly jumped out of bed to get dressed.

In the doorway of the loft, Taylor accused Sami of covering for Rafe, who Taylor believed had stolen her mother's cameo. Sami hedged that she couldn't explain everything to Taylor, so Taylor took out her phone and dialed the police. Sami grabbed the phone and disconnected the call, but Taylor asserted that she would just go to the police station if Sami didn't return the phone. Sami countered that she could not let Taylor accuse Rafe of something he hadn't done. Taylor maintained that the cameo had been in her family for three generations, and she had recognized the scratch on the back; Taylor had deduced that Fay's secret had been that Rafe had stolen it.

Sami asked Taylor to trust her, but a suspicious Taylor was hardly inclined to do so, and demanded more details. Sami invited Taylor inside and closed the door. Sami asked, "Have you ever loved someone who's flawed? Someone you love so much, but no one sees them the way you do. And you just hope that your love is enough to change them, to make them the person you've always known they could be." She continued that Rafe had changed after the accident into someone who was different in every way from the man she'd fallen in love with -- but the man she loved and trusted had finally returned, and she was going to do whatever she had to do to protect him.

Sami acknowledged that there was a lot more to the story, although she couldn't tell Taylor everything just yet, but it explained how Rafe had ended up with Fay's cameo. She asked Taylor for just a little more time before she went to the police. Taylor reluctantly agreed to give Sami and Rafe until the next day.

In the basement, Rafe showed Fay's cameo to his doppelganger, and accused faux Rafe of having stolen the necklace after killing Fay. "What do you want from me?" the double demanded. Rafe replied, "I want you to confirm what I already know about Stefano and his son. Either you do that, or I take you to the P.D. with a bow -- and I don't think you have a chance with them, because they like me; they are not going to like you."

The imposter wanted to know if Rafe would let him go in exchange for the whole story, and Rafe agreed. Phony Rafe asserted that Rafe, who did everything by the book, would never let him go free. Rafe then produced a Taser, and threatened to use it if the imposter didn't give Rafe some straight answers. An unconcerned faux Rafe only laughed. Sami called Rafe just then, and warned him that they had a problem.

Taylor ran into Abe and Theo outside the Brady Pub. Abe invited her to join them for milkshakes, but he immediately noticed that Taylor seemed upset. He insisted that she go inside and tell him what was on her mind. Taylor obediently followed him into the pub, where Caroline greeted them. After Caroline took Theo to show him how she made the milkshakes, Abe asked Taylor what was wrong. "It's about my mother," she began.

Abe assumed that Taylor was still mourning Fay's death, but Taylor informed him that she'd seen her mother's cameo in Rafe and Sami's apartment. She believed that Rafe had stolen it and Sami was covering for him. Abe was skeptical, because Rafe had found Theo and Ciara. Caroline and Theo returned just then, and Theo exclaimed, "Rafe's mean! He's the most mean!" Abe briefly filled Taylor in on how Rafe had been "stern" with Theo, and Caroline declared that the old Rafe would never have behaved that way with children in such a frightening situation. Taylor abruptly announced that she had to leave, and then hurried out. As soon as she got outside, she tried to call E.J.

When Rafe returned home, Sami had just tucked Johnny and Sydney into bed after Mary had dropped them off. She divulged that Taylor had returned after he'd left, and Sami had been forced to reveal enough of the truth to convince Taylor not to go to the police. A discouraged Rafe admitted that he hadn't gotten anything out of "the creature." Sami was frustrated that E.J. would probably get away with what he'd done -- again -- but she was determined to make sure that everyone knew what he'd done to Rafe.

"Maybe we can't put him in jail, but we can ruin his life. Wound his heart, if he has one," Sami declared. Rafe urged her to reconsider going to the police, but she reminded him that if they did, E.J. would take the kids and run. She reassured Rafe that she loved and trusted him no matter what, and she was confident that they would find what they needed to take E.J. down. Rafe proposed that he would check at the hospital to see if there were any sign of foul play in Fay's death, but he was worried that they were running out of time, since Taylor was already suspicious.

Hope and Bo reached the basement door, but found it locked. Ever resourceful, Hope quickly and quietly produced a tool and picked the lock. The Bradys drew their guns, and Bo threw open the door -- and found "Rafe" gagged and tied to the chair.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Down on the pier, Melanie begged Dario to help her with an unconscious E.J. Dario was worried and grabbed Melanie by the wrist, pulling her away from E.J. Melanie wrested her arm free from Dario and explained that she could not let E.J. die or else it would start a war with the DiMera family. As Melanie held cloth to E.J.'s bleeding head wound, she explained to Dario that Brady had beaten E.J. because he had learned that E.J. was Troy's drug-dealing.

Though Dario was reluctant to help E.J., after learning of E.J.'s connection to Arianna's killer, Dario became downright hostile. "He deserves to die," Dario growled. Melanie warned Dario that the "DiMeras won't mourn quietly." Melanie stressed that they needed to save E.J's life or else they would suffer the wrath of Stefano.

At the spa, Daniel and Jennifer lay in bed, wrapped in one another's arms. Daniel joked about how difficult Jennifer had been when he first met her as a patient. With a smile, Jennifer admitted that she was happy. "I'm the best that I've been in a long time," Jennifer said before she noted that she was worried she had pushed Daniel into a relationship too soon. Daniel assured Jennifer that he would not be in bed with her if he were not ready for a relationship. Daniel explained that Jennifer made him laugh, and he loved how beautiful she was on the inside.

"It feels really right," Jennifer said as she kissed Daniel. Daniel and Jennifer started to make love again when Daniel's phone rang. Worried it was an emergency, Jennifer urged Daniel to answer. When Daniel answered the phone, he was surprised to hear a panic-stricken Melanie on the other end. Melanie pleaded with Daniel to give her the code for the clinic by the pier so that she could tend to an injured man she had found. When Daniel insisted that Melanie call the paramedics, Melanie said that she could not let the police get involved.

After giving Melanie the code to access the clinic, Daniel hurriedly got dressed and apologized to Jennifer. Jennifer pulled on her clothes and told Daniel that she understood. When Daniel said he would be back soon, Jennifer shook her head and insisted that she would go with Daniel. With a wry smile, Daniel noted that he was unlikely to stop Jennifer from following him. As Jennifer threw Daniel's backpack into his arms, she agreed and walked out the door ahead of him.

At the clinic, Melanie administered I.V. fluids to E.J. and monitored his vital signs. When Dario wondered whether E.J. should be awake, Melanie stared at E.J. in silence. "He should be," Melanie said softly. Melanie was checking E.J.'s pupils when Daniel and Jennifer rushed into the clinic. Stunned, Daniel stammered, "E.J. DiMera?" Before Melanie could explain, E.J.'s heart monitor flatlined. Daniel rushed into action and began to examine E.J.

Under orders from Quinn, Chloe went to the Sapphire Club with her client, Rob. Already inebriated, Rob wanted to go to a bedroom at the club and have sex, but when Chloe's phone rang, she begged Rob to let her answer the call, since it was her lawyer. Chloe explained that she was waiting for information about her son. With a shrug, Rob told Chloe she could take her call. While Rob went to get a drink at the bar, Chloe talked to Justin, who asked her to meet him in order to sign some papers. Chloe told Justin she would be right over.

When Rob returned to Chloe, she excused herself so that she could meet with her lawyer. Annoyed, Rob noted that he had paid Quinn money to spend the night with Chloe, and he did not want to wait. When Chloe begged for a quick break, Rob threatened to call Quinn and ask for a refund. Terrified that Quinn would release her sex tape, Chloe smiled and agreed to head up to the bedroom.

Once in the room, Chloe changed into a negligee and pulled out a bottle of pills from her purse. While Rob was in the bathroom, Chloe mixed two pills into his glass of champagne. When Rob returned, he downed his glass of champagne and began to paw at a less-than-enthusiastic Chloe. As Rob nibbled Chloe's neck, he became dizzy, then passed out. Chloe received a text message from Quinn, asking if everything was going to plan. "Yeah. Just not yours," Chloe muttered to herself.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Kate met with Quinn and demanded an update on whether Chloe had slept with the client yet. Kate prattled on about Chloe, noting that she had always been a slut so getting paid as a whore was right up Chloe's alley. Annoyed by Kate's comments, Quinn lost his temper and ordered Kate to stop insulting Chloe. With a cluck of disgust, Kate noted that Quinn had fallen victim to Chloe's charms.

"Look, I may not be the most stand-up guy on the planet, but if there's one thing I will not tolerate, it's gratuitous cruelty. The sociopath and ruthless craving for vengeance as opposed to justice," Quinn said firmly. "This project of ours will not succeed if you continue to make it more unseemly than it has to be," Quinn finished.

Enraged, Kate threatened that if Quinn uttered another disrespectful word to her that she would replace him. Quinn apologized for losing his temper. "I'll tone down my obsession, you patronizing bastard, when you give me the proof I want," Kate growled.

When Taylor could not get a hold of E.J. on the phone, she went over to the DiMera mansion. Stefano ordered Taylor to leave and not return. With a sigh, Taylor theorized aloud that E.J. had informed Stefano of his relationship with Taylor and that Stefano did not approve. "You are no good for my son," Stefano said bluntly. Stefano argued that Taylor was the "flavor of the month" to E.J. and that E.J. was not passionately in love with Taylor.

Taylor warned Stefano not to hurt her or else Stefano would lose his son forever. With a chuckle, Stefano countered that Taylor did not understand the strength of the bond between Stefano and his son E.J. Taylor warned Stefano that E.J. was in love with her and that Stefano could not control E.J.'s feelings.

After her meeting with Quinn, Kate went back to the DiMera mansion and called the Sapphire Club. Kate ordered room service for the bedroom where Chloe and Rob were meeting. With a grin, Kate asked the deliveryman to report to her about the scene in the room, and she would pay him handsomely. As Kate hung up the phone, a glum Stefano walked into the living room. When Kate asked Stefano what was wrong, he responded, "I don't know if I tell you that I love you enough. But know that I do."

Abe stopped by the loft to confront Rafe about Fay's cameo. Abe explained that he was concerned after Taylor told him that she had seen the cameo at the loft. With a grunt, Abe demanded to see the cameo in question. Rafe refused, noting that he did not have the cameo anymore. Frustrated, Abe noted that he'd had no idea what Rafe was capable of until he'd talked to Theo. Abe informed Rafe that he was relieved of duty from the Salem Police Department because Rafe had become unreliable.

At the safe house storage room, Bo and Hope found faux Rafe handcuffed to a chair and gagged. When Bo pulled the gag off of faux Rafe's mouth, faux Rafe explained that there was a clone of him running around town, pretending to be Rafe. With a nod, Bo explained that he needed to make sure faux Rafe was the real Rafe. Faux Rafe explained that the imposter was violent and stupid. Faux Rafe then pointed out the scar on his stomach. "That explains everything," Bo said to Hope. Hope noted that is sounded like a DiMera scheme.

Bo pretended to work on picking the lock to the handcuffs as faux Rafe became increasingly impatient. When faux Rafe lost his temper, Bo gave Hope a look. Bo received a call from Abe, so he stepped into the hallway with Hope. Abe explained to Bo on the phone that he had fired Rafe from the force and needed Bo to investigate him. Bo chimed in and noted that his investigation pointed toward the DiMeras.

After making a plan, Hope kissed Bo goodbye and returned to the storage room with faux Rafe. Hope pretended to work on the lock for the handcuffs, but grinned behind faux Rafe's back as he complained. Bo went to the loft to follow up on Abe's phone call.

At the loft, Rafe was talking to himself and said, "Not only did this scum steal from Fay, but he killed her too." As Rafe shook his head, Bo knocked on the front door. Rafe opened the door to find Bo with his gun drawn.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

by Mike

At the clinic, E.J. started to flatline. After Daniel managed to get E.J.'s condition stabilized, he noted that E.J. had a significant amount of head trauma. Daniel recalled E.J.'s previous head injuries, and he admitted that he was worried that E.J. might need surgery. Daniel asked Jennifer to call Carly.

Jennifer said that Carly wasn't answering her phone. Daniel noted that Carly was not on call, and he guessed that Carly had probably turned off her phone so that she could get some rest. Daniel quickly added that he really needed Carly's help, so Jennifer rushed off to Carly's place to look for her. Meanwhile, Daniel asked Melanie to find the X-ray equipment. After Melanie left, Daniel grabbed Dario's shirt collar and demanded to know why he had gotten Melanie involved in his mess.

As Dario tried to explain that Daniel had misread the situation, Melanie returned to the room. Melanie insisted that she had called Dario after she had found E.J. at the pier. Daniel apologized; as consolation, he added that he would try to give Dario the benefit of the doubt in the future. "Frankly, I wish the son of a bitch were dead; I could have just left him there to rot. Now, my sister's never gonna get any justice," Dario said, as he stormed out of the room.

After Dario left, Daniel verified that E.J. was still in stable condition. Melanie admitted that Brady had assaulted E.J., and she told Daniel about E.J.'s connection to Arianna's death. Daniel groaned as he started to realize the possible ramifications of Brady's actions. "This isn't just about protecting Brady; this is about Maggie -- who loves Brady, who cares about Victor; this is about you -- you're a Kiriakis, kind of, which is why I didn't want you to get involved. I just needed the code, so that I could get him in here and get him fixed!" Melanie tearfully exclaimed.

Daniel assured Melanie that he understood that her intentions had been good. "But when E.J. wakes up and learns what you did -- that you brought him here, instead of a hospital, to protect Brady -- how do you think he's gonna feel about that?" Daniel gently asked.

At Carly's place, Jennifer called out for Carly, and she said that she needed to talk to Carly about an emergency. Carly quickly wiped away the traces of powder that were still on her desk from the previous night. Carly answered the door, and Jennifer breathlessly stated that Daniel needed Carly. Jennifer quickly explained the situation to Carly, and Carly agreed to help Daniel.

Jennifer returned to the clinic with Carly. Daniel was relieved to see Carly, and Carly assured him that she would always be there when he needed her. Daniel and Carly inspected the X-rays, and they noted that they would need to perform surgery on E.J. if the swelling in his head started to get too severe. Later, Daniel and Melanie explained everything to Carly. Melanie apologized for getting Carly involved in the ordeal.

"I didn't want you guys to get involved, because you're already in so much trouble because of the paternity test -- I mean, you almost lost your license because of it, and if they find out about this, they're gonna crucify you. Is that really a risk that you guys want to take?" Melanie wondered, as she looked at Carly nervously. Carly and Daniel assured Melanie that everything was going to be all right. Meanwhile, E.J.'s monitors started to beep; as Daniel, Carly, and Melanie rushed back into E.J.'s room, E.J. started to have a seizure.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Dario greeted Adrienne. Adrienne reminded Dario that he had agreed to stay at the bar to sign for a delivery of supplies that night. Adrienne wondered what had happened. Dario claimed that he had been visiting his sister at the hospital, and he said that he had lost track of time. Dario apologized profusely, and he insisted that he would take care of the shipment on his own.

Dario told Adrienne to go home and get some rest. Adrienne tried to protest, but Dario insisted that it was the least that he could do. Dario removed his jacket and placed it on the pool table. After Dario left to take care of the inventory, something in his jacket pocket caught Adrienne's eye. When Adrienne inspected the jacket, she found the bloody scarf that Dario had used on E.J.'s wounds earlier.

Later, Dario was surprised to find that Adrienne was still at the bar. Dario reiterated that he wanted Adrienne to go home and get some rest, and he told her that he had already finished taking care of the inventory. Adrienne showed Dario the bloody scarf, and she wondered what had happened. Dario explained that one of his friends had been in trouble, and he had been compelled to help her. Adrienne assured Dario that she understood, and she said that family and friends would always take priority over work.

At the hospital, Chad greeted Abigail; Abigail wondered if Chad was looking for Gabi's room. Chad was surprised to learn that Gabi was in the hospital. When Abigail and Chad entered Gabi's room, Abigail quickly noted that Gabi had received a huge bouquet of flowers from someone. After Gabi explained that Rafe had sent her the flowers, Will wondered what had happened to the insensitive Rafe. "I don't know...I guess he got switched with someone else," Gabi jokingly stated.

Later, in the hospital waiting area, Chad announced that he wanted to take Abigail to Chez Rouge for their date. Abigail agreed, and Chad wondered if he should buy chocolates and flowers for Abigail. Abigail jokingly stated that she wanted the most expensive chocolates and flowers that Chad could find. Abigail smiled, and she quickly added that the only thing that she really wanted was Chad.

Back in Gabi's hospital room, Will said that he was glad that Gabi was going to be released from the hospital the next day. Gabi agreed, but Will noted that Gabi didn't seem very excited about the news. Gabi didn't want to tell Will what she was concerned about, but Will begged her to be honest with him. Gabi reluctantly admitted that Will had said something earlier, after he had kissed her, that had been bothering her. Gabi reminded Will that he had said that he never wanted to hurt Gabi.

"Are you trying to analyze that now? I, know, I thought it was a pretty normal...thing to say; what's the big deal?" Will wondered. Gabi conceded that Will was right, and she apologized for worrying about the statement. "I just...well, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I don't ever want it to end," Gabi admitted. Will agreed, and Gabi wondered if he really felt the same way. "More than you know," Will said, as he kissed Gabi again.

Later, Abigail apologetically informed Will and Gabi that visiting hours had ended. After Will left, Abigail said that Will's impromptu prom surprise had been a really sweet gesture. Gabi agreed that Will was a great guy, and Abigail said that Chad was a really good guy, too. Gabi noted that Abigail seemed surprised that Chad was a good guy.

Abigail admitted that she had been worried about the fact that Chad was a DiMera. "Now...I'm totally over it. I mean, yes, that will always be his last name, and he will always be connected to those people, but...that doesn't mean that he has to support their lifestyle. I mean, Chad is...Chad's an honest, fair, good guy -- nothing like his dad, nothing at all -- and he never will be," Abigail said.

At the Sapphire Club, Stefano tried to call E.J. When E.J. did not answer his phone, Stefano called Mary. Mary assured Stefano that E.J. was not at the DiMera mansion. Stefano asked Mary to let him know if E.J. returned to the mansion, and he added that he wanted Mary to ignore Taylor's calls.

Later, Chad arrived at the club, and he wondered why Stefano had left him so many urgent messages. Stefano started to explain, but then he stopped himself; Chad noted that Stefano's breathing was irregular, and he wondered if Stefano was all right. Stefano regained his composure, and he explained that he was worried because he had not been able to reach E.J. all night. Stefano insisted that he was all right, but Chad wasn't convinced.

Chad wondered if Stefano had remembered to take his insulin. Stefano chuckled and guessed that Kate had told Chad about Stefano's diabetes. Chad confirmed that Kate had warned him about Stefano's condition, and he added that he had done some research online to learn more about diabetes. Chad said that it looked like Stefano had overexerted himself, and he incredulously noted that Stefano appeared to be drinking vodka.

"Russian; and the cigar that I'm smoking? Cuban. Anything else you want to know?" Stefano wondered. Chad asked if Stefano had eaten anything recently; Stefano shrugged and said that he had eaten something. Chad wondered if Stefano had remembered to test his blood sugar. Stefano tried to get Chad to drop the subject, but Chad was insistent; he excused himself so that he could get Stefano some orange juice. "Ah, he's a good kid," Stefano muttered with amusement after Chad left.

Chad returned with a glass of orange juice, and he watched as Stefano took a sip out of the glass. Stefano told Chad to relax, and he assured Chad that he was not at death's door. "Good, 'cause I already lost one father; can't lose another one," Chad said. Stefano finished his glass of orange juice, and he told Chad that he was feeling better. After Chad was satisfied that Stefano was all right, he wondered why Stefano had asked to meet him at the club.

"Well, I think it's time for you to take the next step...up. Now, you know that I am a member of this club, but I want to make you a member, also. You have proven yourself, you are a hard worker, and you are a loyal member of our family. And, by now, you probably realize that Elvis wants to go in a different direction; he just wants to lead a whole other kind of life," Stefano explained. Chad admitted that he was aware that Stefano and E.J. had been arguing recently. Stefano said that he would always love E.J., even if he disagreed with the choices that E.J. was making.

" are also my flesh and blood, and I am convinced that you are a man that I can always trust," Stefano added. Chad noted that Stefano seemed to believe that he and Chad were quite similar. "Well...I'm not so bad, am I?" Stefano asked. Chad grinned and agreed that Stefano wasn't that bad.

Later, Stefano noted that Chad had gone to see the Deveraux girl again, and Chad pointedly reminded Stefano that her name was Abigail. Chad added that he had also gone to visit Gabi in the hospital. Stefano said that he had heard about Gabi's appendectomy, and he wondered if Gabi was all right. "Yeah. I mean, she's fine, and she was really thrilled to have received some flowers from her brother; I guess she and Will both think that Rafe's finally coming around -- you know, turning back into his old self again," Chad said. Stefano nodded and said that Chad's news was interesting.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Bo announced that he had found Rafe's look-alike. Before Rafe could respond, Sami entered the apartment. Rafe told Sami that Bo had found the impostor. Bo said that fake Rafe had claimed that Rafe was the impostor.

"Uncle Bo, that is not true -- he is lying. The DiMeras, they made that son of a bitch; they did the whole plastic surgery thing -- the whole nine yards, I swear. I mean, they were setting him out to ruin my life, to take my kids from me, but I promise you, this -- this is the real Rafe. I'm sure of it," Sami insisted. Rafe and Sami quickly explained everything to Bo; when they were finished, Sami begged Bo to believe that they were telling the truth. Bo assured Rafe and Sami that he believed their story.

Bo explained that he and Hope had followed Rafe to the safe house earlier. Bo said that fake Rafe had claimed that he was the real Rafe Hernandez; Bo added that he and Hope had realized that fake Rafe was lying, because he had never mentioned Sami's name, and he had not seemed concerned about Sami's safety. Rafe admitted that the DiMeras had probably started to get suspicious about his behavior. Rafe added that he had not been able to convince fake Rafe to admit that the DiMeras had hired him to impersonate Rafe.

Rafe suggested that he and Bo should return to the safe house and interrogate fake Rafe together. Bo insisted that Rafe's plan was too risky; he pointed out that the DiMeras might be following Rafe. Rafe admitted that Bo was right. Rafe and Sami warned Bo that fake Rafe had murdered Fay Walker. Sami sighed, and she wondered how she had allowed herself to be duped by fake Rafe for months.

Rafe assured Sami that they were going to make E.J. pay for what he had done. "You know we're not gonna be able to do that. I mean, he gets away with everything; that whole family gets away with everything. They die, and then they're not really dead, and then they come back from the dead, think we're really gonna be able to nail him for this? We're gonna be able to put him away for life? No!" Sami exclaimed with frustration. Rafe conceded that they might not be able to put the DiMeras away for life. Rafe added that they could at least ruin their lives.

"Yes! Yes, that would be great! For get him back. I mean, the fact that he's able to live some sort of normal existence, after everything he has done, all the innocent people he has hurt...I mean, how many times they've screwed with our family! We are not gonna let it happen; we are gonna make sure people know," Sami insisted. Bo pointed out that they still needed to convince fake Rafe to cooperate. Bo warned Rafe and Sami to stay at the apartment, and he excused himself so that he could check on Hope.

After Bo left, Will returned to the apartment. Will said that Gabi had really appreciated the flowers that Rafe had sent her. "And all of us were talking about, um, you know, how maybe you've changed, and, I don't know, you're back to your old self, really made her smile," Will added. Sami nervously wondered who had been saying that Rafe was back to being his old self again. Will said that Abigail had been there for the discussion, and he added that Chad had also been in the room. Will wondered if that was going to be a problem.

At the safe house, Hope continued to fiddle with the lock on fake Rafe's handcuffs. Fake Rafe asked Hope for some water; as she poured the water into fake Rafe's mouth, her phone started to ring. As Hope started to walk away, fake Rafe tripped her. Fake Rafe knocked Hope out, then he started to smash the chair against the wall so that he could escape. After he broke the chair, fake Rafe started to leave, but Hope grabbed his ankle and caused him to fall. Before fake Rafe could recover, Bo returned to the safe house and subdued him.

A short time later, Bo received a phone call from Rafe. Bo assured Rafe that Hope was all right. Rafe started to tell Bo that he had developed a plan to get fake Rafe to confess, but Bo stopped Rafe, and he reminded Rafe that it might not be safe to talk about their plans over the phone. Before Rafe could respond, the door to the safe house room opened; Bo and Hope quickly aimed their guns at the intruder.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kate met a waiter from the Sapphire Club on the pier. He informed her that his attempt to deliver more drinks to the room upstairs had been unsuccessful, so he hadn't been able to take a picture of the woman inside, as Kate had requested. After the waiter left, Kate grumbled that she knew who the woman was, but she needed proof.

At the Sapphire Club, Chad divulged to Stefano that after Gabi had gotten flowers from Rafe, she had seemed to feel that Rafe was finally acting like his old self again. The news had a negative effect on Stefano's mood, which Chad immediately picked up on. Stefano assured his son that everything was all right; he was just worried about the business, which was seriously understaffed. Chad wanted to know why Stefano didn't just hire someone. Stefano explained that it was easier said than done, because the shipping business was very cutthroat, and hiring new people could be tricky.

Chad offered to help if he could. Stefano maintained that the company could use some "creative paperwork," and Chad wondered if "creative" really meant "illegal." Eyes twinkling, Stefano replied, "My personal philosophy is if they cannot put you in jail for it, then it's got to be legal." He added that he didn't want Chad to do anything that made him uncomfortable, and that he would love and protect Chad no matter what. Chad agreed to think about it, and then asked if Stefano were feeling better after his episode.

Kate arrived just then and demanded to know what episode they were talking about. Stefano tried to laugh it off, but Kate insisted that he call Lexie right away. Although he insisted he was fine, Stefano left to call his daughter for an appointment.

Kate affectionately asserted to Chad that he had given Stefano a reason to take care of himself, because he wanted to be there to watch Chad become a success in business. Chad admitted that Stefano had offered him a paying job in the company, but Chad had reservations about it. Kate hoped that Chad would consider accepting it, because she wanted Stefano to be around for a long time.

Stefano returned, and advised Kate that Lexie had promised to see him the next morning. After insisting that she would go with him to his appointment, Kate left for a meeting. Chad announced that while he wasn't thrilled about the nature of the job, he couldn't pass up the opportunity to work with Stefano. "You have made me a very happy man, son," Stefano declared. Chad admitted that he had spent his entire life wanting to hear his father say that.

Kate returned to the pier, and left a voicemail for Quinn to call her back immediately. "No more games," Kate said to herself. "I need to get the proof on Chloe."

At the hospital, a beaming Lexie informed Maggie that the pediatric wing of the hospital had just received a huge donation in honor of Mickey and Alice. Maggie was elated -- until she learned that the donation was from Victor Kiriakis. She maintained that Victor had done it just to make a big gesture, but Lexie believed that he had other motives.

In a waiting area, Taylor called the DiMera mansion to try to reach E.J., but Mary abruptly hung up after explaining that Mr. DiMera had instructed her not to take any calls from Taylor. Taylor anxiously wondered where E.J. was, and why he wasn't answering his phone.

Lexie spotted an obviously worried Taylor in the waiting area, and asked what was going on. Taylor explained that she hadn't been able to find E.J. anywhere, so she'd gone to the hospital to see if he had been in an accident. Lexie offered to call her father, but Taylor maintained that it was pointless, because Stefano had ordered E.J. to stay away from Taylor. Taylor confided that she'd thought Stefano was angry because E.J. had stopped participating in the illegal side of the family business for her, but she didn't know what to believe anymore. Groaning, Lexie admitted that she had to suppress the urge to tell Taylor, "I told you so." She urged Taylor to let E.J. handle Stefano. After Lexie left to respond to a page, Taylor continued fretting about why E.J. was dodging her calls.

At the Kiriakis mansion, as Nicole dressed the gash on Brady's face, she asked what had happened -- and whom Brady had fought with. "E.J. And he's way worse off than I am," Brady replied. Nicole was alarmed, but Brady asserted that E.J. had deserved it after having Arianna killed. "Oh, my God, did you kill him?" Nicole asked. Brady didn't know, but he hoped he had. Nicole was worried that E.J. would retaliate by killing Brady.

Victor entered the living room then, just as Henderson let Maggie in the front door. Victor declared to Brady, "I could smell the alcohol on your breath all the way across the room, but there's not enough Scotch in the world to justify bringing this slut into my house!" Maggie entered and ordered Victor to stop it. Nicole thanked Maggie, but maintained she didn't care what Victor said or did. Brady headed upstairs, and after a quick insult in Victor's direction, Nicole followed.

An irked Maggie informed Victor that she had stopped by to thank him for his donation to the hospital. Victor replied that it was nothing. Maggie agreed, pointing out that donating money required no commitment or understanding. She turned to leave, but Victor asked her not to go yet. He noted that every time Maggie dropped by unannounced, she ended up angry and hurt. There was always something going on there that could upset her, Victor explained, and he couldn't promise that the situation would ever change -- or that he would.

Maggie argued that Victor didn't want to change. Victor admitted that was probably true, so he no longer wanted to subject Maggie to him, or to his family. Maggie declared that by trying to push her out of his life, Victor was condescending to her while letting himself off the hook. "You hope it's drowning that little voice inside your head that's saying, 'I'm an old fart, and I can't change!'" she added irritably. Then, with an impish grin, Maggie told Victor that he could spend his days growling at his family and writing checks if he wanted to, but if he wanted to have some fun, he should give her a call. She turned and walked out, leaving Victor scowling in frustration.

Upstairs, Nicole hopped onto the bed next to Brady with two glasses, since he was drinking straight from the bottle. Brady pointed out that it wasn't a good idea for her to associate with someone who'd tried to kill her husband. Nicole repeated her question about whether Brady had killed E.J. With a shrug, Brady replied that although he had been angry enough, he might have been too drunk to do so. Nicole acknowledged that she knew Brady had attacked E.J. because of Arianna. Brady sardonically noted that Nicole would only see the truth about E.J. until she fell for his act again.

Nicole asserted that she had fallen for E.J. for the last time, and she hated watching Taylor make the same mistakes. She added that she didn't want what Brady had done to ruin his life. Brady thanked Nicole for looking out for him, but she returned the thanks for the many times he'd looked out for her in the past. As Nicole was talking, Brady fell asleep. After remarking to herself that she was losing her touch, Nicole stroked Brady's face lightly. "If only there was a way out of this...and a way back to you," she whispered.

At the free clinic, Daniel struggled to stabilize E.J., who was having a seizure. E.J.'s cell phone rang, and Melanie accidentally answered it in her attempt to turn the phone off. "E.J., are you there?" they heard Taylor say over speakerphone. Carly saw that Taylor's voice seemed to calm E.J. and stop his seizure, so she quietly instructed Melanie not to hang up yet. A moment later, Daniel noted with amazement that E.J. was stable.

After Melanie left the exam room to talk to Jennifer, Daniel noticed that Carly seemed a little too focused, and asked if she were all right. Remembering the drugs she'd snorted, Carly snapped at him, but then quickly apologized. Daniel expressed his appreciation for how Carly had noticed E.J. relaxing at the sound of Taylor's voice, and declared that she was a great doctor. Carly was grateful for the praise.

Outside, Melanie informed Jennifer that they had gotten E.J. stabilized. Melanie admitted that Brady was the one who had beaten E.J. up because of something terrible that E.J. had done. Jennifer understood Melanie's desire to prevent a mob war, and why Melanie had taken E.J. to the clinic and gotten her parents' help, but she worried what E.J. would do when he woke up and remembered what had happened. Melanie confessed that she hadn't thought that far ahead.

When Melanie returned to the exam room, Carly administered a sedative to E.J., while Melanie asked Daniel if there were anything he could give E.J. to make him forget what had happened. Daniel stated that he wouldn't do it even if there were, so Melanie pleaded with him to help keep a bad situation from becoming worse. Daniel argued that he and Carly had already played fast and loose with the law for their daughter, but Melanie could not ask him to violate his oath as a doctor to do no harm to his patients. When Daniel resumed tending to E.J., Melanie muttered to herself, "Okay, so I have to fix this on my own."

To Melanie's relief, Daniel then declared that the three of them had to figure out what to do next. Carly stepped outside for some air, and admitted to Jennifer that she was worried that Daniel would get hurt because he had helped Melanie. "And you won't?" Jennifer asked. "I don't matter!" Carly snapped, causing Jennifer to ask what was going on with Carly.

Bo was on the phone with Rafe when the door to the basement opened. Bo and Hope drew their guns and ordered the man who entered to freeze. His hands in the air, the man explained that he was FBI Agent Tim Carter, and Rafe's friend. Rafe asked Bo to put him on speaker, and explained to Bo that Tim was there to give Bo something as a favor to Rafe. As Bo and Hope put their weapons away, Tim said that Rafe had saved his life once, and Rafe had been cashing in on it ever since. Tim then produced a small black case, and handed it to Bo. "So, that's Rafe," a very confused Tim noted, indicating the phone, then looked at the imposter and asked, "And that is?" Bo replied, "We're working on that."

After Tim had gone, Bo took the phone off speaker, and asked what Rafe's plan was. Rafe explained that what Tim had delivered was truth serum; if faux Rafe didn't talk after they injected him with it, they would take him back to the scene of the crime. Bo pointed out that the scene of the crime was the DiMera mansion. Rafe continued that they would first have to get everyone out of the house, and then Sami would get them inside. Bo was skeptical, but agreed to the plan.

After Bo hung up, he gave one of the syringes of truth serum to Hope, who was more than happy to inject their captive. Once enough time had passed for the drug to take effect, Bo used his cell phone to videotape his interrogation of imposter Rafe. "What's your name?" Bo demanded. Snickering, the impersonator replied that he didn't remember. Bo wanted to know if faux Rafe worked for the DiMeras and if he'd killed Fay Walker, but couldn't get a straight answer. Bo declared that it was time for plan B.

At the loft, Rafe informed Sami that after making some calls, he knew that Chad and Stefano were at the Sapphire Club, Kate was at the spa, and Mary's shift was about to end. Sami told her husband that she'd just learned that Nicole was with Brady. No one seemed to know where E.J. was, but Sami and Rafe agreed that they had to move forward with the plan.

Later, Rafe hid behind some shrubbery outside the DiMera mansion, and used an earpiece to tell Bo that he had disabled the security cameras, so there would be no record that they were there. While Hope and Bo waited with the handcuffed imposter just around the corner, Sami opened the front door. Sami spotted Mary as she entered, so she gestured to Bo and Hope to stay hidden. While Sami was trying to explain why she was there to Mary, suddenly faux Rafe broke free and lunged through the front door. Fake Rafe slurred that Hope and Bo were trying to kill him, but Sami maintained that her "husband" was just drunk.

A skeptical Mary insisted on calling Stefano, but Sami stopped her. Sami apologetically explained that she'd forgotten Sydney's doll, and Bo and Hope had pulled Rafe over on their way to pick it up, because Sami hadn't realized how much he'd had to drink at dinner. While Bo dragged imposter Rafe back outside, Sami asked if Mary would please keep quiet about the incident. Mary was unsure, so Sami pointed out how often Mary was late to pick up the kids from Sami, and how Mary, not Sami, had been with Sydney when the little girl had fallen. Although appalled that Sami was threatening her, Mary reluctantly agreed, and obediently went upstairs to her room.

When Bo returned with faux Rafe, Hope injected the imposter with another dose of truth serum. Hope and Bo then taunted phony Rafe that he might have gotten away with killing Fay if he hadn't taken her cameo as a souvenir. Sami stood in front of the impersonator while she fastened the cameo around her neck, and then declared, "I know who you are, and I know what you've done." Faux Rafe hallucinated that Fay was standing before him instead. Fay's ghostly image ordered him to tell everyone what he'd done to her.

Bo grabbed imposter Rafe and dragged him backwards up the staircase to trigger his memory. Sami noticed that the phony had squeezed his eyes shut, so she ordered him to open them and look at the woman he'd killed. When he opened his eyes and looked at Sami, he saw Fay. He lunged at her, and Sami tumbled down the stairs, landing on the floor below in almost the same position as Fay had. Hope shrieked and rushed to Sami's side, while Bo pulled faux Rafe back down the stairs.

Outside, Rafe spotted Kate returning home, and intercepted her before she could open the front door. "Sorry; you can't go in there," he said firmly, grabbing Kate by the arm and pulling her away.

Meanwhile, Hope gently helped Sami sit up. Still seeing Fay, imposter Rafe growled, "What is with you? Why won't you die? I pushed you down the stairs. I smothered you in the hospital. I killed you, Fay Walker! I killed you!" Excited that her husband's doppelganger had finally confessed, Sami looked triumphantly at Hope -- but Hope's gaze was on the doorway from the living room, where a horrified Taylor had just appeared.

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