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Adam plotted with Diane to make the press believe Victor was dead. Genevieve and Cane thwarted Colin's abduction of the twins. Walsh ignored Abby's confession about Tucker's accident. Genevieve attacked Colin and left him to die. A fire threatened Cane's life.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 6, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, June 6, 2011

At Gloworm, Michael believed that Abby was upset about her mother's arrest when she cried, "What was Mom thinking?" Michael said he had some important issues to discuss, but Abby wasn't interested. Abby was upset as she rushed out, leaving Michael behind. Abby cried, "What I have to take care of is important, too."

Ashley was arrested and escorted to an interrogation room at the jail. Ashley was relieved to learn from Jack that her prohibited visit with Tucker hadn't worsened his condition, so foul play wasn't suspected. Ashley was surprised when Jack announced that Katherine had offered the head position at Jabot to Victoria. Jack insisted that either he or Ashley should be in charge of Jabot when the new product line was launched. Ashley replied, "Go for it. I am in here, and I have to focus my energies on getting out and helping Tucker."

After Jack left, Michael arrived and questioned Ashley about the accident. Ashley was uncooperative, but she insisted she'd been driving the car that had hit Tucker. After Abby arrived, Michael left. Abby admitted that she had hit Tucker but hadn't meant to hurt him. Ashley insisted that she'd hit Tucker. Abby refused to let her mom lie for her any longer. Ashley explained to Abby that Abby would cause more trouble by claiming she'd been driving, and Ashley begged Abby to keep quiet. Abby cried, "I can't, Mom," as she rushed out.

Ashley summoned a guard and begged to be allowed to contact her attorney. Ashley, desperate, explained that she needed to prevent her daughter from getting herself in trouble. The guard refused and told Ashley that she was just another prisoner. At Gloworm, Abby met with Spencer, the district attorney, and admitted that she'd been driving the car.

While Lauren sipped coffee at Crimson Lights, Kevin told her that Daniel was in court, petitioning for sole parental rights, so he could hand Lucy over to Billy and Victoria. Lauren encouraged Kevin to speak on the Abbotts' behalf to ensure that the adoption would be finalized. Lauren said she believed that Phyllis would drop her campaign to lure Daisy back to Genoa City if the adoption was finalized.

Phyllis was startled to find Daisy in her penthouse. Phyllis showed Daisy photos of Lucy. Daisy learned that a judge had terminated her parental rights. Phyllis agreed to help Daisy get her parental rights reinstated if she turned herself in to authorities. Phyllis offered to hire the best criminal attorney. Phyllis explained that Daisy would get a light sentence because she had been an innocent child pushed into a life of crime. Phyllis added that in return, Phyllis would get Lucy.

Daisy refused to walk away from her child. Daisy berated Phyllis for writing about her as if she were a monster and said she wanted Lucy to know her mother's true nature. Daisy reminded Phyllis that she was the grandmother. Phyllis summoned Leslie, who convinced the district attorney to let Daisy turn herself in. Phyllis ordered Daisy to cooperate. Daisy reminded Phyllis that they were depending on each other. Daisy demanded to see her daughter.

In the courtroom, Judge Welchert was taken aback when she learned from Rafe that Daniel, having just gained full parental rights, planned to give up his daughter and hand Lucy over to Billy and Victoria. Billy took the stand and told the judge that Victoria had become despondent after suffering a miscarriage. Billy admitted he'd acted out if desperation when he'd sought the assistance of a baby broker named Primrose. Billy said he'd believed that the adoption had been legitimate, though he admitted that the process seemed to have cut corners. Billy insisted that he'd never intended to break the law.

Billy told the judge that Lucy was loved and that the extended family had wholeheartedly supported the adoption. Daniel admitted that his mother had not supported the adoption. Kevin arrived and told the judge that his sister had abandoned that baby. On the stand, Kevin said he'd once believed that he could have given his niece a home but had changed his mind. Jack entered the courtroom in time to hear Kevin beg the judge to send Lucy home with Billy and Victoria, her father and mother. Michael arrived after the judge stepped into her chambers.

Daniel thanked Kevin, and the two men reconciled. After Kevin, Michael, and Victoria stepped out. Billy told Jack that Victoria had turned down Katherine's job offer. When the judge reappeared, everyone returned to their seats in the courtroom. Judge Welchert announced that it was in Lucy's best interest for adoption proceedings to move forward.

After Billy, Victoria, and Daniel signed the legal documents, Victoria thanked Daniel and Rafe. Billy cradled Lucy, and Victoria thanked him for giving her the happy ending he'd promised. Michael stepped out to meet Lauren. Michael happily announced that Victoria and Billy had legally adopted Lucy, so there was no reason for Phyllis to lure Daisy back to town. Lauren was planning a celebration with everyone when Phyllis rushed into the courtroom with Daisy and Leslie. Phyllis announced that Daisy was back to get her parental rights reinstated.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren discussed business with Jill, who mentioned that she planned to surprise Colin with a honeymoon cruise to Australia. Lauren left when Colin arrived. Colin didn't appear to be happy with Jill's impromptu travel plans. Jill said she couldn't wait to visit Colin's family. After Jill realized that Colin wasn't receptive to her plans, she suggested he leave, so she could continue an earlier discussion with Lauren. Jill fought back tears after Colin left. Lauren was surprised to hear that Colin wasn't thrilled about the cruise to Australia. Jill sadly noted, "I got the feeling that he didn't want to go with me."

Colin later met Jill at Gloworm and apologized. He claimed that Jill had caught him off-guard. Colin explained that he was avoiding going home due to long-held family grudges. Jill accepted Colin's apology and asked if he still wanted to visit Australia. He placed his hand on Jill's and said, "There's nothing I want to do more than take my wife home with me." Jill was elated.

At the estate where Genevieve was staying, Cane told his mother that too much was at stake for him to help her seek revenge against his father. After Cane threatened to tell Lily the truth, Genevieve, addressing her son as Ethan, said, "Crazy talk like that will get you a room next to Lily's." Cane berated his mother for disappearing after Samantha's death. Genevieve admitted that she'd needed time away. Cane reminded his mother that for years, she'd been emotionally absent. Cane purposely hurt Genevieve when he added that he'd found a new family and a new mother.

Genevieve insisted that both she and Cane had needed time away after witnessing what Colin had done. Genevieve reminded Cane that he and she were very much alike and had a common goal. Cane begged his mom to trust his plan. He explained that he'd catch Colin attempting to kidnap the twins and stop him. Cane told his mom that the only thing that truly mattered to him was to be reunited with his family. Genevieve seemed frustrated after Cane rushed out.

Later, Cane pretended to be Caleb when he met his father at the park. Cane, acting frustrated, ordered his father to quickly carry out his plans because Lily was in the "nuthouse." Colin warned Cane that his son's impulsiveness had cost him dearly in the past. Colin berated "Caleb" for not being more like his deceased brother. Colin took a phone call, and then announced plans to leave with the twins from a private, secure airstrip. Cane milked his dad for more information, but his father didn't reveal the location.

Later, a desperate Cane phoned his mother and cried that his dad planned to take the twins to Australia the following day. Genevieve relieved Cane's fears and explained that she'd overhead Colin's plans because she'd "cloned" his cell phone. Genevieve announced that she'd been monitoring Colin for quite some time. Cane said he supposed that his mom planned to use what she knew against Colin.

Genevieve explained that Colin had been flying in and out using the airstrip on the estate he'd purchased after learning that "Ethan" was in Genoa City. Cane said, "So that's why you moved into this house?" Genevieve grinned and cried, "I've been waiting for this for a very long time!" Cane told his mother that he'd been unaware of the effort his mom had put forth to catch his father. Genevieve explained that she'd been looking forward to a face-to-face meeting with his father as much as Cane had anticipated seeing Lily, though Genevieve claimed she didn't love Colin.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Diane ran into Nick at Crimson Lights. Nick was not happy to see her, but Diane reminded him that they'd made love in her hotel suite the night before. Nick said their encounter had been a one-time thing. Adam appeared at the table and told Nick that their trip had been successful. Adam showed Nick an online story about Sharon's accident. It exonerated Sharon from suicide.

Diane thought it was great that Adam and Nick had worked together to achieve their objective. Nick rejected the idea that he worked well with his half-brother. Nick walked into the coffeehouse and ran into Noah. Nick was surprised that his son had returned to Genoa City. Noah explained that he'd just arrived from New York. Nick told Noah that Nikki had returned to rehab. Noah was reminded that there was always a lot of drama in Genoa City. Nick was pleased that Noah planned to remain in town to work on his music with Devon.

Nick and Noah sat at a table, and Noah said that he didn't blame his dad for Sharon's mistakes. Noah realized that he'd been very hard on Nick and Sharon while he was growing up. Noah apologized for having been a difficult child. Nick appreciated that Noah had become a fine young man. A girl walked over to Noah's side, and Noah introduced her to Nick as Hunter, his friend from New York.

Alone with Nick, Noah explained that Hunter had been homeless, and he'd offered her a place to stay. Noah assured Nick that he was not romantically involved with Hunter. Later, Hunter told Noah that she liked Crimson Lights. Hunter wondered if Nick had liked her.

Adam informed Diane that he'd seen her having "sexy time" with Nick in the hotel suite. Diane said what she did with Nick was none of Adam's business. Adam reminded Diane that they wanted people to believe they were an item, and Adam didn't want Diane to spoil the illusion. Adam was determined to use Diane to hurt Victor. Diane recognized that Adam's heart belonged to Sharon, but she asked if he would ever stop grieving for her. Adam told Diane that he would always mourn Sharon. Later, Diane made a pass at Nick, hoping he would visit her suite again, but Nick said that he had no interest in Diane. Adam had tears in his eyes as he reread the online story about Sharon's accident.

In New Mexico, Sharon found a newspaper article about her car accident. Sharon read how Adam and Nick had proven that Sharon had not committed suicide. Sam walked into the barn, and Sharon quickly closed the laptop so he wouldn't see the story. After Sharon and Sam finished their work in the barn, Sam invited Sharon to join him for dinner at the main house. Sharon declined, and when his cell phone rang, Sam walked out to take the call. Later, Sharon was back at the PC and read that the Newman brothers had worked together on Sharon's case. Thinking about spotting Adam at the fair, Sharon imagined what would have happened if she'd approached him. In her fantasy, Adam was thrilled to see Sharon again and embraced her joyously.

Sharon looked at the newspaper story and again imagined reuniting with Adam, only this time Adam was arrested for aiding and abetting her escape from jail. Sharon realized that Adam would be better off without her. Sam returned to the barn and told Sharon that the horse he'd been caring for had passed away. Sharon felt bad for Sam, but he accepted that it was part of life.

Sam mentioned that he'd lost his wife, and Sharon assumed that she'd died. Sam explained that his wife had left him because he'd been too wrapped up in his work. Sam said that he'd screwed up their marriage. Sharon felt for Sam and asked if she could take him up on that dinner invitation at the house. Sam said yes and led Sharon to his home.

In jail, Ashley received a visit from Abby. Ashley was concerned that Abby had done something rash. Abby admitted that she'd confessed to the D.A. that she'd driven the car that hit Tucker. Ashley was relieved to learn from Abby that Walsh hadn't believed her. Ashley told Abby that if she persisted in saying that Abby had been behind the wheel, Abby would wind up in jail with Ashley.

Abby was certain that she'd been driving that night, but Ashley claimed Abby had experienced a false memory. Abby was determined to make the authorities believe her. Ashley warned Abby that Walsh had no faith in Abby's word. When Ashley said that Abby's insistence might impact negatively on Ashley's case, Abby left in tears.

Sofia met with Kay at Gloworm to discuss McCall Unlimited business. Sofia explained how she prepared documents for Kay's signature just like she would have for Tucker. Kay objected to Sofia's methods and said that she would read the documents and sign them when she was ready. Sofia was irritated by Kay's attitude. Later, Sofia went to see Ashley at the jail. Sofia blamed Ashley for being responsible for Tucker's condition. When Sofia said she had no interest in attending Tucker's funeral, Ashley declared that Tucker would not die.

Sofia wanted to know if Ashley had purposely hurt Tucker. Ashley explained that it had been a horrible accident. Sofia realized that Ashley loved Tucker. Sofia apologized for having misjudged Ashley. Sofia said that Kay had been running Tucker's business into the ground. Ashley was unhappy with Kay, as well, and when Sofia said that Kay was destroying everything that Tucker had built, Ashley urged Sofia to fight Kay for what Tucker would want. Sofia believed that the first thing that Tucker would want if he were out of the coma would be to get Ashley out of jail. Ashley told Sofia that she wished she could be by Tucker's bed at the hospital.

Jack approached Kay and assured her that he was ready to run Jabot immediately. Jack knew that Victoria had turned down the CEO position, and he wanted to take over the company. Jack explained to Kay that he had to be in charge to monitor the launch of Jabot's new product. Kay appreciated that Jack was passionate about Jabot. Kay said she'd give Jack's offer serious consideration.

In the courtroom, Phyllis announced to Daniel, Billy, Victoria, Kevin, Lauren, and Michael that the judge could overturn Lucy's adoption since Daisy had returned to assert her parental rights. Daniel demanded that Daisy and Phyllis stop what they were doing, but Phyllis was intent on presenting Daisy's case to the judge. Billy wondered why Daisy had not been arrested the moment she had arrived in Genoa City. Leslie said that Daisy had voluntarily turned herself in to the police.

Leslie explained that in addition to restoring Daisy's parental rights, she would try to get visitation rights for Phyllis. Daisy defended Phyllis' rights to see Lucy. Daisy admired Lucy, but when she reached out to touch the child, Billy backed away. Kevin reminded Daisy that she'd abandoned Lucy in a church. Daniel warned Daisy that Phyllis was just using her.

Daisy declared that she'd decided to return because she'd read Phyllis' story. Daniel told Daisy she was going back to jail. Daisy believed that she'd be out of prison before Lucy was walking. Billy assured Victoria that Daisy would never get Lucy. Victoria and Billy left with Lucy.

Michael confronted Phyllis in anger when he learned that Leslie would be making a deal for Daisy, suggesting that Sarah had victimized Daisy into committing crimes against Lauren. Michael demanded to know "what the hell" Phyllis thought she was doing. Phyllis said that she did not want Lucy growing up with a convict for a mother. Lauren freaked out, but Phyllis stood up for Daisy. Daisy blamed Sarah for all the crimes Daisy had committed.

The cops were ready to take Daisy to lockup. Kevin agreed to go with Daisy. Daniel was furious with Phyllis. Phyllis was just as angry that Daniel had given Lucy to Billy and Victoria without a second thought. Phyllis bellowed at Daniel that she would endure all the abuse being hurled at her for Daniel's sake. Phyllis pleaded with Daniel to have the parental feelings for Lucy that Phyllis had for him. Phyllis said that she was disappointed in the man that Daniel had become. Daniel refused to be swayed by Phyllis' rant and walked out of the courtroom.

Michael and Lauren returned to the courtroom and saw Phyllis was still there. Phyllis took credit for getting Daisy back behind bars. Lauren told Phyllis that they were done as friends. Michael agreed with Lauren, and the couple turned their backs on Phyllis, leaving her alone.

Back home with Billy and Victoria, Lucy was asleep in her playpen. Billy and Victoria believed that Lucy was at peace. Billy said that this experience with Lucy proved to him that he and Victoria belonged together with Lucy as a family. Victoria and Billy put a candle in a cupcake and celebrated that Lucy was officially their daughter.

Sofia returned to Gloworm to meet with Kay. Sofia declared to Kay that Ashley did not belong in jail. Kay told Sofia not to question Kay's determination to protect Tucker. Sofia tried to defend Ashley, but Kay cut Sofia short. Kay invited Sofia to turn in her letter of resignation if she could not work with Kay. Sofia questioned why Tucker had put Kay in charge of McCall Unlimited when Kay disagreed with Tucker's goals. Kay put Sofia on paid leave of absence, effective immediately. Sofia walked out in a huff.

Jack saw Abby and realized that she was upset. Jack told Abby that he had good news for her; Jack said he would soon be running Jabot again. Abby accused Jack of having lied to her and using her. Abby felt that Jack had manipulated her all along. Jack reminded Abby that his advice had helped her get 500 million dollars from Victor. Jack told Abby that she needed to take responsibility for herself. Abby said wistfully that she'd tried to do that. Jack assured Abby that Ashley would be exonerated.

Jack went to see Ashley and said that he hoped to be put in charge of Jabot very soon. Jack felt that he had to oversee the launch of Ashley's new cactus serum skin care products. Ashley was aware that the new products could take off, and she didn't want Kay to be involved. Ashley urged Jack to do whatever was necessary to get control of Jabot.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Billy and Victoria finished decorating their home for Lucy's adoption party. Billy and Victoria were excited that Reed and Delia were there with Lucy so the entire family was together. Kay showed up unannounced and was surprised to see they were having a party. Billy invited Kay to stay and speak with Victoria while he took care of the children. Kay and Victoria sat down on the couch.

Victoria explained to Kay that she and Billy had decided to focus on the present and not think about the future. Kay said that she still wanted Victoria to run Jabot. Victoria said that she'd decided not to accept the Jabot CEO offer and that that her priority was spending time with her family. When Kay mentioned Nikki's name, Victoria said that Nikki had returned to rehab. Kay was upset and blamed herself for being unaware of her friend's troubles. Kay said that she was certain that Nikki was where she needed to be.

Kay accepted that Victoria was passing on the Jabot job. Billy understood why Kay wanted Victoria to run Jabot because Billy believed his wife was a terrific businesswoman. When Kay revealed that offering Victoria the CEO position had been Victor's idea, Victoria and Billy were shocked. Kay reminded Victoria that her father loved and respected Victoria. Kay said that Victor had recommended Victoria because she was the best person for the job. Victoria assumed that her father had some angle, but Kay defended Victor's motives as pure. Billy and Victoria remained suspicious about Victor's intervention. Kay asked to see the kids before she left and walked upstairs to the playroom.

At Crimson Lights, Jack was on the phone with a vendor talking about Jabot. Jack was optimistic that he'd soon be running the company again. Victor walked into the coffeehouse and was surprised to see Noah at a table. Noah embraced his grandfather, then introduced Victor to Hunter. Victor was curious about Hunter, but Noah explained that Hunter was just a friend.

Alone, Noah told his grandfather that he was sorry to hear that Nikki had returned to rehab. Jack approached the table and said hello to Victor. Jack told Victor that he expected Kay to name him CEO of Jabot imminently. Victor smirked at Jack's news, and asked if Kay had offered Jack the job. Jack admitted that Kay hadn't officially offered him the position.

Noah returned to the table, and Jack was thrilled to see him. Suddenly, a man walked in and introduced himself to Noah. The man had an envelope for Noah. They were the last of Sharon's personal effects that had been recovered at the crash site. Victor and Jack stood by as Noah opened the envelope and found a change purse with some coins and a gas receipt. Noah looked at the items and wondered why Sharon had felt the need to run away.

Later, Victor and Noah sat together at the table. Victor told Noah that Nikki would return from rehab better than ever. Noah mentioned that he needed to find a place to stay while he was in Genoa City. Victor offered Sharon's house on the ranch to Noah. When Noah wondered if Adam would be ticked off, Victor declared that Sharon's house was on his ranch, and Victor wanted Noah to live there. Noah was grateful to his grandfather.

Before Victor left the coffeehouse, Jack asked Victor if the Newman IPO was still set for following week. Jack said that he was anxious to buy a big piece of Newman Enterprises. Victor laughed at Jack, saying that if Kay actually put Jack back in charge of Jabot, Victor would hand over a chunk of stock to Jack.

Victor met Kay at Gloworm. Kay told Victor that she'd heard about Nikki. Victor apologized for not telling Kay personally. Victor explained that Nikki had feared that Kay would be disappointed in her because she had fallen off the wagon. Kay said she was proud that Nikki had recognized her problem and sought help.

Kay mentioned that Victoria had turned down the Jabot position. Kay understood that Victoria wanted to spend time with her children. Victor said that Victoria would have done a wonderful job for Jabot. Kay urged Victor to see Billy and Victoria with their children. Victor was not interested in a family reunion. Kay believed that Victoria was insecure about keeping her children. Kay felt that Victoria needed to hear that Victor still loved her.

Victor was disappointed that Victoria would not be running Jabot. Victor suggested that Kay solve her problem with Jabot by selling the company to him. Victor envisioned merging Jabot with Beauty of Nature, making it one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world. Victor explained that after the Newman Enterprises IPO, he'd have a lot of liquidity. Victor said he would be able to make Kay a very generous offer. Victor also thought that Kay had too much on her plate to also be worrying about Jabot. Kay reasoned that once Jabot was no longer part of Chancellor Industries, the Abbotts would back off. Kay agreed to listen to Victor's formal proposal.

After Victor left the restaurant, Jack walked over to Kay. Jack was excited about the prospect of being in charge of Jabot again, but Kay told him that the situation had changed. Kay asked Jack to take a seat. Kay explained that she'd re-evaluated her position and she could not devote the time necessary for Jabot. Jack said that was precisely why Kay should put him in charge.

Kay reminded Jack that he'd once resigned from Jabot. Jack said that would never happen again, but Kay didn't trust him. Jack pleaded with Kay to give him a chance to buy Jabot. Kay doubted that Jack could raise enough money to match Victor. Jack was stunned to learn that Victor wanted to buy Jabot.

Victoria wondered what her father was up to. Billy suggested that Victor might actually have a heart. Later, Victoria and Billy played with the kids. Victoria and Billy both agreed that spending time with their children was wonderful. Billy and Victoria explained to the kids about Lucy's christening. Billy said that all five of them were a family.

Victor arrived at Victoria and Billy's, and she welcomed her father into their home. Victor was excited to see that Reed and Delia were there. Victoria mentioned that they'd won custody of Lucy, but Phyllis might be challenging the adoption in court. Victor was sure that Victoria and Billy would be able to keep Lucy. Victor held Lucy and said that he was her grandfather.

At Sam's house, Sharon was in the kitchen as Sam fixed dinner. Sharon noticed that the place was very homey. Sharon saw a photo on the refrigerator of Sam and a woman. Sam said it was his sister, not his ex-wife. Sam assumed that Sharon had broken a few hearts in her time.

Sharon admitted that she had once had someone special in her life. Sharon met O'Keefe, Sam's dog. Sharon instantly took to the big dog. Sam was surprised that O'Keefe liked Sharon so much because he usually didn't take to strangers. Sam told Sharon that he'd nursed O'Keefe back to health after finding him in bad shape.

There was a knock on the door, and the carjacker asked if Sam had seen his wife. He showed Sam her photograph. Sharon recognized the man from the night she'd been robbed. Sharon turned her face to the side so he couldn't see her. When Sam heard the carjacker's story about his missing wife, Sam asked if Sharon recognized woman in the picture.

Sharon said no, and when the man tried to walk into the house, O'Keefe barked at him. Sam said he was sorry they couldn't help the man and closed the door. Sharon thanked Sam for dinner. Sam was glad that she'd gone to the house. Sharon hugged Sam goodbye and left for the barn. Sam told O'Keefe that Sharon was a special woman.

Adam was in the suite at the Athletic Club, studying figures on the computer. Adam imagined Sharon being in the room with him. In his fantasy, Sharon told Adam not to work so hard, but Adam said he wanted to make a fortune for Sharon. Sharon responded that she didn't need money, just Adam. The fantasy ended when Diane asked Adam what was on his mind. Adam said he was working on a plan to bring Victor to his knees. Adam explained that when the Newman IPO went public, Adam would pull a ruse to cash in. Diane asked her part in the plan, and Adam said that Diane would be responsible for killing Victor.

Diane told Adam that she would not be a party to murder. Adam told Diane that his plan was to make the media believe that Victor had died. On the morning of the IPO launch, Adam would tip off the press that Victor Newman had died. During the time that the press was reporting Victor's death, buyers would be too afraid to buy shares of Newman Enterprises. Adam could then buy up shares of Newman stock at a discount, enough to become a member of the Newman board of directors.

Diane wondered how Adam would be able to keep Victor from going to the press with the truth that he was alive. Adam told Diane that it was her job to keep Victor out of sight for the day. Adam declared that by the time Victor corrected the media's mistake, Adam would have made a killing. Diane had no idea how to make Victor disappear for the day. Adam suggested that Diane seduce him. Diane realized that Adam had only rescued her because she was part of his master plan. Diane wanted to know what was in it for her to follow through.

Adam laughed and offered Diane no part of the deal. Diane said she'd only help Adam if she were paid. Diane reminded Adam that she had no money. There was a knock on the door, and Noah appeared. Noah gave Adam the change purse from the crash site. Adam recognized it as Sharon's. Noah thought that Adam would like to have something of Sharon's. Adam appreciated Noah's kindness.

Noah told Adam that Victor had offered him Sharon's house on the ranch. Noah didn't want to step on Adam's toes by living there. Adam encouraged Noah to stay at his mother's home. Noah thanked Adam and left the hotel room. Diane said that Adam had done a good thing by letting Noah have the house. Adam said it was what Sharon would have wanted. Adam looked at the gas receipt from the change purse. Adam noticed that it was dated two days before Sharon had arrived in New Mexico. Diane wondered how that was possible.

Noah returned to Crimson Lights and told Hunter that he would be living at his mother's house. Hunter assumed Noah would be living there alone. Noah offered to drive Hunter to the campus house where Devon was staying.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Malcolm visited Lily at the mental hospital. Lily told Malcolm that she'd been to therapy and had been having a good day. Malcolm saw the pictures of the twins on Lily's nightstand. Lily said that the photos were from Colin and Jill's trip to the zoo with the kids. When Malcolm asked about Lily's treatment, Lily said her assignment for the day had been to find Cane in the faces of the twins. Malcolm wondered if thinking about Cane would upset Lily.

Lily told Malcolm that her remembering Cane had not caused her depression. Lily asked Malcolm about Sofia, and he told Lily that Sofia's pregnancy had been going well. Malcolm said that he didn't care if Sofia had a boy or a girl; Malcolm simply wanted a healthy baby. Lily admitted that she missed the twins, but she needed to get well so she could care for them. Malcolm assured Lily that while she was in the hospital, her babies were being well cared for by the family. Lily asked Malcolm if he would do something for her.

At the estate, Genevieve nervously placed a call to Cane. Genevieve asked Cane if Colin had decided not to use the estate's airstrip. Cane was waiting to meet Colin in the park. Cane assumed that Colin's plans remained the same. Genevieve urged Cane to play his part and not veer from her script. After ending the call, Genevieve opened a velvet box and removed Samantha's urn. Genevieve placed her daughter's ashes on the mantel and said she was ready to avenge Samantha's death.

Colin arrived in the park and handed Caleb a piece of paper with the address where they would meet once Colin had the children. Colin answered his cell phone when Jill called from Gloworm. Colin apologized that he'd been running late for dinner. Jill told Colin to hurry. Caleb noted that it was nice that Colin was having dinner with Jill. Colin menacingly told his son that he had no tolerance for loose ends.

At Crimson Lights, Neil read a story to Charlie and Mattie. Daniel watched Neil interact with the twins. When Neil saw Daniel, he asked Daniel to take a seat. Colin called Neil with a request. Colin explained that Jill had been having a difficult time since Chance had left for the Army. Colin asked Neil if he would allow Jill and Colin to have the twins for the night. Neil wasn't sure, but Colin convinced Neil that Neil had been spreading himself too thin. Neil said it would be all right, and Colin agreed to pick up the twins at the coffeehouse.

Neil spoke with Daniel about Lily's condition. Daniel said that he'd kept Lily's secret about seeing Cane because he had thought he was helping Lily. Daniel realized that he should have told Neil about Lily's visions. Neil informed Daniel that Malcolm and Sofia believed that Lily was in the sanitarium for depression. Daniel agreed to keep Lily's secret from the rest of the family and Lily's friends. When Sofia arrived at the coffeehouse and saw Daniel with Neil, she asked Daniel to go to see Lily because Lily had been asking about him. Daniel said that he would head over right away.

After Daniel left, Sofia said she'd been to see Lily that morning. Neil could tell that Sofia was upset. Sofia admitted that she had time on her hands since Kay had suspended her. Sofia revealed that Kay had nearly fired her. Sofia felt that Kay had acted like a monster. Sofia believed that Kay had been tearing apart Tucker's business. Neil urged Sofia to take a deep breath. Neil advised Sofia to listen to Kay and wondered if the leave of absence might be a good thing for Sofia.

Sofia was upset that Kay had been so hardheaded about the business. Neil offered to speak with Kay on Sofia's behalf. Sofia appreciated Neil's offer, but turned him down. Sofia claimed that she'd been looking out for Tucker. Neil pointed out that Sofia could do more for Tucker by being on the job than by being suspended. Neil told Sofia that she was very tough and driven, and Neil believed that Kay needed Sofia to run McCall Unlimited. Neil advised Sofia to work for Tucker, but under Kay's parameters. Sofia agreed to keep the big picture in mind and to let Neil speak with Kay on Sofia's behalf. Neil warned Sofia that she would only get one second chance with Kay.

Malcolm joined Sofia and Neil at Crimson Lights. Sofia told Malcolm that Neil had volunteered to broker a peace between Sofia and Kay. Malcolm said that Lily had asked him to take some personal items from the house to Lily's hospital room. Malcolm and Sofia decided to go to the house to pick up the items. Neil offered to meet them there.

Caleb complimented Colin on convincing Neil to let him take the twins for the night. Colin said that Caleb needed to learn that patience paid off in the end. Colin planned to fly the twins to Australia, where they would be raised as Atkinsons. Colin warned Caleb not to be late for their meeting. Caleb offered to get there early, but Colin told him to just follow the plan. When Caleb got surly, Colin chastised him. Colin told Caleb to be on time at the airstrip.

At Gloworm, when Colin met Jill, he gave her a big hug. Jill was anxious to spend a romantic night with Colin. Colin said he had bad news. Colin said that he had to leave town and couldn't even stay for dinner. Colin explained that he had to deal with a situation personally and was flying to San Francisco. Jill offered to accompany Colin, but he turned her down.

Colin told Jill that she had been a wonderful wife to him. Jill assured Colin that she would be his forever. Colin kissed Jill deeply. Colin and Jill shared a romantic goodbye. Colin told Jill that he loved her. Jill said "see you soon" to Colin, while he replied, "goodbye."

Genevieve put photographs of Samantha around the urn on the mantel. Genevieve commented that Samantha had been a sweet, sweet girl. Genevieve lit candles, and then she placed a call to Cane. Genevieve told Cane that he was late. At Lily's house, Sofia and Malcolm gathered the items on Lily's list. While moving some boxes, Malcolm pushed the list off the desk.

At the sanitarium, Lily sat alone in her room. Cane appeared in the hallway and watched Lily. Cane remembered the day the twins had been born and how Lily and Cane had looked at them in their bassinets. When Lily turned to see Daniel entering the room, she caught a glimpse of Cane walking away. Lily became agitated and told Daniel that she'd just seen Cane. Lily was freaked out because she hadn't seen Cane since checking into the hospital. Daniel suggested that if Lily had been thinking of Cane, perhaps he just popped into her head. Daniel hugged Lily when she said that she feared her hospitalization wasn't working.

Daniel assured Lily that she was making progress because she'd only seen Cane once. Lily admitted that Cane had not spoken to her or anything else. Daniel reminded Lily that she was in the right place to deal with her visions of Cane. Daniel believed that Lily was committed to fixing her problems. Lily laughed at the thought that she was committed.

Daniel offered to tell Lily about his crazy life. Lily told Daniel that he'd done a good thing by letting Billy and Victoria adopt Lucy. Daniel asked Lily if he'd acted selfishly. Lily said that Daniel wanted what was best for Lucy, just like Lily wanted the best for the twins. Lily was determined to be well by the time the twins celebrated their first birthday.

Cane arrived at Genevieve's and noticed that she'd decorated the house for Colin's visit. Genevieve asked why Cane had been late, and he confessed that he'd gone to see Lily. Genevieve was upset, but Cane assured her that Lily had not seen him. Cane said that Lily seemed to be doing well. Cane worried about how Lily would react when she learned the truth. Genevieve told Cane that they'd been on the side of the angels, and once they made Colin pay for his crimes, Cane could return to his life with Lily and the twins.

Colin met Neil at the coffeehouse to pick up the twins. Jill was about to enter Crimson Lights when she saw Colin with Neil and the babies. Jill watched from the doorway as Neil prepared the babies to leave with Colin so they could spend the night with Jill. Neil said goodbye to his grandchildren. Jill watched as Colin left, assuming that Colin had planned all along to spend the night with her and the children.

A short time later, Genevieve looked out the window and told Cane that Colin had arrived. Genevieve urged Cane to go to Colin and make sure everything proceeded as they'd planned. Colin took the children from the car and wheeled their stroller to the front of the estate. Colin told the kids that he'd waited a long time to get his hands on them. Colin believed they'd have a wonderful life in Australia. Colin said he would correct the mistakes he'd made with Caleb and Cane. Jill was still following Colin. When the sound of a plane circled the estate, Colin and Jill both looked up at the sky.

Neil went to Lily's and offered to help Malcolm and Sofia find the items on Lily's request list. Neil saw that the list had fallen on the floor. When Neil reached for the list, he also found a note addressed to Lily. The note had been there for a while because it was dusty. Neil opened it and saw that it was a letter for Lily, written by Cane. Neil read it to Malcolm and Sofia. Cane wrote that he had one last secret to share with Lily. In the note, Cane revealed that he had two siblings: his sister Samantha and an identical twin brother, Caleb. Neil was shocked to learn that Colin Atkinson was Cane's father.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Victoria answered the door and found Phyllis there for a court-ordered visit with Lucy. Phyllis expected Daniel to be there, but he hadn't shown up. Phyllis believed that Daniel would thank her someday for fighting for Lucy. Phyllis said that Victoria could leave, but Victoria wouldn't let Phyllis be alone Lucy. Victoria said that she'd wait until the social worker arrived. Phyllis warned Victoria that she and Billy had not won permanent custody of Lucy yet.

Billy ran into Victor at Crimson Lights. Victor approved of Billy keeping the story of Daisy's return from being sensationalized by the media. Billy was upset that Phyllis had been granted visitation with Lucy. Victor advised Billy that Phyllis was a formidable adversary. Billy told Victor that if he and Victoria lost Lucy, it would kill Victoria.

Victor offered his legal team to assist Rafe in Billy and Victoria's battle to keep Lucy. Billy was surprised by Victor's concern. Victor said he had utter disdain for Billy, but he loved Victoria and wanted to see her family remain intact. Billy checked online and was relieved to see that the wire services had not picked up Daisy's story.

Victoria arrived at the coffeehouse with Reed. When the boy saw Grandpa Victor at a table, Reed was thrilled. He ran into Victor's arms. Victoria mentioned that Phyllis was at the house with Lucy. Reed was curious that Phyllis had gone to see Lucy, and Victoria and Billy didn't have a good explanation for Reed. Victor gave Reed some money and sent him to the counter to pick out a cookie. Victoria told Billy and Victor that she was upset that Phyllis had time alone with Lucy. Billy comforted his wife. Victor watched them together.

Later, Victoria was still at the coffeehouse with Reed and Billy. Victoria said that she was anxious to get back to the house. Billy told Victoria that Phyllis would only be with Lucy as long as the court allowed and not a minute longer. Reed wondered if Lucy had two families the way he did. Billy said that Lucy would only have one family, Victoria, Billy, Delia, and Reed.

At Billy and Victoria's, Phyllis spent some time with Lucy. The social worker watched Phyllis with the baby. Phyllis introduced herself to Lucy as Daniel's mother, explaining to Lucy that Daniel was her daddy. Phyllis promised to be a big part of Lucy's life. Thinking about Daniel, Phyllis remembered their fight at the courthouse. Phyllis resented Daniel's unwillingness to be Lucy's father. Phyllis was determined that Daniel would connect with Lucy and want to be her father. Phyllis placed a call to Daniel to ask him to join her in the visit with Lucy. Phyllis left the message on Daniel's cell phone, adding that Lucy needed her father.

A short time later, there was a knock on the door. Phyllis handed Lucy to the social worker while she opened the door. Victor was standing there. Phyllis assumed that Victor wanted to see Victoria. Victor explained that he was there to see his granddaughter. Later, Victor was sitting in the house, and Phyllis told him that Lucy had fallen asleep.

Phyllis suspected that Victor was there because he didn't trust her with Lucy. Phyllis declared that Victor was more of a danger than she was, recalling how Patty had nearly killed Summer. Victor explained that nobody had known that Patty was a threat. However, Phyllis was well aware of Daisy's crimes, and Phyllis had still invited Daisy back into their lives. Phyllis claimed that Daisy was innocent until proven guilty. Victor laughed at that suggestion.

Victoria arrived home and was surprised that Victor was there with Phyllis. Phyllis claimed that her visit had been cut short because of Victor's interference, and she wanted another visit with Lucy. The social worker told Phyllis to speak with the judge. Phyllis assumed that Victoria had sent Victor there to fight her battle for her. Phyllis announced that she'd be back, and they couldn't keep her from spending time with Lucy.

Billy told Phyllis to get out of his house. Victor warned Phyllis to "stop this nonsense" or else. Phyllis headed for the door. Victor announced that he'd show himself out as well. Phyllis told Victor that she would not back down.

At the sanitarium, Daniel asked Lily if she was feeling all right. Lily had calmed down after seeing another vision of Cane. To distract Lily, Daniel brought up Mattie and Charlie's upcoming first birthday party and offered to be a clown for the kids. Lily was amused by Daniel's suggestion. Lily appreciated that Daniel helped her when she was troubled. Daniel told Lily that she'd be home with her children very soon. Daniel looked at his phone and saw a message from Phyllis. Lily told Daniel that he needed to speak with his mother.

At Lily's house, Neil, Malcolm, and Sofia discussed the letter that Neil had found behind the desk. It was from Cane to Lily, and in it Cane admitted that Colin was his father. Neil believed that Colin was up to something. Neil and Malcolm surmised that Lily had been seeing Cane's identical twin, Caleb, and that she was not hallucinating or going crazy. Neil realized that Colin had the twins. Malcolm wanted to rush out to find Colin, but Neil didn't want to spook Colin. Neil called Colin and left a message saying that he needed to give Colin some medication for Charlie. Sofia complimented Neil on his quick thinking.

At the McMillan estate, Colin heard the plane overhead. Colin received a call from the pilot saying he'd be landing soon. Colin responded that he'd be at the airstrip with the twins. Colin told the children that he was taking them to Australia. Nearby, Jill was watching Colin with the twins. Jill received a call from Neil and she told him that she was confused by Colin's behavior. Jill had assumed that Colin was taking the twins to see her. Neil learned that Jill was at the McMillan estate, then he told her what he needed her to do for Charlie and Mattie.

Jill approached Colin and said she'd followed him from Crimson Lights. Colin was shocked to see Jill. Colin said he was waiting for a package to arrive from a private plane, then he'd take the twins to the Chancellor house. Jill offered to drive the children home with her, and Colin could take his time. Colin was flummoxed and said that he'd meant it to be a surprise for Jill.

Suddenly, Cane appeared and called out for Colin, referring to him as "Dad." Jill saw Cane and passed out in Colin's arms. Cane was concerned about Jill being unconscious. Colin wanted to leave Jill to fly off with the children. Jill was on the ground. Cane bent over Jill and told her to stay where she was. Colin was anxious for the plane to land so he could leave. Colin wanted to return to Australia.

Neil called the police and told them where the children were being held. Malcolm was concerned about Sofia, but she said that she was fine. Malcolm and Sofia decided to go to Lily to tell her about the letter. A short time later, Malcolm and Sofia met with Lily and told her about Caleb, Cane's twin brother. Lily was shocked that Cane had never told her that he had a twin brother. Malcolm handed Lily the letter that Cane had left for her. Lily read the letter and learned that Cane had feared his family.

Lily realized that Colin was a danger and that Cane had been trying to keep Colin away from them. Malcolm explained that Colin had the twins, but that Neil had gone after Colin. Lily was determined to leave immediately to get to her children. Daniel and Lily raced out of the hospital room. Sofia had a stomach cramp and was unable to leave.

Malcolm insisted on having Sofia examined by a doctor. The doctor said that Sofia was all right, but needed to rest. Sofia urged Malcolm to go after Neil. Sofia was in pain, but she kept telling Malcolm that she was fine. Malcolm knew Sofia wasn't well and called an ambulance.

At the McMillan estate, Gevenieve looked at the photos of Samantha. Genevieve went onto the balcony. Through binoculars, Genevieve saw Jill with Colin and Cane in the driveway. Genevieve screamed in anger. Genevieve considered what to do.

Colin ordered Cane to get the kids ready for the plane. Jill came to and asked about Cane. Colin said that Cane was Caleb, Cane's twin brother. Colin revealed that Cane and Caleb were his sons. Jill realized that Colin had used her to get his hands on Lily's twins. Jill called Colin a liar.

When Jill tried to call the police, Colin grabbed the phone and tossed it away. Jill swore to stop Colin from taking Lily's babies. Colin declared that the twins were all that remained of his family. When Jill ran off, Cane asked if Colin was going to let her get away. Colin said Jill didn't matter. The plane was there and Colin was ready to leave.

Neil arrived at the estate and announced that he would not allow Colin to take the twins anywhere. Colin declared that the babies were his grandchildren, and he had every right to take them to their homeland. Neil knew that Colin was involved with the mob and promised to fight to keep Lily's kids in Genoa City. Colin informed Neil that he was outnumbered, but Cane told Colin that Colin was wrong. Colin realized that Caleb was actually Cane and he'd turned on his father. Neil looked on in amazement as Cane stood with Neil, against Colin. Neil didn't believe that Cane was really Cane.

Cane declared that Colin was responsible for killing Samantha. Colin refused to take the blame for Samantha's death. One of Colin's henchman appeared, ready to take the twins to the plane. Colin told the man to get the kids to the airstrip. Colin heard music from the house and grew suspicious. Colin ran to the house. Cane fought with the henchman, while Neil chased after Colin.

Jill stopped Neil and said that she'd tried to keep Colin from taking the twins. Neil explained to Jill that Mattie and Charlie were with Cane. Jill said that Cane was really Caleb, and he was working with Colin. Neil corrected Jill, telling her that Caleb had died at the church, and Cane was still alive. Neil reiterated that the twins were with their father.

Colin walked into the estate. An old-fashioned song was playing on a Victrola, called "Did You Ever Really Love Me?" Colin entered the living room and saw Samantha's urn and the photos on the mantel. Colin was overwhelmed with grief. On the floor, there was a chalk-marked body outline filled with photos of Samantha. Colin looked for Genevieve. He found the phonograph and turned off the music.

Colin called to Genevieve and demanded that she appear. Colin invited Genevieve to "come and play" with him. When Genevieve entered the room, Colin said that he had never expected to see her again. Colin realized that Cane and Genevieve had been working together. Genevieve explained that she'd offered Cane justice and revenge. When Colin mentioned Samantha, Genevieve grew violent.

Lily and Daniel arrived at the estate and ran into Jill and Neil. Lily was crazed to see Mattie and Charlie to make sure they were unharmed. Neil said that they were safe. Neil wanted to tell Lily about Cane, but everyone was talking at the same time. Daniel spotted Colin on the balcony, his back leaning on the railing. Daniel pointed out Colin to the others.

Genevieve said she wanted the truth from Colin. Genevieve informed Colin that Caleb was dead. Genevieve told Colin that the truth hurt and the truth was that he'd killed most of their family. Genevieve then shoved Colin so that he fell off the balcony. Jill, Neil, and the others watched Colin topple over. Colin hung by his hands to the railing and begged Genevieve to help him.

The henchman fought with Cane. Cane said he wanted the kids and would let the guy get away. The henchman pulled a gun on Cane. Cane knocked the gun out of the henchman's hand and a shot rang out. It hit the airplane, and fuel leaked from the engine onto the driveway. As the gas poured out, it spilled closer and closer to the henchman's discarded cigarette butt. The henchman knocked Cane out and left him by the plane.

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