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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 25, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, July 25, 2011

At Krystal's restaurant, Cara admitted that Tad's memorial for Dixie had been touching to witness. She was glad that it had felt right to Tad. Moments later, Kendall entered the restaurant. Kendall spotted the picture of Dixie on the table, so she wondered if she had missed something. Tad explained that he had let go of Dixie, and the past. Cara invited Kendall to sit, but Kendall declined because she had plans to meet Griffin.

Kendall sat down at a nearby table, as Cara shifted gears to suggest that Tad might have a new calling if things didn't work out for him as a private investigator. Tad chuckled as he jokingly wondered if Cara were proposing that he become a "Tamale Sous-chef" or a "Squirrel Whisperer." Cara burst out laughing and then clarified that she had been thinking along the lines of a "Gathering Overseer." Tad chuckled and then admitted that he had no idea what that was. Kendall had overheard their conversation, so she suggested, "a professional Master of Ceremonies." Cara agreed that Kendall's job title was a better job description.

Tad admitted that he liked the idea of being a professional Master of Ceremonies. Cara continued to shower Tad with praise, so Kendall advised Tad to hold onto Cara. Cara once again invited Kendall to sit with them, but Kendall didn't want to intrude. However, Kendall agreed that Tad was great at keeping things light. Kendall confessed that she and Griffin could use some help in that area because things had been "intense" between them. Cara was annoyed that Griffin had kept Kendall waiting, but Kendall explained that she had lots of baggage, so she and Griffin had agreed to take things slowly.

However, a few minutes later, Kendall began to worry that she had been stood up. Cara assured Kendall not to take it personally because Griffin had a habit of getting wrapped up in his work until he lost track of time. Cara was certain that Griffin cared about Kendall, so Kendall confessed that the feeling was mutual. After Kendall left, Cara and Tad admitted that they looked forward to their future together. Tad doubted that many women would have been as understanding about the memorial as Cara had been. Cara smiled as she admitted that Tad had managed to pull off the memorial with panache.

At the hospital, Griffin slipped into David's office and then began to search it. Moments later, Ryan entered. Ryan warned Griffin that he was wasting his time because Ryan's search hadn't yielded anything noteworthy. Griffin continued to riffle through David's things, so Ryan urged Griffin to tell him about Project Orpheus. Griffin didn't see the point, since Ryan refused to see any good in anything that David had done. Ryan argued that was because David had never done any good.

"Thank you for proving my point," Griffin replied as he continued his search. Ryan insisted that Griffin couldn't understand because Griffin hadn't been there when Greenlee had returned to Pine Valley after the accident. According to Ryan, Greenlee had been "fundamentally broken," but she hadn't realized it. "David did that to her," Ryan bitterly added. Griffin conceded that it had probably been horrible, but Griffin reminded Ryan that David was a genius who had helped people.

Ryan was forced to agree, so Griffin implored Ryan to let David work in peace. Ryan refused to stop his search for the truth because he feared that innocent people might be hurt. Griffin suggested that what David was doing was bigger than all of them, so Ryan demanded to know what Griffin knew. Ryan reminded Griffin that people's lives were on the line. "Exactly," Griffin replied.

Griffin glanced at his watch and then realized that he was late to meet Kendall at ConFusion. Ryan revealed that David had essentially "brought Greenlee back to life," so he demanded to know if Project Orpheus had anything to do with that. Griffin refused to say anything, so Ryan warned Griffin that it would be on Griffin if anything went wrong. Later, Ryan went to Kendall's house to drop off some of Spike's things. Kendall explained that Spike was spending the night at a friend's house.

Ryan confessed that he was surprised to see Kendall because he knew that she'd had plans to meet Griffin at ConFusion. Kendall argued that they had planned to meet at Krystal's restaurant, but she decided to check her PDA. Kendall felt like an idiot when she realized that she had made a mistake. Ryan was certain that Griffin would understand; however, Ryan admitted that he had concerns about Griffin. Ryan revealed that he believed that Griffin was in cahoots with David.

Kendall refused to believe it because she was certain that Griffin had been honest with her. Ryan confessed that he had caught Griffin in a lie when Griffin had denied any knowledge of Project Orpheus. Ryan admitted that Griffin had later told him that it was research project. Ryan was curious what Kendall knew about Griffin's research, so Kendall explained that she only knew that Griffin had done some post-grad research, but nothing beyond that. She confided that Griffin had become "fidgety" when she had probed for details.

Kendall was upset to realize that Griffin might be helping David, but Ryan warned her to keep quiet. Kendall was curious when things would be simple again, so Ryan advised Kendall to hold on a little longer. According to Ryan, she might be the only hope they had of getting to the bottom of things. Kendall thanked Ryan for dropping off Spike's things, but she admitted that she needed some time alone. After Ryan left, Kendall sat down on the sofa and then picked up a photograph of Zach. She wondered aloud why Zach had had to die on her.

In the park, JR took a deep drink from a bottle of booze and then noticed Dixie leaning against a park bench. "Mom?" JR quietly asked. Dixie roused for a moment and then closed her eyes as she drifted back into unconsciousness. JR staggered over to the bench and then slid down onto the ground next to Dixie. He realized that his mother was disappointed in him, so he apologized for not having his act together. JR revealed that Marissa had left him for another woman.

Dixie remained unresponsive as JR admitted that he missed her, so it was nice to have a "dream" of her. He reminded her that he had last seen her when he had been at death's door. JR suddenly wondered if that were the reason why he was having another vision of her. He confessed that he might be better off dead because it would mean, "no more noise, no more nothing." JR quickly had a change of heart when he thought of AJ.

JR was determined to pull himself together for AJ's sake because AJ had suffered a lot in his short life, including Babe's death, JR's cancer, Marissa leaving JR for another woman, and JR falling off of the wagon. JR insisted that a seven-year old shouldn't have to deal with all of that. JR stood up and then told Dixie that it had been nice talking to her. "I love you, Mom," he told her before he gently kissed the top of her head. He asked her not to stay away so long the next time and then staggered away.

A short time later, JR arrived at Tad's house, demanding to see AJ. Krystal realized that JR was drunk, so she told him to go home. JR refused to leave until he talked to AJ. Krystal informed him that Marissa had taken AJ to the movies. JR's temper flared when Krystal referred to Marissa as AJ's mother. JR warned her not to call Marissa that because Marissa wasn't AJ's real mother.

"Like Tad isn't your real father?" Krystal asked. Krystal admitted that she had seen JR at the tribute for Dixie, so she wondered if JR realized how much it would hurt Tad to know that JR had relapsed. JR suggested that Krystal was happy about Marissa's relationship with Bianca because she wanted JR to be miserable. JR accused Krystal of being bitter because she hadn't been able to hold onto Tad. Krystal ordered JR to get out, but JR stumbled into the living room instead.

Krystal decided to call a cab for JR before AJ arrived home, but JR refused to leave. Krystal threatened to call Tad, so JR grabbed her arm to stop her from making the call. Krystal wrenched her hand out of JR's tight grip and then demanded to know if he intended to hit her. The rage immediately leeched out of JR as he collapsed onto the sofa and then threw a couple of pillows across the room in frustration and despair. A short time later, Tad arrived home. He hauled JR up and then announced that he was taking JR home.

JR called out for AJ, but Tad insisted that AJ shouldn't see his father drunk. Later, Tad deposited JR on the sofa in the Chandler mansion and then promised to return in the morning to check on JR. Tad assured JR that he would help JR get back on track. JR revealed that he had seen Dixie and that his mother still loved him, but she had refused to talk to him. Tad seemed startled, but then quickly assured JR that Dixie would always love him.

In the park, Dixie woke up as the sun set, looked around, and then staggered away in a weakened state.

At ConFusion, Jackson and Jesse pulled Erica away to keep her from strangling David to death. David tried to catch his breath as Erica blasted him not stopping Jane from stealing her life. Erica was crushed when she realized that Jack didn't believe her. Jesse assured Erica that they wanted to get to the bottom of things. Jack invited Erica to start from the beginning, while Jesse warned David not to say a word.

Erica told them about the kidnapping and waking up in a room in Pine Valley. She had no idea how her kidnappers had managed to get her to Pine Valley, but she confessed that she had initially suspected that Krystal had been responsible for the abduction because Erica had been served food from the restaurant. Erica then told Jack and Jesse about Ben, Jane's enforcer who had been driven by guilt to help Jane. Erica surprised Jack and Jesse by confiding that Jane had suffered a difficult life, which she had sought to escape from. Jack revealed that he had rescued Erica from the rock quarry, so Erica explained that Jane had planned it that way.

Jesse was curious how Erica had managed to escape, so Erica told Jack and Jesse about the deal that she had made with Jane. Erica realized that the story sounded outrageous, but she promised them that it was the truth. Erica demanded that David corroborate her story, but David insisted that he had no idea what Erica was talking about. Erica accused David of blackmailing Jane by threatening to expose Jane's secret if Jane didn't put David in charge of the hospital. David denied it, but Erica cried that the worst part of David's plan had been to make everyone believe that Erica had stopped loving Jack.

Erica begged Jack to tell her that he hadn't fallen for the lies. Jack gently suggested that Erica needed professional help. Erica was devastated. She couldn't believe that Jack wanted to "lock her up" after she had escaped months of imprisonment. Jack reminded her that she had been behaving erratically, but Erica argued that it had been Jane, not her. David grabbed Erica and then reminded everyone that he was still technically engaged to Erica.

Erica denied it as she pulled away from David. David tried to placate Erica, in an attempt to get her to leave with him, but her temper flared. David was curious if she knew what the date was. Erica explained that there hadn't been any windows in her prison or clocks, so she had no idea what month it was. David once again tried to physically guide Erica out of ConFusion, but Erica broke away from his grasp, snatched a knife off of the bar, and then lunged at David. David collapsed while Jesse and Jack pulled Erica away.

Griffin, who had entered the bar just moments earlier, quickly raced to David's side. Jesse called for an ambulance and then placed Erica under arrest. Erica was horrified when she realized what she had done. She tearfully wondered why Jack hadn't believed her.

Later, David arrived at the hospital in critical condition. Jake examined David, while Griffin explained that David had suffered a stab wound. Jake and Griffin realized that David would require emergency surgery to repair the internal bleeding, so David insisted that Griffin perform the surgery. According to David, Griffin was the only person who was capable of repairing the damage. After Jake left to update Jack and Jesse, David warned Griffin that if he didn't survive then "all of them would die."

At Oak Haven, Erica demanded to speak to the person in charge as the orderly led Erica to a room. Erica's tirade quickly ceased when Janet Green welcomed her. Janet assumed that Erica had dropped by for a visit, so she promised Erica that they would have fun.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Angie thanked Jesse for letting her sleep in, and he was grateful that she'd taken care of an early morning feeding. Jesse answered his phone, and Brot reported from the hospital that David had made it through surgery and that Lucy and Maya's DNA results would be in any minute. Angie sensed Jesse tense up, and he updated her about David's condition. She was relieved, since she would have lost the hope of seeing again if David had died.

After Jesse left, May a and Mookie arrived at the Hubbards' home, and Angie invited them in. Mookie and Angie made small talk about how they both had lived in New York. Mookie made his way around the room as he toyed with the Hubbards' personal items, and Maya mouthed for him to stop. Angie commented that things in Pine Valley were slow compared to New York City. Mookie said he planned to stay in town for Maya, and he placed a knickknack inside his jacket. A knowing Angie commented that she'd had the ugly sculpture for years.

Maya reprimanded Mookie, who quickly replaced the sculpture, but Angie said she didn't mind if he looked at it. He was amazed by Angie's perceptive abilities, and Angie explained that her other senses had become heightened after she'd lost her sight. Maya insisted that Mookie leave, and he warned Maya not to mess up, because nothing would get by Angie. He said he'd pick Maya up later and sternly reminded her to answer her phone. Mookie departed, and Maya started to leave the room, but Angie requested that Maya tell her more about Mookie.

Angie compared the tone of Mookie's voice to that of Angie's father, who had been a very controlling man. Angie mentioned Mookie's frequent calls, and Maya explained that Mookie liked to know where she was. Angie commented that her father would have tracked her night and day if he'd had the chance, and Maya halfheartedly stated that she was lucky to have such an attentive boyfriend. Angie observed that Maya seemed to be tense around Mookie, like Angie had been around her father, because Angie had been willing to do anything to avoid making her father angry.

Angie recalled how her father hadn't thought that Jesse had been good enough for her, and her father had done everything to split them up. Angie revealed that when she'd gotten pregnant with Frankie, her father had convinced her to give the baby up for adoption, and it had been the biggest mistake she'd ever made. Maya began to cry, but she attributed her emotional reaction to the sadness of Angie's story.

Maya conceded that Mookie could be controlling and possessive, but her voice trailed off when she claimed he'd been good to her. Maya changed the topic to the fighting and secrets at the Chandler mansion, and she regretted that she'd had to keep secrets herself. Angie called Maya a good person, and she could sense that Maya was unhappy. Maya insisted she'd be fine, but Angie asked if she could do anything. Maya expressed gratitude for the babysitting job, but Angie had another suggestion.

Brot found Jesse at the hospital, where Jesse confirmed that Maya was Lucy's biological mother. Jesse was skeptical that it had been a coincidence that Maya had become Lucy's babysitter, and he worried that she wanted her child back. Brot expressed doubt that Maya was aware that Lucy was her baby, and he suggested that they investigate the situation as if it were a police case. Brot asked if Maya had approached the Hubbards about the babysitting job, and Jesse admitted that it had been Frankie's idea. Brot asked what he could do, but Jesse wailed that if Angie found out the truth, no one could help.

Later, Jesse asked Frankie if Maya had provided references, and Frankie worried that something had happened to Lucy. Jesse said he was just being a protective parent, and he inquired about what Frankie knew about her. Frankie refused to break doctor-patient confidentiality, but he insisted that she was in perfect health. Jesse remarked that Maya had looked uncomfortable with Lucy at first, and he wondered if she had issues. Frankie pointed out that Jesse had commented previously that Maya had been doing a good job, and he assured his father that Maya wouldn't cause problems.

Jesse informed Brot that Frankie trusted Maya, but Jesse wondered if Maya was playing Frankie. Brot believed that Maya didn't suspect a thing and that she had no ulterior motive, but Jesse wanted to be sure. Later, Jesse arrived home and encountered Maya, who was about to leave to pick up diapers. Jesse asked for a moment to talk, but Angie entered and announced that since Maya and Lucy had taken to one another, she'd asked Maya to become their full-time, live-in nanny.

Opal worried about Erica to Amanda, who expressed disbelief that Erica had been committed to Oak Haven. Opal turned the subject to Amanda's biopsy, and Amanda revealed that her test results would be in later that day, but she was determined to focus on Trevor. Opal advised that Amanda didn't have to put up a brave front, but Amanda declared that she had a good feeling. Meanwhile, at the hospital, a nurse handed Jake a folder with the test results.

Opal insisted on keeping Amanda's mind off her problems, but Amanda implored Opal to be with Erica's family. Amanda expected Jake to call once he had news, and she had her son to keep her spirits up in the meantime. Opal hugged Amanda and said she'd check in later, and she left. Amanda told Trevor that his mommy would be just fine. Later, Jake arrived home, and Amanda assumed from his forlorn expression that the biopsy had confirmed she had cancer.

Jake informed Amanda that she needed more tests to determine what stage the cancer was in, and the doctor wanted to see them both later. He vowed that they'd beat the disease together. She anxiously started to make breakfast, and he tried to reach out to her, but she told him not to hug her, because she'd lose it, and they had a lot to talk about. Amanda wanted Trevor to have a happy, normal childhood, but Jake urged her to wait to make decisions until they had all the facts. She asserted that if she couldn't be there, she wanted Jake to fall in love again and marry someone else who could be a mother to Trevor.

Jake assured Amanda that she'd fight and win, and he'd be by her side the whole time. He understood it was tough not to know what would happen, but he recalled that they had encountered obstacles before, and he was confident they would overcome this one, too. She was scared, but he called her strong and brave, and he reminded her that she had the kind of support and love that could get them through anything. She hugged him and sobbed that she wasn't ready to die. He swore not to let that happen.

Kendall, Bianca, and Jackson gathered at the hospital to wait for news about David. Kendall wanted to see Erica, but Jackson informed her that the doctors at Oak Haven wouldn't allow visitors until they completed their evaluation. Bianca was glad David had survived, or things would have been worse for Erica. Jackson berated David for Erica's situation and wished he'd broken David's neck when he'd had the chance. Jackson called Erica's story bizarre, but Bianca wanted to stay positive and was relieved that Erica had broken David's hold over her.

Jackson called Oak Haven and learned that Erica had completed an initial interview, but the doctors wanted to keep her for further observation. Opal arrived, determined to get Erica released immediately, but Jackson wanted to let the doctors tend to his fiancée. Opal said she didn't need a doctor to know Erica wasn't crazy, and she believed that David had simply pushed Erica to the brink. Jackson reiterated that Oak Haven was the right place for Erica, but Opal suspected that David had been drugging Erica.

Bianca and Jackson recounted Erica's story about being held hostage by a look-alike to a stunned Opal.

Jackson commented that the story made no sense, but Opal asserted that it explained everything. Opal argued that Erica would have never fallen off the wagon and into David's bed, but Bianca thought it had happened. Opal insisted that Jackson had pulled Erica's look-alike out of the rubble, while Erica had been held captive.

As David regained consciousness, Griffin welcomed him back, and David commended Griffin for saving his life. Griffin asked him to explain the plea David had made just before the surgery. David claimed not to remember, but Griffin inquired who would have died if David hadn't made it. David explained that he had been concerned about the future of Project Orpheus, but everything had turned out fine. Griffin demanded to know who else David had been treating, but David stated that Griffin was better off not knowing.

Griffin declared that he was tired of protecting David, while David kept him in the dark. David asserted that he didn't want Griffin to be implicated if something went wrong. David said he planned to reveal everything soon, but he was concerned that Greenlee's leg numbness could be a setback. David worried about other side effects, and Griffin blasted David for performing human experimentation before the research was complete. David maintained that he had everything under control.

Griffin demanded to know if David had experimented on other patients, because it would take some time before David recovered. David admitted there were others, but he refused to give names and warned Griffin to back off. Griffin pointed out that Maria and Greenlee had been presumed dead while David had treated them, and he wondered if David was keeping anyone else from their families. David urged Griffin to trust him, but Griffin asked if David could live with it if something happened to Greenlee.

David promised to tell Griffin everything when it was safe, but the project would be jeopardized if anyone found out about it. Griffin swore that he wouldn't tell anyone, but David remained skeptical, because Griffin was involved with Kendall. Griffin insisted anything David said would stay between them, but David worried that even a small slip would put everyone in danger. Griffin thought that David's plans were backfiring, but David insisted that he just needed time to ensure everything was all right. Griffin worried about the side effects, but David didn't want to dash people's hopes unnecessarily.

Griffin warned that David couldn't take over his patients' lives, but David reminded him that Griffin had been ready to do anything necessary to save Cara. Griffin warned that Ryan was hot on David's trail, and David advised Griffin to tell the truth -- that Griffin wished he knew more and would keep pressing David for information. Griffin agreed that was the truth, and he left. As David dozed off, Kendall entered and warned him not to mess with Erica, but David pointed out that Erica had almost killed him. Kendall accused David of orchestrating everything to get revenge on Kendall for shooting him. He countered that he'd helped Kendall more than she could imagine.

Kendall ordered David to stay away from Erica, but David claimed that he'd always had affection for Erica. Kendall accused him of using Erica to get the hospital back, and she spat that his days of using Erica were over. He retorted that things were far from over, especially for Kendall. David acknowledged that Erica needed Jackson, so he wasn't going to stand in their way. Kendall didn't believe that David would back down so easily.

Kendall cautioned David that everyone was onto him, and she suspected he was up to something twisted. She accused him of involving Griffin in his schemes, and David said Griffin could have been a brilliant surgeon, until Griffin's loyalty had wavered. Kendall stormed out and ran into Griffin, who apologized for the mix-up regarding their dinner location. Kendall barked that Ryan had informed her that Griffin had been working with David, and she angrily demanded how Griffin could do that to her.

Kendall recalled how Griffin had avoided her questions about Project Orpheus, and he stated that the research had been confidential. She asked if Griffin had helped David to hurt Erica, and he was shocked. Griffin explained that David had done a lot for him, but Kendall retorted that David had a God complex and had messed with people's lives out of spite. She said she needed to know everything about how Griffin had been helping David. He hesitated and apologized that he couldn't give details just then, but perhaps he could in time. "It is now or never," she demanded.

Kendall pushed Griffin to tell her the truth, and she was surprised when he maintained that he couldn't. She asserted that they couldn't see one another anymore, and he agreed, because he couldn't give her complete honesty at that moment. She accused him of choosing David over her, and he denied it, but she declared that if Griffin's secrets were more important than their relationship, then they had no relationship. He understood and murmured that he was sorry, and he walked away.

David instructed someone on the phone to find Dixie fast, because he hadn't been able to reach Ben.

Meanwhile, Dixie stumbled through the park and crouched beside a tree, distraught.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At home, Jesse was extremely on edge about Maya moving in and becoming the new nanny. Maya arrived and was eager to get started; however, Jesse questioned Maya's qualifications. Angie sent Maya out of the room and demanded to know why Jesse was being overly anxious about the situation.

Jesse bet that Angie hadn't thoroughly checked out Maya, but Angie said that she had. Jesse doubted there were no problems, and Angie admitted that Maya had been in a bad relationship. Jesse insisted that they were inviting problems into their household, but Angie thought it was a chance to get a wonderful nanny and help Maya in return.

Frankie arrived, and the Hubbards attempted to rope him into the debate. Maya interrupted to say she was on the way to quit her job at the Chandler mansion. Angie offered to accompany Maya, and after the women left, Jesse said a background check on Maya had revealed that she'd given up a baby. Jesse was worried they'd hired the wrong nanny.

Frankie expressed concern about Jesse prying into Maya's medical records. Jesse claimed he hadn't done that, but asserted that she should have told them about the baby. Jesse was worried that Maya would get attached to Lucy and remarked that babies got kidnapped for less.

Calling his father paranoid, Frankie tried to put Jesse at ease by saying Frankie was a good judge of character. When that didn't work, Frankie skirted along the border of confidentiality to reveal that he'd treated Maya after the birth, and she'd insisted that her baby go to a good home. Jesse wondered about the father, and Frankie said the father didn't know about the baby. Jesse was still unsettled, but Frankie promised that Maya just wanted a fresh start.

In the park, Brot caught Dixie raiding a box of donuts he'd left on a bench. He offered her as much as she wanted, because she seemed hungry. Dixie cautiously took more, and Brot asked her who she was. Sensing her skittishness, Brot treaded delicately as he tried to coax answers from her; however, she grabbed a donut and fled.

As Brot gave chase, he ran into Jesse and explained that he needed help tracking a woman down. Jesse seemed distracted, and at Brot's prodding, Jesse revealed that Maya had moved in with him and Angie. Jesse added that Frankie had treated Maya after the birth. Brot wondered if it all could be just a coincidence, and he said Maya might not be looking for her baby. An unconvinced Jesse figured he needed a plan before it was too late.

Brot tried to calm Jesse down and get Jesse to see that nothing bad would happen. Jesse insisted that Maya's bond with Lucy would grow deeper and lead Maya to ask questions. Brot asked how he could help, but a distraught Jesse just shook his head, saying he needed to go. Jesse strode off, and Brot resumed his pursuit of Dixie.

Later, Brot escorted a frightened Dixie into a ward at Oak Haven. Dixie tried to sprint away, but he caught her. An orderly assured Brot that the woman would be okay, and Brot led her by the shoulders into a room. "No! No! No! No! No!" she screamed.

At the mansion, JR assumed Tad had arrived to dole out a lecture on alcoholism, but instead, Tad asked to discuss JR's drunken ramblings about seeing Dixie. JR, who guessed he'd probably talked about flying unicorns, too, was glad that AJ hadn't seen him like that. Tad gave JR some childhood cards that JR had made for Dixie. The items had been sent from Pigeon Hollow because JR's grandfather had died.

Tad remarked that Kathy had insisted she'd seen Dixie in the park the other day, and he wondered if Dixie might be trying to communicate with him. JR grew enraged and declared that his mother was dead. JR asserted that Tad had accused JR of needing help, but Tad was the one trying to dig up ghosts.

The two argued about JR's drinking, and JR rasped that Tad knew what he could do with the Twelve Steps. JR figured Tad was about to say that Dixie would be ashamed; however, Tad stated that Dixie would be just as worried as Tad was. Tad said he'd be there if JR wanted to talk, but JR quipped that Tad shouldn't wait around for a call.

Tad left, and Maya and Angie arrived. Maya quit her job, to JR's surprise, and Mookie entered as JR stormed out. JR took a drink down to the pool and dipped his legs into the water. He tossed his childhood craft cards into the pool and got drunker as he watched them float.

Back in the house, Mookie tried to follow Maya upstairs to discuss her sudden job change, but Angie snagged his arm. "You don't have to grab me like that, Hubbard," he snapped. Mookie expressed his disenchantment with Angie's decision to talk Maya out of a good job with flexible hours at the Chandler mansion. Angie stated that Maya was able to make her own choices. He complained that he'd moved there to be close to Maya, who'd suddenly be living with the Hubbards. Angie said Maya could see whomever she wanted; however, Angie pointedly added that whom Maya spent time with was purely Maya's decision.

Maya returned, and Mookie expressed his disbelief that she was leaving him again. Maya claimed that it was just a job, but Mookie, who seemed as if he wanted to punch something, stomped out. Maya apologetically made excuses for his behavior and said that she should go after him. Angie asked if Maya really wanted to do that. Maya said she didn't, so Angie replied that they were going home. Maya hesitatingly followed Angie out of the house.

When Angie and Maya arrived outside Angie's apartment, May a expressed her gratefulness to Angie for helping break the news to JR. Maya was also happy that Angie trusted her with Lucy. Angie stated that it'd be a great opportunity for everyone involved. As the two women entered the house, Mookie lurked in the corridor.

At the hospital, Jake and Amanda nervously awaited her doctor. Jake left to see what was taking so long, and Cara approached Amanda. The women discussed Amanda's diagnosis, but when Jake returned, Cara tried to dart off. Amanda stopped her and thanked her for being kind. Amanda apologized for allowing her insecurities to cause her to try to get Cara deported.

Fearing that they were headed into a confrontation, Jake tried to deter the women from discussing the past. Cara stated that she understood Amanda's fears because it had to have been hard to have Jake's ex-wife surface. Amanda thought it was no excuse to do what she'd done, but Cara replied that it had led her to Tad. For that, Cara would always be grateful. Cara offered to lend her support if Amanda needed it, and after Cara left, Jake reassured Amanda.

When Amanda and Jake met with Dr. Hamilton, Amanda stated that she wanted the doctor to be up-front with her, so she could be prepared. Dr. Hamilton said they would do a complete workup to determine the cancer stage and discover whether it had spread. Amanda asked if she'd be able to have more children, and Dr. Hamilton said they could treat her without removing her uterus. However, if it were severe, she might have to have a hysterectomy. Jake held Amanda as she grappled with the prognosis.

Later, Cara arrived home, and she and Tad talked about their mornings. Tad said JR had fallen off the wagon, and the wagon had run him over. Cara shared the dismal news about Amanda, and Tad felt powerless to help anyone in his family. Cara got an idea and said they were headed to the beach.

Cara laid out a blanket and lit candles. She said they'd reach the beach through relaxation and mediation. Tad made jokes, but she persisted in setting the mood. She asked him to concentrate on breathing, and he joked that he wanted to concentrate on her breathing, because there were other ways to relieve stress.

Cara described a romantic beach scene, in which she and Tad were partaking in a picnic. Tad asked if she'd want to do that with him in real life. He opened his eyes and was surprised to find her admiring him. She softly replied that she'd enjoy a day at the beach with him alone.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

From his hospital room, David urged someone on the phone to search for Dixie in all the shelters in the area. He removed all of the medical equipment attached to his body and tried to stand, but Griffin ran in just in time to catch David before he fell. Griffin scolded David for getting out of bed too soon after major surgery, but David insisted that he had to get out of there. Griffin speculated that David wanted to tend to other patients.

David wished he could trust Griffin, and Griffin swore that he'd never betray David, but David was concerned that Griffin was dating Kendall. Griffin revealed that he and Kendall had ended things, and David wanted to know why. Griffin admitted that he had refused to talk about Project Orpheus, so Kendall had dumped him. Griffin pointed out that he'd torched his relationship to keep David's secret, and he asked what he could do to help.

David opined that Griffin was better off without Kendall. Griffin demanded to know about David's other patients and if they were in danger, because David had risked his life trying to leave the hospital. Griffin asked if all of the patients had been connected to David, like Greenlee and Maria had been. David maintained that Griffin didn't need to know, and Griffin stormed out.

At Fusion, Kendall and Madison discussed the concept of the Fierce line, but Greenlee interrupted to inquire about the abrupt end of Kendall and Griffin's relationship. Kendall ignored the question and told Madison that she didn't want to play it safe with the campaign, and Madison presented another sketch. Kendall showed it to Greenlee, who accused Kendall of allowing David to interfere in Kendall's love life. Kendall asserted that Griffin had decided not to be honest, but Greenlee was certain that David was behind Griffin's actions.

Greenlee advised Kendall not to punish Griffin, but to give him time to see David's evil ways. Madison implored Greenlee and Kendall to focus on work. Greenlee stated that personal issues couldn't always take a back seat, and Madison shot her a dirty look. Greenlee realized how callous her words had sounded, and she clarified that sometimes it was good to put heart and soul into work. Madison stalked off, and Greenlee announced that she was going to convince David that she was having a relapse.

Kendall apologized to Madison for Greenlee's behavior, and they reviewed more drawings. Griffin entered, and he and Kendall locked eyes. Kendall urged Madison to take a break, and an irritated Madison stated that work was overrated, and she left. Kendall inquired why Griffin was there, and he claimed he wasn't sure. He apologized for how things had ended between them, because it wasn't what he had wanted. He proclaimed that he cared about her and that secrets had no place in a relationship. Kendall wondered if Griffin had decided to let her in.

Kendall begged Griffin to tell her about the research, but he said it was bigger than him. He explained that he couldn't compromise the work, because people's lives were at stake. Kendall worried about what he was involved in, and he said he didn't want their relationship to end. She lamented that a secret had torn them apart, but he encouraged her to trust him. Kendall balked, because David was involved. Griffin reminded her that she'd put her faith in Griffin before, but she argued that the situation had been different, because he had only been her doctor then, and she no longer needed him in the same capacity.

Kendall commented that her relationship with Griffin had been about honesty, but he countered that it also had been about compromise. She admitted that she missed being around him, and he said they could still have something, but she refused, unless he told her everything. He maintained that he was sorry, but he couldn't tell the truth for her sake. She became angry and demanded to know what David was up to. Griffin called his visit a mistake, because he'd only made things worse, and he hoped one day she'd understand and forgive him. He walked out, and she looked sadly after him.

Greenlee arrived at David's hospital room, and she admitted that he was the one person who could keep her alive, and she didn't want to die. Greenlee claimed that her numbness was getting worse, and David asked if it had become more frequent. She said she wouldn't have approached him if she wasn't scared, but he had fixed her the first time, and she wanted him to do it again. He asked whether Ryan knew about her symptoms, and she asserted that he didn't. David accused her of lying, because he believed she'd never keep such a big secret after she'd withheld the truth about Madison from her husband.

Greenlee barked that she hadn't visited David for marriage counseling, but David retorted that she couldn't blame him for being skeptical. Greenlee explained that Ryan had been through a lot with Emma and the baby, and she didn't want to cause her husband more stress. She asked what could be happening to her, and David said he would need to run tests. She realized that she'd never asked questions about how he'd first healed her or about whether her recovery would last. She wanted to know if she was going to die.

David promised Greenlee that she wouldn't die, because he wouldn't let her. She promised not to tell anyone that David was helping her. She asked what treatment she needed, and he said he'd have to take her somewhere. She asked if they could handle it at the hospital, but he vaguely stated that it wasn't how the treatment worked. He said that he needed his rest and that he would be in touch.

Scott found JR by the Chandler pool and advised JR to check his messages, because Chandler Enterprises needed him. JR said he didn't care, because he had to salvage his family, and AJ meant everything to him. Scott warned that JR wouldn't find family bliss at the bottom of a bottle. Scott reminded his cousin that the shareholders were counting on JR, but JR maintained that he didn't care what anyone else thought. JR lamented that he'd let his son down, and Scott predicted that JR would lose AJ, because JR had fallen off the wagon. JR staggered away.

Madison sketched in the park over a hot dog lunch. Scott encountered her and complimented her different appearance, though he added that he'd always thought she'd looked great. She explained that the look was for her new Fusion line, and he was impressed. He stared at her, and she wondered if she had mustard on her face, but he was just admiring her new look. He remarked that she'd taken the world by the reins.

Scott joked that a squirrel had been following him, and Madison teased that it was only for his hot dog crumbs. She admitted that she had been frustrated, but he'd made her smile. He said the first one was on the house, and she struggled not to smile again, but she couldn't help it when he began to sing a goofy song. Madison worried that her line wouldn't get off the ground, but Scott was confident that she'd be successful. She asked why he was there, and he replied that he had been taking a break from his work on the gatehouse, and she said she'd like to see it. He invited her to stop by.

At the Martin home, Jackson and Opal told Tad Erica's story. Opal opined that they'd seen stranger things happen in Pine Valley, but Jackson revealed that the doctors had refused to release Erica or allow her visitors, and he asked for Tad's help. Tad spoke with a friend who worked at Oak Haven, and he advised Jackson to file an emergency brief. Jackson would then be able to see Erica, but the catch was that Tad had to go with him.

JR arrived to see AJ, and Tad told Jackson they'd meet later. Jackson departed, and Opal went upstairs. Tad suggested that JR apologize to Krystal. JR repeated that he was there for AJ, and Tad asked if JR was sober. JR expected a lecture about screwing up, because he believed he knew what Tad was going to say, but Tad disagreed.

Krystal confronted JR, who halfheartedly apologized for his earlier behavior. He berated her for not understanding how upset he'd been that his wife had left him. Krystal pointed out that Marissa wasn't his wife, but JR blasted Marissa for taking his son and tearing up his family. As they argued, they turned around and saw that Marissa and AJ had entered. JR said he missed AJ and apologized for the yelling. Marissa instructed JR to leave, but he refused to go without his son.

Tad implored JR to go home to get rest, and Tad offered to drive AJ over later. JR told his son he'd see him later to play video games, but AJ stared silently at his father. JR left, and Tad promised he'd supervise AJ's visit with JR, but AJ whined that he didn't want to see JR. Later, Tad found JR at the pool, and Tad claimed that AJ wasn't feeling well. JR assumed that Marissa had prohibited AJ's visit, but Tad admitted that AJ hadn't wanted to visit, because JR had scared him. JR bellowed that AJ needed to get away from his crazy mother, and he threatened to call his lawyers. JR grabbed a bottle and started to walk away, but Tad pushed him into the pool.

Janet showed Erica around Oak Haven, and she declared that they'd have a good time with their other friends. Janet called to a woman, and Erica was stunned to see Marian, who assumed that Erica was there for a visit. Erica was clearly spooked by Janet and rushed over to Marian, who started to babble about Stuart. Janet introduced another member of their "clan," and Erica found herself face-to-face with Annie.

Erica angrily recalled that Annie had tried to kill her, and Annie found it ironic that Erica had been committed because Erica had stabbed someone, too. The women bickered, and Janet intervened and declared that they were all friends, but Annie and Erica continued to hurl insults at one another. Janet proclaimed that she'd put them all in a freezer if she had the chance, and everyone in the room immediately became silent. Janet laughed and claimed she was kidding, and she bragged that she and Erica had made a good team and recounted how they'd buried Jonathan Kinder. Janet suggested that she and Erica start a line of dolls, and Erica looked horrified when Janet declared that they'd make a killing.

In art class, Janet and Marian admired Erica's creativity, while Annie made snarky comments. Janet asked about Amanda and Trevor, but Erica said she didn't know, because she'd been held captive for a long time. Marian gushed that Scott had been wonderful about visiting, and Annie complained that he'd never seen her. Janet pressed Erica again about Amanda, but Erica rushed away from the table. Marian approached Erica and said the first few days were the scariest, but Erica expected to leave as soon as Jackson returned to his senses.

Janet proudly showed Annie a picture she'd drawn to depict best friends. Marian commented that it was lovely, but Annie called it a blob. As the women bantered, an orderly rounded them up to spend time outside, but he asked Erica to stay in the room. Annie warned Erica to fight for her life if they strapped Erica to a table. Erica was surprised when Jackson entered, and she rushed into his arms.

Jackson explained that he'd officially become Erica's attorney. She hoped his presence meant that he believed her, but he simply stated that he loved her. He wanted to believe her, but he couldn't get past the implausibility of her story. Erica realized that Jackson still thought she'd lost her mind and should be locked up, but he insisted that she belonged with him. She understood that her tale sounded extreme, but she swore she was telling the truth. He vowed to find proof, and he asked her to tell him the whole story again.

After Erica again provided the details of her kidnapping to Jackson, he still had doubts about the plausibility of her story. Erica pointed out that her account hadn't changed, and Jackson acknowledged that was a good thing. Jackson asked if she had any indication where Jane and Ben had gone, but she didn't. Erica mentioned that the same plastic surgeon had operated on both her and Jane, but Jackson said the doctor had gone into hiding. She realized he was trying to find a way to believe her, and she thanked him for not giving up on her.

Elsewhere at Oak Haven, Dixie awakened, and she nervously looked around and saw she was alone in her room. She pounded on the door and yelled to be let out.

Jackson vowed to work day and night to find evidence to back up Erica's story, and she hoped he would return soon. He apologized for not believing in her, and he urged her to believe in him. She assured him that she did, and she declared her determination to survive Oak Haven. An orderly led Dixie past the doorway, and Dixie peered in and stared at Erica and Jackson.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Erica walked in on a yoga session that Janet was leading. Marian offered Erica a spot next to her. Erica declined once she realized that if she took the spot, her back would be to Annie. Annie was incensed that her stabbing of Erica was more ominous than Erica's stabbing of David. Janet tried to restore positive energy and suggested that Erica felt bad about what she'd done. Erica said her only regret was not killing David.

Erica finally joined the yoga group, but was unable to relax because of the constant bickering. An attendant opened the door to the room and said that they had a new patient. Erica wondered what other ghost from her past would show up. Opal blasted through the doorway, dressed erratically and ready to give everyone makeovers.

When the attendant left the group alone, Opal did her best to appear as though she'd lost touch with sanity. Not everyone was convinced, but their time to ponder it was cut short when the attendant returned. The attendant said that it was time for the patients to return to their rooms. Erica and Opal hung back while the others did as instructed. Erica demanded to know what Opal had planned.

Opal said she wanted to break Erica out of Oak Haven. Erica didn't think Opal would be successful at her mission, but Opal was undeterred. Erica asked if Opal thought Erica was insane. Opal retold Erica's story with her own spin, and said that Erica's actions after her return to Pine Valley were perfectly reasonable. Elated, Erica hugged her old friend. Unbeknownst to them, Annie overheard the conversation.

Annie continued to eavesdrop as Opal talked up the plan. Opal said that she would hide Erica from the police and the straitjackets until Jack found the proof needed about Jane. Annie showed her face and demanded to escape with Opal and Erica. Annie swore that she would divulge Opal's plans to someone in charge if they left her behind.

David was pleasantly surprised when he woke up and saw Marissa. Marissa said she'd heard David had used Erica to buy the hospital. Marissa pointed out that David often pushed people too far. David wondered why Marissa bothered to visit him if she felt he deserved to be stabbed. Marissa's motivation was simple: love. David was grateful and told his daughter that he loved her as well.

Marissa clarified and said that she had decided to visit because she loved Bianca. Marissa told David that she and Bianca were dating. Because very little shocked David, all he asked was if she was happy. Marissa said that she was, and David said he was happy for her. Marissa said that if David were being honest, then he would be willing to help her with an issue.

Marissa mentioned Erica and said that Bianca was very upset. David wondered how he could be the victim of a stab wound inflicted by Erica and still be the bad guy. Marissa reminded David that he had driven Erica to the edge and pushed her over. Marissa revealed that Erica had been taken to Oak Haven. David thought that Erica was in the best place. Irritated, Marissa said that perhaps the hospital was the best place for David. On her way out, Marissa added that David's situation would be better if it were permanent.

Cara found her brother in the park and asked if he was waiting for Kendall. Griffin told her that he'd called things off with Kendall. When Cara asked why, Griffin said that Kendall thought he was keeping something from her. Cara inquired whether Kendall was right. Griffin was silent long enough for Cara to realize that Griffin had a secret.

Cara pressed for details, and said that she would continue to ask questions until Griffin told her what was happening. Griffin gave some generic commentary and hoped that it would keep Cara at bay. Cara asked why Griffin couldn't tell Kendall what he'd shared with her. They both knew there was more to the story and that Kendall wouldn't be satisfied. Griffin tried to change the subject, but Cara wouldn't let him. Cara told Griffin not to protect her, as he took a hit every time he did so.

Cara reminded Griffin that as doctors, they'd taken an oath to do no harm. Cara asked if David had convinced Griffin to do something that was illegal or harmful. Griffin claimed that the work he'd done with David had saved lives. Cara pointed out that David had lost his license and everyone he cared about because he consistently made the wrong choice.

Griffin said he'd wanted to avoid making a choice between his work and his personal life. Cara said that everyone eventually approached that crossroad. Griffin thought that the situation could have been avoided if he'd chosen to stay away. Cara told Griffin that Kendall was the right person for him, and that he needed to choose wisely.

Angered at being dumped in the pool, JR emerged soaking wet and ready for a fight. Tad said that JR needed to stop drinking before he ruined both his life and AJ's. JR believed that AJ would be fine. Tad grabbed his stepson and bluntly announced that AJ wanted nothing to do with his father.

JR confessed that he'd shown up at Krystal's restaurant during Dixie's impromptu memorial service. JR said that Tad had too much faith in him. JR admitted that AJ hated him, but Tad quickly countered the claim. Tad said that JR still had an opportunity to salvage the relationship with his son. Tad encouraged JR to forget about his failed reunion with Marissa because that wasn't important. Tad said that the only thing JR should be concerned with was AJ.

JR was convinced that he would constantly mess things up with his son. Tad said that if JR had stayed at the restaurant longer, he would have heard Tad say that JR was every bit the man Dixie had hoped JR would be. Tad thought that the problem was that JR didn't know how good of a man he was. Tad said that JR had his mother's heart and that JR would succeed if he just followed what his heart told him.

Tad's cell phone rang, and when he took the call, he found out that Opal had been admitted to Oak Haven. Tad quickly ended the call and related the information to JR. JR encouraged Tad to go to Oak Haven to find out what had happened. Tad, still worried about his son, asked if JR would be okay. JR promised that he would stop drinking. Tad reminded JR that he wasn't alone, and left.

Once alone, JR paced around the edge of the pool, consumed by his thoughts. A flash of anger shot through him, and he started to toss objects into the pool. When there was nothing left, JR let the tears flow.

In the throes of a nightmare, Dixie called out in alarm, begging David to stop what he was doing. The terror caused Dixie to wake up suddenly and sit up in her bed. It took her a few moments before she realized where she was.

Marissa went to Krystal's restaurant and met up with Bianca and AJ. Marissa immediately noticed AJ's crestfallen expression. Bianca confessed that they'd been talking about fathers. AJ asked if he was in trouble for not wanting to spend time with JR. Marissa told him no, and said that JR was having a hard time dealing with some things. When AJ's mood didn't change, Marissa took a different tack.

Marissa told AJ that sometimes her father did things that she didn't like, things that upset her. Marissa added that when that happened, she had to remind herself that her father was an adult. Marissa told AJ that adults didn't need their children to take care of them. Marissa hugged her son and reminded him of all of the people that loved him.

A short time later, JR showed up at Krystal's restaurant. When he let AJ know he was there, AJ instantly left his chair to stand near Marissa. JR admitted that he'd been a jerk and apologized. JR suggested that he and AJ go to the park to fly a kite. AJ said he didn't want to go, and Marissa said that they should all talk another time.

JR bit back his anger and tried again to convince AJ to hang out. When AJ continued to resist, Bianca offered that the young boy was tired. Bianca's contribution sent JR over the edge, and he told Bianca not to speak for AJ. Marissa pointed out that JR was making a scene. JR shot back that Marissa simply didn't like the way he was speaking to her girlfriend. He added that Marissa was the real bad influence.

JR pulled on his son's arm in attempt to get AJ to leave with him. AJ continued to try to pull away, and Marissa told JR that he should leave their son alone. Other patrons noticed the commotion but JR was oblivious to everything except getting his son to leave. JR said that AJ had no need to be afraid and that some time in the park would be fun. Finally, AJ yanked free of his father's grasp, announced that he hated JR, and said that he didn't want JR to be his father anymore.

JR said that he wasn't a monster. He told AJ that he loved his son, and said that one day AJ would understand JR's choices. JR walked over to the bar, pulled a random bottle, and asked Marissa to tell Krystal to charge him for it. After JR walked out, Marissa wanted to go after him. Bianca reminded Marissa that they had his keys, so JR would have to walk off the alcohol he consumed. Marissa worried about who would take care of JR when he woke up. Bianca said that JR had to take care of himself.

Bianca, Marissa, and AJ walked through the park. Bianca suggested that they could still fly a kite. When AJ agreed, Bianca said that she knew where they could get the perfect one. Bianca fished for her keys in her purse, but realized after a moment that her keys were missing. Across town, JR started Bianca's car, then took a swig from the wine bottle before putting the car in motion.

David made a call from his cell phone and was told that Dixie hadn't been found. Furious, David told the person at the other end that he hadn't cheated death again to see his life's work ruined. After he ended the call, Cara showed up with his medication. David was irate because Cara was behind schedule. Cara refused to hand over the medication until David told her what he was doing with Griffin.

Tad arrived at Oak Haven and told the attendant that while his mother was eccentric, she wasn't mentally unstable. The attendant was glad to hear that because they were running short on rooms. Soon after the attendant left to sort out the situation with Opal, Marian spotted Tad. Marian exuberantly welcomed Tad and told him that she had been certain he would show up for her.

Tad protested and told Marian that he was there for Opal, not her. Marian insisted that Opal wasn't ready, but that she was. Tad struggled, fruitlessly, to try to make Marian understand what he was saying. Instead, lost in her own world, Marian kissed Tad and asked him to whisk her away -- for old time's sake. When Tad was at a loss for words, Marian took that to mean that he'd decided to do things her way. Marian gleefully sprinted off to her room to gather her things.

Erica was clear when she said that Annie could not break out with her and Opal. Annie thought that Erica's resistance was because Annie had stabbed her. Annie apologized again and said that Erica should be able to forgive her. At that moment, Janet and Marian returned to the room. When they realized what was being discussed, Janet told Annie that they all needed to stay, while Marian said that she had her own way out of Oak Haven. When the talking reached a fevered pitch, Opal whistled loudly and said that everyone needed to keep their voices down so as not to alert the staff.

Alone again in the hall, Tad felt drawn to a nearby room. Inside the room, Dixie woke up and approached the door. They each touched the door as they waited and listened. Before either could do anything else, Tad heard Opal's voice as it rang down the hall, and left to track his mother down.

Opal told Janet, Annie, and Marian that they belonged in Oak Haven, but that Erica didn't. Janet attempted to be welcoming, but both Annie and Marian continued to complain about wanting to leave. The attendant made her way back to the room to find out the source of the commotion.

The room fell silent when Tad called to his mother loudly. Although Opal continued to try to act insane, she was unsuccessful at securing a space for herself at Oak Haven. Before Tad left, he told Erica that Jack was working as fast as possible to get her out. As Tad started to drag Opal out, she yelled that she wouldn't rest until Erica was released. Once they were gone, Annie couldn't resist goading Erica.

When Annie got too close, Erica pushed Annie to the ground. Annie claimed that Erica had attacked her. The reoccurrence of the loud voices made the staff return to the room to see what was happening. After Annie complained about Erica, the attendant told Erica that she needed to spend time in isolation. Erica fought against the attendant and insisted that Annie was the one who needed to be in isolation. When the attendant refused to listen, Erica tried to get away and she ran into a nearby room. Erica was shocked when she saw Dixie lying on the bed.

Tad and Opal landed at Krystal's restaurant after they left Oak Haven. Opal thought her tactics would have worked and told Tad that she was angry at him for his interference. Tad tried to calm Opal down when he thanked her for trying to help Erica. Tad then asked if Opal had seen anyone unusual while she was there. Opal pointed out that because it was a mental hospital, a lot of people were unusual.

Griffin sat in the park, haunted by David's ideas on removing oneself from emotional relationships that could distract from work. Griffin then replayed his confrontation with Ryan about how David's motives were always rooted in evil. Griffin finally thought back to how Kendall had ended their relationship because he couldn't be honest. The last memory was too much to bear, and it spurred Griffin into action.

David pretended to act like he didn't understand what Cara wanted to know, but reminded her of how he'd helped her beat cancer. Cara said that since she had survived and became a doctor herself, the debt had been repaid. Cara demanded to know what David had on Griffin that was making Griffin ruin an amazing relationship. Griffin walked in at that point and told Cara that he could handle David.

Reluctantly, Cara left. David remarked that he was impressed at how solidly Cara had her brother's back. David said that Cara didn't understand the meaning of their work. Griffin said that he understood the work, so David was certain that he still had Griffin under his control. David was surprised when Griffin threw his Orpheus keycard on David's bed and indicated that he quit his post in the program.

David was aghast at Griffin's revelation and wanted to know why. Griffin said that there were too many secrets and grey areas to make the project worthwhile. David compared their work to a struggle men had faced over the ages: how to cheat death. David asked how Griffin could so easily relinquish that power.

Griffin said that he honored the oath he had taken. David needlessly added that he had taken the same oath. Griffin demanded that David reveal everyone that had been involved in Project Orpheus besides Maria Santos and Greenlee. David said that Griffin seemed desperate because the answer might cost Griffin a relationship with Kendall.

Opal walked to the back of Krystal's restaurant to change, and passed Cara on the way. After Cara spotted Tad and hugged him, she noted that things had been stressful. Cara suggested that they go away somewhere -- together.



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