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Monday, July 25, 2011

At Taylor's house, Steffy waited for a call from Bill, but Taylor asked her daughter to have some compassion for the man's wife. Steffy rolled her eyes, but Taylor, who noted her own experience in being left behind, asked Steffy not to trick herself into believing that Katie deserved to be hurt. Taylor warned her daughter to keep her eyes open about Bill.

Thomas arrived home and guessed he'd walked in on something. He went down to the pool, and Steffy wished Taylor would offer understanding instead of lectures. Steffy said she'd learned from Ridge's failures with Taylor. Steffy stated that her father wasn't capable of leaving his "precious Logan" for Taylor; however, Bill would do it for Steffy.

Steffy asked Taylor not to tell Ridge anything about the situation. Thomas returned and grimaced upon hearing more about Steffy's infatuation with a married man. As Thomas left again, Steffy pondered, "Married? Not for long."

Steffy stared at her phone, and Taylor continued to warn her daughter about Bill. Steffy insisted that Taylor ought to feel grateful to Bill for helping their family. Thomas returned and asked if something were seriously happening between Steffy and Bill. Taylor wryly replied that it was Steffy's hope, and an irritated Steffy declared that Bill was leaving Katie for Steffy.

At Katie's party, the guests cheered for the Spencers, and Karen called the couple the king and queen of Spencer Publications. She noted that the stock had gone up upon them marrying, and everyone was more comfortable with a married Bill at the company's helm.

Bill decided to change his clothes, and Liam followed his father to the bedroom. Pam expressed her curiosity about Katie's minister, who was conversing with Stephen. Pam decided to snoop into the minister's background, because she couldn't have just anyone officiating her marriage. She left, and Donna and Katie agreed that Pam's wedding would be "pure hell."

On the porch with Katie later, Hope said she was sorry that Brooke hadn't made it there, and then she and Katie cooed about being with Spencer men. Hope said it almost hadn't happened because of Amber, and Katie remarked that Steffy needed to face reality, too. Hope thought Katie had nothing to fear from Steffy, because Bill had remained committed to his wife. Katie seemed unsure, but Hope insisted that the Spencers were solid.

In the bedroom, Bill snapped at Liam for not forewarning him about the surprise. Liam said it would have been wrong to ruin the night for Katie. Bill agreed, but he rasped that he'd been preparing for a board meeting, not a vows renewal. Liam remarked that Bill hadn't been at the office that day, and Bill angrily admitted to being with Steffy.

Bill threw down his shirt and said he'd returned home to end his marriage, but had wound up in a surprise vows renewal ceremony. Liam urged Bill to go through with it, but Bill said he'd made promises. "What? To Steffy?" Liam scoffed. Bill replied that he loved Steffy, but Liam insisted that Bill couldn't throw his marriage away. Katie entered to spur Bill to get dressed, and he reluctantly murmured that he'd be in there soon.

Later, Bill emerged from the bedroom, and the ceremony began. The minister asked them to join hands, and Bill hesitantly complied. The minister then recalled the significance of their wedding at the old Logan home and the significance of the renewal at the beach house. He then asked the loved ones to speak about Bill and Katie.

Karen said the marriage had given her a sister and a new chance to know her brother. Stephen said he regretted not being there for Katie, but he took comfort in Bill's ability to do what Stephen had failed to do. Donna said she'd been wrong about Bill, and she couldn't imagine the couple not being together. Liam stated that it if weren't for Katie, he would never have known his father. He said the strength of the Spencer marriage affected everyone.

The minister prepared to read something from Saint Paul, but Bill said Saint Paul had to hold his thought. Bill told Katie that he wished he could live up to everything that their loved ones had described; however, he felt that there was something she needed to know.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

by Pam

In front of the minister, after Bill and Katie had heard their family and friends talk about how they belonged together, Bill said that he needed to say something to Katie. Bill told her that he would always love her, no matter what happened. He reminded her that she was the first woman who had taught him how to open his heart. He explained that he had learned that when he opened his heart, it left him open to pain.

Bill realized that he and Katie had hurt each other unintentionally. Bill told Katie that when he looked into her beautiful blue eyes, he loved her for her passion and advice even when he didn't want her advice. Katie smiled. Bill told her that he loved her and would always love her, and he promised to be honest.

Katie tearfully hugged Bill and said that they had drifted apart in recent months, but that their relationship was worth fighting for, and she wanted to have a fresh start. She added that Brooke and Ridge had inspired her. Katie said that before she had met Bill, she had lived with only half a heart and half a life, and Bill had taught her to live using her entire heart. She added that they could conquer anything together, and she looked forward to a fresh start with him with the vow renewal. The minister said a few words and told Bill to kiss his bride.

After the ceremony, Hope and Liam snuggled outside, and Hope wondered why Liam had seemed so worried. Liam didn't share that he had known that his father planned to leave Katie for Steffy. Instead, he told Hope that he was appreciative of their relationship. Inside, Karen and Bill chatted, and Karen reminded her brother of how good Katie had been for him. She teased him not to blow it with Katie. Stephen and Pam, Donna and Justin, and Liam and Hope all left.

When Katie and Bill were alone, Katie kissed Bill and said that she was glad to have him all to herself. Bill was clearly upset and told Katie that he had not expected a surprise vow renewal with family and friends. He told Katie that he had a huge board meeting the next day and had wanted to talk to Katie privately.

Katie was hurt, and she tearfully apologized. She said that she had no idea he would be angry because she thought that it was a romantic gesture. Bill said that he wasn't angry, but he didn't want to be surprised. He said that she should have discussed it with him. Katie was clearly distraught and said that she had made stupid mistakes before when she thought she had known what he would like. She said that she should have talked to him first. She felt bad and wanted Bill to forgive her. Bill said that he had meant everything he'd said earlier. He told her that he had no idea what his life would be like without her in it.

Katie misunderstood, and thought that he was worried about her health. She apologized for worrying him and told him that she was fine. She explained that the vow renewal had nothing to do with her health. Katie told Bill to go outside and relax. She asked him to reenter the house as if nothing had happened. She suggested that he practice his speech for the board meeting, have a drink, and then join her in bed. Katie kissed Bill and went to bed. Conflicted about his feelings, Bill poured a glass of liquor and drank it. Then, he poured another.

At Taylor's, Taylor and Thomas clued Steffy in to their doubts that Bill would keep his word. Steffy said that Bill was unlike Ridge, and he would not lie to her. Taylor tried to explain to Steffy that it would not be easy for Bill to leave Katie. Steffy argued that Taylor had heard Bill when he had said that he loved Steffy and planned to leave Katie.

Taylor understood that Bill was sincere, but Taylor warned Steffy that Bill had been deeply in love with Katie. It would not be easy for him to walk out on her in a matter of minutes. Taylor reminded Steffy that Taylor had been in Katie's shoes more than once. It would not be easy for Bill to walk out on his wife. Steffy confidently stated that Bill would call her at any minute.

Thomas said that Steffy needed to be prepared for what might happen if Bill didn't leave Katie immediately. Taylor agreed, but she told her children that they had to stick together. Steffy related that she had defended Thomas at Forrester when Hope angrily confronted Thomas about his lie. Steffy reminded her mother and brother that they would soon control Forrester with Stephanie's shares, Steffy's shares, and Bill's shares.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

by Pam

The morning after the vow renewal, Bill was ready for work. He sat down on the couch, and Katie kissed him. She told him that she had stayed awake waiting for him as long as she could the previous night. Bill said that he hadn't wanted to disturb her because she had looked so peaceful. Katie kissed him again and said that she wished he had disturbed her.

Bill apologized to Katie for his negative reaction after the vow ceremony. He told her that he loved her and that he meant what he had said in the vow renewal -- that he would love her forever, no matter what. He added that he could not imagine his life without her. Katie thanked him. She asked if he had been working on his speech for the Spencer board meeting, and he said that he wasn't too worried about it.

Bill said that he had to leave for the office, but Katie asked him to stay. She noted that the meeting wasn't until afternoon. Bill said that he had a lot to accomplish. Katie offered to make plans for dinner or a quiet evening at home, but Bill told her that he had to see how the day went. Katie said that she planned to meet him at the office. Bill guiltily said goodbye to her.

After Katie had dressed for work, Karen stopped by to see her. Katie thanked Karen for attending the vow renewal. Karen told Katie that Bill had seemed to be a new man since he had married Katie. Karen remarked that Bill had become stable and happy. Karen added that Bill's private life had affected Spencer's success as well as his personal life. Karen said that early on, the board had been very concerned about Bill as a leader because he had been known as a hothead. Karen said that his marriage to Katie had been well received by the board, and Spencer had done very well under Bill's guidance.

Katie related that after the ceremony, Bill had expressed his displeasure with Katie for surprising him with the vow renewal ceremony. Katie guessed that it was because he liked to be in control. Karen wondered why Bill would have behaved so oddly because he had very clearly been moved during the ceremony. When Bill recited his vows, he had spoken with warmth and incredible feeling. Katie said that she understood she had surprised him, and he didn't like surprises.

Karen added that Katie had changed Bill for the better, but Katie said that Liam had a lot to do with Bill's mood. Katie said that she had pushed Bill and Liam together, but she knew that they had developed a wonderful relationship and Bill was a great parent. Katie said that Bill had changed her as well. Katie said that she had always been the quiet Logan sister, but Bill had helped her find a voice. Karen noted that Katie seemed to fight for what she believed in, and Katie agreed.

At Taylor's, Steffy awakened in her bed and flashed back to various times that she and Bill had had made out. She remembered his promise that he would never leave her and his vow to leave Katie. Steffy checked her phone, but she found no message or missed call from Bill. Steffy met her mother in the living room for coffee, and Taylor quizzed Steffy about receiving word from Bill.

Steffy admitted that she had not heard from Bill, but she was convinced that Bill had left Katie. Taylor warned that as a psychiatrist, she had heard many patients -- young women who had fallen in love with married men -- anticipate that the married men would leave their wives. It didn't happen that way, Taylor advised. Steffy angrily replied that she and Bill were in love and had planned a future together.

Taylor left. As soon as she walked out the door, Bill called and told Steffy that he had to see her. Bill showed up, and Steffy wrapped her arms around him and they made out. Steffy wanted to move the romance to her room because she had been waiting all night. When she grabbed Bill's hand, she saw his wedding band. Steffy shouted that he had not left Katie. Bill tried to explain, but Steffy angrily asked if he loved her. Bill said that he did. He explained that Katie had planned a surprise vow renewal ceremony in front of family, and he said that he had not been able to let everyone down.

Steffy berated him for not being honest with Katie and their families when he should have done it immediately. Bill shouted that it was not that simple. The timing of a major announcement in his private life before his important board meeting was not a good idea because his private life was tied to his public life at Spencer and the success of Spencer. Steffy hissed that she didn't care. She wanted him to leave Katie and not worry about Spencer or his board meeting. She demanded that he put her first.

Bill reiterated that it was not that simple. He told Steffy that he would leave Katie, but it would take time. Bill kissed Steffy, and Taylor interrupted. Taylor discovered that Bill was wearing his wedding band, and she grabbed Steffy and told her to stay away from a married man who had lied to her. Taylor glared at Bill, and she shouted that she would put an end to their relationship if she had to do it herself.

At Jackie's place, it was moving day. Jackie and Owen carried boxes down the stairs while movers carted some of Jackie's artwork and furnishings out the door. Nick entered and wondered what had happened. Jackie and Owen explained that they had quietly listed their condo at a ridiculous asking price and never expected an offer. The Realtor had called them earlier and said that a client had offered full price plus, but it was all dependent on them vacating immediately. Jackie and Owen said that it was too good of a deal to pass up.

Nick wondered where they were going to live. Jackie sheepishly said that she had planned to tell him about it later, but she blurted out that Owen and Jackie planned to move in with Nick. Flabbergasted, Nick wasn't happy. Jackie said that Jackie M had needed to downsize a bit so they planned to start with real estate. She added that living with Nick was only a temporary arrangement.

Nick agreed and suggested that Jackie look for another place immediately. Nick and Owen followed the movers out of the door while Jackie stayed behind. She reminisced about romantic times with Owen when they had first moved into the condo. She flashed back to times in the tub, on the couch, and in bed with Owen. She smiled, exited the condo, and closed the door.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

At Taylor's house, Taylor wasn't hearing any of Bill's excuses about his marriage. She yelled that she was drawing the line. Bill insisted that he hadn't been able to end the marriage because he'd been ambushed by a vows renewal ceremony. Taylor couldn't believe he'd been hitting on her daughter while his wife had been planning a renewal ceremony. Taylor asserted that Steffy could only look forward to a bunch of empty promises.

Declaring that any man would be lucky to have her daughter, Taylor asserted that the married Bill already had a lovely wife, who'd been through enough. Citing Katie's heart transplant and the losses of her mother and brother, Taylor asked why he'd cause Katie more pain. Taylor decided she wouldn't let Katie suffer through it, and not just because of Steffy.

Steffy seethed that it wasn't Taylor's business, but Taylor said it'd become her business when she'd found them upstairs. Taylor, who'd witnessed Katie's devotion firsthand in a counseling session, claimed it had taken five seconds to see that Katie would do anything for her marriage, which had probably been why Katie had set up the ceremony the previous night.

Bill declared that he'd make it right and have a life with Steffy. Steffy said Bill didn't love Katie the way he loved Steffy, and Taylor should understand that after her marriage to Whip. Taylor told Bill that he could visit the house and profess his love for Steffy once he was single; however, he was not welcomed there as a married man. "Don't even pull up in my driveway if you have that ring on your finger! Do you hear me?" Taylor told him.

Bill took off, and Steffy screamed that her mother couldn't forbid her from seeing Bill. Taylor stated that she could prevent him from being in her house. Taylor declared that she'd put her foot down to protect her daughter, and she reminded Steffy that she was the other woman, who was headed for heartbreak. Taylor implored Steffy to not settle for less than she deserved.

Taylor exited, and Steffy called someone to see if "it" were ready. They affirmed it, and she thanked them for moving so quickly. Steffy then called Bill and asked him to meet her at an address that she'd text-messaged to him. Taylor overheard the call and watched Steffy leave.

Later, Bill was in the car, on the phone with Liam, who begged Bill not to end his marriage. Liam figured that being with a young and hot woman wasn't worth it. Bill replied that it wasn't his first rodeo, and he'd had plenty of "young and hot" in the past. Liam implored Bill not to ruin everything he had, but Bill clicked off the line.

When Bill arrived at Jackie's old house, Steffy kissed him and invited him inside. She announced that it was her new, fully furnished, place. She figured that she'd bought it at just the right time, since Taylor had banned Bill from Taylor's house. Bill disliked seeing Taylor and Steffy at odds, but said he really did want a life with Steffy.

Bill handed Steffy a box, which contained a silver replica of his sword necklace. He said he'd had it made for her. After he put it on her, he instructed her not to wear it in public yet. She claimed that she loved him unconditionally, and he thanked her for being there and not betraying his trust through the Amber situation. Bill asked Steffy to wait just a little longer, and after that, he'd never leave her. Steffy vowed to wait for him, because she trusted him completely.

In Bill's office, Liam tried to coax Hope into spending the night at his place, so they could surf in the morning. Hope teased that he might be too tempted unless she wore a flannel nightgown. Katie entered and asked if Bill had arrived for the board meeting. Hope gushed about the previous night's ceremony, and Katie said she'd never felt closer to her husband.

Katie acknowledged that she and Bill had made mistakes in their marriage, but Bill had taught her to stand her ground and fight it out. Hope figured it wasn't easy with Steffy lurking around. Katie expressed no concern about Steffy, because Katie and Bill were stronger than ever.

Katie left, and Hope told Liam that she and Katie had gotten closer through dating Spencer men. Hope felt that Katie was the best of the Logan women, who'd triumphed over many obstacles. A pensive Liam stated that the Logan women were amazing. Hope was elated that things were working out for her family members.

Hope left, and Liam was surprised to see Taylor barge into the office in search of Katie. Liam said Katie wasn't there, but Taylor insisted upon waiting. Liam stammered that it would be a long, long, time, and Taylor guessed he knew about his father's affair with her daughter. Just then, Katie entered, and Taylor asserted that she needed to talk to Katie about Steffy and Bill.

Friday, July 29, 2011

In Bill's office, Liam tried to deter Taylor from speaking to Katie; however, Taylor declared that Bill didn't deserve Katie's blind loyalty. Katie refused to hear Taylor badmouth her husband and asserted that Taylor's concern about Steffy chasing Bill was long overdue. Just then, Brooke entered for her lunch date with Katie, and Liam pulled Taylor into the corridor.

Liam offered to get Taylor a cab, but she vowed to complete her mission. He asked if she'd been burned enough by butting into other people's marriages. Taylor was offended when he said she was lashing out at Katie over losing Ridge to Brooke. Liam asked that Taylor let Bill talk to Katie in his own time, but Taylor was adamant that Bill's actions had shown his true measure. Taylor declared to help Bill do what he didn't have the guts to do himself.

Over lunch in the office, Brooke was curious to know what Steffy had done to set Taylor off about Bill and Steffy. Katie wasn't interested in knowing, or participating in, Steffy's games. Katie felt that she couldn't prevent Bill from cheating on her, but it wasn't his style to sneak around. "If he wanted Steffy, he wouldn't bother sneaking around about it; he'd just say it. But he doesn't, and Steffy's gonna just have to realize that," Katie concluded.

Brooke was anxious to hear what Taylor had to say, but an unfazed Katie refused to be ruffled. Katie assumed Taylor was probably long gone. Upon escorting Brooke out, Katie heard Taylor asking if Katie was ready to talk. Liam tried to remind Katie that she had something else to do. Katie, however, invited Taylor back into the office and shut the door.

Taylor and Katie apologized to each other for the awkwardness earlier. Katie said that Taylor was part of the reason the marriage had survived. Taylor didn't think the issue addressed in the counseling session had been resolved; however, Katie confirmed that she and her husband had moved beyond their problems. She added that they'd even renewed their vows.

Taylor questioned her own motives due to what Liam had said earlier. Shaking it off, Taylor said she bore responsibility, because she'd known about Steffy's infatuation. Katie said she was ignoring Steffy, but Taylor said Katie couldn't because Bill claimed to love Steffy. Katie refused to listen, but Taylor yelled that Bill was leaving Katie for Steffy. Katie gasped, clutching her chest.

At Steffy's new house, Bill wondered if he'd have a private office there. Steffy liked the sound of it being their home. He claimed they'd have houses in many places, but he'd only have one home. "With you," he said. Steffy sat on his lap and hoped he liked the place, since they'd spend their time in it. Bill said he liked it if she did, and she asked if he'd ever told her an untruth. Bill readily replied that he'd done it each time he'd claimed to be disinterested in her.

Steffy admired her sword necklace, and he said it made her look powerful. She felt that the necklace made them seem a little official. She wished he'd tell Katie, so they could be officially official. Bill, who claimed they wanted the same thing, asked her to be patient until after his board meeting. Steffy agreed, though it was hard for her to wait. He promised that it wouldn't be forever, but she said that her house wasn't a home until he settled things.

Bill got upset, because he despised becoming "the married man cliché." Steffy said that sparing Katie's feelings was kind. He admitted that Katie was the first person he'd let inside, and he warned Steffy that it was pretty dark in there. Steffy replied that he didn't scare her, and she wanted him more than he could imagine. "Oh, I can imagine," he replied. They kissed, and Bill ignored his ringing cell phone.

Back outside Bill's office, Liam left a message for Bill. Liam said that, by the time Bill got the message, it would be too late.

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