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Phyllis threatened Diane. Victoria and Billy reconciled and made love. Diane tried to blackmail Ashley with Abby's confession video. Murphy found Diane's dead body in the park. Adam recalled setting up a fake murder scene with Diane.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 1, 2011 on Y&R
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Adam, standing on the footbridge that over the stream in the park, hurled stones into the water below. Illuminated by moonlight, Adam complained aloud to himself about Diane's testimony having led to his indictment. As he threw each stone with increasing ferocity, he said, "You keep screwing people over; you're bound to get yourself killed." After he emptied his cache of stones, Adam added, "One can only hope."

At Tucker's, Abby was livid after Ashley told her that Diane had attempted to blackmail Victor, using the video footage of Abby's confession. Tucker realized that he was still unaware of the recent past after Abby admitted that she'd planned to go public with her confession. Abby explained that her goal had been to clear her mother, but she added that Victor had ordered the tape destroyed. Ashley, livid, said, "Diane can't hurt you, Abby, and I'm going to make sure she knows it."

Tucker insisted that Diane wasn't trustworthy. He suggested they hire an expert to testify that the video had been faked or altered. Ashley, distressed, rubbed her forehead and said, "Don't you think we're getting ahead of ourselves, planning a defense we might not need?" After Ashley stepped out to get some air, Abby asked Tucker if he thought her mom had gone to find Diane. Tucker claimed Ashley would have said so if she had.

Tucker seemed concerned when Abby sighed and said, "That video screams that I am a drunk driver, and my mom is a liar." Without pausing, Abby cried that she'd be arrested, Ashley would lose her mind with worry, and Tucker's business might be flattened. Resolutely, Tucker replied, "Diane should have been dealt with long before now."

In Jack's living room, Diane stood nude. Jack, rebuffing Diane's advances, said that he did not want her. Jack demanded to know where his son was. As Diane dressed, she informed Jack that he'd been nothing more than a sperm donor.

Diane announced that she and her son were a set, so Jack would have to take her back in order to have his son. Jack threatened to throttle the information out of Diane if she didn't tell him immediately where she'd sent Kyle. Menacingly, Diane replied, "You had your chance, Jack, and you blew it. Now you'll never see your son again." Jack grimaced angrily after Diane rushed out and slammed the door.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Nick tried to warn a very miffed Phyllis that Diane was tenacious. Phyllis, exaggerating her speech patterns to appear blasé, assured Nick that she didn't care about his romps in the hay with Diane. Phyllis mentioned her restraining order against Diane and added that Diane would be forced to wear an orange jumpsuit if she ventured near.

While Phyllis was getting a refill, Nick received a text alert from an online tabloid publication. Above a photo of Nikki and Victor making love, appeared a headline that read, "Wronged Wife Diane Says, 'Once a Stripper, Always a Slut.'" Nick, incensed, grunted and muttered obscenities under his breath. Victoria arrived and said she'd been trying to contact him and their father. Nick offered to warn their mother, but Victoria announced that Nikki was missing from rehab

Victoria told Nick that she'd been unsuccessful in contacting Victor to let him know about Nikki. Nick suggested Victoria check the Genoa City Athletic Club while he dealt with the person who'd caused the problems. Victoria rushed by Billy on her way out through the front of the coffeehouse. Phyllis noted Billy's unwillingness to go after his wife. Phyllis said, "Billy, don't be an idiot. Go after her!" Billy paused and replied, "Why aren't you home with Lucy instead of getting into my business here?"

Phyllis approached Billy's table. Employing staccato to emphasize each word, Phyllis said, "I'll tell you why I'm not home with Lucy. She's asleep, and the nanny's with her. You see, I work at night, so I can spend the entire day with her when she's awake. Phyllis reminded Billy that he needed to get his act together for the sake of his loved ones. Billy sarcastically responded that trashing his life was his favorite pastime.

At the club bar, Jack, seated beside Billy, asked rhetorically, what kind of person would send her child off to another country alone. Livid, Jack cried, "She's lucky I didn't shake the truth out of her." Billy, indifferent, replied, "Well, Jack, that sounds like a party to me."

Jack pressed Billy to tell him what was wrong. He reminded Billy that Billy loved his wife and should reach out to her. Billy took a sip of whiskey and mockingly claimed that he'd go to Victoria and profess his undying love. Billy lifted his drink to his lips and said, "I think I'm just going to do this instead." Jack shook his head in sorrow.

Diane retreated to her suite at the club. Still reeling with anger after Jack rebuffed her, she beat the door with her open hand as she said aloud to herself, "No money, and no man. Bastards!" After her cell phone began ringing, she changed her tone when she saw Nick was phoning. She told Nick she'd meet with him right away.

After Diane arrived at the coffeehouse, she told Nick she knew it wasn't to be a friendly get-together. Nick berated Diane for having leaked photos of his mom and dad in bed. Diane expressed regret for the promising opportunities that had slipped through her hands. She told Nick he could save her. She reminded him that he'd rescued Sharon from self-harm numerous times. She asked why Sharon had deserved saving, but she did not.

Diane requested, in honor of their past relationship, that Nick pay her to leave him alone. Phyllis returned, approached Diane, and asked, "Did you just ask Nick to pay you for having sex with him?" Diane scowled at Phyllis. Phyllis continued and said, "Wow, that's growth. You finally admitted you're a whore." Nick tried to get Phyllis to leave with him, but she warned Diane that she was about to summon police and enforce a restraining order. Diane replied, "You're a grasping, spoiled climber, who pretends to be independent and powerful."

Diane claimed that Phyllis had gained everything she owned through sexual favors and outright thievery. Diane challenged Phyllis to call the police. Diane threatened to summon social services and report that an innocent child was home alone at night while her bed-hopping grandmother was out with her boss. Phyllis charged toward Diane and dared her to threaten Phyllis' family. Nick stepped in to separate the two women.

Nick ordered Diane to "stop coming after the people he cared about." Sounding desperate, Diane asked, "Was I ever in that group -- the people you cared about?" Diane scoffed and added, "Don't answer that. I know." After Diane started walking away, Phyllis yelled, "Go ahead and run, Diane. Karma is on her way. She's going to beat you senseless!"

Diane met Ashley at Crimson Lights and offered to sell her the video of Abby. Ashley turned her down. Ashley informed Diane that the people of Genoa City no longer found her to be intimidating because she was disgusting. Diane hatefully accused Ashley of ruining Diane's relationship with Jack, and complained that Billy hadn't trashed Ashley in the tabloids even though both Ashley and Diane had conceived children the same way.

Diane admitted that she'd had sex with Tucker. She claimed that the tryst had been divine. Ashley drew back her hand and slapped Diane's face. As Diane smoothed her tousled hair in place behind her ear, she warned that Ashley should have purchased the video because she'd just made a big mistake. Ashley glared at Diane as she rose to leave.

In a hallway at the club, Jack received a call from Kyle. Though the connection was poor, Jack spoke loudly and assured Kyle that his mother wouldn't be angry because he'd phoned. Kyle managed to tell his father he was in Switzerland. Jack promised not to tell Diane that Kyle had phoned, and he asked his son to pinpoint his location. After the call dropped, Jack, seething with anger cried, "Diane sent my kid to Switzerland!"

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victor, complaining about Diane's false domestic abuse charges, walked ahead of Michael to a lounge area. Michael shushed Victor and explained that waiters and patrons shouldn't overhear Michael's client speaking about hating Diane. Nikki's rehab center phoned and told Victor that Nikki was missing.

Victoria rushed in and approached her dad. Victor explained that Nikki, while on a trip with other patients, had run into a woman who'd called Nikki names after having noticed a libelous headline. Raising her voice, Victoria blamed Diane and said she wished she'd done something before Diane had trashed Nikki's name to tabloid reporters. Victor agreed and called Diane a rabid animal.

Michael wrapped his arms around Victor and Victoria and said, "You've always been good to the animal group, haven't you?" Michael cautioned his clients not to utter another word about Diane due to the charges against him. Adam stood in the shadows and heard Victor blame Diane Jenkins for the turmoil his family had suffered. Victor warned, "Anyone who threatens my family will have to deal with me."

Victoria sobbed in the women's restroom at the club while she waited for Abby. Abby told Victoria that Diane Jenkins was an evil, blonde plague who was torturing her mother. Victoria wholeheartedly agreed and explained that Diane was torturing Nikki to get back at Victor. Abby claimed that Diane enjoyed dangling knife blades just over her victims' throats. Appearing disheveled and desperate, Victoria said, "If somebody doesn't stop her, how far is she going to go?"

Victoria later sat at the bar and changed her mind twice before settling on a glass of white wine. Billy had slipped in and overhead Victoria mentioning to the bartender that she'd enjoyed delicious rum in Jamaica. Billy jokingly agreed that rum was a cure-all before entreating Victoria to discuss her problems. He promised to listen and not say anything stupid.

Victoria snubbed Billy and reminded him that he'd essentially told her to "go to hell" a day before. Billy instead claimed he was there to drown his worries, and he ordered a scotch. Victoria walked away. Jack arrived and took Victoria's seat. He demanded to know what Billy thought he was doing. Billy ordered the bartender to "get the party started."

Victoria had rejoined her father and Michael when Victor announced that he'd take his jet to go find Nikki. Michael told Victor it was not a good idea for him to cross state lines. Victoria offered to go instead, but Michael quickly nixed the plan and said he'd go search for Nikki. Michal told Victor and Victoria that they should attend to Nikki if she decided to return to Genoa City.

Michael warned Victor to keep quiet about Diane. Adam approached and said, "Another half-dozen people, and we'll have ourselves a vigilante group looking for our next kangaroo court." Victor warned that Adam was paying for bedding the wrong woman. After Adam left, Victor told Michael to let Nikki know he would have gone to her had Diane not filed false charges against him.

Tucker arrived and told Victor that if he'd taken care of the video just after Abby had made it, it wouldn't be haunting Ashley. Victor insisted he'd handle the matter. Tucker told Victor that Diane knew he'd messed things up. Tucker warned, "If you can't handle Diane, I guess I'll have to."

Diane appeared in the doorway. Michael quickly warned Victor not to look at her. Michael approached Diane and escorted her to a hallway for a private conversation. He asked Diane if she'd lost her mind. Victoria noticed the two and stood nearby.

Victoria overheard Michael tell Diane that she'd angered everyone in town, so she should leave that night before it was too late. After Michael learned that Diane needed money, he told her he'd give her some if she'd go far, far away. Diane, defeated, thanked Michael and told him it wasn't what she'd truly wanted to do.

Adam returned to the club lounge and taunted Victor about Diane. Victor claimed that Adam wasn't man enough to deal with Diane himself, so he was goading Victor into action. Victor maintained that he would not do Adam's bidding.

Adam walked away, but he encountered Diane in a hallway. Adam told Diane that even though she'd gotten him indicted and caused him to lose his business, his hatred for his father far exceeded his annoyance with her. Adam offered to bury the hatchet and put their old plan back into action again. Diane asked if Adam's offer was a trick. Adam claimed it wasn't, but he told her that she'd have to act fast if she wanted some serious cash.

Diane guessed that Adam wanted her to recant everything she'd said the grand jury. Adam promised to deposit a huge sum into her Swiss bank account. He said, "This thing's going down tonight." Diane replied, "I'll go get started." After Diane went upstairs, Adam said, "Bye-bye, Diane. Bye-bye, Victor."

After Michael's tête-à-tête with Diane, he went to Victor. Michael said, "Diane and I came to an agreement. I don't think she'll be a problem after tonight." Jack walked through the club, past Michael and Victor, telling someone on the phone that the caller identification had been blocked, but he knew his son's call had originated from Switzerland.

Abby found Victoria resting on a lounge sofa and asked if she was okay because she seemed "kind of weird." Victoria stammered for a response, but her voice drifted away as Billy passed by on his way to the bar beside Victor and Michael. Victor pushed Billy and said, "Will you kindly stay away from me?"

Jack intervened and held Billy back after Victor confronted him. Michael warned Victor. Billy broke free, but Jack caught him before he could attack Victor. Victoria and Abby watched in horror as Victor yelled at Billy. Victor said, "I don't care where you go as long as you don't take my daughter with you. Billy told Victor that his daughter had become closed-off and uptight because of him. A police officer entered and escorted a drunken Billy out of the club.

In her suite, Diane looked over her statement recanting her testimony. She muttered that Adam would get what he wanted after he transferred the money, so she could get out of town. Diane sent Victor a text message and told him to meet her below the footbridge at the park. Diane said aloud to herself, "Why should Victor have all the fun?" She pressed "send all" on her phone to deliver the text to everyone in her contact list.

Tucker later met Ashley at Crimson Lights. When they received Diane's text message, each made an excuse to leave. At Restless Style, Nick told Phyllis he couldn't believe his phone has been turned off. He read a text letting him know that Michael was going to search for Nikki. After Nick and Phyllis each received Diane's text message, each made up excuses to leave separately.

First Jack, then Victor received Diane's text message and each made excuses to leave. Victoria and Abby left after they read Diane's message sent to each of their phones.

Standing near the footbridge, Diane checked her bank account on her phone and cheered when she discovered that Adam had transferred the funds he'd promised. Diane phoned Kyle and left a message. She said, "By the time you get this message, hopefully I'll be on my way to be with you. I love you, Mister."

Jack, distracted and unkempt, went the jail and told Billy he couldn't bail him out just yet. Billy, citing that he was the one who'd been arrested for drunkenness, asked why Jack looked like death. Jack replied, "It's not the best night."

Abby later returned to the club bar. She seemed edgy. She asked Adam what he was doing there. Adam said he was making new friends. A woman sitting on the barstool beside him smiled gloatingly. Abby ordered vodka and instructed the bartender to leave the bottle. Adam warned Abby against drinking and driving. Abby told Adam's friend that her date was disgusting. Adam's woman friend left with him. Abby gulped one drink and poured another.

Victoria later ran into her father on the patio at Crimson Lights. Victor said he thought Victoria, upset by Billy's behavior at the club bar, would have gone home. Victoria seemed distressed, so Victor told her to go home and rest. Victoria, her hair mussed and her clothes wrinkled, left.

Before Diane left her suite, number 541, she gazed at the window and said, "I'll never have to look at those drapes, again." She turned off the light, closed the door, and walked away.

Under the footbridge, Diane floated facedown in the creek. Beneath the moonlit water, her eyes remained wide-open, and her hair, moved by the currents, swirled around her ashen face.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Diane's body was floating in the stream by the footbridge in the park. Murphy arrived at the park to go fishing, but was taken aback when he saw the body in the water. Murphy waded into the steam and pulled Diane's body out of the water. Murphy called the police and reported that Diane Jenkins was dead. Later, the police were roping off the area. Detective Mauro interviewed Murphy about finding Diane's body.

Adam's muddy shoes were on the floor in his hotel suite. As Adam emerged from the shower, Adam saw them and became alarmed. Adam put the "Do not disturb" sign on the outside of his room door, then proceeded to clean the dirt off his shoes.

Abby awakened on the floor of the ladies room at the Athletic Club. Abby noticed dried dirt on her slacks. As Abby tried to leave the Club, Adam ran into Abby in the foyer. Adam noticed Abby was wearing the same clothes she'd worn the day before. Adam accused Abby of taking the walk of shame, implying that she'd had a hot date with someone. Abby had no interest in speaking with Adam and walked away from him.

In their apartment, Tucker mentioned that he'd noticed that Ashley had a difficult night sleeping. Tucker assumed Ashley was upset about the Diane situation. Tucker was disgusted with Diane for her threats against Abby. Tucker said he wouldn't let Diane get away with it. Ashley agreed. Over coffee, Ashley spotted a leaf stuck in Tucker's hair. Tucker said it was from the tree outside of Crimson Lights. Tucker saw that Ashley's watch had stopped. Tucker looked at it and saw that it was waterlogged. Ashley wasn't sure how her watch had been damaged.

Phyllis and Nick woke up on a couch in the Restless Style office, after having made love the night before. Phyllis and Nick agreed that they weren't going to do that anymore. Phyllis wanted to call the nanny to check on Lucy, but Nick told her it was too early. Nick kissed her and wanted to make love again. Later, Phyllis noticed a bad scratch on Nick's neck. Nick made up an excuse for the cut, but Phyllis wondered if she might have done it while they were making love because it seemed fresh. Nick and Phyllis began to make love again. After sex, Nick hid the evidence of their tryst before the staff showed up for work.

While Nick was out of the room, Phyllis called the nail salon and asked for an emergency appointment because her manicure was a mess. Nick and Phyllis were told that Diane was found dead in the park. Phyllis said she wouldn't cover the story on her blog because everyone else would be writing about Diane's death. Nick said they should discuss how to proceed. Nick thought Diane's death was tragic. Phyllis said that Diane had gotten what she'd deserved. Phyllis asked Nick not to sympathize with Diane in death. Phyllis said Diane had asked for the trouble she received.

Jack called Paul to explain that Kyle was in a Swiss school but Jack had no way of knowing where Diane had placed him. Kay met Jack for a breakfast meeting, but Jack was too distracted to concentrate on work. Jack stepped away and Kay's phone rang. Murphy told Kay that Diane was dead. Jack questioned Adam about Kyle's whereabouts, but Adam said he didn't know where Kyle had gone. Kay interrupted Jack and Adam to tell Jack that Diane's body had been found dead in the park. Adam wanted to know if the police had determined a cause of death.

Kay arrived at the park to be with Murphy. A CSI tech needed imprints of Murphy's footprints to compare them to any other footprints at the crime scene. Kay asked Detective Mauro if Diane had been the victim of foul play. Kay wanted to know what had happened to Diane. Detective Mauro refused to comment on the case. Murphy said he wished he hadn't found the body. Murphy told Kay that the back of Diane's head had been bashed in.

Victor was on his private jet, furious that there was a delay in taking off. The cops arrived and told Victor that there were charges pending against him, and he could not leave the state. Victor was arrested for violating the terms of his bail.

Abby went to Ashley's apartment and claimed that she'd spent the night at a friend's house. Ashley feared that Abby had been drinking again. Abby assured her mother that she simply had a headache. Ashley began to cry, and Abby wondered what was wrong. Ashley felt that Diane had caused a lot of grief in their lives. Tucker feared that the truth about Abby hitting Tucker with the car was going to be revealed because of Diane's threats.

Jack called Ashley with the news of Diane's death. Ashley informed Abby and Tucker that Diane was dead. Abby said that Diane wouldn't be talking about Abby's confession anymore. Later, Ashley searched the Internet for information about Diane's death. Abby feared that Diane had made copies of Abby's confession tape. Abby decided to leave even though Ashley suggested that they work together to devise a plan to deal with the fallout from Diane's death. Abby walked out. Ashley asked Tucker where Diane might have hidden the video of Abby's confession.

Adam returned to his hotel room after hearing about Diane's death. Adam put his cleaned-up shoes and clothes from the night before into a plastic bag. Later, Adam broke into Diane's hotel room and searched for anything she might have left behind. Adam had no luck finding anything and was concerned about being caught. Adam sneaked out just before a cop arrived to seal Diane's room in preparation for the detectives investigating. Adam watched from the hallway.

At the police station, Victoria arrived, but she wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Jack appeared a short time later. Victoria said that it was unnecessary for Jack to be there for Billy because she had taken care of his bail. Jack told Victoria that Diane was dead. Jack explained that he was there to find out where Diane had placed Kyle before her death.

Billy was released from jail. Billy thanked Jack for bailing him out, but Jack said he hadn't done it. Victoria appeared from behind Jack's back, and Billy realized that she'd stepped up for Billy. Victoria offered Billy a ride to the hotel so he could get his car. Jack was upset, and Billy was curious about his brother's consternation. Victoria told Billy she'd explain Jack's attitude in the car. Billy followed Victoria out of the police station.

Victoria took Billy back to the Athletic Club. Billy didn't feel bad for Diane, but he was concerned about Kyle. Victoria asked Billy to talk with her, but Billy reminded Victoria that she had given him the cold shoulder the night before. Billy said they were better off going in opposite directions.

Jack told D.A. Walsh that he needed to find Kyle. Jack wanted to break the news to Kyle in person about Diane's death. Walsh said he'd try to help Jack. Victor was taken into the police station in handcuffs. Jack saw Victor and asked if Victor had killed "her." Victor asked who "her" was. Jack informed Victor that Diane was dead.

Victor said he'd had nothing to do with Diane's death. Jack said he was there to find Kyle because Diane had sent his son to a school in Switzerland. Victor was shocked. Jack told Victor that his phone call with Kyle had been cut off before Jack was able to find out where Kyle was staying. Victor offered to help Jack do anything necessary to find Kyle. Walsh informed Victor that because he'd violated his bail, Victor was going back into jail. Victor told the D.A. to think again.

Ashley and Tucker found Abby at the Athletic Club. Tucker and Ashley told Abby to let them search Diane's room for the confession tape. Abby went to the bar and asked the bartender if he remembered whom Abby had been talking with or left with the night before. Abby admitted to the bartender that she'd blacked out the events of the night.

Ashley and Tucker went to Diane's room and saw that there was a guard blocking the door. Ashley wondered if maybe there weren't copies of Abby's confession tape. Tucker said that Diane was a liar and might have lied about the video. Ashley had a flashback to her meeting with Diane, when Diane had said that she and Tucker had made love one night. Ashley wondered if Diane had been telling the truth. Ashley looked at Tucker askance.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

At the police station, Victor asked D.A. Walsh what he'd done to find Kyle. Walsh ignored Victor's question and accused Victor of having tried to jump bail. Michael appeared and told Victor that there'd been no news about Nikki's disappearance from the rehab facility. Victor informed Michael of Diane's death. The D.A. revealed that Diane's death had been ruled a homicide. Walsh wouldn't say how Diane had died, but Jack told Michael and Victor that Diane had been found drowned in the stream by the footbridge in the park.

Paul arrived at the police station. Paul told Jack that he'd been trying to find where Diane had sent Kyle. Paul said that when Kyle called Jack, he'd used a disposable cell phone, and Paul could not trace the call. Paul said there had been no passport information for Kyle Jenkins or Kyle Abbott. Jack wanted to go to Switzerland to find his son, but Victor and Paul said it wasn't wise because Kyle might have only passed through Switzerland on his way to some other location. Jack blamed Diane for endangering his son.

Walsh asked Paul if he would assist with Diane's investigation as a civilian consultant. Paul agreed. Walsh offered Paul access to the early reports from the crime scene. Paul told Jack that he would be searching Diane's financial records for clues to Kyle's whereabouts. Paul told Jack that he was also working with the Genoa City Police Department on Diane's murder case. Paul assured Jack that Diane had loved Kyle and would have placed Kyle somewhere safe.

Later, Jack learned that twelve boys had landed in Switzerland, and one of them might be Kyle. Jack said that he was being faxed their photos. Paul left to work at the site of Diane's murder. Privately, Michael scolded Victor for trying to fly out of Genoa City when Michael had gone to investigate Nikki's disappearance. Victor was frustrated with Michael's lack of success finding Nikki. Michael pleaded with Walsh to give Victor a break, since he'd never actually flown out of the state. Victor explained to Walsh that he had simply been concerned about Nikki.

Jack, Victor, and Michael asked D.A. Walsh to use his contacts in the state department to follow up on the lead to Kyle's whereabouts. Michael, Victor, and Jack all worked the phones to track down information about Kyle. Michael told Jack that Diane had ratted Adam out to the SEC and, thanks to her, Adam had been indicted. Michael received a call and learned that Nikki had returned to the rehab center, claiming that she'd left for some time alone. Michael asked Walsh to release Victor, since Victor no longer had a reason to leave town. Walsh received a call from the mayor about the murder. Michael warned Victor not to leave town. Walsh announced that a hotshot former FBI agent would be heading up the investigation into Diane's murder.

Kay went to Crimson Lights with Murphy. Murphy was traumatized from having found Diane's body in the stream. Murphy asked Kay to talk with him about something other than the murder. Kay mentioned that she was going ahead with her plan to challenge the validity of Ashley and Tucker's marriage. Kay felt it was worth going to war with Tucker to protect him from Ashley.

Kay said that Tucker was mentally challenged because of the car accident and should not have been allowed to get married. Murphy said that Ashley was not the type of person to take advantage of Tucker. Kay said she had a lot of reasons to pursue an annulment of Tucker's marriage, including her distrust of Ashley. Kay suspected that Ashley was an unstable and dangerous woman. Murphy disagreed with Kay's decision to interfere in Ashley and Tucker's relationship.

Back at the apartment, Ashley and Tucker discussed being unable to find Abby's confession video in Diane's hotel room. Ashley told Tucker that she'd met with Diane before the murder. Ashley told Tucker that Diane admitted that Tucker had slept with Diane. Ashley wanted to hear the truth from Tucker. Tucker admitted that Diane had not lied. Ashley's eyes filled with tears. Tucker said it had not been an affair, just a one-night-stand. Ashley wanted to know why Tucker had never told her. Tucker said it was long before he and Ashley were serious.

Ashley was furious that Tucker had let Abby be accused of lying when Abby said that Tucker had been involved with Diane. Ashley declared that Abby could go to jail because of Diane's revenge on Tucker. Ashley brought up Tucker's missing son and his promiscuous ways. Ashley said that Abby had been right about Tucker, that he was a liar. Ashley asked if Tucker had intended to meet Diane at the cabin that night of the car accident. Tucker assured Ashley that he'd been committed to marrying Ashley and had not planned to see Diane that night. Ashley feared that Abby's life might be ruined because of Tucker's lying.

Kay appeared at Ashley and Tucker's door and forced herself into the apartment. Kay said she was not there about business. Kay announced that she had decided to challenge the validity of Ashley and Tucker's marriage on the grounds that he was not mentally competent at the time of the wedding. Tucker laughed in his mother's face. Ashley asked Kay why she was involving herself in their marriage. Kay said that she felt compelled to act because Tucker needed a mother's protection. Tucker said his personal life had nothing to do with Kay's concern for his brain injury.

Tucker said he loved Ashley and had wanted to marry her since the day he had met her. Tucker spoke lovingly of Ashley. Ashley told Kay she had no say in Tucker and Ashley's relationship. Tucker told Kay she had no idea of what was right and wrong. Kay said she was standing in the way of Tucker being hurt. Kay said Tucker did not have his faculties to be sure of Ashley not hurting him. Tucker pointed out that Kay only wanted to be a mother when it was convenient for her.

Tucker told Kay that she was "full of crap," and he wanted her out of his personal life. Ashley asked Kay what she was trying to accomplish. Ashley denied that she was trying to steal Tucker's business or his money. Kay said that she would not trust Ashley with Tucker. Tucker told Kay he was going to prove to Kay that she was wrong about him. Tucker declared war on Kay.

Nina returned to the Chancellor mansion. Jill was shocked to see Nina there without notice. Nina told Jill that she was concerned about Chance because he hadn't contacted her. Murphy arrived home and found Nina with Jill. Nina said that Chance had lost contact, and nobody in the Army had helped Nina to locate him.

Nina mentioned that Philip had been informed of Chance's disappearance. Nina was concerned because Chance was sensitive to her need to hear from him. Jill and Murphy made up excuses for why Chance might be out of touch. Nina spoke with Paul on the phone. Jill and Murphy believed that Kay would be able to use her connections to help find Chance.

At the Athletic Club, Adam asked Phyllis if she'd solved Diane's murder yet. Phyllis wondered if Adam was the killer. Adam followed Phyllis to the hallway outside of Diane's room. Adam noticed that Phyllis's manicure was still wet. Adam suspected that it was an odd time for Phyllis to get her nails done. Phyllis said all the women involved with Adam were doomed to tragedy.

At the state prison, Sam and Sharon played cards, and she seemed happy. Sam told Sharon that someone had been murdered in Genoa City and that Murphy had found the body. Sam didn't know that the victim was Diane Jenkins. Sharon's new lawyer, Avery Clarke, arrived and said that she would take Sharon's case. Avery told Sam and Sharon that they needed to find new evidence or find a mistake in the first trial in order to be granted an appeal. Avery informed Sam and Sharon that the judge in Sharon's trial had never been overturned in appeal.

Sharon told Avery about what happened at the volcano with Skye. Avery asked about Phyllis' blog and her implying that Adam had found evidence of Sharon's innocence in a missing memory card. Sharon said that she had been in love with Adam, but they were on the outs. Avery asked where the memory card had gone. Sam and Sharon said that a photographer had worked on the memory card, but Adam had denied that they had uncovered any evidence. Avery learned that Adam wanted revenge on Sharon because of Sharon's romance with Sam. Avery heard from Sharon about how Adam had set up the jailhouse wedding and then dumped Sharon. Avery was determined to go after Adam personally to get the evidence to clear Sharon.

Sharon was impressed with Avery, but Sharon was afraid to have hope again. Sam told Sharon to trust that she'd get her appeal. Sharon said that the only luck she'd had of late was wandering into Sam's barn and getting to know Sam. Sam said that Sharon had opened new doors for him. Sam said he had made arrangements to stay near Sharon and remain away from the ranch for a while. Sam said that Sharon was his friend, and that was enough for him. Sam felt that Adam was a cruel man, and Sam wouldn't let his friend, Sharon, be hurt by that kind of cruelty.

Avery went to the Genoa City Athletic Club bar and saw Adam. Adam asked Avery's name. Avery said some people called her Bailey. Adam introduced himself as Adam Newman Jr. Avery offered to buy Adam a drink. Adam explained that he lived at the club. Avery said she did, too. Avery declined Adam's offer to buy her a drink. After she walked off, Adam checked in his smart phone and searched online. Adam learned that Bailey was actually Avery Clarke. Adam said that he expected to see Avery very soon.

At the park, Detective Mauro shared information about the case with Paul. Phyllis appeared and asked Paul what he knew about Diane's murder. Paul said that he was just starting to investigate. Later, Mauro showed Paul where the body had been found. Paul learned that Mauro was not the lead detective because a former FBI agent had been assigned to the case. Ronan walked to the crime scene and said hello to Paul.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

At the police station, Michael questioned Victor about whether he'd had anything to do with Diane before her death. Michael wanted to know if Victor had anything to tell Michael about the murder. Victor had nothing to tell Michael and resented Michael asking him the question. Victor assured Michael that he had not killed Diane. Michael agreed that not many people were upset that Diane had been killed. Victor asked Michael to expedite his release.

At the crime scene in the park, Paul told Ronan that Mauro had been reassigned. Paul wanted to know why Ronan had left so many people hanging when he got his liver transplant and disappeared from Genoa City. Ronan said he was there to solve the murder and not answer questions. Paul was irritated with Ronan for refusing to tell him what had happened after Ronan's surgery. Paul warned Ronan that he would tell Nina about Ronan's return by the end of the day. Working the crime scene, Ronan and Paul realized that Diane's body had been dragged from the water, even though her body had been found floating in the water. A crime scene technician showed Ronan a letter from Diane that had been recovered at the site.

In Adam's room at the Athletic Club, Jack confronted Adam about Kyle's whereabouts. Jack demanded that Adam tell Jack where Diane had sent Kyle before her death. Adam said that he had never cared about Diane and had no idea where Kyle had gone. Jack said that Adam had a reason to kill Diane because she had testified against him to the SEC. Adam said that Jack also had plenty of motives to kill Diane.

Jack said that he was only interested in finding his son. Jack grabbed Adam by the shirt and threatened him, trying to get Adam to tell what he knew about Kyle being in Switzerland. Adam said Diane had not confided in him. Jack opened the door and saw the cops in the hall. Ronan appeared at the door and said he was working the Diane Jenkins murder case. Ronan wanted to question both Adam and Jack.

Billy entered the house he shared with Victoria. Nobody was home. Billy took out a suitcase from the closet, and noticed the empty box from the photo reproduction company. Billy received a call from Rafe informing him that Chloe had gotten the judge to rescind all of Billy's rights to see his daughter. Billy was upset, but there was nothing he could do but ask Rafe to work on an appeal. Victoria returned home and saw Billy in the living room. Billy said it wasn't a good idea for them to be together. Victoria told Billy she'd been wrong to push him away.

Victoria said she missed Billy's friendship. Victoria told Billy that she missed Lucy, too. Billy said that they couldn't go back to the way they were. Victoria asked if they could go back to being friends. Billy said that he screwed up every relationship in his life. Victoria was worried about Nikki and upset about Diane's murder. Victoria said that she needed Billy's support and friendship. Victoria said she'd been there for Billy and asked him to do the same for her. Billy said he couldn't be Victoria's buddy.

Victoria asked if Billy still had feelings for her. Billy assured her that he did. Victoria reached for Billy and told him that he couldn't stay away from her, that he still loved her. Victoria and Billy fell onto the couch and began to make love. In each other's arms afterwards, Victoria said that all the bad stuff faded away when they were together in that way. Billy admitted that he sometimes wondered "what if?" Billy told Victoria that she'd be better off if they'd never met.

Victoria wanted to hold onto the love they shared. Billy was unable to resist her kisses. When Victoria got up from the couch to make them some coffee, Billy apologized for screwing up. Victoria left the room. Billy put on his clothes. He looked in the closet for the suitcase and saw the Playboy picture that Victoria had made as a gift for Billy. Billy read the message on the back of the picture. Billy put the photo back in the closet, then left the house with his suitcase in hand. Victoria returned with the coffee to find that Billy had walked out on her. Later, Billy was on a plane. He looked at Delia's photo on his phone and said he was sorry.

Paul returned to the police station and told Michael and Victor that Ronan had been chosen as the lead detective on the case. Victor wondered why Jack hadn't flown to Switzerland to find Kyle. Jack said that Ronan had to interrogate him about Diane's murder. Ronan also told Victor that Victor could not leave the police station because Ronan needed to question him, too. Victor wondered why Ronan wanted to speak with him. Ronan said that Diane had been blackmailing Victor, which meant Victor had a motive to kill his ex-wife.

Paul and Ronan analyzed the suspects on a board in the police station. Ronan revealed that the forensics team had determined that Diane had been killed by blunt force trauma. Diane had received ten blows to the head. Ronan wanted to find out who was anxious to kill Diane.

Ronan questioned Adam about his relationship with Diane. Adam said he barely knew Diane. In a flashback, Adam revealed that he had set up a rock to look like the murder weapon, spreading it with Diane's blood. Adam had decided to make it look like the body had been dragged from the water's edge. Faking the scene, Diane had worked with Adam to create clues. Adam had said they had plenty of evidence to frame Victor for the crime, including leaving Victor's watch under the murder weapon, the bloody rock.

Ronan reminded Adam that Diane had collaborated with the D.A. on the SEC investigation. Ronan knew that Diane had made a deal to avoid prosecution and had informed on Adam. Diane had left it so that Adam would take the fall. Ronan said Adam had motive to kill Diane. Ronan showed Adam the letter from the park. In another flashback, Adam recalled that the scene of the crime had been set and all they had needed was for Victor to appear. Diane had said she didn't trust Adam and had brought some insurance. Adam had been confused.

Diane had told Adam about Gingerman, the paparazzi photographer who'd filmed the ambulance on the day of the Newman IPO. Diane had made a deal with Gingerman. Diane had said that if Adam did anything to cross Diane, an audiotape of Gingerman fingering Adam as the guy who had tipped Gingerman off about the ambulance would go to the D.A. Adam had admired that Diane had a way of keeping things interesting. Ronan assumed that Diane had intended to put all the blame on Adam about the Newman stock manipulation. Adam said that there was no real evidence against him. Adam told Ronan that he had an alibi for the night of Diane's murder. Adam told Ronan to speak with Eddie, the bartender at the Athletic Club.

Ronan had Jack in the interrogation room. Jack lied to Ronan, saying that the last time he'd seen Diane was when she had gone to his home to ask for reconciliation. In fact, Jack remembered that he'd seen Diane on the footbridge the night that she was killed. Jack had wanted to know where Diane had sent Kyle in Switzerland. Diane had tried to delay speaking with Jack. Diane had told Jack to leave the park.

Ronan wondered why Jack hadn't met Diane in the park, since she'd asked him to go there. In the flashback, Jack recalled that Diane had wanted him to leave the park. Jack had accused Diane of using Kyle. Jack had grabbed Diane and demanded that she reveal Kyle's whereabouts. Jack had gotten violent with Diane. Instead of telling the truth, Jack told Ronan that he'd had differences with Diane, but not enough to kill her.

Victor met with Ronan in the interrogation room. Victor admitted getting an email from Diane to meet her in the park. Victor lied and said he hadn't gone. In fact, Victor remembered that he'd gone to the footbridge and had seen Diane. Victor had found evidence strewn all over the park. Diane had told Victor that Adam had set Victor up for Diane's murder. Michael told Ronan to arrest Victor or let him go. Ronan offered Victor a chance to amend his statement.

Victor recalled that Diane had admitted that she had been in on Adam's scheme to frame Victor for Diane's murder. Diane had asked Victor to help her instead. Diane had pointed out to Victor that the proof of Adam's setup was under the rock. Victor had used a handkerchief to move the rock. Victor had found his watch had been planted there. Victor had said that he would not help Diane. Diane had attacked Victor. Victor told Ronan that if there was evidence in the park that pointed to Victor as the killer, then Adam had left it there for Ronan to find.

Jack received an email from the boarding school in Switzerland. The attached photo was Kyle using the name Timothy. Jack wanted to fly out of the country immediately to see Kyle and break the news to his son that Diane was dead. Paul asked Ronan to let Jack leave the country to take his son home. Paul said that Ronan could prove to Nina that Ronan had a heart. Ronan said that Jack had not been charged, so Jack was legally allowed to leave. A CSI tech found that Diane had texted a bunch of people to meet her at the footbridge. Michael complained to Paul and Ronan that Diane had been troublesome, but she hadn't deserved to be killed. Ronan said that Victor and Adam were his top two suspects.

At the Athletic Club, Adam offered to buy Victor a drink. Victor showed Adam the watch from the park, the one Diane had helped Victor find. Victor said that Adam had made a grave mistake using the watch to try to frame Victor. Victor told Adam he would use the watch to prove that Adam had killed Diane. Adam said that Victor's accusations were the same old thing to him. Victor said that Diane had never been meant to die. Adam assumed that Diane had given Victor the watch, and Adam theorized that Victor could have lost the watch in a struggle with Diane. Victor warned that Adam could not outsmart him. Victor said he would teach Adam a lesson. Victor took the watch and left.

Friday, August 5, 2011

As Ronan pinned photos to a bulletin board at the police station, Diane's voice stated that a photo captured the image of a person, but not the essence, since few people reveal their true selves to the world. She continued that everyone had secrets and questions they didn't want to be asked, but there was one question on everyone's mind. Ronan examined a newspaper with the headline, "Who Killed Diane Jenkins?" An image of an ethereal-looking Diane appeared, and her voice continued that she hadn't been prepared to have her life cut short, and she wanted to figure out who'd been responsible, because many people had wanted her dead. While she didn't know which one had murdered her, all of them had been responsible for her death.

At Restless Style, Jack entered and greeted Phyllis and Nick. Jack announced that he had located Kyle in Switzerland, and he was on his way to retrieve his son. Phyllis expressed sympathy that Jack would have to tell Kyle about Diane's death. Jack revealed that the police had already questioned him, and Phyllis assumed the police were interested in Jack because of custody issues, but Jack mentioned that Diane had sent him a text message to meet her in the park. Phyllis admitted she'd received the same text, and Jack warned her that she'd hear from Ronan.

Phyllis and Nick wished Jack luck, and Jack left to catch his flight. Nick observed that Phyllis seemed nervous, and she claimed that she was freaked out that someone she'd known had been murdered in the park where they took their kids. Phyllis asked Nick if he'd gone over her ideas, and he replied that he didn't like any of them. She acknowledged that the impending police investigation had her off her game, because she'd hated Diane forever. Nick assured her that Diane had texted a lot of people.

Nick flashed back to asking Diane if she'd stop threatening his family, but she had vowed to crush the Newmans. Nick had started to call the D.A. to tell him about Diane's blackmail, and they had grappled over his phone. Nick told Phyllis that he'd ignored Diane's text, and he assumed Phyllis had, too. Phyllis flashed back to startling Diane at the bridge. Diane had said that they had unfinished business, and Phyllis clarified that they had years' worth. Phyllis fibbed to Nick that she'd also ignored the text, but she expected that Ronan would want to talk to both of them. They agreed that they shouldn't worry and that it would be best if they both had alibis.

Nick recalled that he and Phyllis had been together most of the night, other than when Phyllis had checked on her kids and Nick had run out to get ice cream, but she worried that the police would consider there to be room open for opportunity. Ronan arrived and asked where they both had been the prior night. Phyllis claimed they had been working together all night, and Ronan asked to see her hand. He remarked that her nails were beautiful and asked when she'd had them done, and she lied that she'd gotten a manicure before their all-nighter. After Ronan left, Nick said they'd saved Ronan a lot of time, because Ronan had enough suspects. Phyllis added that they had nothing to hide.

Victoria called Billy and left a message asking him to call her to explain why he'd left without saying anything. The doorbell rang, and she ran to it expectantly, but she opened the door to Victor. He announced that the police had spoken with him about Diane's murder, and he expected them to contact her and Nick, because Diane's lawsuit against Nikki was public record and could be considered motive. Victoria declared that she didn't have anything to hide.

Victor noticed two coffee cups on the table, and he asked if Billy had been there, and she forlornly stated that she didn't understand her husband. Victor reminded her that Billy had let her down over and over again, and he asked why she let him. She declared her love for Billy, but Victor didn't think Billy was worthy of it. Victoria searched for a file, but Victor advised her not to work. She apologized for being off because of Billy and the police investigation. Victor offered to leave, and they hugged goodbye. Victoria picked up her phone and deleted Diane's text.

Abby arrived at the Athletic Club bar and ordered an orange juice. Adam approached her and sarcastically noted that she hadn't gotten her beauty sleep. He said plenty of people had tossed and turned the prior night, thinking about Diane, and he wondered who had the key to solving the mystery. Diane's voice narrated that the key unlocked a secret that could take down the Newman family, since she'd placed Abby's video in a safe.

In a flashback at the bridge, Diane had dangled a key in front of Abby, who had reached for it, but Diane had snatched it away. Diane had accused Abby of letting Ashley take the blame for Abby's drunken accident, and Diane hadn't intended to disclose the truth until she was ready. Abby insisted to Adam that she didn't know anything about the murder, but Adam was certain the police would question her like they had him. He recalled that he had been at the bar the prior evening, and he suggested that they protect one another by providing alibis for each other. She scoffed in disbelief, and he asked if she couldn't remember the prior evening. She couldn't be sure.

Adam said that Eddie, the bartender, had informed him that he'd seen Abby at the bar, but not for how long. Abby said she'd never lie for Adam, but Adam retorted that he hadn't lied that he had been there. Abby told him to use his tramp to back up his story, but he countered that Abby had no one to stand by hers. Adam ordered Abby coffee to stir her memory. Adam said the police didn't have anything on him, and he already had an alibi, but Abby could also have one if she vouched for him. She snapped that she didn't need his help.

Later, Victor found Abby and warned her to watch out for Ronan. Abby informed Victor that Adam had requested that they provide alibis for one another. Victor asked if they had been at the bar together, and Abby admitted she had been there, but she didn't remember much of the night after she'd had too much to drink. Victor thought Adam was trying to take advantage of her.

Victor asked if Abby had been at the bar at the time Diane had been murdered, and Ronan overheard and asked for an answer to the same question. Abby claimed that she hadn't seen Diane and that she had been at the bar all night, and Eddie could corroborate her story. Ronan pulled Eddie over, and Eddie confirmed that Abby had been there, and he'd had to cut her off, but he didn't know when she'd left. Victor was confident that Ronan could find someone that could place Abby there. Ronan hoped so, or they'd have a lot more to talk about.

Tucker looked at the newspaper headline about Diane's death. Tucker flashed back to confronting Diane in the park, where she had crowed that she had the satisfaction of knowing she could ruin his life. He had warned her not to release the video, but she had declared that she wasn't afraid of him. Tucker had accused Diane of being jealous of his marriage to Ashley, but she had retorted that he'd never know when she'd make a move to trash his and Ashley's life. He had wished he'd never laid eyes on Diane, and he had called sleeping with her the biggest mistake of his life. She had spat that the only person who regretted it more was Ashley.

Ashley interrupted Tucker's thoughts and informed him that she was going to stay at the Athletic Club for a while. Ashley berated him for allowing her to staunchly deny his affair with Diane to Abby, because the accident and her own stint in prison never would have happened if he had been honest. He wanted to make things right and begged for forgiveness, but she was hesitant. He asked if she agreed with Katherine to end their marriage. Ashley answered the phone, and she announced that Ronan was on his way over to discuss Diane's murder.

Tucker wondered if they were suspects, and Ashley admitted she'd hated Diane. Tucker noted that Ronan would have to talk to half the town, including him, because he'd been as angry as anyone when he'd learned of Diane's misdeeds. Ashley flashed back to calling Diane a liar, but Diane had gushed about how Tucker was an amazing lover. Diane had taunted that Abby had known about the affair, but Ashley hadn't believed her daughter, which had made Ashley the worst mother ever.

Tucker answered a knock at the door, and Ronan entered. He asked where they both had been the prior evening. Tucker told Ronan that he and Ashley had been home together the prior night, and he cited the fact that they were newlyweds. Ronan asked Ashley for confirmation, and she cuddled up to Tucker and lied that Tucker's account was true.

Ronan returned to the police station and opened an evidence bag with a fingernail inside. He looked at a DNA report, and he gazed at Phyllis's photo on the bulletin board. In another flashback, Phyllis had said Diane would be sorry she'd summoned Phyllis there, and Diane had suggested that Phyllis walk away just like Nick and Jack had walked away from Phyllis. Diane had recounted how she'd seen Nick and Phyllis in a compromising position at the office, and she had intimated that she'd post a photo she'd taken of them with her phone. Phyllis had threatened Diane that Diane would pay if Phyllis' kids ever saw it. Diane had suggested that she record Phyllis' threats, as well, and the women had briefly struggled. Diane had said she had a call to make, and she had stalked off. Phyllis had looked around frantically on the ground.

A flashback showed Diane telling Tucker that she didn't have the money he did, but she had the power to destroy his and Ashley's lives, and she had intended to tell the whole world what liars they were. Tucker had grasped her throat and said he'd kill her if she hurt them. She had pointed out that he could barely stand, and she had pushed him to the ground. Diane had walked away, but Tucker had stood up and followed Diane. Ronan looked at another evidence bag, containing a key that had been found in Diane's mouth.

In a series of flashbacks, Abby had asked Diane how much she wanted for the key. Diane had scoffed that Abby had thought she could buy her way out of anything, but she had wanted Abby to wake up every morning, wondering if Diane would blow Abby's world apart. The women had struggled, but Diane had managed to hit a button on her phone to dial Ashley. Nick had said he'd kill Diane before he let her hurt his family. Diane had told Ashley that she should have made Abby take responsibility, and Ashley had contended that Abby had been trying to do the right thing. Ashley had called Diane a bitch and had hit Diane, knocking her to the ground. Diane had arisen and had walked away, but Ashley had called out that she wasn't finished with Diane.

Ronan looked at a Harvard insignia that had been impressed onto Diane's arm. Adam, who wore a Harvard ring, called the woman he'd met at the Athletic Club, and he said he needed to talk about their time together. Jack, who also wore a Harvard ring, gazed at a photo of Kyle's passport while on his way to Switzerland. Ronan put a copy of the passport next to Jack's picture on the bulletin board. Ronan pulled out a report on Victor, and Diane's voice contemplated why Victor had really been leaving town.

In another flashback, Diane had informed Victor that Adam had tried to set him up for her murder. Victor had been suspicious of Diane, but she had advised him to check under a rock. Victor had picked up the rock with his handkerchief and had discovered a watch that Adam had stolen from Victor to plant at the scene. Victor had claimed that he'd believed Diane, but he wouldn't help her in a million years. He had approached her and had raised the rock over his head, as Victoria had witnessed the scene in horror.

As a ghostly figure of Diane sat surrounded by the suspects in her murder, Diane's voice narrated that someone had once said that the path to the truth was found in spaces between the lies. She continued that the suspects were afraid of what would be revealed, so they would try to eliminate the space where Ronan could find the truth. She stated that everyone would hide their secrets in an attempt to throw the detective off, but eventually the lies would be swept away, and a clear path to the truth would open up. "They say dead men tell no tales. Whoever said that never met me," she concluded.

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